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Transgender Artist Model

                        (female roled-receptive male)

I started modeling nude for life drawing study groups and college life drawing classes in fall of 1997 mainly for a outlet for my exhibitionistic disorder, after getting in trouble for exposing myself nude to a females at a fast-food drive-up windows.

Posing nude for art classes enabled me to quit exposing myself at the drive-up windows and all other public exposing of that nature, as it allowed me to be nude around females in a safe, non-sexually way.


Drawing has always been something I liked to do and have always been a fairly good sketch artist.

Because I am psychologically feminized/emasculated and a female-roled male, posing nude was a good role for me, as posing nude for artists has always been more of a female role and I have always desired to be a male to female transsexual.

Posing nude for artists and making my nude pose videos in the woods

is a very important aspect of my life due to my exhibitionistic disorder


I started posing nude for art classes and started wearing a "cock cage" in 1996 after being arrested for exposing my nude body, erect penis to unsuspecting ladies at fast-food drive-up windows.

I haven't exposed myself in that manner since.


2000 I became celibate as a female-receptive zoosexual

(through my preferred sexual orientation is still is female-receptive zoosexual)

Me posing in life drawing class

few of my sketchs

"posing on my stallion Oscar"

I have always been a deeply psychologically feminized/emasculated homosexual, and have desired to live as a female, I've always been female-roled sexually.

My dream as a Artist's model was to get a sex change, not to pass as a female, but to show that I am sexually female-roled, then be able to model as a male to female transsexual type person.

"I only pose caged now"


Though I never did, I always wanted to wear my "cock cage" while posing nude, to show that I am psychologically emasculated/feminized.

After 2001 I became a female-roled receptive partner (femboy/catamite) for heterosexual males, I always wore my "cock cage" whenever performing sexually for men.

Femboy (alternatively spelled femboi[2]) is a modern slang term used to refer to a male who displays traditionally feminine characteristics, such as wearing dresses, skirts, and/or thigh-highs.

In its modern usage, the term catamite refers to a boy as the passive or receiving partner in anal intercourse with a man.[5] -Wikipedia

Michael Emery

Nude Artist's Model

VideoToPhoto 638400875993934086.jpg

"Modeling nude for artists since 1997"

VideoToPhoto 638400888977231826.jpg
pose set fem 24.jpg
pose set fem 5.jpg
pose set fem 1.jpg
pose set fem 12.jpg
pose set fem 17.jpg

All the above poses and many more are availabe @


My dream has always been to have female like breasts and a vulva


pose for life drawing classes 

to show I am a female-roled/receptive male

"I only wish to pose wearing a cage now"

For me it's important to express that I am

a sissy/femboy type, have it be known that 

I am 100% female-roled/receptive.

"Fully feminized and pychologically emasculated"

Click on boxes below to watch me on my absolutearts profile site.
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