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                                                     Chapter 3  " Terrace "


      Michael starts becoming a submissive femboy slut for all of Sally's men



Wenesday evening,


Cliff, Sally, Kathy, Elle and Michael then hear clapping from the balcony above them, as they look up there stands Louis and Marcus smiling from ear to ear,

Sally says, " you peeping toms you's, you been there the whole time?" Sally says, "yep, seen it all, and great view it was." Louis replies.

Cliff then walks towards the kitchen, then Cliff asks,   " I need to get your phone number so I can call here now, you're not staying at your house any more are you Sally?",

Sally replies,  " nope, putting my place up for sale as soon as possible,"


Michael says as he walks on out into the kitchen to get a card and pen, " I'll write our number down on my card for you Cliff".

Cliff whispers to Sally as Michael disappears into the kitchen, "Michael just gave me the best blow-jobs I've ever had,"


Sally replies, " yeah he gives the greatest cunnilingus too!"

Elle says, "I second that for sure, I'll be begging him to suck me from now on".

Sally then grabs Cliff's hand and Kathy's hand and pulls them down the hall, " this will only take a second," Sally says, as they walk into Kathy and Sally's new bedroom, " Cliff this our new bedroom," she says, then she pulls Cliff into the studio, " this is Kathy's new sewing studio, and my new art studio," she says,  " I'm so happy for all four of you's, and I can tell you're all going to make each other the best partners for life." Cliff says as he looks at both of them, Kathy and Sally both hug and kiss him, then they all walk out to the kitchen.

As they walk into the kitchen, Michael hands Cliff the card with their phone number written on the back, "Cliff, I'll be here most of the time every day for quite a while working in the shop, so call or stop by anytime," Michael says, 

Cliff says, "I'll definitely be seeing you often after that blow-job you just gave me!"

Michael says submissively," anytime you want one want me call me, I'm here to serve you and all the group men, and I love performing sexually for men."

They all then walk out front to the parking lot, Kathy gives Pablo a kiss on the nose once he as jumped up in the van and turned to her, Sally rubs his cheeks vigorously then kisses his nose to. Cliff gets the sliding side door shut, hops in the driver seat, and backs, turns and disappears down the lane.

Sally punches Michael in the arm playfully, then says to him, "you're going be seeing my guys more the me just giving them blow-jobs now." ,  Kathy giggles.

Kathy and Sally walk back into washroom then on up into the house, as Michael unlocks the butler door to the stables, Edward pushes the door towards Michael " sorry buddy for keeping you out, we just had to much going on," Michael says to him as he briskly rubs his shoulders, then both of them walk up into the kitchen.

They find Kathy and Sally sitting at the table, Sally talking on the phone, as Kathy watches her, Michael grabs a few carrots and feeds them to Edward,  " Michael it's a good thing we've got such a big kitchen for Edward," Kathy says as she watches Edward eat the carrots and giggles,  " yeah, good thing he is potty trained too!" Michael replies and chuckles, as he pulls some pots from the cupboards.

Kathy stands, then steps over to the counter, " Michael how can I help you?" Kathy asks, 

"well, if you don't mind, there are some potatoes in the cabinet at the base of the ramp, if you want to take this big pot with you, grab about 8, wash them with water and the scouring pad on the back ledge of the wash tub sink down there, then we will start boiling them, if Edward tries grabbing a potato, tap him on the nose and say, no, no, not good for you," Michael say to her.  " ok, will do," Kathy replies as she head down to the washroom.

Michael starts cutting up chunks of steak and pork, " Michael, I just talked to Keith and he said he be out at 11am with his great dane Og, he also said he take you as his femboy slut,"

Sallys says,  " I can't wait to meet them, if all the guys start coming here that would be great, even if they don't want me as their femboy slut, as long as I can be here while their here is fine." Michael replies.  " I'll just feel them out, and see how the act, but I will make it clear that you need to be able watch, whether you do or not," Sally says,  " yeah, I don't have to be here every time you see the guys, just like when Louis and Marcus go with you's on your honey moon," Michael says. " we got a plan, thanks so much Michael," Sally says as she dials the phone.

Sally puts the phone to her ear, after several rings Larry picks it up, " hello" Larry says,  "hi Larry this is Sally, you busy?" Sally says,  " nope, Humpher and I were hoping you'd call," Larry says,  " I'm sorry, it's just my life just taken a major change this last week, I moved in with my friend Michael, I met the girl of my dreams, she moved to Michael's farm with me." Sally says.

" Wow that is some major changing going on for you, if you want to see us next week when your better settled in, Humpher and I can wait," Larry says,  " no I want to see you's, it just living with Michael adds a new dimension to things, ", Sally says,  " what's the new dimension?" Larry asks,   " well, Michael knows what I do, has watched several of the guys have sex with me, and Michael is homosexual, to be more exact his is a "wanta be transsexual, he has always felt like a girl, a several of the guys are having him give them blow-jobs, and or fucking him," Sally replies,   " no worry, if the other guys are doing that I will to," Larry says,  " another thing is, because I want to stay here on the farm and start working on my art much more, I was wondering if you could bring Humpher with you and I could perform for you both while your here," Sally asks meekly,   " no problem, say the time," Larry says.

Sally looks at her schedule, " how about 11am Friday?", Sally says,  " I'll be there, just need the directions to the Farm." Larry replies.

Sally explains to Larry how to get to the farm, and remembers to give him Michael's/ their phone number.

As Michael starts everything boiling, " that sounded like it went good." Michael says, " yes, really good, Larry going take you as his femboy slut too!" Sally replies, then stands and kisses him quickly on the lips.

Kathy sets the wash potatoes down on the counter-top, " what can I do next, Michael?" Kathy asks as Michael fills the pot with fresh water then has Kathy put the potatoes in the stove to start cooking.  " Kathy let me take you out to Edward stable and show you what to, how to feed him, come on Edward Kathy is going to feed you," Michael says, then he walks down the ramp, Kathy and Edward following.

Michael takes her and Edward into the stables through another open gate where Edward's wooden feeding trough is, directly in front and across the walk way is the hay room "Kathy you just unlatch the gate into the hay room, grab a arms full of hay then walk over and toss the hay into trough, that's it just remember you latch the hay room gate." Michael says.

They watch Edward eat for a few seconds, " Kathy follow me this way, we will walk out to the hay barn so you can see where all of Edwards hay is kept," Michael says, Michael leads her out of the stable, shop barn then follow the gravel path, the hay barn is about 50 feet way near the west edge of the fence line. As they step through the man door into the hay barn, " oh, this smells so good in here," Kathy says as she looks the whole place over top to bottom, " this would be a nice place for me to pose for Sally," Kathy says,  " speaking of posing, I sure you noticed some of the black and white photos hanging on the walls in the house," Michael says.  " yes I have, I love them." Kathy replies.

They turn and step back out of hay barn, as they follow the gravel path back, " My aunt loved to take black and white photos, then develop the film herself, all of her cameras, developing equipment I have here, what do you think about having Sally pose nude for you?" Michael says,  " that is a great idea, absolutely great idea!", Kathy says as she grabs his hands as she turns in front of him and spins him around, " when can you show me the cameras and developing equipment?", Kathy asks, " after we eat if you want." Michael replies.

They walk through the stable, Edward is still eating, they each pat his head as they walk pass him, then through the butler door, into the washroom, back up into the kitchen, where they find Sally still talking on the phone.

Michael turns the flame off of the the pot with meat in it, and lets the potatoes boil a bit more, " come on, we'll go down in the basement and I'll show you the dark room, where all the photo developing equipment is," Michael quietly says to Kathy.

Kathy sees the darkroom

Kathy follows Michael down into the basement then to a small room in the otherwise completely wide-open basement, all white ceiling and walls and painted gray concrete floor, Michael opens the door to the darkroom, flip on the light," here is your new darkroom, the cameras are all in plastic containers in the upper cabinets right here," Michael says, as he opens the upper cabinet doors so she can see the cameras.

Kathy looks at everything a bit,  "Michael, I'm going start taking pictures all the time now, you can model nude for me if you want to," Kathy says to him,  " sure, how about taking some close ups of me with Louis and Marcus's cocks in my mouth, artistically one like," Michael says mischievously.  " I'd love to, you can take some of me doing same, and me sucking Sally to, just close ups, I'd love have photo like that in our bedroom and studio," Kathy says.  " we'd best go eat, we can tell Sally and the guys your scheming, steamy plans while we eat," Michael says.

They head back up to the kitchen to eat, as Michael and Kathy step into the kitchen, Sally is sitting quietly looking at her schedule book, and looks up at them when they walk up to the table, "I'm sorry for doing all this calling, good news is I'm done for the evening calling anymore of the guys, I got 13 of them scheduled, and 10 guys for sure are going to come gang-bang, Michael, you and I perform for all the guys Saturday 7pm until 10pm, 24 of the guys are invited." Sally says.

Dawn and Jodie, the new girls

Kathy, walks over to Michael, takes the wash cloth from him, rinses it in warm water, then washes his bottom, " Keith made me ejaculate," Michael softly says as Kathy washes his limp penis, "Nice, you need a real man fucking you all the time, now do you want me to get Og, then you and I can take him for a walk down the lane?" Kathy says,  " yes, lets do that, give Sally and Keith time alone," Michael says,  Kathy walks up the ramp into the house, in less the a minute comes out with Og on a lead. The three of them walk out along the lane toward west row of plum trees along the lane, "yeah it was nice seeing Keith fucking you, you looked good, and he looked like he really was enjoying himself," Kathy says as they reach the plum trees, the barley now between them and the lane, Og starts sniffing doing the hound dog thing.

As Michael watches Og, he notices his big balls, "is Og hung pretty well," he asks Kathy, "yes, about 7 inch cock but a very big knot, he definitely kept me having one orgasm after another until he pulled out after about 15 minute minutes." Kathy replies then grins at Michael. 

They slowly meander along the row of plum trees which runs runs all the way to the county black top, "you excited to meet Jodie?", Michael asks,  "yes, I am, and I know Sally is really looking forward to getting to know her as well." Kathy replies. 

As Og snoops along the barley hay, Michael explains that the barley hay is Edward's main food source, and that soon a farmer would be cutting it and baling it for him, "you and I get to ride on the hay wagon and stack the bales as they shoot out of the baler on to the wagon, sound fun?" Michael says,  "yeah, I want to work hard, be a good strong, slutty farm girl for you and Sally," Kathy says as she giggles then pulls of her long shirt so she is completely nude,  "you think your farmer friend will let me stack bales like this, Michael," she says as she dances ahead of Og, "you like me like this don't you big boy," Kathy says, as she drops to her hands and knees under a plum tree into the shade and offers Og her bottom, " come on boy, I want you in my pussy this time," Kathy say to Og, who within 30 seconds is up on her back, as his penis in her pussy and is wildly thrusting in and out of, in 15 seconds he is stuck to her in a copulatory tie, Kathy then begins, whimpering and squealing as she has a orgasm. Michael quietly lays next to them in the shade of the tree and closes his eyes and listens to Og softly pant, and Kathy murmur, then whimper and whine each time she has a orgasm happens 5 times in the next ten minutes until Og backs off her, pulling his knot and penis out of her pussy with a "pop".

Og instantly licks her bottom and pussy as she remains on her hands and knees, her ass squirms ass Og licks her clean, then comes and lick her cheeks eagerly until Kathy has to stand up to escape his attention. "good boy, you got me good didn't you," Kathy says as she looks down and sees Og's semen running down her legs.

Meeting Jodie

They walk the 30 feet through the barley to the gravel lane then turn back toward the house, about half way back, they hear a vehicle approaching from behind them, they look back to see a orange V.W bus coming toward them, "that's Jodie."

Sally told me that she drove a orange V.W bus. I'll let her see me nude," Kathy says, as they step to the side of the lane to let her pass. Jodie slowly pulls along side them looks at Kathy then Michael, "hi I am Jodie, let me guess, your Kathy and Michael," Jodie says grinning ear to ear, as Michael and Kathy both say hi, the yes.

They talk as Jodie idles along beside them as they walk towards the house,"We've all been looking forward to seeing you," Kathy says to her, "I've been so excited to see you's, now I'm really super excited, now seeing you nude, mm-hmm," Jodie says  "if you hang around here very much you'll see all five us nude a lot," Kathy says,   "yeah Sally told me Louis and Marcus were living here now," Jodie says,  " yeah Michael's, mine, and Sally's full time live in studs," Kathy says, then giggles,   " yeah they are studs, thats for sure, your lucky to have them to live with you's," Jodie says,  " mm-hmm," Michael mumbles, then smiles sheepishly.

As they reach the house, Jodie gets the bus parked and shut off, Sally and Keith walk out the door, " hi Jodie, you found the place," Sally says, as Jodie is stepping out of the bus, Kathy walks Og over to the side door of Keith's van, slides the side door open, Og jumps up in turns facing her, then she un-hooks his lead, " you where so good to me today, you stud," as she briskly holds his face with both hands wiggles it as she kisses his nose, " want to see you again as soon as I can," Kathy says to him.

Keith, give Jodie and Sally a kiss, then walks to his van, opens the driver door, " Kathy don't worry you'll be seeing him everday for awhile because I'll be seeing Michael everyday for awhile," Keith quietly says to Kathy as he hops in the drivers seat, Kathy slides the side door shut, "oh thanks so much, sees you's tomorrow, bye." Kathy says to him, then walks to Sally and put her arm around her waist, as the watch Keith back out then drive down the lane.

Sally lightly slaps Michael on the butt as walks past her into the shop, " I hear Keith is going to be seeing you a lot, he told me he really liked your perform today," Sally says,  " I hope he sees me every day if he can," Michael says submissively,  " yeah he knows how to use that cock of his really good," Jodie says smiling big.  

Sally takes Jodie by the hand, and leads her in the house, Kathy follows, while Michael un-locks the stable door, Cunnington comes bursting in and follows the girls up into the house, "please shut the kitchen door, I'd letting Edward out," Michael says as Edward walks into the washroom.

Michael leads Edward out into the shop, out the overhead door, then hooks him to a 50 foot long cable lead which is connected to a steel post sticking out of the ground near the out side east corner of the shop/barn.

Michael then walks into stables gets a basket of hay, and dumps it out by the post, Edward starts, munching on the hay, Michael rubs his back for a minute then, walks in the shop and starts working.

As Sally and Kathy give Jodie the tour of the house, they walk into the girl's studio, the instant she see's Sally's painting, "I love your painting I seen the one at Scott's house and the one at Thomas's house," Jodie says,  " thanks, yeah a few of the other guys have painting I did of their dogs, I have sketches of all the dogs, I just haven't had time to slow down, now that you and Dawn joined the group, I'll only be seeing a guy a day, and now that Kathy is my life partner, want to have her do alot of posing for, as well as do alot of my big hound dog paintings." Sally says,  "I hope you can to, your clearly a professional fine artist, I have seen a lot of artist's work, my major in college was a B,A in fine arts, I can teach art at high school level any way," Jodie says, "I'm sure you could teach me alot of things, I don't have any formal education in art, other than I normal sketch at the Museum of Arts, Life drawing classes in the fall," Sally says,  "yes I seen you at few of those Life drawing classes about 5 years ago," Jodie says,  " how old are you Jodie?", Kathy asks,  "I will be 24 in September," Jodie replies,  "I thought you might be even closer to my age, I turned 19 in January,"  "have you ever thought about stripping, either of you's ?" Jodie asks.

" I stripped for a few years, at different places around town, then a little over three years ago I met Greg while I was dancing, I started having sex with Greg, Scott, Thomas in gang-bang context, then the four of us concieved the group. I suggested they all commit to only have sex with me, I in turn would only have sex with them, if they paid me so much each time they had sex with me. I liked it, because I could strip less, paint more, then after about a month of doing that, I suggested, what if I could have sex with a dozen guys, and I wouldn't have to strip at all, the whole thing mushroomed to where I was trying to have sex with nearly 30 guys once a week, but they me for sex at least twice a week. So they found Tammy and Candy, now you and Dawn, you know how it works, but the four us are single, were single then, however Kathy, Michael and I have committed to be life partners now so I have to phase out of things a bit," Sally says,  "I know I like the money, the guys are all great to me, but as you know, it's nice to have someone you share everything with come home to everynight and sleep with," Jodie says,  "hit it off with Louis and Marcus and come live with us," Kathy says, holding up her hands, like it's obvious.

Sally kisses Kathy, "that's another reason I love you, you see the obvious," Sally says,   " and you will be able to come home all of us every night, we all have sex with each other in some capacity," Kathy says.

Jodie stands there not knowing what to think or says, "I'll move in if it's ok, I can tell I'd like it here." Jodie says,  " lets go sit on front porch, Kathy you take her out, I grab three drinks, ice tea, beer, wine or water?, "Sally says,  Jodie says ice-tea, Kathy says ice-tea, Kathy takes Jodie out to the front porch, they sit down, "Kathy how did you and Sally meet?" Jodie asks.

Sally come walking out with the drinks, hands the girls their ice-tea's, then sits down wind with her beer and lights a smoke, " Jodie was asking how you and I met," Kathy says as she looks at Sally,  " tell her, I wanta hear myself, I forgot already....just kidding," Sally says smirking at Kathy,  "she's getting old, any way I'm a waitress, I waited on her and Michael one day, not so long ago, the moment our eye's met we both were in love, Sally asked me to pose nude for her, so she could seduce me and have sex with me, now here we, I trapped," Kathy giggles,   "it is all completely true, except Kathy seduced me, she could tell I was vulnerable, thus took advantage of me and put under her spell," Sally says, looking serious.

Michael pipes in from inside the screen door in the shadows, " it was love at first sight, I swear, it was magical, especially the part about - hound dogs lying on front porch-," Michael says, 

"Michael, Jodie is interested about moving in, she knows about our relationships, for the most part," Sally says,   " but not about the dogs and Edward, right," Michael replies, " Jodie, you need to know before you decide to move in with us that the dogs breed all three of us, and Edward breeds Michael," Sally says, "I have no problem with that, I've had dogs breed me before, and know it can be wonderful," Jodie says,  " ok that is our only secret, other wise you get what you see." Sally says.

Where to put Jodie?,

" I could make a room in the basement," Michael says,  Sally and Kathy ponder a second, both agree that is best option, " yeah that would be best option right now anyway," Sally says.,," lets go look," Kathy says,  They all file on down the stairs, Michael says, pick up a mailbox at Ben's, I'm pulling all the new mailboxes on the post this weekend. " It's big, and nice a cool down here, I'll take it like it is, I'll put my bed some where, and hang a curtain around it is good enough for me Michael," Jodie says,  " when you want to move in Jodie," Michael asks,  "today if alright," Jodie says,  " find with me, Louis, Marcus and I are going and getting Sally's bed, and,..what else Sally?" Michael says,  " get Jodie's bed and some clothes, Jodie what ever you'd get to spend a few nights somewhere else, then we'll figure the rest out later," Sally says, they all walk back upstairs, as Michael sings;

When I was just a little girl
I asked my mother
What will I be
Will I be pretty
Will I be rich
Here's what she said to me

Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours to see
Que sera, sera
What will be, will be

When I grew up and fell in love
I asked my sweetheart
What lies ahead
Will we have rainbows
Day after day
Here's what my sweetheart said

Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours to see
Que sera, sera.

They all start giggling, " there a lot of true to it though," Sally says.

" look how you's met and fell in love, I witnessed, it was, is magical," Michael says.

" yeah Kathy finish telling story about, the painting, how we both prefer large male dogs as our male partners." Sally says,   " well we gotta be sitting down for all that!" Kathy says,

As they stand in the kitchen, Sally looks at the clock, it's 1:15, " Kathy and I better get ourselves douched and showered, Gary and Mack will be here at 2:00, I was hoping Michael, you could perform for Gary until Mack finishes breeding Kathy," Sally says.  

" I do as you tell me," Michael says,  "Maybe Jodie would like having Mack breed her," Kathy says as she grins at Jodie,  "I'd love to start getting bred by the dogs if it's ok with you's," Jodie says,  "Jodie have the men been butt-fucking you?" Sally asks,  " yes, so far I've asked all of them to use my bottom and ejaculate in it," Jodie replies,  " have you been with Scott and taken his 10 inches all the way in you?" Sally asks her,  "yes, he was very good to me," Jodie says.

Sally takes Jodie by the hand, and leads her to the bathroom, once in the bathroom they both strip naked, " dam girl your beautiful, I hope you'll let me suck your pussy soon," Sally says to her, "you and Kathy can suck me anytime you's want," Jodie says,  " thank you, we both would like that a lot, now go ahead and see if you can poopy then when you're done I'll prep your bottom for you," Sally says, Jodie does that, then stands, Sally has her lean forward on the sink, then slides the oil tray between her feet, " Jodie I am just going to lude your hole with vasoline, then squeeze some veg. oil up inside your bottom the work a 10 inch dildo in and out of you for about 5 minutes." Sally says

As Sally cleans Jodie's bottom, she explains how she wants her to get down on the towel, play and flirt with Mack, when she sees the pink tip of his penis poking out, get on her hands and knees, wiggle her butt a little. " Mack as been breeding me at least twice a week the last two years, so he is very experienced, he will hop on you back, hold your sides tight, poke around with his stiff boned penis until he finds your butt-hole. Once the tip is in, he'll push his entire penis into you quickly, then start humping, you'll feel his knot quickly swell up like a baseball is stuck in you, it will take about 30 seconds, then he will just go calm, you'll feel his warm penis throbbing in you as he steady squirt his cum in you. He will likely hold you knotted for about 10 minutes, you'll most likely be having one orgasm after another until he pulls out, it is a extremely intense experience. Sally says, as she finishes by washing Jodie's bottom with a warm soapy was cloth, Jodie steps in the shower, a begins rinsing herself off, Sally preps her own bottom as Jodie showers, " Jodie, I'll be with you the whole time, and Mack is a big strong guy, but very gentle, I hope you like him." Sally says,

" I will, I trusted you your judgement, and thanks for adopting me, I want you to be a good submissive girl for you, and be trained by you," Jodie says.  "I will always be honest with you, and treat the best I can," Sally says.

Jodie turns the water off, slides the curtain back, Sally hands her a towel and watches her dry off, "I'm going to shave my pussy bald like you and Kathy, I love how you's look nice and smooth and bald," Jodie says,  "thanks, you'll look even sexier I think, can I ask how much you pay or rent currently?" Sally says,  " I pay 250 a month plus utilities and phone," Jodie replies,  " we'll have you pay us 150, just ask you help with cleaning some, help with odds and ends stuff," Sally tells her.  

Jodie steps out of the shower, Sally turns the water on to the right temperture and steps in the shower and closes the curtain,  " My advice to you Jodie, try to see no more then 4 guys a day, are you getting paid 50 dollars by each guy, each session?" Sally says,  " yes they all pay that," Jodie replies,  "do that while you live with us, you can save quite a bit of money for a few years, then get your art teaching going, or something you like doing," Sally says,  "Que sera, sera," Jodie says, then giggles.

Sally turns the water off, Jodie hands her a dry towel, " thanks, yeah the future is full of uncertainties and surprises, who knows once Mack breeds, you, you'll end up like Michael, Kathy and I and have to have a large intact male dog as your main male lover, Michael has Edward, yet if he didn't he be living with a large male dog as his male lover." Sally says to her.  

Sally steps out of the shower, grabs Jodies hand, then leads her to Kathy and her's bedroom, " let me get you a long shirt to wear, Kathy and I normally have been staying naked most of the day, because it's been hot, your welcome to do the same, I always at least wear a shirt when getting bred by the dogs." Sally says.  Sally find a long short sleeve flannel shirt, hands it to her, Jodie tries it on, models it for Sally, " you look delicious, can I suck you a few minutes please," Sally says,  "I'd love you to, can I suck you too?" Jodie asks,  they lay on their sides on the bed turned so each can lick and  suck the other's pussy,  "oh you taste so good Sally," Jode softly says,  "oh you taste so very good too, I can't wait to watch you and Kathy doing this too," Sally says,  " I can't wait either, I wanted to jump out the bus, when I seen her and Michael walking down the lane, drop to my knees in front of her and start sucking her," Jodie says,  "Que sera, sera, we'd better get up the future is about to bring you a big hound dog I believe," Sally says, then giggles.

They climb off the bed, Sally remains completely nude as they walk down the hall to the kitchen, Sally looks out the kitchen window see's Kathy completely nude playing with Edward and Cunnington, in front of the shop. "come on Jodie lets out to the shop and wait for Gary and Mack out there.

Michael and Kathy meet Gary and Mack the bullmastiff

As Sally and Jodie walk into the shop, "Kathy I want you to go in with me, so you can watch as Mack breeds Jodie, and hopefully Gary will take Michael out here as his sissy slut," Sally says,  " Jodie, I'm so excited that you want to be with the dogs to," Kathy says.

Sally walks to Michael and pants some the saw dust off his shirtdress, "I want you to look good for your new man, you'll like him he is a really nice guy, he also owns and runs Gary's cameras and photo developing out on east grand avenue," Sally says,  Kathy comes and puts her arm around Michael's waist, " Michael I was hoped to watch you and Gary getting it on,"

Kathy whispers to Michael as she holds him firmly by the waist looking down the lane, about 20 seconds pass, Jodie has the side door of her bus open looking for something, Sally is dusting off Michael's dress's backside, " here he comes, he's got a van too!" Kathy says,  Sally giggles,  " yes all the guys with the dogs have van's," Sally says.

They all four now standing together, Michael standing there with two beautiful nude ladies with smooth bald pussys, their arms around his waist and a beautiful lady with her arm around Kathy's waist, waiting for Gary and Mack, as the vans pulls up in front of them and turns off.

Gary steps out of the van, " what a welcoming committee we have here," Gary says as he lets opens the side door of the van, gets a lead on Mack as Sally hurries to them, quick kisses Gary on the cheek, takes Mack's lead and hugs him, Mack then jumps out of the van and Sally gets him introduced to Kathy, Jodie and Michael, " Gary, I'm going to take Jodie and Kathy into the house and get Mack started, if you don't mind getting to know Michael please," Sally says, as she quickly leads Mack into the house.

Gary walks to Michael they shake hands, " you come highly recommended for great blow-jobs by several of the guys Michael, I been excited all morning to have you suck my cock," Gary says,   " I'd love to Gary, been looking forward to start serving you regularly as your sissy slut," Michael says submissively.

Michael takes Gary's hand, "Let me lead you into the washroom, I've got a comfortable chair you can sit on on while I suck you, my bottom clean, so if you want to use it you welcome to," Michael says to him as he gets Gary sat down on the old office chair.

Michael slides his shorts office slowly revealing Gary's already bone hard cock, "oh, you are horny, looks like your already getting wet," Michael says to as he pulls Gary's shorts completely off, and lays them on the countertop. Michael then drops to his knees, then rapidly starts flicking his tongue all around Gary's big fat real man cock head, then loudly sucks and then takes a breath and swallows all 8 inches of  Garys cock, Michael wiggles his chin against Gary's balls a few seconds. Michael then slides his mouth up, off Gary's cock, stands, turns so, holds Gary's cock with one, balancing himself with one hand on Gary's knee, then slowly lowers himself down until Gary's cock head, pops into Michael's butt-hole, Michael steadies himself, and squirms around for a few seconds with the cock in him about 2-3 inches, then slides on down, taking the cock completely up his butt. "Michael, I've never talked to or met a guy who wants to be female, can you tell me about that?" Gary says,  " I just, have always felt that I should be a girl, ever since I can remember, I started sucking guy's cock when I was 7 years old, started sucking my donkey Edward's cock at age 10, started being penetrated by guys and Edward at age 13." Michael replies. Gary ponders Michael's reply, " do you prefer being with Edward?", Gary asks,  "that is tough to say, or to compare my relationship with Edward, to my relationship with men, Edward is like my husband, I 100% belong to him as his female-roled partner for life, 24/7, where now having sex with you is wonderful for me, makes me feel very feminine which is what I need, I know it is not likely your going to want to take me as your wife, full time live with partner the way Edward can take me." Michael replies.

" I'll gladly take you as my transsexual girl if I can help you feel feminine," Gary replies,

" that would be wonderful me, if you can just treat me sexually just as though I was a girl, I'll be available for you when Sally isn't, and I want so much for her to be able to devote a lot more time to her art, making painting, I know she wants so much to be with the dogs, so if I can pleasure all the guy's she sees who own the dogs I could help in that regard." Michael says.

Michael starts slowly sliding up and down on Gary's cock, " Michael, I know I'd like to stop out and use you at least a few times a week if possible," Gary says,  " that would be great, just call and make sure I here, but I'll try to be available 24/7 for all you guys, I really like gang-banged so if you's want me for that, all 24 of you's can gang-bang anytime as well." Michael replies.

Gary tells Michael to stand up and bend over and grab the edge of the watering trough, Michael does as told, " I want to thrust my cock in and out of you a little while, so you just relax and enjoy." Gary tells Michael.

Suddenly Gary and Michael hear Sally say, " it's good to see one of my men pleasing my trans. girlfriend." Sally says,  Gary and Michael turn and see Kathy and Sally watching them through the pass through opening at the top of the ramp. " did Mack get Jodie bred?" Gary asks,  " yep, Mack gave her a wonderful fucking, now he is laying with her, he definitely has taken her as one of his breeding bitches like us," Kathy says giggling.

Michael stands up, and slides off Gary's cock then goes and gets a wash cloth soaked with warm soapy water, returns to Gary, drops to his knees and gently washes Garys cock as he talks to the girls, Michael then fills a small bucket with water steps back in front of Gary and rinses his semi-erect off with the water and clean wash cloth, dries Gary's cock off good. 

" that's and good girl Michael, now is my man warmed up ready to give another one of his bitch's a good hard breeding?" Sally says with a submissive grin.

" Does my favorite bitch want to bend over the water trough too?" Gary says grinning, "oh yes she does, then maybe my man can pull out and cum in my trans girlfriend's mouth when he's done fucking me silly," Sally says as she winks at Michael,  " would you like that Michael?" Sally then asks,  " very much so," Michael says submissively.

Kathy and Sally walk down the ramp to them, " Kathy you sit on the chair, Michael you lick and suck her until Gary's ready to feed you his cum," Sally says dominately, Kathy and Michael do as told as Sally walks to the watering trough grips the rounded rim, and offers herself to Gary.  Gary quickly gets behind Sally, rubs some k-y on her butt-hole then pushes his cock in, " oh yeah, shove that big fat man cock deep in me Gary breed me good like a good doggie's bitch I am," Sally says as she whimpers and moans.

As Gary slides his cock in and out of her steady and slow he squirts more k-y on his cock as he speeds up slapping his inner thighs against her butt, " oh that big man cock feels so good, fuck me as hard as you can," Sally squeals out.

Sally has a orgasm, then Kathy has orgasm, " you girls are blowing my mind, Michael get ready I'm going cum," Gary says, Michael lifts up from licking and sucking Kathy's pussy, turns and positions himself on his knees next to Gary and holds his mouth up so Gary can pull out of Sally's butt, then cum in his mouth.

After Michael, as waited maybe 30 seconds, Gary loudly starts moaning, pulls out of Sally, quickly turns to Michael and grunts and groans as his cum squirts directly into Michael's mouth, Gary jerks and moans as 3 nice big globs of cum spew out onto Michael's eagerly awaiting tongue. As Gary regains his composure, Michael looks you at him smiling, opens his mouth wide to show Gary all of the cum that's on his tongue is like a reward, then  swallows Gary's cum down and seductively licks his lips as Gary watches him, and wanting approval, and to show Gary how good a slut he wants to be for him,  " your my slut sissy bitch now Michael, don't be worried about that, you may as well figure swallowing my cum everyday for awhile, I usually get up at 5am, so figure on me being here at 6am in the morning," Gary says,  " I'll be waiting, I want all the cum that you can feed me, and tell all the other guys with dogs that I'm ready to serve them as well if they like," Michael replies.

" don't worry Michael, you'll be swallowing a lot of cum every day from now on." Gary says

Sally giggles, " yes, Michael, I think Gary is right on that account for sure," Sally says.

Gary then looks at Kathy, " Sally was saying that Michael has some cameras and photo developing equipment, and you'd like to learn to use it," Gary says to Kathy,  " yes I very much want to start taking black and white nudes of Sally, Michael, now Jodie and Michael wants me to take close ups of him with Louis and Marcus's cocks in his mouth," Kathy tells him as she sheepishly looks at Sally.  

Sally pipes in, " why don't you and Michael show Gary the dark room in basement while I check on Jodie and Mack," Sally says,   Michael and Kathy lead Gary into the house and on down into the basement while Sally walks out to the living room. 

As Sally nears the living room she hears, Jodie softly whimpering and squealing like having a orgasm, as she rounds the corner, Sally sees Mack on her back and clearly knotted up in her butt again, and clearly Jodie is having a orgasm. Sally quietly drops to her knees, crawls next to them and starts rubbing Macks shoulders as he towers over Jodie and pants, " I just got up on my hands and knees again to see if he'd breed me again, before I knew it he was in my bottom and locked to me again," Jodie said, half giggling, half whimpering and moaning,  " yeah Mack will do that to me to sometimes," Sally says giggling.  " Sally I need to suck your pussy, please, can I, please," Jodie pleads, now squealing again as she begins having another orgasm,  Sally crawls in front of Jodie, then turns so she is sitting in front of her, scoots up so her pussy is right in front of Jodie's mouth, Jodie frantically begins licking and sucking Sally's pussy. "that's a good girl, mm-hmm, you do that good," Sally says as she softly moans,  " oh, you taste so good Sally," Jodie mumbles, then gasps " Mack is making me cum again," Jodie says jabbering and squealing, then panting after the orgasm passes, then frantically begins licking and sucking Sally's pussy again, in less then a minute, Sally is whimpering as she runs her fingers through Jodie's hair, " oh, yeah Jodie, I going cum!" Sally moans out, her back arching, and legs begin to shake as she gently holds Jodie's head.

In seconds, Jodie begins to squeal loudly as Mack starts to back of her, thus pulling his knot from her butt with a hollow sounding pop, Jodie quiverers wildly as her whole body drops to floor. Sally giggles a little as she rubs her back, "you ok Jodie?" Sally say,  " ok, yes, that's is the best screwing I ever got," Jodie says as rolls over an lays her head in Sally's lap, "I'm so glad you liked Mack, I know he'll want you for his bitch like he does me now," Sally says to her.

Jodie sits up gives Sally a short passionate kiss, "I know, my life really just changed after that screwing Mack just gave me," Jodie says,  " you mean like after I was when I first got screwed by a big dog,  I had to have him as often as he'd screw me," Sally said giggling.  " yep, just like that," Jodie replied.

They both stand, give Mack a good loving rubbing, "In that case, you can let Rocket, Peter's great dane screw you at 4pm, Jeff's great dane Otis at 6pm, if you want you can get screwed by all three dogs coming out tomorrow and the 5 on Friday, I'm sure Kathy will not mind, who are the guys that you see tomorrow and Friday ?" Sally says to Jodie.  

Jodie thinks for a minute, " tomorrow I see, Henry at 8am, Scott at 11am, Patrick at 1pm, and Abert and Stewart are going to double team me at 3pm, Chris, Ralph, Danny and Tim are going to start gang-banging me at 7pm. Saturday evening I'll be getting gang-banged by any of the guys in the group who are able to show up at Gregs from 7pm to midnight, So I have all day Saturday free." Jodie says.
Sally starts to say something to Jodie, when Michael, Kathy and Gary walk into the living room, Greg, walks to Sally and gives her a kiss, "I gotta get back to work, Kathy and Michael will fill you in about our plans concerning the photo stuff, Jodie, I'll see you Saturday night at Greg's," Gary says he leans and kisses her cheek, he then con's Mack into leaving with him, though Mack clearly wants to stay with Sally and the girls, Gary gets Mack to follow, after Sally leads the way, all of them then follow as they get Gary and Mack out to van and headed down the lane.

Sally lets Cunnington off his lead, " Peter and Rocket will be here soon, Rocket and Cunnington are pals, I want to see if they will double team Jodie together, she wants the dogs to start screwing her all the time now to," Sally says to Michael and Kathy as she grins at Jodie,  

" that is if it's ok with you Kathy?", Jodie says as she looks at Kathy,  " oh, heavens no, I think it's great, now the Doggies will have four of us they can screw now, they will be so happy and busy now!" Kathy replies.

They all walk up into the Kitchen and sit down, Sally says "don't worry you two, at least once a month all by two of the dogs gang-bang me at Greg's house, now it's going to you two getting gang-banged by them," giggling,  " oh I that sounds perfect for me," Kathy says, as she hugs Sally and dances around her, " I definitely want them all screwing me, as often as they can I know that fore sure, after getting screwed by Mack and sucking Sally's pussy I'd very much prefer that," Jodie says.

"I need to go prep myself for Peter, we will do the same with him as with Gary, except Michael and I will take Peter and double team him sucking his cock, Kathy you stay with Jodie and watch, Peter and Rocket should be here any minute," Sally says. 

Kathy and Jodie get a clean towel and put down on the living room floor, Michael goes with Sally to help her get prepared, as the girls are laying out the towel and trying to keep Cunnington at bay, cause he is ready to screw now,  Marcus and Louis walk into the room, both quickly pulling their cocks out, as the girls turn and see them, Jodie and Kathy crawl to them without a word said, Kathy takes Marcus's cock in her mouth, Jodie takes Louis's cock in her mouth, and start sucking them eagerly.  " I bet these guys have already got you bred by a doggie today haven't they Jodie," Louis says to Jodie,  Jodie holds Louis's cock out of her, " yes," Jodie says then takes Louis's cock back in her mouth, the guys have them suck them about 30 seconds more, then, " we just want to remind you's man cock is good too, but we know Peter will be here soon," Marcus says has she gently hs Kathy stand up, Louis does same with Jodie,  " we'll get you's later, we need to help Michael move Sally's bed," Louis says.  " you might have to watch Michael suck Peters cock first," Kathy says giggling. 

Sally and Michael are walking in the hall approaching them, "I heard that, lets head to shop and act like Michael showing all of us his furniture, Kathy will you get Cunnington off his cable lead, so when Peter pulls in we wouldn't just be staring at him, lets hurry," Sally says as she leads the way totally nude.

Kathy grabs Jodie's hand and pulls her along as they quickly follow her, " her ass is so hot," Jodie softy says to Kathy,  " I know, I getting wet just watch it now," Kathy says, the guys all said "us too".

They weren't in the shop more then a few minutes before Peter and Rochet pulled up in a van, as Peter climbed out, " I knew Michael, Kathy would be with you Sally, but these other three is a good surprise, especially you Jodie," Peter says as he slides the side door open as Sally kisses him, then gives a Rocket a good welcoming hug as she grabs his lead then has him leap out.

As Sally leads Rocket to everybody and introduces them," yeah Louis and Marcus are going to help Michael move my bed and Jodie's bed to the farm, after Cunnington and Rocket double team her, while Michael and I double team you, hows that sound?" Sally says.

Peter ponders a second, " Greg did tell me that Michael was available to all of us guys who have dogs, Michael, Greg said you loved sucking cock and getting fucked in the ass, so I am very willing to do that if you want me to?", Peter says, " yes, I love to have you start using me like," Michael replies.

Sally tells Jodie and to take Cunnington in with them, she follows them with Rocket, " I'll be right back out guys," Sally says.

Once in the living room Jodie gets on her hands an knees on the towel. Sally lubes her butt hole with a little veg. oil, the her and Kathy sit on the futon and watch as Rocket and Cunnington interact with Jodie as she offers herself to be bred by them, "my bet Cunnington takes her first because he is a Dom male, and Rocket is more a beta male," Sally whispers to Kathy.

Sure enough, in less then a minute, Cunnington mounts Jodie, after about 10 seconds of poking her with his boned penis, Cunnington's penis slides in into Jodies slick hole, and Cunnington screws her fast and hard for about 30 second, as Jodie squeals and whimpers.

Now firmly knotted up, " Kathy you watch them, let the doggies screw her as many times as they want, I'll go take care of Peter" Sally says quietly as she sneaks slowly into the hallway and out to the washroom to be with Peter.  

As Sally walks out the kitchen door onto the deck she sees Peter sitting in the office chair, Michael on his knees sucking Peter's cock, " where did Louis and Marcus go?" Sally asks as she walks down the ramp, " They grabbed some ice tea, and went to the pond to swim," Peter says, Sally drops to her knees on the side of Peter's hip, sticks her finger in Michael's ribs, tickling him, " let me suck his cock too, you little cock hound," Sallys says to Michael who then give her a turn to suck, as he slides his mouth down and starts licking and sucking Peters huge saging balls.

Peter leans back closes his eyes and lets them have their way with his cock, after about 5 minutes, " Michael, I need this big man cock up my ass, let me sit on it facing out to you, so you can suck Peter's balls, while I slide up and down on it," Sally says,  Michael stands up, helps Sally get Peter's cock slipped into her butt-hole, once it's in Sally starts bouncing up and down on it, then Michael resumes licking and sucking Peter's balls. After about a minute of bouncing on Peter's cock, Sally holds herself, up off Peter's cock, "Michael would you lube Peter's cock with k-y, for me," Sally asks,  Michael grabs  the k-y lubes Peter's cock thoroughly with k-y, then Sally slides back down on it, stays and just wiggles around on it, " oh Michael lick my clit please," Sally mumbles submissively, " you's are blowing my mind," Peter moans out

"Oh Peter I need you to fuck my silly," Sally says as she climbs off him frantically, steps to the watering trough, grabs the rim with both hands, bends over,"Peter fuck my brains out, please, oh please, tell me what a good slut I am," Sally pleads
Peter, gets behind her, "Michael lube my cock up good, and Rocket's slut bitch here's ass good please," Peter says. Michael does as told. Peter then slams is entire cock up her ass, causing her to squeal loudly, he pull all but a few inches out, slams it entirely in again," how you like that, you like being a slut for me?" Peter asks her, " oh yes, I do what you want me to do always," Sally whines out submissively,  " turn around and get on your knees," Peter tells her, Sally does as told, Peter then starts slapping her face with his hard cock, " tell Michael to pee in your mouth please," Peter says to her.  " Michael please pee in my mouth, please," Sally begs Michael then opens her mouth, and looks up at him as he holds the head of his limp penis a few inches above her lips and as slow as he can pees in her mouth, lets her get it swallowed, pees a little more, lets her swallow it until he has no more, Peter then as her turn to her, he pees in her mouth in the same manner as Michael just did until he has no more, " you like drinking our pee don't you slut?" Peter says to her, "oh yes, I want you's to pee in my mouth when you need to." Sally softly, submissively says.

Peter helps Sally stand up, " Michael you get down on your knees, then ask Sally to pee in your mouth," Peter tells Michael, Michael to gets on his knees in from of Sally, "Sally please pee in my mouth, I want to be you slut girlfriend so bad," Michael says then opens his mouth below and in front of her pussy, Sally starts slowly peeing into mouth as Michael eagerly gulps it down, until she done.
Peter then tells Sally to bend over the watering trough again, tells Michael to lube Sally's butt up good, Michael now lube my cock up good, Michael does, and in turn get Peter hard again.
Peter then slams is entire cock up Sally's ass, causing her to squeal loudly, he pull all but a few inches out, slams it entirely in again,then just starts repeating the same hard thrusting into her, until she is wailing and crying out, "harder, fuck my slut bitch ass harder," Sally calls out, "I'm cumming, don't stop as Peter's hard thrusts jerk her back and forth causing her to gasp and drool from her mouth as she has one orgasm after another until Peter starts to grunt," Michael hurry get on your knees so I can feed you my cum," Peter says, Michael drops to his knees next to Sallys butt and opens his mouth, Peter pull his cock out of Sally's ass, turns just in time for the first glob of his cum to shoot onto Michael's tongue, Peter bucks and grunts as he ejaculates 4 more big globs of cum onto Michael's awaiting tongue.

Sally rubs Michael's shoulders as he looks up to Peter, opens his mouth wide, so Peter can see all the cum on is tongue, then gulps it all down, " thank you so much Peter, please cum and pee in my mouth as often as you want, I'm your slut bitch now," Michael says meekly.

Sally walks to the sink, turns the warm nice and warm soaps up a wash cloth, steps to Peter washes his penis and balls thoroughly, then runs warm water in the small bucket, then  rinses Peters cock off good as Michael washes Sallys ass with the wash cloth, Sally hands the bucket to Michael, he rinses her ass, then he grabs a towel and dries Sally and Peter off. Sally then grabs Peter by the hand, "lets go see how the girls and dogs are doing," Sally say as she leads him up the ramp and into the house, Michael follows behind. As they walk down the hallway, Sally hears Kathy whimpering, Sally holds out her arm as she slows up, she then peeks around the corner and sees Jodie sitting on the couch rubbing Cunningtons shoulder, sees Kathy on her knees with Rocket on her black and clearly knotted up in her ass. Sally turns to Peter and Michael, grabs them by their arms and leads them back to the kitchen, where she explains, "Kathy is knotted up with Rocket, we need to wait until he pulls out of her." Sally says.

Michael grabs a beer out frig., Sally grabs one, Peter grabs one and they head down to the pond to get Louis and Marcus.

As they walk, Sally explains that it may take Rocket up 15 minutes to un-lock, due to very large size of Rockets swollen knot, " of all the great danes, Rocket as the biggest knot, it's is nearly the exact size of a baseball, circumference of 9 inches, 3 inches in diameter. The dog that breeds me is Albert's, akita Mac which his circumference is 10 inches, who knots me up for a half hour usually, Rocket usually knots me 20 minutes, both can ejaculate a shot glass full of cum in me.

For example, a human male can maybe ejaculate 5ml of cum, a large dogs like the great danes, Cunnington can ejaculate 30-40 ml, a stallion 50-60 ml of semen, so if us girls get bred 4-6 times a day by the dogs, we take alot semen in us, 250ml in a cup.

" Wow, I didn't realize the dogs ejaculated so much," Peter says,  " that part of the reason, that once I'd been bred by a big dog, I was hooked, now I have to get bred by dogs to really be satisfied fully sexually." Sally says,  " I agree after being bred by Edward, I belonged to him completely as his female-roled partner." Michael replies.

They see Marcus and Louis sitting on the pontoon, they them and wave, as they walk down to the beach, " I just hope I didn't do the wrong thing by allowing her to start being bred by the dogs, be she will be dependent on them the rest of her life, like I am, Kathy is, and as you are to Edward Michael." Sally says.

"Hey you's," Kathy yells at everybody, Sally turns to see Rocket and Cunnington running at them, Kathy and Jodie fifty yards behind them, Sally vigorously rub, wiggles both the dogs faces as they greet her, then Cunnington walks out in the water and starts swimming, while Rocket drinks.

 Sally, Michael and Peter walk out into the water and cool off, as they watch Kathy and Jodie, both nude, walk down the path to the beach, " dam, those girls are beautiful, Michael, sometimes I wish I had a cock so I could fuck Kathy," Sally comments, as especially she watches boobies, swaying and jiggling as she walks down the path,  " yes, she is a beautiful person," Michael says.

Once Jodie and Kathy got to the beach, they walked out to Sally who was standing shoulder deep in the water watching them talking to Peter standing next to her, Michael walks out the water to the shed, goes in inside it, and reappears with a dive mask, snorkel and pair of dive fins, " Michael would look good with boobies and a pussy, I must say," Peter says, as he watches him walk back to the water nude,  "I think so too," Sally says.

Anyone see in the news about the transsexual girl who is in the James Bond movie; For your eyes only," Kathy says,  " yes Michael as talked about it a little, yet not alot is known about her," Sally says, as Michael approaches, " Michael have you found out anyone about the transsexual girl who is in the James Bond movie?" Sally asks him,  " No, but I keep waiting to hear more, I did go see the movie, unfortunately she is only has a tiny part, yet she is very beautiful, she is definitely my role-model now, main desire I have is knowing where she had the surgery done for her new pussy, so I can find out about the details of getting the surgery done, where I can get it done, I so much want a pussy, not a penis," Michael replies.

Michael, then gets his dive fins on, spits in his dive mask, rubs that around on the inside glass,  " Michael why you just spit in your mask, and rub it around?" Peter asks, " They taught us in divers training to do that, it keeps your mask from fogging up on the inside," Michael replies, then puts the mask and snorkel on then lays back into the rolls then snorkels out to the pontoon dock, as he admires the beautifully tranquil underwater world on the swim out.

About 20 feet before reaching Louis and Marcus who are nude, sitting on the edge of the pontoon deck and dangling their feet in the water, Michael dives underwater to about 10 feet, then comes up under their feet, tickles their toes, then surfaces out in front of them.

"You two, need to see the view under your feet," Michael says, as he kicks his finned feet once which propels him to the side of the pontoon.  Hanging onto to the safety line that surrounds the deck of the pontoon, he takes off his mask, hands it to Marcus, " jump in and take a look," Michael says.

Marcus gets the mask and snorkel on, then slips off the side into the water and starts looking at the view underwater, after about 30 seconds, he pops his head up," Wow, it is beautiful, you can see clearly all the way to the bottom," Marcus says, then takes the mask and snorkel off, hands it to Louis, then Marcus yells, " Kathy, Jodie come out here and try looking through this dive mask,"  Louis slides into the water, looks underwater for at least a minute, " wow, all the fish, the way the light bounces around, it is beautiful," Louis says.

Once Kathy and Jodie get to the pontoon, and also look through mask and see the world under the pontoon, they are in love with the view as well, "I definitely want you to teach me to scuba dive Michael," Kathy says, Jodie, Marcus and Louis say they want taught to.

Michael replies, " we'll stop and get some scuba tanks, after we get the beds loaded up, we best get going and get Jodie moved in enough to spend the night." 

They all swim back to the beach, all 9 of them head back, to the house, " yeah we need to get you's all diver certified, so when you's go to Key Largo and John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in December, you'll be able to scuba dive, that includes you too, Jodie," Michael says. 

Jodie walks over and kisses Michael on the cheek as they walk, " thanks Michael for letting me live here like part of the family, I don't feel all alone anymore," Jodie says to him,  " I'm sure that I'm speaking for all of us, but I know that I'm very glad you'll be living with, this is a wonderful surprise, I think you'll be very good for Kathy and Sally, they need some female companionship just as much as I do, in a good friend sort of way," Michael says, 

Jodie smirks, grabs his hand then whispers in Michael ear, " does that mean I can't get you to suck my pussy when I want," she then bashfully turns her face down, " No, that you have to let me do, if you want stay," Michael says to her as he leans and whispers in her ear.

Jodie makes a gesture with her mouth like a taking a gasp, and wide eyed looking at him, the punches him lightly in the shoulder, " the girls teach you to do that to me," Michael says, Kathy chuckles as she walks next to Jodie.

Sally pipes in saying, "yes Michael certified Jeff, who will be here at 6pm tonight, and he has had me come with him on several dive trips to Bonaire for a week, one of the nice quirks of being a group girl".

Jodie replies, " yeah I get to go with Scott to Washington D.C in several weeks for 3 days, I'm excited about that,"  "I be excited if Scott took me anywhere and screwed me every chance he could, you as well Peter, I hope you screw me every chance you get" Michael says, submissively " don't worry, I will be, and yeah, Scott has the biggest, longest, thickest cock I've ever seen on a man," Peter says,

Sally replies, "I must say it does feel dam good when that cock of his fills me up," 

They walk through the paddock, through the stable, once in the washroom, " I'm heading to bath room to clean up for Jeff," Sally says,  " I come with you," Kathy says,  " I'm going to have the guys follow me to my house," Jodie says,  "I'm riding in the beetle bus with you, I always wanted to ride in a beetle bus, first I need to take care of Edward get him in the stable and feed him some hay," Michael says,

Michael walks through shop door, there is Edward walking straight at him, " hey buddy, hope you're not mad," he says to Edward as he briskly rubs his shoulders and neck, then turns leads Edward back into the stables to his feeding trough, Michael grabs a arms full of hay, spreads it in the trough, then watches him eat for a minute while he rubs his neck, " ok buddy, I be back in just a bit," Michael head back out to the truck. 

"We are going to pull the utility trailer," with my truck guys, Michael pointing at the trailer, "if one of you's want to back up to it I'll get it hooked up".  Marcus hops in the cab of the pickup, starts it up then maneuvers it into place, so Michael can hook it up.

Jodie tells Michael to drive the beetle bus, she will navigate, " keys are in the ignition, you had a beetle, this drive pretty much the same, shifting, slow, not a lot of power, bug get sound, and fun to drive."

Michael hops in the drives seat, the bus fires right up, looking at Jodie with a big smile, "I love that sound of the engine," "me too, take us to the moon Michael,"  Jodie says giggling,

As they drive down the lane, Michael is thoroughly enjoying himself behind the wheel of a beetle bus, " how long you had this bus," Jodie replies, " about a year now, like you I've simply always wanted one, I seen it setting in so folks driveway for several weeks, one day I was weak, and I bought it then sold the old beat van I had.

When get to the black top, just turn like you going to Ben's, Michael turns left toward the west, when we get to get to intersection by Ben's, take a left again.

"Can I ask you what it was like being a stripper, when you started?" Michael asks,  " yeah I was in my first year of college, down in Tallahassee, Florida State University, majoring in art, I started posing nude for life drawing classes, one of the other models who posed for classes told me I could make a lot of money stripping at the place she stripped at, so I started stripping there. I stripped at that place, which wasn't full nude for first two years at school, then a owner of a full nude club spotted me stripping, offered me job, the money was a lot better so I stripped there until 6 months ago, I moved back here was stripping at Daisy Dukes, Greg spotted me stripping there, offer me the job as a group girl a month ago, so I was stripping since age 19, and I am 26 now.

They turn left at the stop sign by Ben's head south, "follow this until we get to Brady st. turn left, take that down by the Museum of Art, then left in infront of Museum 2 block, my apartments there.

I was posing at the Museum of Art last fall since I been back, thats when I seen Sally drawing in several of the Life drawing classes, after seeing her sketch in class, she became kind of a idol for me and I was sexually attracted to her, though she and I never actually met, she sketched me in several classes last fall. So when I met her at Greg's after I became a group girl, it blew my mind finding out she was the "original group girl", even I haven't told her how much it overwhelmed me, just knowing that I be seeing her, I be having sex with the same guys she was having sex with, and my dreaming of having sex with her, I'm still reeling from it all.

Michael pondered as they where getting close the Museum," yep turn left at the next street, then up ahead there is a white van on the street turn right behind it into the parking lot, then we can see where we can park. Michael turned the bus into the parking lot, Jodie instant started pointing at a spot to park, Michael pulled into the spot, "the eagle has landed," he says,  Jodie chuckles as he shut the bus off, he and her jump out and wave Marcus to back into the empty spot next to them.

They get Marcus backed into the spot, the truck is blocking the way for others a bit but they can still get around it, the guys hop out, "follow me to my bed," Jodie says as she looks at the guys and smirks, " ask me that anytime," Louis says,  "I will be doing just that once my bed is at the farm and set-up," Jodie replies submissively. They get to her apartment, which is ground level and opens directly out onto the concrete walk way, " this is great, no stairs or hallways, from here straight to the truck, Jodie unlocks it, they all walk in, "it is just a efficiency apartment, so what you see is what I got," she says, They all look around a second then Jodie starts taking the the covers and sheets off the bed, and folding them, " No freaking way," Michael suddenly says, the guys look at him quick, Jodie starts giggling, " does Sally know about this Jodie?", Michael asks her, "no, I have not told her, and I asked Peter and Greg not to tell her because they have both been here," Jodie says meekly,  " this is really going to blow her mind, this is blowing my mind, here you have, -Hound and jack donkey playing in the paddock-," Michael replies,  Jodie goes to a big closet and gets some folded up card board boxes out of it, as she unfolds one of them, then gets the sheets, pillows and bed covers in the box as she set the box out off out of the way so the guys can grab the mattress, "I'm even scared almost to hang it up when we get to the farm," Jodie then says, " oh no, your hanging it up, I just think we try to get it hung first,before she sees it, then hang it up after we get the privacy curtain up, then take her down and unveil your new bedroom to her, I'll be there to hold her up," Michael says.

As Louis and Marcus lift the mattress, " that girl loves you, this will cement that love perfectly," Louis says,  " yep, I know that is true," Marcus says. 

Michael grabs the front of the mattress on other side from Marcus and they squeeze through the door, then head to the truck, once there, Michael lays out a movers blanket on the trailer, then they lay the mattress on it, the guys head back in, while Michael spreads a movers blanket in the bed of the truck, then heads back to the apartment.

The guys get the head board and frame apart, Jodie is busy packing clothes and other necessary items in boxes, as Michael walks back in, he grabs one end of the head board, Marcus the other, they head to the truck, after getting that slid in Louis slides in the frame rails.

Jodie has all she wants to pack for now in three boxes, Marcus grabs the foot board for the bed, Michael grabs the small t.v , Louis gets two boxes, Jodie one, everything except the foot board the put in the bus.

They head for Sally's, which is about half way between Jodie's place and the farm, Marcus and Louis lead with the truck and trailer, as Michael drives the bus, " Jodie are you thinking about teaching art, creating art, I just wondered about your thoughts on the topic?" he asks,  " I tell you Michael, I want to create art in some capacity, I am like a sailor lost at sea in way, not knowing which direction to go, now I like to help Sally with her art career, in some way, help Kathy as well.

I truly love have sex with men, pay is good, yet now after having sex with the dogs, that is like the most powerful drug that I am now addicted to, my desire sexually now is to have sex with the dogs, I greatly prefer having sex with the dogs now.

Michael smiles at her, "I know the feeling, I love having sex with men, yet I very much prefer having sex with Cunnington or Edward as their female partner, they accept me for who am, if were not for Sally, there is no way these guys would be having sex with me, and I not attracted to gay/homosexual men.

"Do you think you get the sex change surgery Michael?" Jodie asks,  " well, I been seeking a doctor for about 4 years now who change do the surgery to remove my penis, and make a vagina for me, just recently I found a doctor in Colorado who can do the surgery, so I been corresponding with him for a few month's now," Michael says

"That is exciting, right?", she says cautiously,  " yes, I hope time will tell," Michael replies.

"I'll do whatever I can, go there with you, watch Edward etc." Jodie says, 

"Having all you's living with me is a big benefit for a lot of ways, number one I now have you's to share my sercet with, for example, when I was outed at school in 7th grade for having sex with guys in my female role, my father disowned me, I had to come live here to escape that all, and live a secret life with Edward as my male partner.

They arrive at Sally's house, Marcus pull straight in the drive, Michael pulls in behind him, everybody piles out and head for the back door, Marcus has a key, he has it unlock and Him and Louis are in the house as Jodie and Michael get to the back door, " these guys aren't wasting any time," Michael says to Jodie as they walk through the kitchen, down the hall to Sally's bedroom, Sally already removed the bed cover and sheets, so the guys had the mattress off and ready to go to the trailer, " just set that out of the way, we'll but the head board, foot board on the trailer first, if you guys want to get the frame apart, Jodie and I will go out front door, spread movers blankets out on trailer which will best way to get bed out, I think," Michael says.

Jodie and Michael head back out to truck through the front door, they get the blanket on trailer deck, then head back inside, "lets turn off water to washer, un-plug it and dryer, un-plug stove, turn gas off," Michael says.

Michael and Jodie, get done turning everything off, unplugging all the electrical stuff they could, then check on the guys, they are ready to move the mattress out to the trailer, it is a king size mattress so 76 by 80 inches, Michael shows the guys how gets the moving straps placed on the mattress, and the four of them get it hauled out placed on the trailer, then cover it with two movers blankets, strap it all down to trailer, get the house locked up and head to the dive shop, to get some dive tanks for the weekend, " Marcus and Louis, follow us to the dive shop, I'll back out, and wait for you's," Michael says to them.

The dive shop is only about 5 minutes away from Ben's, so not far from the farm, "It's already 6:15, so Jeff and Otis will be with Sally and Kathy, so we may as well take our time at the dive shop, you's will have the shop to yourself because it closed for business at 5pm, so lets get you's your own mask, snorkel and fins and a wet suit if we can find a size that fits you's all," Michael says to Jodie as they drive.

"When did you learning to scuba dive Michael," Jodie asks,  " my aunt and uncle taught me when I was 13 years old after I was "outed" at school for being a feminine homosexual, they felt it was best I live with them, I wanted to live with them because of Edward, because they accept me as I was," Michael replies

"Did they know you were Edward's female-roled partner?", Jodie asked,

"Yes, they accepted that, and felt having sex with him was best thing for me considering the way society treated homosexuals, and transsexuals like myself, the the great thing about my aunt and uncle was they were very aware of the the great flaws of being racist, judgemental of other's, my aunt used to say all the time, " the greatness of a society is based on how it treats the vulnerable minorities within it" and we as a society have a great distance to go before that can ever be said to be great," Michael says.

"I agree with your aunt and uncle, especially now that I get paid to have sex with men for a living, why shouldn't I, if I love having sex, try being best I can at it, make some guys feel good for a while, feel good that I have pleasured them, and in the group way in which we belong to it as safe as it possible as long as all the group members abide by the guide lines." Jodie says.

" The biggest thing for you now, is your not alone in that apartment, you have home, you can come to, everybody knows and accepts what you do, so you can just be yourself," Michael says as he pulls up to the front door of the dive shop, shut off the bus, and they hop out, " let's make enough room in the bus to get 4 tanks in, Jodie slides the side door open and moves the boxes about as Michael watches, " that is plenty of space," he says, the guys come walking up, Michael gets the truck keys from Marcus, the dive shop key is on the same key ring as the truck, he unlocks the dive shop, the head inside, " anybody here, they faintly hear a female voice from the back, "Michael is that you?", " yep, came to see you Peggy," Michael hollers back as they walk toward the back they proceed through a set of butler door, to see Peggy working at a work bench on something, she looks up at them as they come through the doors, " what you's up to, introduce me to your friends," Peggy says as she stands and walks to them, " this is Jodie, this is Louis and Marcus, all of them are living at the farm with Sally, Kathy and I now," Michael says,  " wow, that's great," Peggy says as she shakes hands with all of them.

"I need to buy masks, fins, and snorkels for them and rent 4 tanks and a regulator," Michael tells her,  " you grab the tanks and regulator, and I'll help them with the masks, fins, and snorkels," Peggy says, as she takes Jodie's hand and leads her through the butler doors to the show room. 

Peggy leads them to the masks firsts, then helps Jodie try one on, they get the head strap fitting right on her head, " perfect," Peggy says, then proceeds to get the guys fit with a mask.

Michael walks out through the showroom with two tanks, headed for the bus, " Peggy if you got work to do, or need to get going, don't let us hold you up," Michael says as he walks toward the front door, " you know me, this place is my home, I'm glad to help," Peggy replies.

" So do you own this place Peggy?" Jodie asks,  " yep," Peggy replies, " that's cool, living in Iowa, I never really thought a scuba dive shop would be here actually," Jodie replies,  " you'd be surprised, a lot of people get NAUI certified through the shop by instructors like Michael, myself and a few other instructors, we do underwater search, rescue and recovery operations, and technical training, a lot of stuff behind the scene, train police divers etc., we use Michael quarry pond a lot to do final certification dives in due it's depth and clarity," Peggy say,  " yeah, just today Michael had us put a mask on and look under water, it blew me alway how clear that water is," Marcus says,  " yeah that pond of his is a wonderful place, I love it there," Peggy replies. 

Michael walks up to them as he come back in to get two more tanks, " I heard that, how would like to come out this weekend and hang out and help me train Kathy, Jodie, and these to guys?"  " I think I can Sunday, I'll call you, because I very much would like to do that more then anything else". Peggy replies.  "Sunday would be good if you can, we got alot of summer left so, call when you have time," says as he heads off to get the other two tanks.

Peggy then gets all of the snorkels and gets then properly attached to their masks, then gets them all a set of fins and a mesh dive bag to put it all in for each of them, " ok you's are set for that, now the hard part, wet suits finding one that fits," Peggy say as she sorts through the wets suits, hands one to Louis then Marcus, then Jodie, steps back and says, " let me watch you's put these on,".  Jodie gets her on easy, Marcus does too, yet Louis struggles to much,

"Louis let me get you another bit larger size," Peggy says as she sorts through the rack of suits, "here try this one on," Peggy exchanges suit with him, he tries it on, "perfect, you can leave them on for 48 hours now, and they will fit even better,...just kidding" Peggy says grinning mischievously,  " I can tell you and Michael are friends," Louis says.

They all get all their gear in their new dive bags, as Peggy writes out a sales ticket for Michael hands it to him as he walks back into the showroom with a regulator, Michael looks at the sales order, "you didn't put the tank rentals or regulator, on here," she grabs it back, writes on it quickly, then hands it back to him, he writes some thing on it and hands it back to her,  she smiles, then Michael writes a check out and gives it to her, then she gets all the manufacturer stuff, his receipt and puts it in a vanilla envelop and hands to him,  " ok you's are set, it was my pleasure meeting you's and I hope to see you's Sunday, tell Sally hi for me and hope to see her out there too," Peggy says.

They all say their thanks and good-byes, and load up and head for the farm it is about 7pm.

As they drive Michael says to Jodie, " if you hear heavy foot steps then a clump on the foor above you about midnight it is just Edward coming into lay down and sleep by me, then about 3am he wakes up and he and I go out to the washroom and he breeds me once or twice, then I come back in and lay back down,".

Jodie asks, "do you's do that every night?"  " yes, pretty much every night," Michael replies.

Jodie says, " I seen stallion cocks hanging down, they are huge, how big is Edward's cock?" 

" his cock is about 18 inches long, about a big around as Scott's cock," Michael replies

Jodie replies, " wow, you take all 18 inches up inside you?",   " yep, when he breeds me, time wise it only lasts about one minute, he thrust in me about 30 seconds, stops like the dogs do, only Edward's cock head flares and semi-locks up inside me as he ejaculates in me for about 30 seconds, if he and I are alone together all day and night, he might breed me 6 or 8 times in a 24 hour period, yet lately I haven't been getting much alone time with him except our usual 3 am time," Michael says.

Jodie asks, " if I hear you's wake up can I sneak up and watch Edward breed you, as I quietly peek through pass-through at the top of the ramp deck?",  "yes any time, as long as your quiet he wouldn't get startled," Michael replies.

Michael turns the bus off the black top onto the lane to the farm, "lets get you're bed down in the basement then then all your stuff so you can get your bed made, sneak -Hound and jack donkey playing in the paddock- down and we'll hang it up,"   "sounds like a plan." Jodie says giggling a bit.

They get pulled up in front of the shop, I'll go get Edward and put him on his lead so he can be out front and watch while we unload everything," Michael says as he shuts off the engine, they both hop out, and watch as Marcus backs the trailer up to the washroom door.

The guys climb out of the truck, " I'm going to put Edward out front here while we unload, you can get all the racket straps off, we'll then get Jodie's bed and boxes in basement first so she can get her bed made and organized. Then we can get Sally's bed in their bedroom. 

"Hey everybody, Sally ran into town to pick up some pizzas," Kathy says as she walks out the washroom door nude, " hi Kathy, did you and Otis have a good time playing?" Jodie say to her with a big grin,  "mm-hmm, he treated me real good, really, really good, can I help carry in thing down to your room," Kathy says submissively,  " sure here is a box you can carry down, I'll follow you," Kathy leads the way as Jodie follows, Marcus comes walking down the stairs, as they start back up, they move to the side, then see Louis just coming down, "thanks so much guys, you get to break my bed in with me first," Jodie says eagerly, " thank you!" Marcus then Louis say to her. as her and Kathy hurry up the steps and back to the bus, they see Michael working on something in the shop, Jodie whispers to Kathy "dam your making me wet looking at you," as she hands her the small t.v set, "I'm glad I get you wet, will you take me as your sub?" Kathy says to her very submissively, "As long as it's ok with Sally, yes very much I like to have you as my sub, you'll make me a good baby girl to play with," Jodie says, as she runs her fingers through Kathy's hair and gives her a kiss on the fore head.

They then walk back in and to the basement Jodie carrying -Hound and jack donkey playing in the paddock-, as Marcus and Louis grab the side rails and slats for her bed frame, " I'm making a cart for Sally's Mattress, soon be ready," Michael hollers from the shop.

Once in the basement, Jodie quickly takes the sheet off of -Hound and jack donkey playing in the paddock- and unveils it to Kathy,  "oh my," Kathys gasps with her mouth, then glasp her hands over it and in silence for a second staring at it, "when did you buy this and where?" Kathy asks,  "I bought it last winter, it was hanging in the Museum of Arts gift shop," Jodie says, lets get Michael to hang it up before Sally gets back," Marcus and Louis come down the steps, Jodie and Kathy hurry up the steps as soon as they pass.

Michael is just sitting the cart he made up on the floor as Jodie and Kathy, walk down the ramp, "Michael can we get -Hound and jack donkey playing in the paddock-  hung up quick before Sally get back?"  "yeah, I'll grab what I need and be right down," Michael says as he heads into the shop, the girls grab a few more boxes, then head back down to the basement, just as the guys are sitting the mattress on the frame, "your all set girl," Louis says, Jodie sets the box down, then gives both the guys a kiss and a hug.

Michael appears with a cordless power drill/screw driver, "were do you want the bed, then the painting?" he asks Jodie, I think the bed about 5 feet in from the corner, then the painting, about here, Jodie stands were she wants it holding the painting in front of her, after the guys move the bed to the spot 5 feet off the inside corner of the foundation, Michael takes the painting from her, " I'll hold it against the wall, you stand back and tell me if it looks good,"  Jodie steps back and looks, " just a little higher,"   Michael moves it a bit up, "that's good," Jodie says,  Michael has her hold the painting where it's at, then makes a pencil mark on the wall, at the top center of the painting, Jodie moves out of the way, Michael drills a small hole in the wall, taps a small plastic insert into the hole with his hammer, then screws a screw into it, steps back,   "hang it up,", Jodie does just that, step back looking at it,  "oh Michael, thanks so much," Jodie says as she hugs and kisses him.

" What is going on down there?, come get pizza," Sally says from above,  " Sally come down here first and see Jodie's new room," Michael hollers up the stairs,  Sally is walking down the stairs in seconds, she sees the bed set up, then suddenly sees -Hound and jack donkey playing in the paddock- hanging up.

Sally stands there her mouth open in a deep gasp for seconds, then she turns and sits on the bed, with her hands over her face she begins to whimper and weep, " tell me this isn't a dream," she mumbles, Kathy quickly sits next to her and runs her fingers through her hair as tears flow down her cheeks as well, "this isn't a dream, it is very real," Kathy says to her.

" It is a sign from the Gods if you ask me," Louis says,  Sally starts giggling and crying at the same time, " I didn't know you believed in Gods, Louis." Sally jabbers and giggles while saying,  " I didn't know I believed in Gods either, by God I do now!," Louis says. 

Michael says, " you 3 were meant to be together, that is all I believe in now, I need a strong drink," as he heads up the stairs with his tools, " make me one to please." Sally pleads, Marcus and Louis follow him up, Jodie sits on the bed next to her and kisses her passionately, as Kathy kisses her shoulders and rubs her back.

Michael starts mixing drinks as the guys sit at the table, he hands Louis a screw driver, Marcus a bloody-mary, then he mixes two strong screw-drivers for himself and Sally, the girls come walking up from the basement, Sally sit by Michael, he hands her the srew-driver, she takes a big swallow, "I much needed that, thanks Michael," Sally says.

Michael asks Jodie and Kathy if they want a drink?  "I'll take a beer," Jodie says, " no, I'll just take a sip of Marcus's bloody-mary if he'll let me," Kathy says,  " no way,...just kidding,"  Marcus says, as he hands her his drink.

As they all sit around the table, Sally first asks, "Jodie why didn't you tell me you bought -Hound and jack donkey playing in the paddock- you first came out, the said you seen the one at Scott's house?"  " I think because I was freaked out about it all, thought you might think I was some kind of stalker or something, and after posing for you seeing your sketches of me that you did during yours visits to Life drawing classes at the Museum, I was secretly in love with you, all kinds of things were swarming through my head, I'm so sorry I didn't tell you earlier." Jodie says weeping, Sally gets up and comes behind and hugs her as she sits, "no need to be sorry, I know a lot has happened and fast, main thing is your now living with us, and all will work out, thick or thin, it will." 

" Peggy says hi, she set Jodie, Marcus and Louis up with masks, fins, suits and snorkels, I picked up 4 tanks, Peggy thinks she will come out Sunday to dive with them, maybe tomorrow and Saturday I can spend some time with them snorkeling, we can sit on pontoon do some class room work, explain the bends, Air embolism.

Note;  when jeff is here! 

"Peggy is married to Jeff who was just here, she gets fucked by all of the guys with dogs like I do, she likes doggies too, she is a Dom bi-girl, she will take you as her sub Kathy, I'm very sure of that once she sees you, I hope she will take you as her sub, because she can take you with her when she plays with the dogs and you can suck her pussy when she tells you to." Sally says.

"Wait until you see her bald pussy Kathy, she had her pussy hair permanently removed by electrolysis so her pussy is smooth as a babies butt, now that I'm shaved bald, I'm getting it done, Kathy, Jodie you can to if you wish, I'll pay for it," Sally says very seriously.

Both Kathy and Jodie tell her that that want it done to, " ok, I'll give you the doctor's name and number, call her office and schedule a appointment when it works for you Jodie, Kathy I'll call Monday and schedule us a appointment,".

"I was going to work at Betty's Saturday, then tell her she could call me only if she needed me if one of the girls was sick, and if I was available, I'd come in, is that ok?" Kathy says to Sally,  "that is a great idea, you can also tell her your just not going to waitress anymore, both are fine with me," Sally replies.

"Jodie and Kathy, I'd like to see you two just going around seeing the dogs together 3 days a week, if it's alright with you's, that way Jodie maybe you could see guys just a few days a week, maybe you and Michael can double team the guys who come here, I talked to Greg just a bit ago and he said all 24 of my guys will be seeing Michael once or twice a week, and Michael every Sunday you'll be getting gang-bang by any of the 24 guys who want to come out from 2pm to 6pm, this Sunday at least 20 off the guys will be out.

" I will tell Betty that I'm done waitressing, I want to be with the dogs as often as I can, I know that for sure, and do my sewing." Kathy says.

"I'd very much like to go see the dogs 3 days a week with Kathy and take turns with the dogs through out the day, and see guys, 2-3 times a week," Jodie says.

" Jodie, if you's were to see 8 dogs a day for 3 days, that's all the dogs once, Peggy and I would work it out so if I seen, says Otis on Monday, she would see him on Wednesday, I would see him on Friday, there will be 10 new dogs that will start coming of age next starting next week, I'll see one of them twice that week, once he has taken me securely as his bitch, meaning I belong to him, he will be expecting to breed me every time he see me, just as all the dogs will with you two in several weeks. Starting next week however, Otis, Pablo, Og, Studher will breed Kathy twice Monday and Tuesday, then Otis, Pablo, Og, Studher will breed Jodie twice Wenesday next week, the following week I'll make a new schedule up," Sally says

After talking to Greg tonight, if you can have sex with 10 of my 24 guys a week, I have sex with 5 of them and Michael has sex with 10 of them here every week, then gets gang-banged every Sunday he is fine with that," Sally says.

"Can I be in the gang-bang with Michael if I'm here and available?" Jodie asks.

Greg said if either you or I suck or get fucked by the guys during Michael's gang-bang, or any time they are here seeing Michael and we wish to join in and play, the guys will pay half normal pay.


"Greg said all my 24 guys would getting blow-jobs from you regularly every week for a while at least starting next week Michael, so plan on seeing two guys every day next week," Sally says to Michael, "I will like that a lot, that's for sure, my little sissy penis is wet just thinking about it," Michael says submissively.   "I'm sure I'll want some of that cock to, when they are here for you Michael," Sally says smirking.

After we eat pizza, 

Tomorrow Kathy you will get bred by Keno, Humpher and Finn.

Saturday Jodie you will get bred by Poundher, Knotkum, Herman, Rocket again, most likely he will breed you twice in a hour, then Tylok, so by 5 dogs.

The new dogs are Ruckher, Hertie, Tiecum, Que Slipher, Cosso, Clitslip, Hertop, Herknot, Topher, Bumstud, hopefully in the next 2-3 weeks all of these boys will have securely taken Peggy and I as their bitches and own us for the rest of their lives.

Kathy and Jodie, I think your starting to realize, what I mean by them owning you as their bitch?" Sally says  "I know I got to have have them, I know for me it's like the most intense addiction imaginable, like if I could I spend 10 hours just getting bred by them 7 days a week, I'd still be wanting more," Kathy says.

"I agree, all I can think about is when can I get bred next, I know the dogs that have bred me own me, I'm their bitch until they have to die, and the very sad part is I know they will only live about 6-8 years," Jodie says.

"I know with Peggy and I both, we live to be bred by them, we completely belong to them as their bitches to breed, we love those dogs like I love you two, Kathy and Michael, and likely you three soon Marcus, Louis and Jodie," Sally says.


"For example, a day that I look forward to maybe more then any other day is when I go to Gregs, the dogs start breeding me at 8 am and all 24 of them breed me until 8 pm or longer until I'm just to tired or they all are." Sally says.


" I know, the last few days that is what feel like, a bitch in heat 24/7," Kathy says, then looks at Louis and Marcus, " will you both fuck me right now," Kathy says as she drops down to her knees and eagerly starts licking and sucking Louis's cock,  Jodie follows suit and drops down and starts licking and sucking Marcus's cock, "good doggie bitch," Marcus says to her.

Louis pulls his semi-hard cock out of Kathys mouth, slaps her face with it,  " tell me to piss in you mouth."   " please piss in my mouth Louis, you own me to," Kathy says, then Louis starts a slow steady stream of warm piss running into Kathy's mouth as she eagerly gulps it down. Once Louis has pissed all he can, he says " Marcus bring that bitch of yours with you, and I'll bring this bitch of mine, we'll go work on them in the living room, Michael would you get some towels for us," Louis says, as he pulls Kathy by the hand out to living room, where tells her to get on her knees, "now Jodie, stand over this new sub bitch of your's, tell her to start sucking your pussy while I work your tight ass with my cock," Louis says.

"Michael put that towel down in front of you drop down on it, and start begging Marcus to piss in your mouth," Louis says,   Michael does as he is told, then says, "Marcus please I need you to pee in my mouth, please piss in my mouth and tell me what a good sissy bitch I am," Michael says submissively then opens his mouth and looks up at Marcus, Marcus starts a slowly steady stream of urine draining directly onto Michael's tongue,  "your such a slutty sissy bitch now Michael, you probably want a big hard dog cock cumming in your mouth to, don't you?" Marcus says, "oh so much I want big dog cock in my mouth and swallowing his cum," Michael says.


Jodie piss in that new sub bitch of your's mouth, and tell her to gulp it all down, you Sally, go get that big dildo of Michael's and shove it as far up your ass as you can," Louis says,  Sally hurries to the bathroom, quickly douche her ass, then lays a towel on the futon, lays on her back and slowly push about a foot of the dildo up her own ass, " now hold it up in your ass, Michael you go lick Sally's pussy and work that dildo in her," Louis says.

Louis grabs Jodie's hand, says to Kathy, " you stay right there you little slut, until I tell you to come," Louis tells Kathy,   " Michael, pull that dildo out of Sally's ass," Louis says,  " Sally you get Cunnington's cock out, and knotted up hard so he starts cumming in your mouth," Sally does as told, and leads Cunnington out on the rug, lays down under him, he starts eagerly licking her pussy while she strokes his cock.  " Michael go clean that sissy slut ass of yours up good and get back out here," 

Louis, sits on the futon, and has Jodie sit down on his cock with her back to him so it slides up her ass completely, " now just sit and just wiggle on it until I tell you different, " you want to be my full time slut Jodie?",   "oh such much I do Louis, I want you to fuck me all that you can," Jodie begs out submissively,  " Kathy you little doggie's bitch, crawl over here are show your dom. bitch how much you love licking and sucking her pussy, lick and suck my balls to," Louis says,  " Marcus, pull Kathy's doggie fucked tight ass up, get it all lubed, lube your cock and slide it all the way up in her and hold it."  Marcus takes the lube from Louis, lubes Kathy's ass, his cock then slips it in her butt hole, then steady slides all the way in her,  " oh I love being you's slut," Kathy squeals and gasps out saying as she pulls her mouth off Jodie's pussy just long enough then continues eagerly sucking.

Jodie soon starts whimpering, softly pleading, "suck me hard Kathy, yeah suck it, I'm going cum," Jodie mumbles then starts grunting with repressed gasps, and deep breaths as her knees start to quiver then wildly shake, Jodie falls forward, her hands squeezing into Kathy's back as she bucks about huffing and gasping.  " fuck me hard Marcus, use me like the true slut I need to be, oh please, Marcus fuck me," Kathy cries out as Jodie leans on her back still quivering and having tiny spasms from her orgasm.

"Yeah Sally hold Cunnington's cum squirting cock out so we can watch you swallow it all." Louis say to her. 

Michael walks back in, "Michael did you get cleaned up good?" Louis says to him.  " help Jodie off, and get her laid down next to Sally so she can swallow some dog cum to," Louis tells Michael,  then lean on the futon so I can fuck your bitch ass to for awhile," Louis says

Kathy, starts crying out, "Marcus, I cumming," then she wheezes, and jerks with convulsions. Marcus takes this big long dildo, lube it up and shove it up Kathy's ass, then go wash your cock off so Michael can suck it, he looks best with a cock in his mouth,   "Kathy you hold that dildo up your ass and crawl over and start sucking Sally's pussy," Louis says to Kathy.

"Dam it looks nice to she you bitches sucking your dogs cock, Michael you look good with Marcus's big black cock in your mouth were it belongs" Louis says.

"Marcus are you about to cum?", Louis asks,  " yes, Michael you needed to swallow some man cum don't you?" Marcus says,  Michael pulls the cock out of his mouth long enough to gasp out, " yes, so much need it," then takes the cock back in his mouth eagerly,  " Ok Michael open up and hold cup your tongue, here comes," Marcus grunts as his back arches and the first glob of cum squirts out on Michaels tongue, followed by 3 more big globs squirting out onto his tongue,  " hold your mouth open Michael," Louis says as he quickly pulls his cock out of Michael's ass, jumps up and stands with his cock head touching Michael's tongue, just as the first glob of cum flows out into Marcus's cum thats ponded up already on his tongue, two more globs cause all the cum to over flow into Michael's mouth, Michael holds his mouth open so Louis and Marcus can see how good they filled his mouth, " good girl Michael, both the guys praise him, then tell him, "you can swallow it now like a good sissy bitch should always do."

Michael, now, go pull Kathy's ass up and lick her ass clean, then do the same with Jodie, Marcus and I are going to go make a drink, then come back and watch you's make Sally cum," Louis says, Michael does as he is told, as the guys make their drinks they hear Sally crying out, " suck me harder Kathy, yeah baby, that's my girl, yeah, yeah, yeah," Sally jerks about and whimpers then lift up and firmly yet gently holds Cunnington around the neck as she quivers from her orgasm. Jodie lifts up as well as Cunnington's penis slides back up into his sheath. Michael stands, kisses all three of them on the cheek and them walks to the kitchen, Louis hands him a drink, "thought you might need one too, it been a great day, yet tiring," Louis says.  " thanks guys, you were great today," Michael says them.

 Michael, Louis and Marcus walk out to the truck, Michael has a smoke while the three of them finish their drinks, "Michael I'm really interested in taking this diver training to a dive instructor certification, so I can teach as you do," Marcus says as he looks at the dive equipment setting in Jodie's bus,  " We can make that a reality, we just have to get you the dive time in, experience doing different aspects of diving, Peggy help, I can't train you to instructor certification, she can, she is a master instructor, she was amongst the first 10 U S Navy's female deep sea divers, she became a U S navy diver in 1980, so she has a lot of unique experience. She opened the dive shop in 1984, and has been my dive instructor ever since, plus Peggy will take you as her studs I bet, if your nice, through her is how I met Sally, Peggy recommended me to Sally to build the bedroom and bath in Sally's basement" Michael says.

They finished their drinks, got the big king size mattress on the cart Michael made up using movers dollies and boards, and easily rolled it up the ramp through the house, into the girls bedroom, Sally, Kathy and Jodie were all laying on the futon bed completely nude, Michael was at the front as they pushed the bed into the room, " you did it," Michael said, " yep gone bald, you like it?" Jodie asks,  " I think it looks great and all the will too, I bet," Michael said,

As Marcus seen her, " yep Jodie, you look great bald," Louis commented as soon as he could see her, " oh yes, I didn't think you could look any hotter then you already did, I was wrong again," Louis says while licking his lips,  " thanks guys, I want so much to please you's," Jodie replies.

The guys headed back out, got the head board, foot board, as the girls folded the futon up to make it into a couch, then slid it over to wall, they then decided to put it in between their two armoires. Michael was the first to walk back in carrying the foot board, "the futon looks great sitting between the armoires," Michael comments, as Louis and Marcus come walking in with the head board.

They have the girls hold the head board and foot board standing up in the approximate positions as were they will go, then the guys hurry back out to get the frame rails and slats, 

" Jodie do you want to sleep with Kathy and I tonight?" Sally says,  " oh yes so much, yes, thank you," Jodie says as she hugs Sally, " as long as your a good girl you can stay, other wise I have to put you in dungeon until you behave for your Dom Mistress," Sally says giggling, " I'll be a good girl for you and a good bitch for your stud dogs, I promise, I want to be your sub so bad," Jodie says submissively, "I know you will, and I'll be a good Dom Mistress for you," Sally says as she smirks then kisses Jodie's lips.

The guys come walking in with the rails and slats, and in 10 minutes the bed is ready to make, the girls all work at getting the sheets and covers on, while Michael heads back out to get Edward in the stable and fed, Marcus and Louis retire upstairs.


Friday June 17th, morning arrives;

Edward bred Michael twice at 3 am, yet he was back sleeping by 3:45 am, Sally was first to awake, she quietly climbed out of bed with Cunnington, Michael was still sleeping so tried not to disturb him as she let Cunnington out on the front terrace to potty, as she went and started the coffee brewing.

Sally looked at the clock above the backdoor, it said 6:30, it felt like she slept good, she hoped the girls had slept good to, she really wanted them all to be able to sleep together from now, and with Cunnington being so big, she wondered, but she couldn't remember ever waking up last night at anytime, so everybody must of slept good, she thought to herself, as she waited for the coffee to brew.

Sally and looked at her schedule book, and made a mental list of what she most needed to get done today, the logistics of it all.

Michael comes walking in, "good morning mistress," he says grinning as he kisses her on the top of her head, as walks to the cabinet and takes out two cups, pours a cup of coffee, sits it in front of her, "I like the sound of that -mistress-," Michael says as he pours a cup for himself,  "it would sound even better if you referred to me as -Dom mistress Sally Stud Cunnington's head breeding bitch-," Sally says giggling a bit.

Michael, giggles to, " what bitch am I for Cunnington?" he asks,  "let's see, -sub trans bitch of Stud Cunnington's-, maybe" she replies.

"You have any special plans today," Sally asks,  " no just work at getting that armoire finished, I not sure of the paint scheme I want on is my main hold up on it, I have some sketchs of few different schemes, yet can't decide," Michael says.

"Can I see the the sketches," she asks,  "sure, let me run to the shop and grab them," he says as he stands then heads out the door.

Michael walks back in lays his sketch book in front of Sally and has a piece of parchment paper he lays down next to it,"  "I'm actually thinking about painting it to look like parchment paper leather like faux finish, what do you think?" Michael asks.

Sally looks at the color sketch mock ups of the armoire, "these are all great, Michael," Sally says,  then, "I think the faux leather look would attract males buyers for sure," she adds.

Michael decides that he will do the faux leather look finish, "I've never tried doing a faux finish, but now is the time to learn, and I need to have variety, until I get another design developed for another armoire," Michael says, 

Michael asks, " you having cereal," as he pours himself a bowl, " sure, pour me a bowl to," she replies.

As Michael, sets her bowl with milk and spoon in it, he sets down next to her with his, "Thomas and Finn still coming at 9 am?", Michael asks, " yep, as far as I know," Sally replies,  "I thought I put my hair in pig-tail today for the guys, I want to look as sissy like as I can for from now on," Michael says.

Sally replies, " I like when you wear your shirt dress, that helps you look feminine, along with your pig-tails, maybe a flower in your hair would look good too, also have you heard back from the doctor in Colorado about the GRS, surgery so you can get a vagina?" Sally says.

Michael replies, " I expect to hear back from him anytime, he is suppose to be sending me some before and after photos of surgeries that he has done,"

"I was going to call the phone company today and see about getting a second phone line or cell phone maybe for the farm, I'm supposed to give Keith a blow-job at noon, other then that I'll be ready for Thomas with Finn at 9am, I sure he'll want to stud me, I'll be available for Larry with Humpher 11am, and Paul with Keno at 7pm and of the other guys who want to stud me." Michael says.

Sally replies, "yeah you and I can double team the guys while Kathy plays with dogs, other then that I thought Kathy and I could make a trip to my house with the pick-up and get a load of my stuff, then go to Kathy's aunt about getting the house up for sale."

Suddenly the phone rings, Michael looks at the clock, it's 7 am as he answers it. "hello, hi Johnny," Michael says,  "Michael, I had some time today if you want me to bring the skidloader by and get the terrace off the washroom graded for you." Johnny says,  "if you can come by about 1 pm, after lunch would be good," Michael replies,  "ok be there about 1pm, see you then, will Sally be there?"  Michael replies, " yes,"

"Well, Johnny is coming by at 1pm, he'll probably be here a few hours," Michael says,

"he still single," Sally asks,  "yeah, I think so," Michael replies,  "I've always wanted him to join the group, so he could fuck me," Sally says.

"Oh I know know he'd fuck you if he had the chance, he asks me about you every time I talk to him, he just now asked if you'd be here," Michael replies, chuckling,  "how old is Johnny now?," Sally asks, "I think 21 now," Michael says,  "good, I'll have him a member of the group by the time he leaves here, and his cock up my ass," Sally says seriously,  "I believe you, I know I love to have his cock up my ass too.

I've wanted him since he was was 12 years old, he and I have skinny dipped in the pond many a times over the years, yet I've never had the nerve to make a pass at him, though he knows I am a feminine 100% bottom homosexual." Michael says.

Sally grins, then says, " well maybe I'll just have to talk to Johnny about joining our little group," she stands and kisses Michael's cheek, then washes her cereal bowl and spoon and put them in the dish drying rack, then walks out of the kitchen.

Michael heads out to the stables to find Edward and take him for a walk down to the pond, he finds Edward meandering around in the paddock, so Michael heads straight for the pasture gate, opens it and he and Edward walk directly toward the quarry pond gate which is about a 100 yards away.

Edward bred Michael at 3 am this morning already, but he douched and lubed his bottom already, he has his bottom full of oil and plugged with a butt-plug, so as soon as he and Edward get through the gate to the pond, Michael leans on the gate, bends over, pulls out his butt-plug and offers himself to Edward for breeding, Edward licks a bit of the oil off Michael's bottom that leaked out as Michael removed the butt-plug.

Edward then lifted his front legs up, slid up on Michael back, his erect penis found Michael butt hole and slid completely up inside, Edward gave 4 good firm thrust, Michael gasped when Edwards penis flared deep inside, and Edward went still and began ejaculating up inside Michael's butt, the whole event lasted about a minute, then they walked around the pond.

Sally goes in a wakes Jodie and Kathy up, Kathy awakes with a drowsy smile, "good morning, did you sleep good mistress Sally?" Kathy says giggling a bit,  "yes I did, wonderfully, did you?",  "mm-hmm, very good, how could I not when I'm sleeping with the love of my life on one side of me, a very sexy dom. female for me on he other side, and my doggie lover at my feet," Kathy says as she crawls to Sally and hugs her around the waist.

Jodie awakes as soon as Kathy starts crawling to Sally, Jodie looks at them with one eye open, and drowsily smiling, "good morning, I hope I didn't snore or talk in my sleep and bother you's," Jodie drowsily says.  Sally giggles, " no you got up at one point and layed down next to Edward for awhile, then came back and crawled in bed," Sally said,  "What!, I did that?" Jodie says clearly shocked,  "no, just kidding, sorry," Sally says giggling, Kathy lighty punch her in the arm as she herself steps out off bed, says "I gotta pee" and heads for the bathroom, Jodie hugs Sally, then heads for the bathroom, "I gotta pee too, right behind you Kathy." 

Kathy finishes peeing goes to sink and washes her hands an face, then starts the shower water going, once temperature is right she walks in the big walk in shower and gets under one of the two shower nozzles the water is spraying, soon Jodie steps in under the other nozzle, Kathy quickly starts washing her back, "Jodie I'm so happy you slept with us last night," Kathy says to her as she submissively washes her back, " oh Kathy, I so glad you's allowed me to, I so much want to belong to Sally as her submissive bitch slut, like you," Jodie submissively says.

Sally is getting them towels, and hears Jodie talking, " your both the belong here with me and Michael, and I am so lucky to have the greatest girls. greatest submissive bitch sluts I can imagine sleeping with me, so remember you belong to me to, so don't wander off," Sally says with a strong deep voice,  "no way Mistress, I'm loyal to you for life," Jodie says, " I'm yours for ever Mistress," Kathy says.

Sally hops in the shower with them, "I'm very much, I'm yours forever and a loyal and dedicated dom. mistress to both of you to for life, until death do we depart," Sally says as she caresses and kisses them both, they all three take a nice long shower.

Sally says as she washes Kathy's chest, and Jodie washes Sallys bottom, " maybe we could go shopping for some discreet sub collars that match for you's to wear all the time, like a wedding ring from me," Sally says them.  Both Jodie and Kathy knock them all down as they dance around in the shower in joy, both saying, "I want to marry you, oh yes we do."

Kathy and Sally go back to their bedroom, Jodie goes to the basement to get dressed for the day, Kathy tells Sally she is staying nude all day, Sally just puts on a long t-shirt, then the walk out to the kitchen, Sally pours a bowl of -special K blueberry- cereal for her, and a glass of orange juice, "eat the cereal every morning girl, it will help keeping your bottom easy to clean," Kathy starts eating as Sally rubs her neck and back, "I think I am going to have Louis and Marcus only penetrate my bottom, and stop taking birth control pills starting today," Kathy say.

Sally replies, "I think that's a great idea, I think I will do the same, I've been wanting to do that for the last year, now is a go time to start."

Jodie comes walking through the basement door into the kitchen, wearing a thin light flowered midi-dress, no bra, so her nipples show nicely, Sally tells her she looks sexy, and asks her to sit and eat the cereal she as sitting on the table for her. Sally grabs the milk and pours some in her bowl,  " it helps us keep our bottoms clean," Kathy says,   "I'm all for that," Jodie says as she starts to eat.

Sally asks Jodie when she thinks she will be home tonight, "probably not until 8pm tonight, Tim, Scott, Charles and Daniel and any other guys that show up are going to gang-bang me at Scott's house, starting at 4 pm," Jodie replies.


Sally replies, " ask Scott if Duke his great dane can stud you while your there to."

Jodie replies, " yes, that's a great idea, maybe I can let all the dogs start breeding me while I'm there with the guys?".

Sally says, " yes, by all means, but only while the guys are with you, that is until I spend more time training you with each of the dogs, then I want you and Kathy to go see them together for awhile, ok?", Sally says,   "Ok," Jodie replies sincerely.

Jodie quickly eats her cereal, looks at her schedule, " I'm seeing Albert at his house at 9 this morning, Gary at his photo store at 10, Charles at his shop at 11, Jerry at his house for lunch, Eric at his house at 1:30, John at the airport at 2:30, then to Scott's house at 4:30.

Sally says "Jodie, your going to be very very busy girl today, especially if you get studded by Albert's stud Mac the akita, he has a huge knot, so plan on being locked up with him 20 minutes or longer, Jerry's bullmastiff Bucker likely will stud you twice and Eric's bullmastiff Ruckher is just coming of age he is a good stud and true gentlemen.

Jodie replies,  "I love serving the guys, and I know I'm going to love serving all the dogs as well."

Sally looks at both Jodie and Kathy both and says, "don't worry, in about a month you's will be getting studded by 34 different dogs solo, and I'll be trying to get studded by as many of them as I can." Sally says. 

Kathy says, "yeah it would be nice to spend 4 hours every day getting studded by the dogs if possible, then come home and pose for you, sew or take photos."

Sally replies, "that would be a realistic plan for you, maybe just 5 days a week, you could still get studded by 20 dogs a week most likely, you know Marcus and Louis will want to stud you most every day as well."

Louis comes walking down the stairs completely nude, "yeah, I know I need you to give me a quick blow-job Kathy before Marcus and I leave for school." Louis says to Kathy.

Kathy quickly stands grabs his hand, and leads him to the living room, gets him sat down, then goes to her knees and starts eagerly sucking and licking his cock.

Jodie kisses Sally, "I'll be home by 8pm or I'll call, you's have a great day," Jodie says to Sally as she head out the door, then down the ramp,  Sally hollers, "call if you need anything," then Sally heads to the bathroom cleans her bottom good, then hops in the shower.

Marcus walks down stairs, grabs a cup of coffee, then walks to the living room, sees Kathy giving Louis a blow-job, "I want to you to suck me off to Kathy as soon as your done with him," Marcus says.

Kathy takes Louis's cock out of mouth long enough to ask, "Marcus could you hand me the k-y jelly there on the coffee table please,"  Marcus hands it to her, then heads back to the kitchen.  Kathy lubes up her hands while saying to Louis, "I'm sorry to rush but Thomas will be here with Finn at 9 am," then she vigorously starts stroking his cock while sucking hard on his cock head, "oh yeah, good doggie bitch, make that cock cum for you," he says, within a minute Louis is squirting his cum into her mouth for her to swallow.

Kathy and Louis walk to the kitchen, Kathy grabs Marcus's hand and leads him to the living room, gives him a blow-job, then hurries to the bathroom and starts cleaning her bottom.

Michael gets back with from the pond with Edward, after he gets some hay in Edward's feeding trough, watches him eat for a second, Michael walks into the washroom, finds Cunnington then leads him out to the stables to hang out with Edward while Thomas and Finn are being serviced. 

Michael goes in the washroom shower/bathroom douches his bottom, so it's clean for Thomas in case he wants to penetrate Michael anally while he is here, takes a quick show, then walks into the house completely nude, he finds Sally and Kathy in the huge main bathroom, sitting the changing bench, with Kathy braiding Sallys hair into pig-tails.

Michael smiles, at them, " hey Kathy, you mind braiding my hair into pig-tails to?"   "nope sit right down here and I will fix you up, as soon as I'm done with the mistress, the mistress was telling me, your young farmer stud might soon be studding us all soon if we are lucky."

Michael grins at Sally as he sits next to her on the bench, "I hope the mistress succeeds in seducing him, I know I've wanted him to take me as his sissy girl since I was 10 or 12 years old, he knows Edward studs me, he's caught Edward breeding many times over the years because he and his parents farm is all this land west of us here." Michael says.

Kathy grins at Michael, "I think if the mistress wants him, she will get him," Kathy says leaning over and kissing Sally on the forehead while she stands behind her finishing her braids. 

Sally stands gives Kathy a quick kiss on the lips, "thank you my love," Sally says to her, then slips on her house slippers and walks out of the bathroom, as Kathy starts combing Michael's long hair out, which was in a ponytail.

"Michael, in all these years you've never been able to ask Johnny to take you sexually as his sissy girl?" Kathy asks him,  "no I have always been afraid it might ruin our friendship, so I've never told him that I wanted to be his sissy girl, ever though he an I have skinny dipped in the quarry pond hundreds of times over the years, I've seen that beautiful cock of his big and hard many times, wanted it so much and have dreamed of it up inside of me ejaculating me constantly for years." Michael says.

Kathy has his hair braided in pig-tails in 5 minutes, "oh you look good as a sissy girl, look in the mirror Michael, I hope you'll be able to get your pussy surgery soon, you need to have pussy like us girls that is for sure," Kathy says,  "thanks, yeah I hope I can get the surgery as soon as possible, I want to be like you's and have a pussy, especially for Johnny to see, see that I am truly like a girl inside." Michael says as he kisses Kathy on the cheek.

Sally sticks her head in the bathroom, "Thomas and Finn are driving down the lane, lets go meet them outside," she says,   Michael gets his shirtdress on, while Sally and Kathy remain totally nude then they all hurry out to greet them.

The three of them step out the washroom door, just as Thomas is opening the van door, to let Finn out, " hi, Thomas, hi Finn," Sally says, Thomas turns and looks at them, a big smile comes on him, " hi, to you's as Finn eagerly rushs to greet Sally who drops to her knee and grabs his face as he wildly tries to lick her to death, "yeah I missed you to, I bet your good and horny to," Sally says to him, then stands and takes Kathy's hand, and and guides it to Finn's cheek to pet, "this is Kathy, she is going to be your new bitch to start studding, so today you get to breed her instead of me, but I'll still be your bitch too," Sally says to Finn.    Sally then introduces Finn to Michael, " Finn, this is Michael, my sissy girl lover, you'll be able to breed Michael and take her as your sissy bitch to stud as well," Sally says to Finn.

Thomas gives Kathy a kiss on the cheek, as Sally takes Finns lead from Thomas, then takes Kathy's hand and says, "I'll take these two, and get them introduced intimately, once Finn as her knotted up, I'll join you two in washroom," Sally says.

Michael takes Thomas's hand and leads him into the washroom, gets him sat down in the office chair, gets his shorts completely off, then starts licking and sucking his cock, Thomas just leans back, "good sissy girl Michael, you were born to suck cock that is for sure, you do that so good," Thomas says,   "thank you, I love cock so much, my sissy bottom is clean and ready for you today if you wish to use it," Michael says soft and submissively.

Michael starts deep-throating Thomas's fat 8 inch real man cock, holding the the big mushroom headed cock deep in his throat 30 seconds, then lifting off, taking a breath then doing it again, and again, "good sissy bitch, yeah I'll be using that sissy bottom of yours all the time, so don't worry," Thomas tells him dominantly.

Michael, takes a breath, and in a very submissive, meek tone looks up at Thomas, " I'm a sissy bitch that is constantly in heat, so call anytime you want me, I be here for you and all the men to use, you can gang-bang me all you want as well," Michael says. 

Thomas tells Michael to stand, an lean over the watering trough, Michael does, "ok let me hump you good and hard like the dogs do for a little bit," Thomas says as he lubes his cock with k-y jelly as he stands behind Michael,  Michael wiggles his butt in excitement, "please making your full time breeding bitch and pound me as hard as you want, I love it hard and rough, fuck every ounce of man out me, please," Michael begs him.

Thomas, pops his cock head in Michael's butt-hole then slams all 8" inches up inside, causing Michael to squeal and lurch forward abruptly, then Thomas pulls back out completely, does it again, Michael squeals again, "you like that don't you sissy bitch?".

Michael squirms and whimpers, "I want to be a girl for you so much, please don't stop," Michael pleads submissively.

Thomas slams his cock back up inside the sissy's ass, then holds it tightly, as the sissy whimpers and pants, " it is supposed to be another hot night tonight, do you want me to call all of Sally's 24 guys, and see if they like to gang-bang you tonight, then each of pull out and cum in your mouth, so you can swallow it?".

Michael begs submissively, "please, I need all the cum I can swallow constantly,"  "that's a good sissy, I will start calling the guys as soon as I get back home, we need to get you trained as our weekly gang-bang sissy bitch and emasculate you fully," Thomas tells the sissy bitch.

Thomas continues slamming his cock in and out of Michael's ass, holding it up in him for 30 seconds, pulling all the way out lubing up his cock, slamming it back in holding it, again and again.

After about 15 minutes, Finn comes walking down the ramp, followed by Sally and Kathy, as Thomas is holding his cock up inside Michael, "that how I want my sissy to look, her bent over with a man's cock up her ass, how you like it Michael?" Sally says.

Michael quivers and whimpers, "I want to be Thomas's girl just like you, so badly, can he have me as his sissy bitch to breed anytime he wants?" Michael whimpers out in a meek feminine tone.

Sally walks to him, kisses his cheek, "Thomas can use you all he wants, just as all my men can, if they call you 24/7 you are to serve all of them, ok, and from now on your a her, not a him" Sally says to her.  

Michael softly says, "yes, I will be ready at all times to serve your men loyally as your trained sissy bitch slut, please call me Michelle from now on, please," Michael pleads.

Kathy says, "I like that name for you, Michelle, it's perfect,".

Thomas pulls his hard cock out of Michelle's butt-hole, "Michelle clean my cock up so I can let Sally ride it for awhile," Thomas says as he pulls Sally to him and starts passionately kissing her, as Michelle soaks a wash cloth with warm water and baby shampoo, then returns, drops to his knees and carefully washes Thomas's cock and big hanging balls, the returns to the sink, runs warm water in the small rinsing bucket, tosses in a soft clean wash cloth and returns to Thomas and thoroughly rinses his cock and balls, Sally, Thomas, Finn and Kathy walk up the ramp back up into the house, Michelle, Michael is now, goes in the shop to tinker with some work, glowing with joy, feeling so feminized now, he wants his penis gone, and a pussy so much now.

The mail man usually delivers the mail at 8am, so Michelle gets in the rx7 and drives down to check the mailbox, thinking the doctor who he wants to do the sex change surgery on him maybe as replied back.

Michelle opens the mailbox, right on top is a letter from the doctor, Michelle can't wait and opens it nervously,  upon on folding it and reading it, it says, " dear Michael, if you sign the waiver enclosed which basically states that you understand that the male to female genital vulvoplasty, zero-depth, (no vaginal canal), yet both your testes will be retained in the Labia majora is experimentally, however I believe myself and fellow surgeon colleague believes he and I can complete the surgery with success. Call me and we can get you a new vulva, and have you feminized as soon as your ready". Michael hollers out loud, "now I can really be Michelle, and be like a girl!".

As he drives back to the house, he is wanting to tell Sally, Kathy and Thomas so badly, he looks at the clock in the car as he drives down the lane, it's already 10:15, they are most likely finishing up.


Once their in the living room, Sally gets a clean towel on the futon, tells Kathy, "I want to see how Finn is going to behave with you as I sit on Thomas's cock and ride it, so get on the floor out in front of us, so I can watch while I ride it," Sally says.

Kathy, sits on the floor, first Finn bugs Sally as Thomas sits on the futon, then guides his stiff cock into Sally's butt-hole as she slowly sits down on it, "oh yeah Thomas, that feels so good," Sally says as she slowly slides down the shaft, until all of his cock is up inside her ass, then she just wiggles and squirms around on it sitting there with her back to Thomas and watching Kathy and Finn interacting now.

Finn now licking Kathy all over, "lay on your tummy, see what he does," she tells Kathy, Kathy does that, Finn licks her from head to toe, "his penis is sticking out pink again, now roll over on your back, as soon as he turns so his cock is above your face, gently feel up to the base of his cock shaft, then firmly squeeze and hold then start stroking and pulling it untill his cock starts coming out, you'll feel his knot start to swell, get it completely out of his sheath and start licking and lapping up his cum as it squirts out," Sally says.

Soon Finn is thrusting into Kathy's hand as she firmly grasps it, then them Finn's juices start pumping out, Kathy raise her lips up, holds Finn's knotted penis so the tip is aimed into her mouth. 

Sally starts bouncing up and down on Thomas's cock, as she watches Kathy suck and lap up Finn's semen squirt into her mouth, "you like Finn's nice warm sperm?",  "oh yes, I love his having his cock in my mouth so much,",   " your his bitch now, I'm so glad you like him, because he will be breeding you, everyday next week, so he can get to know you, then you can start seeing him on your own every other day for a month, Finn is a good stud for you to start seeing all the time permanently," Sally says.

As Kathy laps his squirting semen, she mumbles, "thank you so much, I want to be the best in heat bitch for Finn that I can be,".

Sally rides Thomas hard and fast now, Thomas starts moaning loudly, " Thomas tell me when your ready, I will hop off, and get down on my knees so you can cum in my mouth like a good slut bitch for you," Sally says submissively.

Thomas soon says, " ok you horny slut bitch, get down and put that cock head on your lip and I'll feed you my cum,"   Sally quickly hops off his cock, turns and gets on her knees between his legs as Thomas begins grunting and panting, as the first glob of cum shoots onto Sally's awaiting tongue, followed by three more nice big globs of cum on her tongue, Sally sees his orgasm is complete, so she eagerly swallows all his cum, then gently licks his cock head clean.

Once getting back to the house Michael(now Michelle) decides not to go into the house, until Thomas and Finn come out and is ready to leave, so as not to disturb Finn in case he is locked in a copulatory tie with Kathy.

In the living room, Thomas and Sally watch as Finn finishes his ejaculatory cycle steps away from Kathy and his penis retracts back into it's sheath, Kathy rolls up on to her knees, scoots to Finn, gives him a big hug and kiss on the cheek, then sit next to Sally on the futon.

Sally puts her arm around her, and holds her tight and looks into her eyes, "good girls, we need you sucking all the dogs off as part of your breeding routine, when Larry with Humpher, visit us at 11am, I want you to suck Humpher first, then if he wants to breed you again, take him in your bottom," Sally says.

Thomas says I best be getting out of here, Larry and Humpher will be here soon, they walk out side, see Michael sitting on the work table, he see them, he picks the letter walks to Sally and hands it to her, Sally starts reading it out loud;


Dear Michael, 

I am looking forward to performing the zero-depth vulvoplasty surgery for your sexual reassignment genital surgery, so you can much more feel like the female you should be, I will be working with Dr Elisabeth Jones, she is a very experienced plastic surgeon and will be encapsulating your testes in folds created out of the skin from your scrotum, to create your The labia majora, the scrotum skin is temperature adjusting skin, tighten, constricts when your body is cold, loosen when hot, a key element in retaining your testes, you'll be able to have a orgasm and ejaculate just as you did before the surgery.
Call me as soon as you decide, I like to do the surgery the first of next week if possible, there will be no charge for the surgery, due to the experimental nature of the procedure.

enclosed are some before and after photos of zero-depth vulvpplasty surgerys I have done for male to female transexuals of the

                                                                                                Sincerely, Dr Bieber

Kathy says, "Michael this is wonderful, and he can do the surgery, and at no charge, wow!"

Michael says, " well I thinking he is doing it for no charge is because this way of doing the male to female vulvoplasty has never been done where the patient retains their testes in the labia majora, so it is unknown on the success outcome, but like Dr Bieber told me a few months ago, the worst case scenario is they will have to do surgery later and remove my testes,".

As Thomas and Kathy are getting Finn into the van, " Michael I have a good friend I'd like to fly out to see in my plane, I can take you next week any time, it's a 6 hour flight but, I'm paying for it, and it's nice to have company on a 6 hour flight.

Sally ponders a minute, "Michael you in and try to call Dr. Bieber right now, Thomas is ok if Michael asks for a Monday surgery?" Sally says.


" Yes, Michael and I could take off from the airfield at say noon Sunday, just call me as soon as you can," Thomas says as he hugs Kathy who is standing holding and petting Finn, he slides the side door shut, hops in and backs out and drives away.

Michael walks in and un-latchs the butler door into the stable, both Cunnington and Edward come walking into the washroom, they all walk up the ramp into the kitchen, Edward gets a carrot, Cunnington a milk bone.

                                                    Chapter 4

Thomas is a retired naval pilot, he owns a Pilatus PC-6 Porter

Gary asked Kathy to make shirt dresses for Michael, and the five group girls, and he'll pay her for the dresses 


Michael sucks Kathy for first time, then routinely starts to, he starts cleaning her pussy after Marcus and Louis cum in her pussy,

The focus is on Sally's painting, Kathy's sewing and taking b/w nudes of Sally, Having Gary who owns the camera store, work with Kathy as how to take good pictures and develop the b/w prints, Kathy and Sally start posing nude with each other for Gary, Michael poses for all three of them as well as Kathy and Sally start peeing in Michael mouth routinely.

Michael starts having all the guys pee in his mouth regularly, as well as Sally, Kathy and Jodie

Jodie starts posing nude for Sally, starts getting fucked by Cunnington, Louis and Marcus.

Michael starts sucking Jodie

Jodie starts seeing all the 10 new dogs

Jodie moves to farm and sleeps with either Louis or Marcus.

Jodie wants to get a great dane puppy from Greg.

Jodie is a very good artist and is going to some art classes at local college and attending life drawing classes, Michael starts posing for Jodie and Sally both as they sketch together.

Gary starts photographing Sally, Kathy, Jodie, Dawn, Tammy and Candy at the farm nude regularly. erotic and non-erotic nude, some with Louis and Marcus.

With Gary's guidance Kathy starts taking close-up artistic photos of Michael with either Louis's or Marcus's cock in his mouth 

Kathy making Michael a new shirtdress, needs to get material


Richard with Studher 9am

Keith with Og at 11am

Jodie at noon 

Gary with Mack at 2pm

Peter with Rocket at 4pm

Jeff with Otis at 6pm

Friday schedule;

Thomas with Finn at 9am

Larry with Humpher 11am

Paul with Keno at 7pm

Saturday schedule;

Ralph with Knotkum 8am

Chris with Pounderher 10am

Stewart with Herman noon

Peter with Rocket 2pm

Daniel with Tylok 4pm

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