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Autobiography of an Androgyne

                                                        I very much Identify with Jennie June/Earl Lind


Identity and transition

During the Victorian and Edwardian eras, people did not yet use words like transgender, transsexual, gay, or non-binary gender. June described himself with all of these contemporary words for his gender and sexual variance:


androgyne, an ancient word meaning one who has a combination of masculine and feminine qualities.

invert, a contemporary word from psychiatry and sexology for all kinds of people who we would now call lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT).[13]

urning, a new contemporary word meaning someone assigned male at birth who is attracted to men. This word was created by urnings themselves who advocated for their rights. It was often Anglicized as "Uranian," but June used the original Germanic version "urning" for himself. Karl Heinrich Ulrichs (1825-1895) developed this theory in which men who are attracted to men and women who are attracted to women are thus because they are members of a third sex, a mixture of both male and female, and with the psyche or essence of the "opposite" sex, even though their bodies may not look like a mixture of male and female. The overall phenomenon he called Uranismus (in the original German, Urningtum), gay men were uranians (German urnings), lesbians were uraniads (German urningin, as -in is the feminine suffix), whereas heterosexuals were Dionings, so bisexual men were uranodionings, and so on, all of which were distinct from zwitter (intersex). Ulrichs based this naming system on Plato's Symposium, where two different kinds of love [...are] ruled by two different goddesses of love-- Aphrodite, daughter of Uranus, and Aphrodite, daughter of Zeus and Dione. The second Aphrodite rules those who love the opposite sex."[14] Ulrichs argued that their condition was as natural and healthy as that of what we now call heterosexual people, and he started the movement fighting for their equal legal rights to express their love "between consenting adults, with the free consent of both parties," in his words from 1870, and that they should not be pathologized nor criminalized for doing so.[15] Although Uranismus was generally addressed in terms of orientation, Ulrichs specifically described various categories of uranians in terms of their gender nonconformity and gender variance. For example, in regard to feminine gay men or queens (who he called Weiblings), Ulrichs wrote in 1879, "The Weibling is a total mixture of male and female, in which the female element is even predominant, a thoroughly hermaphroditically organized being. Despite his male sexual organs, he is more woman than man. He is a woman with male sexual organs. He is a neutral sex. He is a neuter. He is the hermaphrodite of the ancients."[16] June compares himself to this ancient deity Hermaphroditus in his own self-portrait photography.


bisexual, in the more old-fashioned sense of being somehow both male and female, since June said he was never attracted to women at all.


"instinctive female impersonator,"   meaning that it was his nature to want to live as a woman.

fairie [sic],    a word widely used in the contemporary underworld for people who were assigned male at birth, and who had receptive sex with men[17]Autobiography of an Androgyne

Of the above text the term I most relate to is; fairie because my extreme desire to be female-receptive

2. a thoroughly hermaphroditically organized being. Despite his male sexual organs, he is more woman than man.                                                                                

                                                         "He is a woman with male sexual organs"


Upon reading "Autobiography of an Androgyne",  I quickly related to much of the above 2 pages from the book,  "out of the 800 intimates during my lifetime",  he talks of performing fellatio at a very early as I was by routinely by age 7.

He says he always takes receptive role, and is disgusted by if another wants too.

Like myself I would never want anyone to perform fellatio on me, or would I ever use my penis to penetrate another being, human or animal.

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