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Chapter Two:  Sally Story

Kathy says, " if I can leave earlier I will..10:30 am Tuesday, 2nd week

edit Louis/Marcus

guys are slowly driving down the lane, tuesday afternoon

Sally says how about you's give me a good fucking right here, right now

Chapter 2,

First Morning together/ getting Kathy moved in

Michael quietly slips through the gate, up the steps onto the porch, then careful unlocks the backdoor, once inside he flips on the light, quickly glances at the clock, it says 5:40, no sound of a woof, or feet with crawls coming down the hallway floor, Cunnington will soon be though he knows.  He lifts opens the top of the coffee maker, fills the pot and pours the water in, grabs the paper filters out the cupboard gets it in place and scoops the coffee in then turns it on. Michael then bends down careful gets a mixing bowl out of the lower cupboard sets it on the countertop, steps to the frig. grabs the eggs, then steps back by the bowl, grabs a plate from the cupboard, then as quiet as he can cracks them on the edge of the bowl and lets the yoke dump in the bowl, sets the shell on the plate. Once he get 8 in the bowl, he begins stirring it all up until mixed, starts the burner going on the stove, grabs a big pan sets it on, steps to the frig. grabs butter then sets it on the counter top, dumps the eggshells in the trash, washes the plate, cuts the butter stick in half and drops it in the pan then listens to it sizzle as he adds a little salt and pepper to the mixed eggs, grabs a rubber spatula reaches over and move spreads the melted butter around, then pours half the eggs in then stirs them. The sound of a woof is heard, Michael turns so he facing the hallway, says, " Cunnington come on out to the kitchen and see me", the sound of big feet with claws begins, " come on buddy, waiting on you",  Michael says, has grabs a dog treat from the box, by then Cunnington walks into the kitchen with his tail wagging and is eagerly greeting Michael who hugs and rubs his shoulder as he stirs the eggs, then sets the spatula down, grabs the dog treat and offers it to him, Cunnington takes it eagerly, then chomps it down. 

Sally comes walking into the kitchen, says, " good morning, so glad to see you ", Michael replies, " good morning to you, how was your first night together ? ", Sally smiles big, " it was wonderful ",  Michael pours her a cup of coffee for her, as she walks over and rubs his back from behind, then takes the cup off the counter, as his tells to sit a bit, "I'll stir the eggs then let them cook a bit and they'll be done and then we can have a smoke".

Sally sits, then says, " Michael, Kathy and I are going to spend this morning getting everything out of her apartment, then get out to the farm, is that alright ?",  Michael replies, " that is a good thing to do, sooner the better in this case, we need to get things in place, so then we can simplify a bit ",   Sally says " thanks ",  Michael replys, " no thanks needed, I want you's moved in with me as soon as possible you just inform me of the plan, and I'll do as you say ",   Sally giggles as she says, " wiggle your ass ", Michael does.

Sally and Michael slip out to the porch with their coffee, get sat down, Michael lights a smoke hands it to her as he says " you know you should quit ",  Sally says, " so should you too ",  Michael replies, " I'm a lost cause, but maybe we can save you ",  Sally grabs his knee as she says, " your not a lost cause ",  Michael then says, " I'll be by your side as long as I can, do whatever I can for you, and one thing I can do is go home, and wash the walls, mop the floor in your bedroom at the farm, so we can get everything moved in there today ",  Sally replies, " I'm going to follow Kathy to her place, first thing and load what we can in the Bronco then head to farm ",  Michael replies, " I'll follow you's we can load my truck too then put everthing in your studio room for now until I get it clean ".

They both ponder a bit, drinking their coffee and smoking, then Sally says, " I'm going to ask Kathy if she wants to ask Betty if she can just work a few days a week, then I'll pay her to pose nude for me ",  just then, Kathy comes walking out then crosses her arm quickly, says " good morning ",  Sally and Michael both say good morning, then Sally says to her, " go get my robe on the bathroom door, your nipples are getting hard ", Kathy dashs back in the door.   Sally says, " lets wait til she gets back then fill her in on the plan ", Michael hops up takes Sallys coffee cup then walks in and freshen thier cups up, Kathy walking toward him says, " can I get a cup, Michael asks, " cream, sugar ? " she replies " black like my men ", Michael turns and smiles at her and says, " me too, mostly donkey though ",  Kathy asks, as she waits for her cup, " do you think Edward will let me suck his? ",  Michael replies, " yes he will " as he hands her the cup, Kathy says, " horse cock turns me on so much, I've always wanted one in me " then she walks out the door, Michael following her out.   Kathy sits next Sally on the chair closest to the door, Michael hands Sally her cup, sits on the other side of her. Sally says, " what did I hear about Edward and sucking ",   Kathy says, " Edward will let me suck his cock ", Sally replies, " that I want to paint ! " chuckling.  Sally then says, " on to more urgent matters, Kathy I was telling Michael that, I'd like you to ask Betty if you could just start working a few days a week, then pose for me and I will pay you, what do you think? ",  Kathy replied, " yep, I'll do that today, any certain days ? ",  Sally replies, " no, whatever works best for Betty ",  Sally then tells her, " Michael is going to help us get you moved out to the farm, because we are going to start living there starting tonight ",  Kathy replies, " wow, I've always dreamed of living on a farm ".  Kathy hops up and gives Michael a kiss on cheek, says thanks so much to him then sits back down, Michael replies, " don't worry, " I'll have you turned into a hard working farm girl by the end of the week ", Kathy lifts her arms up, flexing them to show her biceps, says " put me to work ",,Sally and Michael chuckle. Michael then says, " lets go in and sit you's down and I'll feed ya ".

They all shuffle in, the girls sit down, Michael takes the lid off the eggs, dishes out some on plates for them, then takes their plates to them, asks, Milk, juice, toast ?",  milk, they both say, Michael get it for them, then says " I'll put the rest of the eggs in bowl, and we can write a note that there are eggs in the frig for them ", Sally says, " on topic, I'll buy food they can eat, but we aren't cooking it for them unless we are cooking our own at same time, Kathy we can let them fuck us or suck their cocks, but no cooking for them unless you are eating too, and after watching them fuck you last night, I don't want fucking any other guys, you can fuck and suck Louis and Marcus all you want",  Kathy replies, " I like the guys fucking me, but I don't have to do that at all, so just say the word, and I won't ", Sally says, " no I want you to any time you want, but just them ",    Michael says, "can they fuck me all I want too? ",  Sally smiles then says " I already told both of them that I want them fucking you every chance they get once they move in, so don't be surprised if you don't get fucked or are sucking cock  10 times a day." Sally smiles then says   " I want it that is for sure. " Michael says.

After dressing, leaving the guys a note about eggs, they headed out the backdoor, once everybody was in their own vehicle, Kathy lead the convoy in her baby blue V.W beetle.

It only took about ten minutes before the arrived at Kathy's, once everybody was parked, they followed to her door, she unlocked it and there it was, Sally says, " no wonder you don't have much stuff ", Kathy chuckles then says, " this what they call their "motel style effiency model",   Michael says, " motel style suit good name, proably is a old motel " Sally starts giggling then says, " Michael I love how you see things ", Michael asks, " how's that ?"  Sally says, " it's hard to put into words " Sally hugged Kathy as they both looked at Hound dogs laying on the farm porch  Michael then says, " the only big thing here is the futon, we'll get that in the truck first, then your sewing table and machine ".

Sally says, " wow, you didn't tell me sew ", Kathy replies, " yeah, I love to sew, I make most of my own shirts and skirts, I sew all the waitress outfits for Betty's and a few other places", Sally repies, " I knew you we're talented, but this is wonderful, but were are your clothes ? ",  Kathy replies, " they are all in that big closet ", Sally replied. " good ".

Michael pipes in, "can one of you's help me get the mattress of this futon?",  Kathy hurries and grabs the end, and set it on the floor, Michael says. " lets get it folded up and carry out the door, then carry it out to the truck",  Sally hurries ahead to get the tail gate down so they can lift it in.  Michael says as they walk into the apartment, " let take your sewing table next  ",  Kathy started getting stuff of it which was the just the cloth and odds and then reached under unplugged it and the machine lifted of, she set that a side,  Sally said, " that table looks custom made ",   Kathy said, " yep, Ben made it for me ",  Michael said, " I'm surprised his doesn't sell stuff at the store ",  Kathy replied,  " I asked him that, he said that he just hasn't time much any more but he used to, thats why he likes you selling things there ".

Kathy grabs one end Michael the other and they head for the truck, Sally grabs the sewing machine and follows behind, they get the table on the tail gate and slid in all the way in, while Sally loads the machine into the back of the Bronco. They all head back in, Michael says, while he looks around the apartment " what if we do this, take that tiny T.V of yours, lawn chairs, your coffee table, any thing else that doesn't need boxed up, then then I will go to the farm, you's go to Ben's pick out some wall paint, a color you like, see if he has some old cardboard boxes we can borrow then come to then bring both cars to the farm",  Sally says, " see you at farm in a bit ", They all get in their vehicles and leave.

Sally and Kathy both pull into Ben's parking lot, park next to each other, walk together into the store, once in both scan around looking for Ben,  Kathy says he's back by the office, follow me ",  Sally follows, Kathy says, as once get close to him " hi Ben, wonder if I could bother you a second ?",  Ben replies, " you two could never bother me, yet what do you think you're bothering with ? " Kathy replies, " moving out of my apartment, so I can move in with Sally and Michael ",  Ben chuckles then says, " take a breath first, you seen hurried " Kathy says, " sorry, I guess I'm acting like aren't I ", Sally pipes in and says, " Kathy we got plenty of time before you need to be at work ",  Ben asks "what time you need to be at work ? ",  Kathys says," eleven ",  Ben says, " it's only eight am, now how can I help you get moved? ",   Kathy replies, " boxes, and paint for the walls ",  Ben then asks, "cardboard boxes ",  Kathy replies, " yep ",  Ben gets on his walkie talkie and talks into its saying, " Bobby can you come to the office for a second ", a voice responds " be right there " , thirty second passes and a young guy comes around the corner as he reaches them,  Ben says, " Bobby Kathy and Sally need some good used cardboard boxes for moving "  Bobby replies,  " hi Kathy and Sally, ",..  Kathy and Sally say, " hi ",  Bobby asks, " what are you moving? ", Kathy says, " stuff like clothes, towels, few books, cloth to sew ",  Bobby replies, " take a guess of about how many you need " Kathy looks Sally then replies, " I says about ten that this size", Sally gestures the size with hands.   Bobby replies, " I'll get some layed out for you's right now, just pull around back to the overhead door and I'll load you's when you're ready.   Ben then says, " follow me to the paint " as he walks out into the store, they follow, Ben takes them the back corner of the store, then asks, " pick a color ", Sally and Kathy look at the colors then decide on one,  Kathy says " this one as she points her finger at Ben takes the color card, then says you want flat, satin, semi gloss how many cans  ?" Sally asks, "whatever you thinks best and 3 cans ",  Ben says, " satin should be good ",  Ben then says, " Sally why don't you get the Bronco and pull around back, Kathy and I will meet you back there "  Sally heads for the front door, as Kathy follows Ben to the back, once back there Ben takes to area where there lots of paint cans, a counter with paint shaker, as Ben grabs 3 cans sets them on the counter as he takes the top off one, he says, " you will love living on the farm with Sally and Michael they are a few of my favorite people I know ",  Kathy then replies, " I really like them, I'll my own big room to sew in, I love Cunnington and Edward it will be great ",,Ben says, " I'm going start the shaker going, let me take you to Sally.  Kathy follows as Ben heads toward the back of the store, in 30 seconds she sees Bobby and Sally loading the boxes in the back of the Bronco, Ben then says, " tell Sally I'll be back here with the paint in five minutes or less ", Ben turns and heads back to finish with the paint, while Kathy goes over stands by the back of the Bronco and watches, then says, " Bobby how have you been? ", Bobby replies, "fine, how about you? ",  Kathy says, good, just sewing a lot, now moving in with Sally and Michael ",  Bobby replies, " that cool, you'll still be close to Betty's ".  Bobby comes walking up with the 3 paint cans saying " were you want these? " Sally says, " in the back seat, on the floor "as she opens the door for him, he sits them and a paper bag in as he says, " you two get going, and there is tape for boxes in the paper bag, I'll catch up with about the bill, go, go",  " Sally and Kathy both say thanks, then Sally tells Kathy to hop in front, I'll take you to your car, they both jump in and head to Kathy's beetle. Sally pulls behind the beetle, Kathy hops out, climbs in the beetle, Sally hears it start, then slowly moves ahead, looking back Sally sees following so off to the farm.

At the farm

Sally pulls next to Michael's truck then Kathy pulls next to her, they walk in the washroom door, then up into the house, Cunnington meets them first, wildly wagging his tall, Sally get on her knee and hug, stands up, Kathy does the same with him, then Edward comes walk in the kitchen, Sally hugs him, Kathy does to then Sally hollers, Michael you here, He yells, " in your bedroom", they walk down the hall to the bedroom and see Michael taping the baseboard off in their bedroom, He hops up, says "you's ready to head back to Kathy's",  Sally says, " yep when ever you are",   Michael replies,  " lets set the stuff in the bed of the truck off, then we're ready then ".  They followed Michael out, Sally and Kathy jumped in the Bronco, Michael waved them to go, so they backed out and slowly headed down the lane, until Michael caught up, then Sally sped up. As they drove down the lane, Sally said, " I long you known him, once you's started talking by the Bronco you's sounded like old friends",  Kathy replied, " I've known him since he was thirteen, I was the first girl he ever fucked, and that was the night I met him at a party, he didn't have a car, it was summer break, so no school, so I'd drive over to his house after his parents left for work, we hang out, he would fuck me two or three times a day that whole week, then it was friday, I asked him how old he was, when he told me his was 13, I told him I was 16 and we better call this off, that's the last time I seen him until today. Sally said, " you did the right thing", Kathy replied, " yeah I know, but I tell you what, he had bigger cock then Marcus and Louis had, so I just thought he was older, If figure he must have gotten that job and Ben's recently, because I go into Ben's fairly often."

They to Kathy's parking area, then Michael was soon backing up beside them,,Kathy ran and got the apartment unlocked while Sally started carrying some broke down boxes into the apartment, then she tell Kathy to start getting the boxes, unfolded as she tapes them up.

After Sally has one taped up, she tells Kathy to start loading them up as she wants, Kathy heads to the bathroom to start there, Michael grabs a box and starts loading sewing related stuff in it. Sally goes to the closet which is a six foot bi-pass door closet, she slid one door open and started loading her clothes into a box. Michael stood by her until it was full then picked up and headed to the truck, Kathy walked out of the bathroom and said, " all done in the bath ",  Sally said to her, " finish filling this one, I will tape another one up",  Kathy does as told.  Michael watches Kathy fill her box, grabs it and takes it to the truck, Sally hollers, "Kathy this box is ready to fill",  Kathy come grabs it and starts packing clothes in it, as Sally tapes another one up. Michael heads to the kitchen area and opens a cupboard door up puts the stuff inside on the counter, then moves to the next door and does the same thing over and over with cupboard doors up top until done with them all. Michael then starts opening the bottom cupboard doors and placing the out on the floor until their all done, then walks out to see if Kathy as filled her box, she finishes as he walks up, Michael picks it up takes out to the truck. Sally hands Kathy another box, then asks her how much is left?, Kathy says, " there will room left in this box when I'm done ", so Sally starts taping up one box, then Michael says, that's the last one we need I think, Michael says, " Kathy are these your curtains ? ",  she hollers, " yes ", so Michael starts taking those down. Sally finishes the last box then takes it to the kitchen area and starts loading the the stuff on the floor into the last box, Sally yells to Kathy "when you're done come to me " , in less then a minute Kathy starts helping Sally load the box, Sally asks her, " anything else besides your phone?, have you called your landlord yet?,  Kathy says, " nope let me call right now ", Kathy picks up the phone which is on the countertop and calls ...pause..then she says, hi this is Kathy in unit 112, I just moved all of my stuff out of the apartment, I just wanted to let you know..pause...your welcome, thank you, bye,bye " she hangs the phone up, un-plugs it wraps the cords around it and carries it out to the curtain box and puts it in, just then Michael gets the last curtain down, folds it and puts it in the box, then says to Sally, " when you going get done? " sarcastically,  Sally said, " as soon as you's help me get done ", they both grab something toss it in the box, Sally puts the last cup in and says, " done now , Michael will you get  Hound dogs laying on the farm porch off the wall, we can slide that in the back of the Bronco.

Michael carrying Hound dogs laying on the farm porch  goes out the door, Sally follows then hurries ahead and opens the back window up, Michael slides it in, Kathy puts her key on the countertop goes to the door turns the knob to locked!, then pulls it closed behind her, then walks to the Bronco and jumps in with Sally, who then says as they all drive off, " we are doing good girl, it is only ten o'clock "......

Turning on the lane to the farm house, Sally says, " Kathy I want you to get something to eat before you start unloading stuff ",   Kathy replies, " is ok if I help you unload until about 10:30, then I'll get dressed and go to Betty's there is always something I can eat there ?",  Sally replies, " sure but make sure you something, in this excitement one get their adrenaline flowing which will make one feel not hungry, yet they need ton eat, the body overrides what's good for it two hours latter",  Kathy says, " ok doc I will " Sally pulls in front of the shop overdoor, shuts of the Bronco, then both hope out, Sally then says, as Kathy comes around the front of the Bronco toward her, Lets stack the boxes inside the wash room door as soon as Michael grabs one off the truck and carries it in, right now you wait here, Sally heads through the washroom door.

Sally looks for Edward and Cunnington, yells for them no sign of them checks the stable  bulter door, its locked. so she pulls the door open and blocks it open by then Michael is climbing out of the cab of the truck. Sally then says to him, " we will stack then inside the door for you ",   Michael replies, " sounds like plan" then slides a box out of the truck and heads inside, Sally and Kathy grab a box carry it in sit it down, do another one, then Sally jumps up in the bed, starts sliding boxs back to the tail gate, by the time she jumps down Michael is picking another one up and heads into the,  they repeat this until all the boxes are in the house Sally and Kathy follow Michael in on the last one. Sallys says " go get dressed girl ",  Kathy hurries to the bathroom with her outfit for work while grabs two beers from the frig. just as Michael walk into the kitchen she hands him a beer they both set down, twist the tops off their beers throw on the table, Michael holds his beer out to her, she clangs her beer against his, then they both take a gulp. Then Michael says, " the three of us make one heck of a good team ",  Sally replies, " I'll second that, and will continue too ".

Kathy comes walking out, walks to Sally gives her a good long kiss on the lips, as Kathy pulls her lips away, Sally says, we will follow you out, they all proceed out to her beetle, as Kathy climbs in, Sally says to her, " we will see you here at around four ? ",  Kathy says, " if I can leave earlier I will, love you, she shut her door and starts the bug up and backs out, as she does, Michael says as they watch her drive off, " I had a beetle like that, it was even the same color, baby blue, I sold it before moving up here, I still regret that I sold it. Sally says, " look at it this way, I bet if you ask, she might let you drive it ",  I already have asked, she said no way ", Sally started to speak,  Michael said, " just kidding", Sally punched his arm, and said, " lets open the butler door and check on the boys.

As soon as Michael unlocked the butler door, Cunnington came pushing in, with Edward right behind, Michael headed up the ramp into the kitchen, to the frig. and grapped a few carrots, Sally went and grabbed a bone, then gave it to Cunnington, as Michael fed the carrots to Edward, then Michael grabbed a few beers, said lets go have a smoke on the front porch. All four of them shuffled out the front door, the boys step down on the terrace and moseyed around as Sally and Michael both lit a smoke then began sipping their beer watching the boys, after a few minutes Sally says, " what if we run to my house in your truck then fill a few boxes with stuff like towels, some clothes, sheets etc stuff so Kathy and I can start spending our nights here permanently ",  Michael replies, I'm all for that ",  Sally ponders.  Sally then says, " we leave a note on the table that Kathy and I are spending night here, fend for themselves, call if need anything, your phone number, then you and I simply come back here and paint and do whatever ". Michael and her stare out to who knows where awhile, collecting thoughts, remembering, dreaming maybe all, sipping their beers and smoking as the day warms up. Michael breaks the silence, and says, " lets get the worst part done first, get the futon and sewing table in the house first, then that stuffs inside, never know if a thunder storm might pop up, Sally replies, " much agreed, you want to put it in the studio for now?", Michael replies, " yep " Sally stands hollers, claps her hands to get Cunnington and Edward's attention then opens the front door, they both walk over and walk in the house, Michael, Sally follow then pass in front of them headed to get the futon at the bottom of the ramp, Michael says, you run them out into the stables, I'll run in the shop and get a few moving dollys, Sally leads the boys out into the stables, rubs them both and says, " be right back" , she steps back through the butler door and locks it, Michael puts the dollys on the floor and positions them, they walk out pick up futon carry it to the dollys once set on them, Michael pushs , Sally steers up front, up the ramp and to the studio, Sally says . Once in the studio, they set it off they each grab a dolly and they head to get the sewing table, once by the wash room door, they guess about the right size for the table then position the dollys on the floor, then walk out and carry it in and set the table on them, Michael says, " good fit, to the studio ", then starts pushing as Sally steers. Once in studio they set the table off, grab the dollys and head back to the wash room, as they walk down the ramp Michael asks, " should we not bother the boys and get going",  Sally replies, " I think so, we wouldn't be to long at my house, lets get the boxes and tape out of the Bronco and get going ",  Michael says, " I'll grab a few boards to toss on top of the boxes, if you want to get them in the bed ", Sallys says " yep " as Michael heads into the shop. Once Sally slides the boxes out from under Hound dogs laying on the farm porch  she lays them the bed of the truck, grabs the tape off back seat just as Michael is laying the boards on the flattened boxes, They both jump in and Michael starts the truck and slowly pulls away, as he ask Sally, " we forgetting anything ? ", she replies, " I hope not, lets just keep our fingers crossed " as she reaches over an squeezes his knee. He squeezes her hand and smiles at her as he feels how good it is to have her here, then back to thoughts of doing things right he says, " lets stop a Ben's and pick up a new roller pad, rosin paper and six inch paper mask off tape ",  she replies,  " yeah I'll get him paid for the tape and paint ".  Once they take the ten minute drive to Sally's, they hop out once parked in the driveway, Michael grabs the boxes, Sally as a roll of tape they head into the house,  Michael asks Sally for the tape and he begins folding the boxes out and taping the bottom flaps while she goes figures out what to take, as a odd feeling overcomes her about leaving this place and moving onto to something new, she has to fight to focus on that leaving this place behind is becoming part of her past.

Tossing some towels, wash clothes onto the bed first, then she grabs a empty shoe box out of her closet, puts her tooth brush, tooth paste in it and stuff like shampoo etc. fills it puts lid on it puts it on the bed just as Michael sets a box down next her then he heads back to get the other.  As she gets the towels down in it, Michael walks in with the other box then asks, " anything you can think of beside things from in here, Sally ponders the question while she places her pillows in the box then says, " not for tonight at least, no wait in the hall way closet there are some blankets and sheets put all of them in the box then bring in here",  Michael carries the box with him and does what he's told. One he is done he carries it into her and sits it down, then says, " I'll be right back " as turns heads back out he goes to the frig. grabs a beer twist of the top, tosses the cap on the table then reaches back in the frig and grabs a few pc. of the left over steak he boiled then walks back to her, as he walks into the bedroom he says, " take two " she looks up from the box she is loading and Michael holds out the steak and says, " eat these " she takes one of them chews it up and swallows it then Michael hands her the beer, she takes a drink then Michael hands her the other pc. , he watches as she chews that up and then takes a drink, then hands the beer back to him, Michael then says, I am going to put a bottle of wine in a five gal. bucket I have in the truck, can you think of any thing else I can put in the bucket?",  she smiles and says, " put three in it ",  he replies, " will do and takes the beer from her, turns and walks out.

Michael runs and gets the bucket, then sits on the porch and light a smoke and starts sipping the beer, as he ponders the feeling he has of being here now. Hows does Sally like her wine pops in his head, just warm not cold he knows, so he'll pack all the dish clothes in the bucket, leave the guys one, and maybe a few coffee cups pack, he puts out his smoke, swallows the last of the beer, grabs the bucket and head in to get the wine.

Out of the cupboard by the frig. he grabs three bottles of her wine puts them in the bucket, then goes to the cabinet drawer by the sink and starts pulling the dish towels out and putting them down around the bottles until all in but one, opens the drawer next to drawer up and takes all but one of wash clothes out and puts them in the bucket, it's full enough, so he carries out and puts the bucket in the bed of the truck behind the cab, and heads back to check on Sally.

Opening the gate he sees Sally coming out the back door, so he dashes to the porch as he hollers, " hold right there give it to me ", she hands it him, turns and heads back in, he heads out to the truck and slides the box into the bed of the truck. 

Sally stands on the porch, hands Michael the second box then turns and locks the door, Michael watches her from the gate, she steps down from saying " Michael lets head to Bens", Michael walks back slides the last box in the bed of the truck then slams the gate shut as Sally climbs in the cab and looks back at him, he walks in and gets behind the wheel and starts it up, looking at her he asks, " we go to go?",  " yep" Sally she says.

Sally and Michael walk in the front door of Ben's store, she quickly spots Ben standing behind the elevated contractors-service counter, she pulls Michael with her toward him, once near, Ben spots them and says, " hows the moving going",  Sally replies, " great thanks to you we got done and Kathy to work right on time " Ben replies, " I'm glad I could help ",  Sally replies, " believe me you helped us tons, now let me pay you Ben ",  Ben says, " nope, I want that to be your house warming gift ",  Sally replied, " I knew you'd say that, So lean down here and let me give that cheek a kiss you wonderful guy " Ben leans down and Sally kisses his cheek, and says " your the greatest ",   Ben replies, " I feel good when I can help people like you's out "  Sally replies, " thank you so much, see you soon ", then Sally pulls Michaels hands so he will follow.  Back by the paint section they quickly find all they need and carry it up to the check-out, get it paid for and head back to the farm.

Back at the farm and next project is to paint Sally and Kathy's new bedroom

Pulling up to the farm house, then after shutting the truck off, Michael says, " what it if leave the paint stuff, and your boxes in the trucks, until we get the boys settled down". Sally replies, " I totally agree, they hop out and walk in the washroom to heard scratching and bumping coming from the stable door, Michael says, "we know that they are here", as he unlocks the door and lets them in, Cunnington leads the way, Michael wraps his arms around Edward's shoulders and starts rubbing him, they all mingle and greet, like it's been a year, then Michael starts walking up the ramp to the kitchen, everybody follows, they do they're routine, Sally gives Cunnington a bone, Michael gives Edward a few carrots, Michael says, while feeding Edward his carrots, " maybe both you guys can can double team after Kathy gets home, she needs to get used seeing that, don't you agree ", as he smiles at Sally who is looking at him,  Sally then says, " don't worry about her, she will be joining right in eagerly I'm certain ". Then she looks in the frig. and asks, " whats sounds good to eat? ", as she scans inside it,  he replies, " I'm up for anything you decide, I''ll go grab the stuff out of the trucks " , as he walks out the kitchen door. Once out at the trucks, he walks around, lowers the tail gate and slides a box to him then carries back inside, once in the kitchen, he says, " any luck ",  Sally replies, " yep", as he pasted by on his way to the studio.

While walking back through the kitchen, the boys observer her with interest in whatever she is fixing up for lunch, he hurries down the ramp to grab the last box of Sally's stuff out his truck. 

After getting all of the stuff out of both trucks into the studio, he then walks back into the kitchen, Sally tells him, " set and eat, you want some ice tea ", as he sits? , he replies," sure ", Sally pours two cups of tea, hands him his, then sits herself down across from him.

Michael, then says, before he takes a bite of his sandwich as he hold it in his hand, " lets finish masking off the baseboard first, then put the rosin paper on the floor ",, she replies, " ok ", as she chews a bite of her sandwich.  


As they eat, Sally soon says, " I was just thinking there is going to be so many places around here to have Kathy pose while I paint and sketch her, one of the first sketchs I want to do is her standing in a big washs basin leaned over washing her legs ".  Michael says," Ben's got those big galvanized wash tubs at the store", Sally then says, " what if I call and make sure his still has one, I'll run down and get if they do ? ",  he replies, " Thats a great idea actually, because then I can, get the base taped off, the rosin down, then start cutting in the ceiling, so when get back you can start rolling out the paint, Ben's number is on the bulletin board there by the phone ",  she picks the phone, finds Ben's number, then dials it, put it to her...then asks into the phone, " hi, I was wondering if you have one the big galvanized wash tubs,--pause--about that size is right, can you hold me one I will right down to get it, thanks", she hangs up and says, " I'll be right back, Michael says the keys are there on the counter for the truck, see you in a bit ", Sally grabs them and disappears out the door. 

Michael gets up heads for the bedroom, the phone rings, he answers it, " hi Michael here ", then says, " hi Marcus what you, doing? , yeah come on out, yeah when you get to Ben's turn right at the stop sign, go straight about a mile, there is about a acre patch of woods to your right with a tall wind mill right before, yet on the edge of woods, turn left there that gravel lane takes you back to the farm, yep see you in few minutes ", Michael hangs up the phone and grab a beer sits on the front porch, the boys follow him out and meander about the terrace as they wait for them.

Ten minutes later the guys are slowly driving down the lane, Michael yells at the boys to come in as he holds the door open, following them in he passes them up and they follow him to the wash room door he opens it just as they are stepping out of the car, Marcus says, " this is great Michael ",  "Louis says " you got that right " as Cunnington tries to get attention from them as they walk to Michael says, this guy right here Edward, now follow me, close the door behind you good, and I take up and show you's your rooms ", as soon as they got through they got through the kitchen they all proceed up the stairs except Edward, they then turn 180 degrees the stairs balcony rail now on their left two bedroom doors on the right. Michael says, " you get to pick who's who's " Marcus and Louis check everything out as they keep saying this great, cool, etc. . Michael says, I'm going back down you check it out, Sally will be back any second now ",  Michael just  starts taping the baseboard off in the bedroom when Sally walks in, says, " are the guys up stairs? ", Michael says, " yep", Sally turns and disappears out the door.  Sally says, " heah guys, good surprise, how do you like it, Louis speaks first and says, " I want to go home, get my stuff and start moving in now",  Marcus says, " same here, this place is great " Sally says devilishly, " so you missed fuck me last night did you ? ",  Louis says, " yeah, we need a make-up day from you slut ", Sally says how about you's give me a good fucking right here, right now ?",  They all start getting their shorts off, Sally says, " you'll have to fuck my cunt " as she bends over. Louis quickly get behind her, starts rubbing his hard cock head against her pussy lips until she wet, while Marcus offers his cock for her to suck, she firmly grab the shaft, starts stroking it rapidly as she flicks her tongue all around his big cock head. Louis says, " girl this cunt is soaking wet as he slowly pushs his cock in it, while she whimpers and moans she says, " when I seen your car here I started getting wet ",  Louis now rocking her back and forth with his thrusts, says, " thats a good slut always ready and wet for men ", Sally now squealing as Louis starts slapping hard against her butt as he thrusts, Sally now firmly and rapidly stroking Marcus's cock as she leans her face against his thigh starts wailing out " I cumming as she starts jerking about , Marcus holds her under her arms until her orgasm passes, then he starts moaning louder and louder, then says, " get ready to take my load " she backs her head away from opens her mouth and waits, Marcus in seconds begins jerking about then thrusts quick and stops as the first big glob of cum shots in her mouth, then wiggling about as the rest follows in quick big squirts, Sally swallows it all down in one big gulp then licks her lips as Marcus move beside her and holds her while Louis gives her a half a dozen deep thrusts then starts to holler and buck, then he push deep in, holds her tight and pumps his cum deep up inside. Sally raise up, kisses Marcus neck turns quickly does same to Louis, she reaches down grabs her shorts and panties, says, I gotta go give Michael his treat, meet me down stairs.

Sally walks in the bedroom, he turns and looks back as he paints along the top of the baseboard, Sally says to him devilishly smiling, " I have a treat for you if you'd like to like to lick my pussy clean",  Michael puts his brush down, turns around on the floor so he is sitting facing her he then lean his head back, and waits for her to get her pussy above his face, then he pushes his tongue up in her pussy as deep as he can then starts to suck, as Michael sucks and licks her opening Sally rubs her clit widly and soon is moaning louder and louder until she starts jerking about moaning out " I cumming ".  

After she backed away, she help pull him up, She said, come share a beer and smoke with me, you go set on the porch , I'll grab a beer, Michael did as told.

Kathy gets off work tuesday afternoon, 2nd week

On the front porch

When Sally walked on to porch, first thing she did was kiss his lips, take a sip of beer, then handed it to him the leaned against the hail rail and said, "thanks for cleaning me up so good", Michael, raised the beer in a salute, here to you for letting me clean you up". Sally meekishly smiled and said " your welcome ",  Michael said, " that worked out good, I had time to get a head of you cutting in ",  Sally say, " do you like the color ?",  Michael replies, " I like it, once we get all painted it should look awsome, good choice", just then Marcus stuck his head out the front door, then said, " we are going to run to our place and get some stuff, is it alright if we stay here tonight, we can get some air mattresses ".  Michael says," if you want to take the truck, just get your beds ",   Marcus replies, " that what we do then, cool ", Michael reaches in his pocket pulls out the key to to it and hands it to him, see you's in awhile " ,  " Sally says "bye to him, and thanks for nice big load of cum for Michael and I ", Marcus grins big and says,  " pleasure mine, thank you's, see you in a bit ".

Sally says to Michael, " you never guess by talking to them, that they are true studs, fucking machines ",  he replies, " lucky for us, maybe they can start me as Edward and Cunnington watch, then those two can fuck me " Sally replies. " lets try it ", now we best get to painting  you think ? ", Michael stands up saying," I follow you anywhere ", they head to the bedroom.

In the bedroom, Michael pours the full two gallons in the five gallon bucket then shows how used the rolled on a handle to start roller paint the walls, then he says, " I'll, try to stay a head of you, I keep cutting in", Sally replies, " no need to rush, I'm not a fast painter for sure ",  Michael says, " in no time you' ll be painting nudes everyday I hope ",  Sally replies, as she rolls the paint on the wall,  " yeah my goal now is to spend all day, every day here with you and Kathy painting and not see guys anymore or the dogs ". 

Michael ponders what she just said as he cuts in along the ceiling, then he says, " you know that painting by Degas, I thinks its called " in the tub " ?",  Sally said, " yes, I love that painting, I was thinking of that painting as I was driving to Ben's to get the tub, it's called........ " women in tub",  Michael replies, " think a painting similar would sell",  she replies, " agree, I want to try and find out "  Michael moves his ladder further down the wall climbs back up and start slowly cutting in, then says, " I fully support you whether you see the dogs and guys, or don't ", Sally replies, I'll know a little better about the whole group thing tomorrow, I go see Greg at 11am and I meet the two new girls who are joining the group ". Michael moves his ladder again.

That kinda exciting, Michael says, as he starts painting again, she replies, " yes, as well as maybe leading to my way of just being with a few men some how, not this weekend but the following we have a all member gang-bang again, I already told Greg that you have to be there as a observer or I'm not going ",  Michael replies, " what did he say? ",  Sally replies, " he said that is the way it's going to be from now on, he is cool with it, he ever said it was cool if any or all of the guys fuck you to ",   Michael said, " thats fine with me ".  Michael hops down and start cutting baseboard in now,  Sally says, " thats fine with me to, if I let them fuck me, you should let them fuck you, I love watching guys fuck you, I want to help you get your pussy some day to ",    Michael says, " thanks very much for saying that ".

Michael finishes cutting in and says, " cutting in is done, I'll start rolling in the corner you started in, at the rate we are going we'll be done in fifteen minutes, as Michael starts rolling he asks Sally, " do you have any paintings in galleries ",  Sally replies, " I have a few painting on business walls is all right now, I've always done paintings with big dogs in the scene, they all sell pretty fast, it getting them painted is where I've been lazy, so being here with you and Kathy will change that I know.".   Michael replies, " I want you here painting all the time with me I know that, and you are so gifted with the ability to make art, it's your calling based on that, I've always been able to draw fairly well, but I'm like a penquin and your like a eagle in comparison "   Sally replies, " Michael can I see some of your drawings ?".

Michael says, " when we get done, we'll have a beer if you want, a show you my latest sketch book". Sally says, " cool, we are on the last wall ",  Michael says, " yeah, we may as well try pulling a bit of masking off on the wall we started on, see if it comes off ok, then in a hour get the futon moved in here "


Walls are done and painted 

Michael tries pulling the paper masking off the baseboard, "it's looking good, coming off clean, I'm going keep going ", he makes it around the  entire room cleanly. "Sally lets fold the rosin paper into the center of the room from both sides", They get that all done, Michael says, " why don't you dig a sheet and some blankets out, I run this paper to the shop, then we get the futon in the room, the paint fume aren't bad ". Sally heads into the studio to get them, as she goes through the boxes, her back to the doorway, Kathy stands at there in the doorway quietly watching her, once Sally finds whats she looking for she sets the sheets and blankets on the closed lid box next to the box she just was looking, the turns, she startles a bit, then with huge smile, she rushs to hug her, Sally then grabs her hand and pulls her to their newly painted bedroom, and says, " do you like it?",  Kathy says, yes it's great colors picked, a awsome color ! ",  Sally says, " yeah it just plain looks like what you said, and just right ".

Michael walks up with the movers dollies, while they're talking, says, " you's want get your bed moved in, as he walk to Kathy's futon puts the dollies on floor next to it for both ends he and Kathy lift up and onto the dollies, then he says you steer, I push in less then a minute the had it in a place they liked. Once they had it off the dollies, folded out, the girls were making it up with the sheets, blankets and pillows, they then crawl on it and laid back and talked.

Michael took the dollies down and set outside by the shop door.

As they girls, lays talking, Michael stands in their door way and knocks lightly on their open door, both look over at him, he then says, can you's help me move the armoires up from the shop for your room. They climb off the futon in a hurry and follow him down to the shop. When the girls seen them sitting in the middle of the shop they hurried over to them in the middle of the shop, they hurried to them, Kathy opened both doors on it looked inside it, turned and raced to Michael and gave him a big hug, Sally stood in awe, tears running down her cheek then turned and wrapped her arms around them both.

Michael had the dollies spread apart on the floor, then screwed together with a five foot board, he then said, you's he grab that end and we'll set it up on the dollies, once they had it on Michael and Kathy pushed while Sally guided up too, their room.

After they had both armoires up in the bedroom, Michael said, " the inside of them is clear coat finished, so you's get your clothes in them and I'll go up and dust the walls and mop the floors in the guys rooms ". The girls instantly headed to the studio and started finding their clothes in the boxes, as Michael headed to get the stuff he needed for his chore.

Into his thoughts came the idea of the upcoming gangbang as he dusted the walls, how he would he feel, how would the guys treat him, would any of them want to fuck him other then Louis and Marcus? "

The girls, started talking about setting the sewing machine up in the studio, Sally saying, " it will be nice to set and work together in the same room, I can sketch and paint you nude, while you work too " giggling,  Kathy replies, " it will simply be nice being in your presence whether we are speaking or not ",  Sally kisses her on the cheek then walks back to the studio to get something  else.

Once the Kathy has her armoire full, she only has one box left of clothes in a box, Sally says, " let's put that in my armoire then we'll figure out where to put the rest of our clothes".

They finish getting the rest of Kathy's clothes stowed in Sally's armoire, then head to the studio to get Kathy's sewing table set in the right place. As they stand by it looking around the room, Sally says, " what if we put it against that south wall in the middle, then the sun will not be shining directly in on you ?",  Kathy agrees, so they both grab an end and get it in place. Kathy gets her sewing machine mounted on it, there is a outlet within the cord's reach, so she plugs it in, turns on, then try it, the machine starts running, she then says, " I'm ready to sew, I can't wait to start something new ! ",  Sally then asks, " do you have to work tomorrow ?",  Kathy's replies," nope not until Saturday ". Sally says, " start something tomorrow, lets go see how Michael is doing ".

Walking up the stairs to check on Michael, Sally thinks about telling Kathy about the upcoming gangbang, then tells herself it can wait, they find Michael in the first bedroom just finishing mopping.  Five more minutes, I'll be done, what do you think about grabbing a bottle of wine, then walking down to the pond and swimming out to the pontoon and drinking it ?",  They both look at each other and then say, "yes " as they back up so he can finish by the door, they all then head down the stairs. As they reach the bottom of the stairs Michael suggest, " you girls want to take the boys for a walk down to the quarry pond, take a thermos of ice tea and swim out to the pondoon boat and drink it celebrate ? ",  Sally says, " I in ",  Kathy agrees as well, Sally grabs a bottle wine uncorks it and pushs the cork back in, Michael says, "the boys were in the paddock, last knew so lets head that way ". Kathy asks, as she leads the way down the ramp," can I get hound dogs laying on the farm porch out of the bronco and put it in our bedroom ? ", Sally says, " yes, lean it on the armoires, the paint may be a little wet ",  Kathy runs and gets it and takes it in, Michael says, " we'll wait and if you want to go nude, get your clothes off now ",  Sally strips nude as well and sit her clothes on the washer. Kathy says, " I haven't gotten a chance to lay-out nude this summer yet" , as she returns to the washroom, they all proceed out through the butler door to meet up with boys in the paddock, as they enter the paddock, the boys are under the lean-to, Cunnington is laying on his little deck, with Edward standing not far away. Sally, says, " boys were going out swim ", they both join the parade, with Cunnington now leading the way to the pasture gate.

Kathy then asks, " does he like to swim ? ", as they the walk, Michael replies, " like a fish ", once Michael opens the gate into the pasture, Cunnington and Edward start chasing each other around, goofing off in joy. As they walk on, Michael says, the boys and I were down at the pond early this morning, and the water was nice and warm, so should feel really good ", Kathy then says, " Michael, you must have been saving every penny of your money since you were very young to be able to buy this place? ", he replies, " I have been, I knew I wanted to be with Edward since I first met him and wanted a farm like this where he an I could live, however my auntie pasted away a year ago and this was where she lived. Edward came walking next to Michael, then says to him, " did you hear name mentioned ?", then Michael continues telling Kathy how he really got the farm, saying, " my auntie had no kids, my mom was her only sibling and they were very close, so she left everything to mom, mom in turn told me, if I pay the taxes on the place, take care of it well, it was mine, so here we are ". Kathy dances ahead saying, " yes here I am walking nude in a pasture with the love of my life, her sexy stud dog, a sexy stud donkey and you Michael, who I love as well ". Michael then runs past her, saying, "I love you too", as he races up to the gate to the pond, then opens it for them proceed through. Once their through the gate, Michael says, " I'll go engage the pump on the windmill, so the waterfall can run while we're here, you's go down and jump in, Kathy clasps her cheeks with her hands, as she says, " this is so cool " and hurries down the hill to the quarry pond, with Sally in pursuit. By the time Michael gets the pump engaged at the windmill base, then turns to start down to the pond, he sees them already on the dock tossing all three of the big tractor innertubes into the water, followed by them jumping off the dock to catch up with them. Once he gets to the pond, he strips nude, picks up the thermos of ice tea he's been carrying, the wades out into the water until deep enough, then he rolls onto his side and paddles out to the pontoon, Sally carefully watches him to see he is alright making it there. Michael swims to the stern of the boat, were the motor used to go, now there are steps leading about four feet under water. Once reaching them he climbs right up onto the deck, grabs a cushion out of the foot locker, walks up to the bow, places the cushion at the edge of the deck, sits on it, now with his feet dangling in the water, and facing the girls, he watches as they float quietly soaking up the sun. 

Sally starts paddling the inner tube with her hands toward Michael, once up along the pontoon, she grabs a hold of the rope which hangs from the pontoon deck, " Michael, could I get a sip of your tea please, " Sally says,  Michael hands her his tea, " Thanks, it getting hot in that sun.", she says, " yeah we better get you two out of the water, under the canopy for a bit." he say,   " yeah Kathy come sit with me under the canopy awhile." Sally says.

Kathy starts paddling herself toward the pontoon, " yeah it is starting to cook in this sun." Kathy says,  " yeah this water is so clear, it can be like mirror as well, next thing you know your sun burnt." Michael says.

Both of the girls pull themselves by the deck rope, around to stern, then step on up onto the deck, then sit on one of the lawn chairs under the canopy. Michael hands Kathy and Sally a cup of ice tea, " Michael, as I was floating around out there, I was thinking I want to stay here at the farm every day, all day." Sally says,  " I think I do to." Kathy replies,  " I want you's here very day, all day. " Michael says.

Michael finds a note book and pencil in one of the cabinet on the pontoon, and starts writing in it, " After hearing that, Greg told you Sally to call only the guys with the dogs, that is one thing going for us, see if those guys will bring the dogs out to the farm." Michael says.

I agree, I'll try calling all 24 of the guys tonight, I want to talk to them about the dogs, as well as taking you Michael as their sissy slut bitch as well." Sally says, with a devilish grin,  

Kathy moves over next to Michael to read what he is writing.

"Ok, write the down, Jerry's bullmastiff will come here, gets along well with Cunnington, Scott will bring Duke the great dane here, gets along well with Cunnington, Thomas will bring his two great danes, Finn and Jab, they gets along well with Cunnington, Patrick's bloodhound Leo gets along well with Cunnington, Stephen's St. Bernard Sainty gets along well with Cunnington, Daniel's St. Bernard Tylok gets along well with Cunnington, that is 6 guys, 7 dogs that I'm sure will come to farm." Sally says.

Michael finishes writing all of what Sally said down in the note book, " here is a idea I was thinking of, I've been thinking of building a small deck with a shed roof off the dining room, so we could sit out there, if the guys with dogs that should be kept separate from

Cunnington could come into the dining room which we convert to a salon/breeding room would that work?",  Michael says.

" Why don't we make it work, for example Albert has Mac an a Akita, Mac is great with me, but not with strangers or other intact male dogs, Abert could could tie Mac up, come in and spend a half hour boning me, then we let Mac in so he can bone me, I think it would work, especially if we put Cunnington out with Edward while the Guys and their dogs are here." Sally says. 

" I think it will work, and as room to evolve." Kathy replies,  " do you's want to head back up to the house?, I'll try calling all of the guys with dogs, see what they think." Sally says. 

Both Kathy and Michael agree to head back up house, Kathy looks at Cunnington and Edward and says, " what do you two think?" Kathy yelling at them as they sit under a shade tree by the little beach where they all entered the pond, then swam out to the pontoon. 

After getting the innertubes gathered up, stowed under the canopy on deck, they all dive in and swim to the beach which is only about 40 feet from shore.

Once on the beach, " I'm going to switch off the pump on the windmill." Michael says, the girls follow along, as the boys, (Edward and Cunnington) do as well, once they walk up the the trail and reach the windmill, Michael shows Kathy to turn the pump on and off. There is a tractor path which leads straight along the property line that leads about 150 yards to the west side of the stable/shop barn they all walk the the tractor path back.

As they walk back and talk, "Kathy, have you ever been scuba diving?", Sally asks,  "No but I've wanted to do it for a long time." Kathy replies,  " Put that on our list as a important thing to get done." Sally says. " oh, I'd love to learn how to do that!" Kathy says,  " Michael will teach you, he is a dive instructor, he taught me " Sally says,  " yep, once your all certified diver, I'll send you two, with Louis and Marcus as your escorts on a few days honeymoon to Key largo, Florida " " the girls both grab him and hug him in their excitement.

As they pass through the gate on the tractor path which separates the pasture from the paddock, " Kathy, I have a request for you. " Michael says, " Anything, almost anything. what is it? " Kathy replies while sheepishly smiling at him, " sew me a new garter belt to wear with my thigh high leggings. ", Michael replies, " no problem, I've made a quiet of few different garters for myself and others." Kathy says.

They all pass through gate into the paddock, walk to the the stable and on into the house, there they find Louis and Marcus pushing one of their futons up the ramp to the kitchen.

The guys take one look at the girls buck naked, " now you's are something well worth coming home too." Louis says, as Marcus pushes the futon " where ever you girls have been, I want to tag along with next time, wow you's look good." Marcus says.

Michael peeks out the washroom door, and looks at the stuff that is left to unload, finding there is still quite a lot, closes the door then follows the girls and guys up the ramp into the kitchen where he grabs a few carrots, dog bone for the four-legged studs, then choke `em out to the terrace, then latches the screen door so they can't bother while moving the guy's stuff in, " girls, lets help these to hung studs of ours get moved in." Michael says,  " yeah, then when we are done, maybe they will reward us." Kathy says with a devilish grin.

Michael and the girls head out to the truck, " you's will be very well rewarded, promise." Louis says as he and Marcus start up the stairs with the futon. " I can't wait to get done." Marcus says to Louis.

Out at the truck, the girls and Michael grab what they can carry, then head back in, as walk up the ramp, " Maybe, you's can talk to our two hung studs about a date for your honeymoon tonight."   Michael says, " yeah maybe as soon as we are done, and I am sitting on one of Them's lap with his big black cock up my ass." Sally devilishly says, " oh that sounds so good right now " Kathy responds, Michael agrees as well.

Once in the kitchen, " Let's just sit everything we carry in, in the living room, let the guys carry it up to their rooms " Sally says,  " yeah they know who's who's stuff, plus all of going up and down the stairs will be a bottle neck" Kathy says, Michael agrees.

the girls and guys figure out date of when to go to Key largo/honeymoon

edit the girls shave their pussys bald

Tuesday evening 2nd week

girls soon be back with pizza

Tuesday evening 2nd week

girls back with pizza

Sally to see Danny and Beethoven 9am Wensday

Kathy getting bred by Pablo the very first time.

                                                  "Louis and Marcus get moved in."


Within, about a half hour all of them working together had all of the guy's stuff out of the truck and moved up stairs, either in the guy's rooms or on the floor piled along the balcony. 

" Let's go get our bottoms clean, hopefully the guys will reward us soon." Sally whispers to Kathy, " can we shave our pussy's bald for them? " Kathy says to her whispering, " yeah let do somebody has to change the world, I love the look of Michael's completely bald penis." Sally says, " so do I. " Kathy replies.

The girls, vanish into the bathroom, Sally gets the water running so they can soak in the big clawfoot tub for a bit before they begin to shave, Sally finds some new blades for Michaels razor, shaving cream, and sit them on a small table next to the tub, the both of them sit on the edge of the tub, " we need to get  Hound dogs laying on the farm porch hung-up later this evening, and take a trip to my house and pick up some things, shaving stuff is one." Sally says.

Upstairs, Louis and Marcus, decide to call it a day, they'd had enough of the moving thing, so Louis jumps in the shower as Marcus and Michael continue carrying stuff into each of the bedrooms where it goes as too, is it Louis's or Marcus's. Louis comes out of the bathroom completely nude, walks in his room, as Marcus goes into to shower himself, Louis sits on a chair in his room as Michael walks in, Louis holds his cock and slaps it on his inner thigh as Michael walks to him, then drops his knees and takes Louis's cock into his mouth. 


In the downstairs bath, Sally has Kathy bent over the sink countertop and is douching her bottom with the 10" dildo, once done cleaning her, Kathy turns the running water off for the tub, then slips in and begins washing herself with a bar of soap and wash cloth.

Sally finishes douching her own bottom then climbs into the tub, facing Kathy, " Michael was telling me he only uses Dawn dish soap to shave his penis area, what do you think should we do the same?" Sally says, " the results on him look good to me, let's do it." Kathy says.  They sit and soak, talk and kiss for about a half hour in the tub, while upstairs Michael sucks Louis's cock, as Marcus arranges things in his room.


After about ten minutes Louis ejaculates in Michael's mouth, watches him swallow it, then Michael and Louis go downstairs, grab a beer from the kitchen and sit on the front porch. 


Sally and Kathy both sit up on the edge of the tub, " I'll go first ", Sally says, as rubs Dawn dish soap into her pussy hair, then begins to shave herself, taking a swipe, rinsing the razor

off in the tub, taking a swipe, rinsing the razor off in the tub until she is completely bald and smooth, looking at Kathy now, she hands her the razor, " your turn." Sally says, as she grins, then leans and kisses Kathy on the lips. Kathy starts shaving her pussy hair off as Sally climbs out of the tub, jumps in the shower to rinse any hair off, after about two minutes, she turns off the water and stands in the shower drying herself off, in seconds Kathy is standing in front of her " how does it look?" Kathy asks, " wonderful and delicious to me, how do you like it? " Sally replies, " I love it, I'm with Michael, I'll never will have hair on my pussy ever again." Kathy replies, " I fell the same way, from now on my pussy is bald " Sally says, as she leans and turns the water on, checks the water temperature, then moves out of the so Kathy can rinse off.

As Kathy rinses, " when you get dried off, we will go model for Michael and our two horny black studs." Sally says,  " I'm all for that, Cunnington too, lets go find them!"  Kathy says.

The Girls look in the living room, kitchen, then find Louis and Michael still sitting on the front porch, " hi you two, Kathy and I want model our new look for you's." Sally says, as she holds Kathy's hand and pulls her along until her and Kathy are standing directly in front of them to view. " Nice, very, very nice, you's look so pure, yet so incredibly delicious to." Louis says,  " why thank you kind sir." Sally says, " yeah, I can't find in better way to say it, then how Louis just did." Michael replies, " thank you Michael, your our role model, and we used Dawn soap as you recommended." Kathy says, " yep, just try to shave yourselves every day, and all should be good, now let excuse myself, as I shower, shave and clean myself to." Michael says, as he stands then walks into the house.

Louis now sitting there with his big black cock, fully erect, is to much for Kathy to resist, she quickly drops to her knees in front of Louis, then takes his cock in her mouth, " that's a good bitch slut, yeah suck it." Louis says as he runs his fingers through her hair. 

Grabbing the pad off a porch chair, Sally helps Kathy get her knees on it, then has her get her bottom up, then Sally eagerly begins licking Kathy's tight little ass hole and rubbing her clit, "that feels so good Sally."  Kathy says as she whimpers and moans. 

After about 5 minutes, Kathy starts quivering, then mumbling with her mouth full of cock " I am cumming, oh, oh. " Kathy cries out, drops Louis's cock out of her mouth then starts jerking about as her orgasm takes control of her.

Sally comes along side her and holds her until she is recovered from the intense orgasm she just had, Louis is moaning out as he rapidly strokes his hard cock now, Sally leans forward and opens her mouth wide to show him she wants to ingest his cum, in seconds Louis starts grunting, stops stroking, holds his cock head against Sally's lower lip then starts squirting glob after glob of his cum into her mouth. 

Sally stands as she helps Kathy up, who instantly embraces her, " thank you Louis for that nice load of your cum." Sally says, then pulls Kathy's face to her and they lock their mouths together and share Louis's cum.

Michael pokes his head out the door as the girls' kiss, looks at Louis," I'm going to take Cunnington and Edward for a walk down to the pond, if any one wants to tag along, their welcome.  Sally and Kathy pull apart, " Kathy and I where thinking of running into my house and getting some of my stuff, mainly clothes, then I thought I'd order a few pizzas from my house, then pick them up on the way back, what do you's think?"  they both agreed, " I'll run up and get Marcus, I bet he is napping." Louis says, as he stands. 

Sally, Michael and Kathy walk to the kitchen to wait, while Louis walks up to find Marcus, in seconds, Louis is leaning over the balcony looking at them, " he wants whatever you's want on the pizza, same here, Michael, Marcus and I will walk with you, we will be right down." Louis says.

Cunnington and Edward are goofing around in the paddock when Louis, Marcus and Michael pass through the butler door from the stables, Cunnington quickly comes running to them, while Edward stands his ground, just waiting for them to catch up! he knows it's time to go for a walk.

" Edward gets his way doesn't he " Louis says as giggles, " yes, he always has since I can remember", Michael says,  " how old is Edward, and how old are you Michael?" Marcus asks,  " Edward is 25, and I am 20, I've been around him since I was born, I lived with him since I was 10 years old I which time I started sucking his cock and ingesting his semen, then when I was 13 years old he took me as his submissive femboy to breed, I've been his submissive femboy to breed ever since." Michael says as they pass through the gate into the pasture.

As they proceed out across the pasture, Edward and Cunnington run and goof around,

" Michael, do you prefer be called a femboy?"  Louis asks,   " yes, or a female-roled, receptive male."  Michael replies,   " and you've always felt you should be a girl, wanted to be a girl?" Marcus asks,  " yes, ever since I can remember I've wanted a pussy and breasts, not a penis, it like I am a female in a guys body all the time." Michael replies.

They get to the gate to the quarry pond, Michael opens it, Edward and Cunnington qiuck pass through and out into the areas surrounding the pond, Michael leads the guys down the path to the beach.

Standing on the beach now, " you's like to swim?" Michael asks,  " yes I do a lot, believe it or not, I was a life guard when in high school, I life guarded on a large lake two summers, believe me, did I get to take the virginity of quite a few white girls, even a few mom's." Marcus says,  " I believe you. I'd have let you taken me as your submissive femboy I know, matter a fact I've only been with black guys until this week when Scott fucked me. " Michael replies as he giggles.

Louis walks to the water and reaches down and feels it, " I can swim, don't much though, water feels good, very clear to, I'd swim in this" Louis says,  " yeah the girls and I thought the water felt real good early today when we swam out to the pontoon."  Michael replies.

Marcus walks over by Louis, reaches down and feels the water as he looks down into it, " this is nice an warm, very clear to, Michael go out an into the water until your about waist deep, then I'll come out an fuck that nice tight femboy ass of your's" Marcus says, Michael walks out until his hips just start to go underwater then stops and bends over to offer Marcus his ass to fuck.  Marcus is to him in seconds and finding Michael's hole with the head of his stiff cock. " yeah, there is the tight femboy pussy of your's Michael." Marcus says.

Marcus grabs Michael's left shoulder with his hand as he pushes his cock in until it pops in, once the head of his cock is tight gripped by Michael's hole, Marcus grabs Michael's right shoulder with his right hand, then slowly pushes all 8 inches of his fat cock in, then pulls it nearly all the way out, then thrusts it back in hard, causing Michael to whimper, " yeah Marcus, give me a good hard fucking, fuck good." Michael says,  Marcus does as he asks, and is soon wildly stirring up the water around them as he thrust in hard, pulls out quick as rapidly as he can until he starts moaning then " Michael, I'm about to pump my cum up this tight femboy ass of yours." Marcus says as he jerks about as his cum pumps into Michael butt hole.  " oh, it feels so good knowing your sperm is up in me now, thank you so much, I'm your femboy slut now, so I will do as you say." Michael says meekly.  " Michael you stay right there, I want to feel my cock up inside that femboy slut ass to, Marcus move around in front of him and hold him for me while I give him a good fucking."

Marcus moves around in front of Michael, Michael puts his hands on Marcus's shoulder to balance himself,  Louis quickly an firmly grabs Michael's hips an pokes his cock into Michael's ass hole, then starts thrusting in and out of his hole. 

Michael begins to whimper as he leans against Marcus's tummy, Marcus reaches down in the water grabs his now semi erect cock up so its tip is in front of Michaels mouth, " Michael show us how good a slut you're going be for us, as you drink my pee" Marcus says, Michael eagerly opens his mouth and starts drinking Marcus's pee as it flows out an into his mouth, " yeah good femboy slut." Marcus tells him after Michael finishes drinking it all.

Just then, Louis moans loudly, pushes his cock all the way up into Michael's ass and holds it in as his cum starts pumping out of his cock into Michael's ass. 

Louis pulls out after 20 seconds or so, Michael then quickly turns around, carefully holds Louis's cock to his mouth then licks it, then stands up straight and kisses Louis neck, then walks up out of the water, " thanks guys for taking me as your femboy slut, it means a lot to Sally and myself, so feel free to use me whenever you need." Michael says as he walks on up onto the beach and hugs Edward, pets Cunnington, both who have been waiting on him, " you guys feel like breeding your femboy slut as well?" Michael says to them.

They all then proceed over to the shed there by the beach, " you can see here is a Life Ring Buoy hanging on the door," Michael says as he opens the door and leads them inside, once the guys are inside with him, " there are masks, snorkels, and fins if you want to snorkel around the pond, Michael then grabs a bag of fish food pellets and fills a 5 gallon bucket half way. " follow me now." Michael says as walks along the shore of the pond throwing handfuls of the fish food pellets out into the pond until it is gone, " now stand here and watch as the fish come up to eat." Michael says as he walks back to the shed to put the bucket back.

By the time Michael sits the bucket back inside the shed, close the door the surface of the pond is alive with the sounds of "pops" and splashes as the fish rise up and start eating the pellets, " Wow, what a show." Louis says, then " what kind of fish are those?" Marcus asks,  " mostly those are channel catfish, but there are some largemouth bass and crappie in the pond as well." Michael replies.

They all watch the fish eat about 5 minutes then they proceed up the path to the windmill, where Michael show them how to turn on and off the water pump for the waterfall, then they walk the tractor path back toward the house.


Back at the house, as they all walk in the washroom, " Edward normally breeds me after our walk each night, so if you's want to watch, go up in the kitchen with Cunnington, give him a few dog bones sitting there on the kitchen counter by the frig. then watch from the pass through opening as he breeds me." Michael says to Louis and Marcus.

Louis and Marcus, do as he explained, as they look down into the washroom, they see Michael leaning over the watering trough, with each of hands gripping it's rim, then Edward lifting his front legs up then Edward's chest slide up on Michael back as Edward's long black penis pokes about looking for Michael's ass hole to slide into, then with a firm thrusts of his hips, Edward quickly pushes all 18 inches of his penis up inside Michael's ass, then Edward thrusts in and out of Michael 4 times, then stops and rests on Michael's back as he impregnates Michael with his sperm.

Edward backs off Michael, pulling his long flared penis out of Michael's ass, it swaying about and dipping with semen, while Edward walks forward to rub his face against Michael's who is still leaning on the trough as his own limp little penis begins ejaculating. 

" wow." Louis and Marcus both say quietly.  

A few seconds pass, Michael gains his composure, stands up straight, turns and hugs Edward, then grabs some fresh carrots from a basket up on the shelf above the watering trough, feeds them to Edward. Once Edward gobbles the carrots down, Michael then leads him into the stables and gets feed for him, watches him eat a second then walks back into the washroom, where he washes Edward's semen off his bottom, legs and shoes.

The door opens just as Michael is finishing cleaning up, in walks Sally and Kathy with Kathy carrying the pizzas, " looks like we just missed something," Sally says devilishly,  " yeah Edward just got done breeding me," Michael replies submissively.

Sally sees, Marcus looking down at then through the pass-through opening,  "Marcus, I bet you's gave Michael a good hard fucking too when we were gone?", Sally says, as her and Kathy proceeds up the ramp.  " oh yeah, he was a real good femboy slut for us down at the pond, he did really good," Marcus replied with smirk.

As the girls walked into kitchen the guys where leaning on the counter, both drinking a beer, totally nude, Kathy placed the pizzas on the table, walks to the sink and washes her hands, Marcus leaning back against the countertop, there by the sink. 

Looking down at Marcus's hanging semi-erect cock as Kathy washed, then dried her hands, " oh, I love your cock Marcus, when we're done eating I wanting to be your submissive slut too!" Kathy sheepishly says to him.  Marcus leans to her , they engage in deep passionate, as Kathy rubs his cock.

They all help themselves to pizza, as they all chat about this and that, Sally her schedule book and phone number book for all guys in the group and sits and the table looking through as she eats. Michael finishes eating, goes the sink and washes and dries is plate then puts it in a cabinet " I'm going do some work in the shop, if anyone needs me." Michael says as he walks out the kitchen door, down the ramp totally nude.

" I'm going to make so phone calls to the guys with dogs, so I can get things scheduled, you's go play, and have fun, Louis, Marcus and Kathy all wash their plates and put them away as they finish eating, "I'm going to take a quick shower and douche my bottom." Kathy says.

Both Louis and Marcus head upstairs to shower, " Kathy come upstairs when you done." Louis says, " I will." Kathy replies.

By now it is 6pm, Sally finishes eating, gets her plate washed, put away then grabs a yellow note pad, she decides to call Cliff, who has a Bullmastiff named Pablo, she picks up the phone dials, phone rings at Cliff's end twice " Hi Cliff, " Sally says, " Hi, been hoping you'd call, I heard you had some exciting news for us guys." Cliff says,  " well yes, it is for me, I hope it is ok with all you guys too," Sally says. " well tell about this exciting news please," Cliff replies.",  " I met the girl of my dreams, her name is Kathy, she is 19 and believe it or not she loves big dogs like me, and her and I are now living with my friend Michael on his farm.", Sally says very excitedly.

" Along with that, Louis and Marcus just moved out of their apartment, and tonight is the first night for them to living here on the farm as well." Sally says,  " you've been a busy girl then this last week, and I am very happy for you.", Ciff says.    " my question to you is, because I see Pablo, what do you think about coming to farm twice a week with Pablo, then I can perform for both of you's while your here?", Sally says.

" I'm willing to give it a try, we already know Cunnington and Pablo like each other so that shouldn't be a problem, actually should be good for them socialize." Cliff replies, " I'm so glad, you'll try, and I agree that it should be good for the boys to socialize, would you happen to have time right now?" Sally says. 

" Sure, let me take a quick shower, then Pablo and I will be there in hour, I've been swimming at Michael's pond with with you, so I know how to get there.", Cliff replies, " cool, I'll be ready for you, talk more when you get here, bye, bye." Sally says.

Sally continues, looking at her list of the guys with dogs that she serves, then dials the phone again, puts it to her ear and listens to ring, " hi Danny, Sally here.", " hi sexy, how are you." Danny says,  " I'm great, just needing to see you and Duke as soon I can.", Sally says, " well you know Beethoven, he'll knot you up any chance he can, and I want you always just like him." Danny replies.

" Danny, I hope it's ok, but I living with my friend Michael on his farm, and I met the girl of my dreams, and she is now my lover and companion living with me there.",  " Sally that is great, but are you telling me that you'll no longer be serving us guys and the dogs?", Danny asks,   " oh no,  I just wanted to ask if maybe you could start just seeing me at the farm, bring Beethoven with you when you come, so he can knot me up. ", Sally says.

Danny ponders as second, " I have time in Morning about 9am then Beethoven and I could come out if that works for you?", Danny says,  " one other thing, Michael and Kathy know all about what I do, and they also love guys and dogs like I do." Sally says,  " that good with me, we will see you at 9am, I look forward to meeting Michael and Kathy, see you then, bye,bye." Danny says,  " bye, bye." Sally replies, excitedly.

Sally walks upstairs to check on Kathy and the guys, as she walks to the first bedroom she looks in, no one there, then she hears Kathy squeal from the other bedroom, to find Marcus and Kathy passionately kissing, he's  on his back as he lays on the futon matress, Kathy as Marcus's cock up in her pussy while Louis slides his cock in and out of her ass.

Sally stands in the doorway, all of them completely unaware that she is watching, after about 30 second," Kathy puts her mouth off Louis's, then starts whimpering and squealing as Marcus starts thrusting in and out of her ass hole hard an fast, then pushing his cock all the way into Kathy's ass, stops and moans loudly, "Kathy I cumming in you now,", Marcus says,  " " Me to, oh, yes, oh, yes." Kathy mumbles, as she shakes an jerks about while her orgasm consumes her, in seconds, Louis is squirming then pushs his cock upward into to her pussy and begins to ejaculate. " That looked very, very fun." Sally says, as she claps, they all turn to her standing in the door way, " She made us do it.", Louis says playfully, " yeah your both my studs, I have be a good slut bitch for you's constantly now", Kathy said, playful yet seriously.

Sally then slides down on the mattress so she is facing up next to Louis,", "Kathy will will you sit down on my face so I can suck and lick you clean," Sally says,  " mm-hmm," Kathy replies, then stands, turns then carefully lays on top of Sally so she can lick and suck her, and so she can lick and suck Sally's clit as well, the guys lay on theirs sides on the mattress and watch.

Within minutes, both Sally and Kathy have orgasms, lay there giggling a bit, then, " Kathy you and I need to get ourselves cleaned up, Cliff will be here for me, his bullmastiff Pablo for you." Sally says.


Sally and Kathy hurry to the bathroom downstairs to clean-up for Cliff and Pablo.

Sally has Kathy lean on the sink counter top, then starts douching her bottom with oil using the 10 inch dildo, " Kathy we have you perform with Pablo just as we have with the other dogs so far, you'll love him, as he will you I know, he's got a nice big knot so he'll lock you tight,"  Sally says,  " I'll be good,"' Kathy says anxiously.

Once they are both cleaned and ready, Sally gets them both a men long tee-shirt for them to wear, " Kathy, now you grab the guys and tell them to show you how to play dominos, then get a game of dominos going on the table in the dining room." Sally says,  "ok. " Kathy replies,  "when Cliff and Pablo get here, I will bring them in and get everybody introduced." Sally says.

Sally walks out to Michael's shop to tell him that Cliff and his bullmastiff will soon be here, she doesn't hear any tools running, so she walks right in without caution, see Michael facing her working on something on the large fabrication table, Michael looks up and smiles at her the moment he hears the door squeak a bit as it closes behind her.

" Michael what you working on?", she says as she walks towards him looking at whatever it is he is working on,  " guess,"  Michael replies,  Sally comes around next to him, looks at what it laid out on the table, punches him gently in the shoulder,  " it's going to be a easel for me,"  she says, while she kisses his shoulder,  " your going to need a few of them, one's like this are easy for me to build, you can try it out and see if you like it, if so I'll build a few more, bigger or smaller just say." Michael says.

Sally then explains the soon to be arrival of Cliff and Pablo, Michael met them last summer when Sally brought Cliff and Pablo out to swim,  " Michael, I want you to say hi to Cliff and his dog Pablo, yet I haven't told him that you're a transsexual type homosexual I thought if you like, you could say hi to them and return to working, or you could stay and watch like with Scott, then maybe we tell Cliff how you want to start performing sexually for the men as well, then let Cliff take you as his slut tonight?" Sally says, " Maybe tonight, I should just say hi, then come back to the shop and work, then before he visits next time you fill him in on my role etc." Michael says, " yeah tonight I like to mainly get Kathy introduced to both Cliff and Pablo, then have Pablo start breeding her as his bitch." Sally says.

Michael ponders a second, " don't get me wrong, I want all your guys to take me as their slut eventually, but like you say it's more important that you get Kathy introduced first." Michael says, "thanks for understand, after Cliffs leaves, I will have you clean his cum from my pussy, then hopefully soon you'll be taking his cum straight from his cock like me." Sally says, suggestively, " I'd love cleaning you up, and it's up to you, but I very like having your men treat me like a female while you watch them feminize me." Michael says submissively.

Michael and Sally walk back into the house together, Michael goes to get some clothes on, Sally goes to the dining room to check on Kathy and the guys, she is pleased when she walks into the dining room to find them, talking, joking and having a good time playing dominoes.  "it's odd to see you's doing something other fucking, but I love it just the same." Sally says, as she walks in and sits next to Kathy, and starts watching them play as well as looking for Cliff's van coming down the lane.

Michael thinks to himself as he puts a pair of shorts on how nice it would be instead, to be putting on his garter, thigh-high leggings and padded bra on to show Cliff that he is a sissy femboy in reality, but knows another time will come.

Michael then walks to the dining room to be with his newly formed family, as he walks in the dining room he too is impressed by seeing everybody together, hanging out and not having sex, "this is amazing no sex going on in here!", Michael says, " just wait a little while, we are just resting,", Louis says, as he looks at Michael and grins.  " four beers for you's?", Michael asks them, they all want a beer so Michael walks into the kitchen, Cunnington follows, as soon as Michael is handing him a milk bone, "Cliff and Pablo are on the lane, hold the beers, you and I will go greet them Michael." Sally hollers.

Sally tells the guys and Kathy to keep playing dominoes and that she will bring Cliff and Pablo in to say hi, and get Kathy introduced, then heads to the kitchen to join Michael.

Sally and Michael hurry out of the kitchen down the ramp.

They get Cunnington out the stable door to be with Edward for a while, then outside to stand until Cliff and Pablo pull up, once the van is stopped she hurries to the drives side door and waits while Cliff climbs out then hugs and kisses him, he then slides the side door open, " there your girl Pablo," Cliff says as Pablo jumps out and smothers Sally with licks " yes, your my man, I've missed you too," Sally says as she gets on one knee and hugs him.

Cliff shakes hands with Michael, " Michael, it sounds like your life as changed alot now having two beautiful ladies, and two horny studs now living with you," Cliff says to him, 

" yes, it has, but in a great way, Louis and Marcus are very good to me, and have me well trained already, and it's so good to see Sally and Kathy so happy here," Michael replies.

Sally then grabs Cliff's hands, "now let me introduce you to my new bride," she says as she pulls him into the washroom door then up into the house with Pablo at their heels.

Michael heads back into the shop to resume working, Kathy nervously stays sitting with the guys as the three of them wait for Cliff and Pablo's entrance into the dining room.

Sally hollers, as soon as they enter the backdoor into the kitchen, " Cliff and Pablo are here," Sally says,  then upon entering the dining room, " you men, all know each other, so Kathy here are two more of my very sexy men, Cliff the man, Pablo my stud dog lover," Sally says,   " hi Kathy, very pleased to finally meet you," Cliff says, as he proceeds over to her, drops to one knee in front of her sitting as he holds Pablo, " Pablo this is Kathy, she is going to be your girl to so treat her well, Kathy go ahead and pet him a second, then show him around the house and get to know him, give him one of Cunnington's doggie treat, just take a little while to get to know him." Cliff says to Kathy.

Kathy eagerly stands, petting him lovingly as she starts showing him the house, Cliff and Sally follow them to the living room were they sit on the futon and start making out kissing,

Pablo quickly warms up to her by the time they get her and Sally's bedroom, Kathy is soon getting wet as she starts realizing that soon Pablo will have his big knot locked up in her tight ass pumping his sperm into her.

Kathy and Pablo, walk back into the living room, " I think he wants to take me as his new bitch to breed." Kathy says as she walks out and stands in front of Cliff and Sally on the beach towel Sally has laid out the rug. Cliff and Sally watch as Kathy pulls her long tee-shirt up revealing her newly bald shaved pussy, that Pablo eagerly starts licking, " good boy, I'm all yours," Kathy says to Pablo, then she slowly turns as she drops to her hands and knees in front of Pablo. " I'm ready for you to breed me Pablo," she says as she wiggles her bottom as he eagerly licks it as he wildy wags his tail.

After licking her from head to toe, dancing around her for 15 seconds Pablo lift himself up on her back and begins to thrust, his penis now seeking a hole to get stuck into, Kathy reaches back, grips his stiff sheathed penis just ahead of his swelling knot, Pablo who's pushing hard into her, hesitates a second as she slides his penis to her ass hole then feels it push in, in a split second with a hard powerful thrust his penis slips in, Pablo wildly begins thrusting into her with all his strength.

Cliff and Sally watch as Kathy's boobies shake and slap about as Pablo jerks her body around with his powerful thrust, as Kathy whimpers and squeals, the moment Pablo's knot is solidly locked in her butt, he stops moving, then in less the 2 seconds, Kathy is squealing and squirming as she begins to climax and cum, " oh yes, Pablo fill me your sperm, please taking me as your bitch to breed as often as you want," Kathy softly says, as she whimpers an moans, to Pablo who's panting mouth is now next to her cheek. 

After about a minute or so after Pablo has knotted her, and she already as had her first orgasm, " oh, Pablo your, huge throbbing is driving me crazy," Kathy softly says, as she reaches back between her own legs and vigorously starts rubbing her clit, " yes, oh yes keep pumping me full of you warm cum," Kathy murmurs, then she starts to quiver and whine as she tries not to disturb Pablo as she has another orgasm, she recovers maybe 10 seconds from that orgasm, when suddenly, start fussing again, intensely shaking, as another orgasm sits in, after about 5 orgasms already in 5 minutes of being knotted up with Pablo, Kathy lowers her cheek and chest to the floor while holding her ass up, so not to pull on Pablo's tightly stuck knot.

As Pablo's penis throbs, and just the fact that Pablo's fully swollen knot is about 8 inches around causes Kathy to just keep having a orgasm every few minutes. 

Sally and Cliff start fucking as soon as Pablo has had Kathy knotted for 5 minutes, and he is resting peacefully on her back, his firmly stuck in her bottom and throbbing.

Sally slides over a bit on the futon bit, leans her head against Cliff's chest as she pushs his shorts down and below his knees, then eagerly starts licking and sucking his big cock head savoring his pre-cum, " wow, seeing Kathy knotted by Pablo makes me so horny, I need your big cock in my so badly Cliff," Sally quietly says as she looks up to Cliff.

Standing up quietly as possible, so not to disturb Pablo, Sally then lowers her bottom down on Cliff's penis as he holds and guides it, " please stick it in my pussy, so Michael can taste your cum when you done cumming in me," Sallys says,   Cliff does as she asks, and guides it into her pussy, then she slides down on until all 8 inches is in. "so Michael likes cock and cum too?", Cliff whispers to her, as she slowly starts bouncing up and down on his stiff cock, " yes Michael is as much a girl as Kathy and I, he is like a girl trapped in a man's body".

Now as she lowers herself up and down on with her arms as her hands grip his legs above the knees as she faces Kathy and Pablo locked together, " Michael has been taken by Scott, Jerry, Marcus and Louis as their femboy slut to fuck anytime they want, he and I'd like you and Pablo to take him as your femboy slut too,",   "absolutely I will, don't worry about that," Cliff quietly says as he rubs Sally's shoulders.  " I could go ask him, then maybe you could shoot your cum in his mouth when your ready to ejaculate," Sally says,  " that is fine with me, the sooner I take him as my femboy slut, the sooner I can start training him as my slut." Cliff replies.

Sally rests on Cliff's lap, and slowly grinds and wiggles about with his cock deep inside her, in seconds she begins whimpering, " I'm cumming Cliff," Sally quietly moans out, as soon as her orgasm passes she softly giggles, "lets wait until Pablo pulls his knot out of Kathy, then I'll go fetch Michael for you," Sally quietly says, as she intently watches Pablo's body movements, " he's pulling out," she says out loud, to both Kathy and Cliff, as Pablo carefully backs away from Kathy pulling her with him as she whimpers until his knot comes out with a pop, Kathy quickly turns, rolls on to her back and starts eagerly licking his semen coated cock. 

Sally quickly steps off Cliff's cock, hugs Pablo, leans down and kisses Kathy cheek, " good girl, I'm going to fetch Michael and Cunnington I'll be right back, if you feel like taking Cunnington's knot do it, he'll want you," Sally says to her, then dashs of to find Michael.

Once Pablo's penis has withdrawn back up in his sheath, Kathy sits up on the floor, and hugs and rubs him all over, "I think your definitely Pablo's new bitch to breed now as often as you like," Cliff says to Kathy,  " oh thank you so much Cliff, I hope your able to bring him out to the farm a lot, he was so good to me just now" Kathy replies,  Sally, Cunnington and Michael walk in just as Cliff is about to say something to Kathy,  

Sally drops to her knees next to Kathy as Cunnington quickly mounts Kathy, finds her ass hole then shoves his penis in and wildy starts fucking her butt, at same time Michael drops down in front of Cliff, "Cliff can I finish helping you to ejaculate?" Michael says to Cliff meekly and submissively,   " yes, show me what a good femboy slut your going to be for me as all of us watch you suck my cock for awhile please," Cliff says to him,  Michael leans over a holds his big cock with one hand as he licks and sucks it eagerly, then Michael opens his mouth wide and swallows all 8 inches of this thick man cock, all the while quickly rubbing the under side of it's shaft with his tongue, Michael holds all 8 inches down so the big head is plugging his throat.

Michael holds in his mouth for about 10 seconds then pulls it complete out, takes a breath.

As Michael licks the head of Cliff's cock, he looks up at him, " Cliff, thank you so much for taking me as your slut, I want to please you as best I can always," Michael meekly says to him,  " your definitely proving that your worthy of that Michael," Cliff tells him as Michael swallows his cock completely again as before, then repeating it the same way over and over, until Cliff is moaning and squirming about as Michael deep-throated his cock. 

Cliff, now going crazy, finally is over come as his orgasm starts to set in, " Michael get ready I'm going to cum, let me watch as I shoot my cum onto your tongue," Cliff says to him,  Michael shuffle back a bit so Cliff can stand up, then Cliff rapidly strokes his own cock as he holds the head of it against Michael's eagerly extended tongue, then as Cliff grunts and moans loudly squirt after squirt pumps out onto Michael tongue, until his ejaculation is done.

Michael then swallows all of Cliff's cum down as he looks up to Cliff for approval, " yes Michael, you are going to be a very good femboy slut for me, I can wait until I feel my cock deep up in your bottom," Cliff tells him,  "I'm yours as often as you want me." Michael submissively replies.

Sally stands, pulls Michael up to her, and they kiss passionately, sharing the taste of Cliff's come, Cliff hugs them both as they kiss, then gives Pablo a firm brisk, rubbing, petting playfully, " you were a good, good stud for Kathy, maybe if she'd like you could come visit her tomorrow," Cliff says to Pablo, but is smiling while he and Kathy stare at each other.

Kathy, quickly drops to her knees again and holds Pablo's face to her to her face, " oh, Cliff, that would be wonderful if you could," Kathy says to him, "I want to watch you and Pablo again, while I slide my cock in and out of Michael's femboy ass, so it will very much be my pleasure to bring Pablo to you." Cliff says to all of them.

Everybody's attention turns to Kathy and Cunnington who still remain knotted together, with Kathy still having orgasms as she whines and drools.

After about 2 more minutes Cunnington's knot has shrunk enough for him to pull is knot out, as it just about ready to pop out, Kathy begins wailing and squealing loudly as another orgasm begins.

As Cunnington's pops out, Kathy's body collapses to the floor, as she lay there quivering Sally quickly lays next to her and rubs her back softly, " they made me climax so much." Kathy mumbles.

Cliff, Michael, Pablo and Cunnington just watch the two girls laying on the towel, until after a few minutes Kathy begins to giggle, " wow did you's ever give it to me good!", Kathy says to Pablo and Cunnington as she crawls to them to give them kisses and hugs.

"Yeah Kathy, I knew Pablo and Cunnington were both studs, but wow, until now, I never realized how good, now I fully understand why you's prefer them over men." Cliff says.

Cliff then looks at Michael, " Michael do you prefer big male dogs over men too." Cliff asks Michael, "I prefer getting bred by Edward, and ingesting his semen, then yes I say I prefer big dogs next, but I love men too, prefer men's semen over dog semen. I'm just as eager to perform sexual for the right dominate straight men who can treat me like a girl though. 

In part the reason is likely due to having a bad experience having sex with men, being outed publicly as a feminine homosexual when I was 13 years old, at which time I was already Edward's female-roled partner, I've been ingesting his semen since I was 10 years old." Michael replies.

      Michael starts becoming a submissive femboy slut for all of Sally's men

                                                                Chapter 3

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