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Chapter 6 " Terrace "

Sunday, June 19th 5 pm


Bobby and Eric,  leaving Michael's farm after being inducted into the group

After Bobby and Eric hop in the truck and heading down the lane, to go back to Susan's farm, Eric says," I wanted so much to tell you and everybody that I've been having a lot of girls and women from the stables sucking my cock ever since I was 13 years old, but figured I best wait and talk to you first about it."

Bobby replies, "yeah, best we go slow and cautiously for a while, hope fully Monica will join, then we can proceed with telling them other things, yet you will have to completely stop having sex with the others."

Eric says, "that is the problem, when I tell them that they can't suck me any longer, which for me that is fine, yet for most of them it will be upsetting because the older ladies other then Monica have be sucking my cock since I was 13 years old, all 7 of the older ladies  are single, all are zoosexual bisexuals as well, two of them have daughters that suck me as well plus are zoosexuals and have sex with their mom and all the ladies, all the other mom's as well they all have sex, they all know each other, that is how I came to know and meet them all."

Bobby grins big, then giggles and says, " yeah your part of a group like our's here, but your the only stud."

Eric giggles as well, says, "thankfully I've only let them suck my cock, but if Monica joins our group I bet all of them are going to want to as well, if you know what I mean."

Bobby ponders a minute, then saids, " I say we get to Susan's you call Monica and explain your situation, then see what she says."

Eric replies, "I agree, I tell her, I met someone, I love and I'll have to stop letting all of the ladies suck my cock, unless they join a special group you belong to, something like that, what do you think?"

Bobby says, "you could tell her you could start studding all of them, the men in this group could start studding all of them, how old are the daughters?"

Eric replies, "Maria is 22, the other, Brigitte is 21."

Bobby says, "that is good, at least age isn't a issue."

Eric pulls the truck up to the back of the house under the lean to, turns it off.

Bobby says, "I'll get Teddy out to potty, then meet you in the kitchen."

Bobby unlocks the door, Teddy is excited and waiting for the door to open, as soon as Bobby opens the door, Teddy is dancing about as he warmly greets them, Bobby grabs his collar, and lets Teddy drag him to his paddock, once in the paddock together, Bobby fills his bowl with fresh water, the heads back into the house.

When Bobby arrives in the kitchen, Eric is talking to Monica on the phone, and just at the moment saying to her, "yes I studded 3 of of the group girls just a hour ago, I'll be able to start studding you as well." 

Monica replies, "so you will be able to stud me every other day when I suck Smokey?"

Eric replies, "I will be able to stud you anytime you like, as long as I am not busy."

Monica says, "will you come stud me right now, if I join the group?"

Eric says, "if you can commit to joining the group, yes I'll come stud you right now."

Bobby listens, and hears that, squeezes Eric's thigh and smiles big to affirm it is ok."

Eric says to Monica," I'll see you in about 15 minutes, bye."

Monica says, "I'll hop in the shower and get cleaned up for you, I waited so long for this, thank you, see you soon, bye."

Eric hangs up the phone, kisses Bobby passionately, then says, come take a shower with me quick, please."

They both hurry to the shower.

Bobby gets the water running in the shower, says, "I'm so excited, Monica has been waiting 3 years, this is her lucky night."

Eric says, "your amazing, you truly want her to be happy, and your willing to share me."

Bobby pulls Eric in the shower, as they start soaping each other up Bobby says, "I want everybody to be happy in the group, that's what I love about this group, everybody helps everybody, and we can be ourselves."

Eric says, "you know what, I am going to tell Monica exactly what you just said, she works hard, and lonely, I can tell, this group will be good for her."

Bobby says, "now if you were having sex with someone outside the group, that would be tragic, so please don't do that."

Eric replies, "oh no, I know when I have the great thing in the world, I not blowing that, I want you until the day I die."

They just take a quick shower, get dried off then walk in the  bedroom, Eric pulls a clean pair of shorts and t-shirt on, then they walk to the kitchen, Bobby says, "lets listen to the answering machine before you leave, see if Susan called, Bobby walks to the machine, and hits the -play message button- it plays, "hi Bobby, we just got to our hotel room, it is 5pm, everything is fine, the flight was great, here is the hotel number 000-000-0000, room 25#, give me a call when you can, love you, bye."

Bobby says cool, you get going and I try calling her back now, Bobby leans and they kiss passionately for a second, the pull apart, Bobby grins and says, "stud Monica good."

Eric grins and says, "I'll do my best, and I fill you in when I get home."

Bobby says, "I can't wait to hear how it goes, love you."

Eric says, "I love you, and heads out the back door, Bobby calls the number Susan left, and listens to it ring, a voice comes on, "Holiday Inn Trinad, how can I help you?"  Bobby says, "room 25 please.", the phone starts ringing again, "hi this is Susan." 

Bobby replies, "Susan, Bobby here."

Susan says, "hi there, how are you?"

Bobby says, "a lot better now, knowing you's are safely there, yeah we are all good, the flight out was fun, Michael and Jodie are in taking a shower together, then the three of us are going to grab a bit to eat, and then find the hospital, Thomas flew to a friend of his place to spend the night with him, I guess Thomas's friend is a airplane mechanic, and his going to add some gadget to the plane, then he will fly back tomorrow."

Bobby replies, "how is Michael feeling."

Susan replies, "he is very excited, just wants to get it done so he can move on with life kind thing, I'm sure you knows how he feels."

Bobby then says, "you know the friend Eric, I was telling you about that comes in sees me Ben's a lot, and I told you I really liked him?"

Susan says, " yes."

Bobby says, "he came in first thing this morning, I told him I was a femboy, he told me that he was hoping I was, well since I got off at noon he has studded me, met Sally, Kathy, Peggy, Louis and Marcus, and he now is a member of the group, all of us went swimming in the quarry pond, Marcus studded me, Eric studded Peggy, Louis studded Kathy, anyway, I know this is all quick, but I asked him to live with you and I."

Susan replies, "if Sally took him as a member of the group, that is good enough for me, and I am very excited now to, I think having a man with you is the best thing for you.  So how old is he, what does do for work etc.?"

Bobby replies, " he trains horses and riders, and is ferrier, his aunt and uncle own England stables north of town, he is 19 years old, blondie hair, tall, slim, very sexy, and he as a 10 inch cock."

Susan says, "I know a few ladies who board horses out there, matter a fact, I think I met Eric, I have a friend Monica who knows him, and told me she sucks his cock all the time, is that him?"

Bobby starts giggling, then says, "yes that is him, small world it seem, like I say things have moved very fast today, Eric just left here, Monica is joining the group as well, so he is visiting with her, then tomorrow Sally is going to hopefully meet her"

Susan replies, "the group will be great for her and me both, we are a like we both are zoosexuals, bi-sexuals, Monica is a great person, very attractive, her husband died tragically in a auto accident 4 years ago."

Bobby replies, "yes Eric was telling me earlier about her husband, and said she was lonely, so he thought the group would be good for her, plus, then Monica can get studded by Eric then, I want him to stud you as well, and he said he would."

Susan says, "oh my, thank you, now I am really excited to get home, you tell Sally, that I told you that Monica is a great lady and the group would be a very good place for her to belong, especially since she is a zoosexual like us, matter of fact let me call Sally right now and I will call you back, I have Monica's phone number to so I'll tell her to call Monica tonight if she can. bye." Susan hangs up the phone.

Bobby hurries out and gets Teddy and brings him in and gets him feed, then sits and watches him eat as he waits for Susan to call back.

Susan calls Sally, Sally answers, "hi this is Susan, I wanted to let you know that we are all here safe and sound, and give you our hotel phone number."

Sally replies, "one second, let me get a pen and paper ok, fire away." Sally writes it down then Susan says, "another thing, I just talked to Bobby, and he informed me that Eric is talking to a friend, Monica about joining the group, Eric does know this yet, because he is on his way to talk to Monica right now, and left before Bobby and I just talked, anyway I wanted to tell you that Monica is a good friend, so tell her that I think the group will be good for her, her is her number, I thought if you had time right now you could call her she is a zoosexual like us."

Sally says, "give me her number, I call her right now, ok, I'll call you back in a bit, bye."

Sally dials Monica's phone number, " hi this is Monica."  Sally says, "Monica, not to alarm you, but my name is Sally, I live on the farm next to Susan, she just told me that Eric is going to stop by here in minute to talk to the group we all belong to, that make sense, Sally giggles." 

Monica replies, "kinda, your saying Susan belongs to the same group as I now am about to join?"

Sally says correct, yet Eric doesn't know that you know Susan, but he is going to being living with Bobby, and her, but Susan just learned you were the Monica he was talking about, Susan is in Colorado, just arrived and was just telling Bobby they arrived."

Monica says, "what is Susan's role in the group?"

Sally replies, "Susan will be seeing three or four men 3 days a week, seeing several of the 34 group dogs two days a week."

Monica says, " I'd like my role to be the same for now if that is ok."

Sally says, "that would be wonderful, we can always change that as you get going."

Monica replies, got ya, I be ready to start tomorrow, hold on Eric just walked in the door, let him talk to you a second, then he can explain to me better, here is Eric, "hi Sally, what is up?"

Sally gigggles, " hi Eric, all is good, just let me explain quickly, after you left Susan's Bobby called Susan in Colorado, they talked which lead to you going to see Monica, well, turns out Monica and Susan are good friends." 

Eric says, "no shit!, I see where your coming from, anyway Susan wanted me to know that she thought the group would be very good for her, tell her what I just said, then tell Monica to call me tomorrow, I got to get going, good night."

Eric says" good-night" and hangs up.

Eric says to Monica, "Susan just wanted to tell both you and Sally that she thought the group would be good for you, and Sally told me to tell you to call her tomorrow, simple but a bit mixed up, because Susan just arrived in Colorado only a hour ago, which is a whole other story."

Monica replies, "well Susan made the right choice, because I very much want to join the group now, if she is going get studded by you to, giggling as she drops to her knees and starts sucking his cock, she sucks him a minute, then leads in to the bedroom, they both get completely nude and start having passionate sex.

Sally calls Bobby the second she hangs up with Eric, Bobby pickup the phone the moment it rings, "hi this is Bobby."

Sally says, "hi Bobby, this is Sally I just got off the phone with Eric and Monica, I just wanted you to know that everybody knows what all of our connections are now, you made a good call informing everybody, Eric will fill you in when he gets home, I told Susan I'd call her back, but would you call her, and tell her the same thing, all is good, and I'll talk to you tomorrow, ok."

Bobby says, "thanks so much Sally, yes I will call Susan right now, good night." Bobby hangs up the phone, and dials Susan.

Susan answers, "this is Susan."

Bobby says, "hi me again, I just talked to Sally, she got a hold of Eric and Monica and talked to both of them, Sally told me to tell you all is good, and she'd talk to you tomorrow."

Susan says, "good, I will call and wake you up ok, so you, Teddy and Eric have a good night, we will talk in the morning, love you, bye."

Bobby says, "love you, goodnight." they both hang up the phone.

Bobby gets Teddy on his lead, then they walk out the back door and then start walking down the long gravel lane to the mailbox, Bobby imagines Eric and Monica making love, and starts getting wet and excited, then wonders about all the another women that  Eric knows and that suck his cock, by the time they get to the mailbox which takes about 5 minutes even though Teddy being a hunt by sight type hound and walks with his face up and always looking around verse a hunt by scent hound who's nose is always sniffing the ground, bushs and everything around.  Bobby's loins are aching with the desire to be studded by Eric, to watch Eric making love to Monica and all the women, he wonders what they look like while Eric studs them, how do they feel, Bobby wants to masturbate while he watches the ladies have their orgasms while Eric slides his big cock in and out of them.

Bobby gets all the mail out of the mailbox, then they meander back to the house, once back at the house, they go back inside, Bobby plays the answering machine again, there are no new messages, so Teddy and him go out to the living room, Bobby lays on the couch and starts reading a new magazine that was in the maibox, while Teddy lays on the rug in front of Bobby.

Maybe 15 minutes passes, and the phone rings, Bobby picks up the cordless phone there in the living room and says, "hello, Bobby here."  Eric says, "hi Bobby, Monica were just laying here, she was wondering if she could talk to you?"

Bobby replies, "yes, I would like that."  Eric hands Monica the the phone, she says, "hi Bobby how are you doing?' 

Bobby replies, " very good now, especially since hearing your voice, I was just wondering about how you felt while Eric and you made love."

Monica replies, "I feel wonderful, thanks for allowing Eric to make love to me, Eric and I were wondering if I could come meet you right now?"

Bobby replies, "oh, I'd love that so much, I want to meet you so much, please come see me."

Monica replies, "yes, I want to meet you so much as well, we with be there in about 10 minutes, I don't live to far from Susan's. see you then, bye."

Bobby hurries to then bathroom, looks in the mirror, he is happy he looks so female like wearing the blue-jean fabric bib overall skirt and his pigtails, he hopes Monica will take him as her submissive lesbian playmate and let him suck her pussy, he hopes she will ask him to, hopes Eric told her that he wants that role with her.

After Bobby brushes his teeth, he checks the frig. wondering what they can make for supper, if Monica wants to stay and eat, he decides he will at least start some potatoes boiling, so he washes 4 large potatoes and sets them to boil, sets a can of peas out, then cuts a pork loin in strips and sets them to boil.

After Bobby has everything heating, Teddy starts woofing at the front door, Bobby looks out the window and sees Eric pulling around back, and is followed by a green van, Bobby and Teddy hurry to the back door, Eric is just stepping out of the truck when Bobby and Teddy walk out the back door, Teddy rushes to greet him, followed by Bobby who quickly kisses him on the lips, then as Monica steps out of her van, Teddy hurries and very eagerly greets her, Bobby says, "hi, it looks like Teddy knows you well."

Monica says "hi Bobby, yes Teddy knows me very well, he has been breeding me since he was a year and a half old, haven't you lover, and often, just like I like it." as she looks at him a friskly pets him." Bobby walks out and kisses her on the cheek, and says thanks so much for coming."

Monica says, "well Eric has talking about you all summer, to myself and the other ladies he spends time about how much he wanted to ask you out, well now that it finally happened, I just had to meet you, and especially after finding out that you are a good friend of Susan's, and a zoosexual on top of that."

Bobby replies, "yes, a lot to take in so quickly, and quite the web we have spun, you might say."

Monica smiles big, then says, "yes that indeed, I'm just glad your wanting myself and the other ladies from our little zoosexual group be a part of your lives by joining the group as group girls, we all would greatly miss having Eric as our stud."

Bobby replies, "so you think all the others ladies will join the group?" 

Monica replies, "I think all of them will end up joining, at least until they find another guy like Eric, which is not likely, who knows on that though."

Bobby says, "has Eric explained that you's as group girls will be expected to have sex with some of the group men?"

Monica replies, "yes, and for myself that will be wonderful, Sally and I talked, I will start seeing men like Susan will be doing seeing, starting tomorrow I'll be seeing three or four men 3 days a week, maybe several of the 34 group dogs two days a week that is what Sally suggested. Then I'll most likely start seeing more men if possible.

Bobby smiles and says, "I just wanted to make sure you knew, that the concept of the group."

Monica says, "yeah, I am very excited to start meeting all the guys in the group, I also thought I'd call all nine of the females and explain the situation, the group outline, see of they are interested in meeting Sally hopefully tomorrow, all nine of us are bisexual zoosexuals we all have large male intact dogs who breed all of us, so I would of been calling Susan anyway even though she has never has sucked Eric's cock, all the rest of routinely do."

Bobby replies, " I know there are currently 74 group men now, plus Eric and Johnny there will be 76, and there are only 7 group girls, Sally and Peggy are going to only seeing Johnny, Louis, Marcus and Eric now, that is what was said today at the quarry pond, so I am sure all nine of you's would help the group alot, I know Louis, Marcus and Johnny would like it a lot, especially if all of you new ladies could have sex with them here at Susan's or Michael's place, I know I like to start sucking you and the other ladies,and be present some of the time while you have sex with Eric."

Monica smiles big, "I know I want you to suck me and be with me every time Eric and I have sex."

Bobby replies, "yes, I would really like that alot, thank you."

Eric replies, "thanks so much, I really would like to be with Monica as much as possible and be with her forever like I do with you."

Bobby replies, "I'd like that very much to."

Eric says, "I can start studding the ladies make them have orgasms and just not ejaculate, only with you two."

Bobby says, "I want you to do what is best for you two first and foremost in the sexual arena, I'll have Teddy studding me and ejaculating in me every other day, Louis, Marcus and Johnny will be studding me, I just want you sleeping with me every night Eric, please."

Eric replies, "yes, that is what I want to."

Monica says, "Bobby I like Socks my great dane to start breeding you routinely this week as well. and if you like I will get you introduced to all the other lady's dogs, so all of them can stud you as well.

Bobby replies, "when I turn 18, I want to be doing like Kathy and primarily be getting bred by 4 or 5 of the dogs every day, then Eric can stud me when he has the energy, I be available to all the group men, just not request it, if that makes sense, first thing I want when I turn 18 is the GRS, surgery and breast implants, I want to be able to go every where any time as a female." 

Bobby adds, "Susan's it going to start going to public places with me dressed as I am now, to help me get used to being out in public like I am, I was hoping you would go places with me to maybe."

Monica replies, "I'd like that a lot, I do think the way you look now, you easily pass as a female, kinda of Kate Moss looking, I'd say."

Bobby says, "I not working at Ben's tomorrow so I will be at Michael's with Sally, she is going to have me get bred by Cunnington her Irish wolfhound, and Tiecum, a group man's Irish wolfhound, then Johnny is going to stud me on and off all day, but if any of the ladies want me to meet their dogs I'll be available, I'd love to start getting bred by all nine of the dogs as soon as I can."

Monica says, "I'll call one of the ladies right now, and see if you and I can go see her to tomorrow, her and I were planning on playing tomorrow sometime, made you could suck us both, she has a Irish wolfhound that will stud you."

Bobby gets up and gets the phone and hands it to Monica, then Bobby drops down in front of Eric and pulls his shorts off and starts licking and sucking his cock. Monica watches Bobby suck as the phone rings, "hi Oliva, I'm with Eric and his new friend Bobby, the one he has been talking all summer about."  

Oliva replies, "oh no, don't tell me Eric can't be with us anymore."

Monica replies, "here is the deal, Bobby, his new friend belongs to a group of men and ladies whom exclusively only have sex with members of the group, so I joined the group today, and Eric just got done studding me, your invited to join the group and Eric can stud you as well, yet your also obligated to get studded by other men in the group, what do you think?"

Oliva says, "if all the men are anything like Eric, they can all stud me, that would be great."

Monica replies, "great, and also Eric will be living with Bobby and Bobby is a receptive zoosexual like us, I'm going to start having Socks stud Bobby tomorrow, I wondered when I come by if we could get Sherlock to breed Bobby?"

Oliva replies, "yes, we could do that, what time do you's want to come over?"

Monica says, "would 9am be good?"

Oliva says, "yep, come by then, you can fill me in on the group details then as well, see you at 9am, bye."

Monica hangs up the phone the drops down next to Bobby and starts licking Eric cock with him, she says, "his cock is the greatest isn't it."  Bobby replies, "the best."  

Monica then says, "well Bobby you have 5 dogs that can stud you tomorrow now."

Monica then has Bobby get a pen and paper, then gets on the phone calls another one of the ladies, same responds as Oliva gave, within a hour and a half Monica as called all nine Ladies, and Bobby will be getting bred by all 9 of the dogs tomorrow with a schedule from 9am until 6pm.

Monica then says, "is it ok if I ride Eric's cock, while we watch Teddy breed you?"
Bobby replies with a big smile, I'd love for us to do that, let me go prep my bottom for Teddy, you two go ahead and get started, Bobby heads off for the bathroom while, Eric goes with him to get a towel. Once in the bathroom, Eric and Bobby passionately kiss for a moment, Eric then grabs a towel and heads back out to Monica, he gets the towel laid on the couch, gets seated on it, then Monica stands facing away from him and slowly lowers herself down on Eric's cock as he guides it into her pussy, Monica lets out a squeal as the big penis slips into her pussy, then whimpers as it slides up inside, , "oh my god Eric, I'm going cum." Monica blurts out, then starts squirming wildly as she huffs and puffs and climaxes then lays back on to Eric, he holds her as she quivers and shakes.

Bobby can hear the whole thing and smiles big as he slides the big dildo in and out of his butt in the process of cleaning his butt.

Monica is soon, sliding slowly up and down on Eric's cock again, Monica softly says,"I need you to do this to me every day, please, I want be your slut so intensely now."

Eric says, "you need to be a good slut for me and start getting studded by as many of the men in the group you can a day, I need to know that is what your doing when your not with me."

Monica moans, Sally told me I could come over and get gang-bang if I wanted, the gang bang starts at 7pm, Eric looks at the clock, and says it is six-thirty now, you want me to take you over?"

Monica says, "if you will stay and watch me, I want to."

Eric says, "I gladly will, lets tell Bobby, if it is ok, we will go."

Eric and Monica just finish getting their clothes back on when Bobby walks back into the living room, Eric quickly says, "Monica wants to go to the gang-bang, is that alright?"

Bobby makes a sad face and says, "sure, I just play with my Legos while you do." then Bobby smiles big and says, " no just kidding, that is a great idea, both of you's can meet a lot of the group members, you can tell me about it when you's get home, get going, I know it starts at 7pm."

Eric and Monica both kiss Bobby on the lips, and head for the backdoor.

At the gang-bang, Sunday June 19th 7pm

As Eric and Monica come down the lane and get closer to Michael's farm house, Monica says, "oh my gosh, it looks like a convention."

Eric replies, " are you up for this?"

Monica replies, "oh yes, my greatest fantasies is to get gang-banged, now it about to finally come true." 

They find a place to get parked, then hop out and walk to the house, Sally is at the washroom door with Kathy talking to several group men, that Eric doesn't know, they walk up to them, Sally smiles big, then says, "hi Eric and Monica, I'm so glad you could come, Sally then introduces Kathy and Monica, then Sally introduces Eric and Monica to Tim and Scott who are standing there.

Kathy asks Eric and Monica if they would like a drink, Monica says I'll take some red wine if that is ok, Eric says, " a beer would be great Kathy." Kathy heads in the house to gets their drinks.

Sally looks at Monica, and says, "so are you up for this?"

Monica grins and says, " I was just telling Eric when we pulled up, that getting gang-banged is something that I have always something that I've always wanted."

Sally replies, "great, you've come to a good safe place to experience it, how we do it is, we call it a last man standing gang-bang, all the guys try not to ejaculate until the party is nearly over, there will be you, me and Peggy they are studding tonight, first because your new, I have you get on your hands and knees on the rug in the living room, I will then introduce you to all the guys, as I do they will get behind you and slide their cock in and out of your pussy, unless you want it only anally." 

Monica says, "my baby days are over so I take it in my pussy."

Sally says, "great, I'll tell the guys that as I introduce each of them, anyway we have 17 guys here, the last I counted, once all 17 guys have slid their cocks up inside you for a few minutes, then the three of us girls mingle, the guys then just bend us over a chair, set in a chair and have us ride their cocks for a few minutes then let another guys have us, over and over until 10pm, when a guy is ready to ejaculate, he will ask you to swallow his cum, until all the guys have ejaculated except three, those last three each pick one of us, the studs us until he ejaculates up inside us." 

Monica replies, "sounds great, I think I can handle that." 

Sally says, "take my hand and we will go get you introduced to all the guys." Monica takes Sally's hand and follows her in the house, everybody follows except Kathy, who stays by the washroom door in case anyone else arrives.

As Sally walks through the house she asks Monica, "will you be available for all the 34 guys with dogs?"

Monica replies, "I'd like to be available for all group men and ladies, 9am to 6pm 7 days a week for awhile if that is ok?"

Sally says, "that is fine, I used to be like that, all let the guys know that when I introduce you, as well as you will be taking cock in your pussy."

Sally leads her to the living room, all the guys congregate all around completely nude, Sally takes Monica and stands with her arm around Monica waist, then hollers at Johnny and Eric to come stand with them, once Johnny and Eric are there in front of the fireplace, Sally raises her voice and says, "can I great every bodys attention, as soon as it seems everybody is looking.

Sally says, "I want to introduce all of you to our latest new members, Monica, Johnny and Eric, Eric is the blonde one here, both Eric and Johnny will be group men clearly, and Monica will be a full time group girl, she will be available to all group men starting tomorrow, 7 days a week from 9am until 6pm, and she will be seeing all 34 of the group dogs, so let all the group members she is now available, she will be getting penetrated vaginally tonight.

Sally then helps Monica get complete nude, then helps her get on her hands and knees facing away from the fireplace, then Sally says, "there is k-y sitting here on the fireplace, you know what to do, Sally looks around sees Patrick, Monica, Patrick will be your first group man for tonight, Monica looks up and says, "hi Patrick."  Patrick replies, "hi Monica as he leans and kisses her cheek then gets behind her, lubes his cock with k-y, then guides his cock up in her already soaking pussy, Monica whimpers with pleasure as Patrick thrust in and out of her, Sally lets Patrick stud Monica about a minute, then says, Peter is your next man Monica, Patrick pulls his cock out of Monica, as Peter walks up and kisses Monica then gets behind her and thrust into her, Monica begins to climax, Peter continues thrusting until Sally calls, Tim up, he quickly gets behind as Peter pulls out of Monica as she jerks about as she recovers from the orgasm, Peter thrusts into hard, Monica has another orgasm, Sally continues calling all the guys up until all the guys have had their cocks in her, then Sally gets on her knees next to Monica as Peter slides his cock up in Sally, while Johnny slides his huge cock up inside Monica causing her to squeal, Peggy gets on her hands and knees facing Monica, and says soft to Monica, "welcome to our group, Monica looks and Peggy, smiles as Johnny rocks her back and forth with his hard thrusts, Monica yelps out, "thank you for having me as a group girl."

Monica is climaxing again as Johnny pulls out of her, and Louis slides his cock all the way up inside of her and holds it there as she huffs and puffs as her orgasm grips her.


As soon as Peter pulls out of Sally, and Johnny out of Monica, Sally quickly helps Monica to her feet, and whispers, "Monica lets give you a break on the front porch." Sally leads Monica to the front porch and hollers at Kathy and Eric to follow, once Sally has Monica sitting down on the front porch, she says, " kathy would you go get both Monica and I a red wine and Eric a beer, Kathy does as asked, and Eric sits down next to Monica and starts talking to her, Sally lights a smoke and leans on the hand rail, and says, "Monica do you like it so far?"  

Monica giggles and says, "oh my, I love it, oh my talk about climaxing." 

Sally then replies, "now just walk around, mingle with the guys, they will ask you to bend over etc, for the rest of the night, as they will with Peggy and I, trust me there will not be much time that they aren't asking you to bend over, they all know how it works so just follow their lead, trust me they will treat you right, if they tell you they want you, which they will do, just tell them to call me, I'll set your schedule for this week.

Monica replies, "ok."

Sally then says, " once they call me, I will call you with the time, do you wish to meet them here this week, I think that would be best, because it is likely you will be seeing at least 6 men 5 day this week, then dogs on Sat and Sun, and it will take time to get their names straight. Plus some of the guys you will be see this week are not here, because you will see 30 different men this week and next week here, then we will go from there, ok?"

Monica says, "you just tell me what to do, I'll do it."

Sally replies, "good girl, just hang in there, believe me, as hot as you are you will never be alone, unless you want to be."

Monica smiles big, and says, "can we spend nights with the men?"

Sally says, " if they ask you first, you can spend the nights with them, if they ask you to travel somewhere with them you can go with them, for example, if Louis and Marcus ask you to spend the night here we them you can, you can ask Kathy or myself to have sex with you, any group member for that matter, if you want gang-banged every day you can do that, if you can pull it off arranging it."

Monica asks, "do the guys like, say double teaming us?"

Sally says, " yes, a of the guys do that a lot in the evenings, say for example Scott ask you come over on a Thursday evening at 6pm and inform you prior there will be 6 group men there to gang-bang you, he does that often, remember, if you can't or don't feel like, say so, you never have to have sex unless you feel like it, if your sick, something comes up call me and I will call help you call the guys and let the know you can't make their appointment for example.

Sally says, "another thing, most of the guys will leave a different times, when they are ready to go, they will come up and tell you that they are leaving, the ask you if you would like to swallow their cum, drop to your knees like I am now, open your mouth and present your tongue, they will masturbate and ejaculate on your tongue, let them, don't try sucking them, just let them cum, then look up at them and swallow, it tell them thank you for having me as your slut, Kathy put a coffee can on the table with your name on it they will tip you when they leave. For example Monday when you see 6 men individually for a hour, you will get tipped 240 dollars, 40 per guy, for example if you get studded next week you will get tipped 1200 dollars, tonight all of them will tip you at least 25 dollars each, or 425 dollars, if you get gang-banged say every Sat. by 20 men you will get tipped 500, so you can see we can earn a lot of money doing this as well. For example Eric is one of our house guys like Louis, Marcus, Johnny, they don't tip us, and we can tip them if they wish to see other girls in the group, but they likely will not, especially if all of your nine friends join the group because they will be studding them. Eric can now stud us, including Kathy whenever we are available, thus our house guys have what 6 girls to stud now, thus 15 hopefully soon.

Monica replies, "I am almost certain they all will join."

Sally says, "that would be great, because we have at least 10 more guys joining soon, and 12 more dogs coming of age in the next few months, the goal is to have the guys all own a dog, that will be maybe 84 dogs in a few years.

Monica replies, "I know this is my full time occupation now, and for as long as I can do it."

Sally says, "this is how I make my living, and in the group setting like this it a pretty nice way to live, if you love cock."

Monica grins, says, "oh I love cock."

Eric pipes in and says, "Monica, now that we got you safely introduced into the group, would it be alright if I go back and be with Bobby, I hate leaving him alone tonight, then call me and I'll come back and get you when the gang-bang is over."

Monica replies, "yes go ahead I feel bad too, I call as soon as I'm done."

Eric kisses her, stands and kisses Sally, says thanks, see you's in a bit, then heads into the house, Sally and Monica follow and start mingling with the guys, within 30 seconds both are bent over, and being studded by a guy, then another until all the guys have been up inside them again. This is repeated over and over until Scott tells Monica he is leaving, and asks her if he can ejaculate in her mouth, Monica drops to her knees, opens her mouth, then watches as he strokes his self then holds the tip of his cock just above her cupped tongue then ejaculates on it, once Monica sees he is done ejaculating, she swallows, then says, "thank you so much for letting me be your slut, I hope you will take me as often as you can."  Scott replies, "believe me, I will be using you as often as I can." then Scott leans over kisses her forehead and leaves.

Monica is quickly bent over and penetrated again by Jerry, he thrusts his 9 inch thick cock up inside her and holds it and rubs her clit, within seconds Monica is whimpering and having a orgasm, Jerry pulls out and Daniel slips his cock in her and holds her as she finishes climaxing, then he pulls out and Jeff starts studding her with slow deep thrusts in and out of her pussy.

Meanwhile, Eric pulls around back at Susan's place and steps out of the truck, Bobby opens the back door, Teddy runs out and greets him, Eric says, "we got Monica started with all the men, I made my escape, I just want to be with you tonight, Bobby says, "thanks, that is nice of you, but you didn't have to I'd of been fine, but it is nice to have you to myself."

Eric replies, " I just want to be with you tonight, I'll have plenty of time to stud Monica, and likely all the ladies from now on, and I know we both will be busy tomorrow." they kiss passionately, then walk up into the kitchen, Bobby says, "lets get you feed, you's ran off before we could eat."  

Eric says, "yes, I know I'm starving."  Bobby gets the mashed potatoes, pork and peas out of the frig. and starts warming each up in the microwave for him."  Bobby says, "I tried calling out to Colorado, hoping to talk to Michael, they must still be out to eat themselves." 

The microwave beeps, Bobby checks the potatoes, they seem plenty hot, so he sets the plate in front of Eric, gets a fork for him, then asks, "what would you like to drink?"  

Eric replies, "water is fine, I have to drive back over and get Monica, when the gang-bang is over, so I best not drink, I already had a few."

Bobby asks, "how many guys showed up?"

Eric replies, " 17 and all of them had had their cocks up inside her twice when I left."

Bobby grins as he says, "oh my, she must be having orgasm after orgasm."

Eric giggles and says, "yeah she was when I left, and begging for more, so she is happy, from the way the guys were giving her attention, she is going to be one busy lady from now on as a group girl, Sally says she will schedule Monica with 6 men a day, 5 days a week for a while, and she will be seeing them at Michael's farm for at least a few weeks."

dilemma of introducing the nine ladies

Bobby says, "yeah working out a schedule is tough, just learning names takes awhile, I don't see how Sally is going to get all your nine of the ladies introduced into the group very quickly."

Eric replies, "I was thinking the same thing, I sure don't know how to do it."

Bobby says, " yeah what a dilemma we got ourselves into now, oh my."

Eric says, " what if we had two of my lady friends spend the day at Michael's with Monica, Monica and I can introduce them or just Monica can introduce them to Sally each morning, the group guy can play with the three of them all at once and thus two of the ladies see the 6 different guys each day at least, then I could go stud the two of them and Monica when they were done a 6pm if they still want to see me, or I'd be here at least if they call me."

Bobby replies, "that sounds like the way to do it, lets run it by Sally first thing in the morning, I'm going to try call Michael again, then lets make love, ok."

Eric smiles big and says, "it's a deal"

Bobby picks up the phone and dials, Bobby says room 25 the hotel operator transfers the call, it rings over and over, no answer.

Bobby hangs up, grabs Eric's hand and they walk to the bedroom, Bobby gets a beach towel, spreads it out on the bed, they get each other nude and fall on the bed passionately kissing.

Back at the gang-bang

Henry thrusts into Monica, as she leans and hangs on to the staircase newel post, Henry then pulls his cock out of her quickly, he then says, "Monica I hate to go but, I got to work tomorrow, can I feed you my cum, Monica turns, drops to her knees, opens her mouth and Henry starts ejaculating on her tongue, Richard walks up next to Henry stroking his cock, as soon as Monica swallows Henry's cum, Monica opens her mouth and Richard starts ejaculating on her tongue, 5 more of the guys stand waiting to cum, Monica swallows all 7 of the guys cum and then walks out to the kitchen and pours herself a little wine to wash the 7 loads of cum down.

As soon as Monica sets her cup on the counter, Louis, Marcus and Johnny walk in the kitchen, Louis says, "Monica welcome to the group, but we've got to call it a night, Monica drops to her knees, Louis, Marcus and Johnny then take their turn ejaculating in her mouth, by the time she has swallowed all Johnny's cum, all of the remaining guys are in the kitchen waiting to cum in her mouth, in less then 5 minutes all of the men who came to the gang-bang have ejaculated in her mouth, Peggy, Sally and Kathy talk to the guys as they leave, once the last man who is Cecil walks up, he bends her over then kitchen table and thrusts into her until he cums in her pussy, Cecil helps up off the table, hugs her, then says, "thanks for joining the group, if you have time I like to see you as often as I can for awhile." 

Monica replies, "I'd like that."

Cecil grabs a pen and post-it note by the phone, writes his name and number on it and hands it to her, then says, "just call me anytime you have time, I have a fairly easy free work schedule, so I can get away most of the time fairly easily and I have a bullmastiff, Hertop is his name, I know he'll love you."

Monica smiles big, "I will call you for sure in the next few days, once Sally and I get my schedule all together, I've never been with a bullmastiff, yet I've wanted to get locked up with one for a long time."

Cecil replies, "he is a very gentle fellow, he does have a big fat knot, so he'll lock you up a good 15-20 minutes likely."

Monica replies, "I'd like that very much."

Cecil says, " good night, talk soon." Monica says , " good night, thank you."

Peggy and Kathy walk out with Cecil to his van, and see that all the others guys are safely off, then they lock the washroom door open the stable door and let Cunnington, Tiecum and Edward walk in, the dogs hurry up into the house, Edward follows behind Peggy.


Monica then drops into a kitchen chair and drinks the rest of her wine, Sally sets down next to her with her cup of wine, and the bottle, she pours some more wine in Monica's cup, Sally says, "are you ok to drive home?"

Monica replies, " yes, I hardly drank a glass of wine prior to what I am drinking now, so I fine, just worn out, and sore between my legs, but a wonderful sore."

Sally says, " me to, but I love the sore between my legs a lot, let me drive you over to Susan's, I call over there and tell Bobby and Eric we are coming over."

Monica replies, "ok."

Sally dials Susan's number, it rings a few times, "hi Bobby here."  Sally says, "Sally here, Bobby Monica will be over in a minute, just wanted to let you know we are on our way."

Bobby replies, "ok, see you in a few, bye."

Monica and Sally walk out and hop in the bronco and drive over to Susan's.

As Sally and Monica drive, Sally says, "how soon can you come over in the morning."

Monica replies, "how about 7am."

Sally asks, "do you think coffee?"

Monica replies, "yep, gotta have it in the morning."

Sally smiles big, "if you are lucky, Marcus and Louis will stud you before they leave for school."

Monica smiles big, " I'd like that a lot."


Sally says, "I seen Cecil gave you his phone number, that is a great thing, if you could hook with him as his regular every other day girl, he can help you meet a lot of the guys, I'd make a deal with him, and give yourself to him, free for awhile kind of thing, spend

a lot of time with him, maybe call him first thing this morning, he is a great guy." 

Sally looks at her, smiles big and says, "every one of the guys at the party tonight, at some point came up and told me they want to see you again as soon as possible, and as often as possible, so your going to be a very busy girl. One more thing do you have a plug for both your pussy and your bottom?"

Monica replies, "no, I never thought about that, I haven't been with a man, except for sucking Eric's cock in over 4 years."

Sally and Monica pull up behind Susan's house, there is Teddy is on his lead, Eric and Bobby are leaning on the hood of Eric's truck, Sally gets the bronco parked and shut of, Sally and Monica step out and walk over to them, Monica kisses on the cheek Sally, then Eric, then Bobby, and says, "I will talk to all of you's tomorrow, sleep good." she hops in her van, starts it and heads down the lane, Sally gives Bobby and Eric a kiss on the cheek, and says, "I will do the same, talk to you's tomorrow, gets some sleep, been a exciting day for you two, good night."


Eric and Bobby tell her good night, Bobby gets Teddy off his lead, then they head back into the house and get to bed.

Sally arrives back home, all is quiet, when she walks, in the kitchen, she walks out to the living room. Peggy is laying on the futon, watch the news, Edward is laying on the rug in front of her, she walks back to their bedroom and finds Kathy laying in bed reading a book, Sally says, "hi sweetie, I'm going to take a shower quick, you take yours.?"

Kathy says, "yes Peggy and I took a quick shower together, I'm sorry, I thought you might be awhile."

Sally says, "no way, don't be sorry I want you and Peggy to be lovers."  Sally goes and takes a quick shower and hops in bed with Kathy, they talk awhile, yet quickly fall asleep.

Monica arrive's at Michael's farm  Monday June 20th 7am

Monica pulls up in front of the shop at Michael's farm at 7:05 am, walks in the house, Peggy and Kathy are is sitting at the kitchen table talking, both say, "good morning Monica the second she comes through the door into the kitchen, Monica smiles says, "good morning to you's." then she seen there is coffee, and some clean cups flipped upside on a towel, Kathy says, "grab a cup of coffee, Sally said you like coffee."  Monica replies, "I'm addicted to almost as much as cock.",  Kathy giggles, "you are one of us then, because all us girls are here."

Monica sets down at the table, and takes a sip of her coffee, says, "good coffee to, thanks, so what are you's up to today?" 

Peggy says, " I'm going to take Kathy around so she can get to know a few of the group dogs, her and I have been working on getting all the group dogs to take her as one their bitches to stud weekly."

Monica says," how many dogs will you's see today."

Peggy says, "we see three dogs, but all three this morning, then see them all again starting at 5pm."

Monica looks at Kathy and smiles, "so you'll be getting bred 6 times today?"

Kathy smiles and says, "yes, then we do the same with three different dogs every day this week, so I'll get breed 30 times this week."

Peggy then says, "Kathy will then see all 15 of those dogs, Wenesday, Thusday, Friday next week, she will be introduce to 6 more dogs Monday and Tuesday, then she will start seeing all of them on her own on a regular schedule of 5-6 dogs a day, so she is always being bred about 30 times a week, Sally and I see the dogs as well but only get bred about 10 times a week."

Kathy says, "Sally told us you have a great dane that breeds you."

Monica replies, "yes, his name is Socks, he is 3 years old now, I have him breeding me every other day right now."

Peggy says, "we can have some of the group dogs start breeding you if you like, this week 10 of the group guys have their dogs coming of age, in the next month 10 more of the guys will have dogs coming of age, by spring next year we will have about 65 stud dogs in the group breeding us girls, and we want all the dogs to stud at least twice a week."

Monica says, "I'd like to get bred by just dogs two days a week if possible."

Peggy says, "I think the way we can get you introduced to the dogs is by going with Kathy primarily, the main thing is, once any of starts getting bred by a dog, we need to see that dog at least twice a every 5 days, that is my belief anyway."

Monica says, "yeah I'll do whatever you and Sally tell me to do, I know just the scheduling has to be complex in itself, and I don't work any longer so I'm free as far as scheduling 7 days a week, because I have Socks I just want to be home by 6pm, I can see men at my place, they can spend the night etc."

Peggy says, "Louis and Marcus want to both want to take you up in their rooms and make love with you alone first thing, like as soon as they get down here from showering. My husband Jeff will be here at 9am to make love to you, after that it's up to you a Sally."

Monica smiles big, and says, "that a very good start, I have my douching supplies, I wore this shirtdress, no panties so I can get nude quick, so I think I ready to start."

Kathy says, "eat some special K, now Sally will make you!" as she giggles, the bowls are on the counter."

Monica takes the hint, gets up and makes herself a bowl of cereal, and sets back down at the table."

Kathy says, "speaking of shirtdresses, I'm making matching shirtdresses for all the group girls, I have to go get the fabric for Bobby's today, let me get all your measurement here as soon as you finish your cereal." 

Monica replies, "yes certainly, I'd love that, so you sew a lot?"

Kathy replies, "yes, I love to sew, so anything you need, just let me know."

Peggy pipes in and says, "she can sew very well."

Kathy says, "thank you, I try, I been making clothes since I was about 10 years old, my grandma taught me, she did it for a living."

Marcus walks in the kitchen says, "good morning." as he walks and gets a cup of coffee and sits down at the table, smiles at Monica and says, "I see they've got you on the special K group girl diet."

Monica smiles and says, "yep, following orders."

Marcus smiles and says, " good, cause Louis will down in a minute and he likes to give orders, I hope your a submissive type."

Monica smiles sheepishly and says softly, "I'm very submissive."

Marcus grins, and says, "I really enjoyed my time with you last night even though it was short, would you like to go up and lay down with me in a little while, spend a little longer together?'

Monica sheepishly says, " I'd like that a lot, Kathy is going to get my measurements for a dress, do you want to eat then come get me?"

Marcus replies, "I will do just that."  Monica gets up, rinses her bowl in the sink, Kathy stands, the two of them head to the studio.

Meanwhile, Bobby and Eric are sitting at the table eating special K as well, and Bobby just finishes his and is dialing the number for hotel in Colorado, it rings, the hotel operator asks, "how can I help you."  Bobby replies, "room 25." the room rings, "hello this is Michael."  Bobby says, " oh I am so glad, I got you."  Michael says, " me too, I been thinking about you so much, I'm so excited to meet Eric, Susan told me he is a great guy for you."  Bobby replies, "he will be a great guys for you, I can wait until you and him can make love to."

Michael replies, "Susan told me he is going to a house group man, so that is cool, she told me you want to start transitioning fully as well, but we got to get going we have to be at the hospital in a hour, and Jodie and Susan want to have breakfast first, so I love you, and Susan will call you as soon as my surgery is over ok."

Bobby replies, " I love you, and I'll wait to hear from Susan, bye for now."

Michael says, "bye." they both hang up.

Eric says, " are you going to be at Michael's place all day, you think?"

Bobby replies, "yes I'll work in Michael's shop on the funiture for the new terrace, I want to have it all done before he gets home, plus I want to talk to Sally first thing about our plan of getting all nine of your lady friends into the group. (Eric says, " what if we had two of my lady friends spend the day at Michael's with Monica, Monica and I can introduce them or just Monica can introduce them to Sally each morning, the group guy can play with the three of them all at once and thus two of the ladies see the 6 different guys each day at least, then I could go stud the two of them and Monica when they were done a 6pm if they still want to see me, or I'd be here at least if they call me) 

Eric replies, "lets head over there now, and talk to her, I'm sure they are up and about." 

Bobby replies, "if not we can take Edward for his morning walk, if Monica is there you can make love to her if you have time."

Eric says, " I can hang out there until about 9am then I have to head over to a few stables west of Clinton and shoe some horses."

Bobby and Eric drive their trucks over to Michael's place, as they get out of their trucks, Eric says, "Monica is here." they  walk up into the kitchen, Sally, Kathy, Peggy and Louis are sitting at the table, they all say good morning, Sally says, " grab some coffee and sit with us." Eric and Bobby do just that as Eric says, "Monica here?"  Sally says, "yeah Marcus and her are up in his room making love."

Louis says, " I was going to make love with her next, but you can if your in a hurry."

Eric replies, " I have to go at 9am, so if you think you can be done with her by 8:30, you go next."

Louis replies, "they've been up there about 15 minutes, so give them until 7:45, if they come down then I'll see her."

Eric says, "sounds good."

Bobby then says, "Eric and I wanted to mention a idea we had for getting his nine lady friends started into the group."

Sally says smiling, " I am very open to any suggestions."

Eric says, " what if we had two of my lady friends spend the day at Michael's with Monica, Monica and I can introduce them or just Monica can introduce them to Sally each morning, the group guy can play with the three of them all at once and thus two of the ladies see the 6 different guys each day at least, then I could go stud the two of them and Monica when they were done a 6pm if they still want to see me, or I'd be here at least if they call me."

Sally ponders the idea, then says, "good thinking, I have Monica line up 2 of the ladies for tomorrow and I line 5 guys who will come here for them, at least we can get the ball rounding so to speak. Bobby what are you're plans for today?"

Bobby replies, I thought that I would work in the shop and try to get the terrace furniture done."

Sally replies, good, maybe you can go to the fabric store cross-dressed with Kathy, Susan was telling me you want to start to fully transition to female as soon as possible.

Bobby replies, "yes except for school and working at Ben's, I want to dress to pass as female all the time, the get my breast implants and GRS surgery like Michael when I turn 18, then become a full time group girl, and always dress as a female, the guys will just have to use my bottom to penetrate me is all, I like to say that Eric and I could then get married, but forget it isn't legal, omg, it sounds like we are living in the 18th century when I say it like that."

Sally looking very serious says, " a lot people in this country still live in the 18th century unfortunately, you's should be able to get married, forgive me but it's bullshit that you can't, all is good though, we must just do the best we can, and we will all help you transition all that we can and we know Eric is you're Man and your is Girl, that's all that matters."

Eric pipes in and says, "yes, one of my lady friends is Jewish, her grandmother escaped germany during WW2, all of her relatives except her younger brother were killed by the Nazis. But a lot of the beliefs of our country stem on religious beliefs, and how the Jewish people were treated by a good many Christians people in the U S is a atrocity in itself."

Peggy says, " yes I love history, and have read much about the Holocaust, and it is terrible how the U S as a whole responded to the Nazis killing the Jewish people, by the time the war was over the Nazis had killed 6 million of the 9 million Jewish people living in Europe."

Peggy looks at Louis and says, " I don't need to explain, how people in the U S have treated black people, all I know there are a lot of mental ill people, because in my book, racism, Xenophobia  and Antisemitism are a form of mental illness and should be publicly stated by the mental heath profession as such. The health profession calls homosexuality, transsexuality and zoosexuality a mental illness, yet we aren't harming our human or dog lovers, makes no sense to me, dam it was illegal to have same sex, sex in this country until the 1970's, the Christians still condemn us."

Louis smiles and says, "that is why I don't believe in any religions, only a great creator type entity."

Peggy replies, "same here."

Sally, Eric and Bobby all say that they feel similarly.

Jonnny comes walking in the kitchen door, says, "good morning." everybody tells him good morning.

Sally says, "Johnny are you going to be around here for a little while?"

Johnny replies, " I can if you want me to as long as you like, at least until about 4pm, then I am going to feed the cattle."

Sally smiles big and says, " I know I want you to stud me, Kathy, Bobby and Monica sometime today."

Johnny smiles and says, "I was hoping you'd say that."

Sally says, "we are trying to put a schedule together for Monica, and get Eric's lady friends introduced into the group, hopefully you will be available this week to stud them, I noticed last night that you were to obstain from ejaculating, that is good, you'll need to do that with the new ladies likely, get them to orgasm, then pull out."

Johnny replies, "yes I've been working on controling myself that way."

Peggy smiles and says, "just remember, you can practice on me all you want."

Johnny smiles big and says, " I want to practice on you a lot."

Peggy says, "good, you can practice on me when my husband Jeff gets here, his is going stud Monica but he likes watching guys stud me a lot, then you cum in his mouth for me to watch."

Johnny asks, "does he like studded to?"

Peggy says, "he is wanting to start getting studded soon, I just showed him how to clean and prepare his bottom for it, so he may let you do it today."

Johnny says, "I'd be happy to do that for you's."

Monica and Marcus come walking in the kitchen, tell Johnny hi, then Monica looks at Louis and says, "Louis let me douche, then I will be right back out." Monica grabs her tote bag and heads for the bathroom.

Sally looks at Eric and says, "do you have time to call a few of your lady friends, and see if they would like to come meet me today?"

Eric says, "sure, I can try calling right now."

Sally replies, "Bobby why don't you take Eric in the studio, and use the phone in there, if they can't come today, we can have 2 of them come every day this week."

Eric and Bobby head to the studio, Sally then asks Kathy, "do you think you could take Bobby with you crossdressed to get some fabric first thing before he starts working in the shop?"

Kathy replies, "yep, anything else we need?"

Sally ponders a second, yes why don't you take him to that little grocery store up in Lost Grove, Sally gets up and grabs her tip coffee can off then counter, count out 500 dollars, and hands it to Kathy and says, "here is 500 dollars, put 200 in the bug to keep for emergencies, then get 50 dollars worth of pork loin and 50 dollars worth of cooked prime rib, use the rest for fabric."

Kathy takes the money and walks out to her bug and puts it in the glove box, then goes and get Edward, leads him to his feeding trough and gets him fed, then walks back in the house.

As Kathy walks in, Peggy, Johnny, Marcus and Sally are giggling, then she hears Monica crying out from Louis's bedroom upstairs, as she must be having a intense orgasm.

Kathy says, "somebody is feeling really good."

Marcus chuckles and says, "remember, I got her warmed up."

Peggy says, "you got the energy to warm me to?"

Marcus stands, grabs her hand and leads her upstairs, Peggy says, "make me scream so I can make you look good." as they walk up the stairs.

Not 5 minutes after Marcus and Peggy go upstairs, Monica and Louis come walking in the kitchen smiling, Monica says, "Louis said that Eric was going to stud me next." 

Sally says, "yep, go get him, he and Bobby are in the studio calling the ladies." Monica says, "ok I'll go see how that is going." Monica walks down the hallway toward the studio.

As Monica walks in the studio, she sees Eric is on the phone, so she goes and sets down next to Bobby on the couch and whispers, "any luck yet?"

Bobby says, "Oliva will come out right now and meet Johnny for sure, he is talking to Jennifer right now."

Monica replies, "good, tell Eric that I'm going to douche, then I'll be ready for him if he gets off the phone before I get back."

Bobby replies, " I will."  Monica heads to the bathroom to douche.

Not 2 minutes after Monica walks out, Eric hangs up the phone and says, "Jennifer is going to come out right now."

Bobby replies, "Monica is douching herself for you right now, you's better make it a quickie."

Eric smiles, takes of his shorts and says, "I'll bend her over the table here and stud her right here so you can watch."

Bobby smiles big and says, "I would love that."

Monica comes walking in a few minutes later, sees Eric is stroking his hard cock, and quickly drops to her knees and starts sucking his cock as she mumbles, "oh I so horny, please fuck me silly, please." Eric gets her up off her knees, bent over the sewing table, then slowly slides his cock up inside her pussy. Monica squeals loudly as it goes in, then Eric steadily starts thrusting in and out of her, Monica starts to gasp, grunt and yelp non-stop, in less then a minute she is wildly squirming about and crying out, "I cumming, fuck me hard, please, please."  Eric pulls all the way out and quickly thrusts all the way back in her, then does it again as she drops her chest onto the table and jerks about wildly. Eric stops, holds his cock tight up inside her until her orgasm subsides, then he pulls completely out of her, gets her lifted up and turned so he can hold her tight.

Monica then lifts up and passionately kisses Eric for a minute, then starts giggling and saying, "Oh Eric, I want to live like this every day, oh my I have never felt so good as I do this morning."

Eric smiles as he holds her and says, "well there is no reason you can't do this every day, myself and the guys are here to please you."

Monica lays her face against his chest and says, "I so much want to please you and all the guys as well, be all of you's full-time slut."

Eric says, "you'll be a dam good slut for all the guys, I do know that, now lets go see Sally so you can start pleasing some more guys today." Eric takes her hand and leads her out to the kitchen, sets her down at the kitchen table, kisses her forehead kisses Bobby on the lips, and says, "I'll call in a little while and check in, bye for now." Eric walks out the door, everybody says, bye.

Bobby says, "Oliva and Jennifer are on their way now to meet you's and get studded by Johnny hopefully."

Sally looks and Johnny then says, "you up for studding a few ladies?"

Johnny smiles big then says, "yes, very much so."

Sally says, "if they get here soon they can at least meet Louis and Marcus, but hopefully Jeff can stud them as well, matter fact Louis would you tell Peggy and Marcus, that two new ladies are on their way, please."

Louis heads up the stairs, knocks on the door jamb as Marcus and Peggy entangled making love, then quickly says, "we have two lady guests arriving soon." then turns and walks into his room, get dressed for school, grabs what he needs for school and heads down stairs.

Kathy takes Bobby's hand kisses Sally, then Kathy and Bobby to go to hop in her V W bug, and they head to Susan's, as they are driving down the lane Bobby says, "you want to get bred by Teddy before we go to the stores ?"

Kathy replies, "I'd like that a lot if Susan thinks it ok if I do."

Bobby replies, "yes, she wants you, Sally, Michael, myself and Jodie to be Teddy's girls to bred routinely too, especially now that she will be so busy with men."

It isn't 10 minutes after Kathy and Bobby leave when, both Cunnington and Tiecum are woofing out at front terrace, Sally looks out the kitchen window and sees a white mini van coming down the lane, Sally says, "here comes a doggie lover down the lane, white mini van and all."

Sally and Monica walk out to greet her, as they walk out the washroom door, Monica says to Sally, "this is Oliva.",  Oliva gets the van parked and shut of then steps out smiling big, then hurries to Monica, they kiss, the Monica says, "this is Sally, Sally meet Oliva."  Sally and Oliva kiss each other on the cheek, then Sally says, "welcome to your new second home you might say, let go have you meet some of our members." the three of them walk into the washroom, then up the ramp into the kitchen, Johnny, Louis, Marcus and Peggy are all sitting at the table, they all stand up as Sally walks in with Oliva and Monica.

Monica says, "everybody this is my good friend Oliva, I'll let you's introduce yourself's."

Johnny says, " hi, I am Johnny."  Oliva says, "nice to meet you."

Louis, Marcus and Peggy introduce themselves, then Marcus and Louis shake her hand, then explain that they have a class they need to get to, but hope to see her soon, they both head out to their car and leave.

Peggy shakes Oliva's hand, then says, "welcome to our family, anything you need let Sally or I know, both her and I are co-founders of the group you might say, along with several of the men you will soon meet, now please take a seat, would you like coffee or something else?"

Oliva takes a seat, says, "I'll take a coffee black please."  Sally pours her a cup of coffee sits in front of her and takes a seat, as Monica, Johnny and Peggy do.

Sally says, " kinda tell us what your understanding of our group is, I know Eric and Monica have talked to you, I also know things have been some what hurried, so if you don't mind letting us know, what role in the group you would like etc."

Oliva says, "sure, first of all, I understand that once I join and as long I belong to the group, I can only have sex with members of the group, which I really like that idea, I'm bisexual, so I like the idea I can have sex with the girls and guys in the group, and I am a receptive zoosexual and both Eric and Monica have said I be able to be with quite a few large breed male dogs, which I really like." 

Sally says, "that really is it in a nut shell, the rest is really scheduling you with members, for example we are getting Monica to start seeing 5 guys 5 days a week, and dogs 2 days a week, do you want that type of schedule. It really is up to you, you can see 1 guy a week if that is all you like, we want you to see at least as many guys as dogs for example, we have 34 group dogs owned by group men currently in a week or so 40-50 dogs that breed us members."

Oliva says, " I think I'd like to see several guys a day, right now I happy just having my Irish wolf hound Boss breed me, as far as being with dogs."

Sally says, " you can always adjust things as you get to know the men, in a week I'd like you to be making your on schedule with the men as you meet them, today you be with Johnny here first.  Johnny would you take Oliva upstairs please, Johnny stands, takes Oliva's hand and leads her up the stairs, he takes her in Louis's bedroom, and asks her, "my I undress you?"

Oliva just has a long mini dress on, she helps as Johnny slides the shoulder straps over and off her shoulders, down her arms, exposing her bare breasts, down to her belly then down over her hips then exposing her smooth bald pussy, he then drops to his knees slides the dress below her knees then she puts her hand on his shoulder and steps out of the dress. Eric tosses the dress on the chair near them, then kisses and licks his way up to her pussy and starts to nibble, lick, suck and kiss all around it, Oliva moans and flinches about, Johnny lifts up kisses her breasts then helps her lay back onto the bed, they both scoot themselves so they are positioned. some what in the center,  then they start to passionately kiss and make love.

Mean while Bobby is laying out the exercise mat on the floor of Susan's mocked up cafe dining room, Kathy says, I love this idea to make her dining room look like country cafe with the booths along the walls, counter top with old cash register."

Bobby replies, "it is pretty cool, only Susan would think of such a thing and do it."

Kathy gets on the mat and starts friskly playing with Teddy, then rubbing his cock until the pink tip pops out, then Kathy gets on her hands and knees and offers her bottom to him, Bobby watches, notices the plug in her pussy as Teddy licks her bottom a second, then hops up on her and starts poking with his penis, until he finds her lubed butt hole and his bone hard cock slides in her and then Teddy wildly starts thrusting in and out of her as Kathy moans and squeals, in less then a minute Teddy has stopped humping and is firmly locked up inside Kathy's bottom ejaculating as Kathy whimpers, before getting out of the room Kathy is having a orgasm.

Bobby quietly sneaks out and goes and gets dressed like the girl he wants to be.

Back at Michael's, Jennifer arrives, Monica greets her outside as she steps out of her tan colored mini van, they kiss then Monica leads her into the house, Peggy and Sally stand as Monica and Jennifer walk into the kitchen, both Peggy and Sally then step to Jennifer, shake hands as they all introduce themselves, then they all get seated at the table.

Jennifer says, "thank you so much for having me, I've been so excited to meet you's and get started as a group girl."

Sally says, "we are excited to have you, your a very attractive lady, I'm sure our group men with be excited to meet you as well, just so you know, there are 3 of us group girls that live here at the house, all 3 of us girls are bisexual, receptive zoosexuals. As Sally pets Cunnington here is my lover, Peggy is petting Tiecum, he belongs is a group members that is away on a trip.

Jennifer says, "thats nice you's watch him,."

Sally says, "we like watching a members dog." one at a time, and we have the pleasure of being bred by him while he stays."

Jennifer replies, "that nice to know, I'll have to get you introduced to my Irish wolf hound Wolf, I hate boarding him or always pushing him off on the others ladies if I need I get called at the last minute for a flight."

Peggy says, "your a flight attendent?"

Jennifer replies, " yes, 1 more year, I will have been with United airlines for 20 years, then I'm calling it quits."

Sally asks, "what do you think you want most from belonging to the group?"

Jennifer replies, " I thing steady, for sure companionship with dogs, men, and other ladies, I'd say I more a dog lover then anything as far as male companionship now that I been getting bred by dogs the last 15 years, I very much love being with women as well, but I love man cock to. Monica has told me we get tipped by the men, so after I leave United I like to be a full-time group girl."

Sally says, "Jeff one of the group men will be here soon, if you like he can take you up stairs, you and him can get to know each other, then we will have other men visiting with us through out the day to meet you. I think what would be best is, schedule times with the men so you can start seeing them on routine basis, they all know you'll need to start meeting all the 74 group men, so they will help you get introduced to the other men.  Peggy hands Jennifer a small yellow note pad, and says, "get all the guy's phone numbers, names written down as you meet them, get yourself a good schedule book to keep with you always, keeping a schedule is the hardest part of what we do it seems, the rest is fun, or should be."

Sally grins and says, "especially when you start seeing 5-6 men a day."

Monica pipes in, " I will be able to introduce you to guys as well, so I think introductions to the men should speed up as we go."

Sally replies, " good point all of us group members are free to introduce one group member to another, for example Monica has been with 17 men from the group, all of whom will be seeing her routinely now."

Jennifer grins sheepishly and says, "as you know all nine of us ladies have been performing fellatio on Eric quite frequently for since he was 16, so I'm very excited to start getting studded by him routinely."

Sally replies, " yes the way it looks Eric will be kept busy just serving the nine of you ladies weekly."

Peggy says, "that is another thing, you might meet guys who want you every day, every other day, there is nothing wrong with that, you'll likely be giving a lot of lunch time blow-jobs, it's up to you. I often will give three different men, at three different close locations blow-jobs from about 11:30 to 1pm every day, so there is 15 different men right there, I have them tip half, that is completely up to you.

Sally replies, " yes, I scheduled it so I was giving blow-jobs at lunch every day, then one day a week give 10-15 blow-jobs from 7am to 6pm, that way I could see as many of the men possible in some capacity every week."

Jennifer replies, "I love sucking cock, so that sounds like how I will approach it.

Peggy replies, "Jeff who you will be seeing here soon, has one of the group girls give him a blow-job every day, 7 days a week, that is basically all he does with the girls, so making love to you today is not his normal routine, he is also bi, and sucks about 50 of the group men's cocks routinely, so he can introduce you to a lot of the men."

Jennifer replies, "yeah I'd say after today, I should have no problem meeting the men at my on pace and schedule."

Sally says, "excellent, that way it frees me up to get the rest of you nine ladies started into the group this week, you have Eric's number, just schedule your time with him, see him at your place or Susan's. Cecil you will meet at 10 am, make love with him, he can get you introduced to many of the men, then I think you will be set for now."

Jeff pulls up to the house and walks on in, and meets Jennifer, then he and Jennifer go down in the basement and started taking their clothes off, Jennifer says, "I was told you like you cock sucked often." 

Jeff replies, "yes, the girls and I often suck each other at the same time and try to climax together, I also suck many of the men in the groups cocks, I try to suck one of the guys cock's every day if possible, so I would love to see you every evening this week and you and I could try to see as many men as possible."

Jennifer smiles big and says, "I be at your house every night this week then."

Jeff says, is 5pm a good time?"

Jennifer says, "yep, a great time."

Jeff says, "Peggy and I are married, so you'll be seeing her a lot likely, now do you want to lay down and suck each other."

Jennifer smiles big, says yes, then lays on her side on the bed, Jeff climbs on the bed so he can start licking her pussy, as Jennifer takes his cock in her mouth. 

Jennifer says, " I love your nice bald cock alot." as she kisses and licks it.

Jeff says, "I like your nice bald pussy, and you taste and smell lovely, thank you."

Sally get on the phone and starts calling different group men, within a short time she has 3 men coming to the farm for lunch, Greg, Gary and Daniel.

Johnny brings, Oliva back down to the kitchen after she cleans up in bathroom, due the fact Johnny ejaculated in her pussy.

Peggy, is just about to leave, but she grabs Johnny and leads him to the studio, once in the studio, Peggy pulls her shorts off, sits on the futon then says, "Johnny I need to cum, will you please suck me until I do." , Johnny drops to his knees spreads her legs and eagerly starts performing cunnilingus on her.

Sally, Monica and Oliva talk about the upcoming week, and her schedule.

Over at Susan's, Teddy has pulled out of Kathy's bottom after being locked up inside her 20 minutes, she is cleaned up and dressed, Bobby is dressed to pass as a female, Kathy very much thinks so as they drive down the lane in Kathy's old V W bug, and Kathy says to Bobby, "no one is going to know you are a transgender person, I'm so sure." then they turn west on the blacktop, first stop is the fabric store.

Bobby wonders as they drive along the country black top road and he pondering being a female full time, then he says, "if not for the fact that I have two more years of school, I wish I could dress and just be a female, get the surgery like Michael, get my breast implants, just be done with the whole thing, and live like I am just a girl."

Kathy replies, "Michael and I have talked quite a bit about how it feels for him to be be transsexual, and I know he wishes he could pass like you can, that is why he only wants his penis removed and now have pussy like a girl, yet he knows trying to pass would not be a good idea, due to how people will treat him. I guess what I'm saying is, if you showed up at school dressed like a female now, I think it would cause you a lot of pain, so waiting is what I think would be best for you, plus you will be 18, you don't need your parent's consent."

Bobby replies, "keep reminding me, because anymore I dread even going back to school, I know I only want to build furniture with Michael, school has woodshop, yet Michael is far more talented than any of my shop instructors. In essence going back to school is like a total waste of time. Michael is so backed up with armoires to build, last he told me he has 10 to build for people who have already ordered them, he has a booths to build to make a dining room similar to Susan's. Michael trying to find someone who will do the upholstery on them so he can get them lined up, there is no end, my thought is, I could be helping him, learning the trade I know I want to be doing the rest of my life, instead of sitting in some class room buying time.

Kathy replies, "now that you put it that way, and myself only just completely high school a year ago, and knowing for sure I wanted to make clothes, yes it was tough those last few years at school, especially because I wanted to be with my grandma, learning the sewing trade from her instead. I must say, I regret that I didn't spend those last two years working with her instead of going to school, because like you, there was no one at school who could begin to teach me what grandma could teach me, so I lost 2 years of experience, that's a big deal, especially due to her age, time is precious in that regard, just as in your case with Michael.

Bobby replies, "what if you would of quit school, and worked full-time with your grandma, how do you think you'd feel about not having a high school diploma?"

Kathy replies, "a high school diploma means nothing to me now, because all the work I will ever be doing is what I am doing, Sally and I will always get by just doing what we do, we will always live with Michael and you, and now Eric, I am sure of that, as I can be sure of anything."

Bobby replies, " yes, I'm sure that you, Sally, Michael, Eric and myself will always live together or at least at Susan's next door as we are now, I will never leave Susan's side I am sure of that, even if Eric told me he needed to move away, I'd stay with Susan, I've never loved anyone so deeply as I do her."

Kathy asks, "how do you think your mom and dad will feel when you transition to female?"

Bobby replies, "mom has known I've wanted to be female for the last few years, so she knows I will be, I think dad is happy simply because mom and I are no longer having sex, so he will be fine."

Kathy replies, "I say, you, me, Sally, Susan, Eric and Michael sit down for a long pow-wow after Michael gets back and talk about it."

Bobby says, "yep, I agree 100%."

Kathy pulls the bug into a parking spot at the fabric store, gets it shut off, her and Bobby look at each other she squeezes his hand, smiles, says, "I'm with you the whole way, here to starting your new life as a woman, love you."  they both step out of the bug, and head in the store. Bobby though nervous at first, yet after a store employee approaches them and asks, " can I help you and Kathy shows her a few pieces of fabric she has brought with her, the lady leads them to the different fabrics that Kathy needs, then leads them to a large table, where she cuts off the selected amount of fabric needs of each fabric type, then puts it all in paper bag, all the while the lady helping them looking directly at Kathy and Bobby and talking to them care free, even commenting on Bobby's dress and after Bobby says "thank you." to her, she does suspect his voice. Kathy pays her, Bobby grabs Kathy's hand and they walk out of the store together cheerfully talking, once in the bugs, Bobby leans over and gives Kathy a kiss, and giggles, then says, "that was very fun.", Kathy replies, "yeah, like we are spies, on a secret mission."

Kathy starts the beatle bug, and they head north on the county black top to the grocery store in Lost Grove, Bobby says, "when we get back, I want to suck you so much." 

Kathy replies, "I'd like that alot, if you did."

Mean while, as Oliva, Monica and Sally sit in the kitchen talking, Oliva says, "I'd definitely like to spend a day with Johnny, he said he would ride his stallion Oscar over here so I could ingest his semen, after Greg, Gary and Daniel meet you ladies over lunch."

Sally replies, "that sounds like fun, do all you ladies ingest your own stallions semen?"

Oliva replies, "yes, Eric mastubates the stallions, then we get down and take the semen when they begin ejaculating."

Monica says, "I'm the only one who doesn't have a horse, so I ingest Eric's stallion Smokey's semen."

Sally replies, "I'd like to try ingesting horse semen, one of this days, it sounds delicious."

Oliva smiles big, and says, "all us ladies think so, and we get a big mouthful of it as well, I think it is very delicious, once I had my first taste I was hooked, now I want it all the time, just like I want bred by my wolf hound, Boss."

Sally asks, "how often does Boss breed you generally?"

Oliva replies, "he is 2 years old, and wants to breed me a lot, so I let him breed me as often as he wants me, some days he might breed me 4 times a day, other days only once, yet he always breeds me once a day."

Sally replies, "yeah when I was the only one that Cunnington was breeding, it was similar, I let him breed me whenever he wanted to and he as well might breed 4 times a day at times, actually I am hoping to only be getting bred by the dogs in a few weeks, then just perform cunnilingus on all of the females of the group. After having Tiecum here staying with us and seeing how well Edward, Cunnington and Tiecum are getting along, I'd like to get a new male puppy soon, Susan wants another male wolf hound as well."

Oliva says, "in that case, I love to have you sucking me right now." Oliva stands, holds out her hand to Sally, Sally stands, as she takes her hand then leads Oliva to her bedroom, once in the bedroom Oliva crawls onto the bed, gets seated so she has a pillow between her and the headboard, then spreads her legs offering herself to Sally. Sally crawls between Oliva's legs and eagerly begins kissing and licking Oliva's pussy, Oliva moans, then says, "that's a good girl, I need a sexy young lady like you sucking me every day."

Sally mumbles, "oh come by every day, I suck you every day, you taste so good." 

Mean while, Peggy climaxes in the studio as Johnny performs cunnilingus on her, Jeff and Jennifer come walking down to the kitchen after both of them wash up in the bathroom upstairs, Jennifer has no need to douche, since Jeff ejaculated in her mouth, they find Monica setting at the table talking to Cecil.

Cecil stands, and Jennifer and him introduce themselves, Jennifer takes Cecil's hand and leads him upstairs, at the top of the stairs, Jennifer says, "would you like to lean me over the hand rail, my pussy is wet and ready."

Cecil replies, "that would be my honor." , Jennifer leans over the baluster, and Cecil soon has his penis slid up inside her warm wet pussy.

Johnny and Peggy walk out in the hallway, as they walk past Sally's bedroom, they can hear moaning coming from within, they walk on out to the kitchen and find Monica sitting at the table, writing out her schedule the best she can for now.

Peggy says to Monica, "would you tell Sally that I'm going to the dive shop, and call me when she gets a chance, I'll see you's later."

Johnny and Monica say good-bye as Peggy disappears out the door.

Johnny then holds out his hand to Monica, and says, "would you like to play again?"

Monica smiles and says, "thats what I'm here for, Jennifer and Cecil are upstairs, shall we go to the basement?"

Johnny replies, "we can go to the basement, living room, outside on the new terrace, the studio, you name it."

Monica says, "in that case, I like to see this new terrace I heard you were working on."

Johnny holds out his hand, she takes it and leads her out of the kitchen, down the ramp, then out the back door of the washroom, and then out onto the terrace.  Monica says, "wow, this is beautiful and nice size." 

Johnny replies, "thanks, yeah I think it will get used a lot, especially after we get it screened in, and Michael and Bobby get done with the furniture for it, we have a padded mat though, he giggles, if you want to get on your hands and knees I can stud you doggy style."

Monica replies, "you know I love it doggie style, and in my bottom deep." 

Johnny says, "I'll be right back, I'll grab some k-y jelly, if you want to spread the mat out."

Monica replies, " sure." then gets the mat laid down on the newly placed brick floor of the terrace, then gets on her hands and knees on the mat, to be ready for Johnny when he returns, which he does in less then a minute.

Johnny kneels down behind, lubes her butt hole good with k-y, then lubes his penis, then slowly pushes his penis up in side her as she squirms and whimpers, Johnny pushes his cock completely up inside her and holds it there as he rubs her clit, Monica moans and wiggles about, rocks herself back and forth, sliding the big thick cock in and out of herself, and mumbling, "oh Johnny your big cock feels so good in me."

Johnny replies, "you feel so good wrapped around it, believe me." 

After about a minute, Monica cries out, "oh Johnny your making me cum." then she pushes herself hard backwards onto his cock, starts huffing and puffing, then squealing loudly as her orgasm begins, then she jerks about grunts and whimpers as her orgasm takes over. Monica remains still and quivers, then starts rocking back and forth on Johnny's cock again she mumbles, "when you have to cum, cum in my mouth."  After about 5 minutes, of rocking wildly back and forth on Johnny's cock, Monica cries out, "fuck me as hard as you can, don't stop until your ready to cum in my mouth." , Johnny pulls nearly all the way out of her butt, just the head of it still stuck in, then thrust hard back slapping hard against her butt, as Oliva and Sally now lay in Sally's bed kissing and cuddling, they try to suppress their giggles as they can clearly hear Johnny and Monica going at it right outside the bedroom window next to the terrace. Johnny only lasts about a minute before he pulls his cock out of Monica's butt, stands up and gets to the front of her and strokes his cock in front of her face, Monica wraps her lips around the head of the cock, just as Johnny arches back, then jerks his hips and begins ejaculating into Monica's mouth.

Monica swallows and sucks the remaining semen from his cock head, then looks up at him and says, "yummy, thank you, please make me suck you anytime you want."

Johnny then stands, says, "wait one second, I get a warm wash cloth and wash you up.", Johnny hurries in the washroom gets a wash cloth, soaked good with warm water, and hurries back out to Monica, kneels down and gently cleans her bottom thoroughly, then he helps her up, Monica kisses him on the lips, and says, "thank you so much for treating me well." 

Monica and Johnny gets their clothes back on and walk back up in the kitchen, they find Sally, Jennifer, Oliva, Jeff and Cecil all sitting at the table talking.

They all smile at Johnny and Monica as they walk in and sit down, then Monica giggles and says, "who wants me next?"

Cecil quickly says, "I do! ", Monica replies, "I know I want all I can get until 6pm!" she looks at clock, it's 10:30 now, let me go douche, freshen up and I'll be right back out." she grabs her tote bag by the back door, and heads to the bathroom, Cecil hollers at her, "take your time, I'm no young stud like Johnny here!"

Monica hollers back, "we'll make do."

Kathy and Bobby come driving down the lane, Kathy says, "how about you and I drop off the fabric and meat, then run back over to Susan's, I then masturbate Teddy if he will let me, then suck on him while he ejaculates in my mouth while you suck me?"

Bobby replies, "I'd like that, lets do it." 

Mean while, Sally says everybody at the table, " I'm going to go up and put clean bed sheets on Marcus and Louis's beds, you's sit and chat, get each others addresses, phone numbers, schedule times with each other." , Sally stands and walks up stairs.

Bobby and Kathy walk into the kitchen nearly the moment Sally disappears upstairs, they say hi to everybody, Bobby puts the meat in the frig. as Kathy takes the fabric back to the studio, half expecting to see Sally in there, the bathroom or the bedroom, no Sally. Kathy walks back to the kitchen, and says, "you seen Sally?"


Jeff replies she is upstairs, Kathy hurries up the stairs, fines Sally putting a clean sheet on Marcus's bed, Kathy hurries and starts helping her, Sally says, "how did Bobby do?"

Kathy smiles big and replies, "great, no one even suspected he wasn't really a female, so he feels great about it."

Sally replies, "that is great, I know he wants to dress and pass full time as a female from now on for the rest of his life."

They get Marcus's bed made up, then move to Louis's room and change his bed sheet, Kathy says as they finish, "is it ok if I hang out with Bobby at Susan's awhile, I'm going to suck Teddy while Bobby sucks me, then we will be back."


Sally replies, "that is fine, it would be nice if you could get to know the new ladies, so you can routinely start performing cunninglingus on them, start ingesting their stallion's semen and meet their dogs." , Kathy carries the sheets following Sally and says, "oh yes I very much want to do all of that with the ladies."

Sally asks, "could you start those sheets washing in the washer on your way out please."

Kathy replies, "yep", as they walk into the kitchen, Kathy looks at Bobby an says, "let's head to Susan's." , both Bobby and Kathy say bye to everybody and walk down to the washer, Kathy gets the sheets and soap in and starts the machine, then go out and hop in the bug, and drive off to Susan's.

As they drive down the lane, Bobby says, "are you sucking the dogs cocks often now, not yet but I want to start sucking them more often, I've sucked Cunnington's a few times now, and I loved ingesting all his semen a lot, I'm hoping Johnny is going to have me start ingesting Oscar's semen regularly as well, he thinks he might be to able take me over today, so I can take his cock in my mouth while Oscar ejaculates, I loved the taste of Edward's semen, I should like Oscar's as well."

Bobby replies, "so you have ingested Edward's semen"

Kathy replies, "I have once, and I want to start ingesting his semen as often as possible as soon as Michael is feeling back to normal."

Bobby says, "you got me wanting it to now."

Kathy says, "I now know why Michael loves ingesting Edward's semen, that's for sure."

Kathy and Bobby, pull around to the back door at Susan's, Teddy is waiting at the back door, Bobby take him out to his paddock so he can potty and be outside for awhile, while Bobby and Kathy, go in and take a quick shower together, then Kathy crawls on the bed, gets a pillow leaned against the headboard lays back and spreads her legs as Bobby crawls between her legs and starts performing cunnilingus on her.

Kathy asks Bobby as he performs cunnilingus on her, "do you think you'll start letting all the group men start studding you when your 18?"

Bobby replies, "I am so mixed up, please don't say anything Kathy, please, but I still want to have sex with my mom terribly, I've been sucking my mom's girlfriend Helen, and Billy her 13 year son's cock for about a year now, and I want him to stud me and he wants to stud me, if it is ok with Eric I would like to just have sex with him, mom and Helen, he is studding mom and Helen now and hopefully soon me, thus the four of us only have sex."

Kathy says, "you've definitely need to talk to Eric, because if you have sex with anyone outside the group, you can't have sex with anyone inside the group, when is the last time you studded your mom and Helen?"

Bobby replies, "a week ago, I talked to her yesterday, and she wants me to stud her and Helen, and Billy wants to stud me tonight about 5pm"

Kathy replies, " I take it, that is what you want?"

Bobby replies, "yes, very much so yet, I'm worried Eric will not want me if he can't have sex with me for 5 years until all four of us can join the group."

Kathy replies, "Bobby incest is a crime, but bestiality is or will be soon, so you, Susan, Sally, Jodie, Michael, myself and all nine of the new ladies are guilty of that, I personal was having sex with my cousin Tommy since he was 12 who is 16 now until I met Sally, what if you and Billy only have sex, your mom and Helen join the group?"

Bobby asks, "how old were you when Tommy first studded you?"

Kathy replies, "he was 12 and I was 16, and he wants me and I want him terribly too, I've talked to Sally about it, and she is going to let Tommy and I start having sex again, then he will be joining the group when his is 18. Once Tommy and I start having sex, then he will start studding Sally, then Sally and I can only have sex with the dogs and Tommy and you until both of you turn 18 and joins the group."

Bobby says, "do you and Sally want me to stud you's, because I will if you wish me to, but just you, Sally, mom, Susan and Helen, I know I can't get the surgery like Michael, I want to be able to stud Susan, you forever."

Kathy replies, " I know both Sally and I want you to stud us forever as well, Billy can start studding us as well, when can I met Billy?"

Bobby says, "he will be here tonight with mom and Helen, he is going to stud me first."

Kathy replies, " let's go call Sally right now, we'll see if she can come over and talk to us."

Kathy calls Sally, Sally with be over in 15 minutes or so with blts.

Mean while back at Michael's, as Sally, Jennifer, Oliva, Jeff sit a the kitchen table talking, Sally asks Jennifer, "would you mind if I take you in my bedroom and perform cunnilingus on you?", they both stand, Sally takes Jennifer's hand and leads her to the bedroom, they both strip nude then climb onto the bed, Sally says, as I was telling Oliva earlier, I am hoping to only be getting bred by a few of the group dogs in a few weeks, then just perform cunnilingus on all of the females of the group, I lean alot more toward a sub lesbian these days, so I'd like to serve all you nine ladies as often as you's want to stop out to the farm and have me do that for all of you." Sally starts sucking and licking Jennifer's pussy eagerly.

Jennifer replies, " I'm sure will make every effort to have you suck me daily if possible, my place is only about 10 minutes away, I love having a young ladies and guys sucking me as often as possible, you know I sure, I been sucking Eric's cock since he was 13 years old, he has sucked me since then as well."

Sally replies, "yes he told me he as been having sex with most of you ladies since he was 13, and the two young ladies Brigitte and Maria since they were 14 or 15 years old, and that they were daughters of several of you 7 older ladies."

Jennifer replies, "yes Brigitte is my daughter, her and I are lovers as well, and have been as well, she'd always had different boyfriends she had stud me since then as well until about a year ago, so I was having sex with a 13 year young man 8 years ago."

Sally replies as she momentarily stops licking Jennifer's clit, " I've been known to have sex with a few 13 year old young men as well, and just so you know, Bobby who you know is only 16, so we have to keep that under wraps as you know."

Jennifer replies, "yes, I very much understand that, all is safe with me, and what you and I talk about stays between us, I'm just so happy now that Eric can start studding all of us, he is such a awesome lover."

Sally chuckles, and says, "yes he is going to be in high demand, even Jeff wants to start sucking his cock as soon as possible."

Jennifer mumbles saying, " yes Jeff told him he sucks a lot of the group men's cocks routinely, I sure Eric will have both you and Jeff ingesting horse semen routinely in no time as well, probably be studding Jeff and you a lot to."

Sally vigorously starts sucking and licking, rubbing Jennifer's clit, as Jennifer moans, "I'm going cum, yeah you got the spot, suck it hard baby, yeah." Jennifer in second arches her back, holds Sally's head and squeals as she climaxes.

They lay still a moment then Sally crawls up on top of her and they hold each other and kiss. 

Sally replies, "I'll will do anything you ask of me I trust you, I want to be a good submissive slut for you."


Sally replies, "then that is what I will be doing daily for you, do you think you start keeping Squirt here or at Susan's?"

Jennifer says, "we can talk to Michael and Susan when they gets back, it be nice if we could have all nine of our stallions at Susan's then you could ingest all of their's semen on a daily basis, I know all of us nine ladies are going to want to strap-on peg you often as well. I've known Michael since he was 13, his aunt Becky and I were lovers until she passed, and her I had sex with Susan often, and Susan would often tell me that I was welcome to board Squirt at her place, so now that might be possible, I'm sure though once you start ingesting stallion semen, you'll want it all the time like all of us nine ladies do. Now that Eric will be living at Susan's, it will make it easy for him as far seeing us nine ladies, and masturbating the stallions for us."

Sally replies, "yes, that would be nice for me, I could just walk over every morning after breakfast and have Eric masturbate one of the stallions for me, I love swallowing cum that is for sure, now however I was going to make up some fixings for blt's for lunch"


Sally and Jennifer get dressed and walk to the kitchen, Monica, Oliva, Johnny, Jeff and Cecil are all sitting at the kitchen table chatting.

Sally says as her and Jennifer walk into the kitchen, " does everybody like blts?" , everybody says yes.

Sally and Jennifer go to work, cooking the bacon, slicing tomatoes, toasting bread etc. as they all talk.

The phone rings, Sally grabs a towel, wipes her hands and answers it, "hi Sally here." 

Kathy says, "hi, Bobby and I were wondering if you could come over and talk to us."

Sally replies, " yes I can as soon as I get done with making blts, then as soon as Greg gets here, and I get him introduced to Oliva, Jennifer and Monica, I'll come over and bring you's a blt, Greg should be here any minute."

Greg arrives, walks into the kitchen, be continued



Sally goes over to Susan's farm to talk to Bobby and Kathy.

As Sally pulls around to the back door of Susan's house, Kathy and Bobby are looking through one of Susan's photo albums, when Teddy barks, then heads for the back door, Teddy eagerly awaits for Sally to open the door, as she does, he eagerly greets her, Bobby and Kathy walk into the kitchen about the same time as Sally and Teddy do.

Sally puts the blts and potato chips on the table, Kathy and Bobby grab plates and cups and sit them on the kitchen table.

Sally says, "do I need a strong drink for what you's have to say?"

Kathy sheepishly replies, "yes, I think so, what would you like?" 

Sally says, "a bloody mary, if Susan has the makings for one." 

Bobby says, "sure, Susan drinks them, I'll make you one."

Kathy says, "make us all one, we are in this together now."

As Bobby mixes the drinks, Sally asks, "what are you getting me into?"

Bobby replies, "it is me, I want to start having sex with mom again, as well as her girlfriend Helen, and Helen's son Billy who is 13."

Kathy takes a seat next to Sally and holds her hand and says, "it is me as well, I want to start having sex with my cousin Tommy who is 16 now."

Bobby sits Sallys drink down in front of her, Sally ponders a second, then looks at Kathy and asks, "how long have you and Tommy been having sex?"

Kathy meekly replies, "for the last 4 years, until I met you, and he wants me badly and I want him badly, I'm so sorry."

Sally says, "that is fine if Tommy studs you, but only in you and I's bed or here at Susan's."

Kathy leans and kisses Sally's cheek, then says, "thank you so much, I'd like him to stud you as well."

Sally replies, "one step at a time, I'm interested in this Billy, you think he'd like to stud me as well Bobby?"

Bobby replies, "I know he is fully committed to only having sex with his mom, my mom and myself, given the circumstance, I sure after we talk to him tonight he will happily stud both you and Kathy."

Sally looks at Kathy then says, "does Tommy know, you and I have sex, and your getting studded by Louis, Marcus and Johnny?"

Kathy replies, "yes he knows, but he still wants to live with me forever, wants me to be his girl forever even though he knows we can never get married."

Sally says, "I'm sure all four of you are quite aware that incest is a crime and for me to have sex with Bobby, Tommy and Billy is a crime, so what happens between us three, Michael, Helen Billy's mom, Audrey your mom Bobby, Susan and especially both Tommy and Billy."

Bobby replies, "I know Billy is safe, he sleeps with Helen, they have sex nearly every night, just like I did with my mom until just recently, he has to be with her forever, just as I need to be with my mom and Susan."

Kathy replies, "I know that Tommy will be happy as long as I can be with him, and then move in with us when he is 18."

Sally looks at Kathy and says, "you know this means that you and I can no longer have sex with any group men, if Michael wants to get studded by Bobby he can't have sex with group men, which I know he only wants to get studded by Edward, or the dogs, and you Bobby, but I'm sure he'd like getting studded by Tommy and Billy like I would if Tommy and Billy chose to, but that is down the road. Also, you and I need to be only taking Bobby's cock up inside our butts, no more guys in our pussy, dogs fine, but no men neither one of us need to get pregnant, if after Bobby is 25 and you want to get married and have a baby, then we can talk about it then."

Kathy replies, "yes, Tommy has always only just penetrated me anally."

Bobby replies, "yes, I penetrate mom and Helen vaginally, but they are both sterile."

Sally replies, "Bobby, what about living arrangements, do you and Billy need to sleep with your mom's?"

Bobby replies, "Billy sleeps with my mom and his mom every night already, I think it is best I just sleep with Susan, mom can come here every night and have sex with me if she wants, we will just have to see, mom very much wants Billy to take me as his t-girl friend and do things with me when I dress completely female like, and start studding me routinely. Eric has agreed he will have his own bedroom here, he will be studding all nine of ladies, so he will be very busy and worn out, so he and I will no longer be having sex. I don't plan to return to school, because I want to dress full-time female from now on." 

Sally says, "what about your dad?"

Bobby replies, "he knows that I am bisexual male to female transgender girl, and that I want to start passing as a female full-time, he wishes mom and I would quit having sex, but he knows we will be forever, his reply is "I will never ask again about it", so whatever I do, quit school, have sex with Billy, Helen and mom, Susan, Michael or you two that is fine, but he only wants Billy penetrating me, just as mom only wants Billy penetrating me."

Sally asks, "Bobby does your mom know your getting penetrated by Teddy?"

Bobby replies, "yes, Susan and I told her, actually both mom and Helen have been getting bred by Teddy for several years now, and now that mom and dad are divorced now, mom and Helen are getting two Irish wolf hounds, Susan as invited them to move in with her, and Monica or any of the other ladies to move in and sleep with Eric. Eric told me that three of the ladies have adolescence sons, that are currently studding them, so they likely wouldn't be joining the group, so maybe those boys could start studding me."

Sally replies, " they could be apart of our little private group, then you, Tommy and Billy could stud them maybe."

Kathy replies, "my aunt and uncle know Tommy has been studding me since he was 13, and we have been sleeping together at my apartment all summer, regularly, so I'm sure they wouldn't mind if he moved in and started sleeping with me and you at Michael's."

Sally replies, "does Tommy have his driver's license?"

Kathy says, " yes."


Sally says, "call Tommy right now and see if he will come meet us."

Kathy gets the phone, and calls, the phone rings then Kathy says, "hi aunt Janet."

Aunt Janet replies, "dam it girl, it is about time you called, your uncle and I are so worried about you and Tommy, Tommy is sick missing you, he doesn't even want to come out of his room except to eat, and here you disappear and are living with a girlfriend lover, you know since your parents died and you came to live with us, you and him have been "kissing cousins" and I must admit are good for each other."

Kathy replies, "I know, and I've wanted to call and explain, yet I am not sure how to, I still love Tommy and want to have sex with him as always, I just thought because I like being with dogs to, it might be best if Tommy and I stopped seeing each other."

Aunt Janet replies, "Tommy, myself and your uncle don't care if you have a dog to have sex with you know that, I just know Tommy needs to be with you."

Kathy replies, "that means he'd have to sleep with my girlfriend Sally and I."

Aunt Janet replies, " can I meet Sally?"

Kathy looks at Sally and says, "would you like to talk to Aunt Janet?"

Sally replies, " most certainly." 

Kathy then says to Aunt Janet, "Sally is right here, she'd like to talk to you, is that ok?"

Aunt Janet says, "certainly it ok."  Kathy hands Sally the phone, Sally takes it.

Sally says into the phone, "hi Janet, this is Sally, it is nice to finally get to talk to you, I think especially nice for Kathy, as she has been wanting so badly to explain things to you."

Aunt Janet replies, "nice finally getting to talk to you, I know Kathy must deeply care about you, considering she stopped seeing Tommy to be with you."

Sally replies, "all I can say is I know Kathy misses Tommy terribly as well, and yet it is complex because Kathy and I love each deeply, we both want a male dog lover and I have my Irish wolf hound Cunnington who sleeps with both of us, yet under the circumstances, Tommy is welcome here to live with us with your consent."

Aunt Janet replies, "is there any chance Tommy and I could come meet you right now?"

Sally replies, "if you like you could come out in a hour, I have a few guess who will be leaving then."

Aunt Janet replies, "that would be wonderful."

Sally replies, "I will let you talk to Kathy, she will give you the directions to Michael's farm where we live, bye for now." Sally hands Kathy the phone.

Kathy says, "thanks so much, I know I'll feel much better living with Tommy here with me and Sally, Tommy knows how to get here, Bobby is here as well, he was going to come out, but then decided not to, so bring him out, tell him to plan spending the night hopefully, with your permission."

Aunt Janet replies, "it will all be fine, he and I will be out in about a hour, see you soon."

Kathy says, "see you's in a hour." hangs up the phone, then looks at Bobby seriously.

Sally says, "ok if you two have anything else your not telling me, tell me now."

Bobby then looks at Sally and says, " I've been studding Tommy since he was 13, and he studs me and was until 4 days ago, I've been studding Aunt Janet and Uncle Pete as well and Kathy until she met you, both Tommy and I were studding Kathy."

Sally replies, "no wonder Tommy is so depressed, Bobby do you think Aunt Janet are going to want to keep studding them?"

Bobby replies, "yes they both do, they told me yesterday they wanted me to." 

Sally says, "that's fine by me, is Aunt Janet sterile?"

Kathy replies, " yes, and uncle Pete is a homosexual bottom, in the closet, the only guy he has been with is Bobby."

Sally grins, then says, "oh the webs we weave, lets get ready and head over to Michael's, we gotta get the place cleared out, oh is Aunt Janet a zoosexual?"

Kathy replies, "yes, so is Tommy, they have a St.Bernard, Barney he studs Tommy and Janet, and was studding me until I met you Sally."

Sally grins, then says, "I imagine Barney has been working over time since you left the picture Bobby, and Pete has to looking for a man now."

Kathy says, "yeah, Uncle Pete and Aunt Janet have not had sex since Bobby started studding him, so he is very depressed as well."

Sally says, "maybe we could get him to join the group and Bobby could stop studding him, and he could start getting studded by the group men, maybe Aunt Janet would like that as well."

Kathy says, "I like it if they both joined the group, it would be best for everyone I believe."

Sally says, "we just might have three more sons and their mom's joining our little private group and then Bobby can stud the mom's and the sons can stud Kathy, Susan, myself and Bobby if they so choose."

Both Kathy and Bobby say, "that would be nice."

Bobby says, "and my mom and Helen, cause I know for sure myself and Billy will be studding both of them and each other forever"

Sally replies, "does Billy cross-dress to?'

Bobby replies, "no Billy, is only bisexual with me, otherwise he is all man, he already has a 8 inch penis, and he knows how to use well already, and he has only been studding me, mom and Helen a little more than a year."

Sally replies, "he will likely get thicker, I was getting studded by 13 year old Sammy, about 5 years ago until he and his parents moved to Alabama, he was 8 inch then, he and have always stayed in touch, I talked to him about a month ago, he wants to marry me, I explained to him I was part of the group, and was getting studded by many men, he said he didn't care, he wants to marry me any how, any way I commented, "I would love have that big 8 inch cock in me all the time again", he replied "it is 9 inches now and quite a bit thicker."

Kathy replies, "do you want to marry him?"

Sally replies, "other then you, he is the only person that I ever wanted to marry, but now that I met you, no I only want to marry you if they ever legalize same sex marriage, however if he wants to come back I like him to live with us start studding you, myself, Michael, Bobby for sure."

Bobby asks, "do you think he would?"

Sally replies, "let me try calling him quick."  

Sally gets on the phone, dials Sammy's number, it rings half a dozen times, then Sammy picks up and says, "hello."

Sally says, "hi there sexy, what you doing?"

Sammy replies, "oh just working on a old tractor, what you doing?"

Sally says, "just thinking about you, wondering if you still want to come back and start studding me and my new girlfriend Kathy at the moment."

Sammy replies, " I'll take you anyway I can get you, you say the word, I pack up and be on my way."

Sally says, "that would be nice, can you call me back in about 2 hours and we can talk about the living arrangements, the group status with me etc. ?"

Sammy replies, "give me the number."

Sally reads him Michael's phone number, then says, "I talk to you in a few hours." she and Sammy hang up.

Sally smiles at Bobby and Kathy, then says, " I'm sure he'll be living with us soon, now lets head to Michael's, I'll drive , you drive Kathy over Bobby, in case Kathy and I have a few drinks, get Teddy out to potty first, then I'll see you's over there."

Sally walks out and jumps in the bronco and heads to Michaels.

Sally walks in the Kitchen at Michael's there is a note on the table, it reads, " I took Oliva with me to my house, Monica went with Cecil and Daniel to Cecil's house, and Jennifer went with Jeff,and Gary to Jeff's house, Johnny went to do chores. Jennifer wants you to call her at Jeff's as soon as possible, talk soon, Greg."

Sally gets on the phone, calls Jeff, Jeff answers, " hi." 

Sally says, "hi, Jeff, Jennifer still want to talk to me?"

Jeff replies, " yes, she is right here." he hands the phone to Jennifer.

Jennifer says, "hi Sally, I wanted to let you know that I talked to the three ladies, I was telling you about, they all would like to talk to you, they all three would like to join in some capacity if possible."

Sally replies, " let me get a pad and paper."

Jennifer says, "I wrote their names and numbers down and put the paper in your tip jar/coffee can, they know I told you about their boys."

Sally says, "ok, I'll try calling right now, I'll tell them to call you afterwards. bye."

Sally calls Augusta, the phone rings, a few times, then "hi this is Augusta."

Sally replies, "hi Augusta, this is Sally, Jennifer just told me you like to talk about joining our group."

Augusta replies, "yes, I am, however you know about my son and myself's relationship, which I'm glad Jennifer told you about."

Sally says, "yes, don't worry, that is safe with me, Eric and Bobby, and you can join and be in the capacity of you can have sex with Eric, Bobby, myself and my girlfriend Kathy if you so desire, and possibly another 13 year old and your son will be able to have sex with Kathy and myself if he chooses."

Augusta replies, "I can't speak for Sean my son, but if we could meet you soon, he can decide for himself, but I think he will like."

Sally says, "if you and the other two ladies want to come here in few hours, or when Sean is available, then all of you's can meet Kathy and myself at least."

Augusta replies, "ok, let me call the other two ladies, then I'll call you back as soon as I can, bye for now." Augusta hangs up.

Sally hangs up and mixes herself a bloody mary, then sits down and pets Cunnington and Tiecum, Sally dreams, about sucking Billy's nice young cock, and soon is soak wet and is rubbing her clit when Kathy and Bobby walk in."

Kathy giggles, " you must be dreaming about Billy."

Sally smiles big, and meekly says, " yeah I want Tommy's young cock in my mouth and bottom so much."

Kathy replies, as Kathy looks at the clock, " don't worry he will be with you in about 20 minutes."

Sally replies, "you to hurry and get cleaned up for him, then take a quick shower, then I will."

Bobby and Kathy go the the bathroom, Kathy douches her bottom first, then hops in the shower, while Bobby douches his bottom, then hops in the shower with her, they wash each other, then hop out, and get dressed and head back out to Sally.

As soon as they walk in the kitchen, Sally hops up and heads to the bathroom, douches, showers, goes to the bedroom, puts on a pair of cut of blue jean shorts, and t-shirt, no bra, looks in the mirror and sees her nipples are poking through her t-shirt nice and hard.

As Sally walks in the kitchen, Bobby says, "I sure want to stud you, I know Billy and Tommy will more then me likely."

Sally replies, "I hope he studs us all."

Bobby calls his mom, she answers, " mom I really need to make love to you, Helen and Billy again, can you's come out later?"

Audrey says, "is it ok with Sally?"

Bobby replies, "yes, her and Kathy also want Billy to start studding them as well."

Audrey replies, " I'm sure he will stud them as well, we can be out to Michaels in a few hours, I know I want you studding me again like before, Helen does to, and Billy keeps asking when you will be home, he wants to stud you badly."

Bobby replies, "ok see you here at Michael's in a few hours."

Sally say, "oh my, I feel like I could have a orgasm just sitting here."

Kathy says, " if Bobby and I have our way, Tommy and Billy will be studding us daily."

Sally looks at Kathy and says, "I am going to let you lead the conversation, Janet is your aunt, and Tommy is your lover, you know them well. Also, I'm not opposed to them, your Aunt Janet, Tommy and uncle Pete moving in with us, Pete will have to be getting studded by group men though."

Kathy replies, "I'd like it if they could live with us, I think Pete would like getting studded by Johnny, Louis and Marcus for sure, other wise they will only have Jodie to stud, that live here anyway."

Sally replies, "exactly, so hopefully everybody will understand, then we have to build a room addition on, with maybe 4 new bedrooms."

Kathy replies, " yes one for Aunt Janet and Tommy, one for Uncle Pete, at least."

Sally says, "I am certain Sammy will be moving in, he will be studding all of like Eric will be."

Bobby pipes in and says, "mom, Helen, Billy, Eric and I can live with Susan, I know I have to sleep with Susan and Eric even though he can't stud any of us if he studs the ladies that want to be group girls ."

Sally says, "we will have to wait and see what Augusta says about the other two ladies with sons decide, they hopefully will move in with Susan as well, and their three boys can stud Susan as well., if we are lucky Eric will be able to stud us., we just have to wait and see."

Bobby replies, "hopefully, Susan will want studded by the boys, but if she doesn't, she doesn't need to, maybe she will only want me studding her."

Suddenly Cunnington and Tiecum's heads pop up and they walk to the kitchen window and look out, Kathy walks to them, rubs both of their backs, then says as she looks out the window, "it's just Aunt Janet and Tommy, you two stay here, I go walk them in."

Kathy walks out the backdoor and closes it behind her, then walks to greet Aunt Janet and Tommy at the washroom door, upon walking out to greet them, first Tommy gives Kathy a big hug and a kiss on the lips, and says, "I've missed you so much." Kathy replies, "yes I'm sorry, but I'm here for you now and forever, Aunt Janet then hugs Kathy, says, "we will work this all out, I'm sure."

Kathy takes Tommy's hand and says, " now come met Sally, she is eager to meet you two."

Kathy leads the way as the three of the head into the house, Kathy says, our doggies are Cunnington and Tiecum, they are both lovely boys."

Aunt Janet giggles, "their names suit them."

Kathy giggles, then replies, "yes they do, very well suit them."

As Kathy opens the kitchen doors, the dogs politely greet them, then Sally says as she stands and offers her hand to them both, "boys, let them in, hi Janet, hi Tommy."

They shake hands then they all get seated at the table."

Kathy says, "Aunt Janet you want some wine, some stronger?, Tommy what you want?" 

Tommy replies, "I'll take some wine."

Aunt Janet says, "same here."

Kathy says, as she gets their wine, "first let me explain the group that we belong to, and our roles in it, the group is comprised of about 74 men, currently 7 active group females who serve all 74 men sexually, however soon it will be 6 females, because Sally is retiring to to do her art mainly, the group men have to be 18, thus we are forming a sub group in which I belong, I only will be having sex with the 34 group dogs, whom are mainly owned by each man, I will also be having sex with Tommy, Bobby, and few other adolescence boys, ages 13 and older, Sally will be as well, Tommy will be sleeping with Sally and I and Tommy hopefully will be studding us both, Sally can you help me out please."

Sally smiles and replies, "your doing very well, I might add, we want you's to be a part of our family here, live here if you wish, Kathy says that Pete is a homosexual bottom, we have at least a dozen or more group men who will stud him, or allow him to perform fellatio on them very routinely, but he will not be able to have sex with anyone in this small sub group Kathy, myself and Bobby are a part of."

Aunt Janet asks, "what if I become a group girl?"

Sally replies, "then you can start seeing Louis, Marcus tonight, they will be home any time, they are both 22 year old University students, they live here, they both have their own rooms upstairs, yet both are group men, and Johnny lives next door, I last heard he was doing farm chores, then we can slowly introduce you and Pete to all of the other group men.  then Jodie lives here, she is a only full active group girl living here now."

Aunt Janet, looks at Tommy, then says, "I'd like try being a group girl for awhile, see how I do, see if any of the men will even want me."

Kathy says, "don't worry about that, your very sexy, in shape, you will be wanted by all 74 men, I'm sure."

Aunt Janet says, "thanks, but would you take Tommy to your bed and cheer him up please."

Kathy and Tommy smile big, Kathy says, "I'd love too." both Tommy and Kathy stand, then hurry off down the hall.

Janet says, "I hope that was ok, but Pete and I were getting very worried that he might hurt himself."

Sally replies, "this is the best place for him, we will all treat him very well, he doesn't have to do anything he doesn't want to do, that goes for you and Pete as well, all the men are safe, we all only have sex with only members of the group, thus if you or Pete have sex with any of the 74 group men, they are only having sex with the six current group girls, and any new group girls that may join."

Aunt Janet says, " I'm not working, Pete works full time, how many men do most the girls see, say in a day."

Sally replies, " it depends, but I say about 5 men, 5 days a week, each group man tips you 50 dollars each time he sees you alone for about 1 hour, 1and a 1/2 hours aprox. so they make 250 per day, if you get gang-banged the guys usually pay half, so if you get gang banged by six men 2 hours, you make say 150, they always tip more as general rule."

Aunt Janet says, "I'd like to try getting gang-banged, but I'd better try maybe 3 or 4 men a day, to play it safe, I am 45 years old now, and Pete and I talked on the phone after you and I talked, we agreed, that it is best if Tommy start living with you and Kathy, we know he will be happy, maybe that is caving in on our part, but so be it, he and Kathy belong together, we know that."

The dogs hop up. woof, then walk to the kitchen window, Bobby looks out the window, then says, "Louis and Marcus are home."

Sally says, "if you know your safe, are you up for playing with Louis and Marcus, you can be alone with each of them if they are available?"

Aunt Janet replies, "I'd like that alot and yes Pete and I got tested for all STD's this week, since we knew if Bobby wasn't coming back to us, we needed to find a new man."

Marcus and Louis come pushing through the door, say "hello quickly."

Sally says, "guys introduce yourself to Janet, she will be a new group girls for you guys, Janet stands, extends her hand, Louis steps to her first, shakes her hand and says, "hi, I am Louis.", then Marcus does the same.

Sally asks, "would each of you have time to get to know Janet?"

Marcus replies, "certainly, as long as your safe, which I am Sally has asked you already, just let me take a quick shower, make sure my bed is made up, then I'll be right back down."

Janet replies, " yes she asked, my huband and I are both safe."

Marcus smiles and says, "good, good, we will gladly stud your husband, what is his name?"

Janet replies, Pete, Pete is a passive, receptive  homosexual."

Marcus says, "I look forward to meeting him soon, be back down in a minute to get you."

Louis says, "welcome to our group, Marcus and I live here, so if there is anything you and Pete need, even furniture moved let us know."

Janet replies, " I do need a full body message every morning,,she giggles, and says, just kidding."

Louis says, "no, I'd like doing that for you anytime you like, and can be here by 7am."

Janet says, "most importantly, just be man for Pete, he needs it worst then myself."

Louis says, "Marcus and I can do that then."

Janet says, "thanks, and no need for you two to tip me either, if you can pleasure him."

Louis replies, "don't worry about it, all is good."

Sally says, "Louis, "Janet's son, Tommy is in our bedroom with Kathy, just so you know."

Louis says, "ok, thanks for filling me in, always good to be informed, you know me and intruders, I run!" he chuckles

Janet replies, "don't feel bad, I hide."

Louis giggles, " I do that to, I try running fast, first is all, then hide and think big."

Sally giggles, "yeah I hide under Louis, while he thinks big."

Janet says, "I just hope I never have to find out what I'd really do."

Louis says, "hiding is good as long as your quiet I'm told."

Sally says, "that makes sense."

Louis says, "not to change the subject, but I was wondering if you are going to be seeing all the group men, just a few, that type of thing?"

Janet says, "I'd like to see 3-4 guys a day, 5 days a week if possible."

Louis says, "thats a good work out, you able to take it both anally and vaginally?"

Janet says, "you's can penetrate me either way, I like to suck and swallow, I just ask that you tell me before ejaculating in my mouth is all."

Louis says, "certainly, none of us guys will ejaculate in your mouth without informing you, asking you."

Janet says. "other wise you can ejaculate in the place you choose, I like it all, I'm used to Bobby big cock, so I can handle a hard pounding as long as you keep me lubed up."

Louis smiles, says, "you've come to the right place, both Marcus and I are here to please you how you like it, and whenever you want it, we don't want to drive around, but you come here when you want, my bed is your bed 24/7, if you like double teamed, gang-banged, we can arrange that, I can talk dirty to you, take you out a date etc."

Bobby pipes in, "yeah Louis likes to tell us what good sluts we are."

Louis smiles, says, " just showing my love."

Bobby says, " I like it, don't get me wrong."

Sally says, " Bobby would you call your mom and see how her schedule is going for tonight."

Bobby says, "sure." he stand walks to the wall phone, dials then steps into the hall and leans on the stair newel post as it rings, it gets picked up, "hi this is Billy."

Bobby replies, "hey you, how are you doing."

Billy replies, "oh Bobby, I'm so glad to hear your voice, I miss you so much, I so excited to see you tonight, can't wait to meet your friends."

Bobby replies, "yes, I miss you so much to, we gotta talk mom and your mom into moving out here to live, I need to be with you's so much, is Audrey home ?"

Billy replies, "yes they are taking a shower together."

Bobby replies, "when do you's think you will be here at Michael's ?"

Billy replies, "in about a hour hopefully."

Bobby says, "good, good, I can't wait to be with you, see you in a bit, remain them, your coming to Michael's farm, not Susan's ok."

Billy says, "I will see you in a bit." Billy hangs up.

Bobby hangs up the phone, then walks over and kisses Sally cheek, and says, "they will be here in a hour."

Sally smiles big, "good, good, I can't wait to meet Helen and Billy."

Bobby replies, "you'll like them, they are pretty down to earth."

Marcus comes walking in, says, "Janet, shall we go upstairs?". as he extends his hand to her, Janet takes his hand, and the walk up stairs."

Sally stands as soon as Marcus and Janet disappear up the stairs, then says, "would you two, come out in the living room and double team me just a few minutes, I need a cock in my mouth, and a cock in my butt for just a minute." Sally starts walking down the hall to the living room, once there she gets on her hands and knees on the rug, Louis lubes her butt hole with k-y, Bobby pulls his cock out and holds the head of it to her lips, she eagerly start licking and kissing it, as Louis slowly pushes his hard cock up inside her butt as Sally whimpers and moans, then softly, submissively says, "oh I love your cocks so much." then she takes as much of Bobby's huge cock in her mouth and sucks it, as Louis slowly slides in and out of her.

Louis says, "oh your such a good slut Sally, just the best."

Sally, is gasping and squealing within a few seconds, then softly calling out, "oh, I'm cumming." she begins jerking about, as she yelps and squeals, then rolls onto the floor, as Louis's cock slides out of her butt, and Bobby's cock out of her mouth, she looks up at them and giggles and says, "oh that felt good, I needed that, I'm so horny, I was losing my mind for a minute, thank you."

Louis smiles. "as you know, anytime you need us, we are here for you, even if you need something moved."

Sally looks up at him, "speaking of that, no just kidding, but I will think of something that needs moved."

Bobby lays down with her and just starts caressing her breasts, next, as he says, "thanks so much for helping me with my screwy situation, putting up with me."

Sally says, "thanks for having me as one of your girls, and I will do anything I can to keep all of you's happy, so no matter what tell me what you need."

Bobby says, "I need you just as you are, that is all I really need."

Louis says, " I second that, just thanks for providing us with a place to safely be ourselves."

Sally then says, "Bobby help me up, if one of you's would let the dogs out on the front terrace, I think we should try calling out to Colorado and check on Michael's progress."

Bobby replies, "yes, I've been hoping we would hear something by now."

Sally and Bobby walk out to the kitchen, Sally grabs a few carrots, they grab their drinks, then head out to the shop, Sally opens the stable door, yells "Edward." within moments Edward comes meandering into the stable from the paddock, Sally rubs his head and neck as she feeds him the carrots, then leads him out into the shop, Bobby hooks his lead up to his collar, then hits the button to raise the overhead door, Edward meanders out the front, as Sally dials the number to the hospital in Trinidad, Bobby goes and gets some hay for Edward.

Sally listens to it ring a few times, a female voice comes on the phone and says, "Trinidad Hospital, how may I help you?'

Sally replies, "hi, I am a friend of Michael Driver, he is having surgery today with Doctor Bieber, I was hoping to talk with some one in his room maybe."

The voice says, "it seems he is still in surgery, yet I have two contacts names here, Susan and Jodie, let me page them, hold on one second."

Sally lights a smoke and steps into the wash room, and waits, after a few minutes, " hi Sally, this is Susan, sorry I could call you yet, but I did just talk to the doctors as they took a break, they told me that everything is going very well, they had to tiddy up a few things, and Michael would be back in his room, and ready for a few beers in about a half hour."

Sally replies, "good, good, can you's call us as soon as Michael has had a beer?"

Susan replies, "I certainly will, I call as soon as possible, now I better run and get some beer, what type he like?"

Sally says, "Corona would be a safe choice, and store should have it."

Susan replies, "great, talk soon, bye,bye." Susan hangs up the phone.

Sally hangs up the phone, Bobby is right there standing, Sally quickly give him a hug and holds him tight and says, "Michael is doing great, he will be back in his room in about a half an hour, Susan is getting some beer for him, doctors orders, then she will call us back."

Bobby replies, "oh my, I am so relieved, shit like this scares me, that is for sure."

Sally walks back into the house, Bobby hangs out with Edward for awhile.

As Sally is walking through the kitchen the phone rings, she quickly answers, "hi this is Sally."

Augusta says, "hi Sally, this is Augusta, I talked to Juliana and Kelly, they want to meet you, yet can't tonight, however Sean and I very much want to meet you, and talk about our roles in the group, we can come out right now it you wish."

Sally replies, "that would be great, we have a young man here Sean's age, 13, and his mom is here, so it would be perfect for you to meet them."

Augusta replies, "I made a big batch of lasagna, I'll bring that for supper, now remind me how to get to your farm."

Sally tells Augusta how to find Michael's farm, Augusta says, "ok, Sean and I will be there in about a half hour, we have a small cargo type van thats tan, bye, bye."

Sally says "bye," then hangs up the phone,  Marcus and Janet come down the stairs giggling.

Sally smiles, and says, "I take it you's enjoyed each other's company."

Janet smiles big, and replies, "oh yes, very much so, I know I am going to need a room, and start living here for sure."

Sally says, "we can make that happen, that is for sure."

Janet replies, "would it be ok if I called Pete and have him come over?"

Sally replies, "yes, call Pete certainly."

Janet takes the phone and wanders into the hall as it rings, then after no answer the answering machine kicks on, Janet says, "hi Pete, call me, Tommy and I are at Sally and Kathy's place."

As Janet hangs up the phone, Kathy and Tommy come walking into the kitchen grinning from ear to ear, Janet takes one look at them, and says, "thats what I want to see, you to happy and smiling."

Tommy says, " thanks for being understanding."

Janet says, " your dad and I want you to live out here at the farm for the rest of the summer at least."

Kathy and Tommy hug each other, then Janet, dance around, Kathy then says, "maybe all of us can go down to the quarry pond and go skinny dipping in a while."

Sally says, "Augusta will be here with her son Sean in a half hour, Audrey, Bobby's mom, Helen her girlfriend and Helen's son Billy will be here shortly as well, then we will come down, you two go ahead down to the pond, take the dogs and Edward along, if you need anything call from the phone in the shed, hit the line 1 button to call the house, be careful have fun, don't do anything I wouldn't"

Kathy replies, "fore sure on that note, love you." Kathy and Tommy round up the dogs, get Edward off his lead, and they all set off for the pond.

Sally looks at Marcus and says, "you able to play with, Augusta when she arrives?" 

Marcus replies, "yes, for sure, I'll go jump in your shower quick, and wash up." Marcus heads down the hallway to the bathroom.

Sally walks out to the shop to inform him that Augusta and Sean will soon be here.

When Sally walks into the shop, Bobby is laying different boards out on the big fabrication table, 

Sally says, "Augusta and her son will be here in just a little bit, I'm going to see if Augusta will play with Marcus down stairs, then see if Sean will play with me in mine and Kathy's bed, what you going to build here?"

Bobby replies, "this is a long coffee table for the new terrace."

Sally says, "yeah that will be nice, speaking of the new terrace, I'm surprised we haven't seen or heard from Johnny."

Bobby replies, "I was thinking the same thing, let me try calling over there." Bobby walks to the shop phone, and dials Johnny's number, after a few rings, " hello, the Karlsson's." ,  Bobby says, "hi Mrs. Karlsson, this is Bobby, how are you doing?"

Mrs Karlsson replies, "hi Bobby, how are you doing?, we are all fine, living the dream you know."

Bobby says, "that is what you should be doing, cause I am living it too, and I don't want to be alone in the dream."

Mrs. Karlsson chuckles, "no your never alone, you have us, Michael, Susan, lots of friends, I hope I not out of line, but I like you to feel free to dress as a girl whenever you come over, we want you just as you are, ok."

Bobby replies, "thanks so much, because I do want to start dressing full time as a girl, and try to pass out public as such, so that mean a ton to me knowing I can come over as my true self, I went shopping this morning with Kathy, that went real well, so off to a good start."

Mrs. Karlsson replies, "great, your tough, don't let society get you down with their preconcieved notions of how the world works, cause most are drifting around like a sailor lost at sea any how."

Bobby giggles, "I like that phrase, yeah I agree with you, especially in regards to being transgender."

Mrs. Karlsson replies, "you have alot to offer the right man."

Bobby replies, " I just met a good man, I just hope I can just keep him, he's super sexy, strong, he trains horses, and is a ferrier."

Mrs. Karlsson replies, "cool, bring him over as soon as possible, maybe he and I can go riding, go down to the quarry pond and go skinny dripping, Mr. Karlsson wants me to find a hot young stud to pleasure me, since he can't any longer." 

Bobby replies, "I ask him, I know he'd love to start pleasuring you, your a very sexy lady, if I was a bit older I pleasure you."

Mrs. Karlsson replies, "how old are you Bobby?"

Bobby replies, " I am 16 years old, and half I guess, how old are you?"

Mrs. Karlsson replies, "I am 46, don't you think a 16 year old and 46 old lady could get it on well?"

Bobby replies, "I am willing try if you are, I can't tonight, but you could come over to Susan's first thing in the morning, meet Eric my boyfriend, I know he'd pleasure you as well, just promise me one thing, you only have sex with Eric and myself, and all will be good."

Mrs. Karlsson replies, " I think it would be perfect, Ed knows you, likes you a lot, I don't have to try dating, I'll tell Johnny as soon as he gets home, and yes, I promise I will only have sex with you and Eric, what time in the morning is good?"

Bobby says, "8am would be good."

Mrs. Karlsson replies, "I see you at 8am at Susan's, and if you want I'll have Johnny call you as soon as he gets home."

Bobby replies, "yep, tell him to call, thanks and will see you in the morning."

Sally was listening to the whole conversation,

Sally grins sheepishly, and says, "how do you think Johnny will take that?"

Bobby replies, "I hope very well, we will soon see, he nows his dad can never have sex again, that tractor rolled over on him, the steering wheel crushes his penis and testes, nearly ripped them and his leg off, he is in bad shape, he finally told her to find a young man to pleasure her."

Sally says, "good for you, thats going to mean a lot to them, and will be as safe as possible of away for her to get studded, we are going to have to keep it under wraps, about Eric studding you and Johnny mom though, even though we know it will be as safe as possible, some of his nine ladies will be having sex with regular group men."

Bobby replies, " you're right, I'll not invite Eric in on this, I'll just see her myself.

Sally says, "often simple is best, look at me though, lusting now for a 13 year, how did you feel three years ago about having sex with some much older like your mom?"

Bobby ponders, "I was lusting for mom, so when it happened the first time it was so wonderful, I wanted to continue it, I've never viewed it as wrong, I think mom does from the point of view of how society judges, feels negative about our relationship, yet take that equation out of the picture, I know she feels our relationship is wonderful, and health. It really isn't complex, it might be the ultimate in simple, and because she is sterile I can penetrate her vaginal or anally, so we don't have to worry about her getting pregnant."

Sally says, "what do you think about me, and the fact that I want to have sex with a 13 year old?"

Bobby replies, "I feel about it, the way I feel about how Mrs. Karlsson wants to have sex with me, it is human, it is very simple, I want to have sex with her now as well, so it will be easy for us to have a good experience. Does Billy feel that way is the question here, talking about it now, maybe it is best we all just go skinny dipping, do that every day, this week we will make it know to him you are available for sex, let him make the first move, once you do have sex, if you both like it then it is mean't to be."

Sally kiss him, hugs then says, "you know what Bobby you've got the wisdom of a 80 year old wise man, I love you so much."

Bobby says, "thanks, I also have the insight of a 13 year old, now 16, who loves sex to, plus the experience of having sex just for the simple fun of it, and having sex as a extension of deep love."



Monday June 20th 5pm

Augusta and her son Sean arrive

Sally and Bobby are busy in the kitchen putting towels in few tote bags, putting some beer, ice-tea, lemonade in a cooler, when they hear some one pull up outside, and the van doors slam shut, Sally looks out the window says, "it's Augusta and Sean, I'll go greet them." 

Sally hurries down the ramp, and to the door, just as she hears them knock, Sally says, "hello" as she approaches the door, then once to the door she opens it brisky, they all say hi, then Sally says, "follow me up to the kitchen, Augusta is the lasagna, cool or still warm?"  

Augusta replies, "it is a little warm."

Sally replies, "we'll put it in this frig. here in the wash it is set at about 45 degrees"

Sally takes the lasagna from Augusta and slides in the frig. then she leads them up to the kitchen, Bobby is just finishing washing and rinsing a few dishes.

Sally introduces them saying "Augusta and Sean, this is Bobby our dish washer, Bobby dries his hands, then shakes hands with them both, we have a few others up stairs, let me show you around quick follow me."

Sally leads them down the hall to living room, then the bathroom, her and Kathy's bedroom, the the art studio, then they walk into Marcus and Louis's studio where Louis is working on model of a house project.

Sally says, "Louis this is Augusta and her son Sean." Louis lays down what he was doing and offers his hand to Augusta then Sean, while saying, "a pleasure to meets you's."

Augusta smiles, and says, "pleasure to meet you." as Sean says, " hi." then Sean begins marveling at the model of the house Louis is working on."

Sean says, "this is this farm house isn't it?"

Louis says, "good eye, yes your correct, we are remodeling it so we will be adding a porch roof along here, a few more bedrooms here, here is the new terrace, the Edward the jack donkey's stables, Michael's woodshop."

Sally says, "it's looking great Louis, really great."

Augusta asks, "are you a architect Louis?"

Louis replies, "I am going to school to be a architect, Marcus who is upstairs with Janet, and who I need to go inform you's are here is also going to the same university as myself."

Sally says, as she looks at Augusta, "while I have the three of you here alone, the plan is to go down and go skinny dipping in the quarry pond, however if you's don't wish to go, we can just hang out here at the house, Kathy and Tommy are down there already, so it's up to you's."

Augusta replies, "I'd like doing that, I don't need a suit, so I good."

Sean replies, "yeah I love swimming."

Louis says. "yep, I go up and tell Marcus and Janet."

Sally says, "thanks Louis."

Sally leads Augusta and Sean back out to the kitchen, they hear talking as they turn the corner by the living room and near the kitchen.

Sally says, "Audrey, Helen and Billy must have arrived, Audrey is Bobby's mom, I'll let Bobby introduce you's."

As they walk into the kitchen Sally says "hi everybody, I let Bobby do the introducing."

Bobby walks behind Audrey, Helen and Billy and puts his hands on their shoulders as he introduces, this is Audrey my mom, this is Billy Helen's son, and this is Helen, then Sally, Augusta and Sean, they all then shake hands or hug.

Sally says, "Bobby did you tell Audrey, Helen and Billy, our plan was to go skinny dipping down at the quarry pond?"

Bobby replies, "yep, they are in."

Louis walks in and says, "Marcus and Janet will be down in a little while, so lets go."

Sally says, "I drive the bronco, Bobby you or Louis drive the beatle bus, they grab the towels and cooler then they all walk out to the vehicles, Augusta, Sean and Louis hop in the bronco with Sally, Sally drives around to the tractor path, then the pasture gate, Louis hops out and opens the gate allowing both vehicles in, then closes it and hurries and hops back in the bronco. they slowly drive toward the pond.

Sean says, "wow, this is like a safari."

Sally chuckles, "we don't have any elephants or zebras or such, but you will see two big dogs, and a jack donkey wandering around here."

Augusta says, "so this is Michael's farm.?"

Sally replies, "yes, Michael began living here with his uncle Howard and aunt Becky when he was 13, his uncle passed away from cancer a few years later, then his aunt Becky passed away 3 years ago, and they wanted Michael to have it so he inherited it.

Michael is in Colorado at this very moment coming out of surgery, he is a male to female transsexual, and he just had his GRS surgery done, so he now as a vulva."

Augusta replies, "I can't wait to meet Michael, that is a interesting topic to me."

Sally replies, "yes it has been a life long struggle for him I know."

Sally says, "three of our group members are with him, Susan who owns the farm to our left, and Jodie who lives with us here, like Louis and Marcus, and Thomas who is a group man, also a pilot with his own plane, so Thomas flew them out and is staying with them, then will fly them back."

Augusta replies, "thats really nice, Michael has all this support."

Sally says, "yes, you'll find that belonging to the group, you will have help in all you do, we are like a big extended family in essense.

They pull up to the gate by the windmill and to the quarry pond Sally shuts the bronco off, Sally then says, the walk is short, you can see the pond to the left there."

Sean says, "it's big, like a lake."

Sally says, "yeah I agree, it's a lake not a pond, we all just call it the pond, cause always was called that I guess, yeah it is deep like a lake, and extremely clear you'll see come on."

They all pile out and head through the small man gate, Louis grabs the cooler, Bobby the towels, then they walk down the path to the shed by the beach, as they approach the shed, Sally says, there are pegs all around the outside of the shed, to hang our clothes. So get naked and jump in, that is Kathy and Tommy out there floating on the inner tubes, one other thing, can everybody swim?"

Sally says, no, nos that is good, just keep a eye out for each other, we have masks and fins in the shed, a phone, first aid kit, oxygen, a heart start.

Everybody is nude and heading for the water in minutes, Sally and Augusta get nude but sit in lawn chairs outside to shed door on it's porch and under it's small porch roof. and talk.

Augusta says, "wow, your prepared."

Sally says, "one of our members owns a dive shop in town, She is a dive instructor and Michael is a dive instructor, so now and then they use the pond for training, not very often though anymore except for group members, Michael doesn't want any non-group members coming out anymore, like you know, we choose to stay very private for good reason."

Augusta replies, "yes our lifestyle is not highly approved of, especially myself, being both incestuous, and a hebephilia age 11-14."

Sally says, "well I am a hebephilia as well, I not interest in young men until they are having orgasms and ejaculating"

Augusta replies, " same here, Sean started ejacaulating about a year and a half ago, he and I have had sex nearly every day since, he become a awesome lover actually."

Sally says, "I love to have sex with him, but I need your guidance that's for sure, I was hoping maybe you and him might come out every day for awhile, even take like a mini vacation and stay here a week so the three of us could get to know each other." 

Suddenly the phone starts ringing in the shed, Sally gets up and answers it, "hi this is Sally."

Johnny replies, "hi Sally, mom just told me Bobby called, is Michael alright."

Sally replies, "I talked to Susan just a bit ago, he is fine, and should be back in his room in just a little while, Bobby just called you because we wondered about, hadn't heard from you all day."

Johnny says, " got up early and drove up to La Crosse, and picked up a old tractor like the one Michael has, dad wants to fix it up, yes mom also told me, her and Bobby were going start having sex."

Sally says, "how do you feel about that?"

Johnny replies, "I think it's great that dad wants her to, and he is the perfect person for her."

Sally says, "great, I thought so to, when he told me, anyway one of the reasons Bobby called was to tell you that we are all skinny dipping at the pond, Bobbys mom, her girlfriend, son, another new lady and her son, your welcome to join us, your mom as well."

Johnny replies, "ok thanks, I see what is going on here, then we may walk over, bye."

Sally sits back down next to Augusta, and says, "that was Johnny, he and Michael have been friend's since they were toddlers, he his also a group member, Johnny and Bobby were having sex with Michael's aunt Becky since they were 12-13, Michael performed cunninglingus on her and slept with her until she passed away. Johnny isn't a zoosexual, yet Michael has been getting bred by Edward since he was 13, Kathy and myself have been getting bred by large intact male dogs since we were both 13 so the 3 of us also have that in common."

Augusta replies, "yes, I have that in common with you, my Irish wolf hound, Bandit breeds me as well, as we were talking before, I like your idea of spending a week out here with you, I would like Sean to start having sex with you and Kathy for sure."

Sally says, "Sean sure is hanging around Kathy alot out there."

Augusta replies, "I can't blame him, she is maybe the most beautiful girls I ever seen, I love to perform cunninglingus on her I know that."

Sally slaps Augusta's knee, "well you will be soon I'm sure, a lot if you come stay with us awhile, we are building the addition on the house, if it works out, I don't see why you can come live with us."

Augusta says, "who knows what the future will bring, yet I can see living here with you's."

Sally says, " Bobby thinks he will continue to have sex with his mom for life, do you think it will be the same with you and Sean?"

Augusta replies, "yes, most likely."

Sally says, " Bobby says Billy out there is having sex with Helen his mom, Audrey and Bobby, he thinks Billy will continue to have sex with his mom for life as well, Juliana and Kelly's boys how old are they?"

Augusta replies, " Juliana's son Jeffery is 13, and Kelly's son William is 13, and horny, they are both studding me routinely now, Jeffery, Sean and William are all bisexual, so they have sex with each other as well, I'm sure Sean with be sucking Bobby's cock for sure."

Sally says, "your spending the night I hope," as she lift out of her chair and gets on her knees in from of Augusta, then says,"may I?"

Augusta spreads her legs and says, "certainly." 

Sally then eagerly starts licky and kissing Augusta's pussy, Augusta softly says, "that's a good girl, yeah suck me good, mm-hmm, I diffinitely will be living with you if you like doing this to me, oh it feels good."

Sally softly says, "just tell me to, I do what you want."

Augusta replies, "I know I want you doing this a lot, but we better quit, we have two people on horse back approaching us."

Sally looks, "oh yeah, it's Johnny and his mom Carolyn."

Sally hops up and stands as Johnny and Carolyn ride up both totally nude,  Johnny says, "Kathy and Augusta this is my mom Carolyn."

Carolyn says " hi Augusta and Sally, Sally sorry if I surprised you by coming, but I been wanting to meet you, and I wanted to go skinny dipping, I been staying away since you moved in with Michael."

Sally walks over to her, and extends her hand, and says, "no, a very good surprise, let me help you down off this big guy."

Johnny and Carolyn but dismount, and the horses meander about.

Sally asks, "does Edward get along ok with them?"

Johnny replies, "yes they do now, when they first met Oscar and Edward had their moments, Potter the gelding and Edward always have gotten along great."

Carolyn says, "I'm going for a swim, and cool up a bit."

Sally says, "I'm right behind you."

Johnny and Augusta sit and begin talking.

Johnny says, "welcome to our group, if there is anything at all I can do for you just tell me."

Augusta looks down at Johnny's semi-erect cock and says, "I'd love to suck your cock right now."

Johnny says get your sandals on, Augusta does, then Johnny takes her hand, says, "lets walk up by the windmill and you can do just that."

They both stand and walk up the path toward the windmill.

Once up at the windmill, Johnny says, "here I'll show you how to turn the pump on for the waterfall, Augusta follows him over to the windmill, Johnny pulls a lever down and clicks it in place, we just need to remember to switch off when we leave, it no big deal if we don't, but just how we do things. Without a word, Augusta drops to her knees in front of Johnny and eagerly begins performing fellatio on him, Johnny says, "I don't know what I did to deserve this, but thank you Augusta."

Augusta looks up at him, as she strokes his cock, she meekly says, "I want you to take me as your slut, and make me do this to you as often as you want me."

Johnny replies, "don't worry I'm here for aways, whatever you want 24/7, if you live here."

Augusta takes the cock out of her mouth and says, "I'll be moving out here as soon as I can, I love swallowing cum, I want to taste yours so bad, please cum in my mouth."

Augusta holds his cock tight and deep throats it, over and over, Johnny squirms and moans, he holds on to her shoulder as her head bobs up and down on his cock, he mumbles, "oh your a good slut, yeah swallow it all, I like seeing your mouth full of cock."

In less then two minutes Johnny is grunting and gasping, "Augusta, I'm going cum, let me watch as I ejaculate in your mouth."

Augusta, takes his cock out, holds it to her lower lip, opens her mouth wide, and vigorously strokes his cock, in seconds, Johnny jerks, gasps and a huge glob of cum shoots out of his cock on to her tongue, then another and another, Johnny leans over her and holds her sides as his orgasm plays out."

Augusta swallows all his cum, then gently sucks the remainder out of his cock head and licks his cock clean, then Johnny starts giggling as her touch to his penis starts tickling him.

Augusta says, "thank you so much Johnny, I mean it when I say I love cum, you can cum in my mouth 4 times a day if you can, I could suck off 10 guys a day every day and want more."

Johnny says, "your welcome to start ingesting Oscar my stallion's cum if you would like."

Augusta replies, "do you think he would cum for me right now?'

Johnny replies, " I know he will cum for you, maybe several times, Michael usually ingests his semen every other day, but he hasn't been lately, so Smokey will flood you with cum likely."

Augusta says, "I want to now if I can, I love being covered with horse cum."

Lets walk back down, and round him up,, the we can ride him back in the woods."

Johnny says, "have you been ingesting horse cum along time?

Augusta replies, "yes, ever since I was 14 years old, my cousin introduced me to it, when I spend time in the summer on my aunt and uncle's farm."

When they get down by the shed, Oscar is still near and grazing, Sally sees them, and yells, "thanks for turning the waterfall on."

Johnny hollers back, "thought you might like it on, Augusta and I are just going for a short ride, be back soon."

Johnny helps Augusta up on Oscars back, then he hops up behind her, Augusta asks, "which way we headed?"

Johnny replies, "lets head over to Susan's, be nice to show you her place any how, you will be spending time there as well, and Michael has a mix America Pony, Welsh pony his name is Petesake, he will be sexually mature in about a year, so you'll be able to start ingesting his cum as well, he will be breeding Michael." 

They get to the trail leading to Susan's, Johnny says, "Oscar knows his way now, we just follow this and we come out by her stable barn, I masturbate him for you in the barn, Susan is a zoosexual as well, and has a Irish wolf hound, Teddy is his name, I sure he will be breeding you as well. Do you ingest the dog's semen as well?'

Augusta replies, "yes, sometimes, most of the time I take the dogs anally, I like having their sperm up inside me for awhile, maybe if it works out Petesake can start breeding me to?"

Yeah Michael wouldn't let Edward breed anyone but him, not because he is jealous, but because Edward's erect penis is 18 inches long, and he is afraid someone may get hurt."

Augusta replies, "wow, Michael takes all 18 inches up inside his bottom?"

Johnny says, "yes, I'm amazed to, but he does and has been for the last 11 years, or since Michael was 13." 

Susan's Barn comes in sight as the near the edge of the woods.

Johnny says, "I should tell you, I bisexual, that is I love to suck cock, and have guys stud me."

Augusta replies, " that is fine with me, I'm bisexual to, I'd love to watch you sucking cock and see guys like Louis and Marcus sliding their cocks in your butt."

Johnny replies, "that is why I telling you, I suck their cocks and get studded by them regularly."

They ride up to the barn, Johnny hops off Oscar, then helps Augusta down, Johnny then leads Oscar to the small watering trough, turns the water on and starts filling it.

Augusta says, "you think you can erect?"

Johnny says, "suck my cock and find out." Augusta drops to her knees, and starts sucking his cock.

Johnny watches her suck and says, "you look so good, so sexy with a cock in your mouth." in seconds Johnny is erect, Johnny says that's a good slut, your mouth is amazing."

Augusta looks up submissively says, "can you have Oscar cum in my mouth now?"

Johnny says "yep." then helps her stand, shuts the water off, "looks like Oscar has had enough to drink, they walk him over to the barn door, Johnny slides it open, walks Oscar to a hitching post, and ties his reins tight to it, takes Augusta hand and has her rub his chest, Oscar starts getting excited, Johnny says, "he will start dropping out quickly, he knows he going get jacked off now, I'm going get some water and wash his cock for you so you can suck it, be right back, Johnny grabs a small bucket, goes out to the hydrant at the watering trough, gets some fresh water then goes to the lounge room in the barn, there is a coffee maker in there, he pours half the water in the coffee maker and turns it on, within a few minutes, the water has run through it, he shuts the coffee maker off, unplugs it then pours the heated water back into the bucket, he tests the water temp. it's warm, he then pours a bit of vinegar in the bucket, grabs a wash clothe and heads back to Oscar and Augusta.

As Johnny walks in and see Augusta and Oscar he says, "looks like you two are getting along fine."

Augusta smiles big, and says, "I really like him, so I hope he is going to really like me." 

Johnny giggles, and says, "his cock is hanging all the way out for you, that is a good sign."

Johnny says, "stand behind me as I wash his cock, he will get quite excited for a second, then I'll pull his cock up to you so you can suck it, Johnny turns so his butt is facing toward's Oscar's thighs just so his feet are as far away from Oscar's rear hoove as possible, then he gently washes the head of Oscar's penis thoroughly, he then splashes the remaining water all over the long shaft, pulls the head of his cock up so Augusta can start sucking it, Augusta eagerly takes the whole cock head into her mouth, Johnny holds the shafts firmly as Oscar starts jerking his hips, in seconds Oscar's cock head flares, causing Augusta to pull it from her mouth, yet she hold her mouth wide open, her eyes closed with the flared head pointed direct into her mouth as Oscar jerks about, then a huge blast of cum blasts out half in her mouth half all over her face, another huge squirt, then another, mostly going in her mouth, Augusta swallows it all down as Oscar goes calm and his penis goes limp, she drops to her knees sucking and licking it until it retracts back up inside his sheath.

Augusta smiles so big, says, " that is what I love, a huge load of stallion cum, oh my was that good Oscar, Augusta hugs his neck, kisses his cheek, thank you so much Oscar."

Johnny says, "that was so hot seeing you do that so beautifully, wow."

Augusta submissively says, "yeah, I gotta have stallion cum at least every other day, I'm a addicted to it really, my dream is to have 3 or 4 stallions so I can ingest stallion cum every day several times a day."

Johnny asks, "what is the most you've ingest in a day?"

Augusta grins sheepishly and says, " I'm a cum slut, I'm warning you, I've ingested the cum from 11 stallions twice in one long day or over a 8 hour period, I ingest all of us nine ladies stallions and Erics Smokey cum at least once every two weeks, I ingest stallion cum at least once every day as long as Eric is available to help me."

Johnny replies, "we can get some more stallions, I was just reading a article in a equine publication about keeping small groups of  6-8 stallions together, so it can be done."

Augusta replies, "that is a big dream of mine, I'd be happy to start buying stallions, Sally wants me to live with them, I can sell my house move to Michael's farm, if Susan will allow us to stable them here, Eric knows stallions very well, I will run the idea by him, he already knows that is my dream."

Johnny says, "it is good that all of us stick together, considering our sexual life styles, we have a place to be ourselves safely, now lets get you washed up, your covered with cum."

Augusta giggles and says, "do you think the others will notice."

Johnny replies, "yes, especially all of it in your hair, when we get back, your taking a swim with me."

They get Augusta washed up at the watering trough, then hop back up on Oscar and head back to the pond, they are not on the path through the woods to the pond more then a minute, when here comes walking Bobby and Johnny's mom Carolyn."

Johnny grins and says, "treat her good, or we all die."

Carolyn replies, "you know he will, he better or I'll kill him myself." 

Bobby says, "I better then, I do wish to live."

Augusta says, "have fun." as they ride on pass them.

Bobby and Carolyn walk on to Susan's,, as they open the back door Teddy eagerly greets them for a minute, then Bobby hooks him to his lead to potty, they walk on in side, Bobby says, "would you take a quick shower with me, then we can let Teddy back in and feed him."

Carolyn says, "I'd like that a lot, Bobby takes her hand and leads her to the bathroom, he gets the water running, check the temperture, when it is warm and just right, he leads her into the big walk in shower, Carolyn says, "so this is the shower that you and Michael created for Susan, it is beautiful."

Bobby says, "thanks," then holds her to himself as the water rains down on their heads, they then passionately begin to kiss, Carolyn says softly, "oh Bobby I've wanted to be with you like this for so long, thanks for taking me."

Bobby says, "I'm your's forever, or as long as you want me."

Carolyn drops to her knees, and starts sucking Bobby's now stiff 10 inch cock yearningly.

Bobby caresses her shoulders, runs his fingers through her hair as she licks, sucks and kisses his cock, after a few minutes Carolyn stands back up, softly says, "I need you up inside me so bad, oh, I mean terribly bad." Carolyn turns and bends over, Bobby holds his cock with one hand, her hip with the other as he guides his cock to her pussy opening, then he slowly pushes it in her. Carolyn starts squealing and gasping as Bobby steadily pushes it deeper and deeper up inside her, she whimpers and squirms non-stop the further up inside her it goes, then calls out, "oh your so big, oh it feels so, so good, don't stop fill me full, please, oh please." 

Bobby doesn't stop until his entire 10 inches is firmly held tight up inside her, then he holds himself in her, by her hips and watches her wiggle about on his cock as she squeals non-stop, in less then 30 seconds she is gasping. "I cumming Bobby, oh yes, oh yes, she then just shakes and quivers as her orgasm grips her body, Bobby holds her around the waist as she arch's back to him and squeals out until the orgasm passes, once it does enough she spins pulling his still hard cock out of her pussy the holds him tightly whining, as she continues to spasm and jerk and shake.

Bobby gets the water turned off helps her out of the shower, gets her dried off and gets Susan's robe on her, as she still quivers, Carolyn, giggles a bit and says, "I've never had a orgasm so intense as this, oh my, not even close, I think I could use a drink just to calm down."

Bobby says, "lets go to the kitchen, I make you a drink." Bobby holds her tight as they walk out to the kitchen, once there he gets her seated, and he says, "I can make you a bloody mary, long island ice-tea, screw driver." 

Carolyn says, "a strong Long island ice tea sounds best, please."

Bobby starts making it.

Carolyn says, "I wonder if the orgasms will always be this intense with you."

Bobby replies, "part of it is probably due to the fact that it's been what 3 years since Ed's accident."

Carolyn replies, "yes, just a little over that it was in May, Ed was never very much into sex though either, so our sex life was a pretty routine get it over with quick type thing, don't get me wrong, I love him dearly, just sex wasn't important to him."

Bobby says, "well it is very nice and caring of him to allow us to be partners, and hopefully for the rest of our lives, I know I am not going anywhere, and I sure you's aren't planning to, and as far as sex goes, you and Susan are my number one priority by far."

Carolyn replies, "I'd say I'm a very lucky lady then."

Bobby hands her the long island ice tea, she quickly takes a big drink and says, "thanks, this is good."

Bobby says, "I am very serious, if you want to be with me every day, 5 times a day, all you have to do is call, I'll be working with Michael full time now, I'm not going back to school, I'll be living here with Susan from now on as well, so I'll only be 5 minutes away most of the time."

Carolyn replies, "sounds like you made a plan, and intend to do it, that's great, and really great for me, because I know I'll want you once a day at least, I'm sure of that."

Bobby says, "having sex with you has been a dream of mine ever since I started riding Oscars."

Carolyn says, "oh my, thats been at least 4 years ago, you were 12 then, good thing I didn't know, you could of easily seduced me."

Bobby says, "you know I was having sex with aunt Becky right?"

Carolyn says, "yes, you and Johnny both, don't say anything please, but I've been having sex with Johnny and Michael since Michael started living with Becky when he was 13, Michael has always only sucked me though."

Bobby replies, "that has been 11 years ago."

Carolyn replies, "I just don't want Ed to ever know, it would ruin everything, and there is no need, and Johnny and I are going to try not to have sex."

Bobby replies, "don't do it on my account, I've been having sex with my mom since I was 12 years old, and always will most likely."

Carolyn says, "I think that is the case with Johnny and I as well, we say we are going to stop, then 2 days later we are having sex again, since Ed's accident it's been difficult for us to have sex, since he is always in the house."

Bobby replies, "just start having sex with him here, I wouldn't even try having sex with him there anymore, Johnny and I can double team you, Johnny and I can suck and fuck each other as well, whatever you like."

Carolyn grins sheepishly, "that I gotta see, please."

Bobby grins, says, "don't worry you will, along with watching us getting studded and sucking Louis, Eric and Marcus, I'm sure they will want to stud you as well, Eric, Louis, Marcus, Johnny and myself can gang-bang you if you like."

Carolyn replies, "I do think I'd like getting gang-banged by 5 horny guys, if my nerves and heart can."

Carolyn then says, "Bobby, the only other thing I haven't told you is, I'm a zoosexual like Susan as well, Teddy has been breeding me as long as he has been breeding Susan, and Johnny masturbates Oscar so I can ingest his semen, so I really am a slut, I've never been with another man other then you and Johnny though."

Bobby replies, "that is cool, Teddy has been breeding me to since I've been here, Cunnington, Sally's Irish wolf hound breeds me now, Sally and Kathy are both zoosexuals as well, I do have never been with another girl other then Becky and that short time I was with Kathy three years ago or man until the this last week, it' only been Louis, Eric and Marcus who have been penetrating me other then Johnny, Eric will be with me forever as my man, I'm sure of that, that is why I want him to stud you regularly if you wish."

Carolyn says, "speaking of Teddy, we better get him in and get him fed."

Bobby replies, " I'll go get him." Bobby heads down the steps to the back door and lets Teddy in the house, Teddy hurries up the stairs and goes to Carolyn, she already has his food in a bowl, she rubs his back a bit as he eats.

Carolyn says to Bobby as he walks back in the kitchen, "maybe in the morning both you and Teddy can stud me good."

Bobby replies, " he, Johnny and I can kidnap you and stud you all day tomorrow if you want."

Carolyn replies, "I'd like that a lot."

Suddenly the phone rings, Bobby quickly picks it up and says, "hi Bobby here." the operator comes on and says, "will you accept a collect call from Susan in Trinidad, Colorado?" , Bobby replies, "yes."

Susan says, "Hi Bobby, you doing ok?'

Bobby replies, "all is great here, tell me about Michael."

Susan replies, "he is sitting here with me, he is tired but doing great, he is drinking a Corona, talking to Jodie at the moment, I give the phone to him."

Michael says, "hi Bobby, yes I'm doing great, a bit sore, but I feel great, the doctors want me to hang out here 2 days just to watch me heal up a bit, before I start moving around much, then we'll be back, how is everything back there?"

Bobby replies, "all is great, we've got news, a few new member of the group, but nothing that can't wait to talk about until you get back, main thing is to get you back up and moving, we've got plenty to do."

Michael replies, "yep, we sure do, Susan just talked to Sally, sounds like some exciting news, so thats great, I'll talk soon, here is Susan again."

Susan says, "hi Bobby, Jodie says hi, I just wanted to tell you, whatever you's do, I trust you, Sally and Carolyn's judgement, Sally told me you were there with Carolyn."

Bobby replies, "thank you so much, let me have you talk to Carolyn, she'd like to talk to you."

Bobby hands Carolyn the phone.

Carolyn says, "hi Susan, yeah Ed told me yesterday he wanted me ask Bobby to start having sex with me, so everything has happened so fast, Bobby and I just finishing having sex 15 minutes ago, so I still reeling from that."

Susan replies, "I think the whole thing is wonderful, like I just told Bobby, I trust you, Sally and Bobby in whatever you's do, so no worries, enjoy yourself's and we will be back Thursdays if all goes as planned, but I'll talk to you before then, I will let you go, bye for now."

Carolyn says, "bye." then hangs up.

Carolyn looks at Bobby and says, "thanks, talking to Susan makes me feel much better now."

Bobby replies, "yes, she is fully aware of all of our situations, and that is best we live in our own little private society or tribe if we can call it that."

Carolyn replies, "yep, that's a good way to put it, our own society, our friends are all here, now need to seeking others."

Suddenly Teddy lets out a "woof" and runs to the window and looks out, Bobby hops up and looks out, and says, "it's Eric."

Bobby runs and gets his robe, and hurries back to the kitchen and sits down next to Carolyn."

Bobby says, "I don't want to look to obivious of our guilt."

Carolyn giggles, "yes, good idea."

Eric, opens the back door, Teddy greets him with excitement, then he walks up into the kitchen, sees Bobby sitting there with a strange lady, both wearing robes."

Eric smiles, looks at Bobby then Carolyn, and says, " hi, would you happened to be Susan as he extends his hand to her, Carolyn stands and shakes his hand."

Carolyn says, " I am Carolyn, Johnny's mom and good friend of Susan," 

Eric replies, "pleasure to meet you Carolyn, I am Eric, I am very new around here, so please forgive my ignorance."

Carolyn replies, "your forgiven, yes a lot is happening fast around here."

Bobby pipes in, "yes Carolyn and I just had sex for our first time with each other."

Eric replies, "I assume and hope that was a great thing for you both."

They both reply yes.

Bobby says, "if it alright with you two, I was hoping I could watch as you two have sex."

Eric says, "I'd like that, I just need to take a shower and we can do that if you wish the same Carolyn?"

Carolyn looks up at him, and softly, submissively says, "I'd like that a lot."

Eric smiles, and says, "off to the shower I go."

Carolyn waits until Eric's down the hall, then softly excitedly says, "oh my, Bobby what a stud you found!"

Bobby grins, " and says, you better have another drink quick, Eric has the biggest most beautiful cock I have ever seen, and he knows how to use it very well."

Carolyn gets on the phone, says "I'm going call Ed.", she dials the number, Ed answers after a few rings, says, "hi this is Ed."

Carolyn says, "hi Ed, I'm at Susan's with Bobby, he and I just had sex, I was wondering if it was ok if I stay here with him for a while longer?"

Ed replies, "that is fine, you go ahead and spend the night with him, I really do want you to enjoy yourself, as much as possible, I am very happy for you, so no worries please, just have fun, I see you in morning, love you."

Carolyn says, " I love you, see you in the morning." 

They both hang up.

Carolyn looks at Bobby, and says "I'm yours for the night, so have your way with me."

Bobby says, "cool, let me call Sally and tell her our plans."

Bobby gets on the phone, and calls, the phone rings several times, "hi this is Louis."

Bobby replies, "hi Louis, Sally wouldn't happen to be around would she?"

Louis replies, "no, but she just called up to house, she said they'd be up here in a few minutes, were are you?"

Bobby replies, I'm over at Susan's with Carolyn, Johnny's mom, I'd like you and Marcus to meet her if you have time, she is spending the night here with me, and she is part of our tribe now."

Louis replies, " I know I could in about a hour, I'll ask Marcus when he gets up here, then I'll call you back, I tell Sally your staying there the rest of the night."

Bobby replies, " good, Sally has this number written on the bulletin board by the phone as Susan's number."

Louis says, "is Carolyn wanting us to stud her?"

Bobby replies, " I think so, be prepared anyway." 

Louis says, "ok, talk to you soon, bye."

Bobby says, "Bye."

Bobby hangs up and grins sheepishly at Carolyn.

Carolyn playful slaps his hand and says, "you just want to be my pimp, don't you."

Bobby smiles, says, "what can I say, I loved seeing you climaxing so intensely."

Eric walks into the kitchen wearing a robe extends his hand to Carolyn and says, "would you two like to go play a bit, Carolyn stands and takes his hand, they all walk to the bedroom, once there, Eric helps Carolyn remove her robe, he removes his then they both climb on the bed, Carolyn quickly takes Eric's cock in her mouth, she holds her bottom up in the air, as she softly murmurs, "Bobby please slide your cock in me, get me ready for Eric's huge cock

Bobby gets on his knees behind her and slowly slides his cock up in her soaking pussy, she whimpers as she sucks and licks Eric's huge cock, Carolyn softly says, "oh your cock tastes so good Eric."

Bobby slowly rocks her back and forth as he slides slowly in and out of her, all they while rubbing her back as she moans, whimpers and eagerly licks and savors Eric's big cock.


After about 2 minutes, Carolyn begins pleading, "oh Eric, please fuck me, oh I need to have you in me so much, please."

Eric slide out from under her gets on his knees, Bobby pulls his cock out of her, and get on his knees in front of her, Carolyn quickly starts licking and kissing Bobby's cock as Eric starts pushing his cock up inside her soaking pussy.

Carolyn gasps loudly as Eric's cock slips in her, then she just squeals constantly as all 10 inches of his very thick cock slowly fills her up, Carolyn wraps her arms around Bobby's waist and holds on tightly and squirms about as she gasps and pants.

Eric says, "you doing ok Carolyn?"

Carolyn gasps, "oh yes, have your way with me, you feel so good in me, please fuck me hard, I need it."

Eric pulls nearly all the way out then quickly poke his cock up her about 6 inches and stops, Carolyn squeals loudly, Eric thrusts all 10 inches up in her, she yelps, them begins to tremble and shake, she crys out, "I cumming, don't stop." Eric begins thrusting in and out of her as she wildly jerks about and squeals, until finally her head and back arch upward and she begins bawling out non-stop as her entire body trembles and shakes, Bobby holds her tight, as Eric pulls out of her, lays next to her and rubs her side and back until the orgasm subsides.

Carolyn pulls herself up on Bobby and lays her face against his neck and pants and trembles for about a minute before she gains her wits and stops trembling so badly, then she quietly says, "Bobby can we go get a drink, please." Bobby and Eric help her off the bed, Bobby helps her get her robe on then they all walk to the kitchen, Bobby get her seated, and starts making a long island ice tea, as Eric gets a beer and sits on the seat next to her and starts rubbing her back softly, Bobby hands her the drink, she takes a big drink, then says, "I'm sorry Eric, I'm just overly excited tonight, from now on, even though I'm shaking and acting crazy, just keep thrusting into, when I'm having a orgasm don't stop, just keep fucking me, please."

Bobby replies, "you sure?"

Carolyn giggles, and meekly replies, "I always shake and tremble, and get silly loud when I have a orgasm, that is normal, it's just a spell, you might say more intense tonight, but it very good for me, believe me I want all I can get."


Eric says, " I must say, I've never seen a lady ever climax as intensely as you, I like it a lot as long as I know your ok." 

Carolyn looks at him, and grins, "please don't stop doing just as you just did, and I know I'll belong to you forever."

Eric smiles big, and replies, "I want to do what I did for you forever, that is for sure, and as often as possible."

Carolyn grins, "every day works for me, or more."

The phone rings, Bobby answers it, "hi Bobby here."

Louis says, "Bobby, Marcus, Johnny and I will be over in 5 minutes if that is ok."

Bobby replies, "yes, come on over."

Bobby hangs up the phone, looks at Carolyn and says, " Marcus, Johnny and Louis will be here in 5 minutes, are you up for getting gang-banged?"

Carolyn sheepishly smiles then replies, "yes, I want to be able to start serving all of you like that, so I need broke in, now is a good time, so I'll seize the moment as they say, you just tell me what to do, and I'll do it, train me to be a good slut for all of you please."

Bobby giggles, "Louis is a good trainer for sluts, you'll like him for that, he'll have you broke in and wanting gang-banged daily, you'll want to be a real group girl and serve all 74 men in no time."

Carolyn grins and says, "the idea is very appealing I must say."

Bobby replies, "if you do, you can try it awhile, if you don't like it, you just start being with us again."

Carolyn replies, "let me sleep on it, talk to Susan and Sally."

Teddy woofs, and hurries to the window, Bobby looks out, and says, "its the guys, when they get in we can decide how to gang-bang you Carolyn."

Carolyn replies, "I following your lead, I've never been gang-banged before, so I need trained, that is for sure."

Bobby grins and says, "we will train you right, don't worry."

Teddy greets them at the door, Johnny takes the time to introduce Teddy to Marcus and Louis, then they walk up into the kitchen, Carolyn stands and extends her hand to Marcus first and says, "hi I am Carolyn." , Marcus replies, "pleased to meet you, I am Marcus.", then she offers her hand to Louis and they introduce each other.

Bobby then says, "we are going gang-bang Carolyn, how would you guys suggest we do it?" 

Louis says, " maybe have Johnny sit on the couch, Carolyn can be on her knees in front of him sucking and licking his cock while we do like a last man standing banging, we slide our cocks in and out of her, a minute at most, then another one does, we just take turns until all of us ejaculate in her mouth, the last man get to ejaculate up inside her."

Carolyn says, "I like that idea." 

They all look around at each, no one replies, so Bobby says, "I go get the exercise mat, we can kneel on, if someone wants to grab a few towels to lay on the couch for Johnny to sit on." Bobby heads for the dining room to get the mat, Johnny goes and gets a few towels from the bathroom, they meet in the living room. Bobby gets the mat layed out, Johnny puts a towel on the couch to sit on, then gets seated, Carolyn removes her robe and tosses it next to Johnny then kneels between his legs and gets her bottom up, then starts licking Johnny's already bone hard cock, Carolyn looks up at him, and softly says, "did you get this big cock up inside Augusta today?" , Johnny replies, "yes, twice", Carolyn replies "mm-hmm good." then she eagerly starts sucking him.

Louis is down on is knees behind Carolyn first, he rubs a bit of k-y on his cock then eases it into her pussy, Carolyn moans as Louis slowly slide up inside her, he says, "oh Carolyn, your pussy is soaked and hot, you ready for a good long fucking?"

Carolyn, moans and mutters submissively, "oh yes, non-stop, train me to be a good slut for you."

Louis, pushes his cock hard all the way in her and holds it tight in her, Carolyn squeals, Louis pulls complete out then thrusts all the way in and holds it tight in again, then pulls half way out and thrusts hard in again, Carolyn squeals loudly as Johnny's cock slides out of her mouth, Louis says, "that it squeal like a good slut should."  Louis quickly stands and moves out of the way as Marcus drops in behind her and thrusts in and out of her non-stop for about a minute, Carolyn begins gasping and squealing non-stop, Marcus stands, Bobby drops in behind her and kepts her squealing by repeating what Marcus just did, he stands after about a minute, Eric drops behind her and quickly shoves his cock complete up in and holds it up in her tightly, Carolyn gasps and yelps, begins trembling and shaking, she wraps her arms around Johnny's thighs tightly as she gasps and grunts, then bellows out "I'm cumming."

Eric stands, Louis drops behind her and thrusts his cock in and out of her as she wildly squirms and shakes, Louis says, "thats a good slut, shows how much you can cum tonight." 

Louis pulls out and stands, Marcus drops in behind her and just keeps thrusting in and out of her as she shakes, and moans.


They all continue to repeatly take turns fucking her for another half hour, Carolyn has had at least 6 orgasms and is completely spent, all she can do is hang on Johnny's legs and whimper non-stop before, Bobby finally says, "Carolyn I'm ready to cum,"  Carolyn raises her face up off Johnny's stomach, turns her head, her eyes are closed, she opens her mouth to recieve his cum, Bobby strokes himself as Eric slides his cock in her pussy,  then Bobby hold his cock head on her lower lip and starts ejaculating into her mouth, after 3 big globs of cum lay on her tongue, he kneels down and places his mouth on hers, and they share the cum. Bobby then sit on the couch next to Johnny and starts sucking Johnny's cock. Eric soon pulls out of Carolyn, Marcus then slides in her and begins thrusting, as Eric strokes his own cock as he moves around to Carolyn's face, and says "Carolyn I'm ready to cum, she lift her face to him opens her mouth, Eric holds his cock head on her lower lip and proceeds to ejaculate in her mouth, his kisses her forehead, whispers, "thank you." Carolyn opens her mouth wide so he can see all the cum he ejaculated in her mouth, then she closes her mouth and swallows it all down, she then softly says, "thank you so much Eric."

Johnny starts gasping and grunting then says, "Bobby I'm cumming." , as Carolyn watches, Bobby holds Johnny's cock head to his open mouth and waits for Johnny to ejaculate onto his tongue, as soon as Johnny is finished Bobby eagerly swallows it all down.

Marcus soon has pull out, and is ejaculating in Carolyn's mouth, as Louis thrusts into her pussy, then starts grunting as he ejaculates deep up inside Carolyn's pussy."  

Carolyn just lays her cheek on Johnny's tummy as she quivers, whimpers and flinches with quick little jerks as Louis's cum flows into her.

Eric gets his robe on, as well as Bobby, Louis and Marcus slips their shorts and t-shirts on, Carolyn pulls herself up, Johnny helps her get her robe on, as he softly says, "I hope you liked that.", Carolyn replies, "I loved it, thank you." Johnny gets dressed then says, "I'd better get Louis and Marcus home, I drove them over."

Carolyn says, "lets us walk you's out, come over in the morning and I'll make breakfast, Louis, Marcus, you's come to if you can." 

They both say, "we will be here, for sure."

They all walk out to the kitchen, Carolyn hugs all three of them and says thank so much. Louis, Marcus and Johnny head out to the truck, and drive back to Michael's.

Carolyn sits down on a kitchen chair, and says, "wow, that was too good to be true."

Bobby says, "you want a bloody mary?"

Carolyn replies, "yeah, one more drink then that is it for me tonight."

Eric replies, "Carolyn, you've had a lot happen today, life changing type stuff I'm certain, and you've done well indeed."

Carolyn giggles, and says "I certainly never imagined that I be getting ganged banged, let alone love it so much."

Carolyn wants to start getting gang-banged regularly

Bobby giggles, and says, "so does that mean you want gang-banged regularly now."

Carolyn submissive, sheepishly replies, "every day if I can but I think 5 guys at a time is my limit for now, I know I want to be a group girl now for sure, if Sally will allow me to be."

Bobby asks, "you want to see the guys here only, travel to their homes, get studded by the dogs to?"

Carolyn says, "I think it would be best if I went to the guys homes."

Bobby says, " how many guys a day?"

Carolyn replies, " no more then two, unless it was a small gang-bang like we just had, I don't want to be away from home more then 2-3 hours a day, 5 days a week."

Bobby says, "once you start having sex with the guys, they can help you schedule little gang-bangs like we had tonight in the evening or on week ends most likely.

Carolyn looks at Eric, sheepishly and says, "Eric you work with stallions a lot correct?"

Eric replies, "yes, I have ever since I was very young, I been around stallions, and since I became a professional trainer, I work with a lot of troubled stallions that are aggressive, or just have bad behavior."

Carolyln replies, "I ingest Johnny's stallion Oscar's semen every other day, is that safe for him?"

Eric smiles, and says, " yes, if he is at least 3 years old, he likes it and is ejaculating fine, it is perfectly fine, you can collect his semen say 4 times one day, rest him a day, collect 4 times, rest a day, then once the following day, rest a day then maybe twice, then rest him a few days, then 4 times the following day, you don't really want to start collecting semen from a stallion until he is close to 3 years old, by the time they are about 6 is best, how old is Oscar?"

Carolyn replies, "Oscar is 8 years old now, I've been ingesting his semen about 3 years now, the main reason I'm asking is I've been talking to Susan the last few years about getting several stallions that I can keep here on her farm so I can ride them and ingest their semen regularly."

Eric replies, "getting them to live together, I can make that happen easy enough, there is likely enough pasture here for 4-5 stallions, we just need to find some 3-6 year old stallions for you is all."

Carolyn replies, "I'd love to be ingesting stallion semen several times a day at least while I'm young enough and able."

Eric replies, "have you met Augusta?"

Carolyn replies, "briefly to night, I'm certain she ingested Oscar's semen, and likely Johnny's to, by the way she looked as they left her riding Oscar."

Eric replies grinning, "your likely right, I masturbate her stallion Flare every other day 2-4 times for her so she can ingest semen from him, and normally she ingests semen from 3-7 of the stallions the same day once, so through the course of the day she normally ingests semen 6-12 times, she often will ingest all the stallions twice in one day or 20 times in a day."

Carolyn replies, "so you spend a lot of time with her."

Eric replies, "yes, her and Sean her son spend the entire with me at the stables every other day, both are learning to train horses, Sean helps me with farrier work, so he is learning that trade as well. To quite honest, ideally it would be great to stable all the nine ladies stallions and my Smokey here at Susan's, my aunt and uncle would like it, cause they need the stable space, keeping stallions with mares is problem in it's self, so they'd like to see them moved, it would be great for me since I'll be living here, and great for you Carolyn, and really great for Augusta, cause she lives close to here."

Carolyn replies, "how many stallions could I ingest semen from a day, do you think?"

Eric replies, "any where from 4 to 20 times in a day, at least 4 times every day I'd say."

Carolyn smiles big and replies, "I'm like Augusta, I want to ingest as much stallion semen as I can every day, I'm very much addicted to it."

Bobby says, "Eric can you teach me how to ejaculate the stallions for the ladies properly?, I watch Johnny do it when I ingest Oscar's semen, yet I've never tried ever actually masturbating Oscar, I've always been afraid."

Eric replies, " yes, I'll bring Smokey home with me tomorrow, we can stable him in the barn here, then when Susan gets home plead with her nicely, beg her to let Smokey live here to. Then the two of you can start ingesting his semen regularly, then maybe we can slowly get all the stallions living here, only 3 of of the ladies ingest semen from their stallion frequently, the other 7 might once a month, and of the three that do, two of them only do about once every 2 weeks, so Augusta pretty much has all of the stallions to herself, if she had her way, and I had the time, she would ingest semen from all the stallions every day."

Carolyn smiles sheepishly, "I know I would if I could."

Eric says, "we can have you ingesting semen 10-20 times in a day on occasion, 3 or 4 times a month, Augusta does."

Carolyn replies, "I know I'd like doing that, I've ingested Edward's semen 7 times in a day once, and it was wonderful."

Eric says, "I just read a study a while back where two jack donkeys where breeding successfully with a ejaculation 5-10 times every day for a 18 day period, a few of those days they bred with a ejaculation 18 times in one day."

Bobby replies, "I know there are days when Edward will breed Michael 10-12 times in a day, or he has masturbating him and ingested his semen that many times in a day."

Carolyn replies, "I've been ingesting Edward's semen for the last 10 years, and I commonly will ingest his semen 4-5 times a day once a week."

Eric smiles and says, "yep we need to get you ingesting stallion semen at least 4-5 times every day, get you gang-banged once a day Carolyn."

Carolyn says, "I'd like to be doing that a lot, Carolyn looks at the clock, it's 7pm, she says to Bobby, do you think it would be alright to call Sally?"

Bobby says, "sure, I'll call right now." Bobby gets on the phone and calls, it ring several times, then "hi this is Kathy."

Bobby says, "hi Kathy, what are you's doing?"

Kathy replies, " Sally, Tommy, Janet, your mom, Helen, Billy, Augusta and Sean are just sitting in the living room talking about Augusta and Sean living with us, and Tommy and Billy spending the rest of the summer living here."

Bobby replies, "that's cool, hey do you think Sally as a second to talk to Carolyn?"

Kathy replies, "sure, I'll give her the phone."

Sally says, "hi Bobby, what's up?"

Bobby replies, "Carolyn was hoping to talk to you a minute."

Sally says, "sure put her on." Bobby hands Carolyn the phone.

Carolyn says, Hi Sally, I hope I'm not being a pain, but I was wondering if it was possible if I could become a group girl?"

Sally replies, "yes, very much so, I think you should try it for awhile, meet a bunch of the guys, Louis, Marcus and Johnny said you enjoyed yourself tonight very much and wanted to do that often, so why not try it awhile and see how it goes."

Carolyn replies, "I'm always around, so if you want to set me up with a few men tomorrow, I'm ready to start."

Sally replies, "is there a best, better or worst time to schedule you to see the men?"

Carolyn replies, " the best times would be 9am to 4pm, then 7pm to 9pm daily."

Sally replies, "two men 5 days a week?"

Carolyn replies, "yes for now, until I see how that goes, and I thought reserve Sat and Sundays for small gang-bangs like I had tonight."

Sally replies, "yes, 4-5 men gang-bang are the best by far, ok then I will set you up with two group men for tomorrow, we will see how that goes, then we have you seeing two men a day 5 days a week, I will call you as soon as I can tomorrow, I have a idea for you, but I need to talk to you privarely about it, ok." (8 new 18 year old men joining the group)

Carolyn replies, "sure, thanks so much Sally, will talk tomorrow, goodnight." 

Sally says, "goodnight." and they both hang up.

Bobby grins, and says, "that sounded good, next thing you'll be doing is be getting bred by the dogs daily"

Carolyn grins and says, "it sounds like I will be getting studded by two group men 5 days a week now, yes I must say I'm very excited, and yes I like to start getting bred by the dogs for sure, now we best eat something."

Bobby says, "Susan made me a bunch of her homemade pot pies and calzones how does that sound?"

Carolyn says, " very good, her pot pies and her calzones are the best, make two calzones and pot pie, we can split them and get some of each."

Bobby goes to the frig. and takes out a calzone, and set to heat in the microwave.

Bobby then says, I've been around Sally long enough now, and I've never heard a negative comment about any of the men in the group."

The phone rings, Bobby answers it, "hi Bobby here."

Audrey says " hi."

Bobby replies, "hi mom what you thinking?"

Audrey replies, "Helen, Billy and myself were wondering if it would be alright if we camp out over at Susan's for the night?"

Bobby replies, " yes, I will get the tent out for you, it's a great night to camp out."

Audrey says, "listen wise guy, I mean in the house."

Bobby replies, "oh, let me ask my friends, Bobby holds the phone to his robe a second, thens says, "yep we will find room for you."

Audrey says we will be there in about 10 minutes, bye." she hangs up, Bobby hangs up.

Carolyn says, "I take your mom isn't a avid tent camper."

Bobby says. "she hates tents, she is not a outdoors person much at all, I was surprise that she went in the water at the pond today"

Eric says, "what about Helen?"

Bobby replies, "she is a little more a nature person, but both of them are really into the arts, interior design stuff like that, which I like as well because I'm feminine, but I'm more like a tomboy girl, their both feminine girls."

Carolyn asks, "Bobby would you say you prefer having sex with men or women?"

Bobby replies, "I prefer being in the female role for a male 13 to 22, at least that's how old Marcus and Louis are and they are the oldest guys I ever been with, but I like being in the male role to for the right females, just not near as much."

Carolyn says, "I will sleep in my own room tonight if that's alright."

Eric says, "yes, I will as well, I want you to spend some time alone with your mom, Helen and Billy, as soon as they get here, and we eat, I'm headed upstairs and crash, it been a tiring yet very good day, but I bushed."

Carolyn replies, "same here, spend some alone time with them, we can all have breakfast together in the morning, Susan's table here seats, what 14 people."

Bobby says, "yeah I love this big kitchen and table a lot, I know Helen will to."

Bobby's mom, Helen and Billy arrive

Teddy barks and dashes to the kitchen to look, Bobby heads down to the back door with Teddy to greet them, as soon as they step out of the car, he holds Teddy's collar and they step outside to greet them, Bobby says, Teddy this is my mom, Helen and Billy, Bobby then turns, holds the door open for them to walk inside, which they do, Bobby says, "Eric and Carolyn are in the kitchen go on up." 

Eric stands and introduces himself to Audrey, Helen and Billy, then they all take a seat at the table.

Carolyn says, "we were just heating up some supper, have you's eaten?"

Audrey replies, "yes we just finished eating over at Michael's place."

Bobby says, "you's want some wine, a drink, beer?"

Helen replies, "I'll take beer please."

Bobby get a beer out of the frig. and hands it to her.

Billy says, "I'll take some wine." , Bobby sets a bottle of wine on the table and some cups, Audrey says, "wine is good."

Carolyn sets another calzone into eat, and then cuts the heated calzone in thirds and puts them on plates and put a plate in front of Eric and tells Bobby to sit down, and she puts a plate in front of Bobby and says, "eat." and she leans on the counter waiting for the next calzone to heat.

Bobby says, "mom, how did you like swimming in the pond today?"

Audrey replies, "I really liked it, I even snorkeled a bit, after Marcus gave Helen, Billy and I a crash coarse training on the proper way to snorkel, the water was beautiful clear."

Helen says, "I must say, Billy and I are hooked, Billy and I signed up unofficially for scuba training with Michael and Peggy now, hopefully Audrey will to."

Audrey replies, "I will, especially after getting to know Louis and Marcus, are they both boning you Bobby?"

Bobby replies, "yes, routinely now."

Audrey smiles, looks at Eric and says, "I'm very pleased, I know now you have a eye for good men."

Audrey then says, "Eric, tells us about yourself, I know your a horse trainer after talking with Augusta awhile today, then seen your truck outside, -Eric England farrier and horse trainer- lettered on it."

Eric replies, "I been living with my aunt and uncle since I was very young, they own and operate -England Stables-, north of here about 15 miles, so I work there as a trainer and farrier, shoeing horse, I travel to peoples farms and work with their horse, teach people like Augusta to ride, jump horses, barrel riding, calf roping, cowboying stuff. I am nineteen."

Bobby says, "mom are you and Helen joining the group?"

Audrey replies, "yes, we are, what do you think about us joining?"

Bobby replies, "I like it a lot, I love if you could live here with Susan, Eric and myself, Eric could stud both of you then if you wish."

Helen looks at Eric and says, "I know I'm joining for sure now, with you or without you Audrey."

Audrey punches her, says, "you know I want to join, my only question is, in what capacity, how many men will we be seeing, will we be seeing the dogs etc?"

Bobby says, "just start seeing one group man a day, see how that goes, there are 74 men in the group, plus Eric now, Sally said that there would be some more men joining soon, there are only about 8 group girls as of now that are seeing men full time, and from what I heard, all the men want sex at least twice a week."

Carolyn says, "like I will be seeing 2 men 5 days a week, if the 8 girls have to have sex 150 times a week, I'm only serving 10 of those times."

Bobby replies, "I know they want more men to join, but only a certain type of guy is suited to join, as he has to commit to only having sex with the group girls, be able to afford 50 dollars each time he is with you girls, at least as long as he is a member."

Eric eats all he wants, says, "ladies, Billy nice meeting you, I am off to bed, goodnight."

They all say goodnight.

Carolyn, says the same, " everybody I'm pooped, see you's in morning, goodnight."

They all say goodnight

Bobby stands, says, "Billy would you take Teddy for a walk with me?"

Billy hops up, "yes, lets go."

Tuesday June 21st, 7am

Sally calls Susan's place to talk to Carolyn.

After Sally dials, it rings once, "Hi this is Carolyn."

Sally says, "good morning Carolyn, Sally here, do you have a minute?"

Carolyn says, "yep just sitting having a cup of coffee with Eric, the others are still sleeping."

Sally replies, "tell Eric good morning for me, last night I mentioned I had a idea for you, here it is, we need ladies who will see 8 18 year guys who have committed to the group rules, and only will be having sex with group members, yet you would be having sex with them without being tipped. Follow me so far?"

Carolyn says, "yes"

Sally replies, " I'm going to see all 8 of them once a week starting today, the first one will be here at 9am, I wondered if you'd like to come meet him?"

Carolyn says, "oh yes, very much so, I'm not in this for the money."

Sally replies, " yes that what I thought, my idea is, if it works, you could see all 8 of the 18 year olds twice a week at Susan's, they could stud both you and Susan, if that works out there will be 4 more 18 year olds coming of age, you, myself and Susan could serve only them, that way the three of us stay here, don't have to drive around. If you think you can handle getting studded 16 times a week, each of the guys wants sex 3 times a week, they may wanted it more that's completely up to you."

Carolyn replies, "I'll make it work, scheduling is the tough part, I like the idea of knowing that I will be getting studded maybe 3 times a day."

Sally says, "we will get them trained the give you 4-5 man gang-bangs as well, all but two of them are sons of group men, so they have been groomed in the ways of the group standards so to speak, they just aren't that experienced is all."

Carolyn chuckles and says, "I not that experienced, but I want to get experienced, so the young guys will be fun to be with, really it is perfect for me because I prefer young guys as you know."

Sally says, the first guy is Kevin at 9am, next one is Tim at 11am, Johnny at 1pm, Pete at 3pm, Danny at 5pm, I can take Danny or any of the others if the time doesn't work out for you."

Carolyn says, "I'll be seeing all of them there at Michael's today correct?"

Sally replies, "yep, simply because I want to introduce you, then you can start seeing them at Susan's all you want whenever you, if you see all 8 of them every day that's fine, twice a day however you wish, they will be horny all the time likely. Most likely you will be giving them just a blow job some times, so I'd offer all of them a blow-job from 9am to 4pm say, make them call Susan's first to make sure your available, but on top of studding you they can come out and get a blow-job quick if they want, because most 18 years aren't going last more then 15 minutes studding you, but in a hour they can do it again, just running ideas by you, I hope as well they all have Bobby giving them blow jobs, I know he would like that a lot."

Carolyn says, "I must say, I'm extremely excited, and I love sucking cock, so thank you."

Sally says, "thank you, and can I have you here about 8:30 am?, oh do you want to start getting bred by the dogs?"

Carolyn replies, "yes, as soon as possible."

Sally says, "see you at 8:30 then ,bye.", Carolyn says, "bye."

Carolyn hangs up the phone, looks at Eric, says, you know what it just dawned on me, I walked here with Bobby."

Eric says, "forget about making breakfast, I'm ready to go, let me take you home, you can ride the Oscar back over to Michael, he probably like hanging out with Edward right?"

Carolyn says, "great idea, I'll call home right now, let Ed and Johnny know."

Carolyn calls, "hi this is Ed."

Carolyn replies, "good morning Ed, I'm at Susan's but a friend of Bobby's is dropping me off at our place in a minute, I wanted to call and let Johnny know that I was going to take either Oscar or Potter back over to Michael's."

Ed replies, "here is Johnny you can talk to him."

Johnny says, "hi, what you doing?"

Carolyn replies, "good morning, hey Eric is going to drop me off at home here in a minute, but I want to ride either Oscar or Potter over to Michael's, should I take Potter or Oscar?"

Johnny replies, "take Potter, he and Edward get along best, your just riding bareback right?"

Carolyn replies, "yes, he'll be grazing with Edward."

Johnny says, I'll ride over with you, see you in a minute, bye." 

Carolyn, writes a note, puts it in middle of table and says to Eric, "let's go."

Eric and her hop in his truck, Carolyn says, "when you get to the hard road turn left, my place is first place after Michaels on same side of the road, south side."

Eric says, "this is great that all your properties are next to each other like this."

Carolyn replies, "yes, especially since we are friends like we are, that is for sure, we all walk back and forth a lot, I would if not so hurried this morning, so thanks so much for dropping me off, I'm bringing my stallion Smokey out to stay at Susan's, so if you like I can masturbate him for you."

Carolyn says, "what time you think you will be back?"

Eric replies, "around noon."

As they pull up to Carolyn's house Carolyn says, "will you call over to Michael's when you get back, I'd like to at least meet him."

Eric replies, "will do." as Carolyn step out of the truck, Carolyn says, "thanks, bye." and closes the truck door and walks to the house.

Carolyn walks into the house, Ed is sitting at the kitchen table, she kisses him on the cheek, says, "did you get some breakfast?"

Ed replies, "yes."

Carolyn says, "I stole one of Susan's home made pot pies for you, I'll set it in the frig, be a good lunch for you."

Ed replies, "thanks, speaking of that, tell Susan when she get back, I want to pay her to make some calzones and pot pies for us."

Carolyn replies, "hopefully she will be back here with Michael Thursday."

Ed replies, "Johnny was telling me that, sounded like his surgery went well, which is great to hear."

Carolyn replies, "yes, keep our fingers crossed it stays that way, this surgery they did on him is rare, in that he is retaining his testes."

Ed replies, "oh, I didn't know that."

Carolyn in a perturbed tone says, "yeah I didn't know that until yesterday, Johnny forgot to tell us that part."

Ed chuckles and says, "that's our boy alright, forgot the most important part, I'm surprised that he returned with a tractor yesterday, and not a horse."

Johnny starts laughing, just taking after you old, remember the time you drove all the way to Chicago to watch the cubs play, and they were playing alright, but in St. Louis."

Carolyn can't help but chuckle.

Ed says, "what did I just say, "that's our boy"

Carolyn says, "Johnny you riding over with me or coming later."

Johnny says, "did you want to work on the tractor today?"

Ed says, "no, I'm just going to see if it starts, then make a list of the stuff it needs and call around and see if I can find the stuff, so go with your mom, he winks, just don't let her run off to far."

Carolyn punches him in the shoulder cheeks his cheek, then whispers, "thanks for letting me do what I do, love you."

Johnny and Carolyn head out to the stables, grab some reins, walk out into the paddock hook the reins up, Carolyn hops on Potter, Johnny on Oscar, they get on the trail leading to Michael's, Carolyn says, "can I give you a blow-job before we get to Michael's, I didn't get to swallow your cum last night, Bobby beat me to it."

Johnny giggles, "yeah, he did didn't he, oh well you got three other big loads shot in your mouth, you horny slut you."

Carolyn smiles, "yeah I felt good and slutty when they got done with me that is for sure."

They ride under a big old oak tree next to the trail, both hop off the horses, Carolyn drops to her knees, pulls Johnny's shorts down and vigorously starts licking and sucking his already rock hard cock, Johnny says, "that's a good slut, do what you do best, I loved watching the men fuck you like a slut last night so much, watching you swallow their cum."

Carolyn takes his cock out of her mouth and says, Sally has me getting fucked by five 18 years olds today, by wenesday I'll be getting fucked by eight 18 year olds two every day or I have to get fucked by all eight at least twice a week, hopefully you and 3 or four of them will gang-bang me like we did last night." she starts sucking again.

Johnny replies, "I'd love to do what we did last night every day, dam you looked so hot last night."

Carolyn replies, "I'm so glad you like watching me get fucked, I love you watching me as I do so much."

Johnny starts moaning, "I going cum", Carolyn opens her mouth wide, as she vigorously strokes his cock while keeping the head of it just inside her mouth, Johnny jerks forword, and a glob of cum shoots into her mouth, then another and one more big glob, then Johnny leans on her shoulders as she swallows it all down then carefully licks and sucks the cock head clean, Carolyn pokes him the side says, "yummy good." hops on Potter and heads down the trail towards Michael's, Johnny follows behind.

Carolyn already has the gate to Michael's pasture open and Potter in the pasture, Johnny rides through and Carolyn closes the gate and hops back on Potter and they ride to Edward's paddock gate, Johnny hops off Oscar, removes the reins, wraps them on the fence, and opens the paddock gate, Carolyn rides on in the paddock, hops off, Edward briskly walks to her and Potter, he greets Potter by rubbing necks, as Carolyn rubs Edward's shoulders then wraps her reins around the fence, she tries to get in the stable door before Edward notices, she looks back, Edwards penis is complete dropped out all 18 inches, Carolyn hollers, "Johnny can you come jack him off for me quick, he is a horny, horny boy." Carolyn walks on in the stable door through the stables, into the wash room, locks the shop door, the washroom door to the parking area, then gets a bucket filled with warm water, a soft wash cloth, then she leans down washes the entire length of his cock then the head, then Edward goes complete erect and starts jerk himself in her hands, Carolyn, has never done this alone, but she gets on her knees, takes the tip of his cock in her mouth, Edward's cock flares, and he gives about 3 hard thrusts and a huge load of semen blasts into Carolyn mouth, followed by  two more big squirts of semen until he stops jerking and the remaining semen slowly flow out into her mouth, Carolyn swallows it all down, grabs the wash cloth, washes his cock as it retracts back up inside his sheath, Carolyn hugs him, rubs his neck and head and says, "thank you so much Edward, good boy, it's been to many days since we done that."

Carolyn hears clapping from behind her, she looks up at the pass through at the top of the ramp, there is Augusta, Sally and Kathy staring down at her and Edward, and then Johnny knocking on the stable door, Carolyn hurries and un latches the stable door.

Embarrassed Carolyn says, "sorry, I was in such a hurry, I must of locked this door to, well at least I know I can jack Edward of on my own." she goes ahead and unlocks the shop door and the washroom door to the parking area, 

Sally says, "come on up, get a cup of coffee,"

Johnny gets Edward back out into the stable and latches the door, then, "says, we do need to fix that latch, it is easy to accidently latch it."

Carolyn smiles and says, "maybe it wasn't my fault after all" as they walk up the ramp to the kitchen.

Carolyn says, "good morning everyone, hope you enjoyed the show."

Sally replies, "I know I did"

Carolyn replies, "Eric dropped me off at our place on his way to work, I wanted to get here early any way, and no one else was up yet, I was hoping I could take a shower here."

Sally says, follow me, I show you where certain things are at, as they turn in the hallway toward the bathroom, Sean come walking out completely nude, Carolyn says, "good morning Sean, he turns grinning, and says, "hi Carolyn", Sally and Carolyn walk in the bathroom, Sally closes the door behind them then whispers, I want Sean to fuck me so bad, I going crazy." 

Carolyn replies whispering, "put a good word in for me if you get fucked by him, when I seen him and Billy both yesterday skinny dipping, I wanted him crazy like to."

Sally says, "I'm praying today he will want to have his way with me, we'll see, now we got to get you ready for a 18 year old stud, I have a robe for you here, in this cabinet are disposable douches, lots of k-y jelly in here, however, I'm going have you play with the guys in the basement bedroom today, simple because Augusta and Sean, Tommy who will stud you between guys will be here, Billy will be here, and Two ladies with their 13 year sons will be here at 10am,  so hopefully we will have four 13 years studding us routinely soon as well."

Carolyn replies, "I hope so, I miss when Johnny was 12-13 so much."

Sally says, are you going take all the guys in your pussy today?, if not, in here are the dildos, oil bottle for cleaning your bottom, at least that is our method for cleaning our bottoms."

Carolyn replies, "I had my tubes tied after Ed's accident so I'm sterile, but I do like it in my bottom just as much, I thought that might scare a 18 year old off, figure wait, let them be with me a month or two then ask them if they to penetrate my bottom, one more thing, do all the guys know about the others, know each other?" 

Sally replies, "they know about each other, how well they know each other I am not sure of, because this is somewhat a experiment."

Carolyn replies, "I try to find out, especially for the gang-bang scenrio."

Sally says, "I do know, Tommy, Sean and Billy stud anally and are very experienced at it, yet I have no sexual experience background on any of the 18 year olds, other then they are very horny, Kevin who will be here at nine told me, he as masturbating 3-4 times a day, and he hope he could see one of us every day at least once, 2 or 3 times because he only lives 10 minutes away until school starts, Pete and Danny said the same thing basically."

Carolyn says, "I can see him 2-3 times a day every day, I can see all 8 off them every day, if 4 of them gang-bang me."

Sally says, "talk to them about, tell them you like getting gang-banged by 4 guys at a time, at least they know, you best hop in the shower now, and be ready."

Carolyn hops in the shower, Sally walks back to the kitchen, Augusta, Sean, Tommy and Bobby are sitting there.

Augusta says, "is it alright if I take these three horny guys to our bedroom with me?"

Sally looks at the clock, it's 8:45, Sally says, "yes if I can come join you's in about a half hour, so you guys take your time with her, I need loving to you know."

Sean, Tommy and Bobby all say, "we will."

Augusta says, "cool lets go." the four of them hurry down the hall, Sally can just feel herself getting wet at the thought of getting to be with Sean."

Not two minutes past, when Sally hears the dogs barking out on the front terrace, she looks out the kitchen window, it's Kevin, Sally walks down the ramp and out the washroom door, Kevin steps out his car and Sally walks to him extends her hand, "hi Kevin, I'm Sally." they shake hands, then Sally says, "we will go in and meet Carolyn, she is just getting out of the shower, we are running behind as usually." 

Kevin replies, "I'm in no hurry, actually a bit nervous."

They walk in the washroom then up into the kitchen, Sally replies as they walk, "being nervous is good, are you a virgin?"

Kevin replies, "yes pretty much, except for masturbating, and oral."

Sally says, "are you bisexual?"

Kevin says, "yes, that's kinda why I want to do this, I've only sucked a guys penis, so is my only experience."

Sally says, "nothing wrong with being bi here, but today you get to be with a very nice looking older lady."

As they walk in the kitchen Carolyn is just about to sit down and stops, and steps to Kevin, and says, "hi Kevin, I'm Carolyn."

Kevin takes her hand and shakes, then Sally says, "you two go on down stairs and get to know each other." 

Carolyn leads the way, they get to the bed, Carolyn sits, pats the bed with her hand and asks him to sit, once he does Carolyn starts telling him about herself.

Carolyn says, " Kevin, I am 45 years old, I like horses, I have the farm next door, however next time you see me we will be meeting at that farm, however there are guest stay there today, so we will not be in a basement, do you like your penis sucked?"

Kevin says, "I never had it sucked, but I'd like you to suck it."

Carolyn says " if you want to get your shoes off, you can lay up on the bed and we can get you shorts off, Kevin gets his shoes off then scoots himself back onto the bed and pulls his shorts off exposing his rock hard cock, Carolyn crawls up between his legs saying, "oh yeah Kevin, your already nice and hard for me." then Carolyn licks up along his inner thigh, until she reaches his balls, then she starts licking and sucking on them, "you smell so nice and clean, I like that, thank you." she then lick her way up his cock shaft until she gets to head, "oh your getting nice and wet for my pussy, thank you." then she slowly takes Kevin's entire penis in her mouth and into her throat and uses her tongue to explore his shaft, then she pulls it all the way out except for the head and she sucks on it gently as she strokes his shaft, "you think you like getting sucked now,"

Kevin says, "oh yes, I like you sucking me a lot."

Carolyn says, "would you like sliding it up in my pussy that your making so wet, by letting me suck your cock?"

Kevin says, "yes, please I want to do that."

Carolyn scoots up on his body, kisses his lips, then rolls over on her back next to him, and says "go ahead and get your cock in me, I want it up in me so badly."

Kevin rolls over on top of her, she spreads her legs apart for him as he guides his penis in with one hand, once it's in he pushes it completely in and groans, then natural instinct sets in and he begins thrusting in and out of her.

Carolyn starts squealing and gasping as he trust his cock in and out of her like a horny stud dog, carolyn mumbles "fuck me good Kevin fill me with your cum please."

Kevin starts grunting and gasping, then starts jerking, and with one last hard thrust he push as far up inside her as his cock will go, and he begins jerking and shaking as he starts ejaculating deep up inside her, then he lays on to her chest and flinches as his orgasm finishes up.

They lay there a minute in quiet, then  Kevin slides down her a bit and gently kisses her nipples, and says, "Carolyn that felt so good, thank you so much."

Carolyn says, "thank you so much as well, I hope you will start doing this to me as often as you can, please, you know I here especially for you 8 young guys right?" 

Kevin says, "yes, I so glad you are to."

Carolyn says you can come out and do this to me every day if you want, you can come back tonight at 7pm if you'd like, can I drive you over to the house where you will start seeing me from now on.?

Kevin says, "yes."

Carolyn sets up says, "let's get dressed and we will head over there, you can drive, and bring me back."  Kevin gets his clothes on his shoes, and they head up stairs, Carolyn says, "Kevin wait here, I get my clothes, and we will go." she hurries to the bathroom gets her shorts and t-shirt on, then returns to the kitchen takes Kevins hand and leads him out to the car.

As they drive down the lane, Carolyn says, "turn right, the next mailbox on the right is it."

They pull up to the back of the house, Carolyn says, "we have a big Irish wolfhound, his name is Teddy, he is a good boy so don't worry, they get to the back door, and Teddy greets them eagerly, Carolyn says, Teddy this is Kevin, he is going to be visiting us a lot hopefully, lets take you out to your pen so you can look around awhile." Carolyn takes his collar and leads him out to his pen, checks his water, he is good, she returns to Kevin, they walk up in the kitchen, you need a drink? Kevin replies, "I'm fine."

Carolyn say, "can I suck your cock again, I'd love to have you ejaculate in my mouth."

Kevin says, " sure."

Carolyn leads him to the living room, get him seated on the couch, then gets his shorts pulled down and off."

Carolyn says, "that's what I like, your good and hard again already nice." Carolyn drops down and eagerly begins sucking him vigorously.

Kevin says, "oh you do this good."  

Carolyn pauses sucking, says, "thank you, I want to please you the best I can, when you need sucked I'll be here for you, just call first to make sure I'm here, do you mind if another one of the 18 year olds is here when you show up?'

Kevin says, "no, I know all the guys, it's fine, I can wait until your done."

Carolyn says, " I like having 4-5 guys do me at a time if you like to do that with me, all 8 of you's can if you like"

Kevin says, " you like gang-banged?"

Carolyn replies, "I love being gang-bang by young guys like you."

Kevin says, "I'd like all 8 of us to do that to you for sure,"

Carolyn says , "you can ever day if you want, it's my favorite thing to do it would so wonderful having all 8 of you's cumming in mouth everyday, three or four times a day." if you'd like you can stay here all day I have Tim at 11am, Johnny at 1pm, Pete at 3pm, Danny at 5pm."

Kevin says, "what if I call all of them and see if they can come here now?"

Carolyn says, "there is a phone book in the kitchen, I'll suck you while you talk to them."

Kevin says, "ok." Sally stands and they head back to the kitchen.

Once in the kitchen Carolyn get him seated, hands him to phone book, and drops to her knees and starts licking and sucking his cock slow and gently, tell them they can take me to room alone as well and fuck me, whatever you's want to to do, but I want all 8 of you's cumming in my mouth as many times as you can."

Kevin calls Tim first, "hi Tim, I with our new slut Carolyn right now, she is sucking my cock, can you come over right now, she wants gang-banged by all 8 of us."

Tim replies, "yes we are at the house next to the one were we were to meet her though,the first farm east it has a baby blue mailbox, Tomlinson is the name on the mailbox, come on in you can start fucking her now."

Kevin calls Johnny, "hi Johnny, I'm with our new slut Carolyn right now, she is sucking my cock, can you come over right now, she wants gang-banged by all 8 of us, we are at the house next to the one were we were to meet her though,the first farm east it has a baby blue mailbox, Tomlinson is the name on the mailbox, come on in you can start fucking her now."

Johnny says "be there in ten minutes."

Kevin calls Pete,

Hi Pete, I'm with our new slut Carolyn right now, she is sucking my cock, can you come over right now, she wants gang-banged by all 8 of us, we are at the house next to the one were we were to meet her though, the first farm east it has a baby blue mailbox, Tomlinson is the name on the mailbox, come on in you can start fucking her now."

Kevin calls Danny, 

Hi Danny,  I'm with our new slut Carolyn right now, she is sucking my cock, can you come over right now, she wants gang-banged by all 8 of us, we are at the house next to the one were we were to meet her though,the first farm east it has a baby blue mailbox, Tomlinson is the name on the mailbox, come on in you can start fucking her now."

Danny says, "I'll be there in about a half hour."

Kevin says, "oh that feels good, you do look good with a cock in your mouth."

Carolyn says, "oh I crave cock so much, thank you for getting cock for me to suck

Kevin calls Chris,

Hi Chris, I'm with our new slut Carolyn right now, she is sucking my cock, can you come over right now, she wants gang-banged by all 8 of us, we are at the house next to the one were we were to meet her though,the first farm east it has a baby blue mailbox, Tomlinson is the name on the mailbox, come on in you can start fucking her now."

Chris replies, "I'll  be there in 15 minutes, 

Kevin calls, Rodney

Hi Rodney,  I'm with our new slut Carolyn right now, she is sucking my cock, can you come over right now, she wants gang-banged by all 8 of us, we are at the house next to the one were we were to meet her though,the first farm east it has a baby blue mailbox, Tomlinson is the name on the mailbox, come on in you can start fucking her now."

Rodney replies, "I'll be there in 10 minutes

Kevin calls Steven

Hi Steven,  I'm with our new slut Carolyn right now, she is sucking my cock, can you come over right now, she wants gang-banged by all 8 of us, we are at the house next to the one were we were to meet her though,the first farm east it has a baby blue mailbox, Tomlinson is the name on the mailbox, come on in you can start fucking her now."

Steven replies, "I will be there in 15 minutes."

Kevin says, I'm ready to cum, open your mouth, I want to watch myself cum on your tongue, Kevin jerks his cock of furiously, starts grunting and jerking about, then he holds his cock steady aimed straight into her mouth as glob after glob explodes into her mouth, Carolyn looks up at him, swallows it down just as Tim walks into the kitchen, Kevin stands, Tim sets in front of Carolyn, she instantly starts sucking his cock as Kivin sit next to him and watches.

Johnny walks into the Kitchen, Kevin says, "pull her ass up and start fucking her hard Johnny, make the slut squeal."

Carolyn is squealing out in seconds, mumbling, sucking, babbling, "fuck me good, cum in my mouth."

Kevin says, "she wants to swallow cum, so pull out and shoot it her mouth."

Tim moans out, I'm going cum, Carolyn grips the head of his cock tight as Tim's cum squirts into her mouth.

Carolyn opens her mouth wide, showing all the guys the cum in her mouth then swallows it all down, then she says, "oh I love cum so much, please just keep cumming in my mouth."

Carolyn looks at the clock, it read 10:15am, and says. "I need to call Sally and tell her you are all here now, give me one second, Carolyn stands puts her finger to her lips signaling quiet now, then they go quiet, Carolyn dials the number to Michael's it rings twice, "Hi this is Sally."

Carolyn replies, "hi Sally, I'm at Susan's, and all 8 of the guys are here gang-banging me, I wanted to tell you when we left, but didn't want to bother you."

Sally starts giggling, then says, "how in the heck did you pull that off so fast?'

Carolyn replies, "I asked Kevin if he knew all the guys after I brought him over here to show him the place, then return back there, well while here, I told him I wanted gang-banged he called all the guys from here, they all came over."

Sally replies, "ok, I'm glad your fine, next time leave a note on the table you horny slut, I thought I was a slut, oh my, have fun see you after your done, bye." , Carolyn says, bye."

Carolyn says, follow me, she leads them in the cafe dining room, the guys start saying cool, this awesome while Carolyn lays the  exercise mat in the center of the floor then lays on her back, Danny drops to his knees between her legs, lifts her legs up in the air, then pushes his hard cock up in her pussy and starts thrusting in and out of her causing her to squeal and whimper two of the guys hold the heads of their cocks to her lips, she suck one a few seconds, then the other as both the guys stroke their own cocks,

Danny pulls his cock out of her pussy, Rodney drops to his knees and starts pounding his cock in and out of her, all the while  Carolyn whimpers and squeals. After a few minutes, Rodney calls out, "I'm ready to cum, lift her head so I can cum in the sluts mouth, Kevin and Tim lift her up by her shoulder, Rodney says, " open up wide slut." Carolyn opens her mouth wide and Rodney begins ejaculating all his cum on to her held out tongue, his finishes up and step up off and over her chest, Steven drops to his knees, gets his cock started in her pussy, lift her legs up high and start taking long hard slapping thrusts into her, Carolyn starts to shake and tremble as a orgasm consumes her, and Steven pounds his cock up into, Carolyn just grunts. whimpers and jerks her legs as the orgasm drags on, Steven says get her lifted up, I'm going cum, Kevin and Tim lift her up, Steven scoots over her chest, says, "slut open up, let me see that hungry tongue, Carolyn opens wide push out her cupped tongue Steven lets his cum explode out of his cock, squirting it all over her lips, chin, in her mouth, Chris drops down fucks her hard next, all the guys fuck her and cum in her mouth, then they help her up into a booth to set and recover. Kevin gets a wash cloth and sets next to her and washes her face, neck, Carolyn says, "thanks so much Kevin, that was so intense." Kevin replies, " you were a champ, everybody fucked you, and you swallowed everybody's cum beautifully."

Carolyn sets up, and says, you guys want to do this tomorrow, you want to be with me alone right now, what would you's like to do?"

Tim says, "you want to suck my cock again?"

Carolyn says, "yes, I want to suck all of you's cocks again, Carolyn scoots out to the edge of the booth seat, and says, come on over Tim, Tim walks over and holds his cock up to her mouth Carolyn eagerly starts sucking and stroking it as she rubs her own clit, all the guys watch her vigorously suck and swallow Tim's cock, rub her own clit and whine as they stroke their own cocks, in less then 5minutes Tim is gasping and bucking his hip, he says "I going cum, get ready, Carolyn sucks hard on his cock head and strokes his cock hard, Tim arches back and pushes his cock forward as his cum squirts in her mouth,he jerks 3 times then goes still, then backs away pulling his cock from her mouth, Carolyn sit there and swallows his cum down, Kevin walks up she starts sucking him.

Carolyn sucks all 8 of the guys of again.

Kevin  suggests, "what if tomorrow we all come here at half hour intervals, just for example, Steven comes @ 8am, Tim @ 8:30am, Danny @ 9am, Rodney @ 10am, Johnny @ 10:30am, Pete @ 11am, Chris @ 11:30am Kevin @ 12noon.

Carolyn says "that way I get a half hour alone with each of you, and I get to swallow 8 nice loads of cum every morning until you guys have to go back to school.

All the guys agree, they agree to the way Kevin just read it, Kevin says, "if anyone wants to switch times with another, just call each other and do it."

Carolyn says, " you's can start butt-fucking me tomorrow."

Carolyn says, " just remember, the Motto of our group is, "if we only have sex with the same 100 people and if none of have STD"s, how do we get any STD's "

When Kevin, drops Carolyn off at her farm, he says, "can I come back at 2pm?" 

Tuesday June 21st, 11am

Carolyn finds Bobby and Billy working in the shop, she walks in and talks to him Bobby explains that everybody inside is having sex, they should be breaking for lunch soon, Cecil is in with Juliana, Paul is in with Kelly, Augusta is in with Tommy and Sally is in with Sean. Johnny took Kelly's son Clint, and Juliana's son Josh riding, they will be back soon.

Carolyn sheepishly says, " I just got gang-banged by the 8 new 18 year olds, so I think I'm good for needing sex for today."

Bobby says, "cool, you going to start seeing them all regularly?"

Carolyn replies, " I hope so, I see all of them again tomorrow, so I hope they will all continue to want me."

Bobby grins, and says, "you've always got, Louis, Marcus, Eric, me, Tommy and Johnny don't forget."

Billy says, " I'd like to start being with you Carolyn, mom says I can and Sally and I have been together twice, I'm sure Sean and Tommy will like being with you to."

Carolyn, hugs and kisses Billy, and says, "I'd like to be with you a lot too Billy."

Carolyn says, "I'm going to walk on home, check on Ed, tell Johnny would you please."

Carolyn walks into the washroom, into the stables, and then on home through the pasture, to the gate onto her property, she opens to gate, gets through it, then proceeds down through the wooded ravine, after the 5 minute walk through the woods she comes out by her barn and paddock. After she walks past the barn, she was going to check in the workshop, but sees Ed sitting on the porch having a smoke and drinking a beer, she heads up and sits next to him.

Ed says, nice nips, Bobby do you good?"

Carolyn sheepishly grins and says, "no he hasn't yet today, but I gave Johnny a blow-job before we even got to the farm, then when we got the farm, Edward was so horny, he followed me into the washroom, I masturbated him and ingested his cum for the first time ever by myself. Also I just learned yesterday that Sally, Michael, Bobby, Johnny and Kathy are part of a closed group of single men and ladies who all have sex, the motto of the group is - 

"if we only have sex with the same 100 people and if none of have STD"s, how do we get any STD's " so any way I joined the group, so this morning I had sex with eight 18 year old guys.

Ed chuckles, and replies, " you hit the jackpot, I tell you you to start having sex with other men, and group like that ends up being right next door."

Carolyn meekly says softly, "I hope it's ok that I joined."

Ed replies, "I think it great for you


Helen loves the kitchen table

Bobby and Billy take Teddy for a walk,


Helen, Audrey, Bobby and Billy all have sex, Billy studs Bobby, Billy to spend remainder of summer living at Susan's sleeping with Susan and Bobby, Billy will start studding Bobby every day

Augusta brings Bandit to Michael's 

Carolyn gets bred by Cunnington, Tiecum and Bandit

Peggy and Kathy to see dogs in morning

Sally to ingest Oscar's semen at Susan farm

Eric bring Smokey to Susan's to stable there, Sally ingests Smokeys semen, Sally performs Cunnilingus on Carolyn for first time

Juliana and her son

Kelly and her son

Bobby has been studding Tommy since he was 13, and he studs me and was until 4 days ago, Tommy to become a top only for Bobby

Sally and Carolyn to start getting studded by 8 new 18 year olds that don't have to tip, can commit to group rules

Carolyn to begin getting studded by 8 new 18 year olds twice a week at Susan's (16 times a week), Sally to be studded by them all once a week. (most are college students) (they all start studding Bobby as well)

Carolyn replies, " yes, see you here at 2pm."

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