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-The Life Drawing experience-


Me introducing self

Figure Drawing Class Evokes Empathy


The model, Callista Womick, poses during the figure drawing class

Figure Drawing Class Evokes Empathy;

“Capture the balance of this pose,” Heddi Siebel says as she walks around the room. “Get the back, get the weight.”

Students stand around the model, Callista Womick, in a semicircle, facing easels with charcoal in hand. They draw in silence, with eyes flickering back and forth between their page and Womick. Some of their drawings will be quick, completed in 30 seconds, and others will be developed over the course of an hour.

Hired by the Office for the Arts at Harvard, Siebel teaches this weekly class in Currier Treehouse, which is open to all Harvard students. With multiple degrees in printmaking and years of artistic teaching experience at several universities, Siebel is now in her third year teaching “Figure Drawing,” a class that has run for over 30 years. She welcomes students with varying degrees of drawing experience, and emphasizes the empathy evoked by figure drawing, particularly through studying the nude model.

                                                                               Figure Drawing Class Evokes Empathy /

I found much joy in modeling, the comradery with individuals like myself whom love to draw, the atmosphere of coming together to practice and study . I think because I am so feminine and have always felt I should be female, life drawing allowed me in my mind to express my being different and feminine.


My dilemma has always been that I have always only wanted to be like a female sexually

Thus, I've always wanted the surgery in order to remove my penis,

                            so, I can truly look female receptive

I've always wanted a sex change, so I could have breasts and a vulva, I very much don't like having a penis

do not like having a penis1.jpg
pose set fem 61.jpg

Once I started posing nude, my desire to get comfirmation surgery, that is to have my penis replaced with a female like vulva and get breast implants really became a strong desired.

How I wish I could look with a "zero-depth vulvaplasty"

I wish had surgery2a.jpg

  "I've just always have only wanted to be a male's female sexual partner"

I first identified with the term "berdache" in the mid 1980's after reading about it, because I clearly have always wanted to be in the female-receptive role for males, I've always wanted to dress much more female like to show my status as " female-roled/receptive".

So my definition of a berdache is; " a female roled/receptive male who takes the passive/receptive role for a male partner ", as well as assumes the dress, social status, and role of a female "

I've always dreamed of having my penis removed so I could have a female looking vulva, for me it is the way I feel I should look to myself.


           Figure Drawing Classes, Workshops, Open Studios
900 art schools, studios, and groups in the United States and Canada

VideoToPhoto 637910381307283030.jpg
I wanta be Transsexual1.jpg

I agree when Robert Sapolsky says being transsexual has biological causes.



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