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Chapter 4    " Terrace "

Friday June 17th, 10:30 am


As Thomas and Kathy are getting Finn into the van, " Michael I have a good friend I'd like to fly out to see in my plane, I can take you next week any time, it's a 6 hour flight but, I'm paying for it, and it's nice to have company on a 6 hour flight.

Sally ponders a minute, "Michael you in and try to call Dr. Bieber right now, Thomas is ok if Michael asks for a Monday surgery?" Sally says.


" Yes, Michael and I could take off from the airfield at say noon Sunday, just call me as soon as you can," Thomas says as he hugs Kathy who is standing holding and petting Finn, he slides the side door shut, hops in and backs out and drives away.

Michael walks in and un-latches the butler door into the stable, both Cunnington and Edward come walking into the washroom, they all walk up the ramp into the kitchen, Edward gets a carrot, Cunnington a milk bone.

Michael sits at the kitchen table, while Kathy and Sally head to the bathroom to douche and then take a shower before Larry and Humpher to arrive at 11am.

Michael calls Dr. Bieber's office, after two rings, his reception Rosie answers, "hi Dr. Bieber's office.",    "hi Rosie, this is Michael from Iowa, how are you doing?",  " I'm good, you must want to talk to the Doc about your surgery?", Rosie says,   " yep, I want make a appointment to get it done," Michael says,  "hold on, he is eating his lunch, I'll yell at him to pick up the phone in his office," Rosie says.

Michael suddenly hears Dr. Bieber's voice on the phone, "hi Michael, so you want to go ahead with the surgery?" he asks Michael,   "yes very much so, I can be there Monday morning if you can do it," Michael says,   "let me call Dr. Jones and see if she can Monday, then I'll call you right back ok," the Doc says and hangs up,   Michael stands, goes to frig. and makes a bloody-mary, to calm his nerves while he waits.

The phone rings after about 10 minutes, Michael answers it, "hello this is Michael,",  " hi Michael, I talked to Dr. Jones and she can be at the hospital by 10 am Monday morning, if you can make it here." the Doc says,   "I'll be there Sunday evening," Michael replies,  "ok, call me if things change at my home phone, call the Holiday inn, you have their number?, the Doc says,   "yep it's included in the letter, along with hospital number," Michael says,  "Ok, call the office at 8 am Monday, and Rosie can fill you in on details about getting to the hospital, I've got your medical charts your doctor sent me, so we are good, see you Monday morning." the Doc says then hangs up.

Michael hangs up the phone, goes out to the front porch with his drink, sits and lights up a smoke and ponders what has just occurred.  

Suddenly he hears Sally hollering for him,  "I'm on front porch," he hollers back, in seconds Sally comes walking out completely nude and sits down next to him," did you get a hold of the doctor?" Sally asks,   "yep, I'm scheduled to have surgery Monday morning at 10 am," Michael replies grinning,  "I'm so happy for you, and it's the right thing to do," Sally leans and kisses him on the cheek,  "you better call Thomas and work out the details for flying out Sunday, and don't worry about Edward, I'll make sure he is walked, feed, taken care of while your gone, I'll get Johnny to come by more to see Edward to," Sally says.

"I know you will, that funny it seems to be my only concern, since I started living here when I was 13 Edward has always slept with me every night of my life," Michael says nervously, " and when you get back he will continue to sleep with you every night, and you'll be a better girl for him, yourself, us girls and all the guys and twenty years from now you will not be saying that you wished you'd had the surgery," Sally says.

Kathy walks out onto the porch, right as she hears what Sallys says, " I agree Michael, of all people you need to be as much a girls as us," Kathy says,  Michael stands hugs Kathy, "thank you both for your support, it really means a lot to me, I'd best go call Thomas," Michael says and walks back out to kitchen.

As Michael is dialing the phone, Sally walks in the kitchen, " Michael ask Thomas if Jodie can go with you if she decides to, I'll call her at Charle's as soon as your done talking to him" she says.  

The phone rings two times, "hi Thomas here,"    " hi, Thomas my surgery is scheduled for Monday morning at 10 am, if that is ok?", Michael says,  " that's great, let's plan on flying out at noon Sunday," Thomas replies,  " also Sally wants to know if Jodie can ride with us?",

Thomas replies, "that would be great if she wants to come, if you's can be at my place about 10 am Sunday morning we can get Jodie studded by both Finn and Jab before we leave.

Michael replies, " I know she will like that alot, see you at your place at 10 am Sunday, bye, bye."

Sally is standing there listening the whole time, she picks up the phone as soon as Michael hangs up and dials Charle's number, it rings a few times, " hi Charles, this is Sally, I was wondering if Jodie is there yet, I need to ask her something,"  Charles says, " yes, she just got here, and we were just talking, I'll hand the phone to her, Jodie says, "hi Sally."

Sally says to her, " hi, would you like to fly out to Colorado with Michael for his vulvoplasty surgery, Thomas is flying you's out in his plane. you will there a few days, you leave here Sunday morning at 10 am?"   Jodie replies, "yes I'd love to go,"  Sally replies, "good, I just wanted to let Thomas know, I'll let you go so you and Charles can play, we can talk more about it when you get home, bye." 

Jodie tells her bye, then drops to her knees and starts sucking Charle's cock. 

10:50 am June 17, Friday;

Kathy, Michael and Sally walk out to the shop, to wait for Paul and Keno to arrive.

Sally says, " Paul is a retired navy seal, 38 years old, owns Paul's Martial Arts studio, so he is in great shape, and a hot horny stud with a nice fat 10 inch cock and knows how to use it."

Michael shows the girls, a board that he has been testing his faux finish technique on, in the effort to get a leather like look, when the see Paul's van coming down the lane toward the house, " we'll perform for Paul and Keno as we have been doing with all the guys so far, I'll help get you locked in a copulatory tie with Keno Kathy, while Michael sucks Paul's cock, then I'll join you Michael," Sally says.

Paul pulls up under the lean-to roof in from of ther the over head door into the shop were Kathy, Sally and Michael are looking at the faux finish samples, Sally and Kathy completely nude, Michael wearing his shirt dress, pig-tails and a flower in his hair looking very feminine for Paul he hopes as Paul shuts the van off and steps out with a big smile on his face. Kathy whispers, "what a stud,"  Michael thinks to himself, "he is a big guy, like a NFL quarter back, six three, 210-220 lbs. solid as a rock, oh can't wait to see his cock".

Paul lets Keno out, he instantly runs to Sally and eagerly greets her, "hi how are all of you's doing," Paul says as he walks over and shakes hands with Kathy and Michael, "Paul this is Kathy and Michael, Kathy is going to be Keno's bitch to stud today, Michael and I will be your bitch's to use as you please" Sally says smiling. Paul replies, " that sounds great to me,"

Sally takes Keno's lead, takes Kathy's hand, "I take these two into the house Paul and get them acquainted, if it ok, Michael would like to suck your cock for awhile until Keno gets Kathy locked up in a copulatory tie, then I'll come out, and perform for you with Michael," Sally says. 

Michael takes Paul's hand, then leads him into the washroom, takes him near the leather office chair, Michael then drops to his knees and slowly slides Paul shorts down, Michael gasps slightly once Paul's shorts are down past his big penis, "your cock is beautiful," Michael softly submissively says as he slides Paul's shorts down to his ankles, Paul steps out of them, Michael then stands and sets the shorts on the counter by the washing machine.

Michael then drops to his knees in front of Paul and eagerly, yet carefully and gently starts licking Pauls big low hanging balls, Michael sucks each of them into his mouth, then kisses and licks his way up the thick shaft that's now fully swollen and erect, savoring the taste and feel of it with his lips and tongue until reaching the big mushroom cock head.

Michael softly says, " thank you so much for allowing me to serve you Paul," Michael then wraps his lips around the big cock head and sucks on it while using his tongue to explore as it fills his mouth full.

Paul says, "my pleasure Michael, I glad you are part of the group now, it will be nice having you perform for us guys as one of our girls, do you think you'd like to take my cock in your bottom as well Michael?",  Michael holds Paul's cock with one hand takes it out of his mouth, "I'd love to start taking you up inside my bottom, anytime you want me, I be available for you 24/7 here at the farm, you can have me every day if you like, just call first to make sure I am here," Michael says softly and very submissively.

Paul replies," I'm certain I will be seeing you quite frequently Michael,"  Michael replies, as he licks Paul's cock, " Thomas is flying me out to Colorado Sunday, so I can get my male to female genital reassignment surgery, I'm so excited, I'll then have a vulva that looks like a real female's, I've always wanted to be a girl since I can remember, so the surgery is very important for me to feel feminine, to present myself to the group men as a transsexual female partner, that you's can enjoy, I'm eager to please, I loyal and submissive so once I'm healed up you can penetrate my bottom all you wish, until then I'll gladly perform fellatio on you as often as you like, and no need to ever tip me like you normally do with the other girls, that way you can have me perform you as often as you wish."

Paul replies, " I'm sure I'll be stopping out to get a blow-job around lunch often, my Martial Arts studio is only about 15 minutes from here, do you like swallowing cum Michael?",   Michael replies, "yes I very much love swallowing cum, or having you ejaculate up inside my bottom, either greatly feminizes me, my main pleasure sexually comes from being treated like a female by straight men or by dogs or my jack donkey Edward, being feminized and emasculated psychologically."  

Paul replies, "so your going to be getting studded by all the dogs as well?" 

Michael replies, " yes as often as possible."

Sally comes walking down the ramp, saying " how do like Paul's big beautiful cock Michael?",  Michael replies, "I love it, yummy, yummy,"   Sally asks, " can I sit on it and slide it up my tight ass, pretty please?"  Paul replies, " be my guest,"

Michael knows their routine now, he gets the k-y jelly lubes Pauls cock up good, then Sally bends over in front of Michael, Michael lubes her butt-hole with k-y, Sally then turns with her back to Paul, Paul holds his stiff cock and guides it in Sally's bottom as she slowly lowers herself down onto his cock, slides down onto it until it is completely up inside her body, then she wiggles and squirms on it whimpering, "Michael please suck and lick my clit and Pauls balls," she says.

Michael gets down on his knees and eagerly does as he told. "good sissy slut," Sally tells him,"  then she asks Paul, "did Michael tell you he wants treated like a girl, and soon will be getting his male to female surgery, so he will have a female like pussy, thus be a transsexual female?".

Paul replies, "yes, I plan on using her a lot for blow-jobs, I like getting a blow-job everyday if possible," 

Sally replies, "you can come out every day he give you a nice blow-job, once his new vulva is healed, Michael will be available to for butt-fucking, gang-bangs everyday as well, I like to see all 24 of my guys using Michael at least once every week, and gang-bang Michael on the weekends."

Sally asks Michael as he licks her clit, "you love being gang-banged don't you?" 

Michael replies, "yes, I want gang-banged every day if the guys will. I'm constantly in heat and wanting studded, by the men and the dogs,"

Paul asks, " has Kathy and Michael been to Greg's yet and gotten studded all days by the dogs?".

Sally starts bouncing up and down on Paul's cock, " no, but Kathy will be get studded by most of the 34 dogs in a day while at Gregs soon hopefully, then Jodie will be as well, also, I hope Kathy and Jodie will be coming to your houses and getting studded by all the dogs once a week," Sally says.

Sally starts whimpering, then gasping as she begins to climax, fussing and squirming, she has a leg shaking orgasm," oh, oh, I love your big cock in my ass, I want gang-banged here at the farm as often as possible to," Sally squeals out. 

After Sally recovers from her orgasm, she stands and slides up off of Paul's cock, " Michael you ride Paul's cock for a while so he can see how good a girl you're going to be for him before your surgery, then after you heal up, he'll be wanting to use you just like me," Sally says.

Michael lubes Paul's cock, then his own butt-hole, then turns and lets Paul guide his cock into, then up inside of Michael's butt, "yeah Michael, you've got a nice warm tight butt, my cock fit you well," Paul says,

Michael whimpers like a sissy, "oh your cock feels so good up inside me now, I'm feel so full, oh my, your so big and fat," Michael squirms on it, then starts bouncing up and down on it slowly, then faster and faster until Michael's limp little skinny penis is slapping around.

Paul begins to moan louder and louder, then he calls out, "Michael, I'm going ejaculate soon, don't stop, when I tell you to, hop off my cock, so I want watch you swallow my cum," Paul says.

In seconds Paul is grunting, "Michael, hop off and take my load of cum in your mouth," Paul says,

Michael is quickly off him, turned and on his knees with his mouth open, Paul cock head resting on Michael's tongue as the first big glob of cum squirts out, then another and another until after 4 big globs of cum float on Michael's cupped tongue, as Paul recovers, Michael opens mouth wide so Paul can see all the cum he just ejaculated, Michael waits for Paul's approval, "good girl, now you swallow all of it like a good slut should," Paul says, Michael then gulps it all down eagerly and with a big smile licks his lips, then says," Paul I want to swallow your cum as often as you want me to," Michael says with a huge grin.

Sally who is now behind Michael rubbing his shoulders, " Michael is going to be a good girl for you isn't he," Sally says,  Paul replies, "yes, I know I'll be using Michael often, and I'm sure most, if not all the other guys will be as well, especially if Michael will be available at all times, I'd imagine Michael will be getting studded at least twice everyday especially if he is going to be a bitch for all the dogs, and going to the owners home to get bred by the dogs, now that are 34 of us alot the will be there at times to stud him as well, I'm sure."

Michael washes, rinses then dries Paul's cock thoroughly as Sally and him talk,

Sally then says, "Michael is very submissive, and is eager to serve, so he going also going to be available every Sunday so all of the guy's with dogs can gang-bang him, and cum in his mouth, if they want to show up from 2pm to 6pm, however I will fill in for him now that he is having the vulvoplasty surgery for no tip needed basis, until he fully recovers from his surgery, and I also will be available for gang-banging Wednesday evening from 7 until 10 for all the guys with dogs on a no tip basis, and all of you can cum in my mouth until Michael is is available again." Sally says

Paul replies, "wow, you know that there is likely to be 34 guys studding you both days don't you, at least there is a chance sometimes,"

Sally replies, "I hope so, even though I'll be semi-retired as a group girl, I still want as much cock and cum as I can get from you guys and the dogs, plus you guys can pull out when your ready to cum, then cum in Michael's mouth so he can swallow it, Michael loves cum."

Paul replies, "I know I'll be here Wednesdays evening for sure, and most of the Sundays."

Sally replies, "Jodie will be here often I'm sure, might even get Peggy to show now and then, both of them like getting gang-banged, we will just see how it goes, I know I want Kathy going to houses and seeing at least 20 dogs a week by the end of July on her own hopefully she will work up to seeing all 34 of the dogs, some weeks I want her seeing 10 dogs a day for 3 days straight the following week 10 dogs for 7 days straight, Jodie the same, and I'll see 18 of the dogs, that way all 34 dogs get to stud us at least twice a week, I need my dogs as much as my men, you know me Paul."

Paul replies, "yes I know you, love you, but I also know you need those dogs more then us guys," he give her a serious stare. 

Sally says, "yes, I love pussy more too, but I still love you guys, I need you all," as she shrugs her shoulders, and raises the palms of her hands, then says,  "if all 34 of you guys stud me Wednesdays and Sundays, I'll be seeing you guys more then the dogs, and I'm lucky to perform cunninglingus on Jodie and Kathy once a day."

Suddenly Keno comes walking quickly down the ramp, and instantly to Sally, "hi the Keno, did you give my girl a good breeding." she says to him as she holds his face and rubbing it vigorously. 

Kathy follows in behind him, "yes Keno was a very good stud boy today, I can just tell he impregnated me good with his sperm, didn't you boy," Kathy says with a huge smile.

Paul then says, "unfortunately Keno and I need to get going, I've have students to teach at 1pm, but I will be back Sunday for sure," Paul hugs Sally, Michael and Kathy, then leads Keno out to the van, Kathy walks with Keno until he jumps in the van, then hungs him and kisses his cheek.

Sally says, "Paul if you talk to any of the guys tell them if they want to come out Sunday 2 to 6 pm, as well as Wednesdays 7 to 10pm that would be great."

Paul replies, "I'll try calling them all," he then hops in the van, starts it and back out enough to turn and head down the lane, as soon as Paul is driving away, Kathy then dances about, "oh that Keno made me have orgasms non-stop for the whole time he was knotted up in me it seemed like, oh I wish the dogs could really get me pregnant, so I could have their puppies," Kathy joyfully said.

Sally giggles, " I've wished that often myself," Michael says,"I know I wish Cunnington could get me pregnant, that is another dream of mine," he giggles too.

Kathy says, I love being a in-heat bitch for all the doggies so much, I wish I be getting bred constantly by them." 

Michael says, I'll let Edward and Cunnington out, and put Edward on his lead out after I give him a good rinsing down," Sally pipes in, Kathy take Cunnington in the living room and have him breed you."

Michael unlatches the stable door, hollers in for Cunnington and Edward, with 30 seconds both come walking through the butler door to the stable, Kathy starts walking up the ramp, says,  "come on Cunnington, I need you to breed me, you stud and try to get me pregnant I'm totally in heat and ready, so ready."

Michael says, Kathy I'm going to make egg salad sandwiches for lunch, so come make you one when Cunnington is done breeding you," Kathy replies, " thanks, I will Michael."

Michael then gets Edward to the showering area in the wash room, hoses him with cool water good, then walks Edward out front, and hooks up to his lead under the lean-to roof that runs all the way across the front of the shop.

Michael then then gets him a fresh bucket of water, and some hay to munch on, Michael is all the while thinking he'd love to have Edward breed him right now, but he needs to get this faux finish figured out so he could get the armoire finished that sitting in the shop, and get it to Ben's store this weekend before he leaves for Colorado, plus he has orders for 4 other armoires that he needs to start building.

Michael takes his shirtdress off, tosses it in the washer along with some towels and wash clothes, pours in detergent and starts it, puts on a old shirtdress hanging up by the washer that he wears for working, then heads up to the kitchen to make the egg salad.

Sally is sitting at the kitchen table still nude, and talking on the phone when Michael walks in the kitchen, he grabs a dozen eggs from the frig, then gets them in a big pot, starts them heating to so they can get boiled.

Michael looks at the clock, it is already 12:30, and Johnny will be here soon to work on the terrace, so he has time to get the egg salad done so Johnny can eat to if he wants.



About 1:30 Friday June 17th, after Johnny starts working on the new terrace which is outside the back or south entrance to the washroom between the house and stable/shop barn.


Sally and Kathy, walk out into the paddock both wearing the shortest cut off, blue jean short possible and cut off tee-shirts that show the bottom of their breasts, both carrying beach towels and Kathy carrying a thermos of ice tea. They both walk over to the paddock fence, were Johnny is working with a shovel, "hey Johnny, Kathy and I are going to the pond and go skinny dipping if you want to come, I asked Michael and he said it was find if you take some time and go swimming with us," Sally says, smiling mischievously. Johnny, very much in shock for a second, gets his thoughts together, "oh yes, if Michael said it's ok, hold on one second and I'll come around," Johnny say as he leans the shove against the stable's outside wall. Johnny sticks his head in the shop door as he passes through the washroom, he see Michael working at the work table, "Michael, Sally invited me to go skinny dipping with her and Kathy, is that fine with you?" Johnny asks,  "sure, have a good time," Michael say as he smirks. 

Johnny dashes out, then through the stables, he meets up them under the lean to in the paddock with Edward and Cunnington ready to go to, "Johnny this my good friend Kathy, she just moved in earlier this week." Sally say, as she introduces them.

They all start walking to the gate that opens into the pasture, I'm so glad you could come Johnny, I been wanting to see you it been quite awhile," Sally says to him as he walks ahead of them and opens the gate to the pasture, he lets the all past then catches up and walks next to Sally, " yeah I was hoping you might be here when I called, I've seen you in the Bronco a few times this week driving by my farm, thats what motived me to call Michael this morning, plus I knew he wanted to get the terrace done, but I hope I good see you, I'm 21 now, well I'm single and you now," Johnny says blushing.

" Yeah Johnny I know, I've had my eye on you ever seen I met you, what over a year ago it's been hasn't it, since Peggy and Michael trained you for your scuba certification in the pond?"  Sally says to him.

Johnny replies, " yep they started training me the first of June last year, I've had a crush on you ever since," he blushes a bit, but is confident as well.

They reach the gate that opens into the quarry pond area, Johnny again gets ahead of them and opens the gate, as Sally ponders what to say to next as they walk down the trail to the beach.

Once they on the beach, Kathy and Sally quickly strip nude and walk out into the water, as Johnny gazes at then in awe, then starts taking his tennis shoes and socks off, then his shorts and tee-shirt off, standing there completely nude he watches them swimming toward the pontoon, he follows as he swims with a full erection, his mind racing with excitement, yet uncertainty.

Sally and Kathy climb the steps on the stern and roll three of the innertubes into the water, Johnny swims to one and comes up in the middle of it, then throws his chest up on one side of the tube as the girls sit in the middle, so their knees are held out of the water, their arms over the other side so from below their breasts are fully exposed above the water. 

I was wondering if you were single is all Sally, you know never hurts to ask," Johnny says as he kick his feet so he is up close to their innertubes, "well Johnny, I have a special arrangement with a group of single guys, they and I have sex several times each week only with me, I only have sex with them other the Kathy, Jodie who you haven't met, there are 5 girls in our group that the guys have sex with I am only one girl friend they have." Sally says

Johnny ponders a moment, " what if your other boyfriends want to see another girl, other then the five of you girls, does Michael have sex with you?"

Sally replies, then they have to stop seeing me, and the agreement is before they even see this girl your implying they may wish to see, all the guys trust me, I trust them, none of them want a committed relationship with a girl, just sex several times a week with me and or the other 4 girls. You know Michael is a homosexual transsexual, he like a girl psychologically, and wants the surgery done so he can have a penis,"

"I knew Michael was a homosexual, but he has never talked to me about wanting the sex change, I'd let him suck my cock, but he has never asked, so he and I never talk about such things," Johnny says


"I'm sure Michael would gladly suck your cock if you tell him, Michael is a submissive type, so just pull your cock out and tell him when you want a blow-job, don't ask him, tell him, if you want to fuck his ass, just tell him," Sally says


I hope I can trust you Johnny, I'm going out on a limb telling you this." Sally says firmly yet calmly, matter of fact like.

Johnny says, "oh you can trust me, I'm not about to ruin a good thing like your offering me, I've wanted to have sex with you since I first met you Sally, So if I promise to only have sex with you, I can have sex with you several times a week, and if I met another girl, I simply tell you, and we end our relationship?"

Sally replies, " yep, you can never have sex with me again, unless she agrees to have sex only with you and my guys as well, the the rules apply the same to her, it all about trust, and no one has sex out side the group.

Johnny says, well I'm a virgin, I have never had sex, other than masturbating, and kissing a few girls," Johnny says.

It's up to you Johnny, once you start having sex with me, you know how it works now, so think it about it, and let me know." Sally says, but I'll never be just your girl friend, I will always be seeing the other guys. It is a big decision, but I'd be happy to take you as one of my guys, if you no longer want to do it, tell me, and you move on, get married etc." Sally says.

Johnny ponders for a minute, you know dad got hurt so bad in that tractor roll-over a few years back, he can't work the farm anymore other then picking up some supplies, book work, he can't get up in the tractors or big trucks anymore, So I'll be living on the farm and working it until I'm old." Johnny says.

Well you live close, you can probably have sex with me every day if you wish, I'll train you how to please a lady, so if you decide that you want someone else, you'll be experienced, only other thing is you can only penetrate my bottom, do to danger of me getting pregnant. Sally says. Then Sally ponders a bit, if it works out I like you to start having sex with Kathy as often as you can, she will be available for you as well," Sally says.

Kathy pipes in,  "yeah I'd love to have sex with you's every day if possible Johnny."

Johnny says, "I agree with the terms, and I'll be the best I can for you's,"  "if you want climb up the steps and sit on one of the chairs under the canopy, and we'll make you not a virgin," Sally says matter of fact like, yet with a caring smile.

Johnny drops down under water, surfaces near the steps on the stern, then walks up out of the water with a full a erection then sits on a chair, Sally walks up the steps, opens a cabinet draw and gets some k-y jelly, walk to Johnny hands the tube of k-y to him, "to slide your cock in my bottom you have to keep us both lubed, your penis and my hole, so lube up your nice big hard cock first, Sally then turns so her bottom is facing him, now lube my hole good," Sally tells him, Johnny does what he is told.  "Ok Johnny, I'll get on my hands and knees, you can then slide your cock in my butt, and thrust in and out of me slow, fast however you wish, when you ready to cum, just cum up inside my butt, ok." Sally says.

Kathy quietly watches all that's taking place, simply as the way things are, no judgements, just this is her life now. 

Johnny slides his big hard cock slowly completely in her, pulls out and on the way back in starts gasping and groaning as he begins ejaculating, " good very good, it feels so good having your sperm up inside me, Johnny holds her hips tightly for awhile until his penis goes completely limp, then he back off her, Sally turns gets on her knees, hugs him then give him a quick yet passionate kiss, then stands and helps him stand, "thanks so much Johnny, now start calling me every morning and we can find a time so you can do that everyday. Also before you leave today tell Michael to suck your cock, he will like it if you just tell him, he needs a dominate man, all the guys tip us group girls, but if you take Michael as your full time sissy slut, you can have Kathy and I as often as you want for sex, Kathy and I are no longer taking birth control pills, or having any guys penetrate our pussy's, so you'll always have to penetrate our bottoms" Sallys says to Johnny.

Johnny says, "okkkkk! " then jumps into the water, swims to the beach, gets tennis shoes, picks up his clothes, then walks up the path towards the pasture, Cunnington walks with him awhile as Johnny pets him as they walk to the top of the hill, then Cunnington returns to sit under the shady tree where Edward is standing and dosing.

Kathy says, "he is a hottie,"   "would you like to start training him?" Sally asks her,  " yep, I can help him relax, so he can enjoy himself awhile before he ejaculates." Kathy replies,  " yeah that will take awhile, but with experience I thinks he will be a good stud, he's got a nice big thick 8 " Sally says, with a mischievous grin.

Now can I call your aunt and see if she has any time to see us today, and call and get our appointments to get our pussy hair permanently removed,?" Sally says as she grabs a innertube and pulls it up on the deck, as Kathy jumps in the water and retrieves the other two, they get the tubes stowed away under the canopy of the pontoon, the dive in and swim to the beach, where Cunnington and Edward await them.

Sally and Kathy pickup up their clothes and towels, dry their hair and bodies a bit, then proceed up the path and towards the pasture gate completely nude.

They walk into the paddock, get the gate latched, then walk into the stables, into the washroom, Sally pokes her head into the shop, no sign of anyone, they proceed up the ramp, Cunnington hurrying ahead of them into the kitchen, Sally grabs Cunnington a doggie treat, Kathy gets a small carrot out of the frig. feeds to him.

Sally whispers, " I think Johnny might be getting a blow-job,", as the approach the living room they can hear Johnny grunting, then sudden moan out. Sally and Kathy stop to listen, "I'm cumming," then 30 seconds later, "oh yeah Michael, that felt so good," Johnny says,   then, "Oh Johnny I've waited since we where 12, to do that for you, thank you so much, that's the best birthday present I could have."

Sally and Kathy then walk into the living room, both say "Happy 24th Birthday Michael", Michael licks his lips savoring Johnny's cum, as he stands and hurries to them, and hugs them both.

Sally mischievously looks Johnny in the eyes," did Johnny tell you to suck his cock?"  "oh yes, and he told me that I get to be his sissy slut, and suck his cock whenever he wants me to, oh this is wonderful, I've waited so long to have Johnny as my Stud," Michael joyfully says smiling ear to ear.

Johnny stands, and gets his shorts on, "I best get to the terrace, and start doing some work," Johnny says,   "take as many breaks as you want, Marcus and Louis, will likely be home about 4 pm, they are both young group men that stud all of us, then Paul one of my group boyfriend's will be here with his dog Keno, for Kathy to play with he stud's all of us too," Sally says mischievously.

Johnny the says, "Marcus and Louis are they the two young black guys, that I seen driving Michael's pickup the other day,"   Sally replies, "yep they live here now as well, they are both college students,"  Johnny replies, "so they stud all of you's, and Keno the dog does too?"

Sally replies, "best you know now, better then later, but yes Cunnington, Keno and all 24 of my group guys have big male dogs that stud us routinely," 

Johnny grins, then says, "I'm so glad you told me, and I think thats great that the dogs breed you's, maybe I can watch sometime if it's ok,"   


Sally replies, "you can watch whenever you wish as Cunnington breeds us, Kathy will be only be having sex with you, Marcus and Louis, Michael also sucks her pussy, then she gets studded by all the dogs, you can have sex with Michael, Kathy and myself without tipping us, as often as possible, yet if you have sex with Jodie or any of the other three group girls, you have to tip them 50 dollars each time you have sex with them, unless they says otherwise."

Johnny says, "I think I'll be very happy just being with you, Kathy and Michael for the rest of my life, quite happy," Johnny then walks down the hall and on out to the terrace to work.

Sally looks at both Kathy and Michael with a mischievous grin,then says, "he is going to make a very good stud for all of us for along time,"  Michael quickly replies, "I know I hope he can stud me a least once a day,"  Kathy giggles and says, " me too!".  Sally says, "he is going to be spending a lot of time here I hope."

Michael says, "I trust him, he and I have been friends since we were 6 years old, when I moved here permanently at age 13 we were doing stuff together, nearly everyday, so we are very good friends, and now since he is going to take me as his submissive sissy slut even closer we will become, I know I'll serve him well."

Kathy says, " it will be a good excuse to ask Johnny spend a lot of time with us girls while your gone Michael, poor guy will be so worn old from just me alone, if I have my way with him," she giggles. 

Michael says, "stop your making me jealous!" the he he slaps her bare butt, and says I've got go do so work, maybe I'll get lucky and Johnny will tell me to suck his cock again," as he walks out the back door whistling happily.

Sally says, "he needs experience and training is all, that is why we need him to have sex with us every day for as often as he can, so he can get experience, once he learns how stud us, he will be a wonderful strong young stud. 

Sally says, " Kathy, I have an appointment at 3pm to see her aunt about getting the house listed an put up for sale, do you want to go or stay here?"  Kathy replies, " I'd like to stay here and get some sewing done, I've almost got Michael's new shirtdress done, and I like to have it ready for him to wear tomorrow."

Sally replies, " ok, I'm going to shower quick and get dressed and head into visit your aunt, is there anything you need from town?"

Kathy replies, "k-y jelly would be the only thing I can think of."

Sally replies, " yes good idea, I stop and get some, we can give Johnny a tube to carry with him at all times," she giggles.   Kathy giggles and says, " buy all that Walgreens has."

Sally heads to the bathroom, Kathy walks down to the washroom, then to the back door in the washroom that opens onto the new terrace, Kathy opens the door and stands there completely nude watching Johnny driving the skid loader and spreading gravel out to level it up it appears, with a big smile Johnny waves at her, Kathy can't resist, she motions with her hands to come inside with her.
Johnny shuts the skid loader off, walks to her, Kathy says to him,  "Johnny I thought you might want to cool off with me in the shower for a minute,"   Johnny replies, " yes, I'd like that alot, both of them walk to Edward's showering area, Kathy gets the overhead shower nozzle spraying water at a good warm temperture while Johnny strips nude, they both then get under the water, Kathy starts washing his body, from neck down to his toes, "I like this treatment alot," Johnny says,  Kathy replies, "my duty is to serve you when ever you need me," Kathy says softly and very submissively, as she washes his cock and balls, then drop to her knees and starts sucking his cock, in seconds he is hard as rock, "oh yes, that feels so good Kathy,"  Johnny says, as the water from the shower rains down on them, he runs his fingers through her wet hair and watches her suck his cock. 

Kathy holds his stiff cock firmly stroking it as she sucks, in less then 5 minutes, Johnny starts groaning and squirming, "Kathy, I'm going cum," he mutters out, Kathy keeps stroking his cock as she holds the head of it in her open mouth so he can watch, he grunts and jerks as the first glob of cum gushes out onto her tongue, followed by 4 more big globs of cum piling up on her tongue, as he holds he shoulder and looks down at her with her tongue covered with his cum, Kathy looks up at him, smiles as she gulps his cum down, swallowing it all, then licking her lips.

Kathy then slowly stands jabs him in the ribs with her finger lightly saying to him, "you better make me do that for you at least 3 times a day from now on forever, as she turns the water off, grabs a towel and starts drying him off, "I gotta take care of you, and serve you it's my duty now to serve you sexually as often, and anytime you need," Kathy says as she thoroughly dries him and helps him get dressed.

Johnny thanks her, and goes back to his work, Kathy goes into the studio and starts working on Michael new shirtdress, Sally pops her head in the studio as she is leaving, "I'll be back in about a hour, love you," Sally walks out to shop.

When Sally walks in the shop Michael is just finishing spraying the inside of the armoire with a clear coat finish, a big exhaust fan is running and sucking the fumes out the side wall of the shop, Michael is just taking his spray mask off.

Sally says, "I'm running into town to see Kathy's aunt, and get my house put up for sale, anything you need from town?"  Michael ponders a second, "k-y jelly, is all I can think of," Michael says, " yeah, Kathy just told me to buy all that Walgreens has, so that is on my list," Sally replies,

Michael chuckles, then says "we all know what is most important around here anyway!"

Sally grins, then says, "I'll buy all the k-y jelly I can find in a hour, see you then, love you."

Sally hops in the bronco and pulls out.

Michael then walks into the washroom, then to the back terrace door to check on Johnny, he opens the door and see Johnny tamp the gravel around the edges of the terrace preparing it for laying the paving bricks, he is total nude, "looking good Johnny," Michael says as he stares at Johnnys cock swaying around as he pounds the ground with the tamper.

Johnny looks up, "I thought you girls might like seeing nude," he says to Michael grinning,  Michael replies, "your very correct, we want you like that all the time, we can get you like."

Johnny replies, "I want to spent as much time as I can with you's, so I can learn to be a good stud for all of you girls." 

Michael replies, "speaking of us girls, I am going to Colorado to have the male to female genital reassignment surgery Sunday at 10am with Jodie, Thomas who is one of the guys in the group is flying us out in his airplane, so I was hoping you'd spend a bit of time with Edward, you've known him as long as me."

Johnny replies, "yeah don't worry about Edward, I'll be here getting the terrace paved, plus I be having sex with Kathy and Sally as often as I'm physically able to get erect and perform for them." 

Michael replies, " what is the most times you've ejaculated in a day?" Michael now getting wet, as he thinks about Johnny's reply,

Johnny grins, then says, "I've masturbated and ejaculated up to 5 times in a day, I've already ejaculated with three times, with Sally, you and Kathy, I'm ready know again now, let me rinse off, then I want you suck my cock again." 

Michael replies, "oh, yes come in and I'll get you a ice-tea, beer what you like, as you rinse off."

Johnny says, "I'll take a beer," as he walks to door, and steps in, Michael hurries up into the kitchen to get Johnny's beer, Johnny removes his tennis shoes, then turns the shower water to luke warm, then steps under the spray, soaps up, rinses off, then turns the water off and grabs a the towel hanging there on the wall from when he and Kathy showered.

Michael returns, hands Johnny his beer, then gets a clean towel from the cabinet, puts on the office chair, "Johnny you sit please, I'll suck you while you drink your beer." Michael says.

Johnny sits, Michael drops to his knees and starts licking Johnny big hanging balls as he gently strokes his already fully erect, 9 inch cock, "oh, Johnny I craved your cock for so many years, please make me suck it as often as you want." Michael says submissively as he licks and kisses it vigorously.

Johnny says, "don't worry, you'll be sucking my cock every day now, I know you want it, and I love you sucking it, so I'll have you sucking it all the time." 

Michael says, "thank you so much.", Michael then slides his mouth up the thick shaft to the big head, takes the head into his mouth, then pushes his face down onto it until the big head is down his throat, with Johnny's cock completely in his mouth, Michael rubs the shaft with his tongue for 30 seconds, then lifts off it to take a breath,"

Johnny says moaning, "I wish now, you'd been sucking my cock since we were 13 years old."

Michael replies, "yes I know, I've thought that often, now we just have to make up for lost time." Michael giggles, then swallows Johnny's cock again, does it again and again, until Johnny starts squirming and moaning loudly until saying, "Michael, I'm going to cum."

Michael holds Johnny's cock to his own lips licks the head vigorously while stroking the big fat cock of Johnny's, a huge glob of cum soon squirts directly into Michael's mouth as Johnny thrusts his hips upwards off the chair grunting as glob after glob spills into Michael's open mouth."

Michael opens his mouth wide open, so Johnny can see all the cum he just ejaculated,

"that's a good girl you can swallow it now." Johnny says, Michael eagerly swallows it all, licks his lips, then says, "Johnny thank you so much for feeding me your cum."

Michael quickly gets a warm wash cloth and washes Johnny's cock carefully as though it is the greatest prize in the world, Johnny squirms and giggles as Michael touches him.

Michael says to Johnny, " Once my new vulva heals, I will be available everyday for 34 of the men in the group with dogs, because I will be driving to the mens homes and will be getting studded by the dogs about 4 hours every day, I'll be getting gang-banged every Sunday and Wednesday for all the men who want to show up here for that every Sunday     2pm to 6pm, every Wednesdays 7 to 10pm.

Michael says, "Johnny I was hoping you would be here Sunday afternoon, because Sally is going to filling in for me and will be getting gang-banged instead of me, then Wednesdays, until I healed up, I just like the idea, you be here with the guys gang-banging her,"

Johnny replies, "I'll be here, don't worry, like I said I'll be here every day as often as I can, forever on, is my plan."

Michael replies, "any time you want to spend the night, the bed down stairs is Jodie's but she will be sleeping with Kathy and Sally from now on."

Michael and Johnny hear a car pulling up, Michael looks out the window in the washroom facing the parking area, "it is Louis and Marcus." Michael says, Johnny says, "should I get dressed?",  "no, we all run around nude and have sex every where, nothing to hide here." Michael replies as he grabs Johnny's hand opens the door, "hi Louis and Marcus." Michael says, they both smile and say hi, "guys this is Johnny, he is now one of the group's men members." 

Marcus walks to Johnny, extends his hand, they shake, "Johnny welcome to the group, I'm Marcus."

Louis walks to Johnny, extends his hand, they shake, "Johnny welcome to the group, I'm Louis."

Johnny says, "thanks, glad to meet you both, I live on the farm next door, Michael and I have been friends since we learned to walk pretty much, I only remember back until I was about 6 years old though." 

Michael pipes in, "I just got done sucking his cock, thats why Johnny is nude, he is working on making us a new terrace area out the back door of the washroom, come on in, and check it out, I'll grab you's a beer in the kitchen, go on out and look at what Johnny has got done." Michael walks up the ramp to the kitchen.

Johnny leads them out through the back door of the washroom, onto the packed down bed of gravel the brick pavers will be laid on,"this will really nice, got the roof already extending

out over the terrace, what is it about 16 feet out and 20 feet wide." Marcus says, "close, 16 feet out 24 feet wide," Johnny says.

Kathy and Michael step out onto the terrace, Kathy still completely nude hands Johnny his beer, Michael hands Louis and Marcus their beers, "Michael this is going to be a great place to play," Kathy says with a mischievous smile. "yeah how about the three of us men play with you awhile on our new terrace." Louis says,

Kathy says, "let me go douche my bottom and you guys can triple team me." Kathy hurries back into the house, then hurries to the big bathroom.

Michael goes in the washroom and gets the exercise mat, that he put on the floor when Cunnington breeds him in the washroom, takes it out an puts it down on the gravel bed of the terrace, "Kathy and I can get on ours hands and knees for you's,"

Marcus and Louis step inside, strip naked and both wash off in the washroom shower.

Michael hurries into the big bathroom, Kathy is just finishing up douching her bottom, "I'm going to have them use me too if that is ok Kathy." Michael asks her submissively,  "yes Michael that is ok, I'll see you on your hands and knees next to me in a minute." Kathy says has she kisses his cheek, grabs a tube of k-y jelly off the sink counter, then heads back out to the terrace.

Kathy steps out on to the terrace, "oh nice, you got a nice soft pad for Michael and I to get down on."  Kathy gets down on her hands and knees on the mat, holds the tube of k-y up, "who wants to stud this in-heat dog's bitch first?" Kathy says.  Louis and Marcus look at Johnny, see he is erect,  "you stud her first Johnny." Louis says, Kathy holds the tube of k-y up to Johnny, he takes it, "Johnny remember, just take your time and enjoy just feeling my warm tightness, I belong to you now as your full-time slut, so take your time." Kathy says to him submissively.

Johnny gets on his knees behind her, lubes his stiff cock good then lubes her butt hole good, then slowly pushes his cock head through and into her tight butt-hole, Kathy squirms and gasps, Louis and Marcus get on their knees in front of her and offer her their cocks to lick and suck.

Michael then walks out and gets on his hands and knees next to Kathy so their rubbing shoulders, takes Louis's cock in his mouth, "Johnny is it ok if you grab a wash cloth cloth wash your cock then turn and lay on your back so I can suck your cock, and you suck on my pussy," Kathy asks Johnny.

Johnny replies, "yes." then pulls his cock out of her bottom, stands and hurries into the washroom and washes his cock then goes back out, lays on the mat next to her, Kathy crawls on top of him so her pussy is over his mouth, she quickly starts gently licking his cock, as he eagerly licks her pussy. 

Kathy says, "Johnny is it ok if Marcus slides his cock in my bottom while you suck on me."

Johnny mumbles, "yes."

Marcus stands and gets behind Kathy and lubes his cock with k-y, then slides his cock all the way up inside Kathy's butt quickly and holds it there, Marcus's big hanging balls now laying on Johnny's nose and eyes.

Kathy whines as Marcus pushes his cock as hard as he can deep into her her butt, Johnny then lifts up, and starts sucking and licking Marcus's balls, "thats nice Johnny, yeah suck those big balls all you want." Marcus says.

Johnny moans, and mumbles as he vigorously sucks Marcus's balls, "you want to suck my cock Johnny?"  Marcus says,  "oh yes, if I can, if it is ok." Johnny excitedly says.

Marcus says, "of coarse it's ok, let me wash it off then you can suck it all you want while Kathy and Michael suck your cock." Marcus pulls his cock out of Kathy, he then walks in the washroom, washes his cock, then walks back out and lays on his side so Johnny can roll onto his side and start sucking his cock, Johnny eagerly takes Marcus's cock into his mouth and starts sucking it.

Kathy turns completely around and joins Johnny sucking and licking Marcus's cock.

Michael starts gently caressing Johnny's cock, while Louis slides his cock up inside Michael's butt, then slides it in and out, Michael's limp little penis starts dripping with prep-cum, as he hovers over Johnny's stiff cock licking it gently as Louis rocks his body back and forth slowly with each push of Louis's cock makes in and out of Michael's butt.

Kathy watches Johnny suck, "you like that big black cock a lot don't you, have you ever sucked cock before Johnny?" Kathy says,   Johnny pulls Marcus's cock out of his mouth long enough to say, "just my own, but I know I like sucking a man's cock now" then eagerly starts sucking again.

Kathy says, "Johnny do you still suck your own cock?"

Again Johnny takes Marcus's cock out of his mouth, "yes I suck my own cock every day at least once usually." Johnny replies, then starts sucking again

Marcus's says, "do you swallow your own cum?,   Johnny replies, "yes."  "do you want to swallow Marcus's cum Johnny?" Kathy asks him,  Johnny replies, "yes."

Marcus gets up on his knees, and starts vigorously jacking himself off, "I know I got a nice big load of cum for you Johnny, sit up and open your mouth, and cup that tongue, so I can pump my hot cum on it for you, Johnny sits up, Marcus get his cock head so it's just touching Johnny's tongue, then starts ejaculating glob after glob onto Johnny's tongue, after 4 big globs, Marcus, goes still and grunts as he watches Johnny close his mouth and swallow all the cum down.

Johnny swallows it, then says, "oh that tastes good, thank you."

Louis then says, "Johnny you want to swallow my cum to?"

Johnny replies, "yes."

Louis pulls his cock out of Michaels butt, starts jacking himself off vigorously, Johnny kneels in from of Louis, with mouth open, and his tongue cupped and waiting to be loaded with cum, Louis bucks and grunts as glob after glob pump out of his cock onto Johnny's tongue, after 4 big globs of cum load Johnny's tongue, Louis goes still, and watches Johnny close his mouth and swallow it down.

Kathy then, gets on her hands knees, "Johnny fuck me hard and cum in my butt." Kathy begs him submissively, Johnny quickly gets his cock poked in her butt, then starts thrusting in and out of her, in 30 seconds he is grunting and squirming about as he begins ejaculating up inside her butt.

Louis says, "that was a good play, welcome to the group, come as you are!", 

Marcus replies, "well put, welcome, and be as you are bi, transsexual, whatever, as long as you play good."

Kathy says, "yep, we are all family here, fuck and suck who you want."

Michael says, " well said by all, thanks for having me."

Johnny says, " thanks for having me to."

Sally, drives down the lane to the farm house, Johnnys truck is still there, and Louis and Marcus are home and Edward is standing by the overhead shop door watching Michael paint the armoire, she wonders how the introduction between them has gone as she pulls up to the washroom door, shut bronco off, steps out opens the back door grabs her packages on the floor and walks to Edward rubs his neck as she says, " how did the introductions go between Johnny, Louis and Marcus?"  Michael sets his paint brush down, "well I'd say pretty good, he sucked Louis and Marcus's cocks and swallowed their cum,"

Sally's grinned then said, "I thought he might be bi-sexual, that's cool we know they get along and like each other, that's the important thing," Michael replies, "yes, he told us that Louis and Marcus were the first and only guys he'd ever had sex with, so it was a new experience for him, and he'd like to be their slut-boy and start taking it in the butt, so we got to teach him how to start cleaning his bottom."

Sally replies, "Johnny will make a good sub for Louis and Marcus, I'm sure they will have him trained well in no time, is he out working on the terrace?".

Michael replies, "yes, he is soaking it down with water when I last checked on him."

She then asks, "did he fuck Kathy?"   Michael replies submissively, "yes, and I gave him a blow-job while you where gone as well."

Sally smiles then says, "good for you's, keep the men and dogs happy always!"

Sally walks into the washroom, opens the back door to the terrace and says, "hi Johnny, looking good."  Johnny replies, "thanks, hopefully I'll have it paved with bricks by tomorrow, how your trip to town go?"  Sally replies, "I got my house in town put up for sale, and I got us a bunch of k-y jelly, sounds like your going to be needing a lot of it." 

Johnny says, "you must of heard, that I'm going be Louis and Marcus's slutboy now."

Sally replies, "yes, Michael just told me that you just sucked their cocks, and you want to learn how take their cocks up your butt like us now."

Johnny replies, "yes, I want to only be their sissy slutboy though, not any of the other men in the group, and I very much want you, Kathy and Jodie to use me as your submissive man-slut as often as you want me." he says very submissively.

Sally smiles, then says,  "we will all use you a lot, don't worry and I know Louis and Marcus will treat you good, also if you like you can always spend nights here and sleep in Jodie's bed in the basement, Jodie is sleeping with Kathy, Cunnington and myself now, so any time you want to spend the night your welcome to."

Johnny replies, "thanks so much, I'm sure I'll be doing that, I also was wondering if I could be Kathy's boyfriend, and introduce her to my mom and dad, as they will be asking me about spending the night here, why I will be spending so much time here, if you know what I mean."

Sally replies, "yes, I have been thinking about that myself, I'm sure Kathy will be fine posing as a girl you date regularly in a casual non-committed relationship, for example, you's could go out on dates etc., which in essence is true, we will talk to Kathy and see what she thinks." 

Johnny replies, "great, yes something like, where I could say, "mom and dad, I'm going on a date with Sally and Michael's friend Kathy, who is living with them now.", something like that."

Sally replies, "yep, something like that would be best I think, I'm going to go in and check on Kathy, and guys, talk to you some more later." Sally turns and walks back into the washroom, Johnny walks around and continues soaking the gravel with water from the garden hose.

Friday 17th, 4:30 pm.

Sally walks into the studio, Kathy is sitting at sewing machine working on Michael's new shirt dress, "that is looking great, Kathy." Sally says,  Kathy stands and holds it up in front of herself, "all that needs done is, sewing the buttons on and Michael can wear it." Kathy says.

Sally says, "Michael is going to be so excited, Michael just told me our Johnny is a submissive bi-guy."

Kathy giggles, "yeah he gobbled up Louis and Marcus cum just a bit ago, said he wants them to start studding him as well, I must say he looked sexy sucking their cocks, then as soon as he'd swallowed their cum, he studded me good and ejaculated in my butt, so it worked out great."

Sally giggles, "yeah we don't have to worry about Johnny being jealous of Louis and Marcus, when he's their slutboy now."

Kathy says, "yeah I already told Johnny that I want his cock up inside of me while Louis and Marcus are sliding their cocks in and out of his bottom, and he is very excited to do that."

Sally replies, "yes that will be a new type of thing for all of us, and is very exciting, maybe you and him can go shopping for a new dildo for him, he got to start prepping his bottom as well, you can teach him how we prepare our bottoms. Johnny just told me that he only wants Marcus and Louis studding him right now, my guess is, in a week he will sucking every one our men's cock and getting studded by them as well."

Kathy repiles, "I agree, the way he gobbled up Louis and Marcus's cum, he going want to suck cock all the time, and once he gets fucked in the ass, his life will be 100% submissive for all the men, he'll likely start getting studded by the dogs as well."

Johnny walks in the shop to talk to Michael, "hey what you doing." Johnny asks as he stands next to Michael at the big work table,  Michael replies, "I am just experimenting with the faux paint finish, faux means "imitate", yet it I'm not sure what the heck I'm imitating, because it isn't imitating in away I want to imitate, how about you, is the gravel tamping down how you want it to?".

Johnny replies, "I set to start laying the paver bricks, so I thought it a good time to call it a day as far as working on the terrace, but I was wondering if you show me how to clean my bottom, I really want Louis and Marcus's cocks up in my bottom."

Michael replies, "I gladly show you how I do it, however if you have them penetrate you bottom and ejaculate up inside you, it will be life changing most likely, if for example you really like it. If you really like it, most likely you have to have from then on, it will feminize you, they own you as their slutboy that's for sure, I know they own me know, I got to have it now as often as I can."

Johnny replies, "yes, I want to be their slutboy, I know that for sure."

Michael replies, "ok lets go inside to the bathroom, I've got my dildo in there, I just cleaned my bottom about a hour ago, so I sure I good and clean at the moment, follow me."

Michael and Johnny walk in house, into the kitchen, Kathy is making something for supper, "hi you two, what you up to." Sally says,  Johnny replies, "Michael is going to show me how to clean my bottom, so Louis and Marcus can start using my bottom."

Sally replies, "they will like that, another one of us to screw with those big black cocks of their's, I know I love them screwing me,  supper will ready to eat in a half hour, so see if they will screw you quick."

Johnny says, "ok."

Michael and Johnny continue to the bathroom, once in the bath Michael walks to deep wash tub sink at the far end of the 8 foot long counter top, gets clean wash cloth tosses it in the sink and starts the sink faucet running in hot water, soaks the wash cloth, Michael pulls the oil change tub out from under the sink, runs some hot water in it, gets the nasal wash bottle, with is filled with veg. oil out, gets his 2 foot long dildo out. Michael bends over the sink, with the oil change tub between his feet and below his butt, he lubes his butt hole with vasoline, pushes the tip of nasal rinse bottle up his butt and squeezes about a 1/4 cup of oil up inside his butt, then slides the dildo up inside himself about 8 inches plunges it in and out a few times the pulls it out complete, rinses the dildo and or wipes it off with wash cloth, slides it back up inside himself about a 12 inches, repeats, slides it up inside himself about 18 inches, repeats this until he is sure he clean, rinse and wipes the dildo semi-dry, lubes it with vasoline and slides this up inside himself about 10 times, lubes it with vasoline again repeats.

Michael then thoroughly washes his butt, legs etc, with soapy Dawn washes cloth, washes the dildo with Dawn dish soap, pours the the water oil mix in the oil change tub in the toilet squirts some Dawn in the toilet, flushes it, cleans the oil change tub with wash cloth, puts the oil change tub back under sink, rinses wash cloth out then put it in a bucket next to the sink which has a Dawn/bleach water mix in it.

Michael then says, "thats how I do it every day, usually at least 4-5 times a day, before Paul and Keno get here a 7pm I'll do it again to make sure I clean in case Paul wants to use me,

I'll leave you to yourself, so you can try cleaning your bottom."  Michael walks out of the bathroom and pulls the door closed behind him.

Michael walks back out to kitchen, "he is going have the guys stud him, he is determined." Michael says to Sally,  "if he is determined, then he got to try it and find out, Louis and Marcus will break him in good, if anyone can, you know that." Sally says.

Michael grabs a beer and sits down at the table, "how did it go with the realtor today?" he asks Sally,  she replies, "it went good, she had gone and looked at the house, and wants to list it at 60,000, she thinks it should easily sell at that price."  Michael replies, "is that a good price for you?",   Sally says, "that would be great if it sold for that price, I only owe 10,000 on it."

Michael says, "I'll see if Louis and Marcus can help me move as much of the big stuff out of your house tomorrow, washer, dryer, frig. and furniture things like that, then you can plug away at other stuff."

Sally replies, " yes Kathy's aunt says get stuff with high value to me out first, but she said it is nice and kept, so she has no problem showing it as it is."

Sally starts cooking the bacon for the "BLT's", when Johnny walks in the kitchen nude, looks at both of them and says, "I think I'm ready for Louis and Marcus, Michael would you mind getting them and telling them that I am ready ?",  Michael says, "sure grab a towel, and spread it out on the floor in the living room, and get on your hands and knees, I'll go get them."

Johnny does as told, Michael goes upstairs and finds Marcus just getting out of shower, Michael tells him, "Johnny wants you two guys to stud him, he is on his hands and knees waiting."

Louis hears, walks out of his room completely naked, "you want studded as well Michael?"

Michael replies, "I'm ready, I'm always ready you know me."

Louis leads the way down the stairs, then down the hallway to the living room, they find Johnny on his knees, Louis drops to his knees in front of Johnny and starts gently slapping Johnny face with his cock, Marcus grabs some k-y off the coffee table, gets behind Johnny lubes up Johnny butt hole, then Marcus gets is own cock lubed and erect, drops to his knees behind Johnny and quickly pushes his cock about 4 inches up Johnny's butt.

Johnny squeals a little, Marcus says to him, "you ok, you still want it?"  

Johnny pleads, "yes, I want to be your slutboy so much, just do it to me,"

Marcus then slowly pushes all 8 inches of his thick cock up inside Johnny's butt then holds it there as Johnny whimpers and squirms, Marcus then quickly pulls his entire cock out, and pokes it quickly back in about 4 inches, then pushes it in all the way again, Marcus continues this method of breeding Johnny non-stop, soon Johnny cock is fully erect.

Louis says, "Michael lay down side ways to Johnny and get to sucking that big hard cock of his."  Michael get down on his side and starts eagerly licking and sucking Johnny cock as Marcus steadily breeds Johnny and Johnny licks and sucks Louis's cock while Louis holds his cock in front of Johnny face.

Johnny just whimpers and whines, as he is slowly transformed into Louis and Marcus's sissy slutboy, it ejaculates into Michael's mouth, he whimpers loudly, and fusses and squirms, yet vigorously keeps sucking Louis's cock, Michael gets on his knees next to Johnny and lubes Marcus's cock for him as while Marcus keeps the steady routine of sliding in and out, pausing, while holding his cock deep inside Johnny's butt, Marcus continues this for about 5 minutes longer then Michael goes and gets the nasal rinse bottle, and squeezes about 1/8 of cup of oil up inside of Johnny's butt.

Marcus then starts plunging his cock hard and fast in and out of Johnny's butt, Johnny squeals and moans as he drops his face down onto the towel as Marcus's thrusts jerk him about, in about 5 minutes, Marcus starts grunting and moaning then say, "Johnny I'm going cum in your butt." Marcus then grunts loudly, slams his cock as deep as he can up Johnny's butt and squirms as his cum begins ejaculating out up inside Johnny's butt.

Johnny just flinches about whimpering as Marcus pulls his cock out, and Louis steps around Johnny, and gets on his knees and waits as Michael squeezes some more oil up inside Johnny's butt, then rubs k-y on Louis's cock, Louis then quickly slides his entire 8 inch thick cock in Johnny's butt, which makes Johnny squeal loudly, by this time, both Kathy and Sally are watching as Johnny gets transformed into Louis and Marcus's slutboy.

Louis begins plunging his cock faster and faster into Johnny's butt, Johnny just whimpers and whines as he submits to being taken as the guy's new sissy slutboy, after about 5 minutes of thrusting deep and hard into Johnny's butt, Louis starts grunting and moaning, says, "Johnny I'm going to cum in your butt." Louis's arches back, takes a hard thrust into Johnny, jerks about and grunts as his cum pumps up inside Johnny's butt. 

Michael rubs Johnny's back, as he drops completely down onto the floor, and jerks about in a orgasm, whimpering, Michael see Johnny's limp cock is ejaculating as Johnny rolls onto his side and quivers, Michael then knows, Johnny is Marcus and Louis's slutboy now, he belongs to them, whether he likes it or not, he have to be bred by them constantly now as often as possible, like himself.

Kathy and Sally clap their hands, Sally says, "welcome to Louis and Marcus's harem of sluts."

As Johnny lays on his side smiling, Michael hurries  and get a wash bowl, from the bathroom then returns and washes, Louis and Marcus's cocks, then washes Johnny's bottom thoroughly, then his cock like a good submissive femboy.

Johnny then stands, "I hate to go, thanks so much Louis, Marcus for consummating me as your new slutboy, I promise to be loyal and be available for you always, but I need to get some hay out to the cattle, the feed my stallion Oscar, Johnny looks at Michael, Oscar misses you Michael you haven't sucked him since Monday."

Michael replies, "yeah I know, just been so busy, I'll come by in morning and do that, I miss sucking him to, so I need to get back on my routine of sucking him every other day."

Sally giggles, "I didn't know you had a stallion boyfriend too Michael."

Michael replies, "yes, I'm sorry I've been meaning to tell you, but thing have just been so new and a bit overwhelming lately."

Sally replies, "no need to be sorry, things have been quite overwhelming lately is a understatement, I'd say."

Johnny walks to on out toward the kitchen, Louis and Marcus tell him to be ready in morning to be used again as he walks out, Johnny replies, "I will be always ready for you guys, or I'll get ready fast."  Sally, Kathy, Cunnington and Michael walk Johnny to the washroom where he gets his shorts and t-shirt on, then everybody says, "see you in the morning."

Michael, then says, "Johnny I'll follow you home in the rx7, and I'll masturbate Oscar, and ingest his semen, I'm sure he'll have a huge load for me and that sounds so good right now."  Johnny replies, "sure, he'll like that."

Sally says, "get Oscar taken care of, supper will be here when you get back."

Michael replies, "thanks, be back soon."

Michael goes to suck Oscar the Stallion

Michael, then jumps in the rx7 and follows Johnny down the lane, Michael realizes as he follows Johnny, and begins thinking to himself, he needs to get back to his normal routine with both Edward and Oscar, he wants to serve Johnny as his submissive trans-girl, yet it's been difficult lately, but hopefully after his vulvoplasty surgery heals up, things will be settle down, everybody will have somewhat of set schedule, he can see Oscar every other day so he can ingest his semen as he usually has done for the last 6 years.

Sally tells everybody else to get a plate, fork and drink, to set at the table, after Michael and Johnny leave, then she asks, "anyone else here suck stallion cock, so they can ingest it's semen?" Sally asks.

Kathy giggles, "no, but I want to!",

Louis replies, "I'd pay to see that!",

Marcus replies, "I'd pay more!,

Sally replies, "I'd better get used to you doing that to, just don't get kicked!"

Kathy grins, "I promise, I'll be careful, I do hope Johnny teaches me how to ride Oscar as well."

Sally puts the bowl of pasta and bowl of boiled steak chunks on the table, and says "eat."

Louis asks, "when is Jodie suppose to home?"

Sally replies, "she is at Scott's, but a lot of the guys with dogs were invited to Scott's to gang-bang her from 4pm until 8pm, I'm sure Duke has studded her at least once already to, especially if you got studded by Albert's stud Mac the Akita, Jerry's bullmastiff Bucker and Eric's bullmastiff Ruckher, so she'll be plum worn out when she gets home."

Once at Johnny's farm, Michael pulls the rx7 up to the barn, walks into the barn, past Oscar's stable and out to the paddock, no Oscar, then Michael see him in the pasture, so he waves and whistles at Oscar, once Oscar sees it is Michael he comes quickly walking to Michael, by the time he gets up to the paddock his big long penis has dropped completely out and sways about as he walks. Michael turns and starts walking back to the barn as Oscar comes walking beside Michael, flirts with him at bit, by rubbing his neck and saying, "I'm sorry boy, I have not been pleasuring you like I should be doing, but I wanted you so much, just been so busy." 

Michael leads Oscar to the breeding room where the phantom mare is, Oscar knows the routine very well, he stands by the phantom mare as Michael fills bucket with warm water at the wash tub sink, just a little Dove dish soap, soaks a soft wash cloth in the bucket then carefully washes Oscar's penis head, and entire 20 inch long thick penis shaft, then, Michael walks back to wash tub sink, pours out the soapy water, and fills the bucket with fresh clean warm water the rinses Oscar's penis thoroughly, Michael lubes Oscar's penis with k-y jelly, Oscar then hops up on the phantom mare, Michael grabs Oscar's stiff hard cock and Oscar starts thrusts hard as Michael grip the big cock firmly with both hands. 

After about 4 good hard thrusts, Oscar's cock flares, and stops thrusting Michael leans down eagerly sucks on the big flare, then a huge glob of semen squirts into Michael's mouth, follow by another until 4 big squirts of semen, about a 1/3 of a cup fills Michael's mouth, Michael eagerly swallows it, hugs Oscar, then quickly gets the bucket of rinse water and rinses Oscar's penis off before it retracts back up into the sheath.

Michael then leads Oscar back out to the paddock combs and rubs his body for awhile, then hugs him good-bye and says. "I'll being back as soon as I can Oscar." 

Michael walks back out through the barn, hops in the rx7 and drives back to his farm.

6 pm Friday, June 17th

Michael pulls up in front of the shop, Edward comes walking over to the rx7 as Michael steps out, Michael quickly says, "I've not been spending enough time with you either, have I." as he hugs Edward, un-hooks his lead and they both walk into the stables where Michael gets him some hay to eat, rubs his back for awhile as he watches Edward eat.

Michael says, "Edward please breed me all you want tonight, I need you to feminize me so badly.", then Michael walks to the washroom, latches the door, behind him so Edward can't come in, as he does, Michael's thought is, "this has to change, I need to build a new entry into the house so Edward never gets locked out like this."

Planning new entry into house

When Michael walks into the kitchen, no one is in there, he washes up at the kitchen sink, looks in the frig. takes out the bowl of pasta and boiled steak, scoops out some of each on a plate and puts it in the micro-wave to heat.

Michael, sits down and starts eating, after about 5 minutes, Sally walks in the kitchen totally nude, walks behind him and starts rubbing his shoulders, Michael says, "thanks, that feels really good, I was just wondering is it ok if I just take Cunnington and Edward down to the pond while Paul and Keno are here?"

Sally replies, "sure, Louis and Marcus went down to the pond to go snorkeling with their new dive equipment, so you can maybe teach them a few dive skills, who knows maybe they both stud you as well."

Michael replies, "yeah I need a good hard studding that's for sure, after Oscar gave me big mouth full of his semen, I need a cock ejaculating in my bottom."

Sally says, "have you ever had Oscars cock in your butt?"

Michael replies, "I have, but his flare is so big, his cock is so thick and he is so powerful I don't do it any more, believe me I want it in me so much but I'm afraid of being injured, but I love the taste of his semen, as much I do Edward's.  Even when Edward breeds me, the moment his cock flares in me it like a an intense stomach cramp, the only reason I can handle it is because as soon as he flares, he also starts ejaculating up inside which relieves the cramp by lubing me with his semen at the same time, then it extremely intense because his flare is so big it like having one one dogs knots pull from 18 inch inside me all the way out." 

Sally replies, "yeah the few times I've watch Edward breed you Michael, when Edward pulled his flare out of your bottom, his flared head is huge and came out with a loud "pop", like the dogs do when pulling their swollen knot of us, but louder, that must be intense."

Michael replies, "it can be uncomfortable, but it is worth it because he feminizes me so deeply each time he does breed me."

Michael then says, "I been thinking that I would like to make the entry into the come into the dining room, similar to what we were thinking of doing before, yet getting rid of the washroom door entrance completely. That way it would make the washroom much more private, so if guys come to the house, or anyone for that matter they come by the way of the dining room, I thought about it along time, because on a few occasions Edward has been breeding me and a stranger, or someone I know has showed up unexpected, and luckily I've had the washroom door locked, yet they still knock on, and loudly, which startles both Edward and I, and once Edward starts thrusting into me, I don't want he startled much like with the dogs, we don't want to knotted up and have the dogs get disrupted."

Sally replies, "I agree 100%, we need a better way for guests to enter the house, I think that another reason the new terrace is a great idea, we can have sex with the guys on the new terrace, because it will be so private. I think we should talk to Louis and Marcus, challenge them to comes up with some design idea's, once I sell my house, take some of the money and make it a reality."

Michael says, "yep, speaking of Louis and Marcus, I'd better douche my bottom, and Edward, Cunnington and I get down to the pond, and speaking of Cunnington, I know Edward is happier now that he is living here with Edward, they've become very good friends."

Sally replies, "yep very good for Cunnington as well, he spent a lot of time home alone before we moved here with you."

Michael heads to the bathroom, douches his bottom so Louis and Marcus can stud him if they want to, and or Edward for that matter, once done douching he puts on a long t-shirt is all, grabs a beach towel, rounds up Cunnington, they meet up with Edward in the paddock, then the three of them start the walk to the quarry pond.


Not 5 minutes after Michael, Cunnington and Edward leave for the pond, Paul and Keno show up, Kathy and Sally greets them complete nude standing outside the washroom door, Kathy quickly hurries and gets Keno out of the van side door, and leads him in the house.

Paul says, "I could used to the greeting I get when I arrive here."

Sally giggles, then says, "yeah, I been thinking about getting a sign to put above the door that says, " best little whore house in Iowa ."

Paul replies, "very, very definitely the best."

Sally says to Paul, "I'm going let Kathy get studded by Keno completely alone, how about you and I go out on the "soon to be new terrace and you can stud me?", Sally takes Paul's hand and leads him through the washroom, then through the door out onto the newly tamped gravel, "Johnny our nieghbor is going to start laying to paving bricks tomorrow." Sally tells Paul.

Paul looks around, "yeah this will be great, a roof over it, it's nice size for you and 10 of your guys to gang-bang you, or Michael and Jodie."

Sally replies, "I'd like to make myself available Monday through Friday from 11am to 1pm for all my guys so if you want to see me you can every day, I figure some days 10 of you's might show, other days maybe only 1 of you's, then when the weather starts cooling off we'll figure out something else."

Paul and Sally stand passionately kissing then drop down onto the 8 by 10 fold-up gym mat, that Paul gave her a few years ago, Paul says, "I'm glad to see your getting some use out of this old training mat from the studio.",  Sally replies, "yes it's perfect for out here."  Sally then gets Paul laying on his side, then starts performing fellatio on him.

After about 5 minutes of sucking and licking Paul's cock, she gets him to lay flat on his back, then straddles him and lowers her pussy down onto his stiff cock, Sally says, "Paul after this weekend, I'm going to stop taking "the pill", so I'll only be taking cock in my bottom start Monday, I hope that's alright."

Paul replies, "yes that is fine, even great, I've always been afraid of birth control pills and what they might be doing to female's bodies, and I love the feeling of having my cock up inside you bottom, I'd say I prefer using your bottom, and it's best method of birth control."

Paul and Sally lay on the mat and have passionate, intimate sex, while in the living room Kathy is on her knees, face down on rug and towel, locked in a copulatory tie with Keno, being bred.

After about 20 minutes of love-making, Sally has had several orgasm, and Paul ejaculates up inside her bottom, they lay holding each and talking, Sally explains to Paul, " I'm going to have Kathy start getting bred by 4 of the dogs twice a day, once in morning, then once in evening, I want her only to be studded by the dogs right now, maybe down the road you guys can start studding her to, but for now I just want her to be intimate with the dogs."

Mean time down at the quarry pond, Michael is on his hands and knees on the deck of the pontoon, Marcus thrusts his cock in Michael's bottom, while he is deep-throating Louis's cock.

Once both Louis and Marcus have ejaculated, both cum in Michael's mouth, Michael gets his dive fins on, spits in his dive mask rubs it around on the glass as he explains to the guys that it keeps your mask from fogging up, then he put the mask on, the snorkel is already attached, puts the mouth piece, in his mouth and drops feet first off the deck of the pontoon. Michael goes completely underwater, then surfaces out alway from the pontoon, then with a big puff blows the water out of his snorkel, Michael then takes the snorkel mouth piece out of his mouth, "ok you guys try clearing your snorkel just as I did."

Both of the guys drop of the side of the pontoon, as Michael admires their nude bodies, and hoping they will stud him again before they go back to the house, they both completely submerge, pop back up and successfully blow the water out of their snorkels.

They all tread water, "ok you's follow me, we are going to snorkel above were the truck path goes down into the bottom of the quarry to about were it is 12 feet underwater, there is a big tree trunk laying there, I'll dive down to it and hang onto it, then you's dive down to me, let me take your cock in my mouth a second, then surface." Michael says to them, grinning submissively.

Michael then does a feet-first dive and swims down to the log and waits for them, Marcus gets to him first, Michael quickly takes Marcus's cock in his mouth, as soon as Louis get down Michael swims to him and takes is cock in his mouth, sucks it a second then grabs both of their hands and they slowly ascend to the surface.

Upon surfacing, Michael pulls his mask down under his chin, instructs the guys to do the same, then to roll on their backs and paddle to the shore, Michael then leads them to a large flat rock protruding about a foot out of the water next to the bank.

As they swim on their backs, Michael says, "I was hoping you guys might stud me again before we head back to the house." 

They reach the rock quickly, Michael hangs on the rock first, pulls his dive fins off, then stands, the water is about waist deep next to the square cut limestone rock, the guys do the same, then they pull their masks and snorkels off, Louis quickly get behind Michael, his cock already erect, then bends Michael forward and works his cock up into Michaels butt. 

Marcus hops up so he is sitting in front of Michael on the rock, Michael quickly takes Marcus's cock in his mouth and starts sucking it, while Louis thrusts his cock in and out of Michael's butt, because Michael's butt is completely underwater, no lube is needed, "fuck me as hard as you want Louis, as long as you want," Michael pleads.

Louis replies, "our trans girl is really horny today, I like that a lot,"  Michael after taking Marcus's cock out of his mouth says submissively, "I want cock constantly for the next two days, after Monday I don't know when I be able to start getting bred again."

Marcus says, "don't worry you'll be sucking our cocks every day, I'm sure."

After about 10 minutes, both they guys ejaculate, Louis in Michael's butt, Marcus in Michael's mouth, they get their fins back on, Michael shoves of the rock backwards holding his masks to his chest, and paddling with his finned feet, Louis and Marcus watch and do the same, they paddle to the beach.

After getting their dive gear hung up in the shed, they join up with Edward and Cunnington and start the walk back to the house, Michael says to the guys, "you's still planning on helping me get Sally's stove, frig, washer and dryer moved out tomorrow?",  they both say they will be ready first thing in morning.

Once they get back to the house, Michael leads Edward to his feeding trough, gets him hay, while the guys lead Cunnington into the house with them, Cunnington quickly disappears up into the kitchen, clearly in search of Sally and Kathy, he finds them in the studio, where Kathy is posing, and Sally is doing quick sketches of her, "Hi buddy, did you bring everybody back with you, I hope, I suppose your hungry to?" Sally says to Cunnington as she stands, then sits her charcoal on the easel and rubs his face and neck.

Kathy follows them as the walk to the kitchen, where they find Louis and Marcus, mixing a few cocktails, "hi guys, did you bring our trans girl back with you's?", Sally asks as Kathy hugs them both then stands by Marcus who just finishes taking a sip of his drink.

Louis says, "yes, Michael is feeding Edward some hay." Sally grabs a carrot from the frig. and walks out the back door, down the ramp to find Michael, Kathy tells Louis and Marcus, "I'm available if you's want to double-team me."

Louis grins, then says, "all our girls are very horny today, we both just ejaculated in Michael twice, let us drink our drinks out on the futon while we watch as Cunnington studs you."

Kathy replies, "yeah, you's rest Cunnington needs to get bred any how, all the other dogs are getting my attention lately." Kathy then leads Cunnington into the living room, Marcus and Louis follow them, then they both sit on the futon and watch, Kathy first spread a beach towel out on the area rug, then gets down on her hands, and knees for Cunnington, she scoops her finger into small tub of Crisco, then lubes her tight little butt hole.

Cunnington very much knows by now, that if Sally, Jodie, Kathy or Michael get on the floor bent over as Kathy is now, she is his bitch to breed, in less then 30 seconds he is wildly thrusting his penis in and out of Kathy's butt, in another 30 seconds he is firmly locked up inside her in a copulatory tie, in another 30 seconds Kathy is squealing and squirming as he makes her have the first orgasm of the session.

Kathy has 4 more orgasms over the course of Cunnington's 15-minute tie to her, Louis and Marcus quietly sit and watch.

Michael and Sally walk into the living room, sees Kathy laying on the floor with Cunnington, then Sally says, "Cunnington get lucky again?", Kathy submissively and softly says, "I'd says I got the luckiest." as she sheepishly smiles.

Sally says to Kathy, "you better get showered and be getting to bed with me, you going to be getting bred by all 10 of the new dogs tomorrow with Peggy, don't forget."  

Kathy replies, "yes." hugs Cunnington, then kisses Michael, Louis and Marcus on the cheek, then hurries down the hall following Sally into the bathroom, Sally and Kathy help each other get their bottoms douched, then they hop in the shower together.

Michael asks Louis and Marcus to come to the shop with him, so the three of them head out to the shop.



Jodie pulls up in front of the shop, turns the bus off, grabs her tote bag and step out of the bus, she sees that the light is on in the shop through the screened man door, so she opens the screen door and walks in.

Michael, Louis and Marcus are standing at the big fabrication table looking at drawings she can see as she walks towards them, "hi," she says, they all smile and say hi, Jodie walks up to Michael hugs him, then kisses the guys on the cheek, then returns to holding Michael around the waist and saying, "I'm so excited for you, and so glad I can go with you to Colorado." Jodie says to him.

Michael replies, "I'm so glad you're volunteering, it means a lot to me, believe me I want the surgery terribly, yet I nervous as can be."

Louis pipes in, "Michael, you can't keep trying to live as man, when inside your a lady, it isn't healthy, matter of fact Marcus and I have been talking to some of the guys, like Paul, Jacques, Thomas and several other guys in the group who are retired navy seal team members would like to start taking you out in public wearing your shirtdress, your hair in pig-tails for example."

Michael replies, "that is wonderful that the men would support me in such a way, yet I don't wish to stir up any conflicts out in public with any homophobic people, though I wish I could wear a my shirt dresses out in public, have my hair in pig-tails to show that I'm a transsexual female, t-girl."

Michael looks up at the clock above the shop door into the washroom it shows 9:15 pm and says, "Jodie, you must be wore out, you've had a long day."  Jodie replies, "yep, a good day, but yeah, I'm ready to take a long shower and un-wined, I talk to you's later." 

Jodie headed into the house, Jodie finds Sally and Kathy still in the shower, so she quickly gets undressed, brushes her teeth then hops in the shower with them, Sally quickly gives her a short passionate kiss, then Kathy and her kiss, as Sally gets behind Jodie and starts washing her back, while Kathy washes her from the front from head to toes carefully and gently, "I can get used to such fine attention from you two quickly." Jodie says humbly.

Sally says, "we need to take care of you, so you'll take care of us, so there is a cost of getting such fine attention." Sally giggles, the she asks, "did you have a good day?"  Jodie replies, "very busy, but I studded good by both the dogs and guys, so it was wonderful in that regard, just wore me out though, to do that every day would be to much."

They finishing washing Jodie, they help each other dry of in the big walk-in shower, then step out, they all walk to the bed room, Cunnington is already laying on the bed, all three of them pull long t-shirts on, it still very warm outside, Kathy turns on the window fan, and a small floor fan aimed towards the bed.

Kathy and Jodie climb into bed, as Sally turns the night stand light on, and switches off the ceiling at the door, closes the door then hops in bed with all of them.

Kathy asks Jodie, "did you get to play with some doggies today?",  Jodie replies with a big smile, "I go oh so lucky, Mac, Buckher, Ruckher, Tiecum and Duke all gave me a good breeding today, along with Albert, Jeff, Charles, Jerry, Eric, John and Scott, then from 5:30 until I left to come home I was getting gang-banged by all 10 of the new guys with dogs, all of them ejaculated in my mouth, except Scott ejaculated at the end in my bottom, so I got tummy full of cum tonight."

Kathy replies, " I'd be bushed after all that, wow!, 17 guys and 5 dogs."  Jodie replies," the guys were so good, they constantly kept me lubed, just all great guys all around, I know I had more orgasms today then I think I ever had in a day."

Sally pipes in, "hopefully Scott got you fed before the gang-bang, and also, I try to eat some saltine crackers before, cause ingesting a lot of semen like that can be tough on the tummy."

Jodie snuggled up next to Sally's right side as Sally lay on her back, Kathy turned the bedside light off and climb next to Sally's left side and lay her head on Sally's shoulder and snuggled tight to her, Jodie was quiet and a sleep in nearly as quick as her head was laid on the pillow, Kathy quietly said, "I love you.",  Sally whispered back, "I love you.", all of them were a sleep in a few minutes.

Michael, Louis and Marcus went over the sketches or Ideas that Michael had conceived for making the new entry into the house from the parking lot into the existing dining room for about a hour, each drank a few beers, then called it a night.

Michael took a quick shower, then grabbed his pillow, two blankets from the hall closet, then went on into the living room, spread a blanket on the futon, pillow in it's place, stuck a dvd of Ken Burn's Thomas Hart Benton documentary film in and got it playing.

Michael was a sleep in about 15 minutes, right after Edward came in and layed down on the rug in front of the futon, about 2 am Edward woke up, woke Michael up, they then went out to the washroom, and in their usual routine Edward bred Michael, then the both came back into the the living room and laid down.

About 4 am Edward woke Michael again, they went back to the washroom, Edward bred Michael again, Michael could see that Edward was going to want more and Michael wanted him to breed him as many times as Edward would, so he got the coffee maker brewing, took Edward a carrot then rubbed Edward's chest, flirted with him to show Edward that he was ready and receptive for breeding, waited until it had brewed about a half a cup, then walked down to the wash room.

Michael then grabbed a lawn chair, lead Edward out onto the new terrace, Edward meandered about it, walked out along the paddock fence, just looking at it all from a new point of view of being on this side of the fence as Michael had a smoke and sipped his coffee watching him.

Michael poured a little coffee in the tin can setting there for cigarette butts, dropped his smoke in it called to Edward, Michael then turned bent over a bit and offered Edward his butt, Edward eagerly came swaggering toward Michael stepped into the washroom, quickly got oil injected up inside his butt, then leaned over the wash tub, Edward was quickly up on Michael, had his erect penis slipped into Michael's butt and was thrusting in and out of him, in 30 seconds Edward was flared and ejaculating deep inside Michael's butt.

Once Edward backed off, pulling his 18 inch still flared cock out with a pop, Michael leaned under him licked the semen that dripped from the flared head, then washed the head and shaft carefully with a warm wash cloth from the bucket in from of the wash tub, as Edward's penis retracted back up into it's sheath.

Edward bred Michael again at about 5 am, then Michael got Edward some hay in Edward's feeding trough for him, then went back into the washroom, cleaned his bottom good, then lubed his butt-plug with Vaseline, and slipped into his butt so he could retain all Edward's sperm that he could up inside his bottom.

Michael then went and laid back down, got the Ken Burn's Thomas Hart Benton documentary film playing again, and was soon a sleep. 

About 6:30 am, Sally awakes, carefully climbs out of bed, and leads Cunnington to the front door and lets him out on the front terrace to potty, she then sits down on the floor in front of Michael, and starts watching the Thomas Hart Benton documentary which is still playing on the t.v, Michael soon wakes up, see her sitting there, he sits up and kisses the top of her head, then scoots around her stands, "good morning lovely lady, I gotta pee." Michael hurries to the bathroom.

When Michael returns, Sally is glued to the screen watching the documentary, "I love Thomas Hart Benton's art."

Michael sits on the futon next to Sally who is still sitting on the floor, Michael brings his right leg around behind her so she is now between his legs, he then starts massaging her shoulders.

Sally says, "thanks, that feels mighty good, I like to rewind this tape and watch it from the beginning." Michael grabs the remote, stops it, rewinds it, then starts it playing, Sally is completely glued to the t.v screen, then says, "Thomas Benton, has always inspired me to paint, I've just always loved his paintings from as far back as I can remember."

Michael says, "you know you inspire me beyond words, and one reason is you have a talent much like him, if we can just find you the time to to create paintings, and I want to help you anyway I can. Until you came along, my sole purpose in life was to be Edwards lover and caretaker, know I want to take care of you, Kathy and all those important to you."

Sally says, 'Michael your very talented, you can sketch well, we just gotta get you focused on a plan for you drawings, once you have some completed works framed, that with inspire you, I truly think."


Michael replies is "part of my problem is I'm to obsessed with cock, sucking it and getting studded, I think, that has always controlled me, I really think I could spend 8-10 hours a day just sucking cock and getting studded by men, Edward and the dogs, if I didn't have to do anything else, it's like I'm constantly craving to be feminized, needing affirmation of my female-role sexually."

Suddenly they hear a "woof" from Cunnington out on the terrace, Michael looks out the from window, and sees Johnny coming down the lane in his truck, "it's Johnny." Michael says.

Sally giggles, then says, "speaking of needing cock, I think here in a few minutes you just might be sucking a big beautiful one, if you can beat me to it."

Johnny comes walking into the living room, after the seen him pulling in, "good morning." Johnny says as he sits in the chair off to the left of the futon."

Sally and Michael say "good morning." then Sally says, "we are just watching a documentary about a artist we really like, then Michael got me sidetracked when he started talking about how much he loves sucking cock."

Johnny looks at Michael then says, "come over here Michael, I could use a good blow-job to start the day, Michael slides around Sally, then off the futon then crawls to Johnny, who has his shorts off, by the time Michael gets to him, Michael eagerly starts licking and kissing Johny's big fat cock.

"Thats a good t-girl, suck and lick that cook, you look so right with your lips wrapped around my cock, you love it don't you."

Johnny says to Michael.  Michael pulls the cock out of his mouth long enough to softly, meekly say, "I want your cock constantly, please treat me like your slut."  Johnny says, "open your mouth, I need to pee." Michael holds Johnny's cock head to his mouth as Johnny slowly starts peeing, Michael swallows the warm, sweet pee down as fast as he can until Johnny is finished, then Michael licks his lips, smiles up at Johnny resumes performing fellatio on Johnny." Johnny says, "good sissy slut."

Michael vigorously sucks, swallows and strokes Johnny's cock for about 5 minutes, then Johnny can't take it any longer and starts grunting and squirming, "I'm going cum Michael get ready, Michael holds Johnny's cock head tightly in his lips as Johnny's cum begins squirting into his mouth, after 4 big globs of cum pump out, Johnny huffs and puffs and goes still.

Michael carefully licks the sensitive cock clean, then stands says, "sit tight, I'll wash you up." and goes and gets a warm wash cloth from the bathroom, as he returns Sally says, "I see your butt is plugged, Edward have fun with you last night?", Michael replied, "yes he was a horny boy, he breed me 3 times."

Sally tells Johnny, "get that big cock hard again, I need a good hard butt fucking from you, then when Louis and Marcus get up, I wanta watch you give them both a blow-job, you might be Michael, Kathy and Jodie's dominate stud, but your Louis, Marcus and my submissive slutboy just so you know." Sally seriously grins.

Johnny submissive says, "you own me now, so I'll do what ever you tell me to do."

Sally says very seriously, "oh, don't worry I wouldn't ask you to do anything I wouldn't do, especially now that I know you like cock to, so you need to ask Louis and Marcus to train you on how to give great blow-jobs daily, so I want you giving them a blow every day at least once."

Johnny then smiles, "I'm making breakfast, this morning, eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes whatever you's would like."

Sally says, "Johnny could you do that for us tomorrow, we have one of our men arriving with his dog at 8 am, so not much time, would you go get Louis and Marcus up and get them down here so you can give them blow-jobs while you butt fuck me."

Johnny hurries up stairs to get Louis and Marcus, Sally tells Michael to go wake Kathy and Jodie up, then goes to the bathroom to douche her bottom for Johnny.

Johnny sticks his head in the first bedroom, Marcus is standing nude, and rubbing lotion on his body, "good morning Marcus, Sally wants you and Louis to come down to the living room so I can give you both a blow-job, would you tell Louis."

Marcus says, "yep, we'll be down in a jiffy." 

Johnny gets back down to the living room, he finds Sally laying on her back on towel she spread out on the rug, as Michael lubes Sally's bottom with k-y,  Sally says, Johnny I need that big cocks of yours stuck up my tight ass."

Johnny's cock is already bone hard as Michael thoroughly finishes lubing it, now that Sally is lubed and ready, Johnny gets on his knees as Sally lifts here legs up in the air and spreads them, in seconds Johnny as his cock sliding up inside her butt, Sally whimpers and squeals a little as all 9 inches of Johnny's thick cock fills her up. 

Johnny slowly slides his cock in and out of her warm tight butt, trying not to climax, he knows he needs to learn to better control his premature ejaculations so he can be a much better stud for Sally, so he stops a second, as the urge to climax overcomes him, lets the urge pass then slowly slides in and out of her some more.

Finish Marcus kneels down above Sally's face, Sally tells Johnny to lean down and suck Marcus's cock, Johnny quickly starts eagerly sucking Marcus's cock, as Sally looks directly above her and watches, Sally says, "I can't wait to see you and Louis squirt your cum in our new slutboy's mouth."

Johnny can't control himself and starts squirming and grunting as he ejaculates up in Sally's butt, after about 30 seconds and Johnnys cock has gone completely limp, Sally wiggles her way out from under him and gets on her knees next to Marcus's thigh as Johnny moves himself closer to Marcus and holds Marcus's cock shaft with one hand and kneads Marcus's big hanging balls with his other hand.

Sally says, "thats a good slutboy, showing us that your eager to suck cock even after you just ejaculated yourself, makes a very good slutboy, I can see your going to be just that, did you douche your butt before you left home?"

Johnny shakes his head, then pulls Marcus's cock out of his mouth, and says submissively and softly, "I'm sorry, I didn't, I'll go get a dildo today so I can always be ready though."


Sally says, "I've got a dildo you can borrow until we can get to the store and get you your own, but when Louis, Michael and Marcus get back from moving my stuff today, Marcus and Louis are going to want to butt fuck you the rest of the day, so you need to always be clean and ready for them when you come over in the morning from now on."

Johnny replies, "I promise, I'll always be ready for them from now on."

Marcus starts grunting and squirming, then says, "I'm going cum Johnny, get ready." Johnny opens his mouth and holds out his tongue, in seconds Marcus is huffing and puffing as he squirts 4 nice big globs of cum onto Johnny's tongue, Johnny eagerly swallows it down as he looks up at Marcus, Marcus says, "that's a good slutboy, swallow that all down."

Marcus then moves out of the way so Louis can take his position, Louis then feeds his cock to Johnny, Johnny eagerly takes Louis's cock into his mouth and starts sucking it vigorously.

By now Kathy and Jodie walk into the living room nude and begin watching Johnny giving head to Louis, then in minutes Cunnington who is laying on the front porch suddenly sounds out a couple of "woofs" Sally stands and looks out the front windows, seeing Peggy coming down the lane, Sally says, "Michael and Jodie will you go greet Peggy, Kathy, let me help you get your shirtdress on that matches Michaels new one you just made him, Sally takes Kathy's hand and leads her to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom Sally sits on the bed, and watches as Kathy slips the dress on over her nude body, then starts buttoning it up, Sally says to her, "that dress looks nice, Peggy will like seeing your hard nipples poking through like they are and once she sees your smooth shaved pussy, she will want you as her pet to play with for sure."

Meanwhile, Jodie and Michael are greeting Peggy at the washroom door, as she steps out of her van, Peggy takes one look at Jodie standing at the door nude and says, "forgive my directness, but dam your sexy."


Jodie replies, "thank you, I'm glad you like."

Peggy replies, "oh, I like a lot.", then says, "I always love seeing you Michael, you know that, and sorry I'm so early, but I was so excited to meet our new girl Kathy, and take her with me today to see the new dogs I just had to get here."

Michael replies, "you know your welcome all the time, anytime."

Edward sticks his head between Jodie and Michael,  Peggy smiles big, and says, "Edward, and of coarse I always like seeing you, as she walks to them, and rubs Edward's neck, the leans and whispers, "maybe one of these days Michael will let me suck your big cock, I been hearing about."

Michael comments, "be carefully what you wish for, next thing you know, you'll be like me and he'll own you."

All of them head up into the kitchen, as they walk into the kitchen, Kathy is setting bowls on the table, Sally is setting the milk on the table, then looks up, "good morning, Peggy set and eat with us."


Peggy says, "good morning, and this must be Kathy." as she steps to Kathy and extends her hand.

Kathy smiles big, says, "good morning, Peggy it's so nice to finally meet you."

Peggy smiles big, says, "I'm so glad to finally meet you as well."

Everybody sits, Sally says, "it's a Special K breakfast, we all need our fiber, you know." they pass around the cereal and milk and begin eating, Louis, Johnny and Marcus walk in tell Peggy good morning, Peggy asks the guys, "you's ready to do some diving tomorrow?"

Louis says, "I've been looking forward to having you train me."

Marcus says, "I've been just been looking forward to seeing you period." smirking at her suggestively.

Peggy smirks back at Marcus then says while looking straight into Marcus's eyes, "I so much have been looking forward to training you."

Sally pipes in, "Peggy the big news is, Thomas is flying Michael out to Colorado to get his vulvoplasty surgery tomorrow morning, Jodie will be going along to help out."

Peggy clearly shocked, looks at Michael and says, "you mean like to be a transsexual female?".

Michael replies, "yes, I finally found a doctor who will do the surgery, and I need to badly get it done for my own sanity."

Peggy replies, "I very much don't know anything about transsexuality, shoot I didn't even know you were homosexual until Jeff told me that all the guys were taking you as a submissive sissy slut and you'd been sucking their cocks and getting butt-fucked, I can't say I was surprised, because I've always wondered if you were homosexual, but I'm very happy for you, and just let me know if there is anyway I or Jeff can help you out."

Michael replies, "thanks Peggy, yeah I've always felt like I should be a female, it been a secret for so long, and I've been Edward's girl since I was 13 years old, at least that's when he started breeding me. I didn't know anything about the group, that you and Sally were both girls that had sex with the dogs until the night after we got the dive equipment, I knew Sally was a group girl and having sex with the dogs but not you."

Sally pipes in, "that is all my fault, and I am sorry, it's just things have been happening so quickly, lately my heads been spinning, so I'm so sorry to all of you's."

Peggy says, "that is why you need to let us take so of the burden off you, let me get Kathy, Michael and Jodie introduced to the dogs, I'll take a week off from the dive shop, between Jeff and my regular help, that's not a problem, it is no different than me taking a week long dive trip somewhere. Sally you've decided to paint, and do your art, that is exactly what you need to be doing, and this juggling act you've been trying to pull off will drive you insane. By next the end of next week I'll have Kathy, Michael, Jodie and myself on a set weekly schedule for seeing the dogs solo, that best suits each of our own schedules, each of the dogs will be getting to breed one of us at least twice a week, that is 64 individual events just seeing the dogs now. I know you want Kathy to start being breed by each dog twice a day, Peggy opens her schedule book, and reads from it, my thought is start with the 10 new dogs just with Kathy, her and I will see Howard's Hertie, John's Tiecum, and Samuel's Cosso this morning, I begin Kathy home, then pick her up at 6 pm and take her and see them all again. Then Monday morning I'll take her to see Stan's Que Slipher, Andrew's Clitslip and Cecil's Hertop, and then at 6pm see them again, Tuesday see Hertie, Tiecum and Cosso twice again. Wednesday I got written Henry's Hernot, Frank's Topher and Roy's Bumstud, twice a day, Thursday I've got Kathy seeing Eric's Rucker twice, that's it, Friday Que Slipher, Clitslip and Hertop twice. Thus Kathy will be getting breed 20 times a week, then a week from this Monday I take Kathy around to see 3 of the dogs she hasn't been with yet twice, and Jodie we will work in some how, I have Michael scheduled here, but that has changed, Peggy then looks at Kathy and asks her, do you consider yourself primarily a zoosexual?" 


Kathy looks at Sally, who smiles, then says, "I prefer having sex with the dogs, I prefer being truly intimate with Sally in whatever way Sally wants me as far as being with humans, I'd say I am a lot more femme submissive lesbian, put it this way, if I hadn't fell in love with Sally, I was going to get a large intact male dog and just be his lover." 

Peggy looks at Michael and asks, "how about you, do you prefer being just a zoosexual?"

Michael replies, "put it this way, I have to have Edward as my male lover, I really like having sex with the dominate guys as their submissive female-roled partner, but don't need to, I can't imagine not being with Edward as his girl, it terrifies me actually, like Kathy and as much as I love men's cocks. I'd say I'm more femme submissive lesbian, I love performing cunninglingus on Kathy, or other females I really care for like you, Kathy or Jodie, I know this may sound terrible but my Aunt Becky who I inherited the farm from had me start performing cunninglingus on her from the time I was 10 years old, and performing fellatio on her boyfriends until she died 2 years ago and love pleasing her, yet more then anything passive/submissive female-receptive zoosexual, I love sexually pleasing a partner."

Peggy looks at Jodie and asks her the same, Jodie replies, "I lean more towards femme submissive lesbian, but I love sex with men and the dogs, I'd say if I had to choose between men and the dogs, I'd choose just being with the dogs now that I've been having sex with the dogs routinely now, I'd rather not have to choose, life is great the way it's been since being here at the farm."

Peggy looks around, then at Johnny, and says, "Johnny are you bi-sexual, zoosexual, let us know now or forever keep quiet, just joking."

Johnny replies, "I'd say I'm bi-sexual, more submissive, yet not femme, yet 100% submissive bottom for men, if I had to choose, I'd only be with females, I have no desire to have sex with the dogs, yet I'm Sally's loyal dedicated submissive stud forever, so I'll do what she wants me to do, if she wants all the guys to use me as their slutboy, I will gladly do so, or if she wants me to get bred by the dogs I'll gladly do so. Also, as long as Michael wants me, I'm dedicated to being his dominate stud as well."

Peggy looks at Marcus, and asks, "what about you?"  Marcus replies, "I'm 100% straight male, pretty much dominate type."

Peggy looks at Louis, and asks, "what about you?"  Louis replies, "I'm 100% straight male, very dominate type."

Peggy looks at Sally, "tells us about yourself Sally, other then being motherly." 

Sally replies, "I'd say, I prefer having sex with the dogs, I prefer being truly intimate with Kathy in whatever way Kathy wants me as far as being with humans, I'd say I am a lot more femme Dom. lesbian, put it this way, if I hadn't fell in love with Kathy. I most need to be breed by the dogs, and if not for Kathy and needing the men for their dogs, I'd be exclusively a zoosexual. I'm hoping now that we are living at the farm I'd like to start breeding Irish wolf hounds, like Greg breeds the Great Danes, so we have several more Irish Wolf hounds breeding the three of us as well and I can be as much exclusively a zoosexual as possible, once Louis and Marcus move away, the only males I want to be with are the dogs. I'm sorry Johnny but soon you will be just having sex with Jodie, Kathy and Michael, I feel bad because I know the guys got the dogs for you and I Peggy, but that is how I feel now."


Peggy replies, "don't ever feel bad about it, people change and move on, look at me now, I only have sex with several of the guys maybe once a week, other than that I have sex with the dogs almost exclusively, even Jeff and I only have sex maybe once a week, he is happy having sex with the group girls, like I am happy having sex with the dogs."  

Peggy looks at the clock, and says to Sally, "Ralph will be here at 8am right?",  Sally replies, "yep,"  Peggy says to Kathy, "are you ready to go?"

Kathy looking a bit scared, looks to Sally, Sally says, "Kathy, you and Peggy will most likely be back by 10 am, then we can talk more, you got all you need in your tote?"

Kathy replies, "yes." then throws her arms around Sally and hugs her tightly, until Sally says, "it going to be great, Peggy is great, you'll soon see."

Kathy turns to Peggy, Peggy hold out her hand and says, "come on baby girl, you got a few horny dogs waiting for you."

Kathy and Peggy head out while Sally follows, Peggy and Kathy hop in the van, Sally waves as they back out, turn and drive down the lane, a empty feeling overcomes Sally, she wants to chase the van down and bring Kathy back, but she knows sooner or later she has to get used to her being out of her sight.

Johnny heads out to work on gettung the pavers laid on the new back terrace.

Peggy says to Kathy as they pull onto the blacktop and start into town, "being in love can be tough, especially for two like you and Sally, where your her baby girl sub, a big co-dependence dynamic I would imagine."

Kathy replies, "yes, we haven't really been out of each others sight really since we met, just a hour maybe, and I know I just want to be with her constantly and not leave the farm, and she feels the same way, I fairly certain."

Peggy smiles, "oh I'm certain that Sally doesn't want you out of her sight, I know Sally as just a friend and sex partner, and I never seen her in love with another human being, but she certainly is in love with you."

Kathy replies, "thanks so much for saying that, and I know the love Sally and I have is forever enduring, magical, yet at same time we can't be so co-dependent we become isolated on the farm either, so having you introduce me to the dogs, and hopefully take me as you baby girl sub as well will be good for us."

Peggy replies, "yes Sally told me that if I like I could take you as my pet sub, and I like that, when we get back, maybe you and I could play together if you feel like it."

Kathy smiles, then says, "I been looking forward to playing with you, so yes that would be nice."

Peggy then says, "we be at Howard and Hertie's house here in about 5 minutes, you know the routine now, Hertie is big strong dominate bullmastiff, about 14 months old, both Sally and I have been getting breed by him for about the last 2 month, so he knows the rountine, actually all ten of the new dogs have been breeding Sally and I at least 2 times a week. Thus they have studded 4 times a week for the last two months, I'm sure they will mount and bred you quickly, once they check you out, so when you see them next week they will have taken you as their bitch for breeding.  Hertie will dominate you, so just let him, relax, his well hung and has a huge knot, he might tie you 20 minutes, if your like me, it will orgasm after orgasm for 20 minutes."


They pull in the drive and follow it back to a large parking area out behind the house, there is a huge 4 car carriage house, with a covered screened in breeze way between the house and the carriage house. Peggy get the van parked and shut off, then says, "Kathy grab your tote and lets go meet Hertie.", they hold hands once they both come around in the back of the van, then walk to the breeze way and go in, turn left, the back door is about 10 feet, Peggy unlocks the door, Hertie is right there waiting, "oh good boy, this is Kathy and also your new bitch to start breeding, Hertie checks Kathy out, then dances in circle leading them towards the carrige house. Peggy says, "he knows we are here for him to breed, and look his cock heads out, just follow him."

Hertie leads them up a flight of stairs to a landing it turns 180 degrees then up to the carriage house level were there is a large balcony area, Hertie waits for them there. Peggy says, "ok big boy, I can see your horny, but stay down, so I can open the door," Peggy punches a number code into the keypad by the door then they all walk in.

Hertie then leads them through the carriage house to a side room with a big cushioned mat on the floor, Peggy says, "Kathy get stripped naked, so Hertie and I can check you out." Peggy then pushes a intercom button and says into, "Howard, Kathy and I are here, in front of them is a large monitor/t.v screen, suddenly there is Howard sitting at a kitchen bar counter, he says, "hi Kathy, it's great to finally meet you, you and Hertie have fun, and hopefully soon I can meet you in person, bye now."

The screen goes blank, when you start seeing Hertie by yourself, you just call him a day or so before your coming to see Hertie, then do just as we've done so far, now turn around and let me put some vasoline on your bottom, Peggy lubes her butt-hole, now hop down on the mat, get on your hands and knees, and let Hertie take it from here.

Kathy gets on her hands and knees, Hertie runs to her, runs around her, licking her all over, then goes to Peggy for seemingly guidance or approval, Peggy walks him over to Kathy's bottom, pats it with her hand then sits on the floor next to Kathy, then with the force of a 150 lb. wad of muscle Hertie is up on Kathy wildly poking his penis into her looking for her hole, Peggy reaches and helps guide his stiff penis into Kathy's butt-hole, with a powerful thrust he sinks his cock in her butt and wildly starts studding her.

Kathy can only squeal out and whimper loudly as Hertie rocks her back and forth as he pounds his cock into her, in less then 30 seconds Kathy starts mumbling and jabbering, "oh Hertie, get that big knot stuck in me so tight and fill me with sperm, please boy, please," then Kathy just huffs and puffs as Hertie stops, with his baseball size knot firmly locked tightly in her butt, Hertie sets his front legs on the mat next to her sides.

Then Kathy starts quivering and shaking, then squealing, then grunting as Hertie pants with his mouth above her left ear, Kathy then starts jerking about as she pees down her leg, once the jerking spasms subside she lowers her face to the mat and just whimpers and whines non-stop for about a minute, the she starts squealing again as another orgasm consumes her body, and she begins quivering and shaking again, this would go on for 15 minutes, and after at least 10 orgasm before Hertie backs off her and pulls his knot out of her butt with a loud pop.

Kathy rolls onto her back, squealing and jerking as she has another orgasm, Hertie stands above her licking her face, until finally Kathy starts giggling, then she looks up at Hertie, "oh, thank you so much, you bred me so, so good as pulls herself up and holds him and loving rubbing is face and neck, gets on her knees, hugs him and says, "I will be back for you again this evening." 

Peggy hands Kathy as warm wash cloth, Kathy washes her bottom and legs as she stands on the towel, Peggy then says, "I always have a tote just for dirty wash clothes and towels, which Sally and mine that we bring us or are already at the Studs house, then we take them home and wash them and bring back.

Peggy then says, I always plug my butt, to retain the semen, then douche at the next Stud's house, now use the bathroom, you probably need to pee, then we will go to the backdoor, use phone there, call Howard and tell him thanks and that we are letting Hertie back in the house, and today we will tell him we will be back at about 6 pm. 

They walk back down to breeze way, Peggy pushes the button for line into house, "Hi ladies, did all go well?",  "Howard, Hertie was a wonderful stud, treated Kathy like a true gentleman, so thank you, and Kathy and I will be back about 6 pm, if you want me to play with then your more then welcome, see you then.",  Howard replies, "ok, that will be great, if I can I will be here, bye, bye."

They let Hertie back into the house, then head to the van. 

Once they pull out of Howard and Hertie's drive-way, Peggy asks Kathy, "do you have a plug for your pussy?"

Kathy replies, "no but Sally has mentioned that we are going to get me a pussy plug."

Peggy replies, "I've got one with me you can try with John's Tiecum next, Tiecum is a big horny Irish wolfhound, I think you'll find your orgasms with will be even more intense, plus with a wildly humping young stud inexperience new dogs are, it helps keep them from penetrating your pussy. Tiecum hasn't breed either Sally or myself since 2 weeks ago, so I'm sure he'll be quite eager to get locked up in you, he is a very dominate stud, most likely he'll give to rough and hard, maybe push you down, so just let him take you, so get alot of oil up inside you, so you take his 30-40 of hard thrusting." 

Kathy replies, "I like it rough, and being dominated, thats one of the reasons I prefer being with the dogs, being held by their knot is extremely submissive for me."

John's Tiecum, and Samuel's Cosso, get Kathy studded by 11 am, so they head back to the farm, as they drive down the lane toward the farm, Peggy says, "Kathy, I can see that John's van is here now, he might be getting bumped on a last minute flight and Tiecum might be staying with you's, so I'm just going to drop you off, then I'll be back out at 5:30 pm to pick you up.",

As Peggy brings the van to a stop in front of the shop, Kathy steps out, grabs her tote then says, "ok, I'll be ready at 5:30, see you then bye, bye." 

Peggy says, "bye, bye." then backs up, turns the van 180 degees and head down the lane.





note; Jodie's friday June 17 schedule

Jodie sees Albert at his house at 9 this morning Mac studded her, Jeff at his photo store at 10, Charles at his shop at 11, Jerry at his house for lunch, both Jerry and Buckher stud her, Eric at his house at 1:30, both Eric and Ruckher stud her, John at the airport at 2:30, John brought Tiecum he studded her then to Scott's house at 4:30. (12 guys show up from 4:30 until 8:30 at Scott's house all of the ejaculate in her mouth, except Scott finishes and ejaculates in her butt, then Duke breeds her before she leaves.

Sally says "Jodie, your going to be very very busy girl today, especially if you get studded by Albert's stud Mac the Akita, Mac as a huge knot, so plan on being locked to him 20 minutes,  Jerry's bullmastiff Bucker and Eric's bullmastiff Ruckher.

Friday schedule;

Thomas with Finn at 9am

Larry with Humpher 11am

Paul with Keno at 7pm



Gary then looks at Kathy, " Sally was saying that Michael has some cameras and photo developing equipment, and you'd like to learn to use it," Gary says to Kathy,  " yes I very much want to start taking black and white nudes of Sally, Michael and   Jodie. Michael want me to take artistic close ups of him with Louis and Marcus's cocks in his mouth," Kathy tells him as she sheepishly looks at Sally.  

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