Being psychologically Emasculated

        " I have no desire to perform sexually like a Man "

                            (I hate to even have a erection)


  " I've always wanted males to treat me like a female sexually "

 " I can't imagine even wanting to use my penis like a real man uses his penis "

 (I don't want my penis even touched, sucked on or inside of anyone)

    (my sexual identity is surrogate female, thus I want to feel female like)

Being female-roled for a male animal,

 "For the bottom, male or female the very act of sex in and of its self is a deeply submissive act. 
You are opening your self up quite literally to letting another stick a part of their body in yours.
The partner I am submitting to in this case is semi uncontrollable no safe words or instruction will dictate his intent, I have submitted and in that moment he is going to use me for his own ends driven by a animalistic needs to procreate. It doesn't get much more primal than that I think"

"I tend to think that being a bottom to a stallion or a stud pony makes the stallion or stud pony the alpha horse with dominance over me...maybe even makes me his alpha mare. In a world of horses and men, I imagine the stallion or stud pony desires dominance over me.
In the horse stall, the stallion or stud pony is the master" -
unknown female-roled zoosexual

                                      Once I became a passive/submissive partner

                          experienced having a male penis up inside me

                                                         my role was set for life

                          On a hot day in August 1975, a small stallion pony

                              mounted me, thrusted his penis deep up inside

                                                     my bottom and ejaculated !

                            A half hour later I was on my knees with a large

                            male german shepard's penis swollen up inside

                              my bottom bonded to me in a "copulatory tie"

                                            impregnating me with his sperm

                            At the end of that day I knew I wanted to belong

                                    to a stallion pony and intact male dog as

                                          their female-roled partner to breed     

I believe now, that after I'd had the encounter with the much older male at age 7, and he had penetrated me anally and ejaculated in my mouth, then a year later I asked a much older neighborhood friend if I could suck his penis, he allowed me too.

I soon was routinely performing fellatio on him in the same manner until age 12.

I very knew that being female-roled when I started perform fellatio on my uncle's four

coonhounds at age 10.

Then in August 1975 when I was introduced to being anally penetrated by older males, followed by being anally penetrated and breed by Timbo the pony, T-bone the german shepard the four coonhounds, then Edward my jack donkey.....I very much knew then that: 


  "I only wanted to perform for Males like I was a Female"

                  " When with a stud dog, he is the master and the one I submit too"

  By the end of August 1975 until 1997, I was only a female receptive partner for my       male dog and equine lovers.


                                        I crave being Emasculated by all my partners


After so much recalling of memories of my sexual history, especially since age 10 when

I first started performing fellatio on my uncle's four coonhounds then Edward my jack donkey shortly after, following by being a submissive bottom for my boyfriends and began being anally penetrated routinely in the fall of 1975. (main theme " need to be emasculated ")

Following becoming a receptive partner for my boyfriends I was anally penetrated by

my boyfriend Ed's stallion pony Timbo and his german shepard T-bone.

Once breed by Timbo and T-bone,

    At that point I knew was fully psychological emasculated

   and would only want to be like a female sexually for life

Then the troilism/exhibitionistic behavior during a brief attempt to be with a female as a normal heterosexual male which failed and was traumatic (main theme " need to be emasculated ")

The having females watch as I was fucked by their Man "boyfriend or husband" (main theme " need to be emasculated ")

I'd don't mind performing Cunnilingus on females as their boyfriend/husband fucks me, a lesbian role toward a female of sorts for me, I often would perform Cunnilingus

on my friend Sally as her dogs Cunnington, Chip and Spotter were locked to me in a copulatory-tie. (It is extremely feminizing/emasculating for me to have females watch

as a intact male dog or equine breed me or I perform fellatio on them)

The having females strap-on dildo fuck me as I sucked their Man's cock (main theme " need to be emasculated ")

                         I seldom cared if I had an orgasm/ejaculated

                   as long as I was psychologically emasculated

I've always be very aware of the "sexual refractory period" following a orgasm over the years and noticed if it included a high loss of sexual interest or nearly no loss of sexual


Did I feel guilt or shame during the refractory period? or did I feel good about my sexual encounter?

For example; when I had sex with Edward my jack donkey or any of my male dog partners.

I had a very short refractory period and would often be performing fellatio on one of the dogs or being breed by them within a half hour of him breeding me and causing me to ejaculate.

I always felt content, wonderful and highly emasculated after having sex with Edward and My dogs . I had nearly no loss of interest in sex, and I often would be performing fellatio on Edward or the ponis or dogs within 10-15 minutes after they'd bred me and I ejaculated.

I may not ejaculated again for several hours, yet if they were interest in breeding me again within the next half-hour of the prior breeding, I was fully receptive to being bred nearly continually through a day.


During the episodes of my exhibitionistic behavior I would be highly emasculated due it making me feel very "un-manly". I would feel sadness, shame and guilt during the refractory period yet the loss of interest in the desire to expose myself again my only last a 4-5 hours after having orgasm during the act of exposing, thus I may expose myself several times a day.

          I have always desired to have women see me,

                                                                          as a Male                                         

                          feminized me by treating me like a female sexually

Maybe two of the most erotic and fulfilling scenarios I ever had was when a female was watching me being emasculated as I was being fucked and/or performing fellatio on her husband or boyfriend.

                   # Being strap-on pegged by women, while I sucked their Man's penis.

And while  female friends would watch as I sucked her stallion horse Outlaw's penis then ingest his semen as they ejaculated into my mouth.

The females filming me with Outlaw above would often watch as I sucked their stallions cocks

A female filmed this as I sucked, then was fucked by her boyfriend.

which in turn made me feel wonderfully emasculated/femininized.

I would always invited my Men to have their girl-friends or wives to watch as I performed for them.


I also had a strap-on dildo that the females could wear and then strap on fuck me if they'd like to.

       I adore being strap-on fucked by women


Nothing has ever Emasculated/feminized me more then being bred by my jack donkey Edward and my male dog partners, and taking their living sperm deep up inside my body.

    " I could truly feel like a "surrogate female" in which they could breed ". 

When ever I got gang-banged by men, it was so emasculating being watched by all the other men.

             Having female friends watching me perform for Men, dogs or stallions.

to be continued......

The femboy's role in the above video is my role as well, I want to be feminized, and especially as females watch me being feminized.

One of the greatest ways I could be feminized was when my friend Rachel would tell me to suck her husband Albert's cock so she could watch. 

I wish had surgery.jpg