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Chapter 7 " Terrace "

Tuesday June 21, 11:30 am

Ed chuckles, and replies, " you hit the jackpot, I tell you to start having sex with other men, and group like that ends up being right next door, I should told you to start having sex with others a long time ago, I'm sorry."

Carolyn says, "I'm not sorry that you didn't, if you had I might of become involved with other men, then not been able to join this group, because in the group there are nearly 100 men that I now can have sex with."

Ed says, " how often we you be seeing the men?"

Carolyn says, "as often as possible if that is ok, I'm going to see all 8 of the 18 year olds again tomorrow morning, then this afternoon, hopefully a few other group men, the plan is to see all the 18 year olds as often as possible until they head to college."

Ed says, "it's ok with me as long as you don't wear yourself out doing it."

Carolyn says, "I'll be carefully, thanks for letting me do this, you know me, I'm a horny slut, I have been talking to some of my boyfriends from Jensen Landscaping, quite a few of them want to start seeing me again out here at the farm like they used to before your accident, is that going to be ok?"


Ed replies, "yes, I'd love to see all the guys coming out again, I miss having them all along like before the accident, matter a fact when Sam took up in the new plane he built last week, he and I talked about him building a shop/apartment out here, and building a grass airstrip, he told me he'd love to start seeing you again if it would be alright."

Carolyn smiles big, and says, "what did you tell him?"

Ed replies smiling devilishly, "I told him that he could start seeing you, live here and do the airstrip/apartment, so he is getting bids on a quonset type airplane hanger type metal building."

Carolyn replies, "can he move into the house until the building gets built?"

Ed replies, "yes, he is going to start moving in this weekend."

Carolyn leans over and kisses his cheek and says, " that is so exciting, and having Sam live here will be good for him and I both, have you eaten lunch yet?"

Ed replies, "no, but we better, especially you your going need the energy."

Carolyn smiles, holds up a paper bag, says, "I stole 2 calzones from Susan's for our lunch come on in and I'll heat them up."

They both stand and walk in the house, as Carolyn heats the calzones up, and gets some plates and forks and sets the table Ed sits and asks, "how did you possibly have sex with 8 guys already this morning?"

Carolyn replies sheepishly grinning, "they gang-banged me, then they all pulled out before they ejaculated and then they ejaculated in my mouth."

Ed chuckles then says, " you especially need to eat with all that semen in your stomach."

Carolyn replies, "yes that is what I'm thinking, but so far my stomach feels fine."

Ed replies, "just make sure you eat your cereal and a muffin in the morning, maybe start eating saltine crackers with lunch and supper to, are you going be seeing men at night to?"

Carolyn says, "I'd like to see them whenever it is possible, and most of them are fairly wealthy men that have been married, and have chosen to never remarry, that's is the premise of the group as well."

Ed replies, "yeah you can see then whenever the time allows, on one condition, you write down the address of where you will be if you go to their homes."

Carolyn replies, "I will, then Sally also knows who I will be with, and she has all the men's names, numbers and addresses as well."

Carolyn and Ed start eating their calzones, Carolyn says, "as soon as Susan gets back, I'll help her make a new batch of calzones, these are wonderful."

Ed replies, "yes, the best."

Carolyn says, "I'm going to drive back over to Michael's when we get done eating, is there anything you need from town?"

Ed says, "call me before you come home, I might, I am going to call about a few parts for the tractor."

They finish eating, Carolyn douches her bottom, takes a shower, puts on a old thin white t-shirt no bra, she ties the t-shirt below her large breasts, looks in the mirror, her hard nipples are poking out nicely, her clean bald pussy looks nice to her, she puts on a tennis type skirt with no panties."

Carolyn then walks out to the kitchen Ed isn't there she walks to the porch, he sits drinking a beer and having a smoke, she poses for Ed.

Carolyn says, "what do you think." as she lifts her skirt to show him she has no panties on."

Ed replies, "hot,sexy and fuckable like a good slut should."

Carolyn giggles and says, "I just hope all the guys will to."

Ed says, "you will not have to worry about that, you'll be getting fucked every day, all day, which is fine with me."

Carolyn leans over and kisses his forehead, "oh thanks for letting me, I want that a lot, I'll call before I leave Michael's see you after bit." 

Carolyn walks out and hops in one of the pickup trucks and heads to Michaels place. Carolyn pulls up in from of the shop overhead door Bobby and Billy are working on a chair sitting up on the big fabrication table, Bobby and Billy watch as she steps out of the truck, Bobby says, "you look hot." Billy says, "I like your nipples like that."  Carolyn pulls up her skirt shows them her bald bare pussy, then turns and bends over and shows them her bare ass, Billy says, " will you suck my cock right now?" 

Carolyn says, "yes, I'd like that a lot, lets walk out to the hay barn."  Carolyn leads the way out the overhead door turns left, Billy catches up with her and they walk together out to the hay barn, once inside, Billy quickly gets his shorts completely off, his nice big 8 inch cock is already rock hard and sticking straight up, Carolyn drops to her knees in front of him, grips his cock with one hand, as she starts yearningly licking and sucking it, Carolyn says, "I been wanting to suck you from the minute I first set my eyes on you yesterday."  Billy says, "thats good, because I'll be living here for the rest of the summer and I want to fuck you and have you suck me as often as you can, and I can."

Carolyn replies, "I would like that a lot, you just tell me, you can have me anytime you want me."

Billy replies, "I will."

Carolyn then vigorously starts sucking and deep throating his cock, after a few minutes Billy starts moaning and gasping, says, "I am going to cum, get ready." 

Carolyn takes his cock out of her mouth, holds the cock head to her open mouth, in seconds squirt after squirt pumps onto Carolyn's cupped tongue, Billy holds her shoulders until the orgasm pasts, Carolyn leans her head back opens her mouth to show him the cum in her mouth as she looks up at him, then she swallows it all as he watches, Billy says, "I like watching you do that."

Carolyn stands and hugs him tightly, and softly says, "you shot a lot of cum in my mouth and it tastes so good, thank you."

Billy says, " if you want to start sucking me again, I'll get hard so I can fuck you if you want."

Carolyn drops back down on her knees and gently starts licking and kissing his penis, sucking and licking his big balls as he leans back on some bales of hay as she rubs her clit vigorously, saying, "oh Billy I need your big cock in me so badly."

Billy says, "your going to like the two boys that Johnny took riding, they are both 13 years old like me, and they have sex with their mom like I do, so they will want you to."

Carolyn asks, " what are their names?"

Billy says, "Josh and Clint, I got to spend some time with them skinny dipping earlier when Bobby took us down to the pond earlier, they both have nice size cocks you'll like."

Carolyn replies, "did you get to suck them yet?'

Billy replies, "yes, they both ejaculated in my mouth."

Carolyn says, " are you going stay out here the rest of the summer?"

Billy replies, "yes, with Susan and Bobby, I hope they will let me live there from now on, they are going to ask Susan if I can when she gets back home."

Carolyn says, "that would be so, nice I sure would like being with you all the time from now on as much as you want me."

Billy starts getting rock hard and erect again,

Carolyn says, "Billy how many times a day can you ejaculate?"

Billy says, " often ejaculate 5 times a day I've done as many as 8 times mom sucks my cock a lot, at least 3 times a day so I used to it, I've fucked Sally twice already."

Carolyn gets on her hands and knees, "oh Billy give it to me please, I need to feel your hard cock deep up inside me so bad."

Billy gets behind her and quickly pushes a 8 inches of his cock up inside her it there, as Carolyn fusses and whimper, then squeals "oh , oh I'm cumming." Carolyn starts jerking about, gasping and squealing non-stop as she begins shaking and trembling.

Billy keeps his cock tight up inside her as she bucks about yelping until her orgasm subsides, then she turns and begins kissing his hard cock, and softly submissively saying, "oh Billy you just made me climax so, so good, thank you." 

Billy says, "mom told me to please you and Sally as much as I can, so I can fuck you every hour for the rest of the day, until you go home if you want."

Carolyn says, "you want to go in the house and see if your mom and Sally are free, I was thinking we could go to the pond and go snorkeling."

Billy replies, "yes, lets go check."

Carolyn and Billy stand, Billy gets his shorts on, then they walk back to the shop.

When they walk into the shop, Bobby is working at the fabrication table, once he see them, he says, "how did it go?"

Carolyn replies, "Billy treated me like a queen."

Bobby looks at Billy and says, "you lucky stud you."

Billy just blushes, and looks to see what he is working on, and says, "another chair hum."

Bobby says, "yep, hey Sally just came out and said lunch was ready, and we need to come in and eat."

Billy, Carolyn and Bobby all head into the kitchen, once in the Kitchen, they find Juliana, Augusta, Cecil, Paul, Sean, Tommy and Sally sitting at the table eating -blts- and chips.

Carolyn says, "hi everybody." and leans against the counter as Bobby and Billy set down to eat."

Sally says, "everybody this is Carolyn, she is a new group girl as well."

Paul says, "hi Carolyn, my name is Paul."

Cecil says, "hi Carolyn, my name is Cecil."

Juliana says, "hi Carolyn, my name is Juliana."

Kelly says, "hi Carolyn, my name is Kelly."

Tommy says, "hi Carolyn, my name is Tommy."

Sean says, "hi Carolyn, my name is Sean."

Carolyn replies, "if I ask you's your names again please forgive me."

Cecil chuckles and says, "yeah this is a lot to remember quick, it's not problem, you got alot of men to meet, it's going take awhile."

Paul says, " are you going to be available for all of us men?"

Carolyn replies, "yes, I'd like to be."

Sally says, "well if you'd like to be, then you can be, Juliana, Augusta, Helen, Audrey, Janet and Kelly have all decide to be, now we need more group men, so keep your eyes out."

Cecil says, "we should be having a few new men joining this next week, beside the eight 18 year olds, I hear you met this morning Caroyn, they are available for all the ladies who will see them tip free."

Sally replies, "we will just have to get you ladies here introduced to all the men slowly, and see how it goes, shoot, I've only been alone with half the men in the group once or twice, that is why the guys like Cecil and Paul are helping get you ladies introduced to the men, I'd never be able to do it alone."

Johnny, Clint and Josh come walking into the kitchen.

Sally says, "you's wash up, and sit down and eat."

Johnny, Clint and Josh walk back down to the washroom, wash their hands there, and walk back up and sit down at he table and begin eating.

Sally says, "Carolyn I will introduce you to a few group men as soon as your available."

Carolyn replies, "I'm available tonight, or every day after lunch 1pm, 7 days a week starting tomorrow."

Sally replies, "I can for sure have you meet a guy tonight about 7pm if you like, then he can start introducing men to you at his place if you like."

Carolyn replies, "that would be great."

Cecil, Juliana, Paul and Kelly stand,

Cecil says, "Juliana and I are heading to my place, we've got several men that are able to meet her this afternoon and tonight."

Paul says, " same here, Kelly is headed to my place to meet some men."

Sally replies, "let me know how it goes, Clint and Josh will be just fine here."

Juliana steps to Josh, kisses his cheek, says, "do what Sally says, I'll see you tomorrow morning, love you."

Kelly steps to Clint, kisses his cheek, says, "see you in the morning."

Cecil, Juliana, Paul and Kelly, walk out of the kitchen headed for their vans.

Sally looks at Carolyn and says, "lets get you set up with a man for 7pm then."

Carolyn says, "I have to see Kevin back at Susan's at 2pm, so I'll be free after 3pm I'm sure, if you'd like to call over there."

Sally replies, "do you think Kevin would like to meet Augusta.?"

Carolyn replies, "I'm certain he would like that."

Sally says, "Augusta, do you want to head over there with Carolyn, you's could get to know each other better, get to know Susan's place because you'll be spending a lot of time there in the future with the stallions soon to be getting boarded there if that works out."

Augusta replies, "I'd love to go, I'm ready as soon as you are Carolyn."

Carolyn says, "I'm ready now, I'm without a vehicle though."

Augusta says, "we'll take my van, see all you's later."

Carolyn and Augusta head out of the kitchen, out to her van, and head off for Susan's place.


Sally looks at Josh, Clint, Billy and Sean how would you four like to go with me down to the pond and go skinny dipping?"

All four of them stand up and say, " yes at the same time."

Sally says, " Johnny, Tommy, Bobby we be back up in a few hours."

Bobby replies, "Tommy and I be working in the shop."

Johnny says, "I've got some hay to go cut, so I'll be back about 4-5pm."

Sally says, "good all accounted for then, guys, grab some towels in the washroom, I'll throw some drinks in the cooler, and get the dogs, wait for me, I'll be right there."

Josh, Bobby, Clint, Billy and Sean all head out of the kitchen and down the ramp into the washroom, Bobby shows them where the towels are then heads into the shop."

Sally hurries to the bathroom, quickly douches her bottom, then gets Cunnington and Tiecum from the front terrace, walks back to the kitchen dumps some ice from the icemaker tray into the cooler on a bottle of ice tea and a bottle of lemonade then walks down and joins the four boys, who then push through the butler door into the stables, they all head out through to the paddock go through the gate to the pasture.  Sally then says, "Oscar, Potter and Edward are out in the pasture, so we need to keep this gate closed until we get back." she shows them how to latch it, then they all start heading across the pasture to the pond.


Edward, Oscar and Potter spot them down near the gate to the pond, Sally says, "would one of you boys open the gate, we can leave this gate open as long as we are here, but Edward, Oscar and Potter, have to come back out with us when we leave, they can't be around the pond alone."

Once the boys get through the gate, Sally says, "wait for me don't go in the water until I get down there."

The boys hurry ahead, get completely nude, hang their clothes up on the pegs on the shed wall, then each of them gets a set of swim fins out and a mask and snorkel from the shed, Sally shows up, gets nude, all the boys are soon fully erect as they watch her get a set of fins and walk down to the water with them and the cooler, she says, "you's can get in know."

The boys hurry and get their fin on first, then their masks then plunge in and start snorkeling around together like a school of fish.

Sally paddles herself out on her back holding the cooler as it float next to her hip, she paddles to the stern, sits on the steps and gets her fins off, tosses them up on the pontoon deck, then grabs then cooler then goes and sits in a chair under the pontoon canopy and watches the boys snorkel.

After about 10 minutes the boys snorkel out by the pontoon, Billy comes to the stern, sits and takes his mask off, then his fins and steps up on the pontoon deck, Sally watching him as he does, his cock is rock hard and sticking straight up as he sits the fins and mask on the deck out of the way, he then looks at Sally and says, "would you suck my cock?"

Sally smiles big and replies, "Billy I will suck your cock any time you tell me to suck, you can fuck in my butt any time you want as well, just not in my pussy, I can still have babies."

Billy steps over and stands in front of her and says, "suck my cock awhile, then I will butt fuck you awhile."

Sally eagerly leans forward and starts kissing, licking and sucking his rock hard cock, Sally looks up at Billy and says, "oh I want you so bad, would you help me keep a eye on the boys while I suck you, and you fuck me please."

Billy replies, "yes I will, you just suck, I'll watch, I love having you suck my cock so much.", as he holds her shoulders.

Sally softly says, "I want to suck your cock as often as you tell to me too, please tell me a lot."

Billy replies, "you'll be sucking it a lot, I promise."

Mean while over at Susan's farm, Carolyn is just getting Teddy out into his paddock.

Carolyn and Augusta, walk into the kitchen, Carolyn says, "would you like a long island ice-tea?'.

Augusta replies, "yeah that sounds pretty good."

Carolyn says, " take a seat, I'll get us a drink then show you around the house, I'm excited to find out that you and Sean will be living at Michael's place, if there is anything I can do for you's just say."

Augusta says, "forgive me being direct, but I was wondering if you were bisexual ?"

Carolyn says, "I never been intimate with a female, but if you want me to start performing cunninglingus on you, I will any time you want, I'm a very submissive type sexually, so just tell me whenever you want me to."

Augusta replies, "that is nice to hear, I will be telling you too, your going be my hot submissive sex slut that is for sure, I was sorry to hear about your husband's accident, yet I think it is very kind of him to have sex with others."

Carolyn replies, "yes, I want to be a slut for sure, I'm lucky my husband Ed is so understanding, especially when he caught Johnny and I having sex when Johnny was 12 years old, and has always allowed Johnny and I to have sex ever seen. Actually for the last 12 years, I've mostly just had sex with Johnny, even before Ed's accident, he and I seldom had sex, we are more just very good friends."

Augusta says, "does he know eight 18 years gang-banged you this morning?"

Carolyn replies, "yes, I tell him when I having sex with Johnny always, or anyone, yet until this last week I'd never been with anyone but Johnny, so it's been a bit overwhelming the last few days, since I started having sex with Bobby, and now the eight 18 year olds, and now planning to see all the regular group men as well.

Augusta asks, "so you can pretty much spend all the time having sex, sun up until late in the night.?

Carolyn replies, "yes, I want to have sex all day 7 days a week if I can, as long as I tell Ed where I going to be, especially if I spend the night with a guy."

Back at the pond

Billy gets Sally on her hands and knees on the deck of the pontoon, under the shade of the canopy, then he slowly slides his rock hard 8 inch cock into her butt, Sally moans as he pushes it up inside her, Sean, Josh and Clint cling to the edge of the pontoon, as they take their masks off, set them up on the deck, and watch as Billy slowly slides his cock in and out of her butt. Sally smiles at the three of them, them says, "I suck you guy's cocks if you want to come on up, then you can take turns sticking your cocks in my butt if you want, the three boys swim around to the stern steps, they each remove their fins, then step up under the canopy, Josh is first up, so he kneels in front of Sally and holds his hard cock to Sally's mouth so she can lick and suck it while Billy slides his cock in a out of her, Sean scoots under her and starts licking her pussy, Sally leans down and sucks Sean's cock which is below her now, Clint stands next to Josh, and holds his hard cock to Josh's mouth, Josh eagerly starts sucking Clint's cock, as Sally starts sucking Josh again.

Billy pulls out of Sally's butt, grabs the k-y jelly laying on the towel, lubes his cock up as he tells Clint to get on his hands and knees next to Sally, Clint does as he is told, Billy then slides his cock up inside Clint's butt, as Josh stands, walks behind Sally and slides is cock up Sally's butt, Sally then vigorously starts sucking Sean's cock directly below her now. 

After a few minutes, Sean says, "Sally let's switch, you lay on your back, so I can be on top, Josh pulls his cock out of Sally's butt, lets Sean and Sally flip positions, and resume sucking each other, then Josh lubes his cock up good, walks behind Sean, kneels behind him, lubes Seans butt hole then slides his cock up Sean butt and starts fucking him fast and hard for 30 seconds, then pulls out of him, walks back to the stern steps, steps down into the  water, washes his penis off, then walks back and kneels in front of Clint, Clint eagerly starts sucking Josh's cock.

Sally, is soon whimpering and squirming about as she licks Sean's cock above her face, then she squeals and cries out, "I'm cumming, oh god, oh god." she jerks and bucks her hips about as Sean sucks her clit hard.

Sally rolls over quivering, then crawls to the edge of the pontoon deck, she slips over the side into the water and looks up at them and says, "will you guy all come to me and pee in my mouth please, Billy pulls his cock out of Clint, goes to the stern, washes his penis until he is semi erect, while Clint kneels on the deck above Sally, holds his penis so it's aimed directly into Sally's open awaiting mouth, then he begins peeing into to her mouth, Sally swallows it down as fast as she can. Once Clint finishes peeing, Josh kneels down and controls himself well and starts peeing in her mouth in a slowly steady stream of pee that lasts about 30 seconds, Billy does the same once Josh finishes peeing in her mouth, once Billy is finished peeing in her mouth Sean pees in her mouth, then all the boys jump off the pontoon into the water around Sally, kiss and tickle her, splash her and goof off.

Sally tells the boys, "I am going to swim back to the beach, and make a few phone calls, you's watch each others backs, Sally pulls herself along the side of the pontoon to the stern sits on the steps and puts her fins on and paddles on her back to the beach, once to the beach, she walks up to the shed, drys her hands on a towel, then takes her shorts off the peg on the side of the shed and gets a small note book in the pocket of her shorts. After grabs the phone in the shed, she sits down in a lawn chair under the sheds  lean to roof and calls one of the group men as she watches the boys jump and dive off the pontoon, the phone rings several times, then Stan answers, "hi Stan here."

Sally replies, "Stan this is Sally I need you tonight."

Stan replies, "what time?"

Sally replies, " about 7pm, I've got several new ladies I like you to meet, and then hopefully start help me get them introduced to all the group men with dogs."

Stan replies, "sure I can be at Michael's farm right."

Sally replies, "yep, here at the farm."

Stan says, "see you at 7pm, bye."

Sally says, "thanks, bye."  they both hang up.

Sally then calls Roy, the phone rings twice, "hi Roy here.", Hi Roy, this is Sally, I was wondering if you could come and meet several new ladies at the farm this evening?"

Roy replies, " yes I can, what time?"

Sally replies, "about 7pm."

Roy says, "I will see you at 7pm then, bye."

Sally says, "thanks, bye.", they hang up.

Sally calls over to Susan's, "Carolyn, and Augusta are lays on the bed as Carolyn works the dildo in her pussy. Carolyn pauses and picks up the phone, "hi Carolyn here."

Sally says, "hi this is Sally, I just wanted to let you know that I have two men coming out at 7pm to meet you and Augusta."

Carolyn replies, "thanks so much, I'll tell Augusta, thank again soon, bye."

Sally says, "good, bye, bye."


Back at Susan's

Augusta and Carolyn are washing each other in the shower, after both of them have douched their bottoms.

Augusta says, "when we get out, I want to watch you slide my big dildo in and out of your pussy while you rub your clit and make yourself cum."

Carolyn replies, "I want to be your submissive slut, I'll do what ever you want."

Augusta says, "I want you sucking stallion cock and ingesting their semen every day, so I can watch."

Carolyn says, "I want that a lot, I could swallow stallion cum all day if I could."

Augusta replies, "what is the most you've swallowed in a day?"

Carolyn replies, "I lived and worked at a large boarding stable, farm in Georgia for 4 years, from age 18-22, it was one of the few stables that catered to stallion owners, we often had up 40 stallions living there, I was getting banged by the owner, I told him I wanted to suck a stallion cock one night, next thing I know he is jacking a stallion off for me, and I am swallowing stallion cum, after that, he might jack off 10-20 stallion in a day for me, but he always jack off at least four of them for me every night, then fuck me."

Augusta replies, "your like me in that regard, I crave stallion semen, I can ingest as much as I can get, I have as well, ingested 20 loads in one long day a few times. but I want to be ingesting 3-4 loads every day if I can, and get fucked by as many guys as I can everyday."

Augusta turned off the water, the both of them dry each off in the shower, then they walk out of the shower, Augusta gets in her tote bag and grabs her thick 8 inch dildo and k-y jelly, Carolyn grabs a towel and they walk to the bedroom, Carolyn spreads the towel out on the bed, crawls on it leans back against the headboard and Augusta lays next to her, lubes the dildo with k-y and hands it to Carolyn who then slides it slowly up inside her pussy, Carolyn moans as she says, "yes I gotta have stallion semen to ingest, my older brother had me ingesting stallion semen since I was 13 years old, he was butt fucking me along with 5 of of his friends, so I been a slut ever since."

Augusta replies, "so getting gang-banged is nothing new to you."

Carolyn replies, "no, I lost my virginity getting gang-banged, and until Ed and I got married when I was 25, I was always getting gang-banged, I always had one or more 13-18 year old guys banging me as well, since Ed and I have been married."

Augusta replies, "doesn't Ed like sex?"

Carolyn replies, "no not really, he and I seldom have sex, we are more like just best friends, I've always had at least one young guy fucking me nearly every day since we've been married, when I met Ed I was working for a black guy Mr Jensen who owns a large mowing/landscaping business here in the Quad-Cities, and had been since I was 22, I was mowing for him in 7 months a year.' Many of his workers were young black guys, well by the time I'd worked there a few months, 5 of the Black guys were screwing me constantly, or every chance we could get, so when Ed and I met, I told him that I been having sex with most of the black guys at the Mowing/Landscape service, along with friends, brothers of theirs's.' Ed didn't care he wanted to marry me anyway, and said it was fine if I kept seeing the guys I was seeing."

Augusta asks, "how many black guys were screwing you when Ed and you got married?"

Carolyn replies, " nine, plus 6 black friends, and 4 younger brothers, so 19 black guys were screwing me weekly often 2-3 times each, it was common for me to get screwed 30-40 times a week until Ed had his tractor accident 3 years ago, I then quit working there to stay home with Ed.' I worked there 28 years, and except for the years when Johnny was newborn to age 4, I worked full time 7 months of the year, the were screwing me 12 months a year though, until 3 years when Ed had his accident, and the first four years of Johnny's life there was very few days that I didn't get screwed or suck cock 4-5 times a day by my black lovers."

Augusta replies, "now that Ed has told you that it is ok to see as many men as you wish do you want to start seeing some of those black guys again?"

Carolyn replies, " yes, very much so, I've been talking to quite a few of them since I joined the group, trying to get them to join, as it stands now, I think at least 5 of my black lovers will be joining in the next month, several of them want their wives to be group girls, there are a lot of sons of the guys who are near my age or a little younger then me 20-25 years ago with 18 year old sons, they'd like me to start serving sexually as well, I'm suppose to be meeting with 9 of the 18 year old sons Thursday and Friday this week and see if they want me as their slut, then are they willing to join the group and only have sex with the group members, if they do, there are 9 new horny black guys who will be studding us, and I sure they will want it daily."

Augusta replies, "that is very exciting, tell them next time you talk to them, they will have at least 15 horny older ladies to screw all they want."

Carolyn replies, "I plan on calling all 5 of the fathers when we get back, and hopefully they can meet you, myself, Sally, maybe Janet, Louis, Marcus, Audrey and Helen, that way they can get a better feel of who is in the group, in the 28 years I worked there I was with well over 300 different black guys, ages 16 to 60, they all treated me well, but still I'm a slut to them and a good many of them still live around the area."

Suddenly the phone ring on the night stand next to the bed, Carolyn says, "I better answer it." and picks up the phone.

Carolyn says, "hi this is Carolyn.",  "hi this is Sally, I just wanted to let you know that I have two men coming out at 7pm to meet you and Augusta."

Carolyn replies, "thanks so much, I'll tell Augusta, thanks talk soon, bye."

Carolyn turns to Augusta and says, "you and I have dates with two group men at 7pm tonight."

Augusta says, "great, I'm like you, I want to start getting screwed by as many guys a day as I can full time 7 days a week, maybe you and I can team up on the weekends and get gang-banged on Saturdays and Sundays. no tips."

Carolyn dials the phone calling Sally back, "Sally answers on the first ring, "hi Sally here."

Carolyn says, "Hi Sally, I just told Augusta, and she suggest that her and I team up on Saturdays and Sundays and start get gang-banged no-tips needed for men."

Sally replies, "you can do that at Susan's place sure, you want the gang-bang to last four hours,8am to noon, take a two hour break from 1am to 3pm then restart at 4pm and go to 8pm?"

Carolyn replies, "I'd like that, let me ask Augusta, hold on."

Carolyn says to Augusta, "Sally wants to know if we want the gang-bangs to start at 8am go to noon, take a two hour break from 1am to 3pm then restart at 4pm and go to 8pm?"

Augusta replies, "sounds great, all the men are invited is fine with me."

Carolyn says, "Sally, Augusta says, that sounds good, and all the men are invited."

Sally says, "ok, I will start calling all the men right now. talk soon, bye."

Carolyn says, "thanks, bye."

Augusta says, "take a break, let me rub your clit awhile."

Carolyn pulls the dildo out of her own pussy and sets it between her legs, as Augusta starts rubbing her clit, Carolyn lays back, closes her eyes and moans and murmurs, "oh I want to just lay on my back as man after man bangs me all day long, then cums in my mouth, oh that sounds so good."

Augusta softly says, "I think so to."

In seconds Carolyn is squealing and bucking her hips as a orgasm sets in, she squirms wildly as Augusta keeps rubbing her clit, and softly saying, "that's it girl you ride that orgasm out, let me see how you'll perform for all those men as they make you climax over and over all day long, then show them your hungry cum swallowing slut."

Carolyn shakes and trembles as she mumbles, "I wanta be the best cum swallowing slut I can be."

Augusta holds her tightly as her orgasm plays itself out, as Carolyn settles down from climaxing except for a sporadic twitch and shudder.

Augusta says, "you have mighty intense orgasms I must say."

Carolyn replies, "yes, I always have, they overwhelm me at times, I think that's why I such a big slut, my orgasms are like a drug, and I need to have them all the time."

Augusta smiles big and says, "it turns me on intensely just watching you have a orgasm."

Carolyn sheepishly replies, "you'll like watching me get gang-banged then, at least I hope you do."

Augusta says, "I can't wait to see you getting banged doggie style, and see those big beautiful tit's of yours slapping and swaying about."

Carolyn giggles, and says, "oh they do that, thats for sure, I know the 18 year olds liked the slapping boobie show this morning."

Augusta replies, "I imagine they did, from the 18 year olds I've been with over the years, they wanted it every day, and several times a day if they could have it, thus it is important to keep them sexual please, so they don't wander, they are most likely the most threatening group of individuals to the group.

Carolyn replies, " yes, I stressed to the eight 18year olds this morning, "if we only have sex with the same 100 people and if none of have STD"s, how do we get any STD's and be squeaky clean ", I know when Johnny was 18, he was banging me every day at least twice, so days 4-5 times, though he is 24 now and he still bangs me every day and some days 4-5 times."

Augusta replies, "that is a good motto for the group, and a big reason why all us nine ladies wish to join, especially with this HIV thing, and all three of our boys being bisexuals."

Back at the pond

Sally is sitting watching the boys snorkel around again, after calling a few men and informing them of the Saturdays and Sundays gang-bangs with Carolyn and Augusta when the phone rings, she picks it up, says, "hi Sally here."

A operator comes on and says, "will you accept a collect call from Susan in Trinidad, Colorado?"

Sally replies, "yes."

Susan says, "hi Sally, all is good, I'm sitting with Michael talking, we thought we call and check on you's."

Sally replies, "all is good here, I am currently sitting under the shed roof by the pond, watching four sexy young nude guys snorkel around, they are all sons of four of our newest group girls, Eric's friends.  Speaking of that, I hope it ok, but Eric is bringing, his stallion to your place to stay, the nine ladies would like to start boarding their stallions at your place to if that is ok."

Susan replies, "as I told you, I trust your decisions, you do what feels best for the group, and I will adapt to them whatever they are, I'm just so happy to be a group girl now."

Sally replies, "thank you so much, how is Michael doing?"

Susan says, "here, I will have him tell you, bye."  Susan hands Michael the phone,

Michael says, "Hi Sally, all is good back home it sounds like, I'm sore as can be, not able to walk about yet much, but I'm standing up every hour, and taking a few steps, so getting more moblie as the day goes by, Susan has been able to wheel chair me outside to have a smoke and drink a beer a few times since 11am, anything new there?"

Sally replies, "I sold my house, so be thinking about building onto the farm house, I've got three ladies and their 13 year old sons who will soon be living with us full time, so we need room for them."

Michael replies, "that is very exciting, and yes, I am very excited to build a large addition onto to the farm house and have the ladies and their son's living with us."

Sally replies, "Marcus and Louis have a mocked up model of the farm house they are building, it's really cool looking, the ladies are all putting their houses up for sale, and have committed to putting in at least a hundred thousand each into the addition."

Michael replies, "wow, they are very serious about living with for the long term."

Sally replies, "yes very serious, and we all feel it best given their unique situation like Bobby's."

Michael replies, "I thought that was the case, yes it would be best they lived with us for sure, hey, I will let you go, like Susan said to you a bit ago, I trust whatever you wish to do, I will adapt, just please don't sell Edward"

Sally says, "I promise, I love Edward to, he is doing fine, Carolyn makes sure of that, if you know what I mean."

Michael giggles, yes I know what you mean, see you soon, bye."

Sally says, "thanks get well, bye."  they both hang up.

Sally see that the boys have their masks off and are hanging on the side of the pontoon, she yells, " boys, come on in, we are going to the house for awhile, they all push off the pontoon and are to the beach in a 30 seconds kicking their feet vigorously while laying in the water on their backs, they hurry up to the shed, Sally is aroused by the sight of their semi erect cocks slapping about as they hurry toward her carrying their fins and masks, they all get their fins and masks/snorkels hung up in the shed as they found them. It's all she can take, she thinks to herself "in having 4 sexy 13 years olds to stud her, she wishes they could stay 13 forever.

Sally says, "as much as I wish you guys could be naked for me to look at all the time, we all better get dressed before we head up.", Sally then claps her hands and yells, " Edward, Cunnington, Tiecum, Potter come on, we are going to the house."

Cunnington and Tiecum come running, Edward and Potter follow them at a brisk walk.

They make the 10 minute walk to the house, after everybody but Potter comes through the butler door into the stable barn/shop, Sally stops Potter, and says, "your just to big to be in the house, and I doubt if your potty trained.", the four boys go out into the shop to see Bobby and Tommy, while Sally gets Edward some hay to eat, then she heads in the house, finds Kathy sitting at the table drinking a beer, Kathy stands and they hug and kiss, Kathy says, "I missed you so much today." 

Sally replies, "yeah I don't like being away from you for more then a 2-3 hours, I think maybe you should go see no more than 4 dogs a day and come home."

Kathy says, "I think so to, I got studded by 8 dogs today, I'm wore out from climaxing so much."

Sally sheepishly smiles, and says, "you have four very horny 13 year olds, they all want to stud you and have you give them a blow-jobs daily, Tommy and Bobby plus the nine stallions that will soon be living with Susan, Eric, Bobby and Billy they will be yours to please all day now, at least until school starts."

Kathy says, "so are Kelly and Juliana moving in with us at Michaels?"

Sally replies, "Juliana, Josh, Clint and Kelly will sleep over at Susan's until we can get the addition built here, Augusta and Sean will sleep in our bedroom, Susan and Bobby will sleep together, Eric may or may not sleep with them, it's up in the air.

The phone rings, Sally answers it, "hi Sally here."

Eric says, "hi Sally, this is Eric, I wanted to let you know that I'm over at Susan's, I just got Smokey out of the trailer and he is in the pasture now."

Sally replies, "I'm glad you called, I'll get Bobby", she starts walking out to the shop talking as she walks, "I talked to Susan a bit ago, and she said it is fine the board Smokey and the other stallions at her place." she walks in the shop and hands Bobby the phone.

Bobby says "hi Eric, what you doing?"

Eric says, " I'm at Susan's, I just got Smokey out in the pasture here, I thought you might like to come meet him."

Bobby replies, "yes, I do, I'm with Tommy is it ok if he comes along?"

Eric replies. "yes of coarse, why don't I just drive over and pick you up."

Bobby says, "yes, that would be great, see you soon, bye."

Bobby looks at Tommy, and says, "Eric is picking you and I up in a bit and taking us to Susan's to see Smokey his stallion."

Tommy just replies, "cool."

Sally says, " come on in the house with me," , the four boys follow Sally into the kitchen, then she tells them, "Kathy and I are going to take a short nap, can you's hang out awhile in the house, maybe nap too."

The boys reply yes, and walk out to the living room and lay on the futons and chat, as Sally and Kathy walk to their bedroom and lay down.

At Susan's Farm Tuesday, June 21st 2pm

Eric pulls up to the shop door, Bobby slides in next to Eric, as Tommy climbs in next to Bobby, Eric backs up turn's and heads back to Susan's.

Bobby say, "how has your day been going?"

Eric replies, "pretty routine, other then , I was with Ann, Brigitte and Maria today, they are exciting about joining the group, Joel who works at the stables has gotten moved into my cabin, I just was told by Ann, Brigitte and Maria today that the three of them just started getting studded by him this week, so I explained to them that Joel must join the group in order to keep studding them. Any way, I talked to Joel a bit ago, I explained how the group works and he committed to being a group man, so they will be seeing Sally tomorrow to join, the only catch with Ann is her 13 year old daughter Lynn has been having sex with Joel the last month just sucking his cock and him sucking her, Clint, Josh and Sean have been studding her in the butt for the last year." 

Bobby replies, "yeah, that is a touchy subject, how old is Joel?"

Eric replies, "he is 18 years old, he is learning to train horses with me, he is a handsome, good down to earth guy."

Bobby replies, " so, we have four 13 year old boys in the group having sex with much older women, Sally is 27, Carolyn is 46 for example, I would have been having sex with Susan when I was 13, if she didn't make me wait, but I've been having sex with mom since I was 12."

Tommy says, "yes, my dad has been sucking my cock since age 12, I've have been studding both mom and dad since I was 13."

Eric asks, "is your dad transsexual like?"

Tommy replies, "he is a lot like Michael, he is 100% female roled, he should have the surgery like Michael, yet because the way society is, he is androgynous looking, yet can't easily pass as female like Bobby."

Bobby asks Eric, "would you let Lynn suck your cock?"

Eric replies, "yes, I figured she would start sucking me when she turned 16 for sure, any how, Lynn looks like she could be darn near 16, when you meet her you'll see what I mean, I'm sure you and Tommy will soon be studding her."

Eric pulls back by the barn when they arrive, and says, "Augusta and Carolyn told me a new young group man was coming at 2pm, that must be his car parked there by Augusta's van."

Eric, Bobby and Tommy step out of the truck, and walk to the paddock fence, Smokey is waiting to greet them, Eric opens the man-gate and leads Tommy and Bobby into to the paddock, Eric says, " just stand next to me and look relaxed, he is a good boy, but the more relaxed you look to him, the more he can be, once you ingest his semen Bobby, that will be a good way to bond with him to, Augusta can actually masturbate him and ingest his semen on her own, Bobby tomorrow morning we will start having you ingest his semen, then again at noon, then at 5pm."

Bobby replies, "yeah, I hope he likes me as Bobby rubs his neck."

Eric replies, "he will don't worry, now if you's don't mind riding back out to my aunt and uncles farm, I'll have you two drive my pickup back here, while I follow in my farrier truck."

Bobby says, "will you and Tommy double team me first, I need a cock in my mouth and bottom at the same time."

Eric replies, "I'd know I like to see my cock in your mouth, if Tommy wants to stud you."

Tommy says, "I'd love to, were should we do it?"

Bobby says, "lets go in the barn break room.", as they walk there Bobby says, "Eric can sit on the table while I give him a blow-job, Tommy you can stud me while I'm bent over sucking him, the pull out before you ejaculate and cum in my mouth pretty please."

Once they get in the break room, Eric and Tommy get their shorts off, Bobby lubes Tommy erect cock with k-y, lubes his own butt hole, then starts licking Eric's cock, Tommy lifts Bobby's skirt up onto his back, and gets his cock slipped in Bobby's butt and begins thrusting in and out of him slowly. Bobby whimpers a little, then vigorously strokes and sucks hard on Eric's cock, within a few minutes Eric is gasping and grunting, then he says, "Bobby I'm going cum, get ready." 

Bobby holds Eric's cock head tightly in his lips as Tommy thrusts hard into Bobby's butt rocking Bobby back and forth, Eric's cum then starts squirting into Bobby's mouth, Bobby swallows it down just in time before Tommy pulls his cock out of Bobby's butt, hurries along side Bobby who then turns, grips Tommys cock head with his lips just in time for Tommy to start ejaculating, once Tommy finishes cumming in Bobby's mouth, Bobby opens his mouth wide to show Tommy his own cum, then Bobby swallows it and smiles big, then Bobby says, "I love swallowing you guy's cum so much, you two always give me huge amounts of cum." Bobby then licks both Eric and Tommy's cocks nice and clean, and lets them get their shorts on."

Eric replies, "thats cause we are young and horny all the time."

Bobby looks at Eric smiles big replies, "I thought it was because you have balls the size of a small horse."

Bobby then says, "is ok if Joel studs me, just so I know if he asks,"

Eric says, " yes, I want him to stud you as often as he can, and jack off all the stallions for you to so you can ingest their cum."

They hop in Eric truck, Bobby slides in next to Eric, as Tommy climbs in next to Bobby, they drive down lane to the hard road,by the time they are turning onto the hard road Bobby has his left hand down Eric shorts, his right hand down Tommy's shorts and is rubbing their cocks, then says, "I love sucking you two's cocks so much."

Eric says, "I like it a lot how your dressing full time like a girl now, I want to take you to Clinton tonight for dinner if that is ok?"

Bobby excitedly kisses him on the cheek and replies, "oh yes, I love that, thank you, I only wearing skirts from now on, I can't decide on how to cut my hair yet though, I just know I want to pass as a female."

Bobby giggles and says to Eric as his cock grows hard in Bobby's hand, "just keep your eye on the road.", Bobby leans over and down, takes Eric's cock in his mouth and starts licking and sucking it.

Tommy says, "you know what, after thinking about Sean, Clint and Josh studding Lynn, then the whole dynamics of this group, I think this is the way early mankind had to have lived, small bands of people meeting, joining together to form a group similar to the group we have now, say Sean gets Lynn pregnant she is from a different band, there is a bigger family to provide for the baby, maybe Clint is in the same band as Lynn, Sally has a few older kids maybe 4 or 5, Sally is in the same band as Sean, Sean fathered one of Sally's kids, I'm in Sally's band and I father one of her kids, Clint and Sally have sex and have a kid. I truly believe you were married to the band, then a group similar in size to what we have here, for example at this stage I could get Kathy pregnant and Sally pregnant, We'd have individual's like Michael and Bobby who are male to female transsexual types who sexual please the men in the group sexual while the females were pregnant, help care for the children after their birth, the transsexuals could always be available to all the men in the group like Michael is now, and Bobby will be when he is 18 years old."


Bobby sits up, giggles, and says, "dam Tommy, I think you are exactly right, that explains Michael and myself's role to a tee, plus how they avoided in-breeding, they were married to the band then the group not to each other!"  Tommy your a genius..!"

Eric says, " I agree, Tommy is a genius, it almost had to be like that, maybe ten thousand years ago bands, then forming groups or tribes."

Bobby resumes sucking Eric's cock, Tommy watches him suck, then says, "yep, I bet when a group of say 10 men went on a long hunt for days and days, they took one of the transsexuals like Bobby with them the men used him for sex whenever they wanted, he might of cooked for them, cared for the injuried, built shelters etc.  There was likely other transsexuals back with the group protecting the females and children in stealth."

Eric replies, "what do you mean by stealth?"

Tommy says, "the transsexuals were strong as one of the men on average, they would have been able to fight like a man, yet let say that a small hunting party of four men from a unknown group came upon Michael and Bobby's group all the men in Bobby and Michael's group were off hunting, the unknown hunting party of four  spies on their group for awhile sees it's just women and children, so they walk into their camp, Michael and Bobby, maybe even a few females slip into the woods and come in behind the the four hunters, hide close with spears/ some type of weapon, and wait to see if the strangers will cause harm, just move on, whatever they do, Michael and Bobby keep a eye on them in stealth until their men return, if the strangers attempt harm, Michael and Bobby attack them by surprise.

Bobby pops up, "your a total genius, I knew I was part ninja warrior!" then giggles.

Eric, says, "dam, that sound exactly right, even better explains the transsexual role in the group, by dressing as females, the automatically become, -in stealth-, wow." 

Bobby says, "I going to nominate you for the Pulitzer Prize!" Bobby leans over and starts sucking Tommy's cock.

Eric says, "this is a good example why I can't believe in any religion, they don't explain it like you just did."

Bobby pulls Tommy cock out of his mouth and says, "I second that." then resumes sucking.

Tommy says, "yes, I can't believe in any type of religion either, actually I don't believe any child should ever be exposed to it, not by others, when they are 18, then they can chose, it like a brain washing they can't escape, it least most can't."

Eric replies, "I've thought the same way, we have a society were so many might as well say they believe that Santa Claus really flies a sled pull by reindeer."

Bobby pops up says, "he does, he does, T.V set shows it, it is real.", then Bobby says, "I'm sorry but, talking about religion makes me ill, it is the biggest joke imaginable to me in society."

Tommy replies, "simply put, it is sicking to myself as well."

Eric replies, "I think more and more people our age are saying same thing as us, although least in America, it going take along time before religions disappear for good though, and unfortunately because they are a lot more dangerous then good, I feel."

Tommy says, "just the fact that religions cause people to really believe in a myth is scary."

Eric pulls up to one the barns at his Aunt and Uncle's farm, hops out of the truck, Bobby slides behind the wheel, Eric goes in a Man Door, pushes the over head door button, he hops in the farrier truck, starts it and drives out, closes when he is out, he pulls out along side Bobby, and says, "I'd like you to meet Joel, his truck is was at the cabin, follow me over there." 


Bobby follows as Eric drives down the gravel lane to the cabin, Eric pulls next to Joel truck and parks and gets out, Bobby parks behind him, and Tommy and her get out, and follow Eric who is nearly to the cabin's back door, by the time they catch up Eric has knocked on the door, Joel opens the door. Eric then says to Joel, "I seen your truck was here, I want to introduce you to my t-girl girlfriend Bobby and her cousin Tommy."  Joel steps out to shake hands with Bobby and Tommy, then looks at Bobby smiling and says, "so your or mystery girl everybody has been talking about," then looks back at Eric, and says, "you better take Bobby up and meet your aunt and uncle if you know what is good for you, they've been anxious to meet her."

Eric looks at Bobby and says, "if your up to it, we can go meet them."

Bobby replies, "if I'm going to be your girl, I've got to sooner or later, and I'm know I want to be your girl forever, so let's do it."

Eric looks back at Joel and says, "I hear that you, Brigitte, Maria, Ann and Lynn will becoming part of our group."

Joel smiles sheepishly and replies, "I know Brigitte, Maria, Ann are for sure, I want to if Sally oks it, and you probably heard about Lynn and I, it's something that just happened, but her and I do want to keep seeing each other."

Bobby says, "just listen to Sally, it will all work out, I'll be around tomorrow all day so I can show you around, and you and I can get to know each other better as well."

Joel replies, "thanks, I've been nervous about the whole thing, so knowing you'll be there helps a lot."

Eric says, "ok then, Joel we be seeing a lot of you there I'm sure, now we'd better head up and see aunt Becky and uncle Howard."

Bobby and Tommy, back the pickup up, let Eric back out, then Eric leads the way up to the house, once there, they all walk in the back door, they find Becky in the kitchen cooking something.

When Becky sees it's Eric, she wipes her hands on a towel, says, "well have you finally found time to introduce me to your girlfriend?'

Eric says, " aunt Becky this is Bobby, and her cousin Tommy."

Becky steps to them both and shakes hands, "says pleased to meet you's, now sit a bit, you's want something to drink, I just made some coffee, and was going to take a cup to Eric's uncle Howard, would you's like to walk out to the barn, he is going to want to see you's as well."


Bobby replies, "that would be nice."

Becky replies, " let me pour some coffee in his thermos," as she pours coffee in the thermos, she asks, "anybody want a cup?"

Eric and Bobby reply, "sure."

Becky get three cups from the cupboard, and says, "Tommy, would you like a soda, ice tea ?"

Tommy replies, "sure, I take some ice tea, thanks."

Becky gets everybody their drinks, takes her cup and the thermos and says, "Howard is in the barn shoeing a few horses, so follow me."

When they get in the barn, Howard is just putting a horse back in it's stall, he then turns, sees them walking toward them and smiles and says, "hi."

Becky quickly says, "Howard this is Eric's girlfriend Bobby and Bobby's cousin Tommy." 

Howard steps to them as he rubs his hands on his pant legs then shakes their hands and says, "pleasure to meet you's, Bobby we've been wondering who finally snatched our Eric away from us."

Bobby smiles meekly and replies, "yeah it was kinda love at first sight kinda of thing."

Howard replies, "well that's a good thing, and Eric says you's will be living with your aunt Susan on her farm, and taking 9 stallions with you's as well now."

Bobby says, "yes, I'm looking forward to learning to help Eric with the horses."

Becky says, "Eric is the best trainer I've every seen, he has a natural ability to communicate with horses that is for sure."

Howard replies, "Eric, speaking of the stallions, as you know the Sundberg boarding stables are closing down as soon as the horse owners find new places to board their horses, well we've had 5 ladies with stallion specifically, called and ask if they could board their stallions here."

Eric replies, "what did you tell them?"

Howard says, "I told them that you were moving all the stallions to another farm, and we'd prefer not to keep stallions here any longer, I then told them that I'd have you call them, let me go get their names and numbers for you."

Becky then says as Howard runs to get the lady's info., "yeah it is a lot easier on us not to have stallions here, especially ten as we there is with Smokey, or was and the lady's nine stallions, once you get them moved to Susan's farm, we are not going to board stallions here, especially without Eric living here."

Bobby looks at Eric and says, "if you think that we can handle them at Susan's, 14 stallion is fine with me."

Eric says, "I have to explain to the ladies, that part of kept stallions together is a slow introduction to the herd of stallions 10 stallions at Susan's and I will masturbating their stallion multiple times a day for awhile, then every day at least once forever, that is part of my way of keeping a herd of stallions together."

Howard walks back, hands Eric a folder with all the lady's info. and says, "please at least call them and tell them if you can or cannot take their horses, I know the Sundbergs want to get everybody moved out as soon as possible."

Eric replies, "we need to get back to Susan's, and work on the stables, but I will try calling the ladies as soon as we get back to Susan's."

Howard says, "bring Tommy and Bobby back out, and go riding soon."

Becky walks back to the their trucks with them, then says, "Tommy, you and Bobby come back soon, bye for now." Becky walks back into the house, while Eric, Bobby and Tommy hop in the truck, then head back to Michael's farm.


As they drive, Tommy says, "I will gladly go places with you cross-dressed to, anytime you like."

Bobby smiles and says, "thanks for saying that, and we will start doing the next time I need to run to the store, I know I liked Becky and Howard accepting me as Eric's girlfriend, and I like being referred to as a girl, as a she and her."

Tommy says, "hopefully Kathy can make you some nice denim skirts or makes skirts that cover your penis bulge well, are you going let me still suck your cock?"

Bobby replies, "yeah Kathy is making me skirt right now, with that objective in mind, so when it is ready to wear, I feel better, then when I get my breast implants that will help a lot, I'll feel more confident going out in public, and yes you can suck my cock any time you want."

Tommy grins and says, "thanks I love sucking your cock."

Bobby says, "maybe Joel and Eric will have you start sucking their cocks to."

Tommy replies, "I'd like that a lot."

3pm, Tues. June 21st

Bobby, Tommy and Eric, turn down the lane to Michael's, then when to the house, they pull the trucks up in front of the shop, Sally, Kathy and the four boys are all hanging sheets and towels on the row of 5 clothes lines in the slide yard between the shop and the hay barn, Bobby, Tommy and Eric all hop out of the trucks and walk out to help, and talk.

Sally says, "perfect timing, grab some towels and sheets and join the fun."

Tommy says, "smells good.", as he grabs a few towels and walks to clear section of clothes line.

Eric, says, "I must say, I've never seen so much clothes hanging up in someone's yard."

Bobby replies, "yeah Michael's aunt Becky hung all the clothes up, never believed in clothes dryers, she said it was the biggest waste of power there was, in the winter all the clothes got hung up in the basement."

Kathy says, "I would of liked her, she sounds wise and real, and super horny like me."

Bobby replies, "yep, she would of liked you and Sally a lot I know."

Kathy replies, "yes, I wish she was still here, and I never ever meet her."

Bobby says, "I was only able to be her lover for a year, but I loved her so much, as Johnny and Michael did, yet Johnny was her lover for, 10 years, since he was 12."

Once all the sheets and towels are hanging and swaying in the light breeze, Sally gives the four 13 years olds the duty of showering Cunnington and Tiecum in the washroom.

Louis and Marcus get home, go upstairs take a shower, then they walk downstairs to studio were Kathy and Sally are working, Sally gives Louis a blow-job, while Kathy gives Marcus a blow-job. Louis and Marcus then go to their studio and start sketching to revise the plans for Michael's house, after Sally tells them, the need at least 10 more bedrooms and two baths.

Eric and Tommy take Bobby down in the basement and double team stud him. Tommy bangs Bobby doggie style on the bed, while Eric lays on his back as Bobby sucks his cock, once Tommy is ready to ejaculate, he pulls out, Bobby turns so Tommy can ejaculate in his mouth, once Bobby has swallowed Tommy's cum. Eric then slides his cock up Bobby's butt, fucks him hard, until he is ready to ejaculate, then he pulls out, Bobby turns and Eric ejaculates in his mouth, Bobby swallows it. 

They all lay out the bed for a minute, Bobby hops up, says, "you two lay still and let me wash your cocks up good", he walks to the bathroom there in the basement, runs warmer water in bowl, after he washes his own bottom first, then goes back out and washes Eric and Tommy's cock and balls good.


As Bobby washes, he says, "Eric do you think Smokey would be up to ejaculating in my mouth?"

Eric replies, "we can head over to Susan's and see, I sure he'd be glad to do that for you, and we need to get you in the routine of doing it for him and the nine other stallions, plus we need to get a material list made up so we can get 10 stalls built for the stallions, maybe 15 stallions now, I try calling all the 5 ladies first, then we can have Smokey cum in your mouth."

Bobby replies, "do you think I'll be able to ingest all of the stallion's semen in one day some days?"

Eric replies, "yes on days that I can be with you all day you will be able to, maybe twice."

Bobby smiles big, "I'd would love to do that, since I started ingesting Oscar's semen, I crave stallion cum all the time anymore."

Eric says, I'm going to work, doing what I'm doing, and even though we can't officially be married I want you as my wife, meaning I am going to take care of you, call you my wife, also when you turn 18 and want you to be a full time group t-girl if you want, so I can watch you suck cock and get fucked by the men."

Bobby replies, "yes, thank you so much, I know I want to be, and see all the stud dogs as well, be your wife and mom and Susan's stud, your t-girl too Tommy, forever, and yes I want you to watch me with the men as often as possible, so I can show you what a good slut I am."

Tommy says, "I'm going to go hang out with Kathy, you two go ahead and go see Smokey without me, I tell Sally that is where you're going."

Bobby and Eric head over to Susan's farm to see Smokey, Tommy heads up to the studio to see what Kathy is doing, when Eric and Bobby walk through the washroom, the four boys are naked, one is hosing down Tiecum, while the other three shampoo and lather him up while massaging the soap into Tiecum's long hair. 

Bobby and Eric head to the trucks, Eric hops in the farrier truck, Bobby in the Eric's pickup and head off to Susan's.

When Tommy, walks in Sally and Kathy's studio he finds Kathy sewing and Sally talking on the phone and writing in her schedule book, he pulls up a chair and watches Kathy sew, Kathy says, "this is Bobby's new apron dress, just need to get these buttons sewed on and it's done."

Tommy replies, "you think you could make me a skirt that I could wear around here are the farm, I know I'm femboy too now, after watching Bobby suck Eric's cock, I want suck Eric's cock now, he turns me on intensely."

Kathy smiles big, looks at Tommy and replies, "I know what you mean, I want to suck him and get studded by him as often as I can, but I also want you to suck you and get studded by you as often as I can as well." Kathy finishes with the last button, stands and tells Tommy to stand, she then holds the dress to the front of him, and says, "Tommy get naked and try it on, you and Bobby are about the same size."

Tommy strips naked, and Kathy helps get the dress on him, then stands back looks at it, then she says, "go look in the mirror and see what you think."

Tommy replies, "I want to be like Bobby, and when I turn 18 be a t-girl for the group and suck and get studded by all the men as well."

Kathy replies, "do you want to pass and live full time as a t-girl?"

Tommy replies. "yes, I'd like not to go back to school and just have you teach me to sew and have Michael teach me woodworking to, and just always live right here on the farm with you."

Kathy giggles, "if Sally has her way, your mom and dad, will be both serving group men full time, and living here full time to."

Sally who just hung up the phone says, "I heard that, and yes, I'd like Pete and Janet living here full time to, and the good news is we have 11 new group men joining the group Greg was just told me a bit ago, as well a sat least 50 group men will be at Susan's for the Saturday and Sunday gang-bangs, plus the eight 18 year olds, and the 11 new group men. So Janet, Helen, Audrey, Pete, Ann, Brigitte, Susan, Augusta, Carolyn, Juliana, Kelly, Jennifer, Oliva, Monica, are likely to get a taste of 70 men's cocks by Sunday evening for sure."

Kathy smiles big and says, "talk all the new guys into getting Irish wolfhounds please."

Sally grins and says, "I will and a stallion as well, now I think I'll call out and see how Michael is doing."

Sally dials the phone to call out to Colorado and check on Michael, the phone rings at the other end a few times, then a female voice answers, "hello this is Trinidad hospital how may I help you?" Sally asks for Michael's room, the phone rings several times and Michael picks up the phone, "hi this is Michael."

Sally says, "you sound cheerful."

Michael replies, "you sound good to, I'm even more cheerful now, how are you all doing back there?'

Sally replies, " Edward is good, and everybody else is good to, how are you feeling?"

Michael replies, "sore and eager to get home, but otherwise very good, Jodie and I were able to take a shower together at lunch here in my room, that went good, my new pussy looks good but just all bruised looking, but the swelling as gone down a lot, so the doctor says Thursday morning we can plan on returning home.

Sally asks, "is Susan or Jodie there with you now?"

Michael replies, " no, they went site seeing a bit, I'm just here catching up on reading."

Sally replies, "ok, we just wanted to check on you, I will let you get back to reading, I call tomorrow."

Michael replies, "thanks for calling, talk soon, bye."

Sally says, "bye.", they both hang up.

As Sally hangs up the phone, Cunnington and Tiecum, come hurrying into the studio, followed by four naked 13 year olds, Sally and Kathy both get eagerly greeted by the dogs.

Sally says, "boys, I need you's to get some shorts and t-shirts on, we have guest arriving soon."

The boys all hurry to Sally and Kathys bedroom were their suit cases are and get clean shorts and t-shirts on, then return to the studio.

Sally then says, "boys, could you's put Cunnington and Tiecum on their leashes and walk down the lane and check the mailbox, their leashes are hanging by the washroom door."

The boys shuffle out of the studio with the dogs, and do as they are asked.

Sally looks at Kathy and says, "when I talked to Greg awhile ago, he also told me that he has a long time friend, her name is Adele, she is a widow and 65 years old, her twin grand daughter and son who are 14 years old have lived with her since they were 10 years old after her daughter the twin's mom and dad died in a car accident, the twins just started having sex with each other, so her grandson Todd is now studding Adele and Gina his twin sister anally. Adele wants to join the group and be a full group girl, Greg thinks living with us and the group here would be best place for them."

Kathy replies, "they should fit right in that is for sure, I beginning to wonder if mom's having sex with their son is a common thing."

Sally says, "I wonder too, and just how common is incest.?"


Kathy replies, " I know in Bobby's case he wanted to have sex with Audrey his mom, he told me he that for the most part he seduced her, or more or less threw himself on her by climbing in the shower with a erection a few times, then asking her to suck his cock, once she'd actually done it, they started having sex nearly everyday since."

Sally replies, "yeah quite a few of the ladies have similar stories, like Augusta told me when Sean was 12, he sat down on the couch one day started jacking off as he sat next to her, next thing she knew she was sucking his cock and ejaculating in her mouth. After that Sean was having her suck his cock 2-5 times a day, everyday for several week, until she was begging him to start fucking her, so Sean has been fucking her everyday since."

Back at Susan's


Eric gets on the phone and calls Judy the first lady on the list Howard gave him, after a few rings, a lady answers, "hi this is Judy."

Eric replies, "hi this Eric from the England farm, my uncle Howard, told me to call you regarding boarding your stallion with me at a farm that I recently just moved to."

Judy replies, "thanks for calling me back, yes I'm a friend of Augusta's, and she just told me yesterday that you might be able to board my stallion Herman, my situation is very similar to her's, I'm a single mother of a only son, divorced four years now, I work part-time, Augusta said I might be able to join a group that you and her are a part of as a group girl, and I'll be right up front, I'm a zoosexual, I have a Irish wolfhound that breeds me and my 12 year old son does as well."

Eric replies, "thanks for being honest, and all that is fine, the only issue is, right now I don't have the stable barn ready to house the stallions yet, I'm in the process of getting the stalls built right now."

Judy replies, "how soon do you think it will be before the barn is ready, because the Sundbergs told us they'd like all the boarded horse moved in two months if possible, Howard your uncle gave you LuAnn, Louise, Lori and Betty names and numbers right?"

Eric replies, "yes."

Judy replies, "I know I can speak for all of them, we are all very close intimate friends, they are all zoosexuals and sleep with their son's as well and all of them desire to join the group as full time group girls."

Eric replies, "Judy are you going to be around for awhile, so I can call you back?"

Judy replies, "yes, I will be home the rest of the day and evening, just call me back if you would please."

Eric replies, "I will call you back as soon as I make a few phone calls, bye for now."

Judy says, "ok, talk soon, bye."

Eric hangs up and looks at Bobby, and says, "all five of these ladies are friends with Augusta's, all are zoosexuals, all have young sons they sleep with as well."

Bobby giggles and replies, "oh my, mother, son incest and zoosexuality is getting more common then I thought."

Eric replies, "can we try calling Susan and run it by her?"

Bobby says, "yeah, let me try calling her now, I know I'd love five more stallion and five more 13 year olds to suck that is for sure."

Bobby dials the Michael's hospital in Colorado, as female operator directs Bobby's call to Michael's room, Susan answers, "hi this is Susan." 

Bobby says, "Susan how are things going out there?"

Susan replies, "good, Michael is just napping, so I'll talk softly, how are you?"

Bobby replies, "Eric would like to talk to you a minute, I'll give the phone to him."

Eric takes the phone and says, "hi Susan, I'll be quick and to the point, there is a nearby boarding stable closing down, and I have five single ladies whom would like to board their stallions with us here at your farm, is that ok, then would it be ok to build onto the barn to accommodate them?"

Susan replies, "would it be more practical to just have a new stallion barn built that can house 15 stallions?"

Eric replies, " yes, your barn isn't ideal, but we could make it work."

Susan replies, "do you know someone who can build the type of barn you need?"

Eric replies, "yes."

Susan says, "call them right now, and tell them to build you the barn that you need asap."

Eric replies, "ok, I will, then I call you back, bye."

Eric hangs up, looks at Bobby and says, "Susan told me to call and have a new barn built right now!"

Bobby just hands Eric the phone book, drops to her knees in front of him, gets his shorts off and starts licking and sucking his cock as he finds the number he needs in the phone book. Once he finds it, he looks down at Bobby and says, "you look so dam hot with a cock in your mouth, I can't wait until I get to see you sucking all the stallions, all the 13 years olds, and then all the group men when you turn 18."

Bobby submissively replies, "I want to be the best t-girl slut in the world for you always."

Eric replies, "I want you to be, I want to help you to be."

Eric then dials the phone, it rings several times then a female voice answers, " England building, Nancy speaking how can I help you?"

Eric replies, "hi Nancy, this is Eric, Becky and Howard's nephew, how are you?"

Nancy replies, "well hi Eric, long time no see, how can I help you?"

Eric replies, "well I need a barn built that will board at least 15 full size stallion's as soon as possible."

Nancy replies, "well your in luck as far as timing, we could be out in the next few days to get posts set if you want a pole barn type structure, Albert is sitting right here, maybe you could come by right now if you have the time?"

Eric says, "yes, I can be there in 15 minutes."

Nancy replies, "ok, look forward to seeing you, bye."

Eric replies, "bye." and they both hang up.

Bobby looks up at him and says, "sounds like my cock sucking is over."

Eric replies, "I take you back over to Michael's, we can resume this when I get back." he pulls her up, kisses her passionately 30 seconds then drags her along out to the truck, they hop in and head to Michael's. Eric says to her, "hopefully you can tell me that all the 13 years ejaculated in your mouth when I get home."

Bobby replies, "I hope so to, if not Tommy will, and maybe Johnny will if he is around."

Eric replies, "if not Smokey will for sure, when I get back."

Bobby replies, "I have plenty of work to do in the shop, no matter what, that is for sure to, so no big deal."

Eric says, "Albert is my uncle Howard's first cousin, he built their horse barn and arena about 4 years ago, so I know Albert will do a good job at a fair price, tell us what we need as far as size, stall gates, heating, all that type of stuff."

Bobby replies, "plus he and Nancy are family, so good to give them the business."

Eric pulls up in front of the shop, Bobby leans and kisses him then hops out and says, "see you in a bit."

Eric says, "yep, be back as soon as I can to get you." he backs up, turns and heads back down the lane."

Bobby, now eager to tell Sally and Kathy of the news that they will be building a new large horse boarding stable at Susan's farm heads into the house, she walks through the kitchen, no one there so on down the hallway to the studios, she stops at Marcus and Louis's studio door, says hi, then walks into Sally and Kathy's studio, where she finds Sally and Kathy working, Josh and Clint sitting on the couch both reading books.

Sally says, "I'm glad you showed up, Janet and Pete will be here soon, and Louis and Marcus are going stud Pete, Cunnington and Tiecum are to stud Janet, so I was hoping you could take the 4 boys swimming."

Bobby smiles sheepishly and says, "yes I'd love to take them swimming, even though I should be working, I gotta tell you though, there are 5 new ladies, with stallions wanting to board their at Susan's, Eric and I called Susan. Well Susan's reply was, have someone build a horse big enough enough to house 20 stallions, so Eric is at his uncle Albert's right now figuring out the design, cost and stuff, if it works out, they will start building it tomorrow."

Sally looks at Bobby in somewhat disbelief and shock, then giggles and says, "I suppose they've all be sucking Eric's cock as well."

Bobby grins and replies, "no, he doesn't know them, but Augusta does and told them to call Eric because the stables where they are currently keeping their stallions is closing down, so they urgently need to find a place to board them. On top of that they are all Jocasta moms, and would like to join the group."

Sally replies, "I must say I'd like to have 5 more young 12-13 year olds studding me routinely, I suppose they are zoosexuals as well."

Bobby replies, "that I don't know."

Sally says, "I just have to meet these new ladies, talk to them and go from there."

Bobby replies, "Judy is one of the 5 ladies Eric talked to a bit ago, as soon as Eric finds out what the status is on the horse barn, he is to call her back, he should be back here in about a hour so I'll get the boys and head to the pond for a hour."

Sally says, "right now, there isn't time to introduce the 5 new ladies into the group, we need to get Adele introduced to some men, see if her granddaughter Gina and grandson Todd are going to fit in, get along with all the boys.







4pm Tuesday June 21st

Janet and Pete arrive at Michael's farm.

Janet and Sally get Pete introduced to Marcus and Louis, Louis takes Pete up to his bedroom and studs Pete, has Pete suck his cock.

Sally helps Janet get locked up with Cunnington, then lays in front of Janet with her legs spread so Janet can perform cunninglingus on her while Cunnington ejaculates up inside Janet's pussy. 

After Janet as multiple orgasm while being knotted up with Cunnington, Cunnington pulls out of her after 15 minutes.

Janet says, "all I know is, I'm getting a Irish wolfhound puppy as soon as possible, thank you so much Sally for letting him breed me."

Sally and Janet walk out to the kitchen after Janet cleans herself up in the bathroom, and Sally makes them both a long island ice tea while they chat.

Cunnington and Tiecum let out a "woof" then hurry to the kitchen window, Sally stands and looks out and says, "it's Eric boys", as she pets them both then sits back down.


Sally says, "Janet if your serious about getting a Irish wolfhound puppy, I know of a breeder who has a 4 month old intact male that will be available in a week or so, you and I can work with him and train him to breed humans, so by the time he is a year and half he will just mount you whenever someone gets on their hands and knees for him."

Janet replies, "I'd like you to call the breeder and tell them I'll take the puppy, I'm hooked now, I need a dog breeding me as often as possible."

Eric coming walking in the washroom, the dogs hurry to greet him, Eric greets them both warmly, then proceeds up the ramp into the kitchen.

Sally and Janet both say hello, Eric says, "hi ladies, hope I am not interrupting you's."

Sally replies, "not at all, I'm very glad your here, Bobby tells me that there are 5 ladies moving their stallions to Susan's."

Eric replies, "yes, I just came from the builders and the plan is to build a horse barn that we can stable 20 stallions in."

Sally replies, "how big will it be?"

Eric replies, "50 feet by 100 feet", 10-8 by 15 foot stables on each side, a 50 by 20 foot area for a tack room, washroom and breeding room on one end."

Sally replies, "wow, you must be excited."

Eric says, "I very much excited, my dream has been to have my own stables, now it is instantly happening, I'm a bit overwhelmed actually."

Sally asks, "when can they start building it."

Eric replies, "hopefully as soon as Susan gets back, ok's it, and we decide the exact spot to put it, they can start building it this coming Monday."

Sally replies, "go call Judy and explain that you are planning on starting to build the stables Monday, in mean time you like to meet all 5 of the ladies and their sons."

Eric replies, "ok, I call her right now.", Eric walks over to the phone and dials Judy's number, it rings several times.

Judy answers, "hi this is Judy."

Eric replies, "hi Judy, Eric here, I got the construction scheduled to start Monday if all goes as planned, is there any way I could meet all 5 of you ladies at the Sundberg's stables between now and then?"

Judy replies, " we are all going riding in the morning at 8am if you like to come out to the Sundberg's."

Eric replies, "that works, I will see all of you's at 8am then, bye, bye."

Judy says, "bye." they both hang up.

Eric looks at Sally and says, "I will be meeting all 5 of the ladies at 8am in the morning at the Sundberg's stables."

Sally replies, "is there any chance I could ride along with you, that way I could meet them as well."

Eric replies, "it's about 20 minute drive if that is ok with you, it would be very much ok with me to have you riding with me."

Sally smiles sheepishly then says, "it has been awhile since I got to give road-head."

Eric grins, "we'll have 40 minutes for that."

Sally replies, "I be ready at 7am then."

Sally looks at Janet then Eric and says, "Eric why don't you take Janet down in the basement and have her suck your cock."

Eric offer his hand to Janet, she takes it and the both of them head down into the basement, once they get down to the bed, Eric gets her set down on the edge of the bed, and says to her, "sit tight, I'll freshen up in the bathroom."

Once in the bathroom, Eric gets naked below the waist and washes his cock and balls good, then walks back out to Janet, his huge cock growing hard as he walks towards her, once he steps in front of her, Janet eagerly takes his cock in her right hand then guides Eric's the big mushroom cock head to her lips and starts licking and sucking it.

Janet softly says, "Eric thanks so much for letting me suck you, please tell me to suck you when ever you want, you taste so good, I want to swallow you cum so badly."

Eric replies, "thanks for sucking it, I'll make sure you get to suck it as often as possible, hopefully Bobby and I will be double teaming you often as well."

Janet softly meekly says, "Oh my goodness would I like you two's cocks in me at the same time, hopefully it will be alright if Pete sucks you to, he is completely feminized, and only takes the female receptive role with guys."

Eric asks, "if you don't mind my asking, what did you and Pete do before you's started having sex with Tommy and Bobby?"

Janet replies, "I've always had young guys as lovers, even before Tommy was born, Tommy isn't Pete's son, Tommy's father Ray was only 14 when he got me pregnant, so he is 30 now, he started living with us when he was 18, then until 2 years ago so he was having sex with Pete and I two years prior to Tommy's birth. Ray started mowing our yard when he was 12, soon after that I seduced him, then 2 years ago he went in the Air Force and is traveling around the world."

Eric replies, "sounds like all turned out good then."

Janet replies, "yeah, Tommy and Bobby have kept Pete and I very much sexually busy, but Pete, myself, Bobby and Tommy all need to find our own partners to be with."

Janet then starts eagerly sucking and stroking Eric's cock, in 5 minutes Eric is ejaculating in Janet's hungry mouth.

Mean while, Pete and Louis walk down stairs to get Marcus, they walk into the studio where Marcus is busy revising the drawings for a 10 bedroom addition with a interior central terrace, the three of them study the drawing for a bit, then Marcus asks Pete if he is ready to go upstairs.

Pete replies, "I'm eager and ready, I'm ready to serve you two as often as you want me."

Marcus replies, "don't worry, we will be using you a lot, we love a eager femboy mouth sucking our cocks."

Pete replies, "I'm very much a very eager submissive femboy."

Louis says, "yeah, I can't wait to see you sucking every group man this weekend Pete."

Pete replies submissively, "I can't wait to have you watching me do that."

Pete and Marcus walk up to Marcus's bedroom, on the way up Marcus asks Pete, "how far do you work for the University?"

Pete replies, "it is about 10 minutes."

Marcus replies, "if you would like you could start giving me a blow-job say on Mondays, Louis on Tuesdays etc. type schedule, that way you could be sucking cock 5 days a week at lunch time everyday."

Pete replies, "I'd like to start doing that tomorrow if that is ok, I really need to be sucking cock as often as possible, and knowing I'll be able to suck one of you's cock at lunch everyday will make my work day so much better, something to look forward to."

Marcus replies, "yeah, it will help me break the monotony of classroom work, as it has been lately." 

Marcus then pulls his shorts off, and tells Pete to sit on the edge of the bed."

Marcus then says, "I be right back, I'm just going to the bathroom and freshen up for you." Marcus hurries to the bathroom, washs his cock and balls then returns to Pete, as he steps in front Pete, Pete eagerly starts licking and sucking Marcus's balls and cock."

Marcus watches as Pete's fully concentration is clearly focused on performing fellatio and the art of."

Marcus moans as he says to Pete, "yeah you truly are a master at sucking cock, and it shows you love doing it."

Pete submissively looks up at Marcus and says, "I know that I hoping I can be sucking all the men in the group soon, and sucking cock all day every Saturday and Sunday from now on."

Marcus says, "we need you to get you hooked up we Peggy's husband Jeff, he primarily sucks cock, and I think he is regularly sucking most of the group men's cocks, so he'd be the best person to start introducing you to the men in the group."

Pete says, "I'm so ready to start sucking cock as often as possible,"  Pete then vigorously starts sucking and stroking Marcus's stiff cock, within a few minutes Marcus is grunting and gasping as he begins ejaculating into Pete's eager cum hungry mouth."

Pete looks up at Marcus and says, "oh your cum tastes so good." as he smiles, licks his lips and swallows Marcus's cum down."

Marcus smiles and says, "I'm just glad to have you as my new cock sucking femboy, thank you."

Pete replies, "just tell me, I will suck you all you want."

5pm Tuesday June 21st

Meanwhile Sally is in the art/sewing studio with Tommy and Kathy, talking to Augusta on the phone.

Augusta calls Sally from her house to ask Sally if it is ok if she brings Bandit her Irish wolfhound to the farm.

Sally says, "yes that is fine, we need to get Bandit introduced to everybody soon anyhow, the main concern is seeing how he will get along with Edward and the horses, but we will just have to see.'  I did want to ask you about the 5 ladies from the stables, Eric said that you are friends with Judy, and you recommended that she call Eric when they started looking for a new boarding stable."

Augusta replies, "yes, and as far as Judy and I, we've have known each other a long time and I've know the four other ladies pretty well now, we are all having sex with our sons and we all are zoosexuals, and bisexual, I started having sex with Judy's son Luke about 6 months ago, and I had sex with Robin's son's Douglas who is age 20 and Marty who is age 17, both of them I was routinely having sex with since they were 13, until about a month ago."

Sally replies, "how many sons are there between the 5 ladies?"

Augusta replies, "10 of them, and I must admit I'd like to be having sex with all of them."

Sally replies, "I know I will want to as well, any way Eric and I are driving out to the Sunberg's stables to meet all 5 of the ladies first thing in the morning so I thought talking to you would inform me more about them, which you have."


Augusta replies, "don't worry, I sure you like them all, they are all good hearted, down to earth ladies, independent, they don't wish to remarry, but they all love sex, and from my experience with Douglas for the last 7 years, he is a great lover, and has served all of the 5 ladies only except for me, just as Marty has for the last 4 years.' Now all 10 of the sons are serving the five ladies, yet the ladies want the sons to start meeting new women to be with, I know Robin would like Douglas to become a group man now, and Marty as well when he turns 18, they are both well groomed, shaved nice cocks, several of the boys are bisexual, thus both Douglas and Marty stud them, and have them perform fellatio on them routinely, I'm sure all of them will stud Bobby routinely."

Sally says, "we will see you, Carolyn and Bandit soon I take it?"

Augusta replies, "yes, we are head to your place as so as you and I get off the phone, unless you need us to stop and get groceries or something?"

Sally replies, "I think we are fine for now, but thanks for asking, see you in a bit." they both hang up.

Sally looks at Kathy and Tommy as they work on finishing a skirt, then says, "it looks like along with the 5 new moms comes 10 new sons."

Kathy punches Tommy, then says, "since you want to start being primarily a femboy, that will be great for you."

Tommy punches Kathy back, and says, "I know you will be getting studded by them as much as Bobby and I will be."

Sally giggles, "I hope I get my time with all of them to!!"

As soon as Sally finishes speaking, 

                                                             Cunnington and Tiecum come wandering into the studio, and walk to Sally instantly, Sally greets them both warmly rubbing their faces and saying, "I was wondering when you's were coming back." then Josh, Bobby, Clint, Billy and Sean all file into the studio, Sally looks at them and says, "looks like you's got some sun." 

Bobby replies, "yep, we snorkeled around the whole quarry twice at least."

Sean then says, "yeah all of us were diving down at least 12 feet and looking around, lots of cool fish in there."

Sally says, "yeah it is beautiful isn't it, I hope all of you's like skin diving and want to learn how to scuba dive as well."

All of the boys, say something to the nature of; "yes that would be great."

Sally says, "good, scuba diving is a very good thing to learn, so soon Michael, myself, Bobby and few other from the group will be teaching you, and since you's will be living here from now on we will teach you's other things like how to be great lovers, hopefully riding and training horse, woodworking, art, sewing."

Janet, Pete, Eric walk into the art studio, Janet says, "Pete and I are heading home, I'll be out in the morning."

Sally replies, "ok I usually up and around by 6am."

Eric then looks at Bobby and says, "you want to head over to Susan's and spend some time with Smokey."

Bobby walks over to Eric, takes his hand and says, "yes, lets go see him."

Sally looks at Josh, Billy, Clint and Sean, says, "what would you guys like to do?"

Sean pulls his shorts off, and walks to Sally and says, "I'd like you to suck me."

Billy then does the same, except with Kathy, in seconds Sally is sucking Sean and Kathy is sucking Billy.

Josh and Clint watch a minute then Clint pulls his shorts off and tells Josh to suck him, Josh drops to his knees and starts sucking Clint.

Within 5 minutes Billy ejaculates in Kathy's mouth, a minute later Sean ejaculates in Sally's mouth, followed by Clint ejaculating in Josh's mouth.

Sally then says, " how about you guys do some sketching lessons?, while I make a few phone."

Sally gets 4 new sketchbooks out of a box next to the wall, hands each one of them a sketch book, then she demonstrates to them on a large sketch pad on a easel what she wants them to draw.

Sally then says, "write your name on the sketchbook, then cover a whole page, doing something similar to what I just showed you, we will call this Automatic Drawing."

The four boys take seats, two on the futon, two of them at easels, and begin drawing.

Sally heads out to the kitchen to make her phone calls, Kathy goes back to sewing.

Once in the kitchen, Sally dials Adele's phone number, it rings several times and a female answers, "Hello this is Adele."

Sally replies, "hi Adele, this is Sally, our mutual friend Greg asked me to call you."

Adele replies, "oh yes, thank you so much for calling so quickly, did Greg fill you in on the sexual situation that I have with my twins, my grand daughter and grandson Todd and Gina?"

Sally replies, "Greg informed me that Todd and Gina are 12 years old, and that Todd is penetrating both you and Gina sexually, Adele, I need to inform you that myself and quite a few of us group ladies and a few of the guys are sexually receptive partners for the nearly 40 large breed stud dogs in the group, actually my preferred partner are Irish wolfhounds, yet in the group there are many great danes, and various other breeds of trained stud dogs that breed us.' Along with that Kathy, myself and 15 other group girls ingest stallion semen, and soon we will have 15 stallions living next door at Susan farm."

Adele replies, "So Greg didn't tell you he was screwing me when he was 13 years old?,  Greg told me you preferred being bred by the large dogs, I must say I would like that I think, and yes Todd started having intercourse with me about 6 months ago, and he started penetrating Gina anally about 2 months ago, I do have Todd and Gina educated to having him only penetrating her anally, so I taught both of them about how to prep for anal sex, all that but I really want them not to have sex due to the chance of her getting pregnant."

Sally giggles then replies, "No Greg didn't tell me he was screwing you at age 13, are you having sex with other men as well currently?"

Adele replies, "Sally, I was screwing Greg until he was 20, I've always been a nymphomaniac, my entire life, so currently I have 1-13 year, 2- 14 year olds, 2- 15 year olds 1-16 year old, 1- 17 year old, 2- 18 year old guys, 1- 19 year old and 3- 20 year old guys having intercourse with me routinely, I have sex with at least four of them every day, yet often much more often.' As you probably well know a horny 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 year old once they get a taste for screwing, they want it every day so the last few months I've been getting screwed 8-10 times a day, I've already been with both 15 year olds, the 16, 17, both 18 year olds and the 19 year old today, that 7 of the boys, and Todd screws me at least once a day.' Anyway all 13 young guy's parents know me well, because I had sex with all their fathers from a early age as well.' I started having sex with 2 - 16 year old boys who were friends of my daughters 20 years ago after her father died, the 2- 16 year olds soon had me introduced me to other young guys from 13 to 16, by the end of that year I was having sex with 14 young guys, since that time I always had 15 to 25 young guys ages 13 to 20 at any given time that I was having intercourse with.' I make it very clear to all of them that they can have sex with me for as long as they want, as often as they want, yet if they decide to have sex with another they have to stop having sex with me, usually when the boys get to be 18 or 19 they meet a girl, and they leave the nest you might say, however the 3- 20 year olds are living with me, and are happy just having sex with me, but I'm getting to the age where it hard to keep up with them, I've talked to all the boy's parents and as couples they want to join the group, the fathers want to be group men and the mothers to be group girls." 

Sally replies, "I can't judge you, I would likely be doing the same, did Greg mention anything about having the your boyfriends joining our group, as well as the parent couples?"

Adele replies, " yes, and I talked to the 2- 18 years olds, the 19 year old and the 3- 20 year olds them yesterday and they would like to join."

Sally says, "ok the first thing to do is, you, the parent couples and your boyfriends go get tested for STD's, call the county heatlh dept. and go in and get HIV and complete STDs tests, as long as those are good, you's are all safe, then the best thing for all of you's to do is join the group, there are at least a dozen ladies here including myself that Todd can have sex with, you will have nearly 100 different men and about a dozen young boys you can have intercourse with, your boyfriends will have at least 20 ladies they can have intercourse with."

Adele replies, "yes, all of my boyfriends, the parent couples and myself just got tested, and we are all safe, and my boyfriends have all been just having sex with me since they where 13 years old, matter of fact none of the have had sex with anyone other then me, all of them I been having sex with since they were 12-13 years old."

Sally replies, "great then, if you'd like to come meet us out here at the farm, I'm here now, and usually every day, most of the day, you can bring all your boyfriends as well their parents."

Adele replies, "would it be alright if I came out right now with Gina and Todd?"

Sally replies, "certainly, do you know where Ben's country store is?"

Adele replies, "yep, I go in there quite often."

Sally says, "if you pull out of his parking lot, go north to the 4 way stop, take a right like headed to Princeton, go about 4 miles, on the south side of road is a windmill real close to the road, turn right onto the lane right after the windmill, that's our farm."

Adele replies, "we should be there in about a half hour, we will drive the motorhome out."

Sally says, "we go skinny dripping in the quarry lake here a lot, is that something the twins and you would like?"

Adele replies, "that would be great, they are both good swimmers, and myself as well and we all are very comfortable nude."

Sally says, "great we will all go skinny dripping then, see you in a little bit."

Adele says, "thanks so much, bye for now." they both hang up.

Sally walks back to the art studio, she finds the boys still busy sketching, and Kathy sucking Billy cock again.

Sally then says, "well everybody, it looks like we will be taking Adele and her twins skinny dripping here in just a little bit, lets be as polite as possible, no sex, the twins are 12, almost 13, Todd and Gina are their names, we just want to make them feel at home, and have a get to know them type get together."

Kathy replies, "that is great, I'm ready to take a break and swimming/snorkeling sounds like best thing in the world right now."

Cunnington and Tiecum, both hop up, woof and hurry out into the hallway, Sally looks out the window, and says, "it's Augusta, Bandit and Carolyn, oh boy I hope  Cunnington and Tiecum welcome Bandit ok, lets get Cunnington and Tiecum out on the front terrace, and let Bandit get introduced to all of us, then Augusta and I can get him introduced to Cunnington and Tiecum, then we got to get Bandit introduced to Edward and Potter, lets pray it goes well!"

Kathy replies, "Augusta mentioned to me, that Bandit knows not to bother the stallions, and Flare her stallion and Bandit get along great, plus all the 9 ladies stallions have been trained by Eric since they were born, maybe we should call and see if Eric and Bobby could come over."

Sally replies, "good idea, I will call over there right now."

Sally gets on the phone and dials Susan's number, it rings about 5 times, then Bobby answers, "hi Bobby here."

Sally says, "hi Bobby, is there any chance you and Eric could come back over here, Augusta and Carolyn just showed up with Bandit, Augusta's Irish wolfhound and I like you's help getting Bandit introduced to Edward, plus Adele and her twin grand kids will be here shortly as well."

Bobby says, "sure, we will be over in a few minutes, bye." they both hang up.

Everybody shuffles out to kitchen and get seated at the table, Augusta comes walking in with Bandit on his lead, as soon as she sees everybody sitting at the table, she giggles, looks at Bandit and says, "look here Bandit, everybody is just waiting to see you, Augusta walks him around the table, everybody pets him."

Sally says, "he is a good boy."

Augusta says, "you ready to introduce him to Cunnington and Tiecum?"

Sally replies, "I go out first, they are on front terrace, then you bring Bandit out."

Sally starts walking down the hall to the front terrace, Augusta waits a minute, then follows.

Sally is sitting on the front porch watching Cunnington and Tiecum pondering around out on the terrace, Augusta looks out through the screen sees Sally sitting, and slips out through the screen door sits next to Sally, leans over and kisses her on the lips, whispers, "I need you to suck me."

Sally smiles, and submissively, softly replies, "I want to suck you badly."

As Augusta holds Bandits lead, he sits next to her, as Cunnington and Tiecum, come up and greet him, they both welcome Bandit friendly, so Augusta takes Bandits lead off, and the three dogs goof off out on the terrace for a bit, then they all go back into the house.

Once inside they sit in the living room, with Kathy, Carolyn, and Sally explains to Augusta and Carolyn that Adele and the twins will be soon arriving.

Sally says, " as I told Kathy and the boys, no sex, we just want to make them feel at home, and have a get to know them type get together."

Augusta replies, "I did grab some lawn chairs and a beach umbrella from home, that I thought we could take down and leave at the quarry."

Sally replies, "good thinking, I hope Adele and the twins fit in, she did tell me she is a life long nymphomaniac like you might say all of us are."

Carolyn sheepishly grins and says, "I know I'm a nymphomaniac slut, through and through, so her and I should get along good."

Augusta looks at Carolyn giggles and says, "I can't write a book about it like you Carolyn, but I'm a nymphomaniac slut for sure."

Sally replies, "yes, I've been a nymphomaniac slut all my life as well, if not getting studded by a dog, I was getting studded by guys since age 13."

Carolyn says, "speaking of our past history, I started working for Jensen landscaping here in town when I was 22 years old, Mr Jensen was a really great hard working black man, he has passed away, but his son Clay runs it now, Clay was 17 at the time, he was soon screwing me, well Mr Jensen hired a lot of young black guys 16-18 year olds, in the summer there was always about 15-20 young black guys working for him, well next thing I knew I was screwing most of them.' Any way I worked for Jensen for nearly 28 years, or until Ed's tractor accident, yet over that period of time I had sex with over 300 young black guys, and I've stayed in touch with alot of them, and now 5 of the guys and their wives want to join the group, I suspect that number will jump, because of the 323 guys that I been with from Jensen's I know at least 300 still live in this area, I'm guessing but in the last 3 years alone I bet I've talked to 250 of them who have called me asking if I was available for sex, and at least two hundred wanted their sons to start having sex with their 16-18 year olds."

Sally smiles, and says, "Carolyn why does that not surprise me, sure we'll set-up a times as soon as possible, it would be great to have some black ladies and more black guys part of the group."

Carolyn replies, "some of the sons of the men who I was with back then are 18 years old now and want to start screwing me as well."

Sally replies, "how many 18 to 22 year olds are there?"

Carolyn says, "at least a twenty 18 to 22 year olds want to that I talked to so far, it may be a lot more though, wanted to start seeing these 20 before Ed told me that I should start seeing other men now and I joined the group, now that Ed says it is ok, I very much want to start seeing all of them, if they agree to join the group, and abide by the group guidelines.' Ed also just informed me that one of my former lovers Sam, who is a aircraft mechanic, is going to be building a aircraft hanger/apartment and grass airstrip on our farm, so he will be living with us full time, so he will want to become a group man, I like for you to meet Sam in the next few days."

Sally says, "I'll make the time to see Sam for sure, tomorrow if possible, I don't care if it's two hundred as long as they are over 18 years old, just tell all of them to get their STD tests, then start introducing them to all of us, I'd happily be available for them for no tips, and I'm sure a lot of the ladies would be too, so they'd have plenty of us to have sex with routinely, daily I'm sure."

Carolyn replies, "yes, I'll convey that Sam and to all of my former lovers, I wanted to talk to you first though, cause that will be a lot of new faces, I have talked to Ed, and it is alright with him if I have sex with them at our house, Ed has known all of them since they were 13, I started sucking their cocks then and continued to until they were all 15, then Ed's accident happened, they'd also ride Potter and Oscar regularly, and help Johnny with farming at times after Ed's accident.' I sure once I start having sex with them, all 20 will each want it often and daily likely, at least a blow-job, so if I can get them seeing you and Augusta and at least a few other of the ladies that would be a big help.' Ed also told me that we had room in the house for 3 or 4 of my lovers to live if any of them wanted to move in to the house."

Sally looks at Carolyn seriously and says, "I don't want to be out of line, disrespectful or anything of that nature but Ed and you must not of had sex very often."

Carolyn replies, "no thats fine, your right though, in the 28 years we've been married he had I have only had sex twice, since I became pregnant with Johnny, we've never had sex since or before those two times it took to conceive Johnny, Ed wanted a son and I was able to do that for him, but I've always had my own lovers, until 3 years ago when Ed's accident occurred I've always had at least 15 guys all between 16 and 20, that were using me for sex at any given time, by the time the guys were 20 they almost always had meet a girl that they wanted to be in normal relationship with.' Ten years ago Johnny and started having sex, and he and I started sleeping together, yet Ed and I have never slept together, we've always had our own bedrooms, and I always slept with one of my boyfriends, usually a different boyfriend every night for several weeks, then repeat that cycle, there were years when I was with 30-40 guys at a given time, most of them were having sex with Michael's aunt Becky as well."

Kathy pipes in and says, "were you always taking the guys and Johnny anally?"

Carolyn replies, "yep, always, until I had my tubes tied after Johnny's birth, then the guys could have me anally or vaginally, I actually prefer being penetrated anally."

Kathy replies, "yes I do as well, especially when with the dogs, I don't see myself having sex with men much longer other then sucking guys cocks, I much prefer being penetrated dogs and ingesting dog and stallion semen, and being intimate Sally and other ladies, but I am a submissive type."

The three dogs woof, then hurry then hurry down the hall to the kitchen, Sally follows, the dogs stare out the window at Bobby and Eric pulling in front of the shop, park and step out, Sally soon walks out and greets them."

Sally says, "I was hoping Johnny might show up, and be here to introduce Bandit to, since he has known Edward all his life, but he must be out cutting hay or baling."

Bobby replies, "that fine, Eric and I will take the three dogs for a walk with Edward and it will be fine."

Sally leads them into the washroom, the dogs are all there waiting with Augusta, Augusta clips Bandits lead on his collar, and Eric, Bobby, Augusta and the dogs head out to see Edward.

June 21 Tuesday, 6pm

Sally just gets done making a weak long island ice tea and walks out and sets on the new terrace, to watch the interaction between the dogs and Edward, when see hears rumbling, the hears Kathy yell, "Sally Adele is here." 

Sally yells, "ok, I'm on terrace, coming."

Kathy steps through the screen door on to the new terrace just as Sally is standing, and says, "looks like a tour bus just pulled in."

Sally replies, "Adele told me they were bring the motorhome."

Both Kathy and Sally head out to the parking area to greet them.

The moment they walk out, Sally says, "wow, that is big, I been trying to imagine what Adele looks like since I talked to her."

Kathy says, "yeah whats a 65 year old nymphomaniac look like?" giggling a bit as they walk to the motorhome.

Todd and Gina step out the door of motorhome first, both say, "hi."  then Adele steps out, Sally and Kathy introduce themselves, and shake hands with all of them, then Sally says, "come on in the house, so you's can met some of our tribe that live here."

As they walk into the washroom, Sally leading, Adele, Todd, Gina follow has Kathy takes up the rear.

Sally says, "did you find the place ok?'

Adele replies, "yep, I've got two fine navigators here, and they try their best to keep me from getting lost when we travel the country side."

Kathy says, "you's go to far exotic place in that thing alot."

Gina giggles, "none I call exotic yet, but grandma takes us all over the U S, so we've spent our time getting lost, have'nt we Grams."

Adele replies, "I suppose we have got lost a few times."

Todd giggles, and pokes her in the ribs as he says, "yeah like two weeks ago, when we went to Duluth, we went a bit far west."

Adele replies, "thats because my navigators were sleeping, and we were only a hundred miles off course."

As they walk in the kitchen, Adele comments, "what a great kitchen table it must seat a dozen people at least."

Kathy replies, "yes there are 11 of us living here now, and 2 Irish wolfhounds, a jack donkey and one temporary guest wolfhound."

They walk in and meet Louis and Marcus in their studio, then go meet the boys in the art studio.

Sally introduces Carolyn, Billy, Clint, Sean, Tommy and Josh then says, "hopefully all the boys and their moms will be living with us full time here on the farm, Carolyn lives on the farm next to us, Carolyn is a group girl full time, and her son Johnny is group guy, all the boys are intimate with myself, Kathy, Carolyn, Augusta, Bobby who is a femboy"


Todd replies, "will all the group girls be available for me as well?"

Sally smiles, and says, " quite a few of us ladies will be available for you."

Gina asks, "can Billy, Clint, Sean and Josh have sex with me."

Adele replies, "as long as they only penetrate you anally."

Sally looks at the boys and says, " like Kathy and I, you only can penetrate Gina anally, also the main thing around here is respect everyone's choice as to when, where and how they wish to have sex, Gina we will be having another girl your age and her mom joining the group in the next few days, so you will have a young lady your age to hang-out with."

Josh says, "I'm a femboy, so Billy, Clint, Sean penetrate me all the time, and I suck them all the time."

Clint says, " Todd I will suck you to if you ever want me to. I more a femboy like Josh."

Gina replies, "Todd just started penetrating me a few months ago, but I like it, and I've been sucking his penis and I like doing that."

Sean says, "has Todd been ejaculating in your mouth?"

Gina replies, "yes, just tell me when your going to though, so I don't get gagged."

Billy says, "Adele will you be available for us boys?"

Adele replies, "certainly, when ever I able and around here."

Sally says, "ok, lets all grabs some towels and head down to the quarry and go skinny dipping."

As they pass by Marcus and Louis's studio, Sally pops her head in and says, "we're headed to the quarry pond for a swim, your welcome to join us."

Louis says, "we are staying here, we've got a model project that has to be done Friday, and we've be slacking, so need to finish it."

Tommy says, "I'll go."

Sally replies, "I'll be back in about a half an hour, Carolyn and Augusta are meeting Stan and Roy here at 7pm, so I want to introduce them, I think I'll have them go to Susan's then."

They all walk to the washroom, Sally gets towels for everyone, Carolyn takes the boys and Gina out to Augusta's van and they get all of the lawn chairs, about a dozen, then they all head through the stable to the paddock, except for Carolyn."

Sally says, " Carolyn I'll be back in about a half an hour, when we run into Augusta, if we do I'll tell her."

Carolyn says, "ok see you in a bit, I'll just get ready for Stan and Roy."

Kathy, Adele and Tommy lead the way talking as they go, Sally the boys and Gina follow.

As they pass from the paddock into pasture gate, which is currently open, Kathy says, "normally this gate is kept closed, but Edward is out in the pasture right now so it's open."

Adele asks Kathy as they start walking across the pasture, "if you don't mind my asking, I was wondering how long you've been getting bred by dogs?"

Kathy replies, "ever since I was 13 years old."

Adele replies, " how many of the dogs do you normally get bred by in a day?, Sally mentioned there was over 40 dogs available."

Kathy replies, "I try to get bred by at least 4 of the dogs every day, some days 6 or 7, tomorrow I have 6 dogs breeding me."

Adele replies, "how long do they normally hold you in a copulatory tie?"

Kathy replies, "usually about 15 minutes, it can vary from 10 to 20 minutes, as I get to know the better it seems like the stay in me longer."

Adele asks, "what are your orgasms like when the dogs bred you?"

Kathy replies, "with the dogs, it more like lots of short little intense orgasms throughout the entire copulatory tie, I know have much greater orgasms then I ever have had with men, don't get me wrong, I getting screwed by guys, sucking their cocks, yet if I had to chose, I'd be with dogs when it comes to being penetrated, romance wise Sally and I are partners, so we are lesbians in regards to a intimate romantic type love."

Adele replies, "I've never been with a female, I've always been attracted mainly to 13 to 18 year old guys, I started having sex with my two brothers and two of my cousins when I 13, after that they introduced me to some friends, I was lucky because my parents were smart enough to teach me how to be receptive anally, I continued to have sex with 13-18 year olds until I was 30 then my husband and I married when I was 30 because I let him get me pregnant, after Patsy my daughter was born we divorced a year later because I needed to be with the young guys, so for 34 years I've always had 5 to 20, 13 to 20 year old that I be having sex with routinely, all of the guys I was having sex with 30 or so years with are fathers of the guys that I have sex with now, I was having sex with a lot of the guys in your group when they were 13, Greg is one of them."

Kathy replies, "wow!, so most of your life your partners have been 13 to 18 year old guys?"

Tommy pipes in and says, "I'm 16 Adele."

Adele replies, "Tommy, I'm all yours anytime, right now I have 13 young guys that I have sex with, one 13 year old, two 14 year olds, one 16 year old, one 17 year old, two 18 year olds, one 19 year old and three 20 year olds all of whom will be joining the group along with their parents, three of the mother have sex with all the boys like I do, there are 7 couples with 13 boys who will be part of the group along with me."

Kathy says, "wow!, we better be getting the addition built onto the house soon, that is why Sally briefly mentioned yesterday that we might be building a whole new house instead of the addition."

Adele replies, "I know I'd like myself, twins and three 20 year old live that currently live with me to live here full time, I think of the 7 couples, all of them would like their boys to live here."

Kathy replies, "we have 5 new ladies with stallions joining, they have 11 sons which they all have sex with, they are ages 12 to 17 I know, yet I haven't met any of them yet, are you interested in having sex with the older guys as well?"

Adele replies, "I will be available to all group members, the ladies as well, I'd like to start performing cunnilingus on you, and Sally I do know that."

Kathy says, "your welcome to anytime you like, I personally only have sex with the dogs, and all group members who part of Michael's farm group here, for example there is a gang-bang Saturday and Sunday at Susan's farm next door, I don't take part in things like that, and neither does Sally any longer, yet Carolyn will be."

Adele replies, "yes, I to old for that, the three 20 year olds gang-bang me all the time any how."

Kathy points to the gate far to the west, and says, "if you go through that gate it's Carolyn, her husband Ed and son Johnny's farm, over to the east that gate leads to Susan's farm, and there are lots of horse trails throughout the woods and all the way down to the Spoon river, I heard it said there is about 500 acres of woods between the 3 farms, so there are a lot of trails to walk."

Adele replies, "yes, this is a great place for the kids to grow-up, and me to spend the rest of my life."

Kathy says, "we will be here for you, if you want that."

Adele giggles and says, "I hope when I'm 80 I am horny and able like I am now."

Kathy replies, " Sally mentioned that you are 65 years old, you look great, lot better then many 40 year olds that's for sure."

Adele replies, "thanks, but hopefully when you see me nude, you will still say that."

They reach the gate to the quarry pond, Kathy opens it and everybody passes through, Augusta, Eric, Bobby, Edward, Potter and the dogs suddenly pop up over the edge leading down to the quarry, Kathy says them, "we were wondering where you's were."

Bobby replies, "Augusta wanted a quickie."

Augusta giggles and says, "what can I say, I'm a nympho."

Adele extents her hand to Augusta as soon as they step up to each other and says, "hi I am Adele, I'm a nympho as well," then Adele introduces herself and the twins to Bobby and Eric, Bobby then introduces Edward and Potter to Adele and the twins."

Sally says, "good, good, everybody is introduced, I know Augusta has to get back, Eric and Bobby your welcome to stay and go skinny dipping with us."

Bobby says, "I think Eric and I will head back to."

Sally replies, "ok, I'll be back up in about a half an hour, maybe we can cook out for supper."

Bobby says, "ok, I get the grill ready, and a camp fire going, see you in a bit, we will take the dogs and Edward, also that float I built for the cooler is leaning on the shed, use it to take your cooler out to the pontoon."

Sally says, "cool we will."

Kathy leads the way down to the beach shed, once there she strips naked, and shows Adele and the twins to hang up their clothes on the pegs, Kathy watches Adele strip naked, as Adele turns and faces Kathy completely nude, Kathy smiles big and says, "you are one hot looking 65 year old, nice bald pussy, your puffy nipples, oh my, no wonder the boys want you."

Adele softly meekly says," thanks you, remember I'm yours whenever you like as well."

Kathy softly says, "before this day is over I want to be suck you please!"

Sally says, "ok you two, wait until we at least get out on the pontoon."

Within a minute everybody is naked, Billy helps Gina find a pair of swim fins and a snorkel/mask and gets the strap ajusted for her, Josh does the same for Todd, Sean, Clint and Tommy are in the water first getting their fins and masks on, Sally gets the new float for the cooler and takes it to the waters edge, then gets the cooler set in it.

Billy asks, "Gina have you and Todd snorkeled before?"

Gina replies, "yes quite a bit actually, except only in Flordia keys, never in a lake."

Kathy says, "you'll love it, the water here is super clear, and you'll see a lot of fish."

Kathy then asks, "Adele you need to try snorkeling, there is one set of fins and snorkel left, take the twins around the quarry, I'll tag along behind in the canoe."

Adele replies, "ok, yes I'd like that, the twins and I have snorkeled quite a bit in the Florida keys yet never in fresh water."

Kathy walks down to the beach with everybody, Sally head out with the cooler on the float for the pontoon, as soon as everyone is in the water snorkeling, Kathy gets a few life jackets, sunscreen, a few paddles and hops in the canoe and paddles out and floats along beside the snorkeling bunch, as she rubs sunscreen on herself the sun is still very hot even though it's getting near 6:30.

Kathy hears Sally yell, "Peggy I'm glad you could make it." Kathy turns to see Peggy stripping nude and hanging her clothes on the pegs on the shed, Kathy thinks to herself, "thankfully she has another set of eyes to watch this bunch after Sally leaves."

Peggy swims out to the pontoon and sets with Sally.

Sally says, "thanks so much for coming Peggy, we need all the help we can get, we've got a lot of people joining the group, and I'm about run ragged, from keeping track of everybody."

Peggy replies, "I like any excuse I can get to come out here, so never be afraid to ask, I'd live here if I could."

Sally says, "maybe you can, I going to try talking Michael into building a whole new house, I've sold my house, Augusta is selling her house, Bobby's mom Audrey is selling her house, Kathy's Aunt Janet and uncle Pete want to sell their house, Susan is having a new 50 by 100 horse stable built on her farm to board the 9 ladies stallion from England stables, plus 5 more lady's stallions from the Sundberg stables which is closing down.' On top of that the five new ladies are all incestuous moms, with 9 sons."

Peggy replies, "wow!, no wonder your run ragged, I'd be too!"

Sally says, "then Carolyn just informed me she worked for Jensen landscaping for 28 years, and over that period of time had routine sex with over a three hundred different young black guys, and until 3 years ago when Ed had his tractor accident she was serving at least 15-20 young black guys at any given time from age 22 until 3 years ago, now she is going to start seeing them again, at least there are 20 young black guys from 18 to 22 that want to join the group and start having sex with her again, as well as 5 black couples parents of the young guys that want to join the group."

Peggy says, "when did you learn all this?"

Sally says, "today and yesterday, Carolyn's dilemma today."

Peggy giggles, and says, " yes, you've got a lot of people to be meeting yet."

Sally says, "speaking of that, I've got to run up to the house and introduce Roy and Stan to Carolyn and Augusta."

Peggy says, "take my van, keys are above the sun visor, I'll stand watch."

Sally stands and says, "thanks." then dives in and swims to the beach, dries off, put her shorts and t-shirt on and heads up to the van.

Peggy pours herself some ice tea, adds a bit of rum and watches Kathy who is at least 300 yards away now as the snorkeling bunch works their way around the lake, thinking to herself what a dilemma this whole group thing is turning into, a good dilemma as long as everybody sticks to rules and only has sex with fellow group members."

Back up at the House 6:45 pm June 21, Tuesday

Sally walks into Marcus and Louis's studio, they are busy working on building a scale model of a commercial building.

Sally says, " looking good."

Louis looks up at her and smiles and says, "thanks"

Marcus then says, "thanks, and I wanted to tell you that between Louis and I we've met several female students that are interest in becoming group girls for tips."

Sally replies, "how many is several?"

Marcus replies, "three, they've wanted to date Louis and I for the last year, but we've been telling them, that we are spoken for, and the other day one of them mentioned she had dated a black guy that worked at Jensen's Landscaping, and Carolyn mentioned awhile back that she worked there, so any way, this morning I mentioned I knew of a group of wealthy single men who might tip them for sex."

Sally replies, "how well do you trust them?"

Marcus replies, "I trust them, they understand the dynamics of the group, in that once they become a member, they can only have sex with those in the group, and that is actually the only reason they are interested, that and they all three only get penetrated anally, because they don't wish to take the pill, all three are very pretty, in shape girls 22-24 years old."

Sally replies, "call them and see if they can stop out tonight or over the weekend, Michael, Jodie, Susan and Thomas should be back Thursday, so tomorrow is bad cause I want to get few more beds to put in basement and finish get stuff out of my house." 

Marcus says, "ok, I'll try calling them right now."

Marcus goes in the art studio and gets on the phone, dials Julie's number, it rings several times, "hi this is Julie"

Marcus replies, "hi Julie this is Marcus, I talked to a friend who can set you up in the group we talked about, I live with her, she said you could stop out this evening if you like and talk to her."

Julie replies, "sure I can, Amy and Melissa are here with me working on our model, is it ok if they come as well?"

Marcus replies, "yes, that would be perfect, we're going to cook out here so you can eat here if you like."

Julie replies, "how do we get there?"

Marcus replies, "do you know where Ben's Country Store is north of town on old highway 61?"

Julie says, "yes, I been in there many of times."

Marcus replies, " if you were pull out of his parking lot going north, go to the 4 way stop, take a right like headed east to Princeton, go about 4 miles, on the south side of road or your right is a windmill real close to the road, turn right onto the lane right after the windmill, that's our farm."

Julie says, "that easy enough, we can be there in 15 or 20 minutes."

Marcus says, "see you's then." they both hang up.

Marcus goes and finds Sally, he finds her sitting with Augusta, Carolyn, Roy and Stan in the kitchen."

Marcus says, "hi guys, I heard you's were stopping out, good to see you, Sally, I just wanted to tell you that the three girls are on their way out, I lets you go, maybe see you guys this weekend."

Both Roy and Stan say that they will be at Susan's for the gang-bang.

Marcus heads back to the studio to work on the model.

Augusta, Carolyn, Stan and Roy then stand and head out to Roy's van to drive over to Susan's place.

Sally heads out with them to talk to Bobby and Eric who are in the shop working, Augusta, Carolyn, Stan and Roy pile in the van and head out, Sally walks over to Bobby and Eric who are working on something on the big fab. table and says, "guys, we have 3 college girls coming out in about 15 minutes, they are students with Marcus and Louis and they wish to be group girls, and I going start patting out about 30 hamburgers, I see you have the charcol going, can you's cook them as I bring them out?"

Eric replies, "certainly, we are staying until the party is over."

Sally smiles big and says, "thanks so much."

Sally then heads back inside, to start patting out hamburgers.

Eric says after Sally leaves, "I'd say the group is growing quite quickly."

Bobby replies, "yeah, just remembering names is a big deal for me anymore, I can relate better to a school teacher now, as far as remembering names, I wondered why some of my teachers could never remember my name."

Eric replies, "yeah some of these schools are so big now, half the kids are strangers to them I imagine."

Bobby says, "like my school, there are so many students just my age, that half are strangers to me."

Back down at the quarry pond

The snorkeling bunch as made one loop around the lake, Kathy pulls up to the pontoon, ties the canoe off and comes and leans over Peggy and gives her a kiss, then drops down between Peggy's legs and starts performing cunnilingus on her, Peggy says, "thats a good girl, I was hoping you'd do that." Kathy looks up at her and says, "I've dying to get back here and suck you, oh you taste so good."

Peggy says, "keep sucking me like you are, I'll come before the boys and Adele get back, oh yeah, you got me hot, suck that pussy good you hot doggie bitch."

Kathy mumbles, "I wish I had a doggie locked up inside me right now."

Peggy replies, "tomorrow you will have while you suck my pussy, 6 different times, you haven't had any doggie cock today?"

Kathy murmurs, "no, but I need one in me so much."

Peggy replies, "all these boys going start studding you?"

Kathy looks up at her and grins, "yep, any time they want, Sally and I've been sucking their cocks today as often as they want."

Peggy giggles and says, "were you able to get any sewing done?"

Kathy giggles and says, "a little, but I know, I given 8 blow-jobs today."

Peggy says, "you are a good submissive slut aren't you."

Kathy starts rubbing her own clit vigorously as she says, "oh I love being a slut." then she wildly licks and sucks Peggy's clit.

Peggy starts moaning and jerking about saying, "suck it slut, yeah suck me good, I going cum." Peggy begins gasping and squealing as her orgasm sets in."

Kathy begins having a orgasm as well.

After their orgasms subside, Peggy softly says, "oh you make me feel so good, thank you."

Kathy gets up and sits a chair next to Peggy, as Adele comes stepping up the stern ladder onto the pontoon, looks at Peggy and says "hi, oh that lake is wonderful."

Kathy says, "Adele this is Peggy, she is one of our house group girls." 

Adele steps over to her, Peggy stands and the shake hands, both saying, "pleased to meet you."

Then Peggy says, "yes this quarry is breath taking for it beautiful water."

Adele replies, "how deep is it?"

Peggy says, "it is 60 feet right below us and the deepest spot is about 80 feet."

Kathy says, "Peggy is a dive instructor, and used to teach students here, now just all of us, that wish to learn how to scuba dive."

Adele replies, "how long have you been a dive instructor?"

Peggy replies, "well, I am 40 years old, and I got my instructors license when I was 18, so 22 years, my husband Jeff and I own a dive shop here in town, so I train quite a few local people."

Adele asks, "what the name of your dive shop?"

Peggy says, "Blue Hole dive shop."

Adele smiles, "we meet about a year ago, I brought the twins in and you set us up with masks, fins and snorkels."

Peggy replies, "when I seen you climb aboard, I thought you looked familar, just couldn't place from where."

Adele replies, "I thought the same thing."

Peggy grins big as she thumps herself in the head with her hand and says, "you's were going down to the Keys right?"

Adele smiles, "yep, see your memory is not bad, rather good I'd say."

Peggy says, " remember because you said you were 64 years old, beautiful, but I was impressed mainly because you were taking your grand kids snorkeling, that was a first for me and last."

Adele giggles, "yeah I don't know any 64 year old grand mothers who take their grand children snorkeling either, amongest other unusual activities."

All the boys and Gina come along side the pontoon, Gina takes her masks off first and says, "that is so beautiful under here, thanks for bring us."

Adele replies, "I so glad you like, your welcome."

Todd says, "yeah thanks, this is wonderful." 

Kathy stands and says, "let me swim to the beach and call Sally from the shed and see if she ready for us to come back up." Kathy dives in and swims to the beach, walks to the shed and calls."

Adele softly comments, "Kathy is one of the most beautiful young ladies I have ever seen."

Peggy replies, "yes, I agree, and a wonderful, purely good hearted person as well."

Adele says, "I never been with a girl before, but I like to be with her."

Peggy replies, "I know she would like it you asked her, she is a submissive type, just tell her that you'd like her to suck you, she likes to be told, she is a sub for all us ladies and guys who live here, so don't be afraid to tell her to suck you anytime you want."

Tommy replies, "I've lived with as long as I can remember, and Kathy likes being asked and told, I ask her to suck me all the time because it makes her feel good, she sucks all the guys here all the time, so does Sally."

Adele replies, "so Tommy you and Kathy are brother and sister?"

Tommy replies, "no, but her parents went away when she was very young, I'm her cousin, my mom and dad are her aunt and uncle."

Kathy yells from the shed, "Sally says come on back to the house, they started cooking burgers on the grill."

Adele says, "everybody get their masks and fins rinsed off and hung up in the shed, then we'll walk."

All of them head for the beach, Tommy has the ladies hand him the cooler float, then the cooler, he pulls that back with him, Peggy and Adele, swim along side the float and help pull it.

Once back to the beach, the masks/snorkels/fins hung up, everyone drys off, dresses, puts their towel round their necks, Tommy and Kathy grab the cooler by each handle on the ends and head up the path, everyone follows.

Once their up to the gate into the pasture and through it, Peggy closes and latches it as she shows everyone how to do it, and stresses to always keep it latched.

Adele, then walks along side Kathy and first says, "thanks for making us feel at home,' then leans over and whispers in Kathy's ear, "I'd love to have you suck me, and me suck you."

Kathy grins sheepishly and submissively says, "I was hoping you'd tell me that, since I seen you, hopefully tonight we can do that."

Adele says, "I'd like that alot."

Tommy giggles a bit and softly says, "that would be good."

Kathy says, "I hope your planning to spend the night, and even better start living here with us, you've got the motorhome, since all the boys you see know you and their parents know you well, and may join the group, maybe all the boys could live here until school at least."

Adele says, "I know I'd like that, I think Gina and Todd would love to live here, we just have to see about once Michael gets home, and are they going to build a entirely new house etc. type thing."

Kathy says, "I know Augusta has gotten a U S post office P.O box now since she started living here, she needed two forms of photo ID, she used her passport and drivers license, that's all I really know, I know we are planning on getting a few more phone lines, the issue of zoning, multi-family homes and ownership issues have come up in conversation."

Adele replies, "the three 20 year olds are going freak, actually all of them that drive will because they come and have sex with me nearly everyday, except maybe two 14 yr. olds and the 13 yr. olds, I will try calling home, I left a note on the table for the 20 yr. olds, so they know where we are anyway."

Kathy grins, and says, "so it's normal for you to have sex 8 times a day often?"

Adele replies, "yes, very normal, more even since Todd started having sex with me, like today I've sucked Todds penis twice till he ejaculated, and I been studded by 6 of the boys. before we came out."

Kathy giggles, "your like most of us girls for sure, can't get enough."

They reach the paddock gate, Peggy opens it and lets everyone through and latches it, Potter and Edward greet them eagerly, then they all head into the stables to the washroom, Kathy says, take your towels with you then everyone go in the big shower inside, and take a quick shower together, check each other for ticks."

Kathy walks up into the kitchen with Peggy and Adele were they find Sally, Kathy says, "Sally has Edward and Potter been fed?"

Sally replies, "I think Bobby was going to, but better go ask."

Kathy says, "excuse me ladies, I'll be right back." Kathy hurries out to ask Bobby.

Kathy stick her head through the shop door, sees Eric and Bobby at the fab. table, says, "has Edward been fed?"

Bobby replies, "yep we fed him and Potter a few minutes ago, they are good."

Kathy says, "thanks."

Kathy walks back up to the kitchen, says, "all is good, they fed Potter and Edward, can I help with anything?"

Sally says, "yep, you set down and have a beer and relax, Adele was telling me she wants to live with us, so we can celebrate."

Kathy replies, "yes, I very much think this is the right place for her and the twins, and everybody has gotten along wonderfully, we gotta just figure out how to accommodate all her boy friends."

Adele replies, "it will work out, even once I put the house up for sale, it will take awhile, Kurt, William and Jeffery my 20 year olds that live with me is only real issue, I think they will be living with me till I die."

Kathy replies, "that seems to be a really strong bond when a 13 year old boy's first lover is his mother or a much older lady, I know Bobby and Billy want to their mom's sexual partner for life, and Sean, Clint talk like that, Josh doesn't so much, Johnny for sure will always have sex with Carolyn."

Adele says, "all of the boys having sex with me still have sex with their mom's, even the 3 -20 year olds, not as often because they live with me, but it like a addiction for both the moms and sons, every week, at least once they need to have sex, I want to avoid that if possible with Todd and I, that one reason living here is a good idea, he can have sex with you's and not be so dependent on me, I don't mind if Todd has sex with me until I die, but I want him to have other ladies he has sex with as well."



Julie, Amy and Melissa, (Marcus and Louis's classmates) are coming to cook out, and will moving into basement, all of them are bi-sexual, Kathy to become their sub.

Augusta and Carolyn get ready to meet Stan and Roy at 7pm, they go to Susan's to have sex


Sally to set up time to see Ann, Brigitte and Maria and Ann's daughter Lynn (Lynn is 13 and just started sucking Joel's cock, Joel has been performing cunnilingus on her as well)


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