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Transgender Artist Model

                        (female roled-receptive male)

I started modeling nude for life drawing study groups and college life drawing classes in fall of 1997, mainly for social interaction, since 1983 most of my non-working time had be caring for/spending time with my great danes, Irish  wolfhounds, two stallion ponies, jack donkey and stallions at the farm, until 1998 I had little social life.

Drawing as well has always been something I liked to do and have always been a fairly good sketch artist.

Because I am psychologically feminized/emasculated and a female-roled male, posing nude was a good role for me, as posing nude for artists has always been more of a female role and I have always desired to be a male to female transsexual.

 "Though it wasn't my intent, posing allowed me to start meeting men"

(until that time I'd always been a female-roled partner for my male dogs, jack donkey and stallions)

I have always been a deeply psychologically feminized/emasculated homosexual, and have desired to live as a female, I've always been female-roled sexually.

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