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Chapter Two:  Sally Story

Kathy says, " if I can leave earlier I will..10:30 am Tuesday, 2nd week

edit Louis/Marcus

guys are slowly driving down the lane, tuesday afternoon

Sally says how about you's give me a good fucking right here, right now

Chapter 2,

First Morning together/ getting Kathy moved in

Michael quietly slips through the gate, up the steps onto the porch, then careful unlocks the backdoor, once inside he flips on the light, quickly glances at the clock, it says 5:40, no sound of a woof, or feet with crawls coming down the hallway floor, Cunnington will soon be though he knows.  He lifts opens the top of the coffee maker, fills the pot and pours the water in, grabs the paper filters out the cupboard gets it in place and scoops the coffee in then turns it on. Michael then bends down careful gets a mixing bowl out of the lower cupboard sets it on the countertop, steps to the frig. grabs the eggs, then steps back by the bowl, grabs a plate from the cupboard, then as quiet as he can cracks them on the edge of the bowl and lets the yoke dump in the bowl, sets the shell on the plate. Once he get 8 in the bowl, he begins stirring it all up until mixed, starts the burner going on the stove, grabs a big pan sets it on, steps to the frig. grabs butter then sets it on the counter top, dumps the eggshells in the trash, washes the plate, cuts the butter stick in half and drops it in the pan then listens to it sizzle as he adds a little salt and pepper to the mixed eggs, grabs a rubber spatula reaches over and move spreads the melted butter around, then pours half the eggs in then stirs them. The sound of a woof is heard, Michael turns so he facing the hallway, says, " Cunnington come on out to the kitchen and see me", the sound of big feet with claws begins, " come on buddy, waiting on you",  Michael says, has grabs a dog treat from the box, by then Cunnington walks into the kitchen with his tail wagging and is eagerly greeting Michael who hugs and rubs his shoulder as he stirs the eggs, then sets the spatula down, grabs the dog treat and offers it to him, Cunnington takes it eagerly, then chomps it down. 

Sally comes walking into the kitchen, says, " good morning, so glad to see you ", Michael replies, " good morning to you, how was your first night together ? ", Sally smiles big, " it was wonderful ",  Michael pours her a cup of coffee for her, as she walks over and rubs his back from behind, then takes the cup off the counter, as his tells to sit a bit, "I'll stir the eggs then let them cook a bit and they'll be done and then we can have a smoke".

Sally sits, then says, " Michael, Kathy and I are going to spend this morning getting everything out of her apartment, then get out to the farm, is that alright ?",  Michael replies, " that is a good thing to do, sooner the better in this case, we need to get things in place, so then we can simplify a bit ",   Sally says " thanks ",  Michael replys, " no thanks needed, I want you's moved in with me as soon as possible you just inform me of the plan, and I'll do as you say ",   Sally giggles as she says, " wiggle your ass ", Michael does.

Sally and Michael slip out to the porch with their coffee, get sat down, Michael lights a smoke hands it to her as he says " you know you should quit ",  Sally says, " so should you too ",  Michael replies, " I'm a lost cause, but maybe we can save you ",  Sally grabs his knee as she says, " your not a lost cause ",  Michael then says, " I'll be by your side as long as I can, do whatever I can for you, and one thing I can do is go home, and wash the walls, mop the floor in your bedroom at the farm, so we can get everything moved in there today ",  Sally replies, " I'm going to follow Kathy to her place, first thing and load what we can in the Bronco then head to farm ",  Michael replies, " I'll follow you's we can load my truck too then put everthing in your studio room for now until I get it clean ".

They both ponder a bit, drinking their coffee and smoking, then Sally says, " I'm going to ask Kathy if she wants to ask Betty if she can just work a few days a week, then I'll pay her to pose nude for me ",  just then, Kathy comes walking out then crosses her arm quickly, says " good morning ",  Sally and Michael both say good morning, then Sally says to her, " go get my robe on the bathroom door, your nipples are getting hard ", Kathy dashs back in the door.   Sally says, " lets wait til she gets back then fill her in on the plan ", Michael hops up takes Sallys coffee cup then walks in and freshen thier cups up, Kathy walking toward him says, " can I get a cup, Michael asks, " cream, sugar ? " she replies " black like my men ", Michael turns and smiles at her and says, " me too, mostly donkey though ",  Kathy asks, as she waits for her cup, " do you think Edward will let me suck his? ",  Michael replies, " yes he will " as he hands her the cup, Kathy says, " horse cock turns me on so much, I've always wanted one in me " then she walks out the door, Michael following her out.   Kathy sits next Sally on the chair closest to the door, Michael hands Sally her cup, sits on the other side of her. Sally says, " what did I hear about Edward and sucking ",   Kathy says, " Edward will let me suck his cock ", Sally replies, " that I want to paint ! " chuckling.  Sally then says, " on to more urgent matters, Kathy I was telling Michael that, I'd like you to ask Betty if you could just start working a few days a week, then pose for me and I will pay you, what do you think? ",  Kathy replied, " yep, I'll do that today, any certain days ? ",  Sally replies, " no, whatever works best for Betty ",  Sally then tells her, " Michael is going to help us get you moved out to the farm, because we are going to start living there starting tonight ",  Kathy replies, " wow, I've always dreamed of living on a farm ".  Kathy hops up and gives Michael a kiss on cheek, says thanks so much to him then sits back down, Michael replies, " don't worry, " I'll have you turned into a hard working farm girl by the end of the week ", Kathy lifts her arms up, flexing them to show her biceps, says " put me to work ",,Sally and Michael chuckle. Michael then says, " lets go in and sit you's down and I'll feed ya ".

They all shuffle in, the girls sit down, Michael takes the lid off the eggs, dishes out some on plates for them, then takes their plates to them, asks, Milk, juice, toast ?",  milk, they both say, Michael get it for them, then says " I'll put the rest of the eggs in bowl, and we can write a note that there are eggs in the frig for them ", Sally says, " on topic, I'll buy food they can eat, but we aren't cooking it for them unless we are cooking our own at same time, Kathy we can let them fuck us or suck their cocks, but no cooking for them unless you are eating too, and after watching them fuck you last night, I don't want you fucking any other guys, you can fuck and suck Louis and Marcus all you want", 

Kathy replies, " I like the guys fucking me, but I don't have to do that at all, so just say the word, and I won't ",

Sally says, " no I want you to any time you want, but just them ",   

Michael says, "can they fuck me all I want too? ".

Sally smiles then says " I already told both of them that I want them fucking you every chance they get once they move in".

Michael says, " I want it that is for sure. "

After dressing, and leaving the guys a note about eggs, they headed out the backdoor, once everybody was in their own vehicle, Kathy lead the convoy in her baby blue V.W beetle.

It only took about ten minutes before the arrived at Kathy's, once everybody was parked, they followed to her door, she unlocked it and there it was, Sally says, " no wonder you don't have much stuff ", Kathy chuckles then says, " this what they call their "motel style effiency model",   Michael says, " motel style suit good name, proably is a old motel " Sally starts giggling then says, " Michael I love how you see things ", Michael asks, " how's that ?"  Sally says, " it's hard to put into words " Sally hugged Kathy as they both looked at Hound dogs laying on the farm porch  Michael then says, " the only big thing here is the futon, we'll get that in the truck first, then your sewing table and machine ".

Sally says, " wow, you didn't tell me sew ", Kathy replies, " yeah, I love to sew, I make most of my own shirts and skirts, I sew all the waitress outfits for Betty's and a few other places", Sally repies, " I knew you we're talented, but this is wonderful, but were are your clothes ? ",  Kathy replies, " they are all in that big closet ", Sally replied. " good ".

Michael pipes in, "can one of you's help me get the mattress off this futon?",  Kathy hurries and grabs the end, and sets it on the floor,

Michael says. " lets get it folded up and carry it out the door, then carry it out to the truck",  Sally hurries ahead to get the tail gate down so they can lift it in.  Michael says as they walk into the apartment, " let take your sewing table next  ",  Kathy started getting stuff of it which was the just the cloth and odds and then reached under unplugged it and the machine lifted of, she set that a side,  Sally said, " that table looks custom made ",   Kathy said, " yep, Ben made it for me ",  Michael said, " I'm surprised his doesn't sell stuff at the store ",  Kathy replied,  " I asked him that, he said that he just hasn't time much any more but he used to, thats why he likes you selling things there ".

Kathy grabs one end Michael the other and they head for the truck, Sally grabs the sewing machine and follows behind, they get the table on the tail gate and slid in all the way in, while Sally loads the machine into the back of the Bronco. They all head back in, Michael says, while he looks around the apartment " what if we do this, take that tiny T.V of yours, lawn chairs, your coffee table, any thing else that doesn't need boxed up, then then I will go to the farm, you's go to Ben's pick out some wall paint, a color you like, see if he has some old cardboard boxes we can borrow then come to then bring both cars to the farm",  Sally says, " see you at farm in a bit ", They all get in their vehicles and leave.

Sally and Kathy both pull into Ben's parking lot, park next to each other, walk together into the store, once in both scan around looking for Ben,  Kathy says he's back by the office, follow me ",  Sally follows, Kathy says, as once get close to him " hi Ben, wonder if I could bother you a second ?",  Ben replies, " you two could never bother me, yet what do you think you're bothering with ? " Kathy replies, " moving out of my apartment, so I can move in with Sally and Michael ",  Ben chuckles then says, " take a breath first, you seen hurried " Kathy says, " sorry, I guess I'm acting like aren't I ", Sally pipes in and says, " Kathy we got plenty of time before you need to be at work ",  Ben asks "what time you need to be at work ? ",  Kathys says," eleven ",  Ben says, " it's only eight am, now how can I help you get moved? ",   Kathy replies, " boxes, and paint for the walls ",  Ben then asks, "cardboard boxes ",  Kathy replies, " yep ",  Ben gets on his walkie talkie and talks into its saying, " Bobby can you come to the office for a second ", a voice responds " be right there " , thirty second passes and a young guy comes around the corner as he reaches them,  Ben says, " Bobby Kathy and Sally need some good used cardboard boxes for moving "  Bobby replies,  " hi Kathy and Sally, ",..  Kathy and Sally say, " hi ",  Bobby asks, " what are you moving? ", Kathy says, " stuff like clothes, towels, few books, cloth to sew ",  Bobby replies, " take a guess of about how many you need " Kathy looks Sally then replies, " I says about ten that this size", Sally gestures the size with hands.   Bobby replies, " I'll get some layed out for you's right now, just pull around back to the overhead door and I'll load you's when you're ready.   Ben then says, " follow me to the paint " as he walks out into the store, they follow, Ben takes them the back corner of the store, then asks, " pick a color ", Sally and Kathy look at the colors then decide on one,  Kathy says " this one as she points her finger at Ben takes the color card, then says you want flat, satin, semi gloss how many cans  ?" Sally asks, "whatever you thinks best and 3 cans ",  Ben says, " satin should be good ",  Ben then says, " Sally why don't you get the Bronco and pull around back, Kathy and I will meet you back there "  Sally heads for the front door, as Kathy follows Ben to the back, once back there Ben takes to area where there lots of paint cans, a counter with paint shaker, as Ben grabs 3 cans sets them on the counter as he takes the top off one, he says, " you will love living on the farm with Sally and Michael they are a few of my favorite people I know ",  Kathy then replies, " I really like them, I'll my own big room to sew in, I love Cunnington and Edward it will be great ",,Ben says, " I'm going start the shaker going, let me take you to Sally.  Kathy follows as Ben heads toward the back of the store, in 30 seconds she sees Bobby and Sally loading the boxes in the back of the Bronco, Ben then says, " tell Sally I'll be back here with the paint in five minutes or less ", Ben turns and heads back to finish with the paint, while Kathy goes over stands by the back of the Bronco and watches, then says, " Bobby how have you been? ", Bobby replies, "fine, how about you? ",  Kathy says, good, just sewing a lot, now moving in with Sally and Michael ",  Bobby replies, " that cool, you'll still be close to Betty's ".  Bobby comes walking up with the 3 paint cans saying " were you want these? " Sally says, " in the back seat, on the floor "as she opens the door for him, he sits them and a paper bag in as he says, " you two get going, and there is tape for boxes in the paper bag, I'll catch up with about the bill, go, go",  " Sally and Kathy both say thanks, then Sally tells Kathy to hop in front, I'll take you to your car, they both jump in and head to Kathy's beetle. Sally pulls behind the beetle, Kathy hops out, climbs in the beetle, Sally hears it start, then slowly moves ahead, looking back Sally sees following so off to the farm.

At the farm

Sally pulls next to Michael's truck then Kathy pulls next to her, they walk in the washroom door, then up into the house, Cunnington meets them first, wildly wagging his tall, Sally get on her knee and hug, stands up, Kathy does the same with him, then Edward comes walk in the kitchen, Sally hugs him, Kathy does to then Sally hollers, Michael you here, He yells, " in your bedroom", they walk down the hall to the bedroom and see Michael taping the baseboard off in their bedroom, He hops up, says "you's ready to head back to Kathy's",  Sally says, " yep when ever you are",   Michael replies,  " lets set the stuff in the bed of the truck off, then we're ready then ".  They followed Michael out, Sally and Kathy jumped in the Bronco, Michael waved them to go, so they backed out and slowly headed down the lane, until Michael caught up, then Sally sped up. As they drove down the lane, Sally said, " I long you known him, once you's started talking by the Bronco you's sounded like old friends",  Kathy replied, " I've known him since he was thirteen, I was the first girl he ever fucked, and that was the night I met him at a party, he didn't have a car, it was summer break, so no school, so I'd drive over to his house after his parents left for work, we hang out, he would fuck me two or three times a day that whole week, then it was friday, I asked him how old he was, when he told me his was 13, I told him I was 16 and we better call this off, that's the last time I seen him until today. Sally said, " you did the right thing", Kathy replied, " yeah I know, but I tell you what, he had bigger cock then Marcus and Louis had, so I just thought he was older, If figure he must have gotten that job and Ben's recently, because I go into Ben's fairly often."

They to Kathy's parking area, then Michael was soon backing up beside them,,Kathy ran and got the apartment unlocked while Sally started carrying some broke down boxes into the apartment, then she tell Kathy to start getting the boxes, unfolded as she tapes them up.

After Sally has one taped up, she tells Kathy to start loading them up as she wants, Kathy heads to the bathroom to start there, Michael grabs a box and starts loading sewing related stuff in it. Sally goes to the closet which is a six foot bi-pass door closet, she slid one door open and started loading her clothes into a box. Michael stood by her until it was full then picked up and headed to the truck, Kathy walked out of the bathroom and said, " all done in the bath ",  Sally said to her, " finish filling this one, I will tape another one up",  Kathy does as told.  Michael watches Kathy fill her box, grabs it and takes it to the truck, Sally hollers, "Kathy this box is ready to fill",  Kathy come grabs it and starts packing clothes in it, as Sally tapes another one up. Michael heads to the kitchen area and opens a cupboard door up puts the stuff inside on the counter, then moves to the next door and does the same thing over and over with cupboard doors up top until done with them all. Michael then starts opening the bottom cupboard doors and placing the out on the floor until their all done, then walks out to see if Kathy as filled her box, she finishes as he walks up, Michael picks it up takes out to the truck. Sally hands Kathy another box, then asks her how much is left?, Kathy says, " there will room left in this box when I'm done ", so Sally starts taping up one box, then Michael says, that's the last one we need I think, Michael says, " Kathy are these your curtains ? ",  she hollers, " yes ", so Michael starts taking those down. Sally finishes the last box then takes it to the kitchen area and starts loading the the stuff on the floor into the last box, Sally yells to Kathy "when you're done come to me " , in less then a minute Kathy starts helping Sally load the box, Sally asks her, " anything else besides your phone?, have you called your landlord yet?,  Kathy says, " nope let me call right now ", Kathy picks up the phone which is on the countertop and calls ...pause..then she says, hi this is Kathy in unit 112, I just moved all of my stuff out of the apartment, I just wanted to let you know..pause...your welcome, thank you, bye,bye " she hangs the phone up, un-plugs it wraps the cords around it and carries it out to the curtain box and puts it in, just then Michael gets the last curtain down, folds it and puts it in the box, then says to Sally, " when you going get done? " sarcastically,  Sally said, " as soon as you's help me get done ", they both grab something toss it in the box, Sally puts the last cup in and says, " done now , Michael will you get  Hound dogs laying on the farm porch off the wall, we can slide that in the back of the Bronco.

Michael carrying Hound dogs laying on the farm porch  goes out the door, Sally follows then hurries ahead and opens the back window up, Michael slides it in, Kathy puts her key on the countertop goes to the door turns the knob to locked!, then pulls it closed behind her, then walks to the Bronco and jumps in with Sally, who then says as they all drive off, " we are doing good girl, it is only ten o'clock "......

Turning on the lane to the farm house, Sally says, " Kathy I want you to get something to eat before you start unloading stuff ",   Kathy replies, " is ok if I help you unload until about 10:30, then I'll get dressed and go to Betty's there is always something I can eat there ?",  Sally replies, " sure but make sure you something, in this excitement one get their adrenaline flowing which will make one feel not hungry, yet they need ton eat, the body overrides what's good for it two hours latter",  Kathy says, " ok doc I will " Sally pulls in front of the shop overdoor, shuts of the Bronco, then both hope out, Sally then says, as Kathy comes around the front of the Bronco toward her, Lets stack the boxes inside the wash room door as soon as Michael grabs one off the truck and carries it in, right now you wait here, Sally heads through the washroom door.

Sally looks for Edward and Cunnington, yells for them no sign of them checks the stable  bulter door, its locked. so she pulls the door open and blocks it open by then Michael is climbing out of the cab of the truck. Sally then says to him, " we will stack then inside the door for you ",   Michael replies, " sounds like plan" then slides a box out of the truck and heads inside, Sally and Kathy grab a box carry it in sit it down, do another one, then Sally jumps up in the bed, starts sliding boxs back to the tail gate, by the time she jumps down Michael is picking another one up and heads into the,  they repeat this until all the boxes are in the house Sally and Kathy follow Michael in on the last one. Sallys says " go get dressed girl ",  Kathy hurries to the bathroom with her outfit for work while grabs two beers from the frig. just as Michael walk into the kitchen she hands him a beer they both set down, twist the tops off their beers throw on the table, Michael holds his beer out to her, she clangs her beer against his, then they both take a gulp. Then Michael says, " the three of us make one heck of a good team ",  Sally replies, " I'll second that, and will continue too ".

Kathy comes walking out, walks to Sally gives her a good long kiss on the lips, as Kathy pulls her lips away, Sally says, we will follow you out, they all proceed out to her beetle, as Kathy climbs in, Sally says to her, " we will see you here at around four ? ",  Kathy says, " if I can leave earlier I will, love you, she shut her door and starts the bug up and backs out, as she does, Michael says as they watch her drive off, " I had a beetle like that, it was even the same color, baby blue, I sold it before moving up here, I still regret that I sold it. Sally says, " look at it this way, I bet if you ask, she might let you drive it ",  I already have asked, she said no way ", Sally started to speak,  Michael said, " just kidding", Sally punched his arm, and said, " lets open the butler door and check on the boys.

As soon as Michael unlocked the butler door, Cunnington came pushing in, with Edward right behind, Michael headed up the ramp into the kitchen, to the frig. and grapped a few carrots, Sally went and grabbed a bone, then gave it to Cunnington, as Michael fed the carrots to Edward, then Michael grabbed a few beers, said lets go have a smoke on the front porch. All four of them shuffled out the front door, the boys step down on the terrace and moseyed around as Sally and Michael both lit a smoke then began sipping their beer watching the boys, after a few minutes Sally says, " what if we run to my house in your truck then fill a few boxes with stuff like towels, some clothes, sheets etc stuff so Kathy and I can start spending our nights here permanently ",  Michael replies, I'm all for that ",  Sally ponders.  Sally then says, " we leave a note on the table that Kathy and I are spending night here, fend for themselves, call if need anything, your phone number, then you and I simply come back here and paint and do whatever ". Michael and her stare out to who knows where awhile, collecting thoughts, remembering, dreaming maybe all, sipping their beers and smoking as the day warms up. Michael breaks the silence, and says, " lets get the worst part done first, get the futon and sewing table in the house first, then that stuffs inside, never know if a thunder storm might pop up, Sally replies, " much agreed, you want to put it in the studio for now?", Michael replies, " yep " Sally stands hollers, claps her hands to get Cunnington and Edward's attention then opens the front door, they both walk over and walk in the house, Michael, Sally follow then pass in front of them headed to get the futon at the bottom of the ramp, Michael says, you run them out into the stables, I'll run in the shop and get a few moving dollys, Sally leads the boys out into the stables, rubs them both and says, " be right back" , she steps back through the butler door and locks it, Michael puts the dollys on the floor and positions them, they walk out pick up futon carry it to the dollys once set on them, Michael pushs , Sally steers up front, up the ramp and to the studio, Sally says . Once in the studio, they set it off they each grab a dolly and they head to get the sewing table, once by the wash room door, they guess about the right size for the table then position the dollys on the floor, then walk out and carry it in and set the table on them, Michael says, " good fit, to the studio ", then starts pushing as Sally steers. Once in studio they set the table off, grab the dollys and head back to the wash room, as they walk down the ramp Michael asks, " should we not bother the boys and get going",  Sally replies, " I think so, we wouldn't be to long at my house, lets get the boxes and tape out of the Bronco and get going ",  Michael says, " I'll grab a few boards to toss on top of the boxes, if you want to get them in the bed ", Sallys says " yep " as Michael heads into the shop. Once Sally slides the boxes out from under Hound dogs laying on the farm porch  she lays them the bed of the truck, grabs the tape off back seat just as Michael is laying the boards on the flattened boxes, They both jump in and Michael starts the truck and slowly pulls away, as he ask Sally, " we forgetting anything ? ", she replies, " I hope not, lets just keep our fingers crossed " as she reaches over an squeezes his knee. He squeezes her hand and smiles at her as he feels how good it is to have her here, then back to thoughts of doing things right he says, " lets stop a Ben's and pick up a new roller pad, rosin paper and six inch paper mask off tape ",  she replies,  " yeah I'll get him paid for the tape and paint ".  Once they take the ten minute drive to Sally's, they hop out once parked in the driveway, Michael grabs the boxes, Sally as a roll of tape they head into the house,  Michael asks Sally for the tape and he begins folding the boxes out and taping the bottom flaps while she goes figures out what to take, as a odd feeling overcomes her about leaving this place and moving onto to something new, she has to fight to focus on that leaving this place behind is becoming part of her past.

Tossing some towels, wash clothes onto the bed first, then she grabs a empty shoe box out of her closet, puts her tooth brush, tooth paste in it and stuff like shampoo etc. fills it puts lid on it puts it on the bed just as Michael sets a box down next her then he heads back to get the other.  As she gets the towels down in it, Michael walks in with the other box then asks, " anything you can think of beside things from in here, Sally ponders the question while she places her pillows in the box then says, " not for tonight at least, no wait in the hall way closet there are some blankets and sheets put all of them in the box then bring in here",  Michael carries the box with him and does what he's told. One he is done he carries it into her and sits it down, then says, " I'll be right back " as turns heads back out he goes to the frig. grabs a beer twist of the top, tosses the cap on the table then reaches back in the frig and grabs a few pc. of the left over steak he boiled then walks back to her, as he walks into the bedroom he says, " take two " she looks up from the box she is loading and Michael holds out the steak and says, " eat these " she takes one of them chews it up and swallows it then Michael hands her the beer, she takes a drink then Michael hands her the other pc. , he watches as she chews that up and then takes a drink, then hands the beer back to him, Michael then says, I am going to put a bottle of wine in a five gal. bucket I have in the truck, can you think of any thing else I can put in the bucket?",  she smiles and says, " put three in it ",  he replies, " will do and takes the beer from her, turns and walks out.

Michael runs and gets the bucket, then sits on the porch and light a smoke and starts sipping the beer, as he ponders the feeling he has of being here now. Hows does Sally like her wine pops in his head, just warm not cold he knows, so he'll pack all the dish clothes in the bucket, leave the guys one, and maybe a few coffee cups pack, he puts out his smoke, swallows the last of the beer, grabs the bucket and head in to get the wine.

Out of the cupboard by the frig. he grabs three bottles of her wine puts them in the bucket, then goes to the cabinet drawer by the sink and starts pulling the dish towels out and putting them down around the bottles until all in but one, opens the drawer next to drawer up and takes all but one of wash clothes out and puts them in the bucket, it's full enough, so he carries out and puts the bucket in the bed of the truck behind the cab, and heads back to check on Sally.

Opening the gate he sees Sally coming out the back door, so he dashes to the porch as he hollers, " hold right there give it to me ", she hands it him, turns and heads back in, he heads out to the truck and slides the box into the bed of the truck. 

Sally stands on the porch, hands Michael the second box then turns and locks the door, Michael watches her from the gate, she steps down from saying " Michael lets head to Bens", Michael walks back slides the last box in the bed of the truck then slams the gate shut as Sally climbs in the cab and looks back at him, he walks in and gets behind the wheel and starts it up, looking at her he asks, " we go to go?",  " yep" Sally she says.

Sally and Michael walk in the front door of Ben's store, she quickly spots Ben standing behind the elevated contractors-service counter, she pulls Michael with her toward him, once near, Ben spots them and says, " hows the moving going",  Sally replies, " great thanks to you we got done and Kathy to work right on time " Ben replies, " I'm glad I could help ",  Sally replies, " believe me you helped us tons, now let me pay you Ben ",  Ben says, " nope, I want that to be your house warming gift ",  Sally replied, " I knew you'd say that, So lean down here and let me give that cheek a kiss you wonderful guy " Ben leans down and Sally kisses his cheek, and says " your the greatest ",   Ben replies, " I feel good when I can help people like you's out "  Sally replies, " thank you so much, see you soon ", then Sally pulls Michaels hands so he will follow.  Back by the paint section they quickly find all they need and carry it up to the check-out, get it paid for and head back to the farm.

Back at the farm and next project is to paint Sally and Kathy's new bedroom

Pulling up to the farm house, then after shutting the truck off, Michael says, " what it if leave the paint stuff, and your boxes in the trucks, until we get the boys settled down". Sally replies, " I totally agree, they hop out and walk in the washroom to heard scratching and bumping coming from the stable door, Michael says, "we know that they are here", as he unlocks the door and lets them in, Cunnington leads the way, Michael wraps his arms around Edward's shoulders and starts rubbing him, they all mingle and greet, like it's been a year, then Michael starts walking up the ramp to the kitchen, everybody follows, they do they're routine, Sally gives Cunnington a bone, Michael gives Edward a few carrots, Michael says, while feeding Edward his carrots, " maybe both you guys can can double team after Kathy gets home, she needs to get used seeing that, don't you agree ", as he smiles at Sally who is looking at him,  Sally then says, " don't worry about her, she will be joining right in eagerly I'm certain ". Then she looks in the frig. and asks, " whats sounds good to eat? ", as she scans inside it,  he replies, " I'm up for anything you decide, I''ll go grab the stuff out of the trucks " , as he walks out the kitchen door. Once out at the trucks, he walks around, lowers the tail gate and slides a box to him then carries back inside, once in the kitchen, he says, " any luck ",  Sally replies, " yep", as he pasted by on his way to the studio.

While walking back through the kitchen, the boys observer her with interest in whatever she is fixing up for lunch, he hurries down the ramp to grab the last box of Sally's stuff out his truck. 

After getting all of the stuff out of both trucks into the studio, he then walks back into the kitchen, Sally tells him, " set and eat, you want some ice tea ", as he sits? , he replies," sure ", Sally pours two cups of tea, hands him his, then sits herself down across from him.

Michael, then says, before he takes a bite of his sandwich as he hold it in his hand, " lets finish masking off the baseboard first, then put the rosin paper on the floor ",, she replies, " ok ", as she chews a bite of her sandwich.  


As they eat, Sally soon says, " I was just thinking there is going to be so many places around here to have Kathy pose while I paint and sketch her, one of the first sketchs I want to do is her standing in a big washs basin leaned over washing her legs ".  Michael says," Ben's got those big galvanized wash tubs at the store", Sally then says, " what if I call and make sure his still has one, I'll run down and get if they do ? ",  he replies, " Thats a great idea actually, because then I can, get the base taped off, the rosin down, then start cutting in the ceiling, so when get back you can start rolling out the paint, Ben's number is on the bulletin board there by the phone ",  she picks the phone, finds Ben's number, then dials it, put it to her...then asks into the phone, " hi, I was wondering if you have one the big galvanized wash tubs,--pause--about that size is right, can you hold me one I will right down to get it, thanks", she hangs up and says, " I'll be right back, Michael says the keys are there on the counter for the truck, see you in a bit ", Sally grabs them and disappears out the door. 

Michael gets up heads for the bedroom, the phone rings, he answers it, " hi Michael here ", then says, " hi Marcus what you, doing? , yeah come on out, yeah when you get to Ben's turn right at the stop sign, go straight about a mile, there is about a acre patch of woods to your right with a tall wind mill right before, yet on the edge of woods, turn left there that gravel lane takes you back to the farm, yep see you in few minutes ", Michael hangs up the phone and grab a beer sits on the front porch, the boys follow him out and meander about the terrace as they wait for them.

Ten minutes later the guys are slowly driving down the lane, Michael yells at the boys to come in as he holds the door open, following them in he passes them up and they follow him to the wash room door he opens it just as they are stepping out of the car, Marcus says, " this is great Michael ",  "Louis says " you got that right " as Cunnington tries to get attention from them as they walk to Michael says, this guy right here Edward, now follow me, close the door behind you good, and I take up and show you's your rooms ", as soon as they got through they got through the kitchen they all proceed up the stairs except Edward, they then turn 180 degrees the stairs balcony rail now on their left two bedroom doors on the right. Michael says, " you get to pick who's who's " Marcus and Louis check everything out as they keep saying this great, cool, etc. . Michael says, I'm going back down you check it out, Sally will be back any second now ",  Michael just  starts taping the baseboard off in the bedroom when Sally walks in, says, " are the guys up stairs? ", Michael says, " yep", Sally turns and disappears out the door.  Sally says, " heah guys, good surprise, how do you like it, Louis speaks first and says, " I want to go home, get my stuff and start moving in now",  Marcus says, " same here, this place is great " Sally says devilishly, " so you missed fuck me last night did you ? ",  Louis says, " yeah, we need a make-up day from you slut ", Sally says how about you's give me a good fucking right here, right now ?",  They all start getting their shorts off, Sally says, " you'll have to fuck my cunt " as she bends over. Louis quickly get behind her, starts rubbing his hard cock head against her pussy lips until she wet, while Marcus offers his cock for her to suck, she firmly grab the shaft, starts stroking it rapidly as she flicks her tongue all around his big cock head. Louis says, " girl this cunt is soaking wet as he slowly pushs his cock in it, while she whimpers and moans she says, " when I seen your car here I started getting wet ",  Louis now rocking her back and forth with his thrusts, says, " thats a good slut always ready and wet for men ", Sally now squealing as Louis starts slapping hard against her butt as he thrusts, Sally now firmly and rapidly stroking Marcus's cock as she leans her face against his thigh starts wailing out " I cumming as she starts jerking about , Marcus holds her under her arms until her orgasm passes, then he starts moaning louder and louder, then says, " get ready to take my load " she backs her head away from opens her mouth and waits, Marcus in seconds begins jerking about then thrusts quick and stops as the first big glob of cum shots in her mouth, then wiggling about as the rest follows in quick big squirts, Sally swallows it all down in one big gulp then licks her lips as Marcus move beside her and holds her while Louis gives her a half a dozen deep thrusts then starts to holler and buck, then he push deep in, holds her tight and pumps his cum deep up inside. Sally raise up, kisses Marcus neck turns quickly does same to Louis, she reaches down grabs her shorts and panties, says, I gotta go give Michael his treat, meet me down stairs.

Sally walks in the bedroom, he turns and looks back as he paints along the top of the baseboard, Sally says to him devilishly smiling, " I have a treat for you if you'd like to like to lick my pussy clean",  Michael puts his brush down, turns around on the floor so he is sitting facing her he then lean his head back, and waits for her to get her pussy above his face, then he pushes his tongue up in her pussy as deep as he can then starts to suck, as Michael sucks and licks her opening Sally rubs her clit widly and soon is moaning louder and louder until she starts jerking about moaning out " I cumming ".  

After she backed away, she helps pull him up, She said, come share a beer and smoke with me, you go set on the porch , I'll grab a beer, Michael did as told.

Michael tells Sally about exposing himself and talk with Elle


Kathy gets off work tuesday afternoon, 2nd week

12 noon tuesday

On the front porch

When Sally walked on to porch, first thing she did was kiss his lips, take a sip of beer, then handed it to him the leaned against the hail rail and said, "thanks for cleaning me up so good", Michael, raised the beer in a salute, here to you for letting me clean you up". Sally meekishly smiled and said " your welcome ",  Michael said, " that worked out good, I had time to get a head of you cutting in ",  Sally say, " do you like the color ?",  Michael replies, " I like it, once we get all painted it should look awsome, good choice", just then Marcus stuck his head out the front door, then said, " we are going to run to our place and get some stuff, is it alright if we stay here tonight, we can get some air mattresses ".  Michael says," if you want to take the truck, just get your beds ",   Marcus replies, " that what we do then, cool ", Michael reaches in his pocket pulls out the key to to it and hands it to him, see you's in awhile " ,  " Sally says "bye to him, and thanks for nice big load of cum for Michael and I ", Marcus grins big and says,  " pleasure mine, thank you's, see you in a bit ".

Sally says to Michael, " you never guess by talking to them, that they are true studs, fucking machines ",  he replies, " lucky for us, maybe they can start me as Edward and Cunnington watch, then those two can fuck me " Sally replies. " lets try it ", now we best get to painting  you think ? ", Michael stands up saying," I follow you anywhere ", they head to the bedroom.

In the bedroom, Michael pours the full two gallons in the five gallon bucket then shows how used the rolled on a handle to start roller paint the walls, then he says, " I'll, try to stay a head of you, I keep cutting in", Sally replies, " no need to rush, I'm not a fast painter for sure ",  Michael says, " in no time you' ll be painting nudes everyday I hope ",  Sally replies, as she rolls the paint on the wall,  " yeah my goal now is to spend all day, every day here with you and Kathy painting and not see guys anymore or the dogs ". 

Michael ponders what she just said as he cuts in along the ceiling, then he says, " you know that painting by Degas, I thinks its called " in the tub " ?",  Sally said, " yes, I love that painting, I was thinking of that painting as I was driving to Ben's to get the tub, it's called........ " women in tub",  Michael replies, " think a painting similar would sell",  she replies, " agree, I want to try and find out "  Michael moves his ladder further down the wall climbs back up and start slowly cutting in, then says, " I fully support you whether you see the dogs and guys, or don't ", Sally replies, I'll know a little better about the whole group thing tomorrow, I go see Greg at 11am and I meet the two new girls who are joining the group ". Michael moves his ladder again.

That kinda exciting, Michael says, as he starts painting again, she replies, " yes, as well as maybe leading to my way of just being with a few men some how, not this weekend but the following we have a all member gang-bang again, I already told Greg that you have to be there as a observer or I'm not going ",  Michael replies, " what did he say? ",  Sally replies, " he said that is the way it's going to be from now on, he is cool with it, he ever said it was cool if any or all of the guys fuck you to ",   Michael said, " thats fine with me ".  Michael hops down and start cutting baseboard in now,  Sally says, " thats fine with me to, if I let them fuck me, you should let them fuck you, I love watching guys fuck you, I want to help you get your pussy some day to ",    Michael says, " thanks very much for saying that ".

Michael finishes cutting in and says, " cutting in is done, I'll start rolling in the corner you started in, at the rate we are going we'll be done in fifteen minutes, as Michael starts rolling he asks Sally, " do you have any paintings in galleries ",  Sally replies, " I have a few painting on business walls is all right now, I've always done paintings with big dogs in the scene, they all sell pretty fast, it getting them painted is where I've been lazy, so being here with you and Kathy will change that I know.".   Michael replies, " I want you here painting all the time with me I know that, and you are so gifted with the ability to make art, it's your calling based on that, I've always been able to draw fairly well, but I'm like a penquin and your like a eagle in comparison "   Sally replies, " Michael can I see some of your drawings ?".

Michael says, " when we get done, we'll have a beer if you want, a show you my latest sketch book". Sally says, " cool, we are on the last wall ",  Michael says, " yeah, we may as well try pulling a bit of masking off on the wall we started on, see if it comes off ok, then in a hour get the futon moved in here "

Michael says, "Sally I have something to tell you, that is bugging me".

Sally looks at him with a concerned look and says," Michael you and I have no secrets, so whatever it is tell me".

Michael meekly says, " last Saturday when you got gang-banged on river, I got myself in a frenzy of sorts, a combination of worry, sexual frustration,eroticism wrapped in one, I was pacing about. Anyway I took the rx-7 for a drive, next thing I knew I was stripped completely nude driving around town, I was like in a trance/dazed type mind-set, I pulled into the Burger King there by the Walgreens, sat in the parking lot, I seen a nice looking 30ish lady was working the drive-up window, I got in line made a order pulled out up to the window, fully exposing my rock hard cock to her, as she leaned out to give me my order, I just began ejaculating in front of her uncontrollable, as I pulled out, she quietly said to me, "nice show".

Sally walked over to Michael and hugged him as she said, "we will work it out, Saturday was likely a lot of stress on you, and by ejaculating in front of her it likely relieved the stress in one way greatly, yet add another form of great stress".

Michael replies, "Anyway I felt so bad, I drove back down to the Burger King after writing a note with my phone number on it to give to her explaining that I was so sorry, luckily I seen she was still working the drive-up window so I pulled in and ordered a coffee, there was no traffic in the drive-up, so I was able to pull right up and talk to her and give her the note, she read it right there, she proceeded to tell me her name is Elle, and that she wasn't angry, and she hoped I'd come back because she is as a degree in behavioral psychology and is trying for a position at the University of Iowa, and part of her studies is human sexual behavior, anyway she told me she'd call me when she got off work in a hour, so I drove home and waited for her to call".

Sally replies, "did she call you?".

Michael replies, "yep, right on time, she wanted me to tell her about my earliest memories, then anything related to sexuality, my relationship with mom, so I told her about watching mom having sex at age 6, then my performing fellatio on my friend Kevin from age 7 until age 10, then Kevin moving away, at which time I started performing fellatio on Cosso our great dane and Edward everything up to when mom and I start having intercourse, the cuckold aspect of me watching mom having sex with the Jensen guys and Johnny."

Sally replies, "When you watched was it similar to our relationship, because I am cuckolding you, that is for sure".

Michael says, "yes, exactly like that, as I was telling Elle, the dynamic of being a cuckold for me is, I have to love my female partner intensely in order to be cuckolded, for example I'd see Caroline and Susan having sex with guys all the time once I moved to the farm, I had no real interest in seeing them having intercourse, however if I seen Aunt Becky or mom having sex with the guys it was overwhelmingly emotional intense for me, so intense it is hard to explain, it could cause the most intense orgasm in me just watching, I'd ejaculate without touching myself and with no erection".

Sally replies, "do you like Elle and trust her"

Michael replies, " yes, very much so, she loves your paintings, she knows Ben and goes to Ben's often, her parents own the Burger King, why she helps out there, she even wants to be part of our group, she called me this morning and her STD test is good, so I told in 3 months if she is celibate she can join".

Sally giggles, "you do have the power of persuasion about you, can you call her?"

Michael replies, "yes I have her number, she told me to call her anytime, day or night".

Sally says, "go try calling her now please". 

Michael says, "ok, I go get her number".

Michael heads to the Kitchen, gets Elle's number then walks back to the bedroom and calls Elle on the cordless phone as he stands next to Sally, the phone rings twice, then Elle answers.

Elle says, "Hi this is Elle".

Michael says, " Hi Elle, this is Michael, I'm standing next to Sally, she was wondering if she could talk to you?".

Elle replies, "certainly, I'd love to talk to her".

Michael hands Sally the phone and goes back to working on the painting project.

Sally says, "hi Elle, Michael was telling me that you want to join our group, I call it our tribe".

Elle replies, " I very much wish to join, I got a good bill of health with my STD test, which I have no doubt as I've been celibate now for the better part of a year."

Sally says, " well we need females, we have 70 guys and only 3 of us girls serving them, I must tell you first, us girls get tipped/gifted however you wish to look at it, you are expected to see at the minimum about 5 different guys a week, should I continue?"

Elle replies, "yes continue, I am fine with all you have said, and I very much understand the need for discretion etc."

Sally says, "there are four founders of the group, I happen to be one of them so I can accept you into the tribe without the 3 month celibacy wait if you like".

Elle says, " I'd like to join as soon as possible".

Sally says, is there anyway you can come out to the farm right now, Michael is here, My girlfriend Kathy is here, and we were going swimming in the lake soon if you like".

Elle replies, " tell me how to get there, and I will leave now".

Sally gives her the directions and Elle tells her that she should be able to get to the farm in 15 minutes.

Sally hangs up, then tells Michael that Elle will be here in 15 minutes.

Michael replies, " great, I was hoping you'd let her join rightway".

Sally says, " Elle is going to be a new group girl, she knows she has to serve at least 5 guys a week, so all is good".

Michael replies, "I think she will be great to have here with us permantly, she is smart, I just hope she gets the job in Iowa City at the University of Iowa teaching, and she loves Sally's paintings".

Kathy says, "that's good enough for me, hopefully she with like the dogs like we all do as well". 

Sally says, "lets get finished up, so we are ready for her".

                                                        They all get back to working

Walls are done and painted 

Michael tries pulling the paper masking off the baseboard, "it's looking good, coming off clean, I'm going keep going ", he makes it around the  entire room cleanly. "Sally lets fold the rosin paper into the center of the room from both sides", They get that all done, Michael says, " why don't you dig a sheet and some blankets out, I run this paper to the shop, then we get the futon in the room, the paint fume aren't bad ". Sally heads into the studio to get them, as she goes through the boxes, her back to the doorway, Kathy stands at there in the doorway quietly watching her, once Sally finds whats she looking for she sets the sheets and blankets on the closed lid box next to the box she just was looking, the turns, she startles a bit, then with huge smile, she rushs to hug her, Sally then grabs her hand and pulls her to their newly painted bedroom, and says, " do you like it?",  Kathy says, yes it's great colors picked, a awsome color ! ",  Sally says, " yeah it just plain looks like what you said, and just right ".

Michael walks up with the movers dollies, while they're talking, says, " you's want get your bed moved in, as he walk to Kathy's futon puts the dollies on floor next to it for both ends he and Kathy lift up and onto the dollies, then he says you steer, I push in less then a minute the had it in a place they liked. Once they had it off the dollies, folded out, the girls were making it up with the sheets, blankets and pillows, they then crawl on it and laid back and talked.

Michael took the dollies down and set outside by the shop door.

As they girls, lays talking, Michael stands in their door way and knocks lightly on their open door, both look over at him, he then says, can you's help me move the armoires up from the shop for your room. They climb off the futon in a hurry and follow him down to the shop. When the girls seen them sitting in the middle of the shop they hurried over to them in the middle of the shop, they hurried to them, Kathy opened both doors on it looked inside it, turned and raced to Michael and gave him a big hug, Sally stood in awe, tears running down her cheek then turned and wrapped her arms around them both.

Michael had the dollies spread apart on the floor, then screwed together with a five foot board, he then said, you's he grab that end and we'll set it up on the dollies, once they had it on Michael and Kathy pushed while Sally guided up too, their room.

After they had both armoires up in the bedroom, Michael said, " the inside of them is clear coat finished, so you's get your clothes in them and I'll go up and dust the walls and mop the floors in the guys rooms ". The girls instantly headed to the studio and started finding their clothes in the boxes, as Michael headed to get the stuff he needed for his chore.

Into his thoughts came the idea of the upcoming gangbang as he dusted the walls, how he would he feel, how would the guys treat him, would any of them want to fuck him other then Louis and Marcus? "

The girls, started talking about setting the sewing machine up in the studio, Sally saying, " it will be nice to set and work together in the same room, I can sketch and paint you nude, while you work too " giggling,  Kathy replies, " it will simply be nice being in your presence whether we are speaking or not ",  Sally kisses her on the cheek then walks back to the studio to get something  else.

Once the Kathy has her armoire full, she only has one box left of clothes in a box, Sally says, " let's put that in my armoire then we'll figure out where to put the rest of our clothes".

They finish getting the rest of Kathy's clothes stowed in Sally's armoire, then head to the studio to get Kathy's sewing table set in the right place. As they stand by it looking around the room, Sally says, " what if we put it against that south wall in the middle, then the sun will not be shining directly in on you ?",  Kathy agrees, so they both grab an end and get it in place. Kathy gets her sewing machine mounted on it, there is a outlet within the cord's reach, so she plugs it in, turns on, then try it, the machine starts running, she then says, " I'm ready to sew, I can't wait to start something new ! ",  Sally then asks, " do you have to work tomorrow ?",  Kathy's replies," nope not until Saturday ". Sally says, " start something tomorrow, lets go see how Michael is doing ".

Walking up the stairs to check on Michael, Sally thinks about telling Kathy about the upcoming gangbang, then tells herself it can wait, they find Michael in the first bedroom just finishing mopping.  Five more minutes, I'll be done,

Elle arrives 

Kathy sees a car coming down the drive, she yells through the house, "I think Elle is here". 

Kathy stands at the washroom door waiting for Elle to pull up and stop, as soon as Elle gets the car turned off, Kathy meanders towards and says, "you must be Elle".

Elle replies, "yep, my guest is your Kathy".

Kathy walks to Elle and offers her hand to Elle they shake as Kathy says,"how did you guess I was Kathy?"

Elle says, " I know Sally's voice, from talking to her, and Sally told me Kathy was her girlfriend, so lucky guess on my part". 

Kathy grabs Elle's hand and says, "come with me", pulling Elle along toward the washroom door.

Once inside the washroom, they see Sally walking down the ramp, followed by Michael.

Sally quickly says, "hi Elle, I'm Sally". They shake hands, then Sally says, " Michael mentioned you were hoping to get a position at the University of Iowa, and might like living here with us, so if you like we can give you a quick tour of the house".

Elle replies, "yes certainly, I love to see your house".

Sally says, "Michael since your standing up there on the ramp can you begin the tour?"

Michael smiles and says," follow me". then turns and heads back up into the kitchen, once Elle is in the Kitchen, Michael says, " this is our kitchen".

Elle comments, " I love this huge table, and just how big this kitchen is".

Michael replies, " I inherited the farm from my Aunt Becky, she had many friends, so she wanted a kitchen that seated many of them".

Michael then lead the way to the library across from the kitchen.

Elle goes, "wow, your Aunt must of loved reading, this is a beautiful library".

Michael says, " yes she was a professor of cultural anthropology at Augustana college, so she studied a lot".

Elle replies, "I have a minor in cultural anthropology, I bet your Aunt's last name was Johansson".

Michael replies, "your correct"

Elle says, "yes I studied with her on a project about 12 years ago in New Mexico, I loved working with her"

Michael replies, "well I'm bias but I loved her very much, her and I were very close".

Elle says, "I knew there was something special about you when we met on Saturday".

Michael says, " I hope you know how thankful I met you".

Elle replies, " I think I know for sure now, in many degrees". Elle winks at him.

Sally says, " Elle, can I ask how old you are?"

Elle replies, " I am 34 years old, single, never been married, I been going to school my whole life it seems".

Michael says, "lets head to the bedrooms upstairs, just in case you stay with us, you'll be in one of the bedrooms up here."

They all walk up the stairs, " Michael says look around, pick the room you like". Elle and the girls go in each room, chatting as they do, trying to help Elle decide, both Sally and Kathy clearly displaying their desire for her to come live with them.

Sally says, " I really hope you can live with us".

Kathy says, " I do to, I really like you alot".

Elle says, " I like the room at the top of the stairs best".

Michael replies, " I can help you get moved out here whenever you are ready".

Elle replies, " thank you so much, I should know by the end of the day if I got the position at the University, so maybe tomorrow I can start moving".

Kathy dances about, then says, "oh it will be so nice having you here".

Elle giggles, then says, " after this welcome I am getting from all of you's I will come live with you's whether I get the position or not, Sally I can pay my way being a group girl right".

Sally says, " you sure can, that is how I do it and have for the last four years, we currently have about 70 guys that the four of us girls serve 7 days a week, you'd be our fifth girl."

Elle says, " Sally how many guys do you see in a average day for example?'.

Sally replies, " it varies, but I try to see 6 guys a day 5 days a week, and maybe 8-10 on weekends, so about 40 guys a week which is 2000 dollars a week, so it is well worth the effort, some younger guys I see for free, or much less simply because they don't have the ability to pay, and I like the sex with young guys".

Elle says, " I'm definitely staying, I love sex, plus I'm a wanta be zoosexual as well".

Kathy giggles, and says, " your talking to two dedicated zoo's right here, so you came to the right place".

Elle replies, " yeah I ready to become a big dog's mate, that is for sure".

Sally replies, " let me warn you, once you've been locked up with a big dog like my Cunnington, you'll likely never be able to be without a dog lover".

Elle says, " I hope that is exactly how it goes, I love big male dogs, and I know I want one as my lover ".

Sally says, " currently I am getting bred by about 24 dogs a week, soon there will be quite a few more dogs to breed us, has Kathy is soon to get a puppy".

Michael says, " I'll be getting a puppy soon as well, I also like to start breeding Irish wolfhounds here at the farm fairly soon, next year hopefully".

Kathy says, " Sally is going to be getting me introduced to all the dogs".

Michael pipes in and says, lts finish showing Elle the rest of the down stairs, then get her out to the quarry pond"., Michael heads down the steps.

They follow Michael to the bathroom, Elle walks in and comments, "nice big modern bathroom, great shower".

Sally says, " I'm going to get some drinks in a cooler, you's keep showing Elle".

Sally puts some beers, a half bottle of wine and some ice tea in a small  cooler with a shoulder strap, sets it on the table then pours herself a small amount of cold wine from the frig. then walks outside to the parking area and lights a smoke.

After they finish showing Elle the house, they walk back out to the kitchen


Michael says, "Edward and Cunnington are in the paddock, last knew so lets head that way ". Kathy asks, as she leads the way down the ramp," can I get hound dogs laying on the farm porch out of the bronco and put it in our bedroom ? ", Sally says, " yes, lean it on the armoires, the paint may be a little wet ",  Kathy runs and gets it and takes it in,   

Sally strips nude and sit her clothes on the washer. Elle strips nude as well  Kathy says, " I haven't gotten a chance to lay-out nude this summer yet" and strips nude, as she returns to the washroom.

They all proceed out through the butler door to meet up with Edward and Cunnington in the paddock, as they enter the paddock, Edward and Cunnington are under the lean-to, Cunnington is laying on his little deck, with Edward standing not far away. Sally, says, " boys we're going out swim ", they both join the parade, with Cunnington now leading the way to the pasture gate.

Kathy then asks, " does he like to swim ? ", as they walk, Michael replies, " like a fish", 

Michael opens the gate into the pasture, Cunnington and Edward start chasing each other around, goofing off in joy. As they walk through the open gate, Michael says, "the boys and I were down at the pond early this morning, and the water was nice and warm, so should feel really good ".

Kathy then says, " Michael, you must have been saving every penny of your money since you were very young to be able to buy this place? ", he replies, " I have been, I knew I wanted to be with Edward since I first met him and wanted a farm like this where he an I could live, however my auntie pasted away a year ago and this was where she lived. Edward came walking next to Michael, then says to him, " did you hear name mentioned ?", then Michael continues telling Kathy how he really got the farm.

Michael says, " my Aunt Becky had no kids, my mom was her only living relative other then myself, so she left everything to mom, mom in turn told me, if I pay the taxes on the place, take care of it well, it was mine, so here we are ".

Kathy dances ahead saying, " yes here we are, and I am walking nude in a pasture with the love of my life, her sexy stud dog, a sexy stud donkey and you Michael, who I love as well ".

Michael then runs past her, saying, "I love you too", as he races up to the gate to the pond, then opens it for them proceed through. Once their through the gate, Michael says, " I'll go engage the pump on the windmill, so the waterfall can run while we're here, you's go down and jump in, Kathy clasps her cheeks with her hands, as she says, " this is so cool " and hurries down the hill to the quarry pond, with Sally and Elle in pursuit.

By the time Michael gets the pump engaged at the windmill base, then turns to start down to the pond, he sees them already on the dock tossing all three of the big tractor innertubes into the water, followed by them jumping off the dock to catch up with them. Once he gets to the pond, he strips nude, picks up the thermos of ice tea he's been carrying, then wades out into the water until deep enough, then he rolls onto his side and paddles out to the pontoon, Sally and Elle carefully watches him to see he is alright making it there. Michael swims to the stern of the boat, were the motor used to go, now there are steps leading about four feet under water. Once reaching them he climbs right up onto the deck, grabs a few cushion out of the foot locker, walks up to the bow, places the cushion at the edge of the deck, sits on it, now with his feet dangling in the water, and facing the girls, he watches as they float quietly soaking up the sun. 

Sally starts paddling the inner tube with her hands toward Michael, once up along the pontoon, she grabs a hold of the rope which hangs from the pontoon deck, " Michael, could I get a sip of your tea please, " Sally says,  Michael hands her his tea, " Thanks, it getting hot in that sun.", she says, " yeah we better get you girls out of the water, under the canopy for a bit." he says. 

Sally says, "Elle, Kathy come sit with me under the canopy awhile".

Kathy and Elle start paddling their selfs toward the pontoon,

Kathy says," yeah it is starting to cook in this sun." Michael says." yeah this water is so clear, it can be like mirror as well, next thing you know your sun burnt."

Elle comments, "I can see why scuba diving is fun in this lake, it is amazingly clear".

Both of the girls pull themselves by the deck rope, around to stern, then step on up onto the deck, then sit on one of the lawn chairs under the canopy.

Elle sits next to Michael and says, "I can't believe only a few days ago we first layed eyes on each other, and now I sitting here nude with you in the middle of a lake chatting".

Michael pours some ice tea for each of them hands each a cup of ice tea. 

Sally comments, "yeah we all have a lot of getting to know each other, it will be nice though, we just gotta evolve with each other is the best way to put".

Elle says, Sally that is a great way to put it, evolve with each other and Michael, as I was floating around out there, I was thinking I want to stay here at the farm every day for the rest of my life".

Kathy replies, " I do to."  

Michael says, " I want you's here very day, all day, it's just been Edward and I here for last few years since Aunt Becky died, so it is wonderful having you's here, seeing you happy, gives me purpose to help you's".

Sally says, "speaking of evolving, Elle can you stay for dinner, we have to young grad. students who are group guys moving in with us, they may be back up at the house as I speak so I thought Kathy and I could run back up to the house and check on them".

Elle replies, "sure I can stay, I have no urgent things to do, and the quarry lake life does me real good."

Sally and Kathy stand and dive off the pontoon into the water, Sally quickly turns on her back and back paddles as she surfaces, and yells at Michael saying, "I take Cunnington back with us".

Michael replies back, "If Edward tags along thats fine".

Elle then says to Michael, "how to you feel about me being here with you at your home, with your friends, you nude, me nude?".

Michael ponders a second, "I feel content, especially because your adapting well it seems, you seem content as well, right at home somewhat, which I like a lot".

Elle says, "I have a request now, and I hope you don't feel obligated, but since seeing you ejaculate in front of me at the drive up window I've dreamed of sucking your cock and you fucking me, can I try sucking your cock?"

Michael ponders a second and says, " if I can suck you to".

Elle smiles devilishly then says, "how about you lay on a towel here, I climb on top in 69 position and we suck each other?"

Michael stands, grabs a towel spreads it out on the pontoon deck then lays on it, then looks up Elle, she walks around so she is standing behind his head, then lowers herself down on Michael so he can start sucking her, Michael eagerly lifts his mouth to her pussy and begins licking and sucking, Elle moans with pleasure, as she leans down and takes Michael's cock into her mouth and begins sucking on it.

Elle holds his now erect cock with her hand and licks up and down the shaft, sucks his balls, then says, "oh Michael you taste so good, I been wanting to be sucking you so much these last few days". 

Michael moans as he mumbles, "Elle, you taste so good", then he vigorously returns to licking her clit, Elle whimpers and jerks about as he does, then she wraps her lips tightly around Michaels cock head, and flicks her tongue rapidly all around it, Michael jerks his hips and squirms, Elle moans, Michael moans".

Elle then lifts up off Michael quickly turns around and sits directly down on his cock, whimpering as his bone hard cock slides completely up inside her pussy, she then leans down to him and they begin to passionately kiss.

Elle soon starts vigorously grinding her hips with his cock deep in her, then lift away from their kiss, as she looks in his eyes she softly, lovingly says," Michael I want you as my femboy slut forever, I really mean it, I want you to fuck me when I tell you to, I want you watch me fuck all the dogs, I want you to watch as I fuck every guy in this group please".

Michael looks straight in her eyes and says, "I promise I'll do as you want me do, I want to be your femboy slut forever, so just tell me what you want always please".

Elle then starts riding up and down on his cock, then says, "rub my clit hard Michael make me cum, cum in my pussy, I want your cum in my pussy so bad, please".

Michael starts rubbing her clit as he watchs her face intensely, and says," please cum for me to watch". 

Elle soon is moaning loudly, whimpering, then suddenly her body begins shuttering and she begins crying out as she wildly begins squirming all about, until finally she collaspes forward and falls to Michaels chest and lays there having little spasms and jerks.  

after they finish making love they begin to talk of where things will go from here now as they lay next to each other on the deck of the pontoon.

Elle explains that she is fairly certain that she has the position at the University of iowa, and even by chance she doesn't get it there she has a position at the University of Wisconsin, Madison that equals the field of study on human behaviour.

Elle says, "actually Michael, I will be going to Madison at least a week every month to lecture to sudents on sexual behaviour, none of this starts until August though, so your stuck with me til then if that's ok".

Michael says, "well I don't know if that's good enough"
Elle looks at him sadly, then Michael tickles her rib and says." just Kidding I'll do what ever I can do to help you, and just know your always welcome here, this is your home, or at least one of your homes now".

Elle asks, "Michael how many of those books in your library have you read?".

Michael replies, "all of them at least once, why?"

Elle says, "well I only got a quick glance at the titles, yet I worked with your Aunt Becky, even made love with her during her and myself's stay in New Mexico so I know her interest of study, I know she very much believed in a matiarcial type social structure, after hearing her talk about her studies of the Mosso women of Tibet".

Michael replies, "yes she talked to me often about the Mosso ladies, the walking marriage arrangement they had, how the children were raised by the mother's family, she also talked to often about the Zuni tribe of New Mexico, and the berdache men who took the female role, Aunt Becky used to said to me to never be ashamed of my feminity or the fact that I needed to be the female-roled partner for males, she'd say I was simply like the berdaches of the Zuni tribe, and many other North American Native tribes, Aunt Becky is the first female I every made love to even, so I know you know she is a wonderful lover".

Elle replies, "I regret not spending more time with her, she even invited me to come stay here with her, she talked about you often, you had been living with her a few years, and were staying with Susan I believe while she was with me".

Michael says, "this is a bit spirtual stuff now, us meeting like this and all, yes I remember well when she went to stay in New Mexico, I missed her so much, yet so lucky I could live with Susan, plus having Caroline and Johnny, plus all Caroline's boyfriends to be with".

Elle replies, "is there any chance we could visit Susan soon?, Aunt Becky spoke of Susan quite often as well".

Michael replies, "yes, there is a phone in the beach shed, also a toilet to let you know, we can call Susan,and see if she is home, then walk over.

Elle says, "can we lay here for awhile longer, this is so nice just talking, floating about".

Michael says, "yep, this is very nice floating here with you, plus I was just thinking now I don't have to sell my rx-7".

Elle says, "what do you mean, why would you have to sell your rx-7?".

Michael replies, "because after I exposed myself to you, I figured I could never drive it again".

Elle giggles and says, "I see your point, yeah you were lucky it was me who you exposed, very lucky and never forget it or else". Elle then pokes and tickles his rib.

Michael says, "I am so,so glad I did expose you though, and luckly your the only person I've ever done that too, so that makes our meeting ever more spirtual like, and because it like love at first sight, even more intense, like wow!, kinda thing".

Elle replies, "when you pulled back up to the second time with your note, I was so excited you'd returned, then your humility of manner of explaining, I simply knew you were sincere, you were not simply trying to avoid trouble, but I must say I was hoping you expose yourself to me again as well".

Michael says, "all I know is you and I were mean't to meet, and it's been wonderful, and I will do my best to keep it wonderful, who knows maybe some where at some time in Aunt Becky's thoughts she had thought "Elle would be a good friend for Michael to have".

Michael looked at Elle, and seen the tears running down her face, then gently wiped then away and kissed her lips.

Elle babbled and cried and hugged him as she softly said, "I know Aunt Becky thought that because she said that exact thing to me, "Elle you'd be a good friend for Michael to have".

Michael giggled, "yep, the signal is coming through, one day I was sitting with her and we were watch a blue-jay scream, I said to her, "the blue-jay is nature alarm, and we see the blue-jay, we see the blue-jay scream, we can't see it's scream, yet we know it's sream exists, where did it's scream go?, Aunt Becky replied, "Michael it scream did exist, we just can't see it, yet it goes on forever".

Elle says, "will you make love to me again before I start balling and weeping with tears of joy, please!".

Michael kisses his way down to her smooth completely hairly pussy, and gently begins tickling her clitoris with his tongue, Elle softly mutters, "oh Michael you make me feel so good".
Once Michael knows Elle is wet and ready, and knows he is hard and ready he slides back up and begins kissing her lips, Elle with her hand guides Michael's penis into to herself.

Once they've made love for the second time, they lay there each one thinking to themselves.

Elle is the first to speak, saying, "Michael how can it be any better then what we just had?".

Michael giggles and says, "you know I was thinking those exact thoughts", then tickles her and the playfully roll around.

Elle says, "here I am, falling in love with a berdache, I think Aunt Becky would love seeing us now".

Michael replies, "I know she would, she knew I was able to make love to a female, yet at same time need to be a female-roled partner for males, yet she tell me it wasn't my problem, it was society's problem in not understanding how diverse human beings truly had to be in order to evolve and survive".

Elle giggles and says, "you know Michael you could lecture on her behalf I do imagine after living with her intimately for what, 14 years right?".

Michael says, "1975 until her death in fall of 1987, so about that, I'd always spend the summers with her since Uncle Horward death in 1970".

Elle says, "Michael did Aunt Becky know you liked males in 1970?".

Michael replies, "yes, because mom had caught me performing fellatio on my friend Kevin who was 12 at the time, and mom had talked to Aunt Becky about it, plus Kevin would often come with me to spend weekends here at the farm with Aunt Becky, the three of us would go skinny dripping alot, soon Aunt Becky and Kevin started making love, I would be with them always".

Elle replies, "there is the cuckold thing again, did you perform fellatio on Kevin in from of Aunt Becky?".

Michael replies, "yes, very often, simply because I did so often, it might be as we were all down here swimming or just hanging out at the house, none of us needed to hide our sexuality".

Elle says, "when did you and Aunt Becky start making love?".

Michael replies, "I was publicly humiliated at school after someone started spreading the word that I was performing fellatio and being penetrated by guys, the word spread through school like wild fire, kids were yelling in the hall ways things like "Michael likes guys, Michael lets guys fuck him etc., I wanted to quit school, I developed severe checking, obsessive thoughts type OCD, which was nearly unbearable, that is when Aunt Becky stepped in and simply told mom that I was coming to the farm and live, and in turn start going to a new school".

Elle replies, "did you have any thought of sucide after the publicly humiliation?".

Michael replies, "once the OCd started and had persisted for about 6 months, and I feared I was lossing my mind, going insane, yes then I began to feel that simply could no longer live in such away, so I very much owe my life to Aunt Becky for taking me with her".

Elle says, "I can't even imagine how deeply you must love her, can I ask, did you make love to Aunt Becky until she died?"
Michael replies, "yes, once her and I started making love, we always made love, usually at least 5 times a week, often more".

Elle says, "do you recall ever feeling jealous while seeing with others as the had sex".

Michael replies, "no, why would I?"

Elle replies, "good point, why would you seems a silly question when one realizes how much you loved each other, actually it seem a stupid question".

Michael replies, "yet it is what our society must think, our that question would not exist correct?".

Elle giggles, then replies, "the scream of the blue-jay arises".

Michael chuckles, then says, "exactly, it was thought so exists".

Elle replies, "I want you to teach me, see through your eyes as how you view sex".

Michael replies kinda chuckling, "think of it maybe as the ultimate touch two living beings can share mutually together, their bodies can merge together as one for at least a short time in the most pleasurable way we can know".

Elle giggles, "I must say, I never heard it said better, especially in regards to the way you and I just made love".
Elle ponders a moment then asks, "do you experience feeling jealous or envious?"

Michael replies, "I never felt jealous, when mom,Aunt Becky or Sally are with other men, I wouldn't if you are, I remember at one point in life when like 6 years old feeling jealous, yet hated so decided never to feel like that again, today they call it CBT right?"

Elle replies, "so you trained your mind to think something else the moment a hint of jealous should arise, until it simply no longer even arises?".

Michael replies, "yes, that is good way of saying it, I often think of it as "finding a alternative in the way I am thinking".

Elle says, "you know what, I have a grant to work with individuals like yourself who have basically self taught themself cogntive behavourial abilities, who knowingly can recognize their thoughts and in turn steer them in a new direction, I do believe that's how you were forced to do due to the trauma of the public humiliation, you were going to be attracted to males, whether it be men or male canines or equines, but to me it society's problem because I know you had to have loved your former dog lovers just as you love Edward, your mom, Aunt Becky and now me, and certainly Sally, if you have read much about third-gender types, you know that many are highly regarded as spiritual types, the berdache often was called a "match maker" between men and women, who better for it then the one that makes love with both of them right".

Michael replies, "all I can say is I'm glad I met you, he then chuckles and says, I'll gladly be a match maker for you and the guys I know from the group, promise".

Elle giggles, and say, "my first request is to have two big black cocks in me at the same time please!".

Michael grins then says, "it's as good as done, as beautiful as you are are it isn't going to be difficult to pull that one off, espically having two sexy young black studs with nice big 8 inch cocks living with us, do you want to meet them first then go see Susan?".

Elle replies, "oh my, you decide for me, it to difficult of a decision for me".

Michael says, "there you go, making me confront my bias and my erotic nature, which wins out, because I want you to make love with Susan, be her good friend seemingly equal to as much as I do want to see you with Louis and Marcus as lovers and friends, we might have to leave it to fate, if I call Susan and she is home and able to see us we go there first deal?"

Elle says, "it is a deal, should we call from the beach shed or house?"

Michael says, "a trick question, cause if we go to the house and Louis and Marcus meet you first, Susan likely will not get called first right?"
Elle replies, "I really didn't plan my thoughts that way, but subconcisiously I well might of, because I never been with a black man but I very much want to be, especially two at the same time".

Michael replies with a smirk on his face, "once you have been with those two I know you'll belong to them as their slut, just like I do now".
Elle grins big, "oh my, your right maybe we should call Susan first".

Just as Elle finishs talking, Michael chuckles and says, "look who is coming".

Elle turns and looks in the direction Michael is looking

Elle says, "is that Louis and Marcus?"

Michael replies, "sure is, fate at work, we have plenty of K-Y on board in this cabinet here don't worry". Michael points to the cabinet with the K-Y in it and chuckles, then says, "I don't want you hurting".

Elle says, "I like being a bit sore, afterwards, I know I been worked good and hard".

Michael says,"they will work you good and hard as you beg them for".

Louis and Marcus get to the beach, and quick start stripping nude.

Michael yells, "we were just talking about you two, and here you show up, what luck".

Louis says, "you know Sally the match maker, she mixed some long island ice tea for you's and told us we had to delivery it personally, so here we are".

As soon as Elle sees them nude she just starts saying, "oh my, oh my", as the guys begin swimming out to the pontoon.

Michael stands then helps Elle stand, then guides her to one of the cushions boat chairs, she gets seated completely nude, Elle whispers to Michael, "should I cover up with a towel?".

Michael says, "nope, might as well start getting used to be nude around everybody now".

As Louis gets to the boat ladder at the stern, he walks back and takes the cooler from Louis and carries it back to the counter, then get 4 cups and pours the tea into each, hands Elle one, he takes one and sit back down.

Michael then say, "did you's get everything moved in?"

The guys both reply, "yep".

Louis walks to Elle with a extended hand, Elle stands takes his hand as he says, "I'm Louis, I'm your new room mate I hear, that is if your Elle?"

Elle blushs a bit and says, "nice to meet you Louis, yes I am Elle".
Marcus then extends his hand and says, "I Elle, I'm Marcus your room mate as well, nice to meet you".

Elle says, "nice to meet you Marcus, Michael was telling the truth, we were just talking about you's".

Marcus says, "I hope it was good".

Elle blushs, and smiles with a devilish smile as she looks between his legs in a half sly way and says, "we were talking about what to expect now that I am a group girl mainly, and Michael was telling me that I have two group guys who would be next door to me now that my bedroom is upstairs".

Marcus looks at Michael, and says, "I don't know how you found her, but I'm sure glad you did".

Michael says, " some day her and I will explain".

Marcus says, "please take a seat, enjoy your tea a second, I grab a tea too".

Elle sets back down, as Michael stands and lights a smoke and walks up to the bow and sits facing them, Louis and Marcus both take a boat seat there by Elle.

Louis says, "please tell us bit about yourself, why you want to be a group girl etc".

Elle says, "well the job that I went school for is professor of cultural anthropology and human behavioral studies, which hope I will soon have a position as at the University of Iowa in the fall, my second job, which I not really trained for but want to learn to be good at is being a group girl for you's group, I'm bi-sexual, I'd say on the sub side, I say I love pussy and cock equally as well as the other, and I love being here on the farm with Michael,Sally and Kathy very much"

Louis replies, "great, sounds like you will enjoy it here, and I know all of us welcome you with open arms, both Marcus and I are grad students finishing up our masters of architecture, I a dom type, but if I talk dirty to you etc. it is me being playfully".




Louis grins and says, "why don't you show me how much you love cock with those beautiful lips of yours". as he spreads his legs offering her his semi-erect cock.

Elle says, "oh my, I was hoping you would tell me that". as she drops to knees in front of Louis and begins kissing and licking his cock.

As Elle licks the shaft working her way down along it to his big lose hanging balls, she softly says, "oh you taste so good" as she looks up into his eyes.

As Louis runs his fingers through her hair gentle he says, I know all of us are going to love you as a roomate, can i ask oh you like cock up inside you?".

Elle softly, meekly says, "I douched my bottom just in case before I came out, because I'm not on the pill, Michael has a vasictomy, so I had him use my pussy

Louis says, "would you like to have Marcus lube up you bottom and slide his cock up in you?.

Elle meekly replies, "yes I'd like that very much, or if you's use condoms you can use my pussy, I'm not sure if I want a child or not yet".

Louis stays, Elle have you ever had a cock in your pussy and bottom at the same time?.

Elle replies in a meek, submissive tone, "I never have, yet I would like to try it".

Louis looks at Michael then Marcus and says, Michael, do you know if there are any condoms on the pontoon, and show Elle how good a femboy slut you are by helping her with sucking and licking my cock?".

Michael step over to Elle side, drops down next to her kisses her cheek, she turns and passionately kisses Michael's lips for a moment then whispers, "can I watch you suck for a monment?",

Michael softly replies, "I'd like that", Elle holds Louis's shaft and rubs and licks Louis's balls as Michael takes Louis's cock in his mouth.

Louis says, "swallow all 8 inches of my cock, show us all just how much you love cock Michael".
Elle watches as all of Louis's disappears into Michael's mouth until Louis's balls are under his chin.
Elle says, "oh Michael I love it, you've gotta teach me how to do that, yummy!.

Michael moves his head back, allowing Louis's cock to completely slide out of his mouth.

Michael smiles at Elle, she kisses his lips quickly, then Michael says to her, "the most important thing thing is learning to swallow not breath as you take a cock all the way down, I been practicing since I was 7 years old, so be patient and practice with a long smooth dildo like I do is all I know, yet I do know guys like their entire cock swallowed.

Louis says, "don't worry both of you slut's will get to practice on Marcus and I all the time now!".

Elle says submissively, "just tell me when you want, I'll do as you say".

Louis says, "that's what I like to hear from you sluts".

Louis then says, "Elle and Michael,repeat after me and say, "Louis we a group sluts now, our duty is to please all group members sexually at all times".

Both Elle and Michael look up at Louis and says " Louis we a group sluts now, our duty is to please all group members sexually at all times".

Louis says, "good, and for you Elle, make sure you have condoms with you at all times so all us guys can experience your pussy, when your on your peroid you'll just be sucking cock, but as a group sluts, both of you's try to be available 24/7 to serve sexually".

Michael looks at Elle as she licks and kisses Louis's big hard cock, he says to her, "now that you will be taking cock up in your bottom every day, you'll want to stay on a rigid fairly high fiber diet, and have a go dildo to prep your bottom with, but all explain how I do it, and I prep your bottom for you if you like, go with you to see the guys for awhile if you like".

Elle kisses Michael then says, "I like that a lot if you could".

Marcus at the same time steps behind Elle,caresses her back, then lead over and soft kisses her neck and says to her, I'm going to lift your bottom up a so I can get to your bottom better, then lube you up with K-y jelly" ok?".

Elle raises up so she is on her hands and knees, Marcus the rubs K-Y jelly on his own cock which is bone hard, then rubs around Elle's butt hole, then slowly slides his finger up inside her butt.
Elle squirms and moans now with Marcus's finger inside her butt.
Marcus asks, Elle does it feel ok?"
Elle whimpers, "oh so good, oh Marcus I want your big black cock in me so much, I dreamed of being fucked by black guys for so long, please take me as your slut and fuck me silly".
Marcus holds his cock shaft with one hand guiding it, then slowly pushes his cock head into her slick butt hole.

Elle gasps as Marcus's cock head pops inside her butt, then she sqiurms and squeaks as Marcus slowly pushs in deeper, Michael rolls under her onto his back, gets in postion and eagerly starts licking and sucking Elle's clitoris, Elle then takes Louis's cock in her mouth to suck on as Marcus starts sliding his cock in and out of her butt.

In less then a minute Elle is crying out, "I going cum, fuck me harder Marcus, I want be your slut so much, oh your cock make me feel so good up inside me, I want your sperm in me so much, treat me like your bitch, like Cunnington will soon be doing to me please".

Louis says, "good to hear your going belong to the dogs as their bitch to breed too!".

Elle moans and mutters, "I can't wait til I'm getting fucked daily by the dogs, I wanting be their bitch to breed so much".

Louis says, "Sally told me yesterday she is getting breed by 5 of the 24 group dogs every day now, so she is having a hard time seeing group guys, so I know she needs help serving the dogs, so it wouldn't be long you'll be a bitch for all 24 dogs to breed as well".

Elle begins shaking and squeaking as she begins having a intense orgasm, Marcus pushs his cock as deep into her as he can and holds her hips tight as she climaxs, Elle drops her face onto Michael's tummy and yelping and drooling saliva.

As Elle lays on top of Michael, now licking Michacl's limp penis, Louis stands, tells Marcus to sit on the steps at the stern and wash his penis, then Louis steps around behind Elle, lubes his cock with K-y jelly, then her but, then pushs his hard cock slowly up inside Elle's butt, Elle squirms wildly, wiggling her hips as Louis's cock pushs 8 inches up inside her butt, Elle vigoriously starts sucking Michael's penis, Louis holds his cock still deep inside her.

Louis say to Michael as he looks down between his legs and sees his balls laying on Michael's forehead, Michael lick and suck on my big balls for awhile, since you and Elle are going to start performing as a team for us group guys, we need to get you two trained to perform as a team".

Michael does as told, and eagerly licks and sucks Louis's balls, then after about 30 seconds Louis slowly pulls his cock back out of Elle's butt until only his cock head remains inside her, Elle squirms non-stop as she squeals frantically, Louis then slams his cock quickly completely up inside her.

Elle cries out with a loud yelp, with her mouth wide open her back arches up, her head jerks back, then she braces her hands on the deck of the pontoon, as Louis starts thrusting his cock rapidly in and out of her butt.

Elle rocks back and forth over the top of Michael, Michael tries his best to lick her clit as she moves, while Elle gasps, pants, grunts and howls as Louis's body slaps against ass.

Elle now simply babbling with her eyes closed mutters, "fuck me, oh please fuck me".

Louis pulls completely out of her after about a minute, hurries in front of Elle.

Louis then puts his cock head in front of her mouth then says," open your mouth wide so I can feed you my cum".
Elle opens her mouth wide, Louis vigoriously jacks himself off until he is grunting and groaning, then a big glob of semen squirts onto Elle's tongue,then another and another, until Louis finishes.

Louis then says to Elle, "swallow all of it you bitch slut".

Elle closes her mouth as she looks Louis in his eyes, then swallows all the semen down.

Elle then submissively soft says, "your cum tastes so wonderful, I would like to swallow your cum as often as I can please".

Louis says, "you will be, don't worry, your my slut bitch now, so you'll be spending most of your days sucking and getting fucked, now wash my cock clean".

Elle does as told, she gets takes the wash cloth that Louis hands her and drips in the lake, then she begins washing his entire cock clean, as she does, Louis says, from now on, when your done getting fucked by any of us bare, wash us off, then plug your butt with a butt plug, that way we know we need to tell you to go douche your butt before we can fuck you again, always have you butt plug in your butt and when your receptive to being fucked take it out, that way if one of us sees you walking around without your butt plugged, we know your ready to get fucked, if we are at a "last man standing gang-bang party wash each guys cock off after he fucks you even though he doesn't ejaculate inside you".

Elle submissively replies, "the guys will tell me if they ejaculate in me right?".

Louis says, "yes, we all will tell you, all of us group guys will always ask you if you need to douche, or if you ready to be fucked even if your not wearing a plug, you'll catch on well after you perform with the other ladies at a "last man standing party gang-bang, you will get fucked at least once by even guy there at least once most likely, the group guys will make sure your well lubed, their cocks are kept lubed, Michael will be there to help you keep clean, help lube the guys cocks etc.".

Elle says, "do most the guys end up ejaculating in us ladies mouths?"

Louis says, "All the guys except one ejaculates in one of you lady's mouth, the guy who hasn't cum yet at the end of the night gets to ejaculate in your pussy or butt, which ever you tell him, in your case your butt unless he has a vasicotomy".

Louis then says, "I know Sally puts a butt plug in her pussy before the dogs breed her, then once they finishing breeding her she inserts the plug in her butt so the semen doesn't leak out, but talk to her about that".

Elle says, "that makes sense, I'll be fine, Sally will fill me in on things as we go, I'm certain of that".
Elle turns as she hears Marcus says, "thats a good slut boy", Elle and Louis watches as Elle scoots froward on Michael's chest, both watch as Marcus ejaculates in Michael's wide open mouth.

Elle turns, crawls over Michael, as soon as Louis finishes ejaculating, she takes Marcus's cock in her mouth, gentle sucks any remain semen from it, then leans down and starts kissing Michael passionately, Michael shares Marcus's semen with Elle as the two of them kiss.

After Ele and Michael finish kissing, they sit up, Elle submissivelly looks at Louis then Marcus and says, "thank you so much for taking me as your bitch slut and treating me so well doing it."

Michael submissively says as he looks at Louis and Marcus, "I also want to thank you so much for taking me as your femboy slut and treating me so well and training me to be a good femboy slut for you's, I want to serve you's best I can, thanks".

Louis replies, "thank both of you's for serving us guys, we are very lucky to have two great submissive sluts like you two to live with".

Marcus says, "I second that, and then some, love you both".

Michael says, "I got a Idea, why don't I call up to the house, there is a phone in the shed, and ask Sally if they want to order a pizza and then come join us".

Elle replies, "I know I'd like that, I love it here on the lake".

Marcus and Louis both agree as well.

Michael dives into the water, followed by Elle, they swim next to each other to the beach.

Elle softly says, "Michael, did you say you had a toilet in the shed, I need to potty quick."

Michael takes her hand and leads her to the shed, once in the shed, he points and says, "the bathroom is first door to the right", Elle briskly hurries to the bathroom.

Michael then goes to the phone and calls up to the house, Sally answers after a few rings.
Sally answers saying, "Hello, Sally here, how can I help you?"
Michael giggles. and says, "Sally Michael here, Elle, Louis and Marcus where wondering if you's might like to maybe order a pizza then come down to the quarry and hang-out?".

Sally says," how about I also call Thomas, Peggy and Greg and ask them to come out as well so they can meet Elle?"
Michael replies, "let me ask Elle if she will spend the night as well".
Sally says, "It would be wonderful if she can, ok I'll call invite Thomas, Greg and Peggy, then call you back, but plan on me ordering some pizza, matter of fact ask all of them what type pizza they'd like, then let me know when I call yo back".

Michael says," ok, talk to you soon, bye".
Elle comes and stands by Michael and holds his hand, Michael gives her a quick kiss on the lips, then says, "have you ever been snorkneling?".

Elle says, "yes I have, but it has been awhile, but I really liked to do it".

Michael replies, "take a seat, and I'll get you fitted with a mask,fins and snorkel".

Elle takes a seat on one of the chairs by the small kitchen table, as Michael picks one of the dive masks hanging on the wall, once he finds one he hands it to her and says try this one on, then Michael steps out side and yells to Marcus and Louis, "hey you two, Elle and I are going to snorkel around the lake, would you's like to go to?".

Louis stands and dives in, Marcus follows.

Michael returns to Elle who is setting there with the mask on, Michael smiles big and says, "how does it feel?".

Elle says, I think pretty good".
Michael says, "Hold on right there a second, I'd get a snorkel".
Michael picks a snorkel off the shelf, walks to the sink and rinses it off, then comes over and carefully attaches it to the strap of her mask with it's Velcro strap".
Michael steps back and says, "now try breathing through it, inhaling and exhaling only through your mouth".
Elle puts the mouth piece in her mouth and starts breathing through it as he told her, inhaling and exhaling only through her mouth.
Michael says, " now go ahead and take it off, I'll get you some fins".
Michael looks at Elle's feet and says, your feet are about Sally's size, you can borrow hers, until we get you your own, he grabs Sally's fins, and gets on his knees and adjusts the straps of each fin to fit Elle's feet."
Elle giggles and says, "I think I could get used to you taking care of me Michael".
Michael replies, "I want to take care of you the best I can, I need to be your submissive femboy and belong to you".
Elle says,"thank you, I want to take of you the best I can as well".
Michael says,"I'm so happy being with you having you here with me, I feel very lucky indeed".

Louis pops his head in the door, then says, "is this where we get fitted for our snorkeling adventure?"

Michael replies, "yep, you two's take a seat, Elle is suited up and ready".

Marcus says, "I love your minimualist diving suit very much Elle".

Elle softly says, "thanks Marcus, I want to please you".

Michael hands both Louis and Marcus a mask, then says, "try these on, I find you's a snorkel".
Michael quickly returns with two snorkels, rinses them off in the sink, then hands them each their snorkels and attaches them to their masks, then explains to them to inhale and exhale only through their mouth, both of them easily begin breathing this way.

Michael says, "just remember, if you submerge and flood the snorkel, just raise your head above water as your viewing down, or with your face out of water, give a strong puff into the snorkel and blow the water out, then careful inhale back through the snorkel, if you didn't get quite all the water, carefully get yourself a good breath, the puff through the snorkel hard again, that usually clears it all good, any questions?"

Elle says, "Michael, how long have you been a dive instructor?"

Michael says, "since I was 18 years old, so been training divers about 11 years now".

Louis comments, "I trust you with my life, so let's do this thing!".

They all grab their gear, and walk down to the dock then walk into the water, once there, Michael says, put your mask/snorkel and fins on the dock next to were your standing,  with one hand holding onto the handrail along the side of the dock, hold on, the pull your fins on".

Michael watches until they all have their fins on and are looking at him then says, "now take your mask and spit into onto the inside of the glass and rub it all over the glass, then pull it on, then put your snorkel mouth piece in and start breathing through your snorkel, now lower yourself down into the water looking at me until your mask is half under water, half above, and breath in and out of your snorkel nice and casually".

Michael watches them for about 30 seconds, then says, "give me a thumbs up if your feeling ok, beathing ok, just happy".

They all give a thumbs up, Michael then says, "watch as I do, then proceed to do as I do". Michael puts his mouth piece in, lowers himself in the water until only his chin is above water, then he leans forward, and looks down toward the bottom of the lake, as he breaths through the snorkel, then gently push off the bottom with his feet and fins, the makes a few paddles with his fins then turns and treads water as he watches them underwater through his mask.
They all do well and swim toward him, Michael gives them all a thumbs up then motions with his hand to follow him, he starts swimming ahead of them and off to their right side, so they are kept between him and the shore line.

They snorkel along the shore casually for about 15 minutes, they reach the far end of the lake by that time where they can see in their view underwater a large flat rock about two feet underwater with two steel pipes bolted to it extending up and out of the water, Michael points then leads them to it and signals for them to go up, Michael gets to the rock, then goes to his knees on the rock and rises up out of the water, then awaits for the three to do the same, they quickly do, Michael then gets seated on the old diving board that is bolted to the steel post, he removes his mask and snorkel, Elle gets seated on his left side, Louis and Marcus on his right, Elle is the first to get her mask and snorkel off, she instantly kisses and hugs Michael, then says to him, "Michael of all the experiences in my life, that is one of the greatest by far, it is is gorgeous under there, breath taking".

Marcus says, "I hear you Elle, I never imagined how peaceful and beautiful it could be underwater like we just experienced".

Louis just says, "Wow oh wow, thanks Michael for letting us experience this, Elle is right, such a dramatic experince, truly unforgettable".

Mean while, back up at the house Sally is on the phone talking to Peggy, her friend, co-founder of the the group, Sally asks Peggy to come out to the farm.
Peggy says, "yes, I'll be out as soon as I can, I call Jeff and let him know, so hopefully he will come out, but I'll be out in about a hour for sure, see you then".

Sally says, "see you then", and hangs up.

Michael puts his mask and snorkel back on, looks at Elle, squezzes her knee then says, "everybody ready to see the other side?".

All of them get their masks and snorkels back on and say, "yes". 
Michael slips out into the water and paddles out into deep water, Elle, catches up falls in next to him, Marcus next to her then Louis closest to the shore, they all then casuall follow the shore line as before.

After another 15 minutes they reach the beach, Michael leads them to the dock where they all come along side it and stand, Michael removes his fins, mask and snorkel and lays them up on the dock and looks up at the windmill, the blades are turning steadily, everybody now do removing their gear, Michael says, I walk and turn the windmill pump on, just lay your gear on the dock and we will rinse everything off before we hang them up in the shed".

Elle says, "wait for me Michael, I want to see how you turn the pump on".

As they walk up toward the small water tower, past it then to the windmill,

Michael says, "sure", as she reaches him she says, "can you and I come down and snorkel around the lake together everyday until I have to go to school at least?"

Michael says, "it really refreshs and invigorates you doesn't it?".

Elle says, "oh I haven't felt so alive and refreshed in my life like I do right now, I feel so wonderful and alive!".

Michael says, "I'm so happy you are here with me, and you like snorkeling like I do, I've always been obsessed with seeing under the water and the life below".

Michael then says, "Peggy, my friend for many years, and the one who introduced me to scuba diving when I was 13, will be here soon, she is also a co-founder of the group, she is bi-sexual dom type, I think you'll like her and she will like you, plus between her and I will teach you scuba diving".

Elle says, "I hope she likes me, I'm a sub type with both men and women, maybe why sexually I like you so much, we seem more like equals".
Michael replies, "I can relate to that, ok here we are at the windmill, basically and obiviously the windmill has to turning in order to pump water, however there are three levers here this first one is the water pump, the second is electric generator, third is the air pump for the Subsurface aeration of the lake we will just turn on the water, so I pull this lever toward me until it clicks into the notch here, and the water will start pumping into the lines and into the water tower, to the shed plumping and dock hose directly into the lake by way of the water fall, we control that by these valves, since the lake never hurts by having fresh water pumped into it, I'll turn this valve on, then this valve to the dock hose, just so you know if you turned them all on it will not hurt, at least for a day or two other then waste a bit of ground water, but I at times leave the the waterfall water on just to help aerate the lake, plus it is nice to listen to, now look right down there", Michael points down at the lake about 50 feet from the shed along the shore, "now watch as I turn the water on the waterfall", Michael turns the water fall valve and in 30 seconds the water start running off the large flat rock projecting out of the cliff next to the lake, Elle's mouth opens wide as she says, "wow", then claps her hands and hugs Michael tightly, then says, "oh if I get this position at the University I going make sure, it doesn't demand my time as I have in the past, I want to be out here with you as much as I can".

Michael replies, "even if you never get another job other then being a group girl or just being with us at the house and not even being a group girl that is fine with me".

Michael then looks down at the shed and dock and yells, "Marcus, Louis you can rinse off the gear with the hose now".

Louis yells back up, "Sally just called, she wants to know what type pizza you want, and said to tell you and Elle to take your time, Peggy, Thomas and Greg will be out in a hour, we are heading back up."

Michael replies, "go ahead, I'll rinse the gear off".

Louis and Marcus get dresses and head toward the house.

As Elle and Michael walk back down the path to the shed Elle says, "I know this might be pre-mature and all, but if you wanted to marry me Michael I'd accept".

Michael hugs her as they walk and says, "really, I'd have to accept if you asked, like on your knee type asked".

Elle giggles and says, "you enjoy seeing me submissive don't you?"

Michael blushes a bit and replies, "I must say you are so sexy when you were submissive with Louis and Marcus".

Elle replies, "I loved you watching me as they turned me into their bitch slut and fucked me good, I had the most intense orgasms I've ever had in my life, so I do love having you as my femboy cuckold, I now know I could never be married to a straight guy, I need to be with a fem cuckold guy like you".

Michael asks, "what would you say the difference is between having sex with me verse a straight masculine guy like Louis for example?"

Elle says, "I first would say, sex with Louis is primal, animalistic like sex, him taking me as his slut, knowing I now belong to him as his sex toy kinda, he can fuck me anytime he wishes and breeds me and others as his in heat bitch" verse being you, it is very emotional, sensuous, I feel so in love with you, were I don't with Louis".

Michael says, "I'd say I feel the same, when I have sex with males it is always animalistic, and although I may deeply care and love a male partner, there is that sensuous aspect there or emotional connection you and I have and I'd say I had a very similar connection with Aunt Becky and mom, sex with you is the best I have ever had, I think because all these dynamics combined as a greater experience, for example if I hadn't already of experience all that I have already experinced, I would be able to experience what I now can experience with you, if that makes sense". 

Elle says, "In a certain sense, I believe in Que Sera, Sera Whatever Will Be, Will Be, in that after studing humanity, human development etc. for so long, it is a dynamic that no one really has much control over, I think that is why I can accept people as they are better then most, I simply know that our fates are controled by so many things beyond our control, take for instance Aunt Becky's sexual attraction to young guys 12-18 years old, the mom sexually attracted to their sons, I accept that as what it is, I have to be a observer and not judge, I can't say myself that if there were some 12-13 year old here right now, that I wouldn't have sex with them".

Michael replies, "I'm glad you said that, because until Aunt Becky passed away, I was performing fellatio on her young lovers as well as having them penetrate me anally, I have always only desired to be in the female-receptive role so I have never had a male perform fellatio on me, or have I penetrated a male, it is something I could never do under any circumstance".

Elle says, "I wouldn't expected you to have said anything else".

Michael says, I was serving one you guy who is 16 years old now, yet I was serving him when he was 12 years old, he and his mom were partners of Aunt Becky's just before her death a year and a half ago, his name is Bobby, his mom's name is Audrey, you meet them soon I'm fairly certain".

Elle and Michael reach the shed, Elle grabs the hose and starts rinsing the masks,fins and snorkels off.

Elle asks as see holds the hose on the gear, "do you stay in touch with any of the mom and sons who were incestuous?"

Michael replies, "yes, I stay in touch with all of them, and have continued to have sex with the two who still regularly have sex with Susan, Peter and Tom, they are both my age and still live with their mom's in a husband type role with their mom's, the others my age are all married now, and or have moved away, but I see all of them occasionally, hopefully Susan, Tom and Peter and their mom's will join the group, I'm certain Susan will, if she does I don't see why Tom, his Mom Lauri and Peter and his mom Sophie even if they only have sex with certain group members, for example it would be nice if Tom, Lauri, Peter and Sophie could have sex with you, I know for sure none of them have sex with anyone outside the circle of Susan, myself, Johnny, Tom, Peter, Lauri and Sofie, Bobby and Audrey and Audrey's girlfriend Helen and her son Billy".

Elle takes Michaels hand and leads him into the shed so they can sit down, she says." sit please, how old is Billy?"

Michael replies, "he is 13 and is totally masculine, he just took me as his femboy a year ago, Helen and Billy are incestuous as well, so I want very much for all of them to join the group now, I'm hoping Billy will hook up with Kathy well and be happy with her sexually, so he has no need to look outside the group, a  Que Sera, Sera thing we'll have deal with as it arises, Billy, even at age 13 dom's me well, he's got a huge cock and knows how to use it like a pro."

Elle replies, "did all the young guys learn to be your dom partner, natural treat you as their female-roled partner?".

Michael replies, "yes, they all easily took me as their feminine female surrogate partner, treated me sexually like I'm a girl completely, they wouldn't make out with me like they would the ladies, and none showed any sign of even bi-sexual or homosexual".

Michael says, "Something that you and I need to really discuss is, I'm scheduled to have my vulvoplasty surgery next week in Denver".

Elle looks at Michael seriously, ponders a bit then replies, "I glad we got to make love, and I hope we can as often as possible until you do get the surgery, and I want to be with you at the hospital the whole time promise, I'll support you love you as I do now, yet to be frank and honest, I don't want you to have the surgery, at least not yet".

Michael replies, "you solved my problem, I'll call and cancel it".
Elle replies, "thank you so much, let us give us as partners a chance, in a year if you want to get the surgery, then we'll deal with then, fair enough?"

Michael replies, "yep, I want so much to be your partner, and please you sexual and emotionally".
Elle smiles big and says, "that is what your doing beautifully right now, and I bet the guys don't care if you have a penis, in order to take you as their feminine receptive sexual partner, Edward wouldn't or the dogs I'm fairly certain don't care".

Elle says, "correct me if I am wrong, but my guess is, you want your penis removed, to rid yourself of masculinity so that male partners accept you better, but I also believe that you likely want accept by females even more, you want to be female like, thus they will accept you as such".

Michael replies, "your right in all you said, and yes I'd say the need to be accepted by females as their equal is the strongest of the dynamic of my transexual condition, I never wanted to dress-up, put make-up on, or pass as a female, my desire as always been, I want to be a male's female-roled sexual partner, be treat sexual like I am a female".

Elle replies, "I think we are perfect for each other and I feel that neither of us will ever find a more perfect match, I love that you like me to have sex with other men, I loved watching Louis and Marcus fuck you, have you suck their cocks, it turns me so much seeing you femininized and emasculated by a masculine man that is going fuck me like his slut while you watch him doing it, and I still only want you as my true lover and life partner by far".

Michael smiles big and says, "yeah, other then Sally, I've never met a Lady who wants to truly cuckold me, and in away cuckold you".

Elle says, "your right, we are in essence cuckolding each other, we are both submissive, but your submissive to me much more at least sexually then I to you, which is a good dynamic in our case I feel".

Michael says, "I agree, I have always been very submissive sexually, I not attracted to bdsm stuff, but I like guys to pee in my mouth and drink it, you can do that with me as well if you ever wish, I like it alot".
Elle giggles, "I do need to pee".
Michael smiles then takes her hand and leads her out on the shed deck and sits on the floor of the deck, then says, "please pee in my mouth". Michael opens his mouth as Elle steps over him and stands with her pussy over the top of his mouth, then begins peeing straight into his awaiting mouth, Elle giggles and says, "I'll try to go slow and not flood you", Elle pees a bit, lets him get it all swallowed, pees some more, lets him swallow it until she is finished, then she leans down and kisses him passiontely and helps him up with her hand".
Elle then says, "I want you to do the same to me", as she sets down on the deck as he was, then says, "Michael please pee in my mouth and slowly so I can drink every drop".
Michael step over her, gets the tip of his penis right on her lower lip and does as she did, pees a little, lets her swallow, repeats until he can't pee anymore, then he leans down and kisses her passionately.

Once they pull apart Elle says, "those who pee in each others mouth and drink it stay together forever".
Michael says, "I believe it, I know I never peed in anyone's mouth before".
Elle says, "I've never drank someone pee or watched them drink my pee before, so this is a first, and hopefully we can do this often, but now how about we go have a long island ice tea out on the pontoon to wash it down?.

Michael says, "good idea, though I like the salty taste of you in my mouth for the moment".
Elle says, "I like your's too!".

They run and glide out into the water and swim side by side to the pontoon.
Once on the pontoon, Michael leads Elle to a seat, then pours two long island ice teas then sits down next to her.

Elle says, "the only bdsm type thing that I would like to do is to get my hands and feet tied up, on a table with a pad on it, have my feet tied to ropes from the ceiling so my legs are spread and held up in the air, your with me the whole time, as I get gang-banged by lots of guys, they each fuck me in the ass, yet right before they are to ejaculate they pull out of me and ejaculate in your mouth, then you kiss me and we share swallowing their semen, I love to do that please".

Michael replies, "like I believe Louis or Marcus said, you and I should opperate as a team, I agree 100%, so I'll do my best to make a table as you discribed, and start getting you gang-banged as often as we can".

Elle smiles devishly and says, "I want gang-banged so much, I want to show you what a good slut I can be, I want to get good at deep throating the guys,I love how Louis made me feel like a slut so much".

Michael replies, "I'm sure with Sally's, Louis's and Marcus's help, we can get you gang-banged in the next few days, who knows maybe small 4-6 men gang-bangs every day".

Elle replies, "oh I'd like doing that rather then seeing guys individually, if possible".

Michael says, "I've got a small sailboat in the shed behind my shop, I show you when we go back up, but I can clean that area up nicely, then it wouldn't take me long to build a table to the height were the guys could stand and easily slide their cocks up inside your butt, we will have to find a pad that will fit the table, any ideas?'.
Elle says, "we ask Sally, she will know I'm fairly certain, do you think Sally, Peggy, Thomas and Greg will object if I only wish to serve the guys daily here in a gang-bang setting?".
Michael grins and says, "we will soon find out in about a half hour or so, after we ask them".
Elle says, "Michael will you douche and prep my bottom for me, the way you do yours when we go back up, so I'll be ready if the guys want to fuck me, or Cunnington and I get to mate?"
Michael says, "yes I want to serve you like that, bath you, give you massages daily etc. that gives me purpose, so is good for me to serve".
Elle says, "Michael do you know what a eunuch is, one of a eunuch's role was the guardians of women or harem servants".
Michael says, "that is good role for me, they were castrated right?".
Sally says, "yep, but some were not, they were loyal servants to the harem girls though, and I am a harem girl now in my sexual role anyways".


Michael ponders a moment

Michael says, "I going to try to call from here and see if I can get Susan, Caroline and Johnny to come over to the house".

Michael gets on the phone and calls Caroline and Johnny number it rings a few times and Caroline answers.

Michael says, "Hi Caroline, Michael here".

Caroline says, "hi Michael, Johnny and I were just talking about you".

Michael says, "what about?"

Caroline replies, " well Ed told me this weekend, that he wants me to start seeing guys for sex again, which lead to us talking about the Jensen guys, and you".

Michael says, "that is kinda what I want to talk to you about, you've met Sally a friend of mine, well Sally is moving in with me, and she is part of group of men, she is for those men what you were for the Jensen guys to put it simply, yet there are other ladies who serve this group of men, anyway we are having the 4 group founders meet at the house in just a short while, I want you and Johnny to meet them and hopefully join the group as well, I'm joining it, so it would be nice if you, Susan and Johnny do as well".

Caroline says, "we'll be over in about 15 minutes if that's fine".

Michael says, "come as you are, see you soon bye".

Michael smiles at Elle as he dials Susan's number, Susan answers after a few rings.

Michael says, "Susan this is Michael, I was wondering if maybe you could come over to the house right now".

Susan replies with a concerned tone, "is every thing alright?".

Michael replies, "just great, it's I'm having Sally move in with me and she belongs to a large group of men, her and some other ladies, Peggy is one of the ladies who help found the group, they do kinda like what Caroline did with the Jensen guys, so I want you to join as well, or at least talk to Sally and Peggy, they will be here, plus two of the men founders".

Susan replies, "yes, I be over in 10 minutes, see you then, bye bye".

Michael says, "drink up, then we will hang up the dive gear, we will leave the windmill pumping, as hot as it is, we might want to come back down yet tonight, especially since Peggy is coming out".

Michael gathers the towels and puts them in a dry bag, seals it, grabs the thermos the long island ice tea was in, the says, "let go", and he jumps off the side of the pontoon, Elle follows then they swim together to the beach, Michael dries Elle off, helps her get her sandals on, he gets his tennis shoes on, and the head for the house nude.

As they walk up the path to the pasture Michael asks Elle, "have you studied servitude in human behavior ?".

Elle replies, "yes, though it a human dynamic that is difficult to find any studies on, yet I know there individuals like yourself who need to have a dominate partner that they serve, I can tell you will serve me the best you can, and obey me, but I need you to know I will always have your best interest in mind, yet I do want to be my submissive partner, I know though if I tell you to do something you will, so there is another reason we need to be together, yet for example, I not going to say someday Michael you need to sell the farm and move somewhere with me, Michael I don't want you to suck the 13 year old's cock anymore, yet I would like if you only fuck me".

Michael replies, "I promise I will only penetrate you with my penis".

Elle says, " very good, as right now that is my only demand, other then just keep being just as your are and you and I will be fine".

They come to the pasture gate, Michael opens it, they both pass through the Michael closes it, in moments after they proceed toward the house they hear Edward braying.

Michael says, "Edward spotted us".

Elle chuckles and says, "he be lost without you I suspect".

Michael says, "I be lost without both you and him I suspect".

Elle says, "well you belong to me now, and you belong to Edward, so you got a husband and a wife now in away right?". 

Michael replies, "yes, I have always seen myself as Edward's girl or female surrogate partner".

Elle says, "I can't wait to see you performing fellatio on him and him fucking you". 

Michael says, "if you spend the night, you'll get to see that, Edward sleeps next to me on the floor in the front room, he generally wakes up about 3 am, he and I go to the washroom and he fucks me every morning, when it was just Aunt Becky, myself and Edward living here he bred me much more often especially in the early summer, often he'd bred me 4-6 times a day for awhile, last few years he breeds me once a day primarily, I usually masturbate him and ingest his semen every other day".

Elle says, "I like that you do that, to me it is amazing that you have intimate sexual relationships with male dogs and Edward".

Michael says, "I can't wait to be with while your being bred by the dogs, I hope you will like it".

Elle replies, "I know I really want to be bred by the dogs, and the way you's describe it, once I start being bred, I going always need bred by dogs, I hope that is the case".

Michael says, "that is how it is with me, I started getting bred by my great dane Cosso when I was 13, shortly after Edward was breeding me, and since then hardly a day has gone by that I don't get bred by a dog or Edward, or for that matter a guy".

Elle giggles and says, "so you douche your bottom daily many times don't you?"

Michael replies, "yes, usually, and soon I'll be douching your bottom daily many times for you if you wish me to".

Elle replies, "that is what I have in mind".

Edward is standing at the paddock gate as Michael opens it and Elle and himself pass through it and Michael closes it behind them, Michael then friskly rubs Edwards cheeks, then rubs his shoulders as they walk to the stables, then Edward pushs the butler door open with his head, then into the stables  Elle and Michael follow Edward through the stables until he reaches the washroom door, which Edward pushes open, Edward then proceeds up into the Kitchen".

Elle giggles and says as they walk up the ramp following Edward, "Edward certainly knows his way around doesn't he".

Michael says, "he is a bit spoiled I guess, he knows I belong to him that's for sure, he is my master".

Elle whispers in Michael's ear as they enter the kitchen, "just what you need though".

Michael softly replies, "yes he treats me as I need it".

Michael goes to the frig. gets some carrots out offers Edward one, he gobble it down, then Michael hands a few carrots to Elle.

Michael then says, "you feed these two to him". 

Elle offers him one, Edward politely takes it, then she offers him them the other he politely takes that one.

Michael then says, "just rub the side of his neck to show him affection, he likes that best" 

Elle starts rubbing his neck, as she softly says, "I looking forward to getting to know you much better".

Sally comes walking into the kitchen.

Sally says, "since your still nude, why don't you two hop in the shower together".

Michael takes Elle's hand and begins leading her down the hall the pauses and says to Sally, "I called Susan and Caroline and Johnny, they will be here any second".

Sally replies, "great, I be ready, Elle, I lay some clothes on my bed for you to wear".

Elle replies, "thanks so much Sally".

Michael and Elle head down the hall then into the bathroom, Michael gets the shower going, lets it run a bit, tests the water temperature, then says to Elle, "hop in", she walks in gets under the water, Michael then steps in behind and starts washing her back with a soaped up wash cloth.

Elle says, "oh Michael that feels so good having you wash my back".

Michael says, "you enjoy and enjoy me wash your whole body".

Michael throughly washes her neck down to her toes, then gently turns her and washs her front, then tells her to close her eyes and he washes her hair".

Michael says, "I must say, I like you having short hair, makes washing it much easier".

Elle replies, "yep, that is the reason I have short hair, I don't like messing with long hair, it's a pain".

They finish showing, get dried off then Michael takes Elle to Sally and Kathy's room, there on the bed Sally has layed out a pair of cut-off jean shorts, and a cut-off t-shirt to show her belly and underside of her breasts". 

Michael grabs some shorts and a t-shirt from the hall close, and comes back in and gets dressed as he watches Elle get dressed, Elle puts the t-shirt on first, then the very short cut-off jeans shorts".

Michael says, "you look so hot, dam".

Elle replies, " I want to be a slut, so Sally picked the right thing out for me".

Michael takes her hand and they walk barefoot down the hall to the kitchen, there they find Kathy, Sally, Susan and Peggy sitting at the kicthen table".

Michael quickly says, "all of you's this is my new friend and group girl Elle".

Everybody says "hi Elle".

Elle then walks to each of them and extends her hand so they can each introduces themselves.

Michael says, Elle take a sit, what would you like to drink, we got beer, maybe Sally made more long island ice tea?"

Sally says, "yep, it's in the green pitcher".

Elle says, "long island ice tea is good, least was at the lake awhile ago".


Michael pours her one, himself one, then asks, "anyone else want this or anything else?'

Every replies that their fine.

Sally looks at Elle and says, "what did you think of the lake?"

Elle smiles big and says, " we snorkeled around the entire lake, it was beath taking to say the least, put it this way, I asked Michael if he and I could do that every day, I was so refreshed and alive when we go out of the water, it's hard to describe, almost like having a new life".

Peggy says, " I've been a dive instructor for nearly 18 years, and the way you worded it a very good representation of the way some describe it after diving in a beautiful place like the quarry, it can be a very emotionally dramatic experience taking a look at the world below the surface, it is for me I know, that's why I own the dive shop and teach others to dive".

Johnny and Caroline come walking into the kitchen, they say, "Hi everyboy"

Sally says, "perfect timing"

Caroline sees Kathy and Elle, hurries to Elle because she is closest, extends her hand and says, Hi I'm Caroline", Elle shakes her hand and says, "pleased to meet you, I'm Elle". then Johnny introduces himself to Elle as Caroline gets introduced to Kathy, Johnny then introduces himself to Kathy, then they both take a seat.

Michael says, "what would you two like to drink?".

Caroline says a beer is fine, Johnny says the same, Michael grabs two beers from frig. and sits on table in from of them.

Sally looks at Caroline, Susan and Johnny and says, "the reason we want to talk to you's is that all of us here belong to a group, that Peggy, myself, Thomas and Greg co-founder about 3 years ago, the reason or how it started was centers on first, Peggy and I are both very, whats the right word, dedicated maybe you call it, zoosexuals, we both love being bred by large intact male dogs.

Greg raises great danes, and Thomas has two great danes raised by Greg, any way I was having sex with Thomas and Finn and Jabs great danes, Peggy was already having sex with Greg's two breeding stud great danes, one thing lead to another, I meet Peggy, then Greg, I started having sex with Greg, then I started  meeting  a bunch of Thomas and Greg's friends, having sex with them for pay, next thing we knew I was having sex with about 10 guys weekly, this lead to the formation of a closed group where all the guys could only have sex with Peggy and I, then after a year we found two more ladies Tammy and Candy, now we have two more ladies Dawn and Jodie, Peggy due to running the dive shop does have much time to see the guys and dogs both, there are 24 group dogs curreently that bred just Peggy and I, there are 50 group men that us four ladies serve at least twice a week each, so four of us girls are serving the guys 100 times a week or more, so each of us girls see the guys about 25 times a week, we need help to put it frankly".


Susan says, "so if I join the group can I select who I can have sex with, and the amout of times, I'm no spring chicken, wish I was having this opportunity, but just got old".


Sally smiles big and says, "sure, they guys have to ask you for a date, if your unable, thats what you tell them, we'd like if you performed with a guy 5 times a week, could be 5 guys or one guy 5 times, doesn't matter".


Thomas and Greg come walking into the kitchen, they say, "hi everybody, then start walking around introducing themselves to everybody, once done the get seated.

Sally looks and Greg and Thomas and says, "I've explained how we formed the group, I'll give you two the honors of explaining the guidelines of belonging to the group".


Greg says, "oh thanks, well, first off to be a group lady or guy you must be 18 years old, to join you must get a complete STD test and pass it, we want the group ladies to perform at least 5 times a week for the group men, unless your sick, on vacation etc. As for group guys you pay the ladies 50 dollars a seccion, unless the two of you work out some other arrangement, we have a party at least once every month were the ladies perform for all the group men in a gang-bang type setting, we call them "last man standing parties" All the men will penetrate all of the ladies multiple times throughout the party, and if a guy can no longer ask, he asks one of the ladies to take his ejaculation orally and swallow it, the last man standing ejaculates either in one of the ladies vagina or bottom".

Elle pipes in and says, "I like being with multiple men at once exclusively, is that going to be ok?"

Thomas replies, "thats fine, in that case, lets say you get gang-banged by 4 guys, and it takes a hour, the guys divide up the 50 dollars, so you still get paid same as if you were with one guy for a hour".

Elle says, "that is fair to me".

Greg says, "most the guys will like that you are going to it that way because they can afford to see you more often, even if they don't get you all to themselves, plus it's a good social gathering for all of you's, I sure Sally, Peggy, Louis and Marcus can help you get established having groups of guys see you at one time".

Caroline says, " before we go to far, I need to explain that myself, Michael, and Susan alright belong to a group similar to what your speaking of, just to inform you's somewhat of my past history, I started working for Jensen landscaping here in town when I was 22 years old, Mr Jensen was a really great hard working very honest black man and hired many young black guys trying to give them a head start in life, he passed away a year ago, but his son Clay took over and runs it now, Clay was 17 at the time, he was soon screwing me, well Mr Jensen hired primarly young black guys 16-18 year olds, in the summer and there was always about 15-20 young black guys working for him, well next thing I knew I was screwing most of them".

Any way I worked for Jensen for nearly 28 years, or until Ed's tractor accident 2 years ago, since then I've only been having sex with my son Johnny and him with me, yet over that 28 year period of time I had sex with over 300 young black guys who worked for Jensen's over that 28 year time period, until up to the time of Ed's accident, I was routinely having sex with about 150 guys from the Jensen group, I've stayed in touch with most of them, and most want to start having sex with me again. Well two days ago Ed told me it was time for me to start seeing the Jensen guys again, the ones that currently work there, as well as all the past Jensen guys who worked there and had sex with me, so it is a lot of guys​,  because of the 323 guys that I been with from Jensen's I know at least 300 still live in this area, I'm guessing, but in the last 3 years alone I bet I've talked to 150 of them who have called me asking if I was available for sex, and at least a fifty of them are wondering if their 18 year old sons can start having sex with me. I like the idea of joining your group, however I see  it more as it would be better to merge our groups, we require everyone be tested for STD's every 6 month's and have since the AID's crisis, all the Jensen members are at least related to a former Jensen worker, for example, they might be a son, daughter, cousin, wife now of a Jensen worker, most no longer work for Jensen, from talking to some of the Jensen guys, I've been told there are currently 21 wives, 5 Aunts, 10 daughters and 15 sisters currently serving the Jensen guys, plus I will be, Susan currently is, Michael was until several weeks ago, I know both Michael and I both want to get back to serving all the Jensen members".


Thomas says, "I agree, Caroline, we simply merge the two groups that is great you's offer that, also one of the great advantages of belonging to this group and I certain it is very much the same with the Jensen group, we look out for each other like family, not just anybody can join, everybody who belong is expected to be a honest person and person with great integrity thats what keeps us all safe. No matter what help you might need, call one of us four here, I don't care if you have a flat tire on the side of the road, or your stuck in Russia or high in the Tiben mountains, call and we'll send someone to get you, promise".

Greg says, "anyone have any questions?"


Susan says, "I have quite a few young boy lovers who are in 13 to 15 years old range,

Thomas says, "yes, we have quite a few families, where wives who are incestuous with their sons, the only thing is those under 18 can't have sex with any group members without their parents consent, so in your case the mothers have already consented to allow you to have sex with their sons, that is find, just make it clear, and stress to the sons they can't have sex outside the group or talk about their sex lives outside of the group, as we all know, society and laws prohibit sex with minors and incest, that however isn't my opinion, when in proper context as you have in your case".

Susan says, "fair enough, thanks very much".

Greg says, "the main thing is to keep our group safe, and free of STD's is a big part of being safe, we prefer not wearing condoms, so if one of you ladies only allows us guys to penetrate you anally that is fine, if you don't like us to ejaculate in your mouth, just tell us, that's fine, just tell us where to ejaculate, all the guys are very respectfully kind and caring and well kept it has to be that way".

Thomas stands, "the two of us have something to attend to so we are going to go do that, but we will be seeing you's all often hopefully".

They all says their good bye, then Greg and Thomas walk out, and drive away.

Michael stands and says, "anyone want anything else to drink, help yourself, I'm going set on the front porch and have a smoke".

Sally says, "I'll join you Michael".

The two of them stand and walk to the hallway toward the front porch.

Peggy looks at Susan and says, "I'm glad you brought up the fact that your in a relationship with Billy, but just so you know there are 5 other mothers that are joining the group that are having sex with their sons, so your not alone, plus you and I both know Michael has been routinely performing fellatio on and getting penetrated by both Billy and Bobby, so we have three chooses, 1. we get Audrey and Helen to join the group or 2. you join and no longer have sex with Bobby and Billy or 3. you don't join the group, I say we get them to join the group".

Susan replies, " I think I am joining the group, and hope that they do, so I'll go get tested tomorrow".

Peggy replies, "why don't you try calling Audrey and see if she can run out to your place, then I'll talk to her with you".

Susan says, "I'll do that", Susan stands and picks up the wall phone and dials Audrey's number then walks into the library across the hall.

Elle says, "Michael and I would like to work as a team, and maybe see men only here if possible"

Peggy says, "I don't see why that can't be worked out, you's well just have to arrange that with the guys you's will be seeing, I think most of the guys will let Michael perform fellatio on them, whether they desire to penetrate Michael, I don't know, you'll have to ask each guy how he feels about it".

Elle replies, "that is fair enough".

Sally and Michael come back in and sit down.

Caroline says, to all of them, "I've got alot of calling to do as well".

Elle says to Caroline, "you can talk to us about it".

Caroline says, "has Michael talked to you much about Aunt Becky?".

Elle looks and Michael and says, "yes, and I also knew Aunt Becky fairly well".

Peggy says, " I knew Aunt Becky well to"

Caroline says, "well you know she was attracted to 13-18 year olds".

Elle and Peggy say, "yes".

Caroline says, "so am I, and I very much always been a slut, and I'm lucky my husband Ed is so understanding, he wanted me to have sex with them he is kinda a cuckold type, so my guys would come to the farm and have sex with me, Ed knew all of them well, met them prior to me having sex with them. Just to inform you's somewhat of my past history, I started working for Jensen landscaping here in town when I was 22 years old, Mr Jensen was a really great hard working very honest black man and hired many young black guys trying to give them a head start in life, he passed away a year ago, but his son Clay took over and runs it now, Clay was 17 at the time, he was soon screwing me, well Mr Jensen hired primarly young black guys 16-18 year olds, in the summer and there was always about 15-20 young black guys working for him, well next thing I knew I was screwing most of them".

Any way I worked for Jensen for nearly 28 years, or until Ed's tractor accident 2 years ago, at which time I only had sex with my son Johnny her, yet over that 28 year period of time I had sex with over 300 young black guys who worked for Jensen's over that 28 year time period, and I've stayed in touch with alot of them, and many want to have sex with again.

Well two days ago Ed told me it was time for me to start seeing the Jensen guys again, the ones that currently work there, as well as all the past Jensen guys who worked there and had sex with me, so it is a lot of guys​,  because of the 323 guys that I been with from Jensen's I know at least 300 still live in this area, I'm guessing, but in the last 3 years alone I bet I've talked to 150 of them who have called me asking if I was available for sex, and at least a fifty of them are wondering if their 18 year old sons can start having sex with me.

Susan sits back down at the table and says no luck reaching Audrey.

Michael says, "I was performing fellatio on and being penetrated by many of the Jensen guys from age 13 until Aunt Becky's death, so about 14 years, so I got to know about 150 of the Jensen guys intimately".

Elle smiles big and says, " do you think they all will join the group and be able to follow the guidelines?".

Caroline replies, "I'll just inform them like before, if they want to have sex with me it has to only be me, and that remarkable worked out then, although I was having sex nearly all the time when I wasn't working, I was getting gang-banged by 4-6 of them nightly, then all day Saturday and Sunday seeing them individually or getting gang-banged".

Michael says, "I think alot of them will join, or want to, I routinely run into the guys around town, and they will tell me to call them if I feel like performing fellatio on them, I told one of them a few weeks ago that I might call him".

Peggy says, "on average how many guys were actively seeing you's in a given time frame, Like if I asked you at this moment how many guys will you see in this next week by name, not how times you have sex with a individual guy?".

Caroline replies, " I would likely give you 30 or 40 individual names by the fourth year I was working for Jensen's because by then I was still seeing guys who no longer worked at Jensen's so over the 28 year time period I worked there that number grew and grew".

Elle says, "Caroline you were working for Jensen's until two years ago?".

Caroline replies, "yep, then Ed's accident occurred, and I wanted to devote my time completely to him, at which time I started having sex only with Johnny and he was only having sex with me".

Peggy says, "Ed knows that you and Johnny have sex correct?".

Michael says, " I was seeing about 20 of the Jensen guys weekly and performing fellatio on about half of  them 2-3 times a week, say 3 years ago".

Peggy says, "Caroline, Ed knows that you and Johnny have sex correct?".

Caroline says, "yes, he has known that since Johnny turned 13 when we first started having sex".

Peggy looks at Johnny and says, "Johnny have you only had sex with your mom?".

Johnny replies, " well, only mom and Aunt Becky, but it's time I started having sex with other ladies, so I for sure want to join the group, I'm also a bi-sexual bottom for all then Jensen guys, so I've been performing fellatio on most of mom's Jensen guys, or they penetrate me".

Peggy says, "I think it would be good for you to see others, you'll have me, Sally, Kathy and Elle right here to have sex with for free".

Caroline says, "yes I think it's time Johnny starts having relationships with other females".

Elle says, "yes Johnny I'll be living here, so any time your in the mood I'll be happy to be with you when I am available, best to let me know ahead of time if possible".

Johnny says "I like that alot, thanks".

Kathy says, "same with me, just let me know".

Johnny says, "wow, this is too good, thanks".

Peggy says, "you's get tested asap, Caroline have your guys get tested, explain the guidelines to them, and tell the guys you need to actually see the test results, you don't need a copy, but you need to see it and see the results are 100% clean of STD's, there are no exceptions in regards to that".

Caroline says, "Johnny and I will try to get tested tomorrow".

Elle says, "I got tested at the county health department a few days ago, it went fine".

Elle says, " Caroline, I'd be happy to serve your guys as well I love getting gang-banged, being with 2 or more guys at the same time, and I'd be happy to meet any of them you'd like me to, I like black guys alot".

Caroline replies, "great, I have a feeling that I have to many guys to handle on my own that's for sure".

Peggy says, "I'll be available as well so just let me know, I love black guys as well".

Sally says, " I second that, so tell your guys there are a half a dozen  beautiful whites Ladies and few femboys waiting to serve them".

Peggy says, "yep, my husband Jeff will happily serve all of them, I know that".

Michael says, "I know I will as well".

Caroline says, "Michael be careful saying all, there might be 60 of the Jensen guys from past and present wanting you to suck their cocks like before, next thing you know you'll be sucking cock all the time like you were 3 years ago".

Michael smiles big and says, "Caroline you get them in the group, I'll deal with serving them when the time comes".

Caroline says, " think I'll head home and call some of my guys and let them know whats going on".

Johnny says, " I'll head home to dad and I were going work on one of the tractors a bit".

Johnny and Caroline stand, say bye, then head down the ramp, and walk home.

Susan says, "I walked over, and it doesn't look like Audrey is going to call me back till later, I was wondering if Elle you might drive me home, I'd like to show you my place".

Elle says, "sure, I'd love to drive you home, and see your place".

Susan tells everybody good night, then follows Elle down the ramp.

As Susan and Elle drive to Susan's, Susan asks her, "Elle I was wondering when you met Becky, what were you's doing at the time that sort of thing?".

Elle replies it was about 13-14 years ago we met on the Zuni reservation in New Mexico, I was following up working that Ruth Benedict did with her work when she wrote Petterns of Culture, my main interest was the Native American tribes that had the so called "berdache" as members of the tribes, the berdache being males that took on the female role, who were said to be homosexual in nature. Well Aunt Becky was there at the time, it turned out after Becky and I talked a bit one day, we both regarded Ruth Benedict idea that each culture has its own moral imperatives that can be understood only if one studies that culture as a whole. It was wrong, she felt, to disparage the customs or values of a culture different from one's own. Those customs had a meaning to the people who lived them that should not be dismissed or trivialized. Others should not try to evaluate people by their standards alone. Morality, she argued, was relative to the values of the culture in which one operated.

Susan chuckles, "yep, that is Becky alright, Becky also believed America culture was highly influenced by guilt, or through social construct, and over coming bias was one thing all humans struggled with".

Elle replies, "if you take as you said, if our culture is for example a guilt guided culture, and say homosexual is not accepted, homosexuals with be greatly hinder by guilt of who they are, which I believe is the case, thus as a whole, America society is natural bias, once that occurs it is tough to undo, thus we are battling racism, homophobia etc. now for the entire 20th century". Becky and I talked a lot about overcoming our own biases, in order to do our work the best to our ability, and it a disipline we both embraced seriously, for example being with you now, a women who have sex with a 13 year old boy, I can be completely without bias or moral judgement, because back to "Others should not try to evaluate people by their standards alone. Morality, she argued, was relative to the values of the culture in which one operated", which Ruth Benedict wrote, I can see your relationship with the young men/boys as part of your culture, I believe American Culture is made of many sub cultures, just as this group we are about to join, and one thing about this group culture is incest is accepted, sex between a 60 year female and a 13 year old boy is accepted, it doesn't matter what others think, because this is our culture now, I believe in law and order, yet not dictatorship, yet on the same token we must live in secretcy to a degree".

Susan says, "a big reason I wanted to get you alone was it going to be nice to have another scholarly person to talk to, especially a female, Michael and I talk a lot about such things so the three of should get along well".

Elle replies, "I wanted to mention at the meeting that Becky and I had a short but wonderful intimate relationship, yet felt it was best not to".
Susan replies, "yes maybe best you with held that, I don't know, yet with me it is fine, Becky and I were always intimate sexually from nearly the time we met 35 years ago, my guess your a submissive type".

Elle replies meekly, "yes, I'm very submissive sexually with both women and men, I think that is one reason Michael and I are hitting it off very well, I can be a equal with him more then anyone I've ever met, plus like you say, he likes scholarly stuff alot".

Susan says, "Michael is a wonderful very honest guy, he and I have been intimate since he moved to Becky to live, he is very much submissive type, so don't be afraid to tell him what you want sexually or otherwise, it is important that he can serve us sexually and all other aspect of life".

Elle says, "so he as full intercourse with you then?".

Susan replies, "yes, he always has, and he is a wonderful giving sexual partner, so don't be afraid to ask him for sex".
Elle replies, "he made love to me today on the pontoon, it was so wonderful, he was very much focused on pleasing me".
Susan replies, "yep, that's Michael, he will gladly perform cunninglingus on us, and never concern himself with his own sexuality or being pleasured himself physically, he is mentally pleasured by performing for us, there are very few days in the past were Michael hasn't performed cunninglingus on me or penetrated me, and made me climax. When I heard you say that you and Michael wanted to be together as a team, I must say it spurred my imagination and I like it a lot if I could have both you's together serving me as my submissives".
Elle replies in a submissive tone, "you just tell me and Michael what to do and we will do it".

Susan says, "first off, lets get out of this car and go inside so you can meet Teddy my Irish wolfhound, then I'll help you so you can get your bottom prepped so Teddy can bred you". 
Elle leans over and kisses Susan passionate for a a bit, then says, oh I so much want Teddy to bred, thank you".
They both step out of the car and walk to the back door, Teddy greets them both with excitement, Susan lets Elle warm up to him for a minute then leads Teddy out to his paddock to run around, go potty then walks back and leads Elle into the house, as the enter Susan says,"I give you a quick tour of the first floor any ways", they walk up three steps, "here is the kitchen", they walk through the kitchen toward front of house, "here on the right is a half-bath, next here is the libary", they cross the hall, "here is the living room" they cross to the other side of the living room then turn left into another hallway," here on the right is my bedroom, across the hall is the big full bathroom with walking shower and tub", they look inside both the bedroom and bath, "you be spending alot of time with me in both these rooms I hope, now down the hall is the dining room", they walk into the dining room.
Elle says, "wow this is like being in a country cafe, oh my it's wonderful", Elle turns and hugs Susan and kisses her on the lips again.
Susan says, "the dining room is where Teddy usually breeds Michael and I, now you, now lets get you prepped so Teddy can breed you", Susan leads Elle back down the hall and into the big bathroom then says, "your used to taking cock inside your bottom right?".
Elle says, "yep, I actually prefer get it anally, except because Michael has gotten a Vasectomy, I want him in my pussy, and he ejaculated in me today".

Susan says, "I take Teddy both vaginally and anally, his penis is about 7 inch long, his blub is big so he'll knot up in you vaginally quite tightly Im sure, so it's up to you".

Elle ponders a second then says, "I want him vaginally"
Susan says," In that case I usually squeeze some mineral oil up inside me and work my dildo in me a bit then I'm ready. here on the counter is the douche blub with mineral oil , here in the drawer is my dildo, both are clean, but feel free to rinse them both, I'll go put the padded mat on the floor in the dining room, then go get Teddy, when your done, go kneel on the pad, and when Teddy comes to you stay on your knees, flirt and play with him, then I'll tell you when to bend over so your on your hands and knees, see you in a minute in the dining room".
Elle says, "ok". 

Elle gets prepped, has the butt plug in her, and is bottomless, she walks in the dining room and kneels down on the mat, in less then 30 seconds Susan and Teddy walk in, Teddy instantly walks to Elle, Elle pets him a second then he begins checking her out, walking around her.
Susan says,"Elle, lean down now so your face is on the mat, raise your bottom up in the air as high as you can a spread your legs so he can get to your pussy as best possible, I can tell he is going to mount you, when he starts humping and poking his hard penis against you, just let him have his way,but hold your bottom firmly so he can get you well locked in a copulatory tie, then just enjoy as he ejaculates up inside you".

Elle mutters, "ok"
In less the 10 seconds Teddy is over and on her thrusting his hard penis vigoriously against her seeking her vagina, the suddenly Elle squeals out, then begins whimpering as Teddy's penis thrusts in side her, then Elle starts gasping as Teddy's bulb swells and locks it's self up inside her, now panting heavily non-stop as Teddy's penis and bulb  swells larger and larger as he ejaculates into her.

Susan whispers to Elle, "good girl, he is locked in you good and pumping his semen in you now".

Elle whimpers, "I going to have a orgasm". then she starts moaning and squealing as she twitchs and shakes.
Susan says, "just let yourself cum and cum, he will in you for 10-15 minutes".
Elle mumbles, "oh he feels so big and hot inside", them she squeals and squirms as she has another orgasm all the while gasping and shaking intensely.
As the orgasm subsides, she with her butt up and her vagina locked to his penis, Teddy lift off her back and turns around facing Susan, Elle yelps loadly then begins having another orgasm as Teddy pulls her backwards about 6 inches, before Susan hold him in place.
Elle pushes herself back to him as she jerks and twitchs with the orgasm, once the orgasm passes she just remains steady in position other then shuddering and flinching nearly non-stop while she whimpers and whines and has orgasm one after another until after 15 minutes Teddy begins pulling his self out of her, Elle quickly begins squealing loudly as Teddy pulls his cock out of her with a loud pop.
Elle lets her body fall to the mat and lays there kicking and squirming as she as another orgasm, after it passes she lays there whimpering for about a minute before Susan lays next to her and caresses her back and neck and runs her fingers through Elle's hair, then says to her, "how do you feel?".
Elle slowly rolls over and smiles, and softly near like a whisper says, "Michael told me, warned me if I got breed by the dogs, I'd be owned by them, he was exactly right".
Susan giggles and says, "welcome to the club".
Elle giggles then says, "I have to get bred by dogs now, I have to be".
Susan says, "well you live with the right people, we have to be bred by dogs, its as simply as that". 

Elle softly says, "oh I know why you's gotta be bred by the dogs, I want Teddy in me so bad now again and he just bred me"

Susan replies, "I want you to get bred by him twice every day for at least 5 straight days now, then you'll fully belong to him as his breeding bitch, both in your mind and his".

Elle whimpers and murmurs, "oh I want him so badly, so, so much".

Susan says, "I know how you feel, I know your going need him to breed you all the time now, thats ok".

Elle says, "I never thought I could feel so dependent, but I gotta get bred by Teddy and all the group dogs now".

Susan says, "once Sally and Peggy know you've gotten bred by Teddy, they will start introducing you to all the group dogs so you can start getting bred many times a day".

Elle ,with tears running down her face cries and mumbles, "I want so much to belong to all the dogs as their breeding bitch in heat, I feel like I am intensely in heat and want bred non-stop right now".

Susan says, "you'll get control of that feeling, but you just under gone a major life change by having a dog  breed you, right now you've got alot dog semen up inside of you, 10 times of that of a man, let get you up and into the bathroom".

Susan helps Elle into the bathroom, then gets her leaning on the sink.

Susan then says, "I'm going wash you up a bit, get the butt plug out, then I'll insert a plug in your pussy to keep all that semen up in you for a few hours."

Elle says, "ok"

Susan says, "I suspect you also most likely had the most intense orgasms that you've ever experienced".

Elle says, "yes, so intense it was like I was passing out, I still feel like I could suddenly just start having another orgasm any second".

Susan says, "if you do you do, as she slips the plug into Elle's vagina".

Elle quickly jerks and starts squealing as she begins having another orgasm".

Susan stands and holds Elle as she violently quivers and jerks.

Elle finallt goes calm and turns and holds Susan tightly.

Susan gets her into her bedroom where she gets Elle laid down and covered up with a blanket. 

Elle softly says, "thanks so much, I feel wonderful, I just need to lay here a bit until my body quits surging".

Susan lays next to her caressing her face and hair for about 10 minutes, the Elle up like awaking from a dream.

Elle giggles and says, "Teddy has a new girl friend, I know that".

Susan giggles and replies, "I can tell he wants you badly to, the way he took you so quick and really took his time impregnating you with his sperm, how does it feel knowing there are millions of Teddy's sperm swimming around in you".
Elle says, "oh blissful, I wish I could be pregnant by Teddy".
Susan giggles and says, "both Michael and I often say that to".
Elle says, "I could if I would, I do believe, and have a litter of his puppies".
Susan says, "just between you and I, we need to be finding you a Irish wolfhound puppy, like Sally and myself your going to need a wolfhound as a constant companion for the rest of your life now".
Elle replies, "would you help me find a wolfhound puppy?, I want to get one right away, cause he has to be a year or old before sexually mature correct?".
Susan says, "I've mostly heard a year and a half, Teddy started breeding Michael and I when his was that age and as you can see he is very good at getting the job done".
Elle smiles big and says, "I can not possible imagine ever feeling better then what he just made me feel like, other then the human contact aspect of being with another human, there is no longer a need to have sex with men"
Susan says, "I feel the same, Sally does, Peggy does as well, you'll also notice that none of share this with very many others, because we know once they been bred by a large  dog like Cunnington or Teddy, their lives will dramaticlly be changed like yours just has been, now no matter how hard you fight it your going need a wolfhound, great dane or another breed of large dogs breeding you".
Elle says, "I'm not going fight the urge, I know it is right for me, I'm so turned on like I've never been turned on in my life".
Susan says, "why to think Sally is getting bred by at least 5 of the group dogs every day".
Elle says, "I want to be doing that as well soon if possible, Sally was saying there would soon be 30 stud dogs in the group we'd would be serving".
Susan says, "that's a big reason I want to join, I know that, along with maybe getting to be with quite few 13 year olds".
Elle says, "I hope you can get Audrey and Helen to join, the idea of being with a 13 year old is a big turn on to me, I've turned down the advances of many 15-16 years even in the last few weeks, even though I wanted not to turn them down".
Susan says, "I look at it as a chance to teach them about sex, be good lovers, how to respect and treat women".
Elle says, "you taught Michael very well, I would imagine Johnny is a good lover as well".
Susan replies, "yes, they both are great lover, but also great people".
Elle says, "what about the Jensen guys, did you serve them as well?"
Susan replies, "yes, and do to the fact that, I have always lived alone here farm since I moved here in 1970, the Jensen guys spent alot of time here, Caroline, Michael, Johnny and Peggy know I still see quite a few of the Jensen guys, yet considering I use the same guidelines as the group they've formed, that is that the guys can have sex with me all the want for free, but only me, if they meet a lady, and want to have sex with her thats fine, if it don't work out they can come back to me but they have to get tested, wait three months re test, if the test is good, they can start having sex with me again, So I'm getting tested tomorrow and I am certain my test will be fine, I'm seeing guys now that first started having sex with me 28 years ago, many were married and divorced, many are married and I have sex with their wives as well, right now I am having sex with many sons of the married couples, the son's ages ranging from 12 to 18, but until I get tested, I and all of them get tested I am not going to be intimate in Sally and Peggy's group, so Peggy felt that I should not mention this at the meeting".
Elle replies, "I'd say thats fair enough, can I ask how many son's in the 12-14 year old range you are seeing currently?".

Susan replies, "I have 5-12 year olds, 6-13 year olds, 2-14 year olds, and 6-17 year olds and about 20 young guys 18 to 22, 39 sons of Jensen Fathers that I see weekly at least once, the guys that have their drivers licsense now, gang-bang me alot so that helps alot with seeing all of them, but I still see them regularly".
Elle says, "seriously your tempting me just to join up we you, you could proably get me gang-banged several times a day by your guys".
Susan replies, "yes, I worried about getting all of them joined up, especially the young guys, so as soon as you leave, I'm going to be on the phone for the next several days working all this out, the one good thing is, is that Caroline is going to start seeing all of them again, and if you dedicate to them, it will be hard for them to turn down joining the group"
Elle says, "I sure wish I could help some how".
Susan says, "you might be able to, especially by meeting some of the couples with sons and their sons, I could invite them out and you and I and Michael could explain to them the plans to join Sally and Peggy's group, can't hurt, Michael knows all the sons, Michael has had sex with all the husband and wives in the past, yet not the 12-15 years, Michael chooses only to have sex with the 17 or over guys, yet he has not been lately since becoming serious with Sally, and having her move in with him".
Elle says, "I trust you's very much, and I'm in this with you's now and for the long haul, so you tell me what to do and I'll do it".

Susan says, "I very much like the fact that you want gang-banged often, because it will make it much more affordable for Caroline and myself's guys to be with you, most of our guys are not as well off finanically as the white guys in Sally and Peggy's group".

Elle replies, "how often do you think you could set me up in a gang-bang?"
Susan replies, "most likely every night during the week, then 3-4 Saturday, same Sunday
Elle replies, "how many guys will I likely be with each session?".
Susan says, " we could try 6 guys, if you like that ok we try more on the weekends were it would be easier to schedule them".

Elle says, "sounds like a plan, I can maybe start seeing the dogs, and serve the owners during the day, the do a gang-bang every night, I'm willing to try at least for a few month until school, if it works out, I might just do this and not return to teaching and research for a few years, I been thinking on that path since yesterday anyway, even much more so since Teddy bred me".
Susan says, "Well you know you have home here, so that part of your life is secure, I have plenty of wealth, Michael does, and Caroline does, so as long as you want to live with all of us I know your wanted and very welcome here".

Elle says, "thanks so much, I've never felt so wanted and welcome as I do by you's, and I never wanted to be anywhere more then as I do here with you's, I want to serve you so much, be with Michael so much, I love everybody I've met so much, it's like I am in a dream".
Susan says, "I am certain you will really like all the Jensen guys, and like Caroline said she has been talking to at least 150 former Jensen guys just recently wanting to see her, if we get half of them to join, your going to much needed to serve them".

Elle says, "I know I ready to serve them the best I can, having enough time in the day will be my obstacle to over come, and getting sore, she giggles".
Susan replies, "all the guys know to keep us well lubed, and know not to be to hard on us, when you get gang-banged Michael will be there to make sure your well lubed, and mention to the guys if he thinks they are thrusting in you to hard, he likely swallow their semen as well if you are not up to it".
Elle says, "yeah Michael swallowed Marcus and Louis's semen for me after they fucked me on the pontoon today, I liked that a lot".
Susan replies, "did Michael fuck you as well?"
Elle says in a very submissive tone, "yes, I let him cum in my pussy, Marcus and Louis butt fucked me".
Susan says, "I heard they both have big cocks".
Elle says, "yep, biggest I've ever had in me that's for sure, speaking of them, I'd better be getting back over there, if I'm lucky maybe Marcus and Louis will fuck me again tonight".
Susan giggles and says, "you are horny today".
Elle says, "I beyond horny, there has to be another term for it, maybe I want gang-banged so bad is the best expression".
Susan says, "well get back over there, I've got a lot of calls to make, I call you after I get my test results, and Caroline and I get all the Jensen guys joined up, plus the nearly 70 existing group men, and your good looks and personality you'll busy at least hours having sex and I want you to lick and suck my pussy as often as possible to".
Elle smiles big, kisses her on the lips, then says, "Susan you call, I'll come running and suck and lick your pussy or anything else you want me to do, see you tomorrow, good luck calling". Elle pulls her shorts on quick, gets her sandals on, Kisses Susan again and disappears out.

Elle drives back to Michaels, gets the car parked then heads into house, as she walks into the kitchen, she finds Peggy, Sally, Michael, Louis, Kathy and Marcus sitting around the kitchen table.

Elle says, "hi, I'm sorry I got sidetracked, Susan introduced me to Teddy, next thing I knew I was on my hands and Knees with Teddy's penis locked up inside me".

Everybody smiles big.

Michael says, "so, tells us how it went".

Elle replies, " It was so wonderful, I'm hooked, I have to serve the dogs now, I can imagine not getting bred by the dogs, is was the most intense, intimate sexual encounter I've ever experience".

Sally says, "Elle we've got a group of ladies in the group that own stallions and large breed dogs and are incestuous with their sons and they are all zoosexuals like us, and get bred by their dogs and ingest their stallion's semen,  Michael ingests the lady's stallion semen and gets bred by the their dogs, and is a submissive to all the ladies sexually, it would be great for you to meet all of them"

Elle looks at Michael with a devilish grin and says, "your quite the busy femboy slut aren't you, you going to teach me how to suck stallion cock?".

Michael sheepishly replies, "yes, I'm a submissive for all group members, I can take you over to Caroline and Johnny's here in a while, I was going to milk Oscar's cock, he'd be a good stallion for you to learn on, and his semen is the best tasting semen this is other then Edward's".
Elle giggles and replies, "if I start ingesting stallion and jack donkey semen will I be addicted to it as well?".

Michael says, "I am, I hope you like it, I spend a lot of time ingesting stallion semen, I try to ingest a cup of stallion semen a day or suck off 4 stallions a day and get bred by Edward once or twice a day".

Elle says, "I want to be with you Michael, so I hope I like stallion and donkey semen as well, when you want to go over to Caroline and Johnny's?".

Sally pipes in and says, "Elle you eat some pizza first before you do anything, I'll heat you some up if you like".

Elle looks at what remains of the two pizzas on the table, and says, "I like pizza cool, I just grab a beer and eat the pizza as it is", Elle stands walks to the frig., grabs a beer, a paper plate then a few slices of pizza then sits back down.

As Elle starts to eat, Sally asks her, "Elle, Thomas called a bit ago and wanted me to ask you if you knew any foreign languages?".

Elle replied, "yes, I'm fairly fluent in Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish mainly because I studied in South and Central America so much".

Elle replies, "why might he want to know Sally?".

Sally replies, "oh you made a big impression on him I think, and he owns a company that work on a global level, so he is always interested in people who speak foreign languages".

Elle replies, "tell him I will be happy to serve him any way I can, only I don't want to be alway from here, Michael and I made a pact as far as over night travel, we decided where I goes he goes if it is overnight".

Sally looks at Michael, then says, Michael would you like to share with Peggy,Louis, Kathy and Marcus how you met Elle?".

Michael says, "well it's best I do, even though I am ashamed of it, last Friday night after Greg picked Sally up and took her to the beach gang-bang, I started getting anxious, hyper eroticly charged you might call it, I didn't sleep much, come Saturday morning, I got bred by Cunnington and Edward both, went over and talked to Caroline and Johnny awhile, sucked off both Oscar and Potter and ingested their semen, then came back to farm. I just kept getting more and more anxious and hyper, so I though I drive into Ben's and get some needed supplies, I jumped in the rx-7, and started driving to town, next thing I knew I had a extremely intense erection as I drove, so I pulled off the highway, stopped and stipped naked and kept driving, next thing I knew I was in the  Burger King parking lot sitting watching the drive-up window to make sure a female that I felt was older then 18 was working it, I seen Elle, I pulled into the line, covering myself while placing my order at the call box and waiting in line, then when I pulled up to the drive-up window, Elle can tell you's the rest".

Elle smiles and says, "yep I leaned out the window to take Michael's money, I instantly seen he was completely nude and he had a very hard erection, Michael very politely, yet with a very meek submissive tone said hi, I took is 10 dollar bill, which I still have, I took my time, replace the bill with my own, made his change then leaned out smiling and looking at him well until there with Michael looking at and both up his hands on the steering wheel, a huge glob of semen exploded out of his cock landing on his stomach followed by 3 more big sqirts of semen, I then went and got his order, handed it out to Michael, smiled and told him thanks for the show, Michael said thank you and sorry, then slowly drove off. Well a hour latter Michael was in the drive-up again, this time fully clothed, he handed me a apology note with his phone number on it, I told him I'd call him in a hour when I got off work, here we are now".

Kathy says, "what a exciting way to meet, wow!".

Marcus says, "Elle did you think about calling the police?".

Elle replies, "no, not once, first Michael was clearly acting so polite, vulunerable, submissive and meek, it was like love at first sight, I wanted him for my own!".

Peggy says to Michael, "Michael were you ever stroking yourself while driving, in the drive-up line or in front of Elle?".

Michael replies, "no I never did at anytime from the time I left the farm, until I ejaculated in front of Elle".

Peggy says, "that must of been a very intense orgasm, wasn't it?".

Michael replies, as he leans forward on the table putting his face in his hands and says,"it was the most intense orgasm I've ever experienced, I was shaking so bad I had to pull-over once I left the Burger King parking lot."

Elle then says, "I figured that I just watched a guy just experience maybe the most intense orgasm he'll ever know, just by watching the way his body was jerking, the huge amount of semen he ejaculated and the way he drove off slowly shaking intensely, I was so happy when he came back, even if Michael hadn't handed me the note, I was going to tell him that I wanted him as my submissive slutboy".

Louis says, "so you seen Michael as a guy who was very submissive and needed a dominate female?".

Elle replies, "I clearly knew he was very submissive, likely feminine in nature by his voice, and I'd never seen a adult male with a completely bald pubic area like him, thus I felt he was trying to be non-masculine for some reason, thus I felt he was by no means someone who would harm me, you have to understand also, I've been studying human sexual behaviour and diversity from a cultural anthrologically perspective for the last 14 years, so I am fairly in tune to catching clues that people might display in regards to their sexual nature, unfortunely due to the taboo aspect of sex in American society or the world for that matter, there is very little research on human sexual diversity, so I also seen Michael as a good research subject in regards to why he felt the strong urge to expose himself to me, and how he feels now, which he and I are trying to decipher".

Peggy says as she looks at Michael smiling empathically, "well I've known Michael since he was 13 years old and I know he would not harm you, I also know he has very servant, loyal and submissive sexually to Edward, myself, Aunt Becky, the Jensen guys and Susan and he'll be good for you to have as your full time sub".

Elle says, "yes I'd like to have Michael with me as much as possible, be with him every night always, be at least here as much as possible, I realize I need to let him do his carpentry worker, and go meet men and the dogs and stallions alone at times, yet I'm hoping I can serve all of you's sexually here or at Susan's or Caroline's farms".

Sally replies, "that is my goal, that is to start seeing as many men and dogs here at the farm, or as you say Susan's or Caroline's farms".

Michael says, "Caroline and Ed are having the airplane hangar and runway built over there for Sam the aircraft mechanic, he is a former Jensen worker and Caroline will start serving him as a harem girl in the next few days, as Caroline told me that he just got tested yesterday, and wants me to start serving him again as well".

Peggy says, "Michael, just guessing, how many Jensen guys to you think will be joining the group now, that you and Caroline have served since you were 13 years old?"

Michael replies," I'd say about 80 to 100, thats how many I was serving until Aunt Becky passed away and that I know Caroline was seeing for sure on a monthly routine until Ed's tractor accident, we'd both see at least 6 guys a day 5 days a week, then about 10 guys Saturday, 10 guys Sunday, and I didn't serve many of the guys Caroline did, or those who didn't wish a "berdache type" femboy like me serving them".

Marcus says, "Michael did most of the Jensen guys that you would see penetrate you anally?".

Michael replies, "I say that about 80% of the guys I seen just had me perform fellatio on them, I'd usually have 6 guys come out every night, from 6pm to 9pm I'd perform fellatio on them, some might penetrate my bottom as well, I never knew how they might want me, I got my Vasectomy when I was 18 years old so I could start serving some of the Jensen guy's mothers, sisters, aunts and wives as their submissive, so I was performing cunninglingus on them mainly, however if the told to me to, I penetrate them". 

Elle says, "Michael were there any incestuous mother son relationships amongest the Jensen guys?".

Michael replies, "yes a few mother/son, a few aunt/Jensen guy, and a few Jensen guy/sister relationships".

Peggy says, "how many females from the Jensen group that you've had a sexual relationship with would join the group right now?".

Michael ponders a second, then says, "I have served 38 females from the Jensen group since I was 13, I'd say most of them would join, so I'd like to start serving all 38 of my Jensen ladies that is moms, wives, sisters, aunts etc".

Sally replies, "it would be nice to have some black harem girls as part of our group".

Michael says, "yes, I agree, I'd love to have all of them join, they are all wonderful ladies, well educated and they all love sex, most of them are still having sex with most of the Jensen guys, all the Jensen guys start having sex with the ladies at age 13 and can continue to for life, so Sam who will be living over at Ed, Carol and Johnny's has had sex with all the ladies that I have, just has all the Jensen guys do, for example there is Belle, she is 65 years old and still has sex with every Jensen guys that has worked at Jensen's since 28 years ago, that is if the guy requests her to, for example every now and then Belle will tell me that one of her former Jensen guys was in town for a visit, and she not seen in 20 years, yet while here visiting she served him sexual and his son".

Sally replies, "Michael would you mind having Belle come out and visit us?.

Michael replies, "I can call and see what see is doing right now if you like?".

Peggy says, "please call her, she used to come out here all the time and spend the night, go swimming and snorkeling, I love her so much".

Michael gets on the phone and calls Belle, she answers after a few rings and says, "hello".

Michael says, "hi Belle, Michael here".

Belle says, "I was just hoping to see you soon".

Michael says, "that is why I calling, I was sitting here with Peggy and she wants you and the Jensen guys and Ladies to join the group that she co-founded that serve the men".

Belle replies, "I can come out right now if you like, I'll call Susan and see if I can sleep at her place, I was hoping Teddy might stud me, I over due to get bred by him, I see you's in a after hour, bye".

Michael hangs up the phone, looks at Peggy then all rest of them and says, "Belle will be here in a half hour".

Elle says, "Michael, just so I get this right, you've served Belle sexually as her submissive since age 13 correct?".

Michael replies, "yes, and I work on her house, keep it fixed up etc.".

Louis says, "you penetrate her like a man, is that correct?".

Michael says, "yes, I've always penetrated all the Jensen ladies since I was 18 years old, and after I had gotten my Vasectomy surgery, that is, as long as the ladies were 16 years old or older, for example I was serving Mr Jensen's wife until she passed away at age 85".

Sally says, "Michael did you perform fellatio on Mr Jensen?"

Michael replies, "yes, until he passed away 5 years prior to her, I served him and her orally since I was 13 years old, just as Aunt Becky, Caroline and Susan did, he preferred me for fellatio, once I got my drivers license I'd perform fellatio on Mr Jensen and perform cunninglingus on Mrs Jensen 2 or 3 times a week each".

Peggy says, "Michael, did Belle have you performing cunninglingus on her routinely by age 13 as well?"

Michael says, "yes, I've performed for her routinely since I was 13 as well, I was penetrating her at 13 though".

Elle says, "Michael, is Belle sterile?"

Michael replies, "yes, she gave birth to a still born girl at age 18, and got a Tubal ligation right after that, she was very traumtized by it, and doesn't like to talk about it just to let you's know".

Elle says, "I'm glad you told me that, because I think I'm going to have the Tubal ligation surgery done here in the near future".

Peggy says, "I got the Tubal ligation surgery done when I was 22, I knew then that I wanted large breed dogs as my primary male lovers, and simply didn't desire to have children". 

Sally asks Peggy and Michael, "does Belle have a male dog lover now?".

Michael replies, "yes she has two Irish wolfhounds, Benny and Earl, Benny is 5 now, Earl is 2 now, Earl bred me last week, while I performed cunninglingus on Belle".

Kathy says, "have the Jensen guys penetrate you while you perform cunninglingus on Belle?".

Michael replies, "yes, that is a very common thing Belle and I would do, I hope that will be common with Elle and I as well with the Jensen guys, when they start joining the group".

Kathy replies, "I'd like if you performed cunninglingus on me, while the guys penetrate you Michael".

Michael replies, I'll perform cunninglingus on you Kathy anytime you want, and in any context you like, just tell me to, don't ask".
Kathy stands, walks to Michael takes his hand and says, "come with me, my pussy is wet and needs sucked". Michael stands and follows Kathy to her bedroom.

Marcus stands, walks to Elle and takes her hand, and leads her down the hall, Elle softly says to him, " you go on upstairs, I want to douche my bottom for you, I come right up to you once I done", Marcus says, "ok, I freshen up and be waiting for you", Elle hurrys to the bathroom and douches her bottom and freshens up.

Louis takes Peggy upstairs.

Sally makes herself a long island ice tea, and goes and sits on the front porch and lights up a smoke.

Kathy strips nude and lays on the bed, Michael strips nude and crawl onto the bed, and starts kissing and licking Kathys freshly shaven smooth bald pussy as Kathy lays back with her knees up and her legs spread for him, soon Kathy is moaning softly and wiggling about as Michael expertly performing cunninglingus on her.

Out on the front porch, Sally finishes her smoke, and then stands and walks back into the house, down the hall to her and Kathy's bedroom were she climbs on the bed and next to Kathy and begins caressing her chest, and kissing her face.

Louis has Peggy on his bed, on her hands and knees, and is sliding his big cock in and out of her pussy as he reaches with one hand under her and rubs her clit, as Peggy moans out, "fuck me hard, it been to long since you've used me as your bitch to fuck", Louis replies, "I know, I hope you'll start coming out here to the farm alot, so I can fuck you a lot more".

Elle walks in Marcus's room, goes to him drps to her knees in front of him, pulls his shorts down and off, then quickly starts kissing and licking his already stiff, bone hard cock softly saying, "oh your cock tastes so wonderful Marcus". After a few minutes, Elle runs across the hall, grabs a towel, returns lays the towel on the edge of bed, lubes Marcus's penis with K-Y jelly, then lays back on bed and raises her legs in then air, looks up in Marcus and submissive says, "please fuck my tight ass hard I'm your bitch now, I belong to you, pump me full of your cum, train me to be your slut, I want to be your trained slut so much Marcus". Marcus get up next to her pulls her hips up, then with one hand gets his cock slipped inside her, Elle gasps, he then slides it completely up inside her causing her to squeal and gasp, Marcus then holds both of her legs tightly so her hips are up off the bed, then he starts thrusting in and out of her bottom, causing Elle to arch her head back and begin to whine and squeal loudly, soon Elle is huffing and puffing and calling out, "make me your slut bitch, please I need fucked constantly". Marcus says as he thrusts into her, "oh your a good bitch for me, I'll help make your tight ass is always full of man cum, and your pussy is always full of dog cum, how do you like having Teddy's sperm swimming around inside you and knowing soon my sperm will be swimming around inside your bottom?", Elle gasps, then her whole body shutters as she crys out, "I'm cumming, please feel me with your sperm Marcus, please".
Marcus keeps sliding his cock slowly in and out of her as she wiggles and squeals as she has her orgasm, once Elle recovers from the orgasm, Marcus pulls his cock completely out of her, lubes his cock good with K-Y, then slides it all the way back up inside her hard and fast then holds it up in her tightly, Elle begins yelping, and wiggling her hips wildly as she pushes herself as tightly to him as she can, Marcus hold into her like that a good minute then starts thrusting into her hard and fast, Elle starts gasping and squealing non-stop until Marcus finally starts grunting and jerking about as he starts ejaculating deep up inside her butt, Elle lays back squealing as she starts to climax again.
Marcus then lays next to her on the bed and begins kissing her neck and cheek as she recovers from her orgasm.

Kathy finishes climaxing from Michael performing cunninglingus on her, Sally, Michael and her get up and head to the bathroom, freshen up and get dressed knowing Belle soon will be arriving, the three of them then head to Michael's shop and stand outside the overhead door, Sally and Michael light up smokes and the three of them share a long island ice tea while they wait for Belle.

Not soon after Sally and Michael finish their smokes, they see Belle's car coming down the lane, as soon as she pulls up and parks, Michael is there to greet her with a hug and a kiss, the two them them step over to Sally and Kathy, Sally steps to her and kisses her cheek and says, "Belle it is a pleasure  to see you again".
Belle replies, "you as well Sally, it's been far to long".

Sally then turns to Kathy and says, "this is my partner Kathy".
Kathy steps to Belle and shakes her hand as she says, "it's a pleasure to meet you Belle".
Belle leans and kisses Kathy's cheek and then says, "pleasure is mine as well Kathy".

Michael then says, "lets head into the Kitchen and sit down, they all follow Michael in the washroom door, Michael hears sniffing and scratching on the stable door, he quickly says, "you's go on up, I'll let Cunnington and Edward in".

Belle, Sally and Kathy walk on up in the Kitchen while Michael lets Cunnington in, then takes Edward back to his feeding trough and gets him hay and sees that he starts eating, then Michael heads to the kitchen.

By the time Michael walks in the kitchen, Cunnington is eating from his bowl, and everybody is seated the table chatting and drinking wine, Michael grabs a cup and pours himself some wine and sets next to Elle, Elle squeezes his leg firmly under the table and leans against him.

The conversation is at the point where they are talking about Belle and the Jensen group joining with Sally and Peggy's group.

With everybody seated, Peggy looks at Belle and says, "Belle would you tell us about how your group with the Jensen guys got started please, I'm sure all here would love to hear your story, because our group was founded on your same principles".

Belle looks around at everybody and then says, " I like Caroline started working for Mr. Jensen, only I was 16 years old, and Caroline met 6 years later when she was 22, Caroline started working for that time after I introduced her to Mr. Jensen.
When I started, I soon was then attention of all the Jensen guys, I was experienced sexually by then, it was important to my Mother she was single, I never knew my father he was killed in Vietnam, it was very important to her that I learn how to cleanly and comfortably perform for men by taking their penis up inside my bottom, I had a cousin Danny who was my age, he and I were always close, so my Mom and my Aunt taught Danny and I the proper ways of having intercourse when we were 13 years old, that included him penetrating me anally only, it was highly stressed that we could only use my vagina if we wished to have children, they taught me how to treat a man and please him, they taught Danny how to treat a female and please her, so both Danny and I were very experienced lovers by age 16 when both he and I started working for Jensen's. Once I started working there I tell all the guys, all were black guys that they were welcome to have sex with me as long as they treated me respect, only had sex with me and only penetrated my bottom and Danny was very supportive of my decision to teach all of them how the proper way to have sex with a lady, and not to get her pregnant.
So by 2 weeks after I started, I was having sex with every Jensen worker routinely, it was not longer before the Jensen guys were asking if I'd start having sex with their brother, cousin and fathers, this had a domino effect, thus by the end of the season in October, I was having sex with all 15 of the Jensen guys, 7 guys who were brothers of Jensen guys, 5 cousins.
It also was important to me that I know all the parents of all my lovers, explain to them what I was doing, that all of guys were only to have sex with me, believe it or not, I couldn't believe it at first, but all the parents of the guys welcomed with support for what I was doing, and they all were soon encourging me to take their sons who were 13-15 years old as lovers.
By the spring of the following year, I was seeing 23 young guys ages 13 to 15, plus all the other cousins and brothers of the Jenens guys, so I was having sex with 50 guys routinely at their homes, so Mr. Jensen let me leave a hour earlier then then guys, I had a schedule of the guys I'd see each day, I'd get off work, go home shower, my mom had a copy of my schedule so you knew where I'd be, I have sex with generally 6 guys every night until about 9pm, then on the weekends I have sex with guys all day Saturday and Sunday.
By that spring my Mom seen that my seeing so many guys was wearing me thin, so she suggested that she would perform sexually for any of the guys who would like to be with her, she also suggested that her, Danny and I have all the parents, one couple at a time have dinner with Mom and I and discuss the idea of some of Mothers start having sex with the guys as well.
So we started having a parent couple join us for dinner at least once a week, and began running the idea past them, the first couple agreed to the idea on the grounds that the father could start having sex with my Mom, that night Mom had sex with the father, Danny had sex with the Mother, by June there were 5 mothers of the Jensen guys,cousin and brothers having sex with all the guys in the group, 5 Fathers having sex with my Mom and the 5 other Mothers, this in turn allowed all of us to serve the guys more times weekly, nearly every day each guy could be having sex with one of the 6 Mothers and myself, and quite a few of them were".

Belle looks around at everybody, and says, "that is it in a nut shell, other then Caroline joining our group 6 years later, and at which time there was about 150 males, 7 Mothers, myself and Caroline, the first and only white female in the group".

Kathy says,"how long did the guys usually remain in the group before the met a girl outside the group, thus had to leave the group?".
Belle says, "very good question, but to take a look at from one of the guys perspectives, then knowing the guidelines of belong to the group, then knowing he could see and get to know a female friend for a long time before having sex with her is a important dynamic of the group, because he can have unlimited sex with 9 different females if he remains in the, yet have a close friendship with a female friend, so when most of the guys left the group, it was they were going to college in a distant city, or their parents had moved, or they were ready to marry their female friend".

Sally says, "Belle what about you ladies getting paid, like in our group the harem girls, which I am one as well as Kathy, Peggy, Elle, Susan and Caroline soon to be, get paid 50 dollars a session by the majority of the group men, with exceptions like Louis, Marcus, Johnny, Eric, Michael, and any guys 13 to 16 years, will not be paying the 5 of us harem girls, all 6 of us are zoosexuals, Caroline not so much and are being bred by all of the group dogs".   

Belle replies, "I am a dog lover as well, I have two Irish wolfhounds as well as the other Mothers in our group, that breed me regularly, all of the Mothers in our group are zoosexuals and bisexuals now as well".

Peggy says, "Belle what do you think if we merge your group with our group?".

Belle replies, "that would mean merging right at 250 men, boys and as you call us, 21 harem girls to your group".

Sally says, "I think it would be wonderful and very exciting if we could, we'd be very racially diverse, a lot more opportunity for each of us to meet others, stronger in diverse of professions in the group, for example, Belle you know Sam who is a A and P aircraft mechanic, is building a landing strip and aircraft hanger, apartment over at Caroline's and will be employing 4 young black guys to help and learn the trade, however in part that is able to take place because Thomas who is a pilot, owned a company that operates many aircraft is helping with the financing of the landing strip, that's just one example how group member can help each other out".

Belle replies, "yes, I was so happy to hear Sam tell me his dream was coming true as far as his aviation career, and your so right about many more opportunities for all of the new groups members, so I will merge our group with yours starting now, and hope the rest of my group follows along".

Sally stands and steps to Belle and gives her a hug and a big kiss on the cheek and says, "oh I love you, I want to spend as much time with you as I can".

Everybody at the table claps, then starts conversing about how they are looking forward to meeting all the Jensen group members.

Peggy says to Belle and Sally, "you's have any ideas as how we start getting the members of each group meeting each other?".

Belle replies, "I thought I start by giving Caroline a list of about 75 of the guys and Susan about 75 guys, and I'll have a list of the rest of the members who we with call and inform of our plans to merge the two group, then the three of us can start introducing the Jensen group guys to you and Sally one at a time, in turn you can introduce the Jensen guys to your harem girls, because we have so few female members I'd say Peggy you and Sally can get all our female introduced to your guys one at a time, any of your girls can be introduced to our guys by Susan, Caroline or myself, as all three of us have been intimate with all the member at one time, with the exception of the Jensen guys 18 and older, Susan knows all the Jensen group guys 13 to 18, we have ten 13 years olds who will soon be having sex with all our group females".

Sally replies, "are any of your group Mothers having sex with their own sons?".

Belle replies, "yes, all of our group Mothers have sex with their sons once the turn 13".

Peggy says, "that is good, it keeps things simple".

Belle says, "I am 63 now, I've been having sex with every 13 year old since the group began in 1957, 47 years ago, so it has been working well for all of us, the young guys have all turned into fine responsible men, with good sucess".

Sally says, "would you says that most of the guys, even if they marry and have sons, then have had their son's join the group at age 13?".

Peggy says, "all of us harem girls either shave our pussys bald, or we've had our hair permently removed by Electrolysis".

Belle replies, "I had Electrolysis done on myself by your friend Peggy 5 years ago, now all the female harem girls have had it done as well".

Sallys asks, "what about anally sex, do all of your harem girls take the guys anally"?

Belle replies, "if our harem girls have had their tubes tied they take the guys both vaginally and anally as I do, because I had my tubes tied when I was 21 years old, after a long hard decision, but I knew I wanted to serve men sexual, so it was the best decision for me".

Elle pipes in and says, "yes, I am scrambling with that decision myself right now, and I believe I wish to be a harem girl like you, for the rest of my life, and now that I know I'll have over three hundred men I can serve, I think it would be best, especially because I desire to be double penetrated often".

Belle grins big at Elle, then replies, "I love two guys in me at once as well, and many of or group guys like doing that to me, so I'm very lucky, I'm sure they will love doing that with you as well".

Elle replies, in a submissive tone, "I'd like that a lot, I'd like to serve you as well Belle if you should ever want me".

Belle smiles big and says,"oh I want you for sure, so I'm glad you offered, thank you".

Elle sheepishly replies, "your welcome".

Sally says, "we have what we call "last man standing parties" at least once a month, they are big get togethers where as many of the group men that wish and are able, walk around and penetrate all of us harem girls, they make every effort to stop before they ejaculate, thus penetrating each of us girls as often as possible until late in the party they start ejaculating in our mouths, the last guy standing can ejaculate inside one of us girls bottom's of his choice".

Belle replies, "that would be a great way for all of us to meet, why don't we watch the weather and then anounce a date to all members, my guess is that a majority of our members would show up if on a Saturday".

Peggy says, "yep, we could have some park here, some at Caroline's, some at Susan's, then use the four wheeler to shuttle them or they can walk from Susan's and Caroline's".

Belle looks at Michael and says,"Michael you've performed for most of the Jensen group guys over the years including the 13 to 17 year olds correct".

Michael replies, "yes, nearly all of them since I was 13 years old".

Belle says, "I do suggest that we confined having sex with the 13 to 17 year olds to over at Susan's, and keep the sex between 18 and older here, or at Carolines, Ed is supportive of Caroline's serving the guys I know, so I'm sure it will be fine".

Peggy replies, "yes, Caroline talked earlier today about that subject and said it was fine to see the guys over there, and that Ed enjoyed their company and help".

Belle says, "yeah that accident of his really crippled him badly, he lucky to even be alive, there for a few weeks we didn't know if he would live". 
Elle says, "yes, I admire Ed for allowing Caroline to see the guys as he does".

Belle says, "Ed's a wonderful guy and great father figure for Johnny and the other young guys as well, we're lucky he is a part of our group, he has re opened the opportunity of farming to many of our guys, or farm related occupations".

Sally says, "Bobby has become the lover of a guy who is a horse trainer and farrier, his name is Eric and he is 25 years old, Eric and Susan are about to have a horse stables built at Susan's place that will house 20 full size stallion, there are 14 ladies with 14 stallions, all now harem girls for the group, all are single incestuous mothers, all are dog lovers, and ingest stallion semen", so Bobby and Eric will be living with Susan soon".

Elle replies, "will Eric be availble sexually?"

Sally rplies, "he only wants to be available to the ladies will horses, Susan, Caroline, Peggy, Kathy and now you Elle, likely you as well Belle, just ladies who are at the farm often and don't wish to charge him the 50 dollars, so it is more him serving us ladies, and he is as hung and handsome as a guy can get, he has the biggest most beautiful cock I've very had in me, 10 thick inches of manhood and he knows how to use it very well".

Elle smiles big and says, "when can I meet him?".

Sally says, "I'd think tomorrow morning at Susan, since Bobby is there now".

Belle says, "amongest our group we've had generally 10 to 20 12-15 year old sons at all times since about 1960's, it sounds like your group will be equal or more then that for awhile".

Sally says, "we will soon have about 20 sons, 12 to 16 years old that I know of, yet I been told there are several more incestuous Mother and son relationships in the group by Greg and Thomas, speaking of Greg and Thomas, I want you to meet them as soon as possible Belle, they are the other two of our group founders".

Belle says, "I agree, I very much want to meet them, however going back to the 12 to 15 year old especially, I'm sure many of them will be spending a lot of time out here, especially during the summer, we have a few teachers in our group, I would think you's do in your group, I was thinking we put or heads together we them, and figure out a structured activity program or something of that nature for the sons that age".

Peggy says, "I agree, yet I also don't think it can't be like the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) which was for 18-25 year old guys, during the depression to work, and summer vacation as always been a vacation family time, play time, summer camp etc.".

Kathy giggles, "just imagine letting 30, 12 to 15 year old lose here and see what happens without and structure".

Marcus says, "I wish I had some better input, but that one I'll have to sleep on, because they wouldn't be having sex most of the time".

Michael says, "the two people I know that have had a long term mother son sexual relationship, where I been around them almost constantly is Caroline and Johnny, and Johnny and I have been together playing every day together since we were 13 years old, I usually seen Caroline every evening at least, yet we had three farms to play on, chores to do daily, there were always 13 years olds out here from the Jensen group, like Belle said 10 to 20, 12-15 year olds at any giving time, so I was often performing fellatio on them or they would penetrate me, if the lived for times out here during the summer break, yet back to Johnny and Caroline, they have always been like best buddys,  inseparable, I would imagine that would be common between many Mothers and sons who have a long term sex relationship".

Elle says, "believe me I looked for research, testimonals etc. on the Mother son incest topic, there is so little imformation on the topic it is classified "unknown", zoosexually is the same, I feel it is common for both, but because both are considered immoral from a religious perspective, both are so secretive practiced, it is unlikely to ever be well studied, so for myself as a cultural anthropologist this is a great opporunity to study and observe the behaviours of the Mothers and sons without judgement or bias, as I am now part of the group they are part of and likely will be having sex with all of them".

Peggy replies," is there any way you can publish your work in a annoymous way?".

Elle says, "I have been pondering that idea for the last few days, and I believe there is a way, I just have to look into it further, because right here before us we have a record of sons who were in sexual relationships with their mothers, starting at puberty, and growing well into adulthood, and with no terrible psychological effects, maybe more positive effects then anything, I mean I met Johnny, and he is clearly a well developed young man".

Michael replies, "I agree, Johnny is a great person, will give you the shirt off his back in a heart beat, I would say the same with Bobby, and all the Jensen guys who grew up having sex with their Mothers".

Belle says, "I agree Michael, we've never had any seen any problems with any of the guys who grew up in sexual relationship with their Mothers, actually they are some of the most successful, and best well rounded, however like Johnny, Bobby and the Jensen guys, they are also having sexual relationships with older women like Aunt Becky, myself, Susan, and other Jensen Mothers, for example, all the 13 year olds in our group are having sex with everyone of our 21 group females".

Sally says, "I'd say a good place to start is having all the Mother meeting at Susan's with their sons, Susan proably knows all you Mothers and sons right Belle?".

Belle replies, "Susan knows everyone in our group, just as Caroline does, Susan has been a group girl since 1962, just as Aunt Becky was".

Michael says, "in a certain way, what Kathy said earlier "just imagine letting 30, 12 to 15 year old lose here and see what happens" applies to all us, we are setting in place a structure, everybody has to build upon, people will start meeting others in the group at their own pace, so we have to kinda relax and let it happen to a degree, I know most of the Jensen guys for example, so as I meet say all the new ladies who own stallions I can introduce them to Jensen guys, Greg I'm sure will be introducing us to the Mothers with sons who are incestuous because this is the place for them to be, I'd say, because the record shows that it is important that if a Mother and son are sexually intimate, it also best the two of them have intimate relationships apart from that relationship, at least that is what has occurred before my eyes since I moved in with Aunt Becky".

Peggy says, "Michael a very good observation, and well take by me, I also was curious about if you were still thinking about breeding Irish wolfhoods out here at the farm?".

Michael says, "yes, very much so, I just need to be finding a female or maybe two in order to get started, I figure Cunnington or Teddy can breed them, housing them is my biggest riddle or dilemma at least in my mind, if I could I'd love to have 4 or 5 males that could bred myself and the girls here, if you come across any available male or female Irish wolfhound puppies for sale please let me know Peggy".

Peggy says, "Michael, that is why I mention the topic, I know someone who has a female wolfhound nearly ready to give birth, and I mentioned to them that you and I would be interested in taking a male and female puppy, yet I like to keep my male out here with you if that is ok".

Michael says, "I wish you would, then I know I'd see you nearly every day, especially once he was breeding age".

Peggy replies, "you'd see me every day silly, I'd be out here walking him at least every night, plus I figure I see one of Jensen guys at Carolines every night as well, I hope Sally and I can get Elle and Kathy quickly introduced to all of the group dogs so the two of them can be serving each dog twice a week, and within a week there will be 30 group dogs to serve, so Elle and Kathy each with be getting bred 30 times a week just by the group dogs in a few weeks, I know Sally wants to spend a lot more time painting, I'm busy doing diver training, so for me if I could come out and get bred by one of the dogs every night, then see guys randomly would be best for me".

Michael replies, "I have been looking for another jack donkey, but I don't want to think about Edward not always being with me either, so I don't spend much time pondering on that topic, yet I do think often about building kennel with a attached apartment like building with at least two nice room were the dogs can breed us".

Peggy and all the Ladies reply, "that would be a very good idea" 

Sally says, "the problem I have anymore, and I know you do to Peggy is, I feel obligated, to have sex with the men who own each dog, even though I know that isn't true, like Kathy is going to serve all the dogs, I hope Elle will be to, any group girl is welcome to for that matter, we just have to keep track of when the dogs and ladies are together, I at least feel each dog can breed every day for a week every other week, or every other day one week, every day the next week, so if Elle get breed by all 30 in a week for example, each dog has only breed once that week, so in essense Elle could get bred 150 times that week if all 30 dogs bred her every day, which would be impossible".

Elle giggles, "I'd love to try it though".

Sally smiles big and said, "believe me, I've been bred ten times in a day by the dogs quite a few times, and though wonderful, it was all I could do".
Peggy replies, "I second that, your just so plum worn out, it feels like you just ran a marthon, even 5 times a day is demanding, I've never heard of any studies of the effect of semen inside of us, but having 5 dogs fully ejaculate up inside of us in a day, has to physically effect us I would think".

Elle says, "yeah, I never been able to find any studies even related to the effects of semen inside a human female's body, there again sex research is still in the dark ages for the most part, at least concerning behavior and especially concerning zoosexuality and Mother son incest, until society embraces the fact that sex is one of the most important aspects of being human that will be very slow to change, from experience for example, I published a paper about 6 years ago on what I could find out about zoosexuality in women after hearing from a friend, that who is a fireman went a emergency call to find a very prominent female in the community locked in a copulatory tie with her great dane, the dog had paniced and was dragging her, she paniced and called 911, unless something like that comes up, there was very little to go on, yet I had many colleage warning me that it could damage my career for doing it, which to me was and is so sad".

Peggy says, "Science has just really begun to develop, there is much to learn that is for sure".

Elle giggles, "now when I see a lady walking a large dog like a great dane, I automatically wonder if her dog is breeding her".

Kathy says, "I always wonder that to, and what percent are, because I do believe some truly are, and have their big dogs for the same reason as we do, we can't be the only group of women that love big dogs to breed us".

Elle says, "I think it is by opportunity, like myself getting bred by Teddy today, once he'd bred me, I knew I wanted to bred by dogs for the rest of my life, I don't think that is a changeable want on my part, I'll simply always want to be, one reason I believe sex is one of the most powerful guiding forces in human beings, yet least studied".

Belle says, "you've got a lot of work cut out for you concerning your research, I can just say that I'd be happy to help in any way I can".
Elle replies, "thanks so much, I know I'll be picking your brain for insights on these topics".

Louis pipes in and says, "I love hearing what we are discussing, but Marcus and I have classes tomorrow so we are going to call it a night, so goodnight to all".
Louis and Marcus stand, everybody tells them goodnight as the proceed up the back stair case by the kitchen.

Belle says, "yes, I best be getting home, I got two big dogs that will be wondering where I am, so goodnight and I will be seeing and talking to you's tomorrow I'm sure".

Michael and Elle stand, and walk with her out to her car, once at the car, both Elle and Michael hug her, and wish her a goodnight, then watch her drive off.

As they stand watching her tail light disappear, Elle says, "what a presents she has, I feel honored to have met her".
Michael replies, "yes, she is a very beautiful person indeed".

Elle says, "that is what disturbs me so greatly about our society, here you have people like her, and all of us that are zoosexuals in that we love to be bred by large dogs, Belle, Susan and Caroline love having sex with 12-13 year guys, I think I will to, we have Mothers who are having wonderful sexual relationships with their sons, yet we'd all be getting arested, having our mugs shots taken, our careers ruined, maybe imprisoned, that is what this society we live in would do to us, to me that is shocking".

Michael replies as he hugs her and holds her, saying, "I feel the same way, but that is how it works, and that's why we have create our own little society within the larger one, just as gays have done, blacks, Jews, you know society is made of many micro cultures, we are just another one of them, I'm sure I could learn much from you on that topic".

Sometimes being in acedemics makes my blood boil, like that when I wrote that paper on zoosexual amongest women, because I knew it existed in society, yet shouldn't be written about, I interviewed the firefighter friend of my friend, the one thing he told was that, she was wise, as soon as they got her  great dane settled down, his knot slipped out of her bottom, her being fine begged them to not inform the news, she then called the fire and police chief whom she knew personally and the whole matter was able to be kept out of the news, her husband was a important city or state offical of some type, I never knew which I didn't wish to know, yet it could of ruined their lives, if it was made public, to me that is wrong".

Michael says, "back to Ruth Benedict and the "shaming society", it is what we are, or the way it is, and it is sad I agree, look at myself and why I moved to Aunt Becky's, it was to escape societial shaming simply because I like to perform sexually for guys, I was near sucidal, developed severe OCD, that was very real, I would think there are many groups such as our's that are zoosexual centered, or Mother/son incest centered, I was having sex with my Mom and it was wonderful for both of us, I know that was real".

Elle says, "your right, I just got accept it and move on".

Michael says, "now do you want to sleep on the futon in the living room with Edward on the floor or go to Susan's?".

Elle says, "I'd like to sleep with you always forever if that is ok".

Michael replies, "it is great if you wish, though I must warn you, Edward usually wakes up about 3am, and he and I go to the washroom where he breeds me every night".

Elle says, "I want to see Edward breed you so much, maybe soon I can start ingesting his semen, and suck his cock to".

Michael says, "soon you will be, promise".

Late Tuesday night

Michael and Elle walk back into the house and walk up into the kitchen, the see Kathy and Sally just standing up from the table and saying goodnight to Peggy.
Michael says, Peggy your welcome to sleep on the futon in the living room".

Peggy says, "I would but, I have some thing I want to do at the dive shop first".

Michael replies, "I want you and Jeff to move out here with us, I going start building that addition on the side of the house, we can make the lower part a apartment for you and Jeff".

Peggy smiles big, "I'll talk to Jeff about it, I'd really like to help you with the breeding the Irish wolfhounds, just between you two and me I like to have my own dogs with me, and where I live breeding me, I'm getting burn't out with all the driving around".

Michael says, "I think Sally has reached that point to, though she uses, the wanting to paint, which she does, but the being burn't out is force there as well".

Peggy replies," yep, I agree, she is ready for a change, so Elle you and Kathy have come to take our places at a perfect time".

Michael and Elle turn and walk Peggy back out to her van

Peggy climbs in her van, and says, "I'm introducing Kathy to 5 of the dogs tomorrow, so I hope I see you two some time, good night".

Michael and Elle say goodnight to her and walk back inside to the kitchen and sit down.

Michael says, "I never got to ask you how it went with Marcus before Belle arrived?".

Elle smiled big and said, "oh he treated me so good, made me cum alot, then he ejaculated in my bottom so I got Marcus cum and Teddy cum swimming around in me".

Michael says," feels good doesn't it".

Elle says, "yes, I want it to be like this everyday, I know that, I know I'm addicted to black cock now to".

Michael says, "I'm going have a bit more wine, you want some to?".

Elle replies, "yes please, I'm not that tired yet, and I just going to work from 10 to 1 at the Burger King tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get bred by Teddy right away when I get back out here, Susan wants Teddy to breed me everyday for a week straight, then every other day after that".

Michael pour them each some wine in two cups.

Michael replies, "that will be good, Teddy can get to know you, and you be his regular harem bitch to breed from now on until we can get you own wolfhound, I'm guessing Audrey, Helen, Bobby and Billy will all be over there in the mourning, so hopefully you'll meet them, I would not be surprised if some of the Jensen Mothers don't show up over there with Belle as well, plus who knows who Sally might get you lined up with tomorrow, but plan on seeing a least one group guy, likely a few guys who have had a vasectomy, especially cause she knows you want double penetrated".

Elle says, "I hope so, I've dreamed of that for a lot time, oh Michael I'm so glad you accept me being a slut".

Michael replies, "we are both sluts, I love that you are a slut intensely, I think your like me, we love helping others and seeing them have a orgasms, it so intimate of a thing to be apart of".

Elle replies, "well said, I agree, you more so then me, I say though cause I really want a to have a orgasm to while with them, where your happy simply giving a guy a blow-job and not concerned about having a orgasm yourself correct?".

Michael replies, "yes, I might not have for week yet have had sex with Edward, and many guys that week, then I suck my cock and ejaculate in my mouth, if I make love to you, Mom or Susan I'll have a orgasm, I did with Aunt Becky as well, but you four are the only females I've ever done that with".

Elle says, "Michael that is so Interesting, do you feel I am a more motherly type to you?".
Michael says, "I've been pondering that all day actually and comparing how I feel about you, verse Sally and I haven't come up with a answer yet, I feel I love you intensely, but I think I feel the love I have for Sally is more like as a brother/sister love might be, I like performing cunninglingus on Sally, yet I hope she doesn't tell me to penetrate her, but I want you to tell me to penetrate you, just as I liked it when Mom and Aunt Becky did, and always when Susan tells me to, so I like or liked being submissive to all of you's, yet being submissive with Sally is different some how".

Elle replies, "what about the cuckolding dynamic, does it turn you on more if you see me, your mom,Aunt becky or Susan having sex with other guys more then when seeing Sally having sex with other guys?".

Michael replies, "it is much more intense in a different way with you, mom, Aunt becky or Susan, plus I wanted/want the four of you's to see me being feminized by guys much more, that isn't something I much care about with Sally, or not in the high degree I desire with you, or I have had with mom, Aunt becky or Susan".

Elle says, "due to your watching your Mom having sex with your step-father right at a very traumatic time, experiencing your parents divorce, then you become attracted to males sexually and start performing fellatio on your older friend, does say that you likely identified with your Mom sexually, and thus you'll always identify sexually as female, I'm sure you didn't think about wanting to penetrate your Mom, or Aunt Becky as much as you wanted them to see you being penetrate by guys, just like now, do you desire I see you being penetrated by guys more then you desire to penetrate me, it is very much good if you do".

Michael replies, "yes, very much so, I so much want to be feminine for you, yet very much want to please you at the same time, show you I can be like a girl for you kinda thing".
Elle smiles big and then kisses his lips, then says, "it is a wonderful thing I think, number one if you were not the way you are, we would not be sitting here, and I am very happy to be in the role for you just as your Mom was, Aunt Becky was, and Susan still is, and I seeing guys feminizing you intensely love it, I want to see you being feminized by Edward and the dogs so much as well, but when I tell you I want your femboy cock in me, I want you to do it, after the day is through, and I've had real men fucking me silly all day, it with nice to have your femboy cock in my pussy, I know that".
Michael replies, "I want that to, so much". 

Elle slides her hand down Michael's shorts and says, "oh your hard as a rock, let's go to the bathroom, I'll pull this plug out of my pussy, you can douche both my bottom and pussy for me, then lets take a shower, then I want you to fuck me and cum in my pussy".

Elle stands, grabs his hand and leads him to the bathroom, where Michael does as she told me, they shower, then go to the livingroom fold out the futon, lay down and make love.
After they've both climaxed, they lay in each others arms, Elle says, "I know you've always wanted a vagina instead of a penis, but I also know I love you with a penis, I love you that you prefer being like a female for males yet can also be like a man for me as well, that's a big deal being able to perform both roles in my eyes, something very special I know I'll never find again, I've found the perfect place for me to be, and that is right here with you, and everybody in the group, especially you though".
Michael replies, "I think your perfect for me as well, I need someone to love like I love you, you help me affirm my femininity, I like when you tell me I should be a girl, tell me that I'm your sissy slut for men, anything that affirms that I should be in the female-role for men sexually, I know I need that constant affirm by females that I good at being female like for men and I should be serving men sexually like I'm a girl, if that makes sense".

Elle says, "I think the phrase that best decribes you is, "your female-role receptive for males", because you like puberty age boys, male dogs, male equines, and straight men, your not likely attracted to gay men are you?".

Michael replies, "no, only straight men who will treat me like their femboy, I like guys to tell me I'm their sissy femboy slut, because it shows me they accept my role, and they are willing to use me for their sexual pleasure all the same, so I feel valued by them as their submissive slut for sexually pleasing them, just as I feel like you value me for sexually pleasing you".

Elle says, "oh Michael your such a submissive femboy slut, I love it I want show you to all the ladies in the group, so we can watch the guys fucking, see their manly cocks in your mouth, watching them cum in your mouth, I love having you as my sissy slut so much!".

Michael says devilishly, "Elle, do you want to suck Edwards penis, then have him ejaculate in your mouth so you can swallow his semen?".
Elle replies, "I so much want to do that, can I when he wakes us?".
Michael says, "yep, that what we will have you do, if you like it, which I think you will, we can have you do that for him daily, but we'd better sleep awhile, he'll wake us around 2am or 3am ".

They lay their heads down, Elle behind Michael, Michael facing Edward who laying on the rug in front of the futon, Elle with her chest pressed against his back.

2 am Wenesday morning arrives,

 sure enough Edward nuzzles Michael cheek with his nose, Michael's eyes open, with his hand he rubs Edward's cheek, then he slowly sits up and gets his feet on the floor, then he rubs Elle's legs, she slowly sits up, and softly says good morning.

Michael says, "good morning, lets walk Edward down to the washroom, we can splash some water on our faces to wake up".
Michael stands, and Edward starts walking toward the kitchen.
Elle giggles and says, "he really is telling you he wants sex from you isn't he, his cocks even hanging down, wow, this is amazing".
Michael chuckles, and says, "he and I are pretty used to each other, and he really wants to ejaculate this mourning".

They follow Edward to the washroom, Edward goes and stands in his shower, while Michael and Elle wash their faces with cool water at the washtub sink.
Michael says, I'm going put this thin exercise pad on the floor, Edward will walk onto it as soon as I finish washing his penis, then I'll hook his bridle lead to the ring on the front of the water trough, you and I will then kneel down next to him, well get some K-Y on our hands and we will masturbate him, I'll show you as we go, let me wash his penis, and get him hooked to the ring, then I have you help me stroke his cock, and let you suck on his cock head".

Elle says, "ok, oh my I getting so wet just thinking about this".

Michael starts washing Edward's penis which hanging down nearly to the floor, in no time Michael has Edward washed, warms the wash cloth/baby diaper Michael stands, says good boy and takes Edward's lead and ties it to the ring on the water trough.
Michael softly says, "Elle step to me now and get on your knees here in front of me".

Elle does and kneels there staring at Edward's long black cock, Michael kneel next to her right side, then grabs Edward's shaft about 6 inches up from his testes with warm wash cloth and starts firmly stroking Edwards penis, then Michael holds the head of Edward's in front of Elle's lips, she gentle holds the shaft as she eagerly starts sucking on Edward's cock head, as Edward begins to thrust Michael firmly holds Edward in place.

Michael says, "as soon as you feel his cock head flaring put the flare against your lower lip as you look down and open your mouth".
As Michael  strokes and holds Edward's cock, he see Edward's cock fully flare and pushing against Elle's lower lip, then a large stream of semen shoots directly down on to her tongue, then another and another, the Edward goes calm, and his penis soften up as it begins to go limp, Elle swallows all the semen down and starts rubbing her own clit wildly squealing and whining, then cries out, "I'm going cum Michael, uh, uh", she jerks about on her knees with Edward standing in from of her, Michael hugs her and holds as her as her orgasm finishes, once she turns to him, he lifts her with him as he stands, Michael kisses her cheek as she starts licking her lips, then he un hooks Edward's lead from the trough, then his bridle then goes to the frig. next to the washer, grabs two carrots and hands them to Elle.
Michael says, "feed him the carrots, he earned them after that nice load of semen, now rubs his neck".
Elle gives Edward each carrot as she rubs his neck, then turns to Michael and he leads her back up into the kitchen, and gets her sit down and looks at her, as he starts making some coffee.
Michael says, "your a pro. I think you got nearly all of it in your mouth, just a little on the front of your shirt".

Elle excitedly says, "oh my does his feel good, tastes good, and his cum is so, so good, I never imagined".
Michael replies, "now you know why I love it so much, Edward's semen is the best, but stallion semen is close to as good".
Elle says, "I wish we could go over to Johnny now and suck Potter and Oscar so I can ingest their semen now".
Michael says, "if possible and your not busy when you get back from Burger King, I take you over there so you can".
Elle replies, "I like that so much".
Michael grins devilishly at her and says, "it will not be long and we will have 14 more stallions we can milk semen from, as long as the ladies don't object".

Elle says, " Susan was telling me that you were a submissive for all the Jensen ladies as well as being receptive for all the guys until just recently".

Michael replies, "yes, until about a week ago, then Sally started moving in, then Marcus and Louis, thing just been crazy, so I told every from the Jensen group that I was talking a few weeks off, I need to get back to serving all of of them though, They all would come out here usually when they wanted me to pleasure them, like with Edward he and I were having sex often 3 or 4 times a day, yet because he only breeds me or I suck him in the washroom it's been difficult, that is why he and I have only been having sex when he wakes up in the early morning. 
It just who I am, maybe like a priest has to serve their people, I belong to all the Jensen group and my duty is to serve them all sexually as they wish, just as I have served Belle, Caroline, Susan, Mom, Aunt Becky since I was 13 years old, and how I want to serve you forver and do as you wish, I'm not a bdsm type person, I don't like being humilated, but I need to be submissive and be told by everybody what they want me to do, some might think that when someone, say like Belle calls me her sissy boy, she is humilating me, but she isn't, I like being told I am like a girl or feminine, I don't like any thing about feeling masculine, I only want to feel feminine, I feel good being told by someone in the group to sexually pleasure them, it is my duty, I feel important to them.
I'm not being altruistic, because I getting self-gratification from serving them as a submissive female role receptive, of the ladies I serve, once their husband sees I'm submissive and feminine will often start having me serve him sexually, where as before he was only seeing Belle, Caroline, Susan and other ladies from the group, so at this point there are only a few Jensen guys that I don't serve sexually, and all the sons who turn 13 are now allowed to take me as their submissive if the choose, at age 13, all the daugther can take me as their submissive if they choose".

Elle says, "Michael would you say that prior to Sally moving in and thus you taking a break from serving the Jensen group members, that the majority of each of a day was spent serving group members sexually?'.

Michael replies, "yes, I consider it my job in essense, and it is what I most want to do, I love serving others sexually, and I belong to the the group and all it's members, my woodworking is important for me to do, but comes second to serving group members".

Elle says, "I think you have a wonderful job, and I want to be your teammate in that job".

Michael replies, "like Caroline said at the meeting with Greg and Thomas, there are 21 wives, 5 Aunts, 10 daughters and 15 sisters currently serving the Jensen guys, so 51 females in the Jensen group that I was serving until a few weeks ago, all but the daughters have Irish wolf hounds as well and all are bi-sexual and zoosexuals".

Elle's mouth drops open, then she replies, "oh my, oh my Michael, you are a very busy submissive indeed, have all the dogs bred you?".

Michael replies, "yes, routinely, often I'll serve the female and then get bred, I usually will get bred about 20-25 times a week by their dogs".

Elle says, "how are you able to penetrate the ladies and ejaculate in them?'.

Michael replies, "only about 10 times a week, I perform cunninglingus the majority of the time, they all understand that it is difficult for me to ejaculate any more then bout 10 times a week, so one week I will ejaculate in one group of 10 ladies, the next week a different group and so on".

Elle says, "all these ladies are over 18 years old correct?".

Michael replies, "yes".
Elle says, "however your also serving all the girls who are 13 to 18 correct?".

Michael says, "yes, they as the boys, can take me as their submissive if the choose once they turn 13, and use me as they like, tell me what to do, plus I help run them places, do things with them if they wish or need help what ever I can do to help them, they even often have me help them with their home work, they often come and study here or at Susan's library, so it's alot more then about sex, I see myself as their guardian/helper and sexual surrogate, I can help teach them about sex, how to perform sex etc.".
Elle says, "I've caught you at a very changing time I see much better now, I don't think Sally even realizes how complex your life is now and was prior to her moving here".

Michael replies, "not because of her, more because my fear of revealing the group to her, which I made a big mistake by not informing her prior, then me not knowing about the group she was in, the whole thing just suddenly is exploding out, and you are just here as it is, I sorry for the chaos, that is for sure".

Elle giggles and replies as she rubs his hand and says," no, no don't be sorry, in all reality what are the chances of two groups of people like this unknowingly suddenly coming together, I'd say one in a million chance at best".

Michael sits on the edge of the bed and puts his hands in his face, and while nearly sobing, says "I'm so sorry I haven't told you the whole truth about myself, I was just so afraid of comprimising the group if you were to decide what I was doing was terrible, especially concerning my having sex with the young boys and girls in the group, even though their parents do consent".

Elle sits up and rubs his back and says, "Michael, I told you I will not judge you, I want you to only share with me everything, I like what you do, so don't worry about me going and doing any stupid, or leaving this group now, I realize you belong to this group, it is who you are, you have a specific very important role in this group, forget about what the rest of the world thinks, we are zoosexuals, incestuous loving people, that is what matters".

Michael says, "all I know at the moment is, I'm so lucky to have you, yet even that scares me in regards to you leaving me now".

Elle gentle slaps him on the back and says, "I'm telling you Michael, your stuck with me, I'm not letting you get more then a hour away from me, if you have sex with anyone, I'm there having sex with them too!, if I go have sex with the dogs, your coming with me, that is my final word, any females or males, I'm their submissive too!, they get us together or not at all. So in the next few weeks I expect you and I to have had sex with the 21 wives, 5 Aunts, 10 daughters and 15 sisters, they will all let me perform cunninglingus on them correct?".
Michael says, "yes, I'm certain they will".

Elle says, "how many under 18 boys and girls are you serving currently?".

Michael replies, "I right now have 5-12 year olds, 6-13 year olds, 2-14 year olds, and 6-17 year olds young guys, I have right now, 9- 13 year old girls, 6- 14 year old girls, 3- 15 year old girls, 4- 16 year old girls, 2- 17 year old girls, which I serve, soon I be serving 4 more 13 year old boys, and 3 more 13 year old girls".

Elle replies, "the mothers brought them out to the farm prior to Sally moving in correct?".

Michael replies, "or they would be over at Susan's and I go over there, most often the mothers and Susan had sex, or Susan and a daughter or son".

Elle replies, " Did any brothers and sister have sex?".
Michael replies, "they could perform oral sex on each other, but intercourse is not wanted, unless a sister is serile, that is the reason the group members paid for my vasectomy when I was 18 years old, so I could start serving all the females in the group once they turned 13 years old".

Elle says, "acording to Belle this group has been going on since the late 1950's, and there has been nearly 350 Jensen guys that have been part of this group, 250 are still in this area, are there more females then what you serve?".

Michael replies, "I was afraid when we came to that, yes there are, yet the group allocated certain members to myself, Susan, Belle and Caroline about 10 years ago, so that the four of us serve different members on a routine shedule, yet say a mother from Belle's group wants me she can have me if everybody agrees, and we trade members for awhile  just so we get to know each other well, so there are actually 87 wives right now, right now 19-12 year olds, 23-13 year olds, 8-14 year olds, and 26-17 year olds young guys and right now, 26- 13 year old girls, 21- 14 year old girls, 11- 15 year old girls, 20- 16 year old girls, 8- 17 year old girls, and 15- 18 guys becoming and remaing active group members, 15- girls who are 18 now and remaining active group members".

Elle says, "no wonder you and Caroline need to get back to the group, what if someone wishes to marry outside of the group?".

Michael grins big and says, "you would have to ask that question, well, that member courts the outside member platonicly for at least 6 months, the member being fully aware of what occurs if they stay in the group, or if they leave the group, for example lets say you met one of the Jensen guys, you don't know me etc. you'd court him 6 months then you'd be informed that if you marry him, you and him can stay in the group, however all the men can now have sex with you, if you decide to have a child, you go off birth control, so when you give birth no one knows who the father is, and the child takes your last name, so all the kids in the Jensen group do not know who their father is, all the fathers treat all the children as if they are their own".

Elle's jar drops open, she says, "I've studied a few cultures where communal breeding is their way, awsome, I love it".

Michael says, "the females who wishes to get pregnant has some control over who the father might be, but still it has to be that at least 6 group males breed her, that is completely up to her".

Elle replies, "can I ask, Michael have you been allowed to breed any of these females since you became part of the group?". 

Michael replies, "yes, actually Johnny and I are the only two white males in the group and there are now some up mine and his children now turning 13 years old, you'll know them when you see them, their skin color, hair, body features clearly show that, you have realize the whole structure, family life etc based on Aunt Becky's thinking, and as you know, aspects of it reflex the Muso women, certain african tribes, all her journals are in the library, she has a lot of writings dedicated to her ideas on the Jensen group".

Elle says, "I'd like to start reading her journals if that is ok, before forget though, I wanted to ask when the group allowed you and Johnny start impregnating the females who wished to become pregnate?".

Michael replies, "when we both were 13 years old and your 27 years old now, how do the fathers feel about raising a child when there is very good chance it is not their, nothing is though about, it is the way of the group, and all the children are raised by group as whole, all the members contribute 30% of their income to the group and a good portion goes the heatlh insurance, school, a college fund, and you know Aunt Becky published 3 different books that are still widely used at the college and University level world wide so all the royalites from her books go to the group, there is actually a very large sum of money in a type of trust for the group and all the members, another one of her wishes was that I always be in the role that I am in for the group, a submissive femboy who serves all the members, so I truly belong to the group, I can never leave the group, and I never wish to, I have it very good, and I very lucky for what Aunt Becky did for myself and the group".

Elle says, "you clearly earned and/or lived up your role, I also now see another reason apart from Aunt Becky's wisdom, beauty and personally why she is so highly regarded".

Michael says, "well Belle and Aunt Becky founded it, and both believe in a Matriarchy society, with a matrilocality type structure and they both prefer a polyandry type marriage system, so the Jensen group tries to combine those aspects into a group, in the Jensen group the females hold the most power for all decision making".

Elle says as she shakes her head, smiling a huge smile, "That's the Aunt Becky I knew, and she actually made it work right here in the middle of America, oh my".

Michael says, "I'm going to get a cup of coffee and have a smoke, you want a cup?".

Elle replies, "sure, if you'll bend me over and fuck my pussy and cum in me after you finish smoking".

Michael smiles big and says, "get your pussy plug, I'll be right back".

Elle tip-toe to the bathroom and gets her plug and some K-y jelly and goes and sits outside on the front porch, it was hot outside even though it was only 4:45 am.

Michael returns to the living room see she is not on the futon so walks out on the front porch and hands Elle her coffee and sets next to her and quickly lights up a smoke, Elle moves close to him and starts rubbing his cock, Michael just smiles at her.

Michael says, "when we get done out here I can take you in the library and show you where Aunt Becky's journals are".

Elle replies, "I'd like that alot, maybe you could fuck me in there", as she drops to her knees in front of him and takes his now erect cock in her mouth, then says pee in mouth please Michael", Michael puts out his smoke then slowly allows his pee to flow into her mouth, allowing her to swallow it all down at a slow steady pace, until he can pee no more, then he stands and pulls her up to her and passionately kisses her, sharing the saltiness of his own pee with her, then he leads her down the hall to the library. Elle, quickly hurries to a table bends over and says, "drink my pee Michael, Michael hurries and slides between her legs and sits on the floor then holds his mouth open, and mumbles, "I ready, please pee in my mouth". Elle does as he did, she controls her self so she slowly pees in his mouth, allowing him to swallow it all, after about 30 seconds she finishes, Michael licks her clean, stands up behind her lubes his cock with the K-y she sat on the table, then slowly slides his now rock hard cock all the way up inside her and holds it as he grinds his pelvis against her bottom.

Elle moans and murmurs, "oh Michael I love you so much, please always keep me as your number one harem girl please"
Michael replies, "don't worry you'll always be my number one, that's for sure, I can't live without now, never".

Michael steadily starts thrusting into her pussy, as Elle moans and whimper, murmuring softly, "yes, fuck me good", non-stop, Michael thrusts harder and faster, Elle calls out, "yes, that how I want it, hard, hard as you can, get this slut ready to be fucked all day every day", Elle starts wildly rubbing her clit, and in seconds while Michael's pelvis slaps against her butt, Elle squeals out, "I cumming, please cum in me Michael", Michael starts gasping and jerking about as he begins ejaculating up inside her.
After Elle get done squirming as she has her orgasm passes, Michael slowly pulls his cock out of her.
Elle mumbles,"plug my pussy Michael", as soon as he slips the plug up into her vagina she starts giggling and twitching, and then says, "good, good, oh so good".

Michael then helps her get seated on a chair and says," sit tight a second, I'll get a wash cloth and clean you up". Michael hurries into the kitchen, warms a wash cloth with warm water and heads back to her, Elle spreads her legs wide, and says, "thats a good femboy, clean me up good after you fucked me good".
Michael submissively and softly says, "I want to be the best femboy I can for you, I belong to you".
Elle softly says, "oh your so good for me".
Once Michael is done he washes himself, then takes her hand leads her to a lower cabinet below the book shelves and says, "this cabinet is all the Jenson group papers, I'll be right back". 
Michael walks through the kitchen down the ramp into the washroom, throws the wash cloth and some towels in the washer, then some soap and starts it, then walks back to the library to find Elle browsing through papers of Aunt Becky's from the cabinet.

Michael says, "find anything interesting?".
Elle replies, "just seeing these writing is very interesting, seeing how she wrote, I know I'm going to find a wealth of knowledge here".

Michael says, "my normal mourning routine is, take Edward for a walk to the mailbox out at the highway, come back, get him feed, I have a bowl of cereal, walk to Caroline's sit and have a cup of coffee with her, maybe she will make me eat something she has cooking or already baked, ride Oscar or Potter over to Susan's have coffee with her, maybe she makes me eat something, then come back, put whatever horse I rode in the pasture, let Edward out in the pasture, then do whatever chores might need done, then work in the woodshop, until I need to serve a group member, usually a wife, but in the summer it might be a 16 year old thru 18 guy or girl, could be a mom and son or daugther who ever I have scheduled, or calls, if I not in the woodshop, I serving a member sexually, unless so trip to town, year around I'm serving females mostly until after 5pm, except today I'll call and see if several of the ladies and their daughter can come out and meet you about 3pm if that is ok, then I thought I could have a few Jensen guys meet you and I at Caroline's about 6pm, what do you think?".

Elle smiles big and says, " I like all of it, give me time this morning to pack some clothes and things, talk to mom and dad, then head to Burger King and work, then be back here about 2pm".

Michael says, "when your ready, and I throw on some shorts, shoes and t-shirt, you want one of my t-shirts to wear?".

Elle says, "sure, I just wear the shorts Sally loaned me, then bring them back this afternoon".

Elle and Michael walk down the hall, he dresses from his closet quick, get her a t-shirt and takes it to her and watches as she removes her night shirt, admiring her breasts."
Michael says, "I must say, you are hot, so beautiful, your going to be a pleasant surprise for the girls and guys from the Jensen group".

Elle says, "I want to look good for them, tell me though if I look to slutty, ok, please".

Michael grins, "you dress how you like, sexy is good, turns them on, and you are a harem girl now and your role is to sexually please everyone in the group".

Elle smiles and says, " It does turn me on to play the part".

Michai says, " It's important to have a passion for what we do, I was thinking that, why don't I start calling all the ladies with 13 to 16 year old sons and daughters, have you meet all of them, and become intimate with all of them and their dogs, then maybe see a Jensen guy every night, get intimate with him, try that awhile, it will take awhile when we have 87 wives right now, right now 19-12 year olds, 23-13 year olds, 8-14 year olds, and 26-17 year olds young guys and right now, 26- 13 year old girls, 21- 14 year old girls, 11- 15 year old girls, 20- 16 year old girls, 8- 17 year old girls plus all the dogs, they all have a male Irish wolfhound, so really seeing them is all you ever need to do, for you to meet and become intimate with each of them start routinely seeing, as they sons and daughters get their drivers liscense, they will then be able to drive out here and see you swim in the lake with you etc.".

Elle replies, "do you think most of the wives will want me as their submissive?".

Michael replies, "I think we as harem girls, I like to think of myself as a surrogate harem girl, have to be naturally submissive, how each of them them plays upon that is their opportunity, some of them are very dominant with me in a nice way, some do it in a very playful way, some are submissive to us naturally, so like Aunt Becky used to say a lot, "Carpe diem", or "seize the day or moment". 

Elle replies, "I admired her ability to do just that, and in turn merge quickly with the tribal people we were working with".

Michael replies, "you have done that quite well yourself with this group, so just be yourself and you will soon flourish within the group, you will have so many close friends, your life will have such intense meaning for you and them, you have alot to offer, remeber as a harem girl you are the fabric that holds this group together as it is, without the harem girls there would be no group, one thing Aunt Becky strongly believe in was, was that in order to hold a society/tribe together was there had to be a elements in it which securely binded it together, here we have harem girls and at least among the harem girls we have the stud male dogs for example".

Elle replies, "when to the young girls get introduced to being bred by the dogs?".

Michael says, " age age 13, and like myself, you, Susan, Sally, Peggy and Kathy, most of the girls will always have to have a stud dog breeding them, some more then others, some of the females almost exclusively are bred by dogs, some might just get bred a few times a week, Like yourself, once you get to know all the wives, you will also have the opportunity to be bred by 87 different Irish wolfhounds".

Elle grins devilishly and replies, "talk about group Cohesion!, for a harem girls like us, why would we ever leave this group, I want to be sucking pussy or cock and have a dog locked in me all day every day, I know that".

Michael replies, "I figure by the time you you've met and become intimate with about 20 of the women, you'll be able to be getting bred by at least 2 dogs everyday by the Jensen group dogs, quite a few of the ladies have 2 or 3 dogs, then you'll have the 30 Sally group dogs, Teddy, Cunnington and I know you and Belle will soon be itimate, so her two dogs, I'm quite certain it will not be long before your typical day is sucking pussy or cock and have a dog locked in you, plus there are 60 single females and 85 single males in the group who are single by choice or just that they have not married yet, all of the females have Irish wolfhounds, we have Kelly, she is our veternarian in the group who cares for all of the group dogs, so I want you meet her so you can start serving her this week, she will dominate you, strap-on fuck you do a some bondage stuff with you I do know that".

Elle says, " thats what I want, I need a very dominate female to train me to be a good submissive".

Michael replies, "Kelly is very dominate and she will do that for you well I know that, she will be a good one to start with for having a dog locked in you while you perform cunninglingus on her and perform fellatio on guys, she will get you gang-banged, double penetrated all that type stuff you need to be experienced at to perform really well as a harem girl, she will teach you how to beg to be fucked, beg to suck cock and pussy in a loyal, gracious way, have you get used to showing all the group members your role as a submissive, once everybody knows your submissive they will tell you what to do, when I'm seeing members, I alway wear a t-shirt dress, shirt dresses so it's easy for me to get nude quick, or the guys can bend me over and quickly and easily penetrate me".

Elle replies, "yeah good idea, maybe you and I can go shopping so I can get so sexy t-shirt desses for now, oh please Michael, please take me to see Kelly as soon as possible, I want trained to be a submissive slut harem girl by a dominate lady so much, it's what I want to be more then anything right now, just a good submissive slut".

Michael says, "I'll hopefully be able to have her come to see you at Susan's or take you to her place today, Kelly prefers her male partners to be the dogs, so she mainly sees submissive females from the group, the great thing is that Kelly spends most of every day seeing the dogs, and getting bred by then, I thought maybe if you wanted to take a Sabbatical for a year, you'd be able to meet all, the women and all the dogs, and be getting bred primarily by dogs all day every day if you wished, just a option you have, you can then write or do the research on zoosexuality/incest, you're welcome to live here with me as my wife, I still be your submissive but, if you decide you want comunually bred for a child you can be, you'd be the first white female breed in the group by Jensen guys and have a black male members child".

Elle replies, "I do want you Michael, so yes I be your wife and I be glad to raise to give birth to one of the black guys children by being impregnated communally".

Michael says, "whenever you're ready to get pregnate, just start selecting at least 6 Jensen members, and then allow them to start impregnating you continuiously until your pregnate, the child takes you're last name, is raised by the group as a whole, in essense the child has lots of aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers etc., and you'll be incestuoius with your child whether it be a boy or girl".

Elle replies, "Michael, of the girls and boys that you think might be your children, do you have sex with them?".

Michael replies, "I have intercourse with any of the females or males in the group if the ask me to perform for them sexually, for example if Kelly called me right now and told me she wanted me for sex or anything for that matter, she might need a ride to the airport or just need someone to talk to, unless I have a good excuse that makes it impossible for me to go see her, I must go see her, that goes for all members in the group, it could be midnight, it doesn't matter, as a group submissive I serve them all sexually but with all aspects of their life".

Michael says, "Also, the over 18 year old males in the group will also start spending the nights with you as you get to know them, wives seldom sleep with their husband at night, so we have to set you up with your own bedroom so that can occur, don't worry that will be a while before you start doing that, the ladies will better help you understand stand how that works if and when you have a baby".

Elle says, "good, I'd like to have a baby, just not sure now is a good time, and I've got so many people and dogs to meet in the group and start serving sexually".

Michael replies, "you'll just have to let time and experience show you if the group is right for you, it is very much a polyandry,Communal breeding, zoosexully and incestuous type culture and females of the group are the leaders, so most decisions are made by the females, the children do not ever know who their fathers truly are, so if you have a child the entire group is your childs family, so once the child begins having sex at age 13, there is a good chance they are related to one or more of their sexual partners, whats nice is all the Jensen group members live in one place, except Caroline, Susan and myself, now you".

Elle replies, "what do you mean they live in one place?".

Michael replies, "about 30 years ago, all the Jensen group families sold their homes, and bought a old sanatorium on 30 acres in the country just north of Bettendorf, fixed it all up and turned it into a community owned gated community called Jensen Estates, it now has 150 large apartments in it, a indoor pool, gym, library, community kitchen and dining room, a stables where we currently have 5 stud ponies that bred us, we have a large area fenced for all the Irish wolfhounds, the group now has 32 small businesses it owns and operates, all the children are schooled there, so it has a lot to offer if one wishes to live our life style".

Elle says, "there is no way I want to live any other way, so you telling me I can go there in the morning and serve the men, boys, girls, ladies and just come home at night?".

Michael says, "yes, and go to the 32 different company locations, each has a sex lounge area where you can have sex with the individual group members that worker there, so for example you might you might go to Jensen Machining and have sex with all the men throughout the day, a different company the following Monday you might stay at Jensen Estes and serve all the 17-18 year old guys during school hours etc., the women will help you set a schedule that works for you, and I'll be with you as much as possible".

Elle replies, "when do you think they will take me out to Jensen Estates?".

Michael replies, "I'm not sure, but Belle likes you a lot, I'd say after Kelly meets you and a few other ladies at Susan's they will be taking you out to Jensen Estates, they just try to be cautious about who visits the Estates, also there really are no husbands in the group, the males are simply the female group member's lovers and they select who they wish to have sex with, you as a submissive harem girl will be told who you have sex with and when and how, if the females want you to get gang-banged, double-penetrated, just perform fellatio or cunninglingus, for example because I can suck my own penis, a group of they ladies might have me do that as they watch, what ever they might dream up they will set it up, how many males, how many females, how many dogs for example, right now, your duties will be serving exclusively in a sexual capacity.
If you decide to get pregnate, which might be the best time right now to do it, you give the ladies a list of males you would like to get bred by, then they will decide from that list at least 6 who will start breeding you in a attempt to get you pregnate, another thing is, all the group members keep themselves squeaky clean for sex, and all of us are expected to do the same, so we all spend a lot of time keeping ourselve's in good shape in all regards".

Elle rplies, "this is going to very interesting merging a very matriarchy group with a non-matriarchy, a nearly all black group with a nearly all white group".

Michael chuckles and replies, "yes interesting in deed, but it will work, everybody will try hard so it does, and the end, it should make a stronger more diverse group, all our members have a strong work ethic, and Sally and Peggy's group sounds the same way, and I think because Peggy and Sally are c0-founders there is a matriarchy component there as well as polyandry because the wives in their group are free to have sex with all the men in their group.
I've personally only served Marcus and Louis, but they are great guys, I think there it will open up a lot of opportunities for the younger people in the Jensen group as well".

Elle replies, "I with you, it will work out, if we just let it all evolve together, the right mix is in the batch, you and I know our roles, and I know whole heartedly this is all I want to do right now, so I am going to submit for a one year sabbatical, and what goes goes, but I know I want to be by your side as a harem girl for the group, in a way like I've never wanted anything before in my life".

Michael leans over kisses Elle on the lips and pulls her up, and says, "lets walk Edward to the mailbox and get this day going!".
Michael and Elle get Edward who is out in the paddock, they then go through the man gate on the back side of the stable, and walk out onto the lane towards the highway and mailbox.
Elle says as they walk,"if I do get pregnate I can still perform fellatio and cunninglingus on the members right?".

Michael says, "yep, I'll be able to perform cunninglingus on you, as well as any other member can and will until you give birth, the ladies can share their ideas with you as far as getting penetrated vaginally or anally during your pregnancy, we have to get you on the group's health insurance plan this week, by you and I getting married, so we need to get that scheduled with the judge.

Elle replies, "you's have a judge in your group?".

Michael replies, "yes, he and his wife have been part of the group since Belle and Aunt Becky formed it in the late 1950's, though they don't live at Jensen Estates, their daugther and son do, and their daugther as 2 sons and a daughter in the group that are all in their 20's now, Beatrice the daughter is 26 years old now and 6 months pregnate, matter of fact, I will run out to Jensen Estates and perform cunninglingus on Beatrice and perform for several of the other group females around lunch today.
Matter of fact, because once you give birth to your baby, there will be at least 4 group ladies who will begin wet-nursing your baby, and constantly caring for it 24/7, so you'll be able to go back to performing as harem girl as soon as you feel like".

Elle replies as they pause and watch Edward graze a bit in the clover next to the lane, "I like to take time off for a few months after the baby is born to spend time with him or her if that is ok?".

Michael replies, "you can take all the time you need, in the group the mother and child's well being is the very most important thing, the whole premise of this group is to nuture the mother and child, promote communal breeding, then education of the children".

Elle replies, "One thing Aunt Becky impressed upon me was that she did not care for public education system, so I assume the group agrees with her philosphy pretty much".

Michael replies, "if you would of talked to Aunt Becky during the last 5 years of her life, about the public school system, after you were done talking about it for several hours with her, I'd say that you'd agree that public schools needed to be greatly changed, yet due to bureaucracy it is likely to take so many years to change, are you will to to take the chance with the first eighteen years of your child's life in the public school systems experiment, or select a teaching method that is nutured in a tribal like setting with all the modern teaching methods available, along with great emphasis placed on socialization. Aunt Becky greatly believed sexual socialization was the most powerful method of socialization, she believed that in the proper context, being sexually intimate with all tribal members was the highest form of socialization in human beings. As you know I sure, Aunt Becky loved the culture of the bonobos, bonobo society is dominated by females, the females mate with many males. The strategy of bonobo females mating with many males may be a counterstrategy to infanticide because it confuses paternity. If male bonobos cannot distinguish their own offspring from others, the incentive for infanticide essentially disappears. This is a reproductive strategy that seems specific to bonobos. Aunt Becky also strongly encouraged incest, which is very ratical as we know, yet the Jensen group has shown that incest has much more positive effects, as long as they don't allow mother and son, or father and daughter pregnancy to occur, thus why the female members chooses all the males who will mate with you in order for you to get pregnate, the mothers know who there child are and the know all the men whom they mated with to get pregnate, that is why it is usually 6 males who will be ejaculating in your vagina when you decide to get pregnate".

Elle giggles, "that Aunt Becky really did have this idea of her's all worked out, I just hope I can some how write about it someday in the far future, because I sure can't as it is occuring, Michael how do you feel about how you and the other Jensen youth are socialized by being schooled by the group members, growing up in a incest relationship and communal social sexual culture?".

Michael replies, "I think myself, Johnny and all the Jensen youth are very well adapted socially, the only draw-back is likely that most of us are so deeply bound to the group, it is unlikely for us to leave the group, yet that can be seen as very positive, like myself being a female-roled receptive male or berdache type male I need to live and serve the group, it is my purpose in life, I can't fathom living any other way, I must serve all group members for the rest of my life, and I love to and all the members know that so they have that insurance I'll always be here for them, along with all the members, you now, and hopefully Sally, Peggy and all the members of their group". 

As they continue walking, Elles says, "so has Sally scheduled you to start meeting all the men from her group yet?".

Michael replies, "yes, I will start performing fellatio on guys starting today as Sally is able to get them to come out, which I know I'm going to see a guy at 11am, then several guys tonight at 6 pm and 7 pm, her thought is, she wants me performing fellatio on every guy in the group at least twice a month, which I think is realistic, then as I get to know them I can start offering my bottom to them so they can start penetrating me anally, if a guy can overcome the "gay thing", and just treat me sexually as though I'm a female, almost all the Jensen guys love having me as their berdache lover".

Elle replies, "does Kelly live at Jensen Estes as well?".

Michael replies, "yep, I'll call her and the judge when we get back, I think we should get married as soon as possible, then that way your on my health insurance plan, and if you do decide to get pregnate, that is taken care of in well advance of you getting pregnate".

Elle replies, " yes, I want to get pregnate right away, thus I can take a maternal Sabbatical, and hopefully be pregnate by the end of this month".

Michael says, "if your sure of that, we will discuss it with Belle, Kelly and they can pick the guys with which you will start having vagina sex with and set you up with them so they can start breeding you every other day, you'll have to take the dogs anally until your child is born, once your child is born, then I'd think taking the dogs vaginally is fine, yet the ladies with let you know, then they will want you to just be with the baby at Jensen Estes for at least 3 months to bond with you baby and breast feed them, plus they will have you breast feeding the other babies as well, and other ladies will be breast feeding your child, just from experience, the ladies would like if you offered to be a wet nurse for future babies, especially because you have nice size breasts already, so you'll likely have a good supply of milk".

Elle replies, "I'd love being a wet-nurse, that idea is very exciting to me as far as bonding with the babies, but as bonding to the group as well".

They reach the mailbox, Michael holds Edward's lead in case a vehicle passes by, he grabs the mail and they start walking back.

Elle says, "I'm getting so horny right now just imagining being a harem girl for your group, I utterly so excited it is overwhelming".

Michael smiles big at her and says, "I'm so excited that you wish to commit to the group with such eagerness, it is overwhelming to me, I keep thinking about the things that you and I can do together other then being harem girls for the group, like going shopping together, going on day and weekend trips together, just being together, like studing Aunt Becky's papers, so like that".

Elle says, "I've been thinking like that to, it is what I want so much, I've now know I've never been in love before, because I never felt like I do now, never wanted to be a part of something like I want to be apart of your entire life, it's like to good to be true, to the point of scary".

Michael says, "I know what you mean, and by you wanting to have a baby for the group, is very overwhelming even though I know the child will not be biologically mine, he or she still will be like my child, as well as deeply loved and cared for by everybody in the group, that is a for sure thing. When we get back to the house I'll clean your bottom for you just in case Johnny wants you to perform for him, or knowing Caroline there might be a few Jensen guys there, and Bobby and Billy might like you to perform if they are at Susan's, plus there might be some other 13 year olds there by the time we get over there, speaking of that I'll pick up a few dildos and some plugs for you so you'll have them when you get home after Burger King, also stop eating raw onions, you'll be having anally sex a lot and onions don't go well with our life style".

Elle replies, "Michael, you tell me what I need to eat, and anything else I need to know please, I want to be the best harem girl I can be".

Michael replies with a devilish grin and says, "like with Johnny, and all other members for that matter, come right out and tell them that you are a submissive type, and you need to be told  what to do, they will take it from there".

Elle says, "thats what I want so much, I want told what to do".

They get to the house, Michael tells Elle to go on into the Kitchen, he is going to get Edward some hay in the stables and he'll be right in, Elle does as told.

Elle walks into the Kitchen to find Sally sitting at the table alone with a cup of coffee.

Elle says, "good morning Sally".
Sally sleeply replies, "good morning Elle, out for a walk with Michael and Edward my guess".

Elle smiles and repies, "yes, so nice outside right now".

Sally says, "it is, I was thinking about heading down to the lake and taking a swim, you interested?".
Elle says, "I will any other time but Michael and I were going to walk over to Caroline's and then take Potter and Oscar for ride over to Susan's and talk to her awhile, I've got to go to work at 10:30 but if we get back about 9:30 I'll gladly go with you".

Sally says, "that is a plan, if I don't see you by 9:30 I'll go ahead and go, plus I need to schedule some meetings for today amongest group members, would you like to meet a guy or two for this evening?".

Elle replies with a big smile, "yes, maybe after 6 pm if that works".

Sally replies, "consider it done, one at 6 pm, one at 7 pm, how is that?"

Elle replies, "perfect, for today and awhile, until I get somewhat introduced to the Jensen group members as well, and I know Michael wants me to spend a lot of time with Belle and their group veterinarian Kelly, who will be helping me get introduced to all the Jensen group members".

Sally replies, "perfect, keep concentrating meeting Jensen group members, then I try to set you up with a man from the other group every evening, that way you will be getting to know members of both groups, and also be able to help me get introduced to the males and females of the Jensen group, we've got a lot of meeting to do ahead of us that is for sure".

Elle says, "yep, first thing I'm doing today is going to be getting a schedule book, and some small note pads just so I can start learning names, plus I want to get so skirt dresses to wear while I perform, Sally you have any good ideas wear to go to get so shirt dresses?".

Sally says, "yes, try the Dressbarn first, it's about a 1/2 mile south of Ben's country store, if you can't find any there, call me".

Elle replies, "thanks, it has been awhile since I've bought any kind of dress".

Sally says, "Elle, try to look a bit naughty when you dress, but out in public, try to be conservative, we don't want to draw to much attention to ourselves, , please get naked for me if you would, I want see your body".

Elle pulls her long t-shirt off, revealing her completely nude body to Sally.

Sally looks her up and down, then says, "oh yes you look so, so delicious, nice large firm breasts, beautiful bald pussy with nice lips, I can't wait to see those lips hot and swollen, wrapped around a big dog or man cock, Elle can you turn around and bend over the chair there and spread your legs for me please".

Elle softly, meekly says, "yes Sally", then turns then leans down, put both her hands on the seat of the chair, then spreads her feet apart as far as possible and remains still.
Sally says, "oh you look dam hot girl, I wish I could keep you all to myself, your going to be such a good sub harem girl for the group".

Elle softly, submissively says, "thank you Sally, I wish to serve you as often as I can, please tell me whenever you want me".

Sally says, "I want you right now, but I know you and Michael need to see others".
Sally then stands, walks to Elle's side, bends over and kisses her cheek, then says, "stand up and give me a hug please".
Elle lifts off the chair, turns and eagerly hugs Sally, while she softly says, "oh Sally, thanks so much for welcoming me into your life, I promise I'll be a good girl for you".
Sally replies softly, "you're being a wonderful girl for me, just be yourself and we will have great times ahead, promise".

Michael walks in the kitchen see Elle and Sally hugging, comes over to them, kisses both of them on their cheeks, then washes his hands at the sink, dries them on a towel, then pours himself a cup of coffee, as he asks if they'd like coffee.
Sally says, "sure I could use a warm up"
Michael pours some in her cup thats on the table, as Elle puts her t-shirt back on"
Elle says, "Michael, you and Sally chat, I'll run to the bathroom and douche my bottom while you's drink your coffee". Elle walks down the hall towards the bathroom.

Sally softly says to Michael, "I'm so glad you met Elle, she is truly a gem".
Michael replies, "thanks, I thinks she is truly a gem as well and hope she stays with us forever".
Sally says, "come on, lets go out on the porch and have a smoke, we've got to enjoy the summer while it lasts". they walk out and sit on the porch, Cunnington follows them out the front door".
Once they sit and get their smokes lit, Michael says, "I'm going to run into the Adult toy store today and get Elle a few pussy/butt plugs and try to find her a nice double-ended dildo, is there anything you might like from there?".

Sally replies, "yes, see what they have for strap-on dildos, I'd like to start wearing one and fucking you, Elle and Kathy".

Michael replies, "I know I'd like that a lot, and I think Elle would like you doing that to her very much so, she very much desires to be a trained submissive".

Sally replies, "I was hoping she wanted to be a submissive, very, very good, I'll have fun with her, and train her well".

Michael says, "please train both of us well, I so much want to be your submissive and Elle's as well, everybody's for that matter".

Sally grins devilish at him and says," it will be my pleasure, so you two just do I say, and everything will be great, you's just got to trust me ok?".

Michael says, "I always trust you Sally, I just hope I can always please you".

Sally replies, "your doing very good so far, I will let you know if you are not, believe me, I do want to watch you and Elle together today as you suck each other, and while you fuck her as she sucks on me, I want see how you's perform".

Michael submissively says, "I'd like to have you watching us a lot, and I know Elle wants to serve you anyway she can, she so much wants you as her dominate female".

Sally replies, "thats is the way it will be then from now on, when you go over to Caroline's see if Johnny can give her a good hard fucking".
Michael replies, "yes, I'll tell her to ask Johnny for that".
Sally says, "tell Johnny, I want him fucking her as often as he can, I want to hear that he is the next time I talk to him, and tell him to get the Jensen guys fucking her as often as possible as well, and the end of the day, every day I want to hear that she has been fucked at least a half a dozen times".

Michael says, "I'll do my best to see that she does".

Elle pops her head out the screen door, and says," sorry for interupting".
Sally says, "don't be sorry, I was just telling Michael that I want him to make sure you get fucked at least a half a dozen times every day".
Elle replies submissively, "I will Sally, I will do my very best to make sure that I do".
Sally says, "then every evening I want you to tell me about it, ok".
Elle replies, "yes, I very much want to tell you about how I performed".
Sally says, "ok you two get over to Caroline's if your lucky maybe Johnny will be there, you tell him that I want him to give you a good fucking this morning if he is there".
Elle replies, "yes, I will tell him that".
Sally says, "see you's later, now get going, it's already 6:30".

Michael takes Elle's hand and the head through the front terrace, through the gate, in order to sneak away without Edward seeing them, and head down the path to Caroline's farm.

The sun is already warming things up and it's already 80 degrees old as they walk the 1/4 mile path to Caroline's farm.

Michael says, "Elle when we get back from Susan's I'd like to take you upstairs and have you go through Aunt Becky's dresses in her bedroom, she was similar in size and built to you, I'd like it alot if you could get use of her clothes, and she used to wear a lot of shirt dresses".

Elle puts her arm around Michael and hugs him as they walk.
Elle replies, " I love you, I'd be honored to wear Aunt Becky's clothes, thank you".
Michael says, "I also Like her bedroom to be your bedroom, you can start arranging it as you like, take your lovers there, you need your own space to take your lovers, and I know Aunt Becky would love knowing that you were here with me as a harem girl and my dominate lady/wife".

Elle says, "oh Michael, you really think she'd like me here in that role for you?".

Michael says, "yes, she'd often tell me that I needed to find a dominate bi-sexual lady to be with, some who would accept me as a berdache".
Elle replies, "well I most diffinately accept you as a berdache, I'm very much bi-sexual, I try to be a dominate female for you as best I can as well".
Michael replies, "I trust you, so it will be all good, now to forwarn you, Johnny proably has the largest penis I've ever seen, but he will be gentle with you and go slow and he knows to keep us well lubed when fucks us, hopefully he'll have time to fuck you you this morning, if not he will sometime today and every day I'm sure".

Elle replies, "I can't wait to feel him up inside me, you're getting me horny now".

They reach Caroline's walk up the back steps, Michael taps ond the screen door and says, "anybody home". 

Caroline says, "come on in, your just in time".

Michael and Elle walk in and sit down at the kitchen table with Johnny.

Johnny says, "what are you two up to so early?".

Michael says, "a few things, trying to beat, Sally told us to tell you Johnny that you have to start fucking Elle every day now, and Elle thought that was a good idea, then, we thought we ride Potter and Oscar over to Susan's and talk to her about getting Elle introduced to the Jensen clan".

Caroline says, "Johnny take Elle in the library and fuck her, and be gentle".

Johnny takes Elle's hand, they stand and Johnny leads Elle down the hallway to the Library and shuts the door behind them.

Elle says to him, "thanks for doing this Johnny as she drops to her knees in front of him, then unzips his shorts then slowly pulls them down to his ankles, then helps him get them completely off.

Johnny says, "thanks for letting me have you, I been hoping you'd be availble to me, since I heard you were joining the group".

Elle replies, "yes, I very much want you to fuck me every day if you can".

Johnny replies, "that is what I'm here for, so you just tell me when you want me, I'm always usually around the farm all day every day, now if you want to bend over and lean on the table, and I'll lube my cock and your bottom up".

Elle leans over on the long table in the center of the library, and waits for Johnny to lube her and himself up.

Johnny says, "you look so good Elle, I know all the Jensen guys and ladies will be delighted to have you as their new partner".
Elle softly moans as Johnny rubs k-y jelly into her butt hole.
Johnny says, "your super tight, just relax, I'll just push my cock up in you nice and slow, tell me to stop if it hurts you".
Johnny rubs the huge mushroom cock head on her butt hole a second, then slowly pushes the big head in her until it pops in, Elle squeals out as she frantically wiggles her hips about.
Elle babbles out," oh Johnny, I need you all the way up in my butt so badly, oh please give it all to me".
Johnny slowly starts sliding, pushing his cock deeper and deeper up in side her butt, Elle whimpers and whines non-stop, until Johnny has all of his 10 inch cock up inside her, he then just holds her hips tightly as he holds his cock completely in her.
Elle gasps and softly yelps, then her whole body jerks and twitches as she cries out, "I cumming Johnny, oh god, oh god".

Johnny says, "good girl, thats what want, I want to see you cumming non-stop".

Johnny pulls his cock completely out of her, then takes injects a good amount of mineral oil up inside her bottom, using a douche bulb".
Elle moans and babbles, "I need fucked so much, please fuck me Johnny".
Johnny pushes all the way up inside her, Elle yelping and squealing non-stop, then he quickly pulls completely out, then pushes himself back in her and all the way back up inside her, Elle cries out, "I'm cumming again", as she jerks and shutters, Johnny holds her tightly, then as her orgasm subsides, he pulls her up and turns her to face him then holds her tightly as she shutters and shakes.
Elle finally starts giggling, then softly says, "can I really have you do that again for me today, I really, really like you in me".
Johnny replies, " what did Sally exactly say?".
Elle replies submissively in a soft coy tone, "she said, I want Johnny fucking you as often as he can".
Johnny says, "so I intend to do just that, so as soon as you have the time, call me and I come and fuck you again, and as often as I can, ok".
Elle replies meekly, "ok, I want you to please". 
Johnny leads her to the leather couch, gets her lay back, then says, "Elle wait just one second, and I'll wash you up", he then hurries to the bathroom, then returns with a warmed up wash cloth, he kneels down next to her and says,"now spread your legs so I can wash your bottom so your ready to go see Susan". Elle spreads her legs and watchs and murmurs as Johnny gently wipes her clean with the soft wash cloth, once done, he helps her up and leads her back out to the kitchen where the find two of the young 16 year old Jensen boys sitting at the table eating breakfast.

Caroline says, "Stan, Markus, this is our new harem girl Elle".
Both Stan and Markus quickly wipe their mouths, the stand and walk around the table and shake Elle's hand.
Stan is the first to shake her hand, as he does, he cheerfully looks her in her eyes as he says, "welcome to our group Elle, I'm here to serve you any way I can, as all of us at the Jensen clan will be doing".
Markus then shakes her hand and says, "just as Stan said, we all welcome you to our family, so I'll be here for you any time I possibly can be, and Stan, myself and many more of the Jensen clan will be here at Caroline's a lot for the rest of the summer any way".
Elle says, "I look forward to serving all of you's as well, I'll be living next door with Michael and the clan there, so hopefully we will be with each other every day".

Both Stan and Markus reply, Stan says,"we'd like to see you every day if possible, that would be wonderful". Markus says, "hopefully you like to swim, I love snorkeling in the lake very much".
Elle says, "I went snorkeling yesterday, I'm addicted now, so I'll go with you anytime you want, if I here anyway, or maybe as long as it hot like this we could just plan on going every morning about 9 am starting Saturday, I'm filling in at work for a lady who is on vacation until friday so saturday I'll start being free at 9 am every day, if that works?".
Markus replies with a big smile, "that will be our date then, I'll make sure I'm ready for you".

Michael pipes in and says, "I'll see you two over at my place at 11 am right, I got all the lumber delivered for the new beach house, so we will start building the walls under in the shed behind the hay barn, then when it cools off we'll go down, and get the footing dug with Johnny and the bobcat auger's help".

Johnny says, "I called Max's concrete pumping, Max said the pumper truck should be able to reach down the hill to all the footings with no problem, so he said call as soon as we are ready for him".

Michael replies, " great, hopefully we will get half the footing dug tonight half in the morning, there will be 24 of them, but it's just a simply rectangle 8 rows of 3, the beach house will be 48 by 20 feet".
Johnny says, "we'll just have to see how it goes, no need to hurry".
Michael replies, "your right, I just so excited to start building it and using it, plus 20 group members should be able to spend the night in it, or longer for that matter".

Elle grins devilishly as she looks at all the guys, "a good place for me to hang out soon"
They all chuckle, Johnny says, "only the best for our ladies, is our motto here".

Elle softly replies, "I know I'm in the perfect place for a girl like me".

Stan looks her in the eyes and says, "don't worry, you'll never be alone again, promise".
Michael says, "Elle, we best jump on the horses and ride to Susan's before we get side tracked", he grabs her hand and leads her out the back door.







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