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Figure Drawing Class Evokes Empathy


The model, Callista Womick, poses during the figure drawing class

Figure Drawing Class Evokes Empathy;

“Capture the balance of this pose,” Heddi Siebel says as she walks around the room. “Get the back, get the weight.”

Students stand around the model, Callista Womick, in a semicircle, facing easels with charcoal in hand. They draw in silence, with eyes flickering back and forth between their page and Womick. Some of their drawings will be quick, completed in 30 seconds, and others will be developed over the course of an hour.

Hired by the Office for the Arts at Harvard, Siebel teaches this weekly class in Currier Treehouse, which is open to all Harvard students. With multiple degrees in printmaking and years of artistic teaching experience at several universities, Siebel is now in her third year teaching “Figure Drawing,” a class that has run for over 30 years. She welcomes students with varying degrees of drawing experience, and emphasizes the empathy evoked by figure drawing, particularly through studying the nude model.

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I found much joy in modeling, the comradery with individuals like myself whom love to draw, the atmosphere of coming together to practice and study . I think because I am so feminine and have always felt I should be female, life drawing allowed me in my mind to express my being different and feminine.

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I've always dreamed of posing for life-drawing classes looking as I do in below photo

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Because I am 100% female-roled/receptive for Males I've always wanted the surgeries to

make me look female-roled/receptive, yet do to the fact that I prefer being the female

"surrogate" partner for and being bred by large intact male dogs, jack donkeys and stallions it's never been extremely important to have the surgeries done.

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Oscar and I in 1997 soon after he took me as his "female surrogate" to breed

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