Modeling nude for Artists

Since 1997


I made up this label soon after beginning to pose as I was at the time trying to get in with as many schools,study groups and individual artists as possible. Making the title "A male figure nude ", the word use of figure was very important, as yes, I have the the "figure " of a male, yet psychologically much more female like, and very much female like in sexual orientation, due to fact I am only attracted to straight/heterosexual men.

  This is when I began wondering how would I word it for Transgender Artist Model ?...still a dilemma !

        And if I did have the surgery to have my penis replaced with a female like "vulva "....I most likely could not title it " A male figure nude "...?


I've spent alot of time in settings such as above portrays

As a Artist model, it's One's Duty to be on time!, be professional, be able to generally,.  hold 5. then 10, then 20 minute poses steadly. Might sound easy, yet holding a standing 20 minute pose can push the limits in discomfort,even for a simply pose as shown below


The Model is there for the Artist to See in a Way a Artist must see to even be able to draw well. Away that could be described as very Meditative, away where one is seeing the subject with out "pre-concieved judgements, simply truly seeing the subject before them as it is. The Artist must see unhindered by their own or society's ideologies of the world. I think most Artist's would agree, at least while drawing,one is in a different state of mind, some call it drawing from the Right side of the Brain

I do believe if We lose the Meditative Practice of drawing, creating all types o Art for it's meditative value, society will lose it's Mind slowly.

Drawing for a sketch artist is as like  drumming is for a drummer, and one must practice as often as possible to be good at it. And a Meditative time to pay Attention in a different way.

I like how he starts talking to class;

" You must un-learn to re-learn" then over come your Ego, this is why most people can't draw, they are " pre-concieved ,which is held by ego.


I have dreamed of modeling for Art classes after " GRS " surgery and dreaming of looking similar to above .

  I always considered myself a Third-gender type (female sexually roled male / very feminine male),thus have always desired to have a female like vagina / vulva as a penis doesn't fit my identity as I am not interested in performing in a male role.

  I very much feel psycho-sexually female.

My view of Society Today

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