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Chapter 5, " Terrace "

Saturday June 18th 11 am, Kathy gets back to farm after being studded by Howard's Hertie, John's Tiecum, and Samuel's Cosso.

Kathy walks through the shop, no sights or sounds of anyone, she pushes through the butler door into the washroom there is Jodie and Tiecum, Cunnington and Edward walking down the ramp, Cunnungton quickly is hurrying down the ramp the moment he sees Kathy enter the washroom, Jodie says, "Hi sexy baby girl.", 

Kathy says, "Hi my sexy lady." as Cunnington and Kathy engage in a warm rubbing, licking greeting.

Once Jodie and Tiecum get down the ramp, Tiecum greets Kathy warmly as Kathy says to him, "hi big boy, nice seeing you again so soon, did you take my sexy lady here for your new breeding bitch too?",

Jodie warmly rubs Tiecum's shoulder, as she says, "oh yes, I'm most definitely his new bitch for breeding, he gave me a great breeding like a true gentleman." 

Sally and Samuel come walking down the ramp as Kathy eagerly rubs Tiecum's cheeks, Sally then says, "Kathy, this is Samuel, Samuel this Kathy." 

Kathy and Samuel shake hands, as the both say hello to each other.

Jodie then leads Edward, Cunnington and Tiecum out into the stables after kissing John goodbye, as Jodie disappears with all three of them through the butler door into the stables, Sally says to Kathy, "John has to gone for a week, so Tiecum will be our new house guest until he gets back." as Sally leads Kathy and John out into the shop, then to his van, where Sally gives him a passionate kiss and embrace, then they all say goodbye, as John hops in the van, starts it and backs  away, turns then disappears down the lane."

Sally then embraces Kathy, and they both passionately kiss for a good 30 seconds, the Sally backs away from Kathy enough to look into her sparkling green eyes, and says, "did it all go well with Peggy and the dogs?"

Kathy smiles sheepishly, submissively and says, "I had a intensely erotic time, the dogs all bred me intensely, Peggy let me insert her pussy plug in my pussy so I could insert it in my pussy while Tiecum and Cosso bred me, it did feel very intense, and caused me to climax more intensely."

Sally replies, "great, I'm sorry, I've been meaning to let you use mine, but just been so mentally occupied lately, I kept putting it off, plus as I watched the dogs breeding you, they were making you climax pretty dare intense already, yet I should have because it keeps them from penetrating your pussy, I did order you one and it should be arriving in the mail any day now."

Kathy replies, "I know you have, you's mentioned it several times to me, even reminded me to remind you, thus I kept forgetting to say something as well."

Jodie comes walking back in the washroom from the stables as Kathy and Sally are walking up the ramp towards the kitchen, Sally says, "come on girl, let's all take a shower together before Stewart gets here with Herman at noon, Jodie hurries and latches the stable door and follows behind them to the big main floor bathroom."

As they walk down the hallway Jodie asks, "Sally should I douche my bottom, or leave my butt-plug in until Herman is ready to breed me?"

Sally says, "you got a lot of dog cum up inside of you right now, if you think you can go all day, I'd try it, the dogs don't mine if your full of dog cum already, I think it makes them hornier actually, I used to keeping my butt plugged for four dogs, then douche, so every four dogs I douche if I'm just being bred by dogs that day, if men are studding me, I douche after each guy,   which you need to always do, Kathy if I was you I'd leave your butt plugged until about 2 pm, thus let all the living sperm be in you for awhile."

Kathy replies, "oh yes, I love knowing my butt is full of living sperm swimming around inside me."

Once in the bathroom, Sally tells Jodie and Kathy to hop in the shower while she douches her own butt for Stewart,

Jodie says, "I will douche after Herman has bred me."

Sally starts douching, as she does she loudly asks them as they climb in shower, "do either of you's want to have a baby?"

Both of them reply, "maybe someday, yet not in near future."

Sally replies, "yes, my thought to, thought if I do get pregnant, I think I want Marcus to get me pregnant."

Jodie replies, "yes, I like to have Marcus's baby as well."

Kathy replies, "I like to have my friend Bobby who works at Ben's get me pregnant, you've met him Sally."

Sally replies, "yes, he seemed like a great guy, maybe one of these days Bobby can get you pregnant."

Kathy hollers out with joy, "you'd really let Bobby get me pregnant?"

Sally finishes douching then climbs in the shower with them, Kathy instantly hugs her tightly, then comes around behind Sally and starts washing her back."

Sally says, "he could even live here, but not sleep in same bed with you, that is reserved for me and Jodie."


Kathy replies, "oh yes, I only want to sleep in bed with you and Jodie, and if same sex marriage becomes legal, I only want to marry you Sally, I've wanted to marry you and be your girl since meeting you at Betty's."

Sally replies, "yep, same here, I even told Michael after you waited on us that day at Betty's, I'm going to marry that girl someday if it's the last thing I ever do."

They get done showering, then go in their bedroom, Sally says, "Kathy what do you want to do while Stewart and Herman are here?"

Kathy replies, "I'm planning on staying in the studio and sewing, I've got you's shirtdresses nearly done, so I want to finish the up, so I can start making all of us, and Michael matching short skirts and crop-tops that we can wear at least here at the farm, so I be busy."

Jodie says, "I'm just going to wear the long t-shirt, I've been wearing all morning." she then pulls it on over her head.

Sally pulls a newly washed long t-shirt on, then says, "lets grab a quick bite to eat before they arrive.", they all walk to the kitchen.

Stewart and Herman arrive right at noon, Sally helps gets Jolie locked in a copulatory tie with Herman, then takes Stewart down to Jodie's old bed in the basement where the two of them have passionate sex."



About 1:30 Michael, Louis and Marcus get back with the truck and trailer loaded with Sally's stuff, they both get backed in front of the shop overhead doors, then head into the house, they find Kathy, Sally and Jodie sitting at the kitchen table, with Cunnington and Tiecum laying on the kitchen floor listening to the girls talking.

Kathy, Sally and Jodie, all say hi, the dogs get up and greet them, then lay back down out of the way, Michael goes to the frig. and makes himself a screwdriver, then says, "Sally can I talk to you alone in the studio for a few minutes."  

Sally with a serious look, mirroring Michael's look replies, "yes." then stands and follows Michael to the studio, once inside the studio, Michael closes the door behind them, Sally then quickly says, "is everything alright?".

Michael replies, "yes, but we need to talk about Bobby, my Aunt Becky and my relationship, I talked to Bobby at Ben's when we dropped off the armoire this morning."  

Sally says, "what do you mean by you and your Aunt Becky's relationship with Bobby?".

Michael replies, "I started performing cunninginlus on my Aunt Becky, after she observed me performing fellatio on her Irish wolfhound Sebastian and Edward a few times before I moved in with her at age 11, before I was "outed" at school for performing fellatio on guys, then after she walked in accidently into my bedroom while I was sucking my own penis at age 13.

Anyway Aunt Becky confesses to to me that she has been having sex with a few young guys, since about a year after Ted, her husband, my uncle died, and so of the guys where nearly as young as me, 12 to 16 year olds mainly she liked. When I turned 13, she told me that I could start having sex with her if I wished. Aunt Becky taught me how to properly clean and prepare my bottom so Edward and Sebastian could start breeding me."

Michael then says to Sally, "her and I went swimming at the pond a few days not long after she'd confessed about having sex with all the young guys and she'd caught me sucking my own penis, that day we swam out to the pontoon, once on the pontoon Aunt Becky stripped nude, laid a towel out on the deck of the pontoon, then sat down on the pontoon, leaned back so she was leaning back on her elbows then she spread her legs. All I could do was stare are her beautiful body, admire it, her pussy was shaved smooth like you and Kathy's are now, then she told me I could lick and suck her pussy and breast if I'd like, I very much want to, she instructed me how to suck her pussy and soon I was causing her to have a orgasm, then another and another, after that day I sucked her pussy nearly every day from the time I was 13 until her death two years ago.

Bobby who works for Ben, that was having sex with her when he was 12 years old, his parents would drop him off at Johnny's to ride Oscar, then Johnny and Bobby would ride Oscar over and have sex with Aunt Becky, Bobby would have me suck his cock, then stud me as well, he is hung like Scott, and by the time he was 13 he knew how to use it very well, and Aunt Becky would say that he gave the best cunninginlus, of any straight guy she'd ever been with."

So here I was 20 years old and Aunt Becky was 65 years old and we are both getting studded by 12 year old Bobby."

Sally replies, "So Johnny wasn't a virgin, over two years ago?".

Michael replies, "Johnny lost his virginity to Aunt Becky when he was 13 years old, 11 years ago."

Michael replies, "don't say anything to Johnny about this please, but no, Johnny had been having sex with Aunt Becky since he was 13 years old, as a straight male, penetrating her both anally and vaginally, she couldn't get pregnant due to some birth defect. Up until her death both Johnny and Bobby were having sex with her at least twice a week sometimes every day and several times a day, and Bobby was allowing me to suck his cock, and he was fucking me as well until you and Kathy moved in with us, and as you know Kathy was seeing him for a short while, Bobby had already been my stud partner for a year prior to him meeting Kathy. the only time Bobby wasn't having sex with myself and Aunt Becky was that brief time he seen Kathy 3 years ago."

Sally replies, "why did Bobby stop using you for sex?,

Michael replies, "I just felt it was best, since I became part of the group, I explained to him that maybe when he was 18 it could join the group and have me as his t-girl sub again."

Sally replies, "is Bobby seeing any others besides you?"

Michael replies, "no, he says he will wait until he is 18, and says he fore sure wants me as his submissive t-girl partner as I have always been for him since he was 12."

Sally the asks, "Johnny wasn't having sex with you though?"

Michael replies, "No, not until just this last week, I'm not really sure why he decided this just last week to take me as his t-girl sub, he has had so many chances to have me since we were 13 years old."

Sally replies, "I don't see why Bobby can't still have you as his t-girl sub, as long as he doesn't see others outside of the group, and you and him are discreet about your sexual relationship until he is able to join the group."

Michael replies, "the problem is he still wants Kathy as his girl, he doesn't even know that you or I even actually know Kathy, and prior to you's moving in, Bobby was coming out here working with me on furniture projects often 7 days a week once he turned 16 and got his drivers license, and he wants to be a woodworker like me, so it's complicated, and he was having me suck his cock a lot, lot, and studding me alot.  My biggest thing is I don't want Kathy and Bobby to suddenly become aware of all this."

Sally replies, "then he can stud her too!, Bobby could even live here father her a child or mine, yet the child would take Kathy's last name or mine, most certainly Kathy is only sharing her bed with me and Jodie, her and I are as good as married, yet because same sex marriage in not legal in the U.S, as soon as it is legal, Kathy and I plan on getting married. So if you talk to Bobby, you can tell him that's our arrangement.After seeing the way Kathy and Bobby looked at each other at Ben's, I'm certain there is a mutual desire between them to have have sex."

I think we need to talk to Kathy, explain all this, and see what she thinks, how is she going to react."

Sally replies, "this is interesting, because I just asked Kathy this morning, if she ever thought she'd like to have a baby, when I asked her who she like the father to be, she told me Bobby, her old boyfriend who works at Ben's."

Michael grins sheepishly as he says, "you like watching Kathy have sex with Louis, Marcus and Johnny don't you?",
Sally smiles mischieviously as she replies, "yes, very much so, don't ask me why.",
Michael says, "maybe it similar to why I loved watching the guys having sex with Aunt Becky and you, I deeply love you and did love Aunt Becky in a similar way, living vicariously, living through someone else's experiences rather than being a part of the events yourself can scenario, thus vicariously I could experience how you and Aunt Becky felt as the guys had/have intercourse with you's."

Sally's jaw drops, she then hugs Michael and holds him as she says,"wow, I been seeking a answer for myself as why it is so erotic, and the vicariously scenario has got to be it, even to the point of fantasizing that I had a cock so I could stud her!",

Michael replies, "yes, that's aspect of why I need a vagina so badly, I need to be able to look as female like as possible for my men when I serve them sexually." 

Sally says, "this is complex, we will sit down and talk to Kathy after Daniel and Tylok leave at 5pm, but now I got get ready to play with Peter and Jodie with Rocket, you have Louis and Marcus help Johnny lay pavers, and you can work in the shop until 5pm."

They walk back out into the kitchen, Sally quickly tells Marcus and Louis to take Cunnington and Tiecum out to the stables and put them out with Edward, then help Johnny lay pavers.

Sally says to Louis and Marcus, "I'll ask both Peter and Daniel if they'd like to four man gang-bang me down in the basement, with you's and Johnny, if Peter and Daniel do, I'll come gets you's."

Louis and Marcus reply, "great, let's hope they want the gang-bang option!", then they round up the dogs and head out the kitchen door, down the ramp to the washroom, Michael follows."

By the time Michael walks into the shop, and looks out and down the long gravel lane, he then sees Peter's van approaching, seconds later Jodie and Sally walk into the shop to meet him.

They all greet each other, Jodie takes Rochet, and leads him on into the house, as Sally talks with Michael and Peter awhile, then Sally says, "Peter, Johnny, Louis and Marcus are here, I was wondering if you'd like to have all four of you's gang-bang me?",

Peter replies, "if that is what you'd like, I'm fine doing that, are you's still doing the gang-bang at 7pm tomorrow night?",

Sally replies, "yes, myself and Jodie will be your receptive partners tomorrow night, Johnny can be if he'd like since Michael will be gone, I think there will be at least 15 of the group guys stopping by sometime between 7pm to 10pm."

Sally takes Peter's hand, then leads him out back to the new terrace where Louis, Marcus and Johnny are suppose to be working, once they get to the terrace door, Sally opens it, the guys are busy laying brick pavers, Sally interrupts them by saying, "hey guys, Peter says he is up for gang-banging me, so if you's want to poke your cocks in me, get cleaned up and come down into the basement."

Sally then leads Peter on down to Jodie's old bed in the basement, get him nude, set on the bed and starts sucking his cock, Peter says, "that's a good little slut, you look so good with your mouth full of cock.",  Sally takes his cock out of her mouth, looks up at him and says submissively, "that why I love getting gang-banged, because I am a cock, pussy craving slut.", 

Peter replies, "Maybe tonight we should have you and Jodie on the mat in a 69 position sucking each other, while us guys fuck whoever is on top, that sound good?",  Sally looks up, slips his cock out of her mouth and says, "that sounds like the best thing for me."

Marcus comes down the stairs first, walks up behind Sally, gets her pulled up so she leaning and sucking Peter's cock, then Marcus lubes his own cock with k-y, then slides his hard cock slowly up Sally's butt as she whimpers and whines, Johnny walks up next to Sally on her right side, Sally grabs his cock then starts stroking it, soon Louis is on her left side, she starts stroking his cock, then she lets Peter's cock fall out of her mouth, and says, "Louis would you go get that bar stool we use for double penetration and grab a few condoms of the end table, I need a cock in my butt and pussy at the same time, then she turns, which pulls Marcus cock out of her butt, she then lowers herself backwards down on Peters cock, sliding it all the way up inside her butt, and just sits there on while she sucks Johnny's cock and strokes Marcus's cock.

After a minute or so Louis comes down with the bar stool, put it so the back of the stool is against the bed, then Sally tells Marcus to sit on it, Sally then lifts up off of Peter's cock, as she is lowering herself backwards down onto Marcus's cock, she asks Johnny, "would you like a cock up your butt too?",  Johnny says, "yes, but I need to douche.",  Sally tells him, "go up stairs and get douched and come back down, bring some wash clothes to please."

Peter comments, "so we have a bi-slutboy now." 

Sally replies, "yep Johnny is a slut bi-bottomboy, Louis and Marcus broke him just this week, so he is forever a group sub bi-bottom stud now."

Sally says to Louis, "is Jodie locked up with Rocket?",  Louis replies, "yes, she was whimpering and moaning the whole time I was there, Rocket was nice and calm, and Kathy was laying in front of Jodie, with Jodie sucking her pussy"

Sally says, "good, so their playing nice, Peter you wanta put a condom on and get in my pussy, that is unless you want to chance getting me pregnant, I stopped taking the pill this week, so no more bare cock in my pussy, unless you want a baby possibly."

Marcus says, "I want you to have my baby, just not until I have a real job."

Sally says, "when you ready, I'll gladly let you get me pregnant."

Marcus says, "really, you'd do that for me?"

Sally says, "yep, it will cost you though."

Johnny comes walking back down the stairs, Sally says. "how about if Johnny sticks his cock in my pussy, and you fuck his ass Louis?"

Louis hands hands Johnny a condom, Johnny then works at getting the condom on his own cock, while Sally watches him and rides up and down on Marcus's cock, Sally says, "I help you Johnny if you want." then he gets it on, looks at her, smiling and says I learning."  Sally says, "it just takes time, no hurry." Johnny stands there proud, that he got the condom on, Sally then says, "Johnny get it in my pussy and fuck me hard, Louis you fuck Johnny hard to."

Johnny slides his hard cock in Sally, and Louis slides his hard cock completely up Johnny butt swiftly, then holds there while Johnny pushes his cock in and out of Sally, as Sally sets with Marcus's cock completely up her butt, she wiggles around on it as Johnny fucks her, and Louis fucks Johnny. 

Sally says to Johnny, "would you like to start getting gang-banged by all the guys, and sucking their cocks?"

Johnny replies, "I want to yes, I want to serve all the guys like Jodie does, as often as I can."

Sally replies, "that's a good slutboy, hopefully tomorrow we can get you started tomorrow with quite a few of the guys tomorrow."

Johnny starts whimpering and moaning, huffing, then he starts jerking about and grunting as he starts ejaculating, Louis pushes him forward with hard thrusts now, causing Johnny to squeal and quiver, Sally starts bouncing hard up and down on Marcus's cock, soon she is squealing, and huffing and puffing hard, until she finally starts shaking and whimpering as she has a orgasm.

Louis takes one last hard thrust up into Johnny's butt, then starts grunting and jerking about as he arches his back and begins ejaculating.

Johnny soon pulls his limp cock out of Sally, as Louis pulls out of Johnny's butt, while Sally wiggles and moans with Marcus's 8 inch cock completely up her butt, she then softly submissively asks Peter the fuck her pussy until he cums, Peter gets a condom on and is soon sliding his cock up inside her pussy.

After Peter has thrust in and out of Sally about 5 minutes she goes into a intense leg shaking orgasm, hollering and squealing, as Marcus pushes his cock hard up into her butt to wiggle and squirm on, Marcus can't sustain any longer and begins ejaculating into Sally's butt, as Peter starts grunting, and puffing, Sally, says, "Johnny want Peter to cum in your mouth?",  Johnny replies, "please Peter will you cum in my mouth."  Johnny drops to his knees next Peter, Peter pulls his penis out of Sally's pussy, turns, gets his condom off, then vigorously jacks himself off, until he begins ejaculating into Johnnys open mouth like a baby bird in the nest waiting to be fed.

As soon as Peter finishes ejaculating all his semen into Johnny's mouth, Johnny looks up at Peter, then opens his mouth wide so Peter can see all cum he just squirt on Johnny's tongue, then Johnny swallows it all with a big gulp, then Johnny tells Peter, "I hope you will use me as your slutboy anytime you wish, thank you so much."

Peter replies, "thank you so much, and yes I will plan on using you as my slutboy from now on whenever we can."

They all head back up into the kitchen after Sally and Johnny wipe Peter, Marcus and Louis cocks clean with the wash clothes, and get their shorts back on, once in the kitchen, Sally says, grab something to drink if you want, I'm going to go have a smoke with Michael." as she takes a beer from the frig. and heads out to the shop. 

All of them grab a beer, Johnny follows Sally, Louis and Marcus walk back to the new terrace, as Peter walks down the hall to check on Rocket, Kathy and Jodie, he peeks around, as soon as he reaches the living room and see Rocket on Kathy's back, locked up with her in a copulatory-tie breeding her, while Kathy performs  cunnilingus on Jodie, both are moaning as Rocket softly pants.

Peter walks back down the hall and out to the new terrace, and hangs out with Louis and Marcus.


Sally walks up close to Michael hands him the beer, then says, "I want you, Johnny, Kathy and myself to go talk in the studio as soon as Peter leaves and discuss the Bobby, your Aunt Becky relationship, so we all can decide what we want to do regarding Bobby."

Michael replies, "yes, the sooner the better."

Johnny walks up to them and asks, "is everything alright?"

Michael replies, "I think everything is alright, just complications concerning Bobby, I seen him at Ben's today and he helped get the armoire moved into the store, he also wants me to give him a blow-job and fuck me today, the thing is he doesn't even know that you, me, and Sally are having sex with Kathy, that Kathy and Sally are life partners now, and Kathy sure doesn't know I've been having sex with Bobby since he was 12 years old, let alone Aunt Becky."

Johnny replies, "yes that is quite complicated and touchy, especially because Bobby wants to marry Kathy, and has since he had sex with her 3 years ago, then she found out he was 13, yeah that was tough on him when Kathy told him she had to stop seeing him."

Sally replies, "what do you think if Kathy asked Bobby to come out here to go swimming with her and Michael, then explained to him that her and I were a couple now, then Michael you could maybe feel the situation out, maybe the three of you's could have sex, I don't know." Sally turns and walks out under the lean-to roof across the front of the shop and says, "we just need to wait and have Kathy part of this conversation, and she needs to know about the whole Aunt Becky aspect of it as well, I don't ever want to have any secrets from her, ever, from any of you."

It isn't 5 minutes, and while Johnny was telling Sally how much he missed Michael's Aunt Becky, Kathy comes walking through the butler door into to the shop glowing with pride as she leads Rocket out through the door into the shop, Sally takes one look at her and says, "looks like Rocket got to stud two of his bitches on his visit." 

Kathy grins sheepishly as she replies, "yes Rocket was a very horny stud, and I'm a horny bitch slut, and he wanted me bad, so I could refuse him."

Sally instantly says, "Michael just told me he just talked to another stud you both know."

Kathy looks at Sally baffled, and replies, "who would that be?"

Sally replies, "Bobby, who is working down at Ben's, Michael talked to him at Ben's this morning when they dropped off the armoire, and he wants to come out today."

Kathy grins sheepishly, "oh yes, he is the hottest stud on the face of the earth to me."

Sally says, "we will talk more in a minute." as Jodie and Peter come through the butler door into the shop.

Peter walks to Sally and gives her a kiss, then says, "thanks for your hospitality, and I'll see you's at the gang-bang tomorrow at 1pm." then walks to the van, Kathy follows him with Rocket, and gets him in the side door of the van, hugs him, kisses Peter on the cheek, and they all tell Peter good-bye as he starts the van and backs away.

Sally the says, "Michael would you tell Louis and Marcus that the four of us will be busy in the studio for a little while."

Jodie taking the hint says, "I'll go help Louis and Marcus."

Michael quickly heads through the butler doors and out to the new terrace to tell Louis and Marcus just that.

Sally then takes Kathy's hand and leads her and Johnny into the house, and then to the studio.

Kathy asks as they walk through the kitchen, "is everything ok?"

Sally says, "yep, we just need to get something ironed out, and we will." 

Once all four of them are in the studio Sally shuts the studio door, then looks at Michael and says, "Michael will you tell Kathy how you met Bobby, and your relationship with Aunt Becky."

Michael looks at Kathy and says, "well the best place to start is, I started performing cunninginlus on my Aunt Becky, after she observed me performing fellatio on her Irish wolfhound Sebastian and Edward a few times before I moved in with her at age 11, before I was "outed" at school for performing fellatio on guys, then after she walked in accidently into my bedroom while I was sucking my own penis at age 13.

So I was performing only performing cunninginlus on her from age 13 until she passed away 2 years ago, Johnny was studding her all that time as well, the part concerning Bobby started when he was 12, Aunt Becky seduced Bobby one day while he was out riding Oscar, so Bobby was studding her and me from age 12 until she passed away, Bobby has been studding me until last week, other than that short time that you and him were seeing each other, he was very faithful to you Kathy, during that time"

Kathy replies, "I see why Bobby seemed so experienced sexually, and why I thought he was at least 16 at that time, plus he has such a huge cock."

Sally asks her, "would you like to start having sex with Bobby again, and if so is it ok if Bobby continues to stud Michael?"

Kathy replies, "sure, I love it if Bobby was studding Michael and myself, that would be wonderful for me."

Sally says, "why don't you call down to Ben's and see if Bobby is working, and invite him to come out and go swimming with Johnny, Michael and yourself."

Kathy says, "sure." she sits at the break table, that the phone sits on, and get Ben's number on the bulletin board then dials Ben's,

the phone rings a few times, then Ben answers it, "hi this is Ben's country store.",  "hi Ben, this is Kathy, Michael and I were just talking, and he said he'd seen Bobby working this morning and I was going to invite him to come out and go swimming." 

Ben replies, "well hi Kathy, yes I can see him right now, let me holler at him." Kathy hears Ben holler, "Bobby you have a phone call, then Ben says to Kathy, "I miss you alot at Betty's, please stop in and see me soon, here is Bobby, bye, bye for now." 

Bobby gets on the phone, "hi Kathy, how are you doing?"

Kathy replies, "I was just talking to Michael, and he and I wanted to ask you to come go swimming with us if you like."

Bobby replies, "I love to, I get of work in about a half hour, I could come to the farm then, if you's like."

Kathy replies, "yes, I love to see you, and I know Michael would to, we both miss you a lot, and have a lot to talk about, if you know what I mean."

Bobby replies, "yes, I think so, Michael and I have become very close friends, since you and I dated."

Kathy replies, "so we'll see you in about a half hour?"

Bobby replies, "yes, for sure, I be there as fast as I can, bye." Bobby hangs up.

Kathy hangs up and looks at Michael, "I think Bobby is cares alot about you Michael, by the way he said that you and him have become very close, so don't let me mess that up for you."

Michael replies, "I think as long as you tell him how you honestly feel about all of it, nothing will change other then he takes you as his girlfriend and he starts studding you."

Sally then says, "if you want Bobby to start studding you, I think that would be great, if it works out he can move in with us in a few years, that is after he turns 18, and is out of high school, clearly the part about all of you's having sex with Aunt Becky has to be kept quiet or at least only discussed amongst the 5 of us, the part about you telling Bobby that Johnny is studding you is what I worry most about."

Kathy says, "we will just have to see what Bobby says, and go from there, but I intend on telling him that I am your girl Sally, and that will never change."

Sally grabs Kathys hand and says, "lets, go get you cleaned up and ready for Bobby so if he does decide to stud you you'll be ready for him."

Sally, drags Kathy to the bathroom, once inside Sally pushes Kathy gentle against the wall and passionately begins kissing her, and saying to her, "oh Kathy I love you , and want you just to be happy, please don't think that because I like watching you have sex with the dogs, and the guys, that I will love you any less, I want you to have sex with anyone you wish.

Kathy replies, "I know, and I'm glad that you do, I really do."

Bobby arrives to go swimming, Sat. June 18th 3pm

Michael and Johnny go help Louis, Jodie and Marcus lay pavers, on the new terrace.

At 3:15 Bobby sticks his head out the screen door out to the new terrace, and says, "this is looking great." 

Michael stands, "walks to Bobby, then put his hand on his shoulder and says, "everybody this is my friend Bobby, he is also a friend of Johnny and Kathy's, the four of us are going down to the pond to swim for awhile.

Kathy and Sally, walk up behind Bobby, Kathy says softly, "Hi Bobby, he turns around and takes Kathy's hand and just holds, says "hi." some what nervously,  Kathy says, "you've met Sally, now you've met everybody that lives here, except you know Johnny doesn't live here, even if lately it seems like he does." giggling.

Michael sees Bobby isn't letting go of Kathys hand and is nervous, so he says, "Kathy, you and Bobby head down to the pond, Johnny and I will get some towels, and a thermos of ice tea, and be right down with Edward, Cunnington and Tiecum, so you don't need to let them out of the paddock, we will."


Kathy pulls Bobby towards her as she walks back through the washroom, un-latches the butler door and head out through the stables, they are greeted by Edward, Cunnington and Tiecum, as soon as they walk out under the lean to of the paddock, they stop and pet them all, then walk towards the pasture gate.

Kathy says, "lets climb the gate, they climb over the gate, as soon as they are out in the pasture walking, Kathy says, "I've always regretted ending our relationship 3 years ago, so I'm glad I'm getting a chance to tell you that."

Bobby says, "no it alright, I was only 13, you were 16, and publicly I understand it didn't look good for you, I'm the one that needs to explain, as well because of my relationship with Michael and his Aunt Becky, prior to meeting you, then after we stopped seeing each other. There no easy way to say it, other then that I was Aunt Becky's boyfriend and Michael's boyfriend when I first met you, I did stop having sex with them the whole time I was seeing you, however I started having sex with both of them after you and I stopped seeing each other."

Kathy asks, "I know Aunt Becky died 2 years ago, that must of been tough on you and Michael."

Bobby replies, "yes, I miss her a lot, Johnny was her boyfriend to, then Michael was like her girlfriend, Michael can't have sex like a man, because he is transsexual, I sure you know, but it was very tough on all three of us, we all deeply loved, love her, Michael's been my surrogate girlfriend since I was 12, and I deeply care for him.  Michael and myself's plan has been, that I would come live with him after I turn 18, and as far as I know that is still the case, he and I just haven't been having sex for about a week until he could get all this ironed out with you's.

Kathy says, "do you know that I am Sally's girl now, if same sex marriage was legal her and I would be married."

Bobby replies, "no, Michael told me that Louis and Marcus had taken him as their female sex surrogate."

Kathy says as the reach the gate to pond, Bobby opens it, they walk through, closes it, "does that bother you that Louis and Marcus use him for sex?"

Bobby replies, "no, I know he wants me for his man, I like to watch actually, I'm used to that though for being with Aunt Becky, Johnny, myself and Michael were always having sex with her at the same time, Michael might be sucking her and I be studding Michael, Johnny and I would watch Sabastian breed both Michael and Aunt Becky, or we watch Michael get bred by Edward.

Kathy says, "I get bred by Cunnington, has Michael told you about the group we all belong to, the 34 single guys and their dogs?"

Bobby says, "he has only been saying, that we all were going to have talk, as we are right now, so it is ok to tell me about this group."

Kathy says, "we all belong to a group of 76 single men, 34 of those men have large intact male dogs, there are 6 girls who have sex with the men, Sally, Jodie, Peggy, and 3 other girls, I only have sex with Louis, Marcus and Johnny and Michael sucks my pussy.

All of us can only have sex with another member of the group for safety sake, if you know what I mean, for example if you joined the group, you could have sex with me and the 6 group girls, but you have to tip them, you could have sex with me, Sally or Jodie for free as often as we and you are able to because I'm not a group girl, and Sally says you can be with the three of us because we all live here."

Kathy, adds, "right now you can start having sex with Michael and I when ever your able to if you still want to come live here after your 18."

Bobby replies, "don't ever tell Michael this, but I promised Aunt Becky before died that I'd always be Michael's man, and live with him on the farm until I die, and I want to his man, so that is a easy promise to keep."

Kathy replies, "perfect, and I know Michael will want you to be my man, Sally's man and Jodie's man as well."

They get to the beach, Kathy strip naked, drops to her knees in front of Bobby and gets his shorts off, and eagerly starts licking and sucking his cock, saying as she begins, "oh I've dreamed of sucking your cock again so many times."

Bobby giggles, then says, "dreams can come true, because I've dreamed of you sucking me, along with other things, ever since I first met you, and I have never been with anyone except you, Michael and Aunt Becky in all my life."

Kathy, stands then runs and dives in the water, she says" catch me if you can." as she sets off swimming for the pontoon."

Kathy barely makes it up the steps on the stern before Bobby catches up, she gets on the deck and starts setting the innertubes in the water and tethers them to the line around the deck of the pontoon, Bobby joins in and helps.

Kathy says, "I'd like to watch Michael suck you if thats ok, then I need to feel your big cock up inside my bottom, just so you know, Sally, myself and Jodie stopped taking the "Pill", so we are only taking cock in our bottoms now, but we keep ourselves very clean just like Michael does."

Bobby says, "that is fine with me, thats how Aunt Becky always wanted, and the only way Michael can."

Kathy says cautiously, "has Michael told you about his "GRS" surgery." 

Bobby replies, "yes, he told me this morning while we had a few minutes alone, after we'd gotten the armoire in the store, I'm so happy he found a doctor who'd do it, he has wanted the surgery since I've known him, and Aunt Becky told me, to help him get it done, that it was very important for him psychologically, otherwise he'd grow more and more depressed she feared, I just wish I could go with him."

Kathy says, "I think he'd be a lot happier having you here looking after Edward and us girls, and he told me that you wanted to be a woodworker, and work with him as his partner."

Bobby replies, "yep, that is my main goal, I'd like to have you as my partner as well now."

Kathy says, "don't say anything, but Sally said if you did decide to live with us forever, be our life-partner, maybe in 5 years you could get me pregnant, I think I'd like that, would you?"

Bobby replies, "I think, I'd really, really like that to."

As they are tethering the last two innertubes to the side of the pontoon, they see Cunnington and Tiecom running down the trail to the beach, both of them run onto the beach then into the water, Cunnington heads straight for the stern of the pontoon, with Tiecum closely following."

Kathy says, "come on boys, well Bobby so at least we had some time alone, and I hope you can start coming out every day if possible, I get bred by all 34 of the group dogs, yet only about 4 hours a day, so the rest of the time I'm here. Tonight Peggy will pick me up, and I'll get bred by two of new dogs, so she is introducing me to them, once they have bred me several times, and they have taken me as their full-time bitch to breed, then I'll start seeing them on my own." 

As Cunnington and Tiecum climb up the steps and onto the pontoon, Bobby asks, "how many dogs will breed you a week?"

As the dogs shake off, they drench both Bobby and Kathy, Kathy says, "thanks guys, love you to, I hope to be getting bred by at least 20 of the dogs a week, then Cunnington breds me 3 or 4 times a week. Cunnington breeds Michael, Sally and Jodie as well, but me more often now, due the others are much busier then me and they all get studded by the 34 guys with dogs, Tiecum will be here a week, so he will breed me every other day."

Bobby says, "so Michael is getting studded by all the guys."

Kathy says, "oops, he hasn't told you, I'm sorry."

Bobby says, cheerfully, "no, I'm glad he is, I want to see him getting studded as often as possible, that is what he needs, it is his role, to sexually please others, especially Edward."

Kathy says, I know Edward has been breeding him at night after everybody goes to bed, at least the last week, because it just been so busy around here."

Bobby replies, "I know, Johnny told me that Michael hasn't been sucking Oscars cock routinely like he normally would be doing, and I know Michael loves horse, dog and donkey cock."

Michael and Johnny come walking down the trail, get to beach, strip nude and get swim fins from the shed, put them on while standing in swallow water, then roll onto their backs, and kick their finned feet, they are out to the pontoon in less then 30 seconds. Michael paddles up to Kathy who grabs the thermos from him, then paddles back to the stern to climb out.

Once Michael gets his fins off, and climbs up on the deck off the pontoon, he says, "any executives decisions get made?"

Sally giggles, then says, "yes a few, first one is, I want to watch as you suck Bobby's big fat cock, then I tell you the rest as I watch you sucking, deal?"

Michael replies, "that is a very good deal for me."

Michael gets Bobby sat down in one of the deck chairs, get down on his knees in between Bobby's legs and quickly and eagerly starts licking and sucking Bobby's cock.

Kathy says, "good girl, now the plan is Michael, Bobby is going to your man and my man only, I'm Sally's girl first and fore most, I will only have Bobby as my man, thus I with no longer be having sex with any men, only Bobby, same goes for you Michael, the man you will be having sex with is Bobby, even if Bobby comes here to live when he is 18, I will always sleep with Sally, so Bobby you will have your own bed, like Michael. Michael and I will have sex with the dogs as usually, Michael can suck me, Sally and Jodie as usual, I am the only girl Bobby has sex with other then Michael, thats it, what do you's think?"

Michael takes Bobby's cock out of his mouth and says, "I belong to Bobby, so I'm dedicate to him for the rest of my life, so what is best for him, I will make the best for me."

Johnny says, "I think it is the best plan you's can have, best for you's, and that is what matters, I most definitely believe Michael and Bobby are dedicated to each other, for better or worse."

Michael replies, "I know your just as dedicated to both Bobby and I, as we are to you, it just right now, it isn't that I don't want to studding me, it just that things are so complicated, as soon as Bobby is living here, things will be a lot smoother, and we have be aware of the group safety and Kathy and I are very dedicated to serving the dogs, so that complicates things."

Kathy says, "yes, I know I need to be with the dogs, I can't imagine not being bred by at least one of the dogs everyday, I imagine you feel the same way Michael, and I know Jodie and Sally feel the same way.

Kathy steps over and drops down next to Michael, and starts licking and sucking Bobby's cock with Michael, then after a short bit, Bobby says, "Kathy how about you face Michael, let him lick and suck your nice bald pussy while you slide my cock up inside your bottom."  Kathy stands, gets some k-y jelly out of the cabinet, lubes Bobby's stiff cock, lubes her own butt hole, then turns facing out towards Michael and slowly lowers herself down onto Bobby's cock, letting it pop into her butt, then letting all 10 inches of it push completely up inside her as she squirms, and whimpers, "oh Bobby you feel so good up inside me, I've craved this moment for 3 years, thank you so much for taking me as your girl again, I'll never leave you again, I promise."

Michael then eagerly starts licking and sucking Kathy's pussy, sucking and licking Bobby's big balls as she slowly lifts herself up and down on Bobby's thick, long cock, Kathy moaning and whimpering constantly.

Bobby says, "Aunt Becky loved you and I doing it like her didn't she."

Michael replies softly, submissively, "she loved it like this, I loved it with you and her like this because I could lick and suck your balls and her pussy at the same time."

Kathy mumbles, "you's just treat me like you did her, and I'll be so happy, I wish I could of met her and been her girl."

Michael says, "that means you need to have me suck you everyday Kathy, and she definitely would of taken you as her girl, she was bi-sexual like you, Sally and Jodie."

Kathy starts quivering, then squealing, then says, as she whines, "oh god, oh god." her legs start shaking uncontrollably as she has a intense orgasm, she pulls Michael upwards, "oh please hold me Michael, I'm cumming so hard, oh my god.", she huffs and puffs, as she tightly hugs Michael around the waist, as he stands in front of her rubbing her shoulders and back."

Sally, Louis, Marcus and Jodie, come walking down the path toward the pond/lake, as Kathy recovers from the leg shaking orgasm and starts riding up and down on Bobby's cock again, and Michael drops to his knees again and starts sucking Bobby's balls, Johnny says, "I need a cock in my mouth so much." then dives of the pontoon and swims to beach to go see if Louis and Marcus might let him suck their cocks.

Bobby comments, "Maybe we should let Johnny start sucking my cock, Kathy."

Kathy replies, as she bounce up and down on his cock, "you can let him, as far as that goes, I want you to have sex with anyone in the group as long as it's ok with Sally, but I am dedicated to just having sex with Sally, you, Jodie, Michael and the dogs, you can suck cock, get butt fuck if you want, it up to you."

Michael giggles, and says, "look at Johnny, he got a taste of man cock, now he is hooked, you might like it too Bobby."

Bobby replies, "yeah, I'd like to try sucking cock, I've thought about it for awhile."  Bobby then starts moaning and grunting.

Kathy says, "yeah, Bobby please fill me with your sperm." then Kathy starts huffing and puffing as she bounces up and down on his cock, causing it to plunge hard in and out of her butt.

Both of them are soon jerking about and grunting as they start to have their orgasms, Kathy falls forward over Michael and starts giggling as Bobby pushes firmly up into her as his semen and sperm ejaculate out deep up inside her butt.

Kathy says, "oh I feel so good, being with you two."

Michael sees that Sally, Louis, Marcus and now Johnny are now getting the dive gear out of the shed, so he puts his dive fins on, drops into the water and paddles on his back to the beach, both Cunnington and Tiecum jump off the pontoon into the water and follow Michael.

Bobby says to Kathy, "now they we are alone, I wanted to tell you that I was planning on seeing a lady tonight, and having sex with her."

Kathy says, "that is fine, yet it complicates things as far as me and Michael belonging to the group and you having sex with us."

Bobby replies, "yes, I very much understand that, my thought now is, what if I start having sex with her, tonight will be the first time, then if her and I like it, her and I could become like I was with Aunt Becky, she is 65 years old, yet very sexy like Aunt Becky, she was very good friends with Aunt Becky they were lovers actually. Her name is Susan, she is a widow, and only lives about a mile from here on a farm, anyway if it works out, I thought that I could have you meet her, Michael already knows her and would suck her pussy often until several weeks ago, same time he stopped seeing me, I thought we tell her our story, then have her join the group, Michael could start sucking her again if she would like, just think about it a few minutes."

Kathy says, "No, I don't need to think about it, you go ahead, I'll wait for you as long as it takes, please her first, she needs your attention now, she getting old, I only 19 years old, we will talk to Sally and Michael and Susan and work something out, I like to get experience with Susan, if she'd want me as her pet."

Kathy stands, hollers at Sally, "Sally can you come talk to Bobby and I a few minutes."

Sally hollers back, "I'll be there, in a few seconds." Sally gets her fins on and lays on her back and paddles her finned feet, and is to the stern of pontoon in 30 seconds, she pulls her fins off and steps up under the pontoon canopy, takes one look at Bobby's big limp cock, and says, "my pleasure to see you nude Bobby, what are you's wanting to talk to me about?"

Kathy says, "Bobby wants to live with us when he turns 18, have sex with Michael and I, you and Jodie, here is the dilemma, he is planning on having sex tonight with Susan a former lovers of Aunt Becky and Michael's, Michael sucked her routinely until a week or so ago, same time he stopped having sex with Bobby. I want him to start having sex with her, and Bobby wants you, Michael, myself to meet her and discuss the whole thing, like can she become a group member."

Sally grins, "well, lets get Michael out here."  Sally yells at Michael, "Michael will you come out here a minute."

Michael replies, "yep, on my way."

Michael climbs up onto the pontoon, Bobby says to him,"I hope your not mad, I told Kathy about Susan, and now Sally."

Michael says, "no, I glad you did, because I called her after I talked to you this morning and told her to expect to her from us, because she told me she'd asked you to have sex with her, after she gave you that note the other day."

Sally says, "Michael would you like to go call her and see if she can come over here and meet all of us."

Michael replies, "yes, then I'll drive over and get her if she does."

Michael gets his fins back on and slips back in the water, swims to the beach, goes to the shed and calls her on the phone from inside the shed.

Michael then yells back out to the pontoon, "I'm going to go pick-up Susan, I'll be right back."

Bobby says, "I think you's will all like her, I know Michael likes her a lot, I wanted to have sex with her since I was 13, but she wouldn't until I was at least 16, so it just a matter of her and I just doing what we wanted to do for the last 3 years."

Sally says, "after we all talk to her, if you and her and Kathy want to go back up to the house and have sex, go do it."

Michael arrives at Susan's farm, she and Teddy her Irish wolfhound greets him at the door wearing cut of blue jean shorts and a t-shirt with no bra, which Michael instantly notices from her long hard nipples poking out on the thin fabric of the t-shirt.

Susan say, "Teddy I'll be back in just a little while, Michael is taking me swimming, as she steps out on the porch, closing the door behind her, they both then walk out and hop in Michael's truck, and head back to quarry lake.

Susan says, "this is good news that Sally wants to talk anyway."

Michael replies, " Bobby wants to start having sex with you, Kathy and me, well the complexity is having others join our group, and making sure that the safety of the members is always the top priority, Kathy, myself are both members of the group now, so that is what we will be discussing in a nut shell."

Susan replies, "tell me more about this group, if your allowed to."

Michael replies, "I can talk to you about it due to the circumstances, however I wouldn't be with anyone else outside the group, because technically all the group girls are getting paid to have sex, for example if you joined the group you could get paid by having sex with any of the 76 men in the group, or like Peggy and Sally the only have sex with the 34 guys who own dogs, because the get breed by the dogs. However Sally is trying to slowly get away from having sex with the guys, so her and Kathy can be together more, so she can concentrate on her art work, I personally think you should take Kathy and Bobby as your playmates, and just go slow from there, then in a few weeks I can start sucking you again."

Susan replies, "I like that idea a lot."

Michael turn down the lane, drives the farm but pulls out by the hay barn where there is the gate that is the old tractor path to the quarry lake, he stops the truck in front of the gate, hops out opens the gate, pulls the truck it, then hops out again and closes the gate, they then drive to the base of the wind mill and walk on down to the beach.

Once on the beach, Michael and Susan strip nude inside the shed, Susan gets her dive fins which are hang up in there along with her other dive equipment, Michael says, "I'd like to suck you when I take you home, if all works out and Sally is fine with me doing that, otherwise, I'm going to leave the group and only have sex with you and Bobby like I was prior to having Sally move in with me. " 

Susan replies, "believe me I want you to suck me very, very much."

Michael replies, "I'm going crazy not being able to suck you, believe me."

Michael and Susan step out of the shed, Sally see them, hollers, "hi Susan, I'm Sally, just wondered if you's would float that cooler out with you when you come out." Susan hollers back, "hi Sally pleased to meet you." 

Michael grabs the cooler and walks down to water where his fins are laying, gets them on, Susan gets hers on, then they both roll onto they backs and start paddling their feet out to the pontoon, once there, Bobby leans over and grabs the cooler, Susan gets her fins off, as she sets on the stern steps, Bobby goes to her and takes her fins as she takes them off then takes her hand and helps her get up on the deck of the pontoon, Bobby whispers, "oh you look so good." Susan whispers back, "oh you look so good." then Bobby introduces Susan to Kathy, Kathy hugs her, then steps back, and says "I'm so happy to meet you."

Susan replies, "I'm so glad to meet you as well, and thanks for inviting to come a talk about our dilemma, concerning a few mutually very special people to us both, if we can describe it like that I guess."

Kathy replies, "yes that is a pretty good way to put it."

Sally pipes in, "Susan, I'm not sure what all Michael has explained to you about our relationships with each other, the group we belong etc. but first and foremost, Michael, Myself and everyone here wants you to be part of our family or tribe if you want to call us a tribe.

Susan replies, "thank you, and yes I want to be part of your tribe, I love Michael, Johnny and Bobby, hopefully all of you's soon, I sure Michael has told you about Aunt Becky, and how myself, Aunt Becky and Michael have been lover, he has been performing   cunninginlus on us since he was 13 years old, so last nine years it been for myself and Michael."

Sally replies, "I want you and Michael, to continue that, I want you and Bobby to do as you's have planned, Michael and Bobby to do as they have been the last 3 years, really the only complexity is the group we belong to, and hopefully Michael has filled you in on that, how Michael, myself, Jodie and Kathy are all receptive partners for all the dogs in the group."

Susan replies, "yes, I too am a receptive partner for my Irish wolfhound Teddy, I've been a zoosexual since I was 14 years old, so that something I can really relate to."

Sally says, "I really think, it was more important that we all meet, I can see your only going to be having sex with group members, Bobby has committed to that, so if you commit to that, I don't see why you can't have sex with any of us if you desire to in the future. Jodie, who is out there with Louis and Marcus, is a group girl, I'm a group girl meaning the guys tip us when they have sex with us, so your welcome to be a group girl anytime you wish, matter a fact we are having a small gang-bang tomorrow here if you'd like to observe, or even get studded."

Michael pipes in and says, "Susan wants to fly out with us to Colorado tomorrow."

Sally giggles, and says, "well next time your invited."

Sally then looks at Bobby and Kathy, then Michael, then says, "Susan lets get you introduced to Louis, Marcus and Jodie, then Michael drive Susan, Kathy and Bobby up to the house so the three of them can be alone before Kathy has to leave at 5:30 with Peggy to see a few of the dogs."

Sally then hollers, " Louis, Marcus and Jodie will you's paddle over here."

Louis, Marcus and Jodie get nearly to the pontoon and Sally says, "this is a our new tribe member Susan." they all say, " hi." then Sally leans over and grabs Louis's innertube and pushes him toward the stern, "this Louis." she grabs Marcus's innertube, and says, "this is Marcus, and Jodie's my girl here, Jodie, Kathy and I all sleep together just so you know we are all bi-sexual." 

Louis, Marcus and Jodie all get off their innertubes at the stern ladder, then come and shake hands with Susan, Jodie kisses her on the cheek, Susan says, "thanks so much for the warm welcome," then Susan submissively says, "I'm very much bi-sexual as well." as she sheepishly looks at Kathy, then Jodie, then Sally.

Jodie grins, "I look forward to playing soon hopefully."

Susan looks at Bobby, "sounds great for me, if I can watch."

Kathy giggles, then says, "you'll likely be doing more then watching."

Sally replies, "yes, things around here are subject to change, that's for sure, look at Johnny, he loves cock now."

Johnny smiles, and says, "yep can't get enough now."

Louis pipes in, "Bobby, Marcus and I are glad you showed up, we can't keep up with these 5 receptives."

Johnny chuckles, "so I'm a "receptive" now."

Louis says, "that's got a good sound to it, a way to describe all of you's with one word."

Susan giggles, and says, "6 receptives now, I promise I feed you's well, I like to cook."

Marcus, throws his hands up, and says, "I knew my praying might come in handy, I'll happily go to the store for you anytime, boiled gizzards are getting old."

Michael says, "he is kidding." everybody stares at Michael, then chuckle.

Sally then hugs Michael, then Susan, then Bobby, then holds Kathy and whispers in her ear, "I love you." Kathy kisses her lips and says out loud, I love you, and now we best get going so I'm ready for Peggy, then Kathy, Bobby, Michael and Susan put their fins on, and paddle to the beach, they all rinse they're fins off, hang them in the shed, they holler good bye to Louis, Marcus, Jodie, Sally and Johnny then walk up to Michael's truck.

As soon as Sally hears the truck start she says, "can you believe Susan is 65 years old." 

Jodie says, "she is hot, I hope I can get some tips and training from her, if you know what I mean." as she looks at Sally,

Sally says, "I hear you, I hope she will want to spend a lot of time with us.",

Marcus says, "that Bobby is a lucky guy.",

Louis says, "I want to beg Bobby to share."

Sally says, "yes, this is a wonderful thing, having Bobby and Susan now part of our little tribe, now that Susan got me all hot and bothered, hopefully one of you guys will stud me.", Johnny quickly says, "I want to." Sally drops to her knees in front of Johnny and starts licking and sucking his cock eagerly.

Jodie gets on her hands and knees up on the bow deck, Louis grabs some k-y jelly, lubes Jodie's bottom, then his own cock then gently pops his cock head in her butt hole, then slowly slides all of his cock up inside her as she squeals and whimpers, Marcus kneels in front of her and holds his cock head to her lips so she can lick and suck it, Jodie just moans, "mm-hmm" and eagerly licks and sucks as Louis slides his cock in and out of her butt.

Bobby, Susan, Kathy and Michael back up at the house

As Kathy, Bobby, Michael and Susan walk into the kitchen Kathy looks at the clock, grabs Bobby's hand, then Susan's hand and leads them to Sally's bedroom, then says, "you two need get to know each other as planned, I need to get ready, Peggy will be here at 5:30." Kathy gets them to the bed, gets a big beach towel spreads it out on the bed, grabs a shirtdress from her armoire, then walks out and closes the bedroom door.

In seconds Bobby and Susan are rolling on the bed kissing passionately, in a few more seconds Bobby is getting his big cock slipped into Susan's already wet pussy, Susan squeals out loudly as Bobby slides all 10 inches of his thick cock as far in her as he can, Susan loudly whimpers and whines as Bobby pulls out, then slides it in again.

Kathy stands by the Bathroom door, grinning as she listens to Susan squeal and moan, thinking to herself, "this is so wonderful."

Kathy leaves the bathroom door open as she douches her bottom, in minutes, Susan is gasping loudly, then she begins wailing out "oh Bobby, I'm cumming, oh I never felt so good, oh I love you." then she just begins squealing and whimpering non stop for 30 seconds, grunting and gasping, Susan mumbles, "yeah Bobby, don't stop, please don't stop.", the she begins squealing loudly again, mumbles," oh, oh, ooo, I cumming again."

Kathy starts rubbing her own clit vigorously as she listens to Susan have her orgasm.

Now Kathy only hears hears the bed creaking, then she hears, Susan say, "yeah Bobby I want you big cock up my butt so bad, "mm-hmm yeah, oh your cock feels so tight in my butt, do you like it?" , Bobby says, "oh it feels so good, I want to make you feel so good Susan, you just tell me how you like it."

Susan says, "you doing really good at that pace, maybe hold yourself firmly all the way up inside me for 30 seconds, and let me squirm and wiggle on it."

The bed really starts creaking, then Susan starts squealing loudly, then gasping, then wailing loudly,

Kathy starts whining and whimpering as she herself starts having a intense orgasm.

Then Bobby starts moaning out, "Susan I'm going to cum," then the sound of both of them gasping, huffing and puffing.

Kathy drops to her knees and shakes as a wildly intense orgasm overcomes her as she listens to both of them having their orgasms, she thinks to herself how wonderful it is to hear them cumming together so beautifully.

Kathy then slowly walks to the bedroom, opens the door and briskly climbs in bed next to Susan and Bobby and hugs them, both and saying softly, "I hear you's, and you's sounded so wonderful together, I just want to thank you's for letting me be apart of your lives."  Susan says, "and that you are Kathy, a very important part of our lives."  Bobby says, "yes, and forever and ever, everyday, through thick and thin."  Kathy starts weeping tears of joy as she lays her head on Susan's breasts.

Bobby says, I'm spending the night, my parents know, Michael mentioned Susan and I  could sleep downstairs, so you can come lay with us for awhile til your sleepy then go back up to Sally if you'd like.

Susan says, "whenever you know Bobby and I are having sex, I want you to join us, always."

Kathy smiles big, says meekly and submissively, "thank you, I will always from now on."

Sally says to Kathy, "I very much want to be your lover to Kathy, I'd like to be Sally and Jodie's as well and try being a group girl and start having sex with all the guys with dogs and their dogs as long as Bobby doesn't mind, I just tired of being in my old farm house alone, so if I had a few groups guys visit me at my house every day, that would be great for me and give the guys in the group another option."

Kathy says, "you'll be with Jodie and Thomas for several days in Colorado, so they can bring you up to speed on everything related to life as a group girl.", Kathy kisses them both, climbs off the bed, then says, I see you later whether here or at your house Susan."

Susan replies, "yeah I'd like to take everybody to my place if they want, just so everybody knows how to get there, but Bobby and I will spend nights here until he is 18, I think that is best, in case his parents need to reach him."

Bobby then says, "yes, I'll be working with Michael in the shop as usual, most everyday after school, or working at Ben's on weekends, I not sure how that schedule will be, until a few weeks ago Michael and I were having sex most everyday."

Susan says, "yeah Michael was sucking me most everyday as well, so I'm sure that will resume as soon as he heals up from his surgery."

Kathy grins, and says submissively, "I loved listening to you cum Susan, I played with myself while I listened to you two, and had a orgasm same time you both were cumming, I talk to you's soon, bye, bye." , Bobby and Susan say good bye, then lay back in each others arms, and kiss passionately, and Bobby soon is erect and copulating with her again."

Kathy goes into the bathroom, gets her "getting bred by the doggies" tote bag, checks to make sure everything she needs is in the tote, then heads out to the kitchen, no Michael there, she goes on out to the shop and finds Peggy and Michael talking, she says, "hi Peggy.", Peggy smiles and says, "hi there, you ready to play with a few big dogs and me tonight?" 

Kathy grins sheepishly, and submissively says, "I'm all yours and the doggies to play with." 

Peggy says, "hop in the van, Michael we will see you in a few hours." 

Kathy and Peggy hop in the van, and head down the lane, Peggy says, "you all been having a good days?" 

Kathy replies, "yes, it been a very exciting day, we all met our new group girl Susan, and Michael's good friend Bobby who you know I'm sure."  

Peggy grins, "yes, I know both Susan and Bobby, and I very glad to hear that they will be part of our group now, Michael cares a lot about both of them, and needs them in his life."

Kathy says, "so you know they all are intimate sexually?"

Peggy replies, "oh yes, I've was having sex with Aunt Becky and Susan before Michael moved to farm when he was 13, Michael has been sucking me, and Aunt Becky since he was 13, and sucking Susan since he was 16 years old, and has been Bobby's girl for the last 3 years. I have some photos of Becky that I will show you sometime, to me she was the most beautiful lady I ever have seen."

Kathy asks meekly, "has Bobby studded you ?"


Peggy grins and looks at her, "no, but I have to admit I'd love him to start studding me if he wants to."

Kathy replies, "he was studding Susan when we left just now, and he studded me earlier on the pontoon, I bet he'd love to start studding you routinely as well."

Peggy replies, "the really crazy thing is, we known about you for 3 years, yet until Michael told Sally today we didn't know you were the Kathy that Bobby was talking about, only Bobby has known since you and Sally were getting the cardboard boxes at Ben's for you move out of your apartment."

Kathy replies, "Bobby never even told Michael, that his old girl friend was now living with him?"

Peggy replies, "nope, not until this morning when they dropped off the armoire at Ben's, then Michael told Bobby that he needed to start getting studded by Bobby again, and he needed to start sucking Susan again, at which time Bobby told Michael he needed to start studding him, and then also told him that he was going to start studding Susan, and he wanted to start studding Kathy again, meaning you, that when Bobby told Michael that who you were."

Kathy smiled big as she looked at Peggy, and said, "that is wild that Bobby never said anything to Michael, well Bobby got Susan and I studded already today, hopefully he will get Michael studded before the day is over, or at least tomorrow before Michael has to leave."

Peggy replies, "Bobby has been fairly upset since you and Sally and Louis and Marcus moved in, and Michael told him he couldn't have sex with him for awhile, at least til things got settled down, so Bobby and Michael have not even spoken since Sally moved in until this morning."

Kathy says, "I got to tell Sally, and especially Michael that I'm sorry for being such a pain."

Peggy says, "you shouldn't be sorry, you should just now just better understand Michael's mental dilemma that occurred today."

Kathy leans over and kisses Peggy's cheek, and says, "yes, I do better understand, and thanks for explaining it to me so well." 

Peggy says, "you will find that everybody in the group looks out for each other, that is what makes belonging to the group so great, other then the sex, if you decide to have Bobby get you pregnant, we will all help take care of your baby as well, your baby will be born into a ready made big family, now complete with a grandma, I'm quite sure Susan will want Bobby to get you pregnant, I know Bobby wants you to have his babies." 

Kathy replies, "I'd love to have Bobby get me pregnant after he is in his 20's, then I will be ready and he will be ready I hope."

Peggy then says very seriously, "I don't want to tell you what to do, but I will, you need to start plugging your pussy every time your having sex with the dogs, or the guys, it to easy for their cocks to get misguided and end up in our pussy."

Kathy replies, "no, I want you to tell me what you think, what you want me to do, I very much want to be your girl to."

Susan and Bobby have been talking awhile as they lay together on the bed, the topic of why she never has had sex with Johnny comes up between them, after they were talking about how things have changed since Aunt Becky died 2 years ago.

Susan says, "Johnny was always Becky's steady lover, he only had sex with her and I think Johnny simply, wanted it that way. Michael was always there to, yet Johnny looked at Michael as a she, or lesbian lover for her, as he is in essense, and he looked at himself as her man, what has Johnny told you about Michael, and why he never started studding Michael?"

Bobby replies, "Johnny has always told me that he like to stud Michael like me, but he was afraid it might change or damage their friendship, and I know now that Johnny is studding Michael routinely, but I haven't talked to either of them about it since Johnny just started studding him this last week.

Susan replies, "yes Michael, told me the day after he got studded by Johnny, and he is very excited about it, and told me Johnny was very excited as well, between you and me, Michael has told me that Louis and Marcus are studding Johnny daily now, my guess is you'll be studding Johnny soon as well, but we'll have to see."

Bobby replies, "yeah with me working full-time at Ben's all summer, I have not been out to Johnny's very often, about the only time I had was dedicated to studding Michael every day, that is until a little over a week ago, now I be studding you every day and him, I'm just so glad you live right next door."

Susan replies, "what is the best time for you to come see me, and Michael at the same time I wonder?"

Bobby replies, "yeah if Becky was still alive I'd be living here at the farm, for sure, and my mom says it's ok if I move to the farm and live with Michael, she knows Michael is my t-girl lover, and has known since I first started having sex with Michael. My mom's girlfriend lives with us full-time now, my dad is living with his girlfriend full-time, hopefully they will just get their divorce over with, and move on."

Susan replies, "were Becky and your mom friends?"

Bobby replies, "yes they were very good friends, lovers at one time that is how Becky and I met."

Susan asks, "did your mom know that you and Becky were having sex?"

Bobby replies, "yes, actually she asked if I was having sex with you yet a few days ago, I don't anymore, but I was having sex with my mom when I was 12 years old."

Susan replies, "when did you stop having sex with her?"

Bobby replies, "about 3 months ago, after her girlfriend moved in."

Susan says, "do you want to come live with me now?"

Bobby replies, "I very much want to live with you now, and I know mom will say ok, my dad doesn't care, he as moved on, it's really mom who is holding up the divorce, why I don't know."

Susan asks, "does your dad know that you and your mom were having sex?"

Bobby replies, "yes, he caught mom and I having sex, two years ago, he has no problem with mom and I having sex, or do I, I just need to move on, and now that she has a girlfriend, she doesn't ask me anymore for sex, I love having sex with her, but we simply need to have our own partners, that's why Becky was so good for me to be with. Actually dad, and even mom agreed that I should come live with Becky several months before Becky died, so I never made it here to live with her, and here we are now, so if it's ok with you, I'll move in with you."

Susan replies, " lets call your mom right now and see if she can come to my house and talk."

Bobby replies, " yeah, I'll try calling her right now." 

They both hop off the bed, go to the bathroom wash up, Susan washes her bottom and pussy, Bobby washes his penis, then they get their shorts and shirts on, and walk out to the kitchen, where Bobby pick up the phone and calls, after a few rings, Bobby says, " hi mom, I here with Susan, she'd like to talk to you, ok."  Bobby hands Susan the phone, Susan says, "hi Audrey."  Bobby points toward the shop, and softly says, "Susan, I'm going to lets you's talk, I'll go talk to Michael."

Bobby finds Michael in the shop, cutting boards on the table saw, as soon as Michael see him, Michael shuts of the saw, grins, and Michael says, "did you and Susan have a nice time?"

Bobby smiles big, "yes a wonderful time, Michael walks to him, hugs him and kisses him on the cheek, then says, "so you two are going to be a steady thing now?"

Bobby replies, "yeah her and I are hoping mom will let me move in with her, Susan is talking to mom on the phone right now, so I think everything will work out, then you and Kathy can come over to Susan's when we want to have sex."

Michael smiles big, "that would be the greatest thing for all of us, it's getting very busy around here, like a hotel lately, then you can call me when you have time for Kathy and I to come over, there is a lot to discuss, do you think Audrey will ok it?"

Bobby replies, "the circumstances as they are, and it's only been 3 months since mom and I stopped having sex, so she knows it would be best if her and I be separated, because both of still want to have sex with each other, best for both of us to reduce the temptation."

Michael replies, "yeah like any habit, it takes time to thoroughly change it, especially strong desire like sex, I still battle my exhibitionist desire, like a alcohlic must desire a drink."

Susan comes walking into the shop with a big smile on her face, then says, "Audrey thinks it is best you move in with me, she told me Bobby that you and her had be struggling over your relationship, and the time apart would help reduce the temptation until you's overcome it better."

Bobby replies, "yes, I agree, I was just telling Michael that the last 3 months have been very tough for me not being able to have sex with her."

Susan replies, "yes, she said that it been very tough on her as well, I told her I wished I known 3 years ago, I'd had you move in with me, and been your sexual partner then."

Bobby replies, "yes I wanted you then, just like I do now, but I understand why you decided to wait until I was 16 to."

Susan hugs Bobby tightly, and says, "I got you now, and want you with me until I die."

Bobby replies, "don't worry, I'll always be with you, always, you have my word."

Susan giggles with tears running down her face, and says, "whats even better you get to baby sit Teddy while I'm gone with Michael."

Bobby replies, "Susan why don't you and I run into my house and I'll get some of my clothes and stuff."

Michael says, "you's get going, I got work to do, and you's got 3 years of lost sex to catch up on." he chuckles.

Susan giggles, then says, "believe me, I intend to have him make up for those 3 years, starting today."

Susan and Bobby then hop in Bobby's truck and head down the lane, by the time they get to the hard road, Susan is already leaned over in Bobby's lap, and sucking his erect cock, by the time they have driven about a mile, Bobby is ejaculating in her mouth.

Susan says, "would you stud Becky multiple times a day at times?"

Bobby replies, "yes, on the weekends I might stud her 4 or 5 times a day, I'd often stud my mom or she would suck my cock that often, until 3 months ago I'd stud here at least twice every day once after school then at night since I was 12 years old, so I like to have sex a lot, I like my cock sucked all the time."

Susan replies, "then I will be sucking it all the time, when you want sucked, you just pull it out and tell me to suck it, I want to keep you happy."

Bobby asks, "when did you have all your pubic hair permanently removed by the electrologist lady?"

Susan replies, " I think it's been 7 years ago, a year before Michael did, why you ask?"

Bobby replies, "oh, because it was a big deal that Michael have that done prior to having this GRS surgery he going to be getting, and I was thinking about what he needs to get done before you's leave tomorrow is all."

Susan gets Bobby penis back in his shorts and zips up his zipper as they enter city traffic, and sits up, and buckles her seat belt.

Susan says, "speaking of that, remind me when we get back to my place, I should get started packing for the trip, at least get my suit case out, where exactly are we going in Colorado, do you know, Michael told me a small city called Trindad."

Susan says, "do you want the other guys to stud me Bobby, because if you don't want me to, I will not do it.?"

Bobby says, "no, I really want you to, I'm actually looking forward to hearing you tell me about it, then when I'm 18 I can start watching as they do stud you."

Susan says, " I'll tell Sally then, I like to get studded by two or three different guys 5 days a week, and start getting gang-banged, be available every Saturday or Sunday by all the guys with dogs from maybe noon to 5pm. Michael said there are 34 guys with dogs, so if 10 of the guys with dogs studded me a week, I could see all of them at least once every month, plus make at least a thousand maybe 2 thousand dollars cash that we could save for a rainy day." 

Bobby replies, "I think that that great, just don't get so worn out that you can't perform for me, Johnny, Michael, Sally, Jodie and Kathy, I'm sure you and Jodie will be having sex, and most likely Thomas the pilot will stud you while on the trip to Trindad.

Susan replies, "we will see how it goes, if you find it upsetting after I start having sex with the guys, just say stop, and I will."

Bobby replies, " I look at sex like my dad, and he and I both see the way society looks at sex, is so dysfunctional, that it is madness in it's self, look at the way society seems to look at homosexuality, like dad says, homosexuality has been around since the beginning of time, yet it was a crime in the U S until the 1970's, to gay people can't get married still. I don't pay attention to what so called society thinks about sexual relationships anymore, I see you as a very beautiful lady, why shouldn't you share yourself with men that you chose to be with in a group setting like Sally, Peggy and the guys have created."

Susan replies, "I totally agree, we have a safe setting to share ourselves with others in the group, that is the reason the group was created, and for it to exist, the group needs the females to perform for men, and the men to perform for us females, and I'm a good group girl because I simply love sex, so it's my duty to pleasure the men that I can, that my big picture view of the whole thing."

Bobby says, "what do you think about me sucking cock, and maybe even getting studded?"

Susan replies, "I think that would be great."

Bobby replies, "I don't know if I ever will, but sometimes I get the urge to."

Susan replies, "I know I'll be having Louis and Marcus over at my place a lot studding me if they will take me as their full time slut, they be good guys to suck and get studded by to see if you like it."

Bobby says, "what about you, you have any crazy childhood sex stories?"

Susan replies, "just that I started getting breed by our family dog, Albert when I was 14 years old, and have always had a big male dog lover ever since, that is the common interest that brought Becky and I together intimately, in that I was at the vets because I had to have my great dane Eddy put to sleep because he was simple old and could no longer walk, and Becky was there getting Sebastian's his shots, Becky and I had known each other for years, any ways her and I started talking on the phone a lot after that.

She knew I wanted another big male dog, so she had me come spend time with Sebastian, so I could see if I might like getting a Irish wolfhound, Albert was big bloodhound, I soon found that I wanted a dog like Sebastian, next thing we knew Sally and I are telling each other that we both have been getting bred by big dogs since we where teenagers. I soon was getting bred by Sebastian, then soon Sally and I started having sex, after that I got Teddy, then met you a year later when you started having sex with Becky."

Bobby replies, "I think it is great you's like having sex with the dogs, they need love to, especially since they only live such a short time."

Susan replies, "yes, to be a big male dog lover, you must be tough, because it is so difficult losing them, since I've been 14 years old I've lost 11 dog lovers, and it never gets any less painful, every time I'd say that I wouldn't get another dog partner, now though I plan on getting another Irish wolfhound a female that Teddy can mate with within the next year, because Teddy with be 4 years old in August, and Irish wolfhounds only live about 7 years, I'm going to keep all the males from the litter, and sale the females, I'd like to be living with and be getting bred by at least 6 males in a few years."

Bobby replies, "how often does Teddy stud you?"

Susan replies, "until about 4 months ago he always studded me every day, however now he is studding me every other day, so I'd really like to do what Kathy is doing, that is go the the group guy's homes and get studded by all 34 of the dogs."

Bobby replies, "how many dogs a day do you think you can see."

Susan grins and says, "it would be nice to be getting studded by 4 dogs every day if possible, then have sex with you, and several group guys every day, I figure you will stud me at least several times a day, don't you think."

Bobby smiles big, "I'll stud you or have you give me blow-job as many times a day as I possible can, I'll be ready for another blow-job on the way back home."

Susan giggles, "I'm ready, and waiting to suck you."

Bobby pulls into the drive way of his house, then says, "I don't need to get much, mainly some clothes, and work books for school."

They hop out of the truck, go to the back door, and walk in, Audrey is just walking toward the door, and dressed nicely, she speaks first saying, "hi Susan, hi Bobby, I was just going to meet Jackie at a club by her office for a few drinks then we are going dancing, sit for a minute and tell me how things are going." Susan and Bobby sit at the kitchen table, as does Audrey.

Bobby says, "we are just going to get some clothes, then head back out to Susan's, get her ready to go, she is flying out to Colorado in the morning with Michael, he is getting his sex change, genital reassignment sugery Monday, so Susan wants to be with him during that."

Audrey replies, "good for him, and thanks for going with him Susan, he has wanted this a long time I know, Bobby I wish you'd have told me early, I'd have signed a pass."

Bobby replies, "well you know Michael and I haven't spoke in over a week, and I only found out today that he is getting the surgery done, and this way I can watch her dog Teddy until she gets home."

Audrey replies, "Johnny will be around though right."

Bobby replies, "also Kathy will be and her new lover Sally, they both are living at Michael's place now, so don't be mad."

Audrey replies, "you know, I'm sorry for getting mad 3 years ago when you where seeing Kathy, I was jealous, I like to see her soon actually, also I called your dad, told him that I will sign the divorce papers so he can get married, I also told him that you and I haven't had sex in 3 months, and that you were going to go live with Susan. After I explained to him that it would greatly help with our temptation to have sex, and that Susan lived right next to Michael's farm, he agreed that it will be best, so I think maybe you should call him, give him Susan's number, maybe have him come out and meet Susan."

Susan pipes in and says, "Bobby why don't you call him now, and see if he'll stop out."

Audrey replies, "yes, do that, because he mentioned he was just hanging out around the house today., but he was going to write up parentally consent form that he and I will sign allowing you to marry and have a sexually relationship with Susan and he knows a judge who will give you a quick marriage if you's want to do that."

Bobby gets on the phone and dials his dad's number, it rings several times, then Bobby says, "hi dad, yep, mom just told me you were going to draw up a consent form,  Susan and I wondered if you like to run out to her place in a little bit, or we could stop by your place, ok see you in a minute." Bobby hangs up the phone.

Bobby looks at Audrey and Susan and says, "he said he'd run over here and talk to Susan, and he said he'd be here in ten minutes and for you not to leave mom, you need to sign the consent form and the divorce papers."

Audrey says, " ok, let me go get the papers, I'll be right back, you two get ready for a lecture." as she walks out of the kitchen.

Susan and Bobby giggle and kiss, Susan says, "sounds like you and I might be getting married as soon I get back from Colorado."

Bobby replies, "yep, Becky had a consent form signed by both of them just in case."

Audrey comes walking back out, sets the divorce papers on the table, then says, "you know your dad was a nervous wreck about your relationship with Becky, and if it were not that she was a wonderful person, he would not have consented with Becky, so do as he says, ok."

Bobby replies, "ok."

The three of them talk a bit, as the wait for Jack, Bobby's father.

Jack comes walking in the back door in about 10 minutes, smiles at Susan, as he walks to her and shakes her hand, and says,"I'm just glad to hear it is you Susan that Bobby is going to live with, but it is important we get these consent forms signed, especially after Bobby's relationship with Becky, and I know Bobby has wanted to be with you you very much since Becky passed away.

I'm wrote this consent form out, so it states you both intent to cohabitate and have a sexual relationship, I must tell you both that they are coming down hard anymore on Statutory rape, which could get Susan in a lot of trouble, so both of you be very careful until your 18, don't be making it obvious in public that your lovers etc., by all of us signing this though, feel free to have have a sexual relationship and not have to worry, verse with Becky, I would have had to call in some favors to protect her, now sign this, Audrey you sign it, any questions on the divorce papers?"

Audrey says, "no, other then I'm sorry I dragged my feet so long."

Jack replies, "the main thing here, in this whole scenario Audrey, is that you and Bobby no longer have sex, I mean forever, you's can do it, and this should greatly help, Susan I know your a great person as was Becky, just stay healthy and be there for Bobby for the rest of your life is all I ask."

Susan says, "thanks so much, and yes, I plan on being Bobby's partner for the rest of my life."

Bobby says. "I will never leave Susan, so no one worry about that." 

Jack takes the papers, kisses Audrey and Susan on the cheek, taps Bobby on the head, then says, "call me when Susan gets back, Bobby tell Michael that I wish him the best, bye for now, he walks out the door, they all say good bye and thanks to him."

Audrey says, "your dad is a very good man, and I just have a sexual appetite that isn't to normal, not that I regret having sex with you Bobby, but it did change the way he views me, and that I accept now."

Bobby says, "don't ever be sorry for having sex with me, I wanted to have sex with you just as much, and I have no regrets at all, and dad does think your a bad person, he just knows it's time for us both to move on with our lives."

Audrey says "thanks to both of you's, now I best be getting down to the meet Jackie, but call when you get back Susan, and I'll come out to the farm and see you's, bye for now." Audrey walks out the door.

Bobby says, "let me get some clothes and we can get back out to your place."

It does take Bobby 10 minutes, and he as a suit case filled with the clothes he wants, and the they are locking up and headed to the truck, Susan quickly has his pants unzipped and his cock out and stroking it, Bobby says, "what if we go to Michael's first, then tell Sally that you want to be a group girl, and in the capacity you described to me, then I like to have you suck my cock while Louis, Marcus and Johnny stud you."

Susan says, "I'd love to do that, that sounds wonderful, I'll just rub your cock now if that is ok."

Bobby says, "yep, I like that a lot, I just don't want to ejaculate until all of have studded you and ejaculated in you, I want watch as they turn you into their full time slut."

Susan replies submissively, "I want to be the best slut for you and them as I possible can be."

Bobby replies, "I want you to have sex as often as you want, it turns me on a lot know you want to stud all the men."

Susan says, "don't worry about that, if I have my way I'll be getting studded by dogs or men all day every day."

After about 10 minutes drive they pull onto the lane to Michael's farm, as they pull up, Susan says, "I nervous, but I know I want to be a group girl badly now."

Bobby puts the truck in park and shuts it off as soon as they pull up in front of the shop and see Michael working, he smiles and waves, Susan and Bobby hop out, Bobby says, "Michael is Sally around?",  Michael replies, "yep she is in the kitchen the last I knew."  

Bobby and Susan walk on into the washroom then on up into the kitchen, as soon as they walk into the Kitchen they find, Louis, Marcus and Johnny sitting at the table, Sally and Jodie mixing something in a bowls. Bobby says, "what you fixing Sally." Sally giggles a bit, looks at Louis and says, "Louis's favorite, caked gizzards, no just joking, just a banana nut muffins."

Bobby says, "Susan and I wanted to tell you that she wants to be a group girl, we also might with my mom and dad, and my dad had all four of sign a consent for a minor to have sexual contact with a individual older then 4 years my age, and to cohabitate and have a sexual relationship with Susan, so in essence I can only have sex with Susan and Kathy until I am 18 years old."

Sally replies, "so that means that it is ok that you live with Susan, that is great news, Louis, Marcus, Johnny since your all group guys you feel like breaking Susan in, get her studded while I finish getting the muffins done?"

Louis says, "it would be my honor.", Marcus says, "my honor as well," Johnny says, "I'm with these guys, so I'd be quite happy to stud any time you want."

Sally says, "take her out in the living room, and get her broke into the group, turn her into a good bitch slut, that is what you want right Susan?"

Susan replies, "yes, very much so, can I suck Bobby while they stud me." 

Sally says. "I think you need to, show him your dedicated to him, and still can be a good whore at the same time."

Louis stands, takes Susan's hand, says, " you want it in your pussy, butt, both." as he leads her out to the living room, 

Susan softly and submissively replies, "why don't all of you's my pussy, you can ejaculate in my mouth or pussy which ever you wish." 

Once they are in the Living room, Louis tells Bobby to sit on the futon, then says to Johnny, "will you grab a beach towel, and spread out on the rug, then you and Marcus can sit next to Bobby and Susan can stroke your cocks, while she sucks that huge cock of Bobby's." 

Louis, Bobby and Marcus strip completely nude, 

As soon as Johnny gets the towel spread out he strips completely nude, Louis says to Susan, "go ahead and get on your knees Susan, I'm just going to lube my cock up with k-y, just lick Bobby's balls awhile until I tell you different ok."

Susan softly, meekly replies, "ok.", then starts licking Bobby's big sagging balls, while Louis drops down on his knees behind her rubs his cock head firmly against her clit, Susan moans as he does, Louis says, "good girl your already soaking wet, do you need some big black juice cock in your pussy?" Susan says, "oh so much." Louis slowly slides his entire cock up inside her and holds it, then says to her, "wiggle this beautiful ass of yours around it a bit, then let's get you squealing, like a good slut should." 

Susan starts vigorously wiggling and rotating her butt around on the big cock up inside, whimpering and moaning constantly, then Louis pulls his cock complete out of her pussy, then quickly thrusts it all the way back in, Susan squeals loudly, as her body rocks forward, then Louis starts doing the same thing over and over, thrust hard in, quickly all the way out until Susan is gasping and whimpering constantly, Louis says to her, "you like this, you going to be a good slut for us, and all the men in the group?" 

Susan cries out, "yes, yes, I want fucked constantly," Louis says, "you want gang-banged by all the guys in a day, we need a good slut that wants gang-banged a lot." Susan mumbles as she gasps and grunts, "you's can gang-bang me everyday if you want, I want to serve you's the best I can."

Louis says, "how about I call all the guys in the group, and tell them you need studded constantly, and will be availble at your place from 8am until 4pm Tuesdays and Thursdays for any of them that want to come by and stud you, then Monday, Wenesday and Friday you can go around and get studded by the dogs."

Susan whines as she submissively says, "please, yes tell them all, tell them that I want it badly and will be available as often as they want me."

Louis says, "don't worry about them wanting you, once they meet you, and they know your available always you wouldn't ever be alone."  Bobby suddenly leans over and starts sucking Johnny's cock, Louis says, "good boy Bobby, you like that big cock of Johnny's?" 

Bobby submissively says, "yes, I've wanted to suck Johnny for along time." he then eagerly continues sucking Johnny as Susan moves over so she can start sucking Marcus's cock.

Louis says, "thats a good slut Susan, keep a cock in your mouth constantly."

Susan begins squealing louder and louder, until she is shaking wildly, then she pulls Marcus's cock out of her mouth and starts gasping and jerking about as she as a orgasm, Louis shoves his cock completely up inside her and hold it while she jerks about climaxing.

Johnny then starts grunting and jerking about, then mumbles out, "Bobby I'm going to ejaculate." Bobby holds Johnny's cock head to his tongue as the first big glob of semen squirts into Bobby's mouth, followed by 3 more big globs of cum." 

Louis watches as Bobby eagerly swallows all Johnny's semen down.

Susan has her head laying on Marcus's lap and watches Bobby swallow all of Johnny's cum, as she rubs Bobby's leg and watches him swallow it all eagerly, she knows that this changes a lot for him and his role.

Sally, who watched the whole event, walks over next to Susan, and takes Bobby's erect cock into her mouth and sucks it for about 15 seconds, then lets it fall out of her mouth, turns so she is sitting on the floor facing Susan, then says, "what just happened stays in this room, nobody else besides us and Michael is know that Bobby is having sex with anyone, period. From this day forward, no group men are coming to this farm to have sex with any of us, Bobby if you want to have sex with any of us, you have to do it here, feel free to take the passive receptive role with Marcus, Louis and Johnny, but none of the group men, once you turn 18, you can take the passive receptive role with all the group men like Johnny is doing, I just don't want anyone to get in trouble and then we then have the need to start telling lies, we don't want to ever have to tell lies." Sally then turns back around and starts sucking Bobby's cock for about 30 seconds, then pulls his cock out of her mouth, and says, "did you like sucking Johnny's cock and swallowing his cum Bobby?" 

Bobby replies, "yes, a lot."

Sally then asks him, "would you like to suck Louis and Marcus's cocks?"

Bobby says, "yes, if they don't mind."

Sally looks at Susan and asks her, "do you want to watch Bobby sucking Louis and Marcus's cocks?"

Susan replies, "yes, very much so."

Sally then says, "Bobby, get on your knees in front of Marcus and ask him if you can suck his cock." 

Susan gets on the floor out of the way as Bobby slides off the futon onto his knees in front of Marcus, the Bobby says submissively, "Marcus can I suck your cock?",  Marcus replies, " yes you can."

Bobby starts eagerly licking and sucking Marcus's cock, Sally then says, "Johnny would you like to suck Bobby big cock?"

Johnny replies, "yes I very much want to."

Sally says, " get down on your back, spread your legs so Louis can stud you while you suck Bobby's cock."

Sally then says to Bobby, " Bobby do you want to have Johnny teach you how to clean and prepare your bottom so that you can have the guys start studding you?"

Bobby takes Marcus's cock out of his mouth and replies, "yes, as soon as possible, I want studded so badly."

Sally says, " do you want Johnny to show you right now? "

Bobby replies submissively, "yes, please, I'm so ready right now!".

Sally says, "Johnny take Bobby in the bathroom and show him how to clean and prepare his bottom so he can get studded." 

Johnny slides out from underneath Bobby, as Bobby stands, they both then walk to the bathroom, as Jodie comes walking into the living room.

Sally says, " Jodie you sit next to Susan on the futon, Louis and Marcus, I want to watch as you to suck and lick these two sluts until they climax." 

Susan and Jodie sit on the futon together and spread their legs, Louis drops down in front of Susan and quickly starts performing cunninginlus on her, Marcus does the same with Jodie, Sally then sits on the other side of Susan, then kisses Susan on the lips, in seconds Sally and Susan are passionately kissing as Louis eagerly licks and sucks Susan's clit, Susan begins moaning and squirming. 

After about 5 minutes, Susan starts whining and fussing, then squealing, then huffing and puffing as she has a orgasm, while she jerks about for about 30 seconds.

In another few minutes, Jodie cries out, "I'm cumming Marcus, don't stop. oh god, oh god.", she then quivers and shakes as she climaxes.

Just then Johnny and Bobby walk back into the living room, as soon as Sally see them, she stops kissing Susan, then says, "Louis let Bobby suck Susan, while you lube up you cock, then slide it up inside Bobby's butt nice and slow, so he can get used to it." 

Bobby gets down between Susan's legs, Susan says to him, "I want you to enjoy it, I'm so excited that your doing this."

Bobby meekly replies, "I want a cock in my bottom so much, I hope you like me like this." then he eagerly starts licking her clit, as Louis lubes Bobby's butt hole with k-y, while saying, "once I stud you, and you like it, your going want it all the time, so say stop now, if you have doubts."

Bobby says, "I wanted it for so long, I want to be a shemale like person, have for a long time, I so ready, please stud me good."

Louis slowly pushes his cock into Bobby's slick butt hole until it pops in, Bobby squeals a little the mumbles,"please shove it in all the way, I want it so bad."  Louis slowly, but never stopping pushes all 8 inches of his cock it completely up inside Bobby's butt, as Bobby whimpers and whines.  Susan softly asks, "do you like it Bobby?"  Bobby mumbles to her, "I love it, so much"

Sally says, "Bobby do you like dressing up like a girl?"

Bobby submissively says, "yes, I always have, I want to pass as a girl, be a shemale, chick with a dick type."

Sally says, "do you want your penis removed like Michael?"

Bobby replies, "no, just breast implants, but I have always been afraid to tell anyone"

Sally says, "so your a submissive bi transgender type, that likes men and women both" 

Louis starts slowly sliding in and out of Bobby's butt, Bobby squirms about on the cock in him."

Sally says, "your cock is really hard so your different then Michael." 

Bobby replies, "I am more like Johnny, just I want breasts, a

Bobby replies, "I am more like Johnny, just I want breasts, and to dress like a girl, but still use it like a man for females."

Sally says, "would like to get on top of Susan and get your cock up inside her while Louis studs you?"

Bobby says, "I'd love that."

Susan gets up and lays on her back next to Bobby, Louis slides his cock completely out of Bobby's and waits until Bobby has his penis up inside of Susan's pussy, then Bobby pleads, "oh Louis please get your cock back inside me, I need fucked so bad, please fuck me hard, make me your sissy slut." 

Louis pushes his cock deep up in Bobby's butt, quickly causing Bobby to quiver and squeal out loudly. Louis says to him you like that?"  Bobby says, "oh god, I going to cum, don't stop, please keep fucking me hard" Louis does as Bobby says and starts thrusting into hard as Bobby ejaculates into Susan, Bobby jerks about as he lays his face side ways on Susans chest and just whimpers and whines as Louis thrusts his cock in and out of Bobby butt.

Louis is soon moaning and grunting, then says, "Bobby you want to swallow my cum?"  Bobby mumbles, "yes, please get your cock in my mouth." 

Louis gets around to Bobbys face as he strokes his own cock, he then gets his cock head pressed to Bobby's lips, Bobby opens his mouth, Louis points his cock head directly down at Bobby's tongue then starts squirting his semen directly onto Bobby's tongue.

Bobby quickly pulls himself up, then raises up to Susan as he holds the semen in his mouth he shows Susan the cum in his mouth then Susan opens her mouth wide and the two of them lock their mouth's together and share Louis's semen while the passionately kiss.

All of them watch as Susan and Bobby passionate kiss for at least a minute.

After Susan and Bobby stop kissing and Bobby sits down next her, Sally says, "anyone for taking a break before Marcus studs Bobby?" everybody raises their hands, Sally then heads for the Kitchen, everyone follows her.

Once in the kitchen, Sally gets a already open bottle of wine out of the frig. pours herself a glass of wine then sits the bottle on the table, then says, "help yourselves, I'm going to have a smoke with Michael."

Sally looks at the clock, its nearly 7pm, she thinks to herself, Kathy and Peggy were only seeing two dogs, so they should be back anytime now, she walks on out to the shop. There are no saws running that she can hear, so she walks straight into the shop, sees Michael measuring som boards, Sally then says, "have a smoke with me and share some of my wine." Michael stops what he doing, and goes and grabs a pack of smokes and a lighter and walks out under the lean to in front of the shop, drops the tail gate on his truck and sits as Sally walks up and sits next to him, he lights two smokes, hands her one as she hands him her glass of wine. Sally then says, "I just watched Bobby suck Johnny's cock and get fucked by Louis, as well as Bobby told us all he want to be like a shemale, chick with dick type person, could you help me understand?"

Michael smiles big then says, "he finally did it, he has wanted to be in the receptive role with a man for a long time, and pass as a female, so this is his first time for being in the receptive role, so we must be careful, it is a big, big deal to him."

Sally says, "that is why I wanted to talk to you, what is he going to want to do now, I know nothing about transgender, transsexuality, any of that type of thing."

Well Bobby has been dressing as a girl when he studs me, but for the last year he has be saying he would like to pass as a female, but not have his penis removed because he wants to stud Kathy and Susan, but he also want men to treat him like a girl sexually."

Bobby and Susan come walking out, Michael smiles at Bobby and says, "you finally did it I hear, so did you like it?"

Bobby smiles big, then says, "you were right, when you told me that once I had a man stud me, I'd always want it."

Michael giggles then says, "don't say I didn't warn you, you know what the doctor said about you transitioning to female and being passable."

Bobby says, "now I want to talk to him more and see if he really thinks he can make me pass as a female, and yet keep my cock as it is, because I want to have sex with Susan and Kathy like I am a man, yet when I'm 18 I know I want to be a chick with a dick shemale type and serve the men like a female."

Michael replies, "you know you'll have to start taking the hormones until your feminized as far as fascial hair etc. but like the pictures he sent us to look at, the t-girls who are completely passable but keep their cocks and perform as bi-sexuals."

Michael then looks at Sally and Susan, the big difference between Bobby and Myself is, I'm like a bi sexual female, leaning toward straight female, where Bobby is bi-sexual, leaning much more toward straight male, if that makes sense, Bobby would no way desire to have his penis removed."

Michael then looks at Bobby and says, " does that sound kinda right?"

Bobby replies, "kinda, but I know I want to have sex with straight men as their feminine receptive partner as much as I want to have sex with Susan or Kathy as their masculine man, I know I don't want straight men to ever suck my penis, the only reason I let Johnny stud me is because I like him, but I don't want him ever sucking my cock, I like having sex with you Michael because I see you as a submissive girl, and always have."

Susan says, "I think I grasp it pretty well, but do you think being passable as a female will make you feel better?"

Bobby replies, "yes, because it will show straight males that I want treated like a female sexually by them."

Sally says, "don't you worry that Kathy and Susan will no longer desire you?"

Bobby says, "yes I worry, yet as long as I can use my penis with them like I'm a real man, I hope they will still want me in that role for them, I actually like it because, if Susan for example is being studded by a straight man, hopefully he will stud me when her and I are together like just what happened when Louis was studding me while I had my penis in Susan."

Susan says, "I must say, I loved us doing that with Louis, and could easily see us doing that with all the men once you turn 18."

Sally says, "my only concern now is this taking hormones scenario, other then that I think it would be great to have you as a passable t-girl, shemale, or whatever the best term is for your condition. I know it doesn't matter to me, I want you to stud me, or have me suck your cock whether you want me, doesn't matter to me that you love cock to, or your passable or not."

Susan pipes in and says, "I feel the same way, doesn't matter to me, I want you forever whatever, even if you decide you don't wish to stud me, I'm going to be getting studded by the real men and the dogs, so even if you get your penis removed I be seeing them, you can just suck me, and I'll suck your new vagina, I just want you with me constantly, even if I can only watch as the guys stud you, so don't worry about me in that regard.

Bobby hugs Susan tightly, while saying, "I will belong to you no matter what, I just think it's best I be the groups first shemale type sissy male, sissy femboy, whatever is best to call me."

Susan says, "what if I call you shemale, I like that best."

Bobby smiles and says, "or maybe, sissy boyfriend, I feel sissy like right now, and love the feeling."

Michael says, "Bobby did you stay erect why sucking Johnny, and while Louis studded you?"

Bobby replies, "yes, very erect."

Michael replies, "there is big difference between you and I, I have never been, or could be erect while a man studded me, and I can't get erect to in order to stud a female, I've never studded a female, have never had the desire to, and I definitely could never stud a male.

Susan giggles, then says, "I think you should always keep your penis, even though you are my sissy boyfriend, and I need a real man studding me, we will have all the real men us both, and double team us, gang-bang us hopefully."

Susan then looks at Sally and says, " I will try to quote the conversation Louis and I were having prior to Bobby sucking Johnny's cock, "

 I told Louis that I want fucked constantly," Louis said, "you want gang-banged by all the guys in a day, we need a good slut that wants gang-banged a lot."

I said, "you's can gang-bang me everyday if you want, I want to serve you's the best I can."

Louis said, "how about I call all the guys in the group, and tell them you need studded constantly, and will be available at your place from 8am until 4pm Tuesdays and Thursdays for any of them that want to come by and stud you, then Monday, Wenesday and Friday you can go around and get studded by the dogs."

I said, "please, yes tell them all, tell them that I want it badly and will be available as often as they want me."

Susan then says to Sally, "what do you thing about me trying that for awhile, clearly Bobby can't be present."

Sally ponders what Susan said, "I thing that it will work, Bobby can come here after work every day that your serving men, then call him when the guys have all left, I'd start having you see guys 4 days a week and see the dogs on Mondays and Fridays

Mainly because your going to be getting studded by 75 guys and 34 dogs, lets say you get studded by a guy every hour for 8 hours, thats 24 guys, then Saturday or Sunday be available to all group men for gang-bangs, 8am to 4pm and have Michael, Jodie or myself be with you part or all of the day, my guess is that you might have 75 guys show up in that 8 hour time frame.  Lets get you gang-banged as soon as you get back by 10 guys next Saturday, have all of them but one ejaculate in your mouth when they finish, then have the last guy ejaculate in your pussy, if that goes ok, then we will try to get you gang-banged by 20 guys, I've been gang-banged by 20 guys in 2 hours, swallowed every one of them's cum, and I like that alot.

Susan says, "I will do what you think is best for me, "I guess my biggest desire is to meet all they guys, just so they know that I'm available, and eager to serve some real men."

Sally says, it's not that late, let me call Thomas first, he is flying you out to Colorado." Sally picks up the phone in the shop, dials it, it rings a few times, then Sally says, "hi Thomas, I'm calling to see if you might have time to come out to my place, you have a new passenger, she also is a new group girl." pause Sally then says, "ok see you in about 15 minutes, bye." Sally hangs up the phone, then looks at Susan and says, "come with me and we will get you freshened up."  Sally takes her hand, then says, "Bobby I hate to do this to you, but you need to hop in your truck and wait until Susan calls you, ok."

Bobby replies, "it's just, fine and want this to happen as much as Susan, and I need to learn my role, and she comes first."

Susan says, "good sissy boyfriend, you know I need a real man."

Sally and Susan disappear into the house, as they walk through the kitchen, Louis, Marcus, Johnny and Jodie are still setting at the kitchen table, Sally says, "Thomas will be here in 15 minutes, so be on your best behavior.", then Sally and Jodie head to the bathroom, Sally turns the shower water on then strips nude, Susan does the same, Sally grabs a douche bottle then they hop in the shower, Sally says, "Susan you douche your vagina while I wash your back." Susan does as told, as Sally washes Susan she says, "I figure at least you can play with Thomas while you's are out there in Colorado, Thomas is a great guy, and I know he will want to stud you regularly, and he can help you meet many of the other guys, he has 2 great danes who will be breeding you."

Susan replies, "thanks so much, this will be much better meeting him this way."

Sally says, " I'll ask him to stud you, so be prepared for me saying that, and just tell him you want it in your pussy, you did have time to douche your bottom, so and tell him your a submissive, then get on your knees and suck his cock a bit, he'll train you good as his submissive slut, and get you gang-banged as often as you want."

Susan says, "yeah he and I will have quite a bit to talk about, how old is Thomas?"


Sally replies, " 51 years old, but slim, muscular, a real good guy, good with his cock to, ok let hop out and get you something to wear that comes off easy, how about just a robe?"

Susan says, "that would be good, I think."

Sally gets Susan her robe, hands it to her, Susan puts it on, then says, "fits good, thanks, I also must confess, Louis is the first guy that has studded in over 12 years, and it felt so good having a man's cock up inside me."

Sally says, "you do have a lot of catching up to do." 

Sally puts a long t-shirt on, grabs Susan's hand and lead her out to the futon in the living room, gets her set down, then goes to the kitchen and pours two glasses of wine, then walks back out to Susan, hands her a glass, then walks out onto the front porch and lights a smoke, and talks to Susan through the screen door, "what other type dogs have you been with other then Teddy you Irish wolfhound?"

Susan says "my 3 dogs before Teddy were bloodhounds, then I had 3 great danes, 2 bullmastiffs, 1 Saint bernard, my first dog lover was a german shepard."

Sally says, "it's so tough lossing them, after 11 of them I don't know how you take it."

Susan replies, "yeah it is really tough, yet I look at it as, that is their short life nature gave to them, I hope I can make their life better in the short time together, I know we will have."

Sally replies, "I'm new compare to you, as far as owning dog lovers and lossing them, I first started having sex with my family dog when I was 13, his name was Ralph, he was a St bernard, he passed away when I was 15, I went three years without, then rented a house with a girlfriend, so I was able to get a great dane, his name was Sammy, he passed away two years ago then I joined the group, and I soon was being bred by 10 dogs owned by group men, then I got Cunnington a little over two years ago, I think I have a similar feeling about their short life span, do what I can for them, offer myself to they for pleasure, at the same time they are giving me great pleasure.  I think I feel the same about the group men, pleasure them, in return they have the dogs I so desperately desire, I consider myself to be a receptive zoosexual first, then a bi sexual female, leaning more towards submissive lesbian, so anytime you want me to suck you just ask."

Susan says, "I'll be telling you to suck me a lot in that case, I need a submissive pet girl to play with."

Sally smiles sheepishly and says, "all you need to do is tell me."

Susan opens her robe and spreads her legs, please would get down and suck on my aching clit until Thomas arrives."

Sally drops to her knees in front of Susan and vigorously starts licking, kissing Susan's pussy, Sally mumbles, "oh you taste so good". Sally sucks her only about a minute, when Jodie comes in the living room, Jodie says, I'm so sorry to interupt you's, but Thomas is coming down the lane."

Sally lift her face up, and says, "thanks Jodie, Susan I continue with you later if you like, wait here, and I'll go get Thomas."

Sally walks down the hall towards the kitchen, then to the shop, she finds Thomas, Jodie and Michael talking, "hi Thomas thanks for coming over." Sally holds out her hand, Thomas takes it, then Sally says, "I hate interupting you's, but I really want you to meet our new group girl, and she is eagerly waiting to meet you."  Thomas looks back at Jodie and Michael and winks, then he says to Sally, "I'm eager to meet her to, Michael was just telling me that he and Susan are old lovers."  Sally says as walk into the kitchen, "great, I don't need to explain how we met her then, Michael told you it was a lesbian type relationship right."

Thomas says, "yep, which I figured as much, knowing Michael and the reason we are taking this flight." 

They walk into the living room, Susan stands up quickly, then Sally says, "Susan this is Thomas, Thomas this Susan." Thomas steps to her and extends his hand, Susan takes it and they hold each others hands a second, then then Thomas motions with his left hand to sit, as he says, "please sit."

They both get seated, Thomas says, "first off, are you fine flying in a fairly small plane?"  Susan smiles big, then replies, "depends on how small it is, no just kidding, I like flying in the cessnas that we always see flying around here."

Thomas smiles, then says, "my plane is a Pilatus PC-6 Porter, it only has the one engine, however it is turbo prop type, and it can carry 8 people fairly comfortably, yet it only goes about 130 mph, still faster then driving, and much more exciting, at least to me, it will take us about 5 hours to get to Pueblo Colorado, then Trindad is about a half hour south. We will be flying at 6000 feet so need for "Cabin pressurization", although the plane has it, it is what the call a STOL aircraft, meaning short take off and landing, we have a beautiful flight attendant Jodie riding with us, any other things about the flight you like to know?"

Susan replies, "I was just curious when and how you became a pilot?"

Thomas replies, "I wanted to learn to fly ever since I was very young, I got my license when I was 16, by 18 I was flying float-planes and a Pilatus PC-6 Porter up in the Canada/U S border area, I was reading a aircraft publication one day and in 1969 came across a wanted ad, that read -experienced Pilatus PC-6 Porter pilots needed, 18 years or older, willing to fly in challenging conditions, very high pay-, so I called the number, interviewed over the phone, got the job over the phone, they told me there would be flight out of Minneapolis, all the needed information would be waiting for me at the airport FBO office, next thing I knew I was landing in Vietnam, I soon found out I was working for Air America was an American passenger and cargo airline established in 1946 and covertly owned and operated by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) from 1950 to 1976, they supplied and supported covert operations in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War, I was with them until 1976, then a few pilot from Air America and I started a company that flies for the government as a private contractor."

Susan smiles, "well I now feel like you really know how to fly Pilatus PC-6 Porters."

Thomas asks, "tell me what your looking for by becoming a group girl for us?"

Susan replies, "I want to have sex with a lot of men a lot of the time, and a lot of dogs a lot of the time, I am some what just idle living on the farm alone, so looking for some excitement, I am 65 years old, until today, I haven't had sex with a man in 12 years, and I love sex, I been having sex with My dog Teddy, which is great, I was in sexual relationship with Michael aunt until she died a little over 2 years ago, then Michael was performing cunninglingus on me until he joined the group, he told if I join the group I could meet some guys in a safe way, and he could start performing cunninglingus on me again, that about it in a nut shell any how.

Thomas says, "I think you have as good a reasons as any of us members have, your beautiful, why should you let us guys enjoy, would you mind posing nude for me?"

Susan says, "no, I'd like to do that for you,"  Susan stands, takes off her robe and lays it on the futon, then slowly turns in a circle so he can see all of her.

Thomas says, "did you have your hair removed by a electrologist?" 

Susan says, " yes, it is permanently removed, do you like it?"

Thomas says, "very much so, do you like sucking cock?"

Susan says, "I love to, but a bit rusty at it, but I love to swallow."

Thomas says, "would you get my shorts off a suck my cock please."

Susan drops to her knees in from him, un does his button, then slides the zipper all the way down, the holds the sides of his shorts and pulls them down to his knees, lifts each of his feet out of them, then set his shorts aside and slides herself up between his legs, licks his balls, then kisses her way up his long thick shaft, she says, "this is what I crave, a real man cock", she then licks and sucks the big mushroom head, then wraps her lips all the way around it and bobs her head up and down on it.

Thomas moans, while saying, "rusty is very good in your case, your doing mighty fine in my book anyway."

Susan says, "I'm eager to please, I can say that with certainity,"

Thomas says, "can we change positions, I'd love to lick and suck that nice smooth pussy of yours."

Susan replies, "I'd like that a lot."

Thomas helps her stand, then gets her seated on the futon, the gets on his knees in front of her, licks his way up her inner thigh slowly until his tongue can start exploring every aspect of her shaved vulva, Susan gasps and flinches as he licks here and there of her labia, then slides his tongue inside of her vagina, Thomas softly says, your soaking wet, can I slide my cock up inside your pussy bare?"

Susan moans, as she submissively replies, "oh please do, I need that man cock in me so much."

Thomas lifts up straight, holds her hips as he gets his cock up so it is laying across her pussy, then he rubs his cock head firmly against her clit, Susan begins, whimpering, Thomas asks, "is that the right spot." as he continues rubbing the spot firmly, Susan squirms about and fusses and whimpers, while mumbling, "oh yes, that is it."

Thomas then pulls his cock head down to her vagina opening, the quickly jabs about 4 inches of his cock up inside her, rubs the spot with his thumb firmly, yet not hard, Susan squeals out, the gasps, Thomas pushes his entire cock up inside her and holds it while continuing to rub her clit.

Susan just starts whimpering non stop, while squirming about, Thomas quickly pulls his cock out swiftly and pushes it all the back in swiftly, Susan cries out, gasping and huffing, "oh, I going cum", she the begins wildly jerking about, crying, "oh my god, oh my god, Thomas then starts rapidly thrusting in and out of her hard, Susan begins squealing non-stop, jerking about each time his cock fills her full, Susan mumbles, "I'm cumming again." she just arches her back and wails out non-stop as the orgasm consumes her, all the while Thomas thrusting fast and hard in and out of her, she grunts and kicks her legs as she mumbles. "I'm cumming again." this time she drops her chin to her chest as she drools profusely from her mouth, and babbles incoherently, as Thomas pulls out all the way, then slams all the way back up inside her, jerking her face around as the drool pours from her mouth, as she tries to mumble "I'm cumming again." just flinching and whining with each thrust, while Thomas begins huffing and puffing, until final he calls out "I going to cum." then slams hard up inside her, and stops as her grunts and jerks about as his semen begins pumping out deep in her body.

Thomas, gets composed, and starts running his fingers through her hair, rubbing her cheeks, says, "you ok Susan?"  

Susan finally quivers and flinches, maybe like coming out of a deep trance, then she starts giggling and squirming, as Thomas's penis shrinks inside her and he starts pulling it out, Susan moans, "oh my, oh my until his cock comes completely out of her, then she throws her head back and moans with her eyes closed, Thomas leans down and gentle kisses her lips, she leans into the kiss, and they passionately kiss for about 30 seconds then Thomas pulls himself up and sets closely beside her and holds her tight as she leans her head on his chest.

Susan starts rubbing Thomas's chest, then softly says, "you gave me one long intense orgasm, put me in another world, oh my" she quivers a bit then flinchs a bit, then starts giggling, then she says "sorry, I lost control"

Thomas replies, " don't be sorry, I feel pretty dam proud of myself, I've never helped a lady ever climax like you just did."

Susan says, "I'll be proud of you to, I can't remember having such a long drawn out intense orgasm like that, I'm difinitely your slut girl if you want me."

Thomas says, "oh I want to keep you secret now." 

Susan says, "I like being shared if you like

Thomas says, "how much shared would like."  

Susan replies, "Sally suggested that I see maybe 4 dogs on Mondays and 4 dogs on Fridays, then maybe see 4 guys on Tuesdays, 4 guys on Wenesdays, 4 guys Thursdays,all the guys will come to my house, then invite 10 guys to gang-bang me on Saturdays."

Thomas replies, " I think that sounds workable, if you see that it isn't working, talk to the guys, Sally or myself, and we will figure out better schedule for you, we can work on getting you set-up with the different guys when we get back, you have Louis and Marcus, and Johnny here as well, get them to stud you as often as possible.

Susan says, "are you picking us up in morning and what time", 

Thomas replies, "Sally is bring you's to my place about 10 am, I have a grass airstrip at my place, lets go talk to Sally and Michael and make sure that is the plan."

Susan stands, and Thomas stands, the walk down the hall, Thomas holding her hand, leading the way, no one in the kitchen, they walk out to the shop, they all are sitting on the big fab table drink beer and talking, Thomas says, I taking off, I just wanted to confirm, it's my place at 10 am, correct?" Michael says, " correct." ,

Thomas says, get some sleep, and I shall see you then., good night." Thomas hops in his van and drives off.

Susan goes to the shop phone and calls Bobby, it rings once, "hi Bobby, can you come get me please." Susan hangs the phone up,

Susan says, "I don't know about you's, but I am pooped out, Sally comes and holds her, and they sit on on the table,

Sally asks, "did you have a good times?

Susan says, "Thomas gave me the most intense earth shaking climax I've ever had, oh my was it intense,"

Sally giggles, " I told you that he knows how to use that cock."

Susan giggles, "I will always believe you now."

Bobby comes pulling up in front of the shop, Susan walks to him,says "let get going, I'm plum worn out suddenly."

Susan says, "good night, see you about 8am, is that a good time,"

Sally says, " yes, that would be fine, Bobby good night,

Bobby says, "good night everybody."

Everybody calls out good night.

While driving back, Susan leans her head on Bobbys shoulder, Susan says, "you'd love Thomas, he made me climax over and over for nearly an hour, he is a really nice guy, I fantasized, the whole time that he was you, then imagining you sucking his cock while I sucked yours, both of you fucking, Bobby you know any guys that are 18 who you'd like to be a sissy boyfriend for?

Bobby replies, "there is one guy that comes in Ben's often, he always makes it a point to come talk to me, I am sure he is few years older then me, he has a stallion I know because we talk about riding most often in the equine section he is always buying something related to horse care. I fantasize sometimes about him when I masturbate, and he has invited me to come ride his stallion, I want to go the last time he asked, but I was afraid of what might happen."

Susan replies, "what were you afraid of that might happen?"

Bobby replies, "I was afraid of what happened with Louis, Johnny and I today, I was afraid I'd suck cock and get butt-fucked, love it and then always want and need it, now I know for sure I'm a sissy femboy, I want cock so much now and want guys to treat me like a girl."

Susan says, "that is who you are, there is nothing wrong with wanting guys to treat you like a girl, other societies ideology concerning being transgender and homosexual, for me it was so exciting watching you suck Johnny's cock and seeing Louis treat you like a girl, I fantasized a lot about that tonight as Thomas man-handled me like a good slut, wishing he could do the same to you, so we need to find a young 18 year to join the group and live with us so he can take you as his femboy and man-handle you."

Bobby replies, "I'd like that very much, I know that after today, I'm just sorry that I didn't know that before, then maybe you could have found a real man."

Susan says, " listen, don't ever think like that, I want you as you are, if you need to have the surgery like Michael, do all the things needed to pass as a female, that is what we are going to do, there are plenty of men who will be using me for sex, I'm not worried about that, I'm your's as long as you want me, which I hope is alright."

Bobby says, "I thought a lot about it tonight, well I thought a lot about it the last 3 years, do I or don't I want to transition and be passible as a female, now I know that I need to do it."

Bobby pulls the truck to the back of Susan's old farm house under the lean to, puts in park and shuts off the engine, Susan says, " I need to suck your cock for awhile as we sit here and talk." she leans over and helps Bobby slide is shorts completely off.

As she gently licks his cock head, it becomes fully erect in seconds, Bobby runs his fingers through her hair as she slowly licks and savors every inch of his 10 inch thick penis, Susan says, "oh I love your big cock so much, I can't wait until you can't watch Thomas fuck me, so you can learn, see how he uses his so masterfully.  Bobby asks, "how big is his cock?"

Susan replies, "I'd say about the size of Louis's, a thick 8 inches.", yeah once you get more experience fucking me, watching Louis, Marcus and Johnny fucking me, you'll be just as masterful as any man, we just got to practice as often as we can, once you start sucking cock and start getting fucked by all the men, you'll learn a lot too, how they use there cocks, how they want you to suck their cocks, you'll learn what turns straight men on, from what you've said, I think you need a straight man, like Michael does."

Bobby replies, " yes, I agree, I'm like Michael in that regard, I want to only be a receptive partner for straight men, have them call me their t-girl friend, or girlfriend, I do know, that since Louis fucked me today, I really have no interest in being with Kathy or any females sexually now, I pretty sure now that I will get the surgery like Michael."

Susan replies, "after today, I pretty much felt that is what you need, I was thinking, what if we get you dressed feminine to the degree that you can look the most passible, like a tomboys female maybe, you need to wear a padded bra for sure, then you and I start going to larger cities within say 60 miles, go shopping etc. and see if you can pass as female, see how it feels for you, when we do that, then we can go from there as far as any type of surgery or hormones, also I thought I'd pick this doctor's brain for any imformation that might help you. How do you feel when you wear a padded bra, as far as, do you like or look feminine to yourself, would you like breast implants for example?"

Bobby replies, "that's one of the most important things to me, I very much want breasts, and I want to go out in public, and know everybody see me as a female, I'm like Michael, I want to wear a shirtdress, nice skirt, garter and leg warmer, all the time, I don't like wear padded bras, so I know for sure that I am getting breast implants once I turn 18."

Susan says, "ok good, that is one for sure, do you think you want to be a t-girl type for the group like Michael?"

Bobby says, "yes, I know that for sure now, I know I want to have sex with the men just like both you and Michael will be doing."

Susan says, "so lets make a list of all the for sures,

1. breast implants

2. sexually primarily, and likely evolving to nearly 100% female-roled receptive, Bobby's reply, "I think that is likely that I will only desire being a completely female roled partner for straight men like Michael."

3, desire to pass as a female.

Sally says, "what did Michael's doctor say regarding your transition to female?"

Bobby replies, "he said that I was very androgynous looking, with the proper hair cut, clothing style, fascial electrolysis, and breast implants, GRS surgery can be done on me at age 18 or 30 it doesn't matter. I do hope that once the guys are studding me my penis stays limp like Michael's does, so that the men know that I'm completely female-roled."

Susan says, "Michael and I have always kissed passionately, you and I kiss passionately do you think that will change?"

Bobby replies, Michael and I kiss passionately like I do with, you, he and I are always joking that we are two lesbians."

Susan says, "I think you are both females in male bodies, I know Michael wishes he could get pregnant."

Bobby replies, "he tells me that a lot, he wishes I could get him pregnant, now that Louis has studded me, I feel that way, just having him ejaculating in me was so fulfilling."

Bobby says, " I have to confess mom and I still kiss passionately, and I still suck her, and very much want to, but I don't penetrate her any longer, and haven't in about 3 months, I don't have the desire to, but how I feel about you, I want to be able to penetrate you if you want me to."

Susan says, "so you don't have the desire to penetrate me, so you do because you feel you need to?"

Bobby says, "yes, but like know, you sucking me is great, but like Michael, I don't want to penetrate anyone with my penis."

Susan says, "I don't think you should penetrate me any longer then, do you think that is best?"

Bobby says, "yeah that is best for me, but I still have a great desire to suck you, just as Michael does."

Susan says, "do you desire to penetrate Michael?"

Bobby replies, "no, but like with you, I like Michael to suck my penis, I like kissing him passionately, if he wasn't getting his penis removed, I think Michael and I very much a like the more we talk about it, I have been sucking Johnny's stallion Oscar's penis for about a year, I've been sucking Edward's penis about a year and Michael might let Edward breed me, it doesn't want me to yet though or maybe never, I want Teddy to start breeding me, so I want to start getting studded by all the dogs as soon as I turn 18."

Susan replies, "yes, I think you and Michael are very much a like, we need to stop having you penetrate me, that is one thing that we have complete control over, thus our sexual relationship with be similar to mine and Michael's, do you let your mom suck your cock still?"

Bobby replies, "yes, and I want to suck her, so our agreement was that we continue that for awhile, but now that you are a group girl, we have ended that, so we are going to just kiss and masturbate each other for awhile."

Susan says, "why don't you and I just start doing that as well, kiss passionately, and masturbate each other, deal?", Susan sits up and just starts rubbing and stroking his penis.

Bobby giggles, "that's deal, you changed that habit fast, going from sucking me to masturbating me in a seconds time."

Susan giggles, "oh, thats were the giggle came from, I think it best for the group as well, we want you joining the group as 100% female roled, after we see how this surgery goes with Michael, if it works out good, I now think you need to get the GRS surgery."

Bobby replies, "I think so to, I know now that I want to be a complete male to female transsexual for sure, what I really like is us being duo, see the group guys and dogs together me as the cute young male to female transsexual, you as the very sexy older lady."

Susan says, "I think that is our mission, and the best thing we could possibly do."

Susan says, "are you currently sucking your own cock?"

Bobby says, "yes, all the time."

Susan says, "lets go inside, get Teddy out to potty, then let me watch you suck your cock and cum in your mouth."

Teddy is waiting for them at the back door, Bobby gets him outside, as Bobby walks back in then into the kitchen, because the light is on, Susan is listening to the answering machine, once the messages finish, Susan says, "why do we see if Teddy with stud you, then while I'm gone he can be studding you, then we get him studding routinely every other day." 

Bobby says, "I want that, so yes lets try, Susan says, "follow me to the bathroom I show where my dildo for cleaning my bottom and oil.

Susan takes her dildo, oil douche bottle out of a pantry type cabinet in on the far side of the walk-in shower, sets them on the counter top, gets the oil drain pan out from under the vanty sink, Susan asks, "do you like ingesting Oscar's semen?" 

Bobby replies, "yes, I want to start sucking him at least every other day if possible, I think I like Teddy studding be better though, I need cock in my bottom so much right now, it driving me crazy."

Susan says, "well that means that when Louis studded you, that role is right for you, so you take that role, and do the best you can at it, your a hot young t-girl you need a man just like any girl does, just like me, Teddy's my man, and I want you to like Teddy being your man, so you clean your bottom good, then come on out to the kitchen, I'll go bring Teddy in and get him horny for you."

Susan, walks out to the back door, when she opens it Teddy comes meandering to her, it's a nice night to set outside isn't, lets go up to the kitchen, I grab you a bone, then I want to make Bobby your new girlfriend like me, she gives him a dog bone, watch him chew it up, then grabs a clean towel out of the laundry room, and goes to the dining room the room where Teddy aways studs her, it has a big thick area rug like Michael's living room, she spreads the towel on the floor, once she does that Teddy starts getting excited.

After Susan gets on her knees and flirts with Teddy for a few minutes, Bobby comes walking in complete nude, Susan says quickly, "come get down with me and rub his chest a minute, now get on your hands and knees on the towel, Susan gets Teddy behind Bobby, then she masturbates Teddy a few seconds, then Susan spreads Bobbys bottom so Teddy can see Bobby's butt hole, it's just like mine, your target tonight, then she pants Bobby's butt, kisses, then Teddy starts licking it, backs, turns in acircle then hops up on Bobbys back and starts humping, Susan helps guide his bone hard penis directly in Bobby's butt-hole, once it starts in, Teddy starts wildly thrusts into Bobby, as Bobby squeals and whimpers, in 30 seconds Bobby is whining as Teddy's knot swells up inside his butt, and plugs it tight.

Susan watches as she lays on the rug next to them, she whispers to Bobby, your cock isn't hard now, it limp. Bobby tries stay still but quivers and flinches, I'm going to cum, Bobby starts jerking and grunting as semen begins squirting out of his limp penis.

Susan whispers, "does he feel good swollen tight up inside you?"

Bobby whimpers, as he meekly says, " so good, he is throbbing in me."

Susan says, " he is squirting semen in you with all those throbs., I think you will feel toward him like you do toward Louis, you'll forever want studded by dogs."

Bobby whispers, "Louis warned me today, he said once he got done studding me I always have to be studded, he was right,"

Susan replies, "I think he showed you, proved it to yourself, your true self."

Bobby replies, "yeah, I think I've always known that I was transsexual like Michael, now at least I know that I am, I know I been hoping so much that this surgery goes very well for Michael for two reasons, for his sake and my sake, because I know I want the surgery really very much now."

Susan replies, " want it to go well for both of yours's sake, I think you will both feel better once you can feel much more feminine, your men partners will see you're not just a homosexual guy, but truly dedicated to performing sexually in the female-role. I can see, someday same sex marriage being legal, and you and Michael getting married."

Bobby replies, "yes I know Michael and I will get married someday, I've always thought that in the back of my mind, what about you Susan, do you see meeting a guy, say like Thomas and getting married."

Susan says, "oh no, don't ever think that, I am 110% dedicated to spending the rest of my life with you and Michael, that I know for sure." 

Teddy starts to move, then he quickly moves back off Bobby, pulling his still swollen cock out of Bobby's butt with a slight pop, Bobby squeals, then drops down on the towel moaning, and giggling, Teddy licks his face, then Susan's as her and rub his back and face."

Susan says, "this is how I want to see you treat Bobby from now on Teddy, I want you studding him morning and night while I gone, she looks a Bobby, do you want Teddy studding you at least twice a day while I'm gone."

Bobby smiles big, says, "yes, if that is ok, yes I really, really do, also my friend Eric I told you about that comes into Ben's often and buy's stuff for his stallion and always finds me and talks to me, I'd like to ask him if he wants as his femboy since you and I aren't going to be having sex, he does really turn me on.

Susan says, "I think that would be nice if you got a boyfriend, just be careful, you know that though, as far as being with Teddy, I have Teddy stud me twice a day every other day, I have him stud me as soon as we get back from or walk in the morning, then I get him fed, then do the same after our walk at about 5pm, you can have him stud you before lunch as well. Do you have to work tomorrow?"

Bobby says, "yes, 8am to noon."

Susan replies, "lets take a quick shower and then hop in bed."

Bobby says, "I'm so excited to start sleeping in bed with you, I been dreaming about it all day."

Susan leans over and kisses his lips, then says, help this old lady up will you, as Bobby pops up quick, he holds her hand, and she easily, stands up, and they walk to the shower.

After showering, they both climb in bed completely nude, snuggle together, Teddy hops up and lays down on the farside of Susan, she turns of the bedside light, the talk a minute, then all of them are fast asleep.

Sunday morning,  June 19th

Bobby's tells the young guy with the stallion that he is femboy looking for a man to start studding him

About 8:30 the young guy that often buys equine supply for his stallion walks up to Bobby, while Bobby is sweeping the floor, says, "hi Bobby how you been?",  Bobby smiles big and replies, "I good, how you been Eric?", Eric replies, "better now that I get to see you."  Bobby slowly quietly says, "Eric, I been wanting to tell you that I am a femboy type." 

Eric smiles big, and says, "I was hoping you'd say that."

Bobby smiles big and says, "really, how old are you?" 

Eric replies, "I'm 19, I'll be 20 in a few months."

Bobby says, "I like to be with you today if I could, I get of at noon, I live with my aunt, and she will be gone for few days, she doesn't live far from here though."

Eric says, "how about I come back at noon, get what I was going to get now, then follow you there?"

Bobby says, "I'd like that a lot, I'm 100% female receptive just so you know."

Eric says, "I pretty much str8  but when I seen you, I knew that I wanted to treat you like a girl."

Bobby smiles and says, "that is what I need, please treat me just like you would a girl."

Eric replies, "I'll see you at noon, and I will treat you like a girl needs treated, promise."  Eric turns and walks away.

Bobby finds himself aching with desire as he gets back to sweeping, now dreaming of having Eric as his man, having him live with him at Susan's, maybe even having him become a group man so he can stud Susan, Sally, Kathy and Jodie as well like Johnny, Louis and Marcus do someday.

The Sunday morning shift at Ben's was quiet and not to busy as usual, it doesn't normally get busy until about 11am, so Bobby can spend most of the time cleaning, stocking and straighten up, Ben is never there, so no new projects or tasks get started.

Sally drives Susan, Michael and Jodie to Thomas's place 10 am

Thomas only lives about 10 minutes due north of them in the country, as the drive the long gravel lane the air-strip passes along beside the lane, Jodie comments, "I never knew any one who had a air-strip in his front yard." 

Michael giggles, says, "now we do, and pretty awesome."

Sally pulls out to the aircraft hangar, as they approach, Susan watches as Thomas loads some things into the big side door of the plane, the see giggles, says, "I don't know if I should be alone with him again after last night."  

Everybody giggles, then Sally says, "yeah, we didn't know if we should come rescue you or what."

Susan says, "omg, was I making that much noise?"

Michael comments, "the neighbors called, wondering if everything was ok."

Susan says, "what neighbor?"

Michael says, "just kidding, it does seem you had quite the orgasm though."

Susan says, in a meek voice, "I'm sorry, he really made me climax like I never have before, by far the most intense set of orgasms non-stop in a row."

Sally says, "don't be sorry, I liked listening a lot."

Sally gets the bronco shut off and parked, they all hop out a file to back of the bronco to get their luggage, Michael starts handing it out, as everybody grabs something and heads to the plane.

In the plane, starting engine up

Jodie ends up sitting up in co-pilot seat, Thomas and Jodie get their head sets on and start talking to each other via, the microphone mouth pc.

Thomas starts the engine, it starts whining up, as Thomas explains the pre-flight process to her.

Eric returns to Ben's

Sure enough at 11:45 arrives and Eric walks up to Bobby holding some saddle blankets he intends to buy, "hi Bobby, I got what I came for, I pay for them, I am parked outside the from door, old green ford pick-up says, - Eric England ferrier and horse trainer- on the doors."

Bobby smiles sheepishly then says, "I'll pull around, I have a old ford, tan, doesn't say anything on doors." giggling.

Bobby walks to the office, punches out, then walks back out and tells Frank the store boss on Sunday that he is leaving, then hurries excitedly to the back of the store, then out to his truck, he pulls around in front, he sees that Eric sees him, so he slowly drives on pass and looks in mirror to see Eric is pulled out and following, the he proceeds to Susan's farm.

The drive to Susan's is only about 10 minutes, by the time they get there, and get parked, Bobby is so aching with desire, he hops out of the truck comes around then drops to his knees in front of Eric, and looks up at Eric and opens his mouth, no words need to be said, Eric unzips his jeans and pulls his cock out which is already growing hard, then puts the fat head of it in Bobby's mouth, Bobby eagerly begins sucking it as Eric leans back on the truck, saying, "that's a good femboy, your exactly what I need Bobby, a good femboy that will suck my cock when I want, and fuck when I want."

Bobby says, as he pulls Eric's cock from his mouth, "I want to be a good submissive femboy for you." then continues sucking.

Eric says, "I'm not seeing anyone else, so if you want me full time, I want you full time."

Bobby says, "yes I need a man full time now, you can live with here if you want to."

Eric says, " your aunt will not mind."

Bobby looks up at him while he holds Eric's cock stroking it, says, "no not at all, she knows I a wanta be transsexual, and she wants me to find a man who will want to marry me as I am, see doesn't want me seeing homosexual men, I'm going to start transitioning soon so I can hopefully pass as a female, I just need to let you know before you start ejaculating in me."

Eric smiles, then says, "that's a lot to take in so quickly, but I been coming in and seeing you all summer because I wanted this to happen just as it is, so I see no reason why you and I can't get married, your 16 though, I'm not sure about the law regarding same sex marriage."

Bobby says, "you just have to commit to marrying me, that's all, then you can live with us, she will be fine with that, she just needs to know that you will only be having sex with me, she is worried about this HIV crisis more then anything, I hope you understand."

Eric says, "I can understand very much so, you get HIV, you die, as far as I know there is no cure for that."

Bobby looks up smiling big, says, "I been hoping all summer you take me as your t-girl, most straight guys don't like that idea."

Eric says, "I understand that to, but I just want a partner that I can love, who will please me sexually all the time, be my best friend type relationship."

Bobby says, "I know how to keep my bottom very clean, and I think once you have your penis in my bottom, I think you will be pleased by it, plus I love sucking cock and swallowing cum, even though I've only been with a couple of men, I know my role."

Eric says, "I'm very happy with that, I have only been with one girl in my life, and she really didn't like having sex very often, I want someone who wants to have sex a lot, several times a day."

Bobby says, "I want to have sex all the time, so I can keep you happy, I know I can, I don't want you to suck my penis, you can kiss me passionately if you like though."

Eric says, "that is perfect, because I don't want to suck your penis, but penetrating your bottom I very much want to, even though I never have been with any guys, but you'll soon be a t-girl soon right?"

Bobby says, "yes, once I turn 18, I'll have breast implants, and my penis removed so they can create a female looking vulva for me, but need to wait until then, because I no longer with need parental consent."

Eric says, "why don't we hop in my truck, drive out to my place, you can suck my cock while we drive, then I'll gets some clothes and spend the night, we can have sex all day today, I can ejaculate 4 or 5 times a day."

Bobby says, "I would like that a lot." Bobby and Eric hop in his truck, and Bobby starts sucking him again as soon as Eric gets the truck started and get turned around and headed down the lane to the hard road, Eric says, "can I call you girl from now on."

Bobby quits sucking, and says, "I want you to call me girl from now on, that is what I've always want to be, is a girl."

Eric says, "your so cute, you'll easily pass as a girl."

Bobby says, "thanks so much, I need to hear that."

Eric says, "I like you sucking my cock, I'll be having you suck it a lot, I promise, your doing a good job sucking it now, and I'm sure I'll love my penis up inside your bottom as well."

Bobby says, "your cock is really big, how long is it?"

Eric replies, "about 10 inches long, I think thats why the girl I had sex with didn't like me, she said it hurt her to much, plus it is so thick as well."

Bobby says, "I'll learn to accommodate it, I promise, you might have to take it slow and not thrust into me to hard at first, but the dildo I use to clean my bottom is 12 inches and as thick as you, I can take all of it up inside me with no problem, Bobby giggles, I been practicing a lot hoping you'd take me and make me your slut."

Eric says, "don't worry, I'm going make you my slut, that is for sure, my place is about 15 minutes north of here it wouldn't be long."

Bobby takes is time holding Eric's big cock savoring it as he sucks, licks and kisses and says, "I love your cock so much, please make me suck it constantly."

After about 10 minutes, Eric says, "go ahead and make me ejaculate in your mouth, we are about there."

Bobby firmly holds, and vigorously starts stroking it while sucking the big mushroom head, in about 30 seconds Eric is moaning loudly, then says, "get ready girl, I'm going cum for you." Bobby holds the mushroom head in his lips tightly as he strokes it, Eric begins jerking his hips, then grunts and gasps as the first big glob of cum squirts into Bobby's mouth, followed quickly by 2 more big squirts of cum before Eric stops jerking about and gasping, Eric giggles, then says, "your mine now, don't worry you got me as your man for sure, if you promise to keep doing that for me for the next 50 years."

Bobby swallows his cum, then replies, "I promise, as often as your big cock can squirt cum in me, we have to live here on the farm with aunt Susan, because the farm will be ours, is all of ours, then we inherit, so you can bring Smokey your stallion here to live as soon as you wish, I will just be here for you, I can go with you and be with you constantly if you wish."

Eric says, "you don't need to work, but if you wish that would great if you were constantly with me, I like that a lot."

Bobby says, "I need to graduate high school, that is the only catch to going with you everyday, if I don't aunt Susan will not be happy, and that wouldn't be good."

Eric pulls up in front of his place, Bobby and him hop out of the truck, Eric says, "it's just a cabin for farm hands here on the horse farm, but it's all I've needed, I'm usually training horses or doing ferrier work at someones farm."

Bobby says, "it is a cute little place." Eric leads Bobby inside, look around, while I grabs some clothes, Bobby looks around, and all the while thinking if he should say anything about Susan or Michael, he decides to wait until tonight. 

Eric comes walking out to where he left Bobby, and says, I can relate to your living with your aunt, this is My aunt and uncle's farm, my parents got a divorce when I was 14, and I've been riding several of these horses on the farm since I was 6 years old, so they had me move here to live, then my parents both remarried, my dad lives in Colorado with his wife, and mom lives in Wisconsin with her husband."

Bobby says, "yes that is a big reason that I am living with Susan, my parents are getting a divorce, and things are complicated right now, from their divorce, to my needing to transition to female, wanting a man to live with etc."

Eric replies, "I can imagine that is complex, but we will make it work, I know I want you, I wanted you since the moment I first talked to you, don't ask me to explain how or why cause I don't know how to put it words, I just knew you were the right person for me, now lets go see Smokey, then let head back, I want to make love to you so badly, Eric leans down and they kiss passionately for a minute, then Eric takes Bobby's hand, they then walk out the door and hop in the truck, Eric drive to a huge barn and they park.

Eric leads Bobby into the riding arena, "this is the riding arena, as you can see we have, 3 people in here riding right now, Bobby says, "this place is huge." Eric says, " it is 80 feet wide by 200 feet long, the stables are out back, Eric leads Bobby back to the stables then to Smokey's stable, Eric introduces Smokey and Bobby, Bobby rubs Smokey's neck for a bit and says, "nice to meet you handsome, Bobby says I love stallions, giggles, sheepishly looks at Eric and says, I think you know why, Eric grins and says, he has a nice big cock you can suck I bet.", Bobby says submissively, "you'd let me do that?"  Eric says, " you such Oscar's don't you?" Bobby says shocked, "how did you know?"  Eric says, smiling big, "I didn't tell you just told me."  Bobby punches him softly and says, "you trickster you, yes I do though, I love ingesting his cum."

Eric says, "well now you have two stallions to serve as soon as we get him moved over to Susan's."

Bobby says, "I would like that a lot."

Eric says, "only catch is there is a lady, her name is Monica that does that to him as well, so hopefully she can ride him a suck him as well."

Bobby replies, "that is fine with me, she will have to meet Susan, and get the ok from her, what is she like?"

Eric replies, "she is very nice, good personality, very pretty, 45 years old, a widow, very good with Smokey, she also has a great dane that studs her, she sucks my cock every time she sucks Smokey because I have to be there with her, so I get my cock sucked nearly every day right now or by a number of other girls but I've never studded her, or any of the others."


Bobby replies, "do you want to stud her?, it ok with me if she is safe and you wear a condom."

Eric replies, "some times I want to, then I think it best not to, I just don't have that special feeling for her like I have for you, the feeling where you know you want to commit to a person, type feeling, because I train a lot of lady's horse's young and old, I get hit on a lot by females."

Bobby grins, says, "I bet you, yet you've only studded one person in your life?"

Eric replies, "yep, I have a few other females to suck me, but I've only studded one."

Bobby replies, "do you trust Monica?"

Eric replies, "oh yeah, otherwise I wouldn't be allowing her and helping her suck and ingest Smokey's semen, nearly every other day for the last 3 years, ever since her husband was killed in a car accident 4 years ago, I can keep Smokey here though, he isn't going to know I sleep with you at Susan's."

Bobby replies, "that is probably best for awhile, but I'm fine if she sucks you or you stud her as long as she stays single only sees you for sex, I mean I'll be having sex with Teddy getting studded by him, Susan's dog routinely and ingesting Oscar's semen, why shouldn't you have other female partners, I don't want to change you."

Eric says, "we will talk before I decide anything, so no worry, ok."

Bobby says, "lets drive back to Susan's I'll explain some things you need to know before you commit to me any further."

Eric says, "ok." Eric turns to Smokey, says, "see you in the morning buddy." then they walk back out to the truck, hop in, as soon as they are on the road driving, Bobby says, I don't know if you know Michael, he builds the armoires that are always for sale at Ben's."  Eric says, "I don't know him, but I have one of his armoires in my bedroom."

Bobby says, "cool, well he owns the farm to the east of Susan, my friend Johnny's farm is the farm west of Michael's all of us are very good friends, matter of fact Susan and Michael are flying out this morning for Colorado so he can get his genital reassignment surgery done, he is transsexual as well, all of us are lovers in one capacity or another or at least have be in the past, Johnny studs Susan and Michael, I've sucked Johnny before, but just once, tricky part is Susan isn't my aunt but is a old family friend, and my parents have signed a consent so I can live with Susan, even tricky part is, Johnny, Michael and Susan all belong to a large group of men 74 that have sex routinely with 7 group girls, 34 of the guys have large intact male dogs who stud 5 of the girls, well 3 of the girls live with Michael, the other girl is Susan. the most important aspect, and what makes it work, is no group member can have sex with anyone outside the group, so it is safe for every one."

Eric chuckles, yes things are complex in your world, wow, but I'm fine with all that, matter of fact they need more groups like that due to the STD's and HIV, which is one reason your perfect for me, and me for you."

Bobby says, "I agree 100%, since your 19 you can join the group and have sex with Susan, Kathy, Jodie and Michael if you wish to because it will be safe because I will only be having sex with you and I'd like you to especially Susan and Michael as soon as he heals up."

Eric says, "I will have sex with Susan for sure since I'm living here, I want you with me though when I do if possible."

Bobby says, "I'll always be with you with all of them, they have group guys coming to Michael's farm to gang-bang Sally today, but tomorrow I'll introduce you to Sally, Kathy, Louis and Marcus, all of them live with Michael, Louis and Marcus are group men and they stud, Sally, Kathy and Michael every day, maybe not all three, the only man that as ever studded me is Louis, and only once, because I wanted to see if you'd take me as your t-girl."

Eric says, "well I took you as my t-girl, so you tell me what I need to do and I'll do it, as long as it isn't drug smugglin, any crazy shit."

Bobby says, "no drugs are allowed, I've never even seen anyone smoke pot, the guys are mostly fairly wealthy single men who have been married, divorce and never wish to marry again, Sally is one of the co-founders of the group, she also is Kathy and Michael's life partner., so they intend to live on the farm until death, as does Johnny on his parents farm."

Johnny's father was seriously injured several years ago, so Johnny is working the farm alone, also doing custom bailing and combining."

Eric says, "how old is Susan?"

Bobby says, "she is 65, yet if ask me she is more beautiful and sexy then most 20 year models, you will see when you meet her, trust me."

There are a few pictures of her in the house, Sally and Kathy will be at Michael's with him every day, Sally is semi-retiring from the group to concentrate on her painting and Kathy on her sewing, then Michael's woodshop is there at the farm. So until I graduate high school you can go stud all of them any time you like during the day, which I like you to start doing as soon as you can, I know they will love having you as a group member."

Eric says, "wow, this is great for me, hard part for me will be even going to work."

Bobby giggles, "you can stud one of them, go do some work come back stud another thorough out the day stud me and Susan in the evening or me before school, I was thinking also, what if we could some how get Monica to join the group, just a idea, then you could stud her all the time without the commitment thing, she could get studded by the group guys as well."

Eric says, "I'll definitely be having you or Susan sucking my cock every morning, I know that, we will have to ponder the Monica thing for awhile, until then I will not have her suck me."

Bobby grins, "you better have us do that or we will get jealous."

Eric says, "you can have Louis, Marcus and Johnny stud you if you like."

Bobby says, "thanks for saying that, but I think it best only you and Teddy Susan's Irish wolfhound stud me, at least until I am 18 years old, Teddy will be studding me often, and we are getting another wolf hound soon, so I'll have two wolfhounds studding me, plus I like to start getting studded by all 34 of the group dogs like Kathy does, Kathy only gets studded by Johnny, Louis and Marcus no other men can have sex with her, she talking about only having sex with the dogs, same as Sally is talking about it to, mostly like I will to when I turn 18, I only want you as my man, but I know I want bred by the dogs, and suck stallion cock to.

Maybe when I start getting studded by all the dogs, and you feel it is ok the all the guys can stud me if they are there when I go to get studded by their dogs."

Eric says, "so do the ladies, Susan, Sally, Jodie and Kathy have a schedule like when they get studded by the dogs and men?"

Bobby replies, "pretty much, especially with the dogs, like for example, Kathy is right now getting introduced to all the dogs slowly, and I know Monday she only gets studded by 4 of the dogs, but she will get studded by all 4 in the morning, then get studded by the same 4 in the evening, when Susan gets back she will do the same pretty much, yet Kathy will be with her to get studded by the dogs that have already taken Kathy as their bitch to bred, once the dogs stud us, the next time they see us they will want to bred us, or it will take very little effort to get them to mount and stud us the next time. I'll have Teddy stud me while you watch this afternoon, if you like once he bonds with you, then I can start sucking your cock while he is locked up inside me, I'd like that a lot."

Eric says, "I'd like that a lot to." as they turn down the lane to Susan's farm, as they drive down the lane Bobby says, "let me douche and prepare my bottom for you, then would you hop in the shower with me."

Eric smiles big, says, "oh yes, I'm so ready to stud you just tell me what you want, I'll do it."

Eric parks his truck next to Bobby's truck, they hop out, Bobby says, "let me introduce you to Teddy, then I'll put him out in his doggie paddock so we can be alone awhile, Bobby unlocks the door, opens it, "hi buddy, this behind me is Eric, Bobby takes Eric's hand and they push through the door get the door closed behind them, then Bobby stands as Eric rubs Teddys neck and says, "hi Teddy nice ti meet you, then Bobby hooks Teddy on his lead and walks him out to his paddock which is well shadied by trees, gets him in it, then fills his water bowl with fresh from the well hydrant, right outside the paddock, Bobby says, "Teddy we'll see you in a bit, Eric's turn to stud me know." giggling then as he walks back to Eric standing in the door way.

Kissing Eric passionately a second, then Bobby takes Eric's hand and leads him to the kitchen, " there is beer in the frig. if you like, make yourself at home while I douche my bottom, it will take 10-15 minutes, I want to be super clean for you."

Bobby heads to the bathroom, Eric grabs a beer then walks around looking at the house, and all the photos on the walls.

It takes Bobby about 1o minutes of douching his bottom before his certain his is good and clean for Eric, then he walks out to the kitchen, no Eric there, so he walks down the hall to the living room, "there you are."  Eric replies, "yeah was just looking at all these photos, Susan likes taking pictures doesn't she, and lots of you here, Eric points to one, I bet this is Susan, you and your mom and dad."  Bobby says, "yep, I was about 13 in that picture."  Eric replies, "both Susan and you mom are beautiful, your dad is very nice looking to, I can see why you are so beautiful to."  Bobby meekly says, "thanks, yeah all of them are very good to me, I love all of them very much, can we go shower?" Eric replies, "yes."  Bobby takes his hand and walks him to the bathroom, they both strip nude, Bobby gets the water running and the temperature right, then they both step in and start washing each other, Eric is fully erect instantly, Bobby masturbated and ejaculated while cleaning his bottom, so he wouldn't get erect.

They washed each other, passionately kissed, then Bobby said, "please stud me now, I need it so bad, Bobby turns, bends over a grasps a grab bar on the big walk-in shower wall, Eric holds his rock hard cock and slowly pushes it into Bobby's butt-hole as the warm water rained down on them, Bobby squirms as Eric pushes in, as soon as the big mushroom head pops in Bobby squeals a little then starts whimpering, Eric says, "you ok?" Bobby says as he whimpers, "oh yes, I'm full of lube and ready to be bred, so have your way with me, make me your slut, please!"

Eric slowly pushes his cock all the way up inside Bobby's butt as Bobby squirms and whimpers, as soon as it is fully in, Eric holds it there, and says, "I feel so, so good up inside you."  Bobby gasps and pants as he quivers, then mumbles, "oh I need you so much Eric, thank you so much for taking me as your's."  

Eric says, "thanks for letting me have you, I want you so much, your a dream come true." Eric pulls his cock nearly all the way out the pushes it back in slowly, Bobby squeals and moans, then Eric starts a steady pace of all the way in, nearly all the way out of studding Bobby, Bobby begins constantly squirming and whimpering non-stop after about 10 minutes, Eric starts huffing and puffing, and says, "Bobby, I'm going cum." Eric then grunts and jerks, arches back and holds his cock tight up inside Bobby as the first load of cum pumps out of his cock deep inside Bobby's butt, squirming all about Eric ejaculates the rest of his cum up inside of Bobby as Bobby squeals and whimpers.

They remain locked tight together about 30 seconds, then Eric pulls and turns Bobby to himself, they embrace and passionately kiss until the water grows cold, then they get out of the shower giggling, Bobby gets the water shut of, as Eric finds some towels, they then dry each other off, Eric says, "I'm not experienced sexually as you know, but I don't see how it could get much better then what we just did."

Bobby smiles big, "I second that, we should do that more often don't you think." giggling

Eric says, " quite often, I think we should." grabbing and pulling Bobby to himself and passionately kissing Bobby.

They kiss for about a minute, then Bobby says let me put put a skirt on, dress like a girl for you and put my hair in big tails, and then see if you going to like me transitioned to a female, Eric says, "ok, I run out and grab my stuff out of my truck, and bring it in the house."

Eric goes and pets Teddy first thing before he gets his stuff, says to Teddy, "you doing good out here, we will be out in a bit and take you for walk."  then Eric walks to the truck, grabs his things and heads back into the house, he sits his stuff in the hallway then walks in the kitchen and grabs another beer and walks back to the living room to look at the photos again.

After a few minutes Bobby walks in the living room, Eric takes one look at him and says, "you could easily pass as Kate Moss looking like that, wow, I'd be so proud to be putting a wedding ring on your hand while your wearing a wedding dress, I know that."

Bobby rushes to him, kisses his lips and holds him tightly, saying, "thanks so much for saying that, I love you, I know I really do."

Eric says, "everythings happening fast, yet I know I really love you as well, and it's only going to grow stronger the longer we are together, I can just tell."

Bobby replies, "that is how I feel as well.", as Bobby holds him, he looks at the picture of himself and his mom, then says to Eric, "lets go listen to the answering machine, ok.", Bobby holds his hand as they walk to the kitchen, Bobby hits the play messages button on the machine, Sally's voice comes on, " Bobby this is Sally, it's 10:30, I just got home from Thomas's, they took off, all it well, call when you get a chance, another messages "

Bobby says, "let me call her quick.",  Bobby picks up the phone, dials Michael's rings several times, "hi this is Sally." 

"hi Sally this is Bobby, I just got your message.", Sally says, "thanks for calling back, you doing ok?"  Bobby replies, "yes doing great, I was hoping I could talk to you alone soon though, a guy that I've been wanting to date for quite awhile is here." 

Sally says, "Susan came over early this morning after you went to work and explained you's situation a bit, and she mentioned you were interested in a guy who came in and talked to you often."

Bobby replies, "yes, his name is Eric and he is here right now, is there any chance you could come met him, or can we come over there?"

Sally replies, "bring him over here, it find, there wouldn't be any group men here until tonight."

Bobby replies, "ok, we will be over in just a second."

Bobby hangs up the phone, looks up at Eric, says, "it this ok for you to meet Sally and likely Kathy, Johnny, Louis and Marcus ?"

Eric says, "yes, looking forward to it, and the sooner the better."

Bobby takes his hand, and heads for the back door, they get Teddy in the house, Eric drives his truck, Eric says, "I'm wondering is any of them will say you look like Kate Moss to."  Bobby giggles, says, "I'm excited to see as well."

As  they drive down the lane, Bobby says, " turn right on the black top, then turn right on the first mailboxs take the lane back to Michael's, easy as that."

They pull up in front of the shop, Louis and Marcus are hooking the trailer up to Michaels truck, Peggy's van is there and Kathy's beetle.

Eric and Bobby, step out of the truck, Louis says, "Dam!, I thought Kate Moss was coming to see me." 

Bobby says, "I'll take that as a compliment, guys this is my friend Eric, Eric this is Louis and Marcus."

Eric says, "hi." as the guys say hi to him, then they all shake hands, Bobby then says, "I want to introduce Eric to Sally, Kathy and I see Peggy is here." , Marcus says, "yes, they are in the house." Bobby says thanks then takes Eric's hand as she leads him on into the house, they walk in the kitchen, big smiles come over Sally, Kathy and Peggy's faces as they all see Bobby walk in followed by Eric, Bobby quickly says, "hi everybody, this is my friend Eric."  Sally says, "hi Eric, I am Sally." Kathy says," hi Eric, I'm Kathy, Peggy says, "hi Eric, I am Peggy."  Eric looks at each of them and says, " hi, pleased to meet all of you." Sally stands takes both Eric and Bobby's hands, then leads them to the studio, once inside she closes the door behind them and says, " please sit and fill me in on your latest news."  Eric and Bobby take a seat on the futon, and Sally sets on her painter's stool.

Bobby says, "I'm not sure what all Susan told you?"

Sally says, " she told me that you and her were no longer going to have a sexual relationship, and you were interested in a guy that came into the store often and talked to you, and you hoped he'd take you as his t-girl friend, and I see that is what happened, and Susan was hoping this would happen, so she will be pleased, and I am very pleased as well."

Bobby says, "Eric is 19, hopefully that isn't a problem?"

Sally says, "I talked to a group member who is a attorney here in Iowa, he told me you can legally consent to have a sexual relationship with someone up to 4 years old then you, so your fine."

Bobby then says, "yeah, I knew that from dad telling me that over and over again, but thanks for checking on it, plus you know my sexual history as good as I do, so that's why I wanted to talk to you alone."

Sally says, "you's can tell me anything you wish, so don't worry about that, we will work things out."

Bobby says, "well Eric and I feel much like you and Kathy did when you's first met, we just know we were mean't for each other and know we want to be like husband and wife."

Sally says, "yes Susan told me that you wanted to begin transitioning to be full time male to female transsexual, and wanted to be able to pass as female, and really looking at you know, I think you pass as a very beautiful female, you remind me of Kate Moss and Monica Vitti a french actress."

Bobby says, "thanks, I have been cross dressing since very young, yet always afraid to tell anyone that I liked guys, so I pretended to be like a guy, but I can't pretend any more, it to difficult, I need to be like a girl, and Eric wants me as I truly am, so I want to make him happy."

Sally looks at Eric, says, "what can I say, other then we will do all we can to help you's live together happily." 

Eric replies, "thank you so much, that really means alot to us."

Bobby says, "Susan and I talked last night and a bit this morning, about what if Eric does want to be with me if and when we talked, she told me it was ok if he stays with us at Susan's, well Eric walking in the store this morning at 8:30, then picked me up at the store after I got off at noon, he and I just got done making love, so I asks him to stay with us, so that is where we are at the moment."

Sally says, "due the complexity of the whole situation, Susan, your mom, dad, the group etc. I think that is the best possible thing to do for the moment."

Bobby smiles big, "I have told Eric about the group, and I would like him to become a member, because I want to become a member in the same capacity as Kathy basically, and only be with the dogs, allow Louis, Marcus and Johnny stud me, and have Eric stud only you, Jodie and Kathy as Louis and Marcus do."

Sally looks at Eric, says, "I think it would be great having you Eric as a stud, Sally drops to her knees and crawls between his knees in front of him, looks up at him and says, "may I suck your cock?"  

Eric looks at Bobby, Bobby says, "it's ok, I want you to be with Sally all you want to."

Eric lifts up and pulls his shorts completely off, by the time he sits back down he is fully erect, Sally quickly starts licking and sucking his cock, Sally sucks him about a minute, then quickly raises up gives him a quick kiss on the lips, then stares in his eyes, says, "you know what happens among us all, stays among us all?",  Eric replies, "yes, very much so I do."

Sally smiles, stands and looks down at him, "welcome then, your offically a member of our group as a in house stud, now everybody is waiting to go to the quarry pond, I'd like you's to come, unless you have plans?"

Eric and Bobby look at each other, then say "no, that would be great."

Sally says, "Eric you can stud or poke us house girls, which Bobby is a house girl, Bobby you can get studded by all the house guys."

The three off them walk out to the kitchen, Peggy and Kathy stand, grab their tote bags, then they walk out and get Louis and Marcus, all of them walk through the stables, meet-up with Edward, Tiecum and Cunnington check out Eric quickly, then follow along as they all start walking out to the quarry pond.

As they all walk out through the pasture together, Sally says, "since Bobby is our new house t-girl and Eric is our new house man, why don't us girls, have Eric sit on one of the pontoon seats and us girls do him last man standing style, each of take turn bouncing up and down on that huge cock of his until he cums. Kathy and Peggy both agree that would be nice, Sally asks Bobby, "is your bottom ready to be studded."  

Bobby replies sheepishly, "well Eric just studded me awhile ago, and his semen is up inside me."

Sally says, "how about you just lick and suck us girl's pussy's as we ride all three of the guys, then all the guys cum in your mouth."

Bobby says, "I like that a lot."

Sally says, "nothing like a well laid plan, then we can snorkel or do whatever. relax, the gang-bang is at 7pm, unfortunately Eric, you and Bobby will have to head home to Susan's."

Eric replies, "I very much understand, I have a busy work day, Bobby is working at Ben's so good time for us to just kick back, it been a kinda of overwhelming day."

Bobby says, "yes wonderful, but exhausting, plus last night after Susan and I went home, we took a shower, and she perked up, we talked quite awhile, then she got Teddy to breed me for the first time, which was wonderful for me."

Sally says, "would you like Cunnington to start breeding you?"

Bobby replies, "I'd love that if it's ok with you and him."

Sally replies, " yep fine with me, and I'm sure he'd love to start breeding you routinely to."

Bobby says, "Eric will be bring his stallion smokey to live with us, so I'm be ingesting his semen routinely, I've been ingesting Johnny's stallion Oscars semen every other day for about 6 months now, so hopefully I'll be able to ingest horse semen everyday now."

Bobby says, "another wonderful thing is about being part of the group is Eric and Susan can be together every night with me and he can stud Susan since I no longer will be doing that for her."

Sally giggles, says, "oh I wouldn't worry about Susan getting studded, she will be getting studded all she wants or can handle, I am sure of that, as beautiful as her personality and body are, she will be in high demand."

Bobby smiles big, says, "I know she liked being with Thomas a lot last night."

Louis pipes in, "yeah from the sound of her squealing last night, she was constantly having a orgasm."

Bobby replied, "yeah she told me it was the most intense studding she'd ever had."

Kathy says, " the dogs can make me orgasm almost continuously, but I've never had a man do that, one reason, I primarily only want studded by dogs, plus with humans I'm much more a submissive lesbian, sorry guy's just the way I think want to be anymore, from now on I'm only going to be getting studded by the dogs."

As they get to the back gate of the pasture, Marcus goes ahead of them and opens it and they all head down the path to the quarry pond.

Peggy says, "yeah other then getting studded Louis, Marcus, Johnny and now Eric, I'm only going be getting studded by dogs from now on."

Sally says, "yeah the group is looking for a few good group girls, so if anyone know of one let me know, because I'm going start doing just as Peggy is, and just get studded by dogs, the all you guys here and Johnny."

Eric says, "I have a friend her name is Monica, she likes big male dogs like you's, she lives with a male great dane who studs her and she routinely ingests my stallion Smokey's semen, but she loves men as well, I could talk to her discreetly, she has been only sucking my cock for the last 3 years, however I never studded her, however I could explain the concept of the group, how she'd be able to be with many men, see what she says?"

Sally says, "see what Monica says, then if she wants to talk to me, have her call me, we will go from there, ok."

Eric replies, "yes, I'll be seeing her tomorrow, so I'll be letting you know tomorrow evening."

Bobby bumps against Eric, then leans against him and hold him as the others walk on ahead, then softly says, "that would be great if you could get Monica to committ to being a group girl, then you could for sure have Smokey at the farm with us, and stud her while with me sometimes, as I suck her, does she like girls too?"

Eric replies, "yes, she is bi-sexual or at least she has mentioned that she has had sex with ladies in the past and liked it, and yeah I'd love to stud her if she were a group girl, I know I'm really looking forward to studding you, Sally and Peggy here in a minute, then Susan, Michael and Jodie when they get back."

Bobby says, "oh I want to watch you studding all them as often as I can, and want you to stud all of them as much as you want."

Eric says, "I actually have quite a few older single ladies that are in 40 years old range that suck my cock routinely or at least 4-5 times a month I'd say."

Bobby grins, says " how many is quite a few?"

Eric grins, says, " 9 ladies, all of them ride, all of them have their horse at our stables."

Bobby smiles big, says, "nice, we better catch up, we can talk about it when we are alone."

Kathy, Peggy, Sally, Louis and Marcus are already stripped naked and hanging their clothes on pegs on the out side of the shed wall when Bobby and Eric get to the shed, Sally hands a pair of dive fins to each of them, and says see you two on the pontoon, then heads down to the water

Kate Moss pig-tails2.jpg


Sun June 19th;

Jodie wants to learn to be a pilot, Thomas is going to teach her to fly the porter and his Zenith STOL CH 801

She wants to fly for his company

Thomas Sally after he leave sat 18 to check on Susan 

Both Susan and Sally and Kathy are getting Irish wolfhound male puppies.

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