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Chapter 8 "Terrace"

Eric, comes walking in the Kitchen with a plate of freshly grilled hamburgers, and sets them on the counter, and says, Here are a dozen burgers done."

Sally says, "great, can you set them in the oven, then dial it to warm please, Kathy can you run these patted out burgers to Bobby to put on the grill, I want to ask Eric about the stables he is having built."

Kathy replies, "sure." stands and takes the plate of ready to cook patties out to Bobby."

Sally says to Eric, "the stables your having built, are they a Quonset type?"

Eric replies, "matter of fact yes, why is that?"

Sally replies, "well Carolyn has a former lover who is also good friends with Ed, Carolyn's husband, his name is Sam, well Sam is a aircraft mechanic and pilot, he also will be joining the group as a group man, but why ask if it is a Quonset type building is, Sam is going to build a Quonset type aircraft hanger, shop and apartment over at their farm, along with a grass airstrip."

Eric chuckles, "that Carolyn is going be so busy."

Sally says, "I know, on top of that Ed told Carolyn she could have 3 or 4 of her former lover from Jensen Landscaping moving into the house, so soon we will have 5 new young black group men living next door, Carolyn thinks a lot more of her former lovers will want to start see her as well, I'm thinking of a Quonset type here, with living quarters for maybe 30 people, with a swimming pool, big kitchen, big group shower etc."

Eric replies, "I think the Quonset type building would be a great Idea, they are nearly tornado proof, the old one's you see around are standing strong still, the cost is comparable to a framed pole barn, they go up fast."

The phone suddenly rings, Sally says, "I better answer this Eric, thanks, talk after bit."  Sally answers the phone, "hi this is Sally."

John who is calling says, "hi Sally, John here, how are you's doing?"

Sally replies, "great, Tiecum is doing great, he is being a good boy, how are you doing."

John says, "I'm fine, just been real busy flying."

Sally replies, "speaking of flying, we have a young guy who is a aircraft mechanic here in the cities interested in joining, he is a black guy, his name is Sam."

John says, "yes I know Sam well, he is a top notch mechanic, maybe the best I very seen for his age, him being 30 years old, he lives and breaths for working on planes, he just finished building his own as a matter of fact."

Sally says, "well he is good friends with Ed and Carolyn who own the farm next to us to the west, and he is going to build a grass airstrip and hangar over at Ed and Carolyn's place."

John replies, "I'm happy to hear that, that has been his dream for along time, that is to have his own airstrip and hangar/shop, I keep telling the owners or Martin Aviation where he works that I hope they are paying him top dollar, because if he quits, he will take half their customers with him, thats how good he is, if he works on your plane you know you have one of the best guys in the busy working on it." 

Sally replies, "wow, I hope to meet him tomorrow and get him joined up."

John says, "for sure, it be will great to have him in the group, he is a tall slim good looking guy as well, I will let you go, I hope it's alright if I am gone one more week?"

Sally says, "certainly it's fine, you just be careful and stay safe, bye for now." they both hang up.

Adele says, "that sounded good."

Sally says, "yes, very good, I'm always glad to hear John is alive and well, I worry a lot about him due his being a pilot and all."

Adele replies, " I know John well and have for along time, I know Thomas and all the guys who flew for Air America during the Vietnam war."

Sally replies, "ok, I can see how you would, since your old friends with Greg, I'm just careful to ask questions about Thomas's company, what they do and such, and John is off flying somewhere for Thomas right now."

Adele replies, "John is down in Belize right now, and yes all what he does for Thomas is hazardous in some respect, I worry to, what what they do, is a good thing, and they are all very good at what they do, in a way you could say they are working to provide us with a just and civilized society, they aren't running drugs for profit or anything like that, I know Thomas will not allow any type drugs go on his planes."

Sally replies, "thanks for affirming that, Thomas and I have talked about that topic, and he assured me he didn't as well."

Kathy comes walking back in with Julie, Amy and Melissa

Kathy says to Adele and Sally, "this is Julie, Amy and Melissa." Adele and Sally stand, shake hands with all three of them.

Kathy then says, "I'll go get Louis and Marcus." Kathy then disappears down the hall.

Sally then says, "ladies please sit, you want a beer, wine anything?"

All three say that they will take a beer.

Sally says, "we have PBR and bud light."

All three say, bud light, Sally grabs three bud lights out of the frig and hands them each one.

Sally then says, "so Marcus says you three wish to serve as group girls for us, I tell you quickly what is required from you's, first you have to get tested for all STD's, including HIV, pass with flying colors, give me copy of the test results, we stress personal hygiene, all of us girls are shaved bald, once you's are group girls you can only have sex with group members both male and female members, a lot of us ladies are bisexual as well as some of the guys, if you desire to be tipped/paid you with have about 70 different male members who can pay you."

Julie says, "All of 3 us girls are bisexual and shaved bald as well, also how many paying men do we have see, say a week?"

Sally says, "none, but we like if you seen a few guys a week, the pay you at least 50 dollars for a hour or so."

Amy says, "if I seen 4 men a week would that be ok?"

Sally says, "as long as there are four men available for you to see, yes that is fine."

Melissa says, "I think I'd like try seeing 4 guys a week as well."

Sally says, "ok, get tested, and we will get you set up with some of our men, then of course I'm sure Marcus and Louis, as well as quite a few younger guys who are member that can't afford to pay will be happy to serve you whenever you like."

Louis and Marcus come walking into the kitchen, Marcus says," do we have 3 new group girls?' smiling big.

Julie says, "yep, as soon as we get tested."

Louis says, "well get tested tomorrow, I want to start training you's as soon as possible." grinning big

Melissa smiles big, "I want to be your first student Louis, I went black and ain't coming back."

Louis says, "I'll drive you's all down to be tested tomorrow if you like!"

Marcus says, "it sounds like you 3 will have a lot of young black guys to play with soon."

Kathy says, "I am a submissive lesbian type, so I'll suck you whenever you like."

Julie replies, "oh my Kathy, your the type of girl I want."

Peggy just walks in the Kitchen and says, "trust me Kathy has mastered the art of performing cunninglingus." smiling at Kathy.

Sally replies, "I second that, girls this is Peggy, Peggy this is Julie, Melissa and Amy." Peggy shakes hands with all of them.

Peggy then says, "I'm going walk out and talk to Bobby and Eric."

Sally says, "Louis, Marcus, why don't you show Julie, Melissa and Amy around the house, we will be ready to eat in 10 minutes or so." 

Louis motions with his hand as he says, "come on, let us give you's a tour." Julie, Melissa and Amy stand and follow Marcus and Louis down the hallway.

Kathy whispers after they've gotten down the hall, "they are all three hotties."

Sally says, "yeah the way Julie looked at you, you'll be spending a lot of time between her thighs."

Kathy says meekly, "I'd like to do that, as long as it's ok with you."

Adele says, "I'm going to call home and check in with Ethan, Joseph and Anthony, would it be ok to have them stop out?"

Sally says, "certainly, I want you's all to spend the night as well that is a for sure, as well as live with us."

Adele says, "thanks." and stands and goes to the phone and dials, it rings several times then Anthony answers.

Adele says, "hi Anthony, I was wondering if you, Ethan, Joseph would like to come out to Sally's farm?"

Anthony replies, "I know I'd like to, let me ask Ethan, Joseph, hold on."....." yes we will all come out, is the map you sketched here on the table correct?"

Adele says, "yes, we are having hamburger to eat here in a minute, so if you are hungry come out now."

Anthony replies, "we will be out as soon as we can, see you soon, bye."  they both hang up.

Adele hangs up, looks at Sally and Kathy and says, "the three of them will be out soon."

Sally says, " great."

Kathy says, "Adele, after they get here, you can tell each of them, to ask me for a blow-job or tell them to tell me to give them a blow-job is even better for me, and tell them that I'm going be the slut from now on if you wish."

Adele replies, "yes, I'll do that."

Sally says, "we can get the motorhome plugged into power as soon as we finished eating, I wish I had more room in the house for the three 20 years to sleep."

Adele replies, "thanks, but they can go on home, if Kathy gives them all a blow-job, they with content for the night, the really good thing to happen would be for you's meet all 7 of the couples, the parents of the all the boys who have sex with me as soon as possible."

Sally replies, "do you think you could have all of them come out and go skinny dipping tomorrow?"

Adele replies, "the seven mom's yes, but the seven dad's work for Thomas, three of them are with John, the other four are deployed somewhere else in this crazy world."

Sally replies, "ok, I'm understanding things a bit better."

Adele says, "what we say about Thomas's outfit is, "the Holocaust must never be repeated, it gets nipped in the bud first."

Kathy says, "oh my, I can just imagine what Thomas does now."

Sally replies, "he has mentioned to me several times, that his grandparents were killed by the Nazi's, and his parents escaped."

Adele replies, "yes, Hitler should have never been allowed to ever gain the power he did, the sad part is, so many knew what Hitler was up to nearly 8 years prior to the U.S declared war, it took Japan bombing us, just imagine if they would of eliminated Hitler in the late 1930's, 6 millions Jewish people would be alive."

Kathy says, "they killed 6 million?"

Adele replies, "yes."

Sally says, "yeah, so sad, the whole Holocaust thing is so difficult for me to even believe happened, even though I know it did."

Adele replies, "I feel the same way, it is so difficult to even grasp."

Adele says, "I'll call, Eva and ask her about coming out." Adele gets up a dials Eva number, it rings several times, "hi this is Eva."

Adele says, "hi Eva, this is Adele, I'm at Sally farm talking to her about the 7 of you ladies coming out to meet her."

Eva replies, " I could run out right now if you like, I know Cole would like to see you as well."

Adele replies, "sure why don't you, just plan on spending the night, I have the motorhome here."

Eva replies, "ok, how do I get there?"

Adele replies, "you know where Ben's country store is on old highway 61?"

Eva replies, " yes, that is not far."

Adele replies, " at that first 4 way stop north of Ben's, turn east like your going toward Princeton, go about four miles, there will be a old windmill real close to the road, turn on the first mailbox /gravel lane on the right headed south, follow the lane all the way back, that us."

Eva replies, "I know the area, and remember that windmill actually, I be there in about 15 minutes, see you soon." they both hang up.

Sally says, "great, maybe Eva can help you reach the other ladys/moms, when she gets here."

Adele replies, " Eva, and quite a few of the moms and dads are from Israel, all of them are Jewish."

Kathy says, "oh my God, this is getting deep."

Sally says, " I know John flys to Israel a lot, is he Jewish too?"

Adele replies, "yes, so is Thomas and Greg and myself, so you understand what I said about the Holocaust better now."

Kathy replies, "yes, very much better now."

Sally says, "oh my, those guys have kept that secret from me nearly four years now."

Adele replies, "they figured it best just not to even mention it, but it is fine, all is good, but all the mom's and dad's have sex with each other, all the mom's have sex with all the boys after they turn 13, it is just their way, my way, Gina will soon be having sex with all the boys, one reason living here is best, and hopefully all the mom's can be living here as well."

Kathy says, "are the dads gone a lot?"

Adele says, "yes, and they will be gone a lot more now due to the unrest in the middle east."

Sally says, "well we best be getting this new house built here soon then."

Adele says, "yes, don't worry about the cost, that will all be taken care of for you's."

Sally says, "ok, as soon as Michael, Susan, Jodie and Thomas get home, we with make a firm decision on the house."

Adele says, "All of the couples have motorhomes like mine, so for awhile it isn't a problem, other then electricity."

Sally replies, "yes, I've been wondering if the power company is going to have to run a new line back here, we can park some at Susan's and or Carolyn's."

Suddenly the dogs woof, Sally looks out the window and sees Johnny pulling in with the tractor and hay cutter.

Sally says, "Adele, it is Johnny Carolyn's son, I been expecting to see him anytime, but not on the tractor."

Peggy comes walking in with more hamburgers, Sally says, "Peggy are you Jewish?"

Peggy grins and says, "the truth comes out, yes, both Jeff and I are Jewish, our parents changed their names when the moved to the U S, I've also known Adele here my whole life, so has Jeff."

Sally says, "oh my God, I feel stupid."

Adele says, "don't feel stupid, we all just felt it best just not to mention it."

Sally getting actually a bit steamed, says, "I almost feel set up, or something, is there anything else I should know?"

Peggy says, "nope, all is good, everything is just working out well is all."

Sally says, "I do like how things are working out, it seems to well almost."

Adele says, "the only thing that is relevant is, one, you fell in with Greg and Thomas four years ago, formed this group, two, a lot of the men are not single, they are similar to Eva, and the 6 other mom's, three, three, the other mom's have sex with there son's, four, the 8 eighteen year olds who have sex with Carolyn are all Jewish and son's of those moms."

Sally says, "what is a lot of moms?" 

Adele replies, " twenty eight mom's"

Sally replies, "how many 13-18 year old sons between them?"

Adele replies, " of those twenty-eight moms there are forty-four boys, and twenty-three girls 13 to 18 years old."

Kathy starts giggling, then says, "sorry, I just think this is unbelievable."

Sally says, "I suppose you've had sex with all the dads Adele ?"

Adele replies, "yes, since all of them were young, and I have sex with all the sons if I can, we need you girls to help in that mannor now."

Sally looks at Peggy and says, "do you have sex with the sons?"

Peggy replies, "yes, all of them."

Sally replies, "so in essence they are already group members?"

Adele replies, "correct, we are only introducing you to the 7 ladies and their son's right now, because they work for Thomas."

Sally replies, "are you planning on introducing us to all the other moms and sons and daughters?"

Peggy says, "we'd like to, especially the daughters because they are starting to see the dogs as well, all twenty-eight of the moms, plus the seven your soon to meet are dog lovers, and have stud dogs of their own."

Kathy dances in her seat and says, "you mean I might have 35 new dogs I can be with?"

Peggy giggles and says, "yep, soon hopefully."

Sally giggles as well and says, "so much for painting for awhile, I can't miss out on this."

Adele says, "lets get you knowing and spending time with the 7 ladies first, then we can start introducing you to the other 28 moms, sons and daugthers."

Peggy gets the rest of hamburger patties ready to grilled, and heads out to the grill.

Sally replies, "how many of the daughters are getting studded by the dogs?"

Adele replies, "all of daughters are, a few of the boys are getting studded by the dogs, one reason we waited was, we wanted to wait until all the sons and daughters are sexually active, now all are, either with just the dogs or other sons and daughters."

They hear the dogs woof outside, Sally says, "that must be Eva, or Carolyn, Augusta and the men." she looks out the window.

Sally says, " it's Carolyn, Augusta and the men, lets go out and, maybe get the motorhome parked so we can get you plugged in."

They all shuffle outside.

As they walk out into the shop, Carolyn, Augusta, Roy and Stan are walking towards Bobby, Peggy and Eric.

Sally says to Adele, "do you know Roy and Stan?"

Adele giggles and replies, "yes, they've both studded me more then once."

As Adele comes, close, Roy and Stan smile big, then both give her a kiss and hug." 

Stan then looks at Kathy, "hi you must be Kathy." Kathy smiles big, extends her hand and says, "hi." Stan says,"I am Stan." as they shake hands.

Roy does the same with Kathy.

Sally giggles and says, "Stan and Roy are you's Jewish?"

They both look at Adele, then Stan says, "yes, we both have wives and sons as well."

Adele says quickly, "I just informed Sally and Kathy about the Jewish connection."

Roy replies, "yes, Sally, we've wanted to tell you for quite awhile, so we finally got it done, sorry."

Sally replies, "it is fine, it just nice you finally felt you's could tell me."

Stan says, "yeah it is some what complex, the whole thing, we didn't know where to begin."

Sally says, "it is complex, and a taboo thing in every regard for all of us, so I understand."

Adele asks, "Roy,Stan are you staying?'

Stan says, "no, I've got to get home, and you have a lot going on here, you's enjoy, we will come back out soon when your more settled in Adele."

Adele replies, "ok, talk soon." Stan and Roy hop in Stan's van and drive off."

Sally says, " Adele, park the motorhome side ways in front of the shop, so you can step out under the roof."

Adele replies, "ok you guide me." Adele walks out to the motorhome, starts it and pulls on up side ways to the shop roof as Sally waves her this way and that, until she is in the right spot, then Sally motions for it's good, Adele puts it in park and shuts it off.

Everybody claps as Adele steps out, she bows. they get the Motorhome plugged in, Adele goes back in extends the sides of the motorhome out, all is good.


Adele steps out, looks at it and says, "good, we wouldn't bother with the air conditioning, I have all the screened windows open, it's fine inside, anyone want to look inside go on in, they all line up and take a tour. Before they are all out Eva and Cole pull up in a white van. 

Adele greets them and then starts introducing everybody, Kathy runs in the house and gets Marcus, Louis, Julie, Melissa, Amy and all the boys (Billy, Clint, Sean, Josh).

After everybody is introduced, Sally says, "lets go in and eat at the kitchen table, at least our new guests, the table seats a dozen, us residence can stand.", everybody files in to the house and the boys, Gina, Eva, Adele, Julie, Melissa, Amy get seated, everybody else stands.

Sally sets a big bowl of mashed potatoes and a plate with hamburgers, a plate with buns on the table, and says," have at it.", the rest of them help themselves to potatoes and burgers and buns on the counter."

Kathy put a cup of water in front of everyone.

Sally says, "sorry, this is a last minute endeavor."

Everybody to the effect says, "it is good, thanks."

Everybody is welcome to spend the night, Julie, Melissa, Amy do you's have classes tomorrow?"

Julie replies, "nope, not until Thursday."

Sally says, "we can go swimming/skinny dipping in the quarry pond in the morning as soon as it warms up or you can come back out."

Julie replies, "I think we will head home, but yeah I think we all would like to come back out." as she looks at Amy and Melissa.

Melissa says, "yes, I want to come back out and go skinny dipping sure, I haven't done that in forever."

Amy replies, "yep, I'll be here for sure."

Sally says, "good we have a plan."

Adele says, "Eva and Cole can sleep in the motorhome."

Sally replies, "we should be set then, Eric, Bobby, Tommy, Billy, Josh and Clint will sleep next door at Susan's Farm, I know Peggy and Kathy have a busy day tomorrow, so when we are done eating we'd better get ready for bed or at least get to where we are to sleep, plus Edward the jack donkey sleeps in the living room with Peggy until Michael gets home, this is Michael's farm for those who don't know, the ramp is for Edward."

Eva and Cole look at each other and grin big, Julie, Melissa, Amy look at each other and smile big, then Melissa says, "I never knew anyone who had a donkey that slept in their house."

Sally chuckles and says, " Michael might be the only person in the world who has a donkey lay down on the floor next to his bed and sleeps."

Eva replies, "how long has Edward been doing that?"

Johnny says, "since Michael was about 8 years old, Michael is same age me, 24 years old."

Eva replies, "that is wild, is Edward potty trained?"

Sally replies, "yep."

Carolyn says, "Edward has been potty trained since he was a year old, Edward will be 30 years old June 30th."

Eva replies, "how old do donkeys live."

Peggy says, "I've heard Michael say, that alot of donkey live to be 40 years old, when well taken care for."

Carolyn giggles and says, "and Edward is well taken care of, and always has been."

Eric says, "yes many horses live well into their 30's I know."

Eva looks at Eric and says, "Eric, if you don't mind my asking, are you a horse trainer/farrier, I seen the truck parked outside, that says "England horse training/farrier on it?"

Eric replies, "yes, that is what I do for a living."

Eva smiles, and says, "I just never have known anyone that does that sort of thing."

Eric replies, "yes, there are really not that many of us in the area, or really in the state of Iowa for that matter, I start a lot of colts as well, which even fewer do, so that in it's self keeps me very busy."

Eva says, "what does "starting a colt mean?"

Eric replies, "at usually about age 2, I start working with a colt in a very gentle way over time for about a year, the colt never bucks and such like you see on T.V, by age three most colts are ready to be rode by anyone, there is never any of that crazy bucking bronco stuff, for example, when I am done with a colt, the colt will,  Picks up his feet to give them to me on cue, Stands quietly without being tied while saddling, Crosses water and other obstacles without resistance or hesitation, Walks in the horse trailer when I direct him towards the open door and backs out calmly, When leading from the ground or from another horse he does not drag behind, he stops when I stop and backs when I back, Is confident with ropes, slickers, bags, flags, tarps, traffic and is not easily spooked by anything. these are a few of the really important things the colt knows when I am done starting him."

Eva says, "wow, I never imagined, I see why it takes such time."

Eric replies, " yes, it is a big commitment on the owner's, the colt's and my part, but well worth the time."

Bobby says, "wow, I never knew that either."

Eric replies, "most people don't, unless you're around horses, how would you know."

Sally says, "yes, I learned something for sure."

Eric says, "well, I promise, I'll teach all of you's horsemanship properly if you so desire."

Melissa says, " I know I want to learn.", suddenly everybody starts saying, "me too!", until everybody has.

Carolyn says, "Johnny lets rinse our plates off, and head home, I'm sure your tired, I know I am."

Sally stands, grabs some aluminum foil out, cupboard wraps a few burgers in it, grabs her keys and says, "don't worry about the plates, I'll walk you's out." Johnny, Carolyn says goodnight everyone, hope to see you's tomorrow, and Sally leads them out to her bronco, once outside Sally says, "take the bronco, and Carolyn get your guys and couples called and lined up to come see me."

Carolyn replies, "I will trying calling some of the guys when I get home."

Sally hands Carolyn the foil wrapped burger's and Johnny the keys, and says, "see you's in the morning, give Ed the burgers for lunch tomorrow." Sally walks back in the house.

As Carolyn and Johnny drive down the lane, Carolyn says, "the guys Sally was referring to are my Jensen lovers, I'm going to start seeing a lot of them again, as long as they get tested and agree to the group rules, twenty of them have already agreed."

Johnny replies, "dad has agreed as well?'

Carolyn says, " yes he wants me to start seeing them, he even said some of them could live with us, plus you know Sam the aircraft mechanic, he is going to build a aircraft hangar/shop/apartment and grass airstrip at our place, and have sex with me."

Johnny replies, "that is great, kinda like before dad had the accident."

Carolyn giggles, and says, " you'll have a lot big black cock to suck soon."

Johnny says, " I've been hoping this day would come true, I've missed sucking all the guys, I'm sure as much as you."

Carolyn replies, "yeah, I've really missed their attention that is for sure, hopefully by the first of next week we will be seeing quite of them regularly, I'd like to have you come to the gang-bangs this Saturday and Sunday, so you can suck cock and get butt fucked too."

Johnny says, "thanks, I will be there then."

Carolyn says, "Jeff, Peggy's husband is hopefully going to be there sucking cock, so he can get you started sucking all the guys he normally sucks, Pete, Janet's husband should be there, Michael might even go over if he is up to it."

Johnny replies, "if not Michael can suck me, Louis and Marcus for sure, until he is healed up good, I'm sure he ready to suck, after nearly a week without, I would be going crazy."

Carolyn says, "I know I would be to." Carolyn reaches over and starts rubbing Johnny's cock through his jeans, then says, "take a shower with me and the fuck me good please."

Johnny replies, "oh I will, I been wanting you so bad all day."

Carolyn says, "when Roy was fucking me tonight, all I could imagine was, I wished it was you."

Carolyn and Johnny, pull up and park next to Johnny truck and head in the house, they fine Ed in the living room watching T.V, Carolyn leans down kisses her cheek, then sits in the chair next to him, Johnny sits on the couch, Ed looks at Johnny says, "how did the hay cutting go?' Johnny says, "real good, it is dry that is for sure, so should be able to bale it in a few days, got everybody's cut except Michael's and Susan's." 

Ed replies, "real good then, yeah forecast says no rain through the weekend."

Carolyn says, "I glad to hear that, I been worry about what we will do if all the group guys show at Susan's both Saturday and Sunday and its raining."

Ed says, "Carolyn, speaking of group guys, Sam called he is coming out tomorrow after work 6pm, I thought we could cook some steaks out, he is bringing four 18 year old black guys with him, that helped him a lot on building his plane, and are learning to fly it now as well, Sam said that he and all four of the guys have all gotton their STD tests completed, and are safe, so all five of them want to start having sex with you as soon as your ready for them.' I'm thinking that since we will be building the hangar/shop/apartment, then renting it to Sam, we build it big enough to have a good size apartment for Sam, a large public area with kitchen/lounge area, and 6 sleeping rooms, so Sam and six young guys can all live in it.'  Sam wants to start building and selling these planes like he just built, training the young black guys as they build them

Carolyn smiles big and says, "oh my, that is exciting indeed, I'll see if maybe Sally will come over and meet them, give her approval, then maybe tomorrow both Sally and I can perform for them, matter of fact, I'll trying calling her right now, Johnny why don't you go ahead and take your shower."

Carolyn goes in the kitchen and calls over to Sally's... it rings several times then it picks up, "hi this is Kathy."

Carolyn says, "hi Kathy, I was wondering if Sally was around?"

Kathy replies, "yep, let me go get her, hold on."

Sally picks up the phone an says, "hi Carolyn, what is up?"

Carolyn says, " I just talked to Ed, he just told me that Sam the aircraft mechanic called today and he is coming out tomorrow after work 6pm, Ed thought we could cook some steaks out, Sam is bringing four 18 year old black guys with him, that helped him a lot on building his plane, and are learning to fly it now as well, Sam said that he and all four of the guys have all gotton their STD tests completed, and are safe, so all five of them want to start having sex me as soon as your ready for them.' I was hoping you and Augusta might be able to join us, I want to get your approval and meet them before I start having sex with them."

Sally replies, "no that is great you called, Augusta is still here, I will tell her, but yeah, lets plan on me and Augusta being over at your place cleaned and prepped for sex by 5:30 if that is ok?"

Carolyn replies, "thanks so much, I'll see you in the morning, good night." they both hang up.

Back at Michael's farm

Sally climbs back up in the motorhome were Augusta, Sean, Eva, Cole, Adele, Todd and Gina are sitting, talking, just hanging out.

Augusta says to Sally as soon as she sits down, " I think I'm going to take Cole, Sean and Todd with me over to Susan's to sleep, then bring them back over first thing in the morning because the eight 18 yr old will be showing by 8am."

Sally says, "sounds good, I like plans, speaking of which Carolyn just called, I'll tell you what she told me, that Ed her husband told her when she got home just now; "I just talked to Ed, he just told me that Sam the aircraft mechanic called today and he is coming out tomorrow after work 6pm, Ed thought we could cook some steaks out, Sam is bringing four 18 year old black guys with him, that helped him a lot on building his plane, and are learning to fly it now as well, Sam said that he and all four of the guys have all gotten their STD tests completed, and are safe, so all five of them want to start having sex me as soon as your ready for them.' I was hoping you and Augusta might be able to join us, I want to get your approval and meet them before I start having sex with them."

Sally says as she looks at everybody, "the normal procedure when any new person joins the group we have to have them get completely tested for all STD's, including HIV, Adele you've been tested, Eva you and Brad have been tested and Tapher your great dane has all his tests and vaccines, Sean, Todd, Cole and Gina with you's we just need to have your word of your sexual partner history, so we know you've only been having sex with someone here in this room or one the group members, for example Sean you've been having sex with your mom, me, Kathy, Bobby and Josh correct, anyone else?"

Sean replies, "just Tommy and Carolyn, they both have sucked me."

Sally says, "Gina how about you, what is your sexual partner history."

Gina replies, " I've just been sucking Todd's penis, and he has been penetrating my bottom and sucking my pussy."

Sally says, " Todd, your partner history is?"

Todd replies, "I've just had sex with Adele and Gina, I think I'd like to start sucking the other boys though and get penetrated by them."

Sally says, "Cole, how about you?"

Cole says, "I've just had sex with mom."

Sally looks at Adele and Eva, and says, " what do you's think, I think this is best we can do in this case right?"

Everybody replies, "yes."

Sally looks at Gina and says, "Gina, my only real concern is you getting pregnant."

Gina replies, " believe me, mom and Adele have trained me well on how to clean and prepare my bottom so guys can penetrate my bottom, and I have told all the guys here today that when they start penetrating me, they have to use my bottom."

Sally says, " very good, then, only other thing is, myself, Kathy, Bobby, Carolyn and at least a dozen other group members ingest the stallion's semen or Edward's semen, they are all thoroughly tested, and are keep away from all other live stock, all of cattle that Carolyn,Ed and Johnny raise are kept on the land north of the highway."

Eva says, "I'd like to try ingesting stallion semen, and I talked to Kathy and Peggy a bit about them seeing and being breed by 6 dogs tomorrow, I am very interested in being breed by all the group dogs as well.

Sally says, "yes, any of the members here can get breed by my dog Cunnington, Susan's dog Teddy and Augusta's dog Bandit, and Tiecum while he is here, until a member is 18, they can't go to the dog owner's home to be bred."

Sally says, " Cole, Sean, Todd, Gina you can have sex with any member who lives here, boy or girl in the capacity they are willing to, plus Carolyn, Johnny, and Susan who owns the farm next door to the east, a lot of us ladies are bisexual, and Bobby,  Johnny, Tommy are bisexual, so Cole, Sean and Todd feel free to have them suck your penis, or you can penetrate their bottoms.

Sally says, " you can have sex with me, Kathy, Augusta or Carolyn, we will soon be having a Lynn living here soon, she is 13, however I don't know if she is bisexual."

Eva says, "I know I'd like to to start sucking you Sally."

Gina says, "yes, I like to as well."

Sally replies, "thanks, I'd like to suck all of you's boys and girls both anytime you'd like, boys if you penetrate me, I'm like Gina, only in my bottom, I stopped talking the pill, same with Kathy."

Eva replies, "I have my tubes tied so I can get penetrated anally or vaginally, I have Tapher penetrate me anally, Cole has been penetrating me both ways, Sean and Todd, your welcome to penetrate me either way and tell me to suck your penis anytime you want, I've been sucking Cole's penis up to 4 times a day, I will gladly suck your's just ass much if you wish."

Sally says, "Eva, if you and Cole want to go inside and shower go ahead, then Adele and Gina, I know Peggy, Louis, Marcus and Kathy are all showered and ready for bed by now, water should be warmed up go as well."

Eva says, "Cole and I both showered before we came out, Adele you and Gina go ahead."

Adele and Gina stand, and head for the house."

Sally says, "grab a few towels from washroom cupboard."

Augusta says, "Sean, Todd and I can shower at Susan's, we will take Bandit over with us to Susan's, Teddy will like the company."

Back at Carolyn/Ed's/Johnny's farm

After Carolyn hangs up with Sally, Ed says, " a few of your other guys from Jensen's called, Troy and Oliver told me they had their STD tests completed and they wanted to start seeing you as soon as possible."

Carolyn smiles and says, "good, thanks for talking to them and taking the message, I talked to Tyrell, Jordan, Everett, Caleb, Troy, Max, Julius, Bruce, Roscoe, Michael, William, Wesley, Clem, Oliver, Tim, Arthur, Erin, Martin this last week and they all were going to get tested, and start coming and seeing me out here."

Ed replies, "I think we need to build you a salon onto the house, have it like a nice apartment, nice shower, washer and dryer, kitchenette etc. so you can perform for them."

Carolyn replies, "oh Ed, that would be great if we could, you know I'll be very busy with seeing the guys here Saturdays and Sundays mainly, most likely 8 am to 8 pm I figure both days, Sam, and the four guys working for him will likely be having sex with me throughout the day every day.' I will have Augusta come over tomorrow night, she'd like to meet you, and she will want to start having sex with the guys, I imagine Susan will start having sex with all of them as well, we will just have to see how it goes, I'd like to be having sex 8 hours a day at least 4 days a week."

Ed says, "I been thinking, since a lot of the former Jensen guys, and I sure there will a lot of 18 and over Jensen guys, plus many 18 year old group guys seeing you, for a b-day present I want to  have a nice large salon built onto the house just for you to serve the guys full time."

Carolyn, "hops up, hugs Ed and gives in a kiss on the cheek then says, "that would be so great, I could just stay here all the time seeing the guys."

Ed smiles, and says, "that is what I was thinking, because I figure you will be serving at least 20-30 former Jensen guy's sons, the 18 years olds you have been serving at Susan's plus Sam and the four guys working with him."

Carolyn replies, "yeah I'm sure I be busy at least 8 hours a day 5 days a week at least, I'm sure after I meet all 70 of the group men after this weekend a lot of those guys will start coming here as well."

Ed says, "maybe you could get Marcus and Louis to come over tomorrow as well, they might help us design the salon, I figure maybe Michael could be in charge of building it, we'll have plenty of hands, plus some of the young black guys would be exposed to the carpentry trade.' I've always admired what old man Jensen wanted to do, and that is ' give young black a chance at a better life by giving them a head start by learning new trades, teaching them how hard work pays, when old man Jensen and I would go fishing together, he often would say that by you having sex with them was a big help as well, it kept them from getting some black girl pregnant, before they were ready, and setting them up for a welfare life."

Carolyn replies, "I know he old man Jensen, would tell me that he approved of what I was doing every now and then, and he'd tell all the black guys to ask me if I wanted to have sex with them, I don't think there was ever one of the black guys that ever worked for him except a few that I didn't routinely have sex with until after your accident."

Ed says, "if there are 20-30 young black guys working for Jensen's right now, you'll have your hand full just serving them, I figure, especially during winter months, so you better get your appointment book out, as soon as Sam gets the hangar shop done, the four young black guys will be moving in and they will start building the airplanes, so you know you be be have sex with Sam and the four of them daily most likely."

Carolyn replies, "yeah the eight 18 years old project is kind of a experiment, they are all sons of the group men, and if it works out I guess there are quite a few more 18 year old sons who will start see us group girls."

Ed replies, "it will be nice, I miss all the guys coming out and seeing you like before my accident, maybe a few of them will be interested in helping me restore this ford 9n tractor as well or will like learning about farming, there are very few black farmers, I'd like to help change that."

Carolyn replies, "I hope so, I need to get a shower and hit the hay, I'll talk to you in the morning at breakfast, sleep good, love you, good night." Carolyn kisses Ed on the cheek, then heads to the shower, gets a shower then heads to her and Johnny's bed room, Johnny and her make love then fall as sleep."

June 22, Wednesday , 6am

Sally, Kathy and Peggy are sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee.

Peggy says, "how about the three of us walk Edward, Cunnington and Tiecum on their leads down to the mailbox and back?"

Sally says, "let me go set on the new terrace and have a smoke and finish my coffee, then I'm up for it." 

They all walk down the ramp and out the back door of the washroom and sit down out on the new terrace.

Sally says to the two of them, "Ed, Carolyn's husband, Johnny's father, is having a aircraft hangar/shop/apartment and a grass airstrip built over at their farm soon for Sam, Sam is a former lover of Carolyn's, and is now a aircraft mechanic/pilot, Sam just finished building his own airplane.' On top of that, Sam will have four single young black men living there, and working on another plane full time, Carolyn is going to start serving Sam, the four black guys who will be working on the plane, along with 20 to 30 other black guys who all work for Jensen Landscaping.' she worked for Jensen landscaping for 28 years, and over that period of time had routine sex with over a three hundred different young black guys, and until 10 years ago when Ed had his tractor accident she was serving at least 15-20 young black guys at any given time from the time she was age 16 until 10 years ago, now she is going to start seeing some of them again, at least there are 20 young black guys, sons of her former lovers from Jensen's.

The sons are from 18 to 22 and I guess quite a few of her former lovers of the 300, from over that 28 year period want to join the group and start having sex with her again, as well as 5 black couples parents of the young guys that want to join the group, plus there are some former lover black married couples who want to join."

Kathy just says, "wow, can Carolyn handle all those guys?"

Sally replies, "well, I told her that I'll see all of them as I am able, I was wonder if you two wanted to be available for them?, I guess Johnny has been giving a lot of the guys blow-jobs since he was 16 years old, until he joined the group, so he will be doing that again, I'm sure Michael and Bobby will be available for them.

Peggy replies, "I'd gladly see a few guys a week from the Jensen group, but I'm leaning toward just wanting to primarily see the dogs, I'm sure Jeff would gladly serve all of them, he and I been talking and we'd like to have a young group guy live with us that will take Jeff as his femboy".

Kathy says, "I want to spent as much time as I can with Peggy seeing the dogs but I'd see as many of those guys a week that I can, especially the ones living there, because I could just go over and maybe see them all easily throughout the day when I am home, although once all of the stallions are living at Susan's I like to be ingesting all of their semen, so seeing the stallions and dogs is my number one priority or want".

Sally says, "yeah best we keep you alway from the majority of the other black guys Carolyn will be seeing, because once they see you they will want you all the time, tomorrow evening at 5:30 Ed and Carolyn are having Sam and the four young guys out for a cook out, Ed want's myself, Augusta and you two to come over to meet them if you wish to, I guess all five of the guys have just gotten clear STD's testing completed, so we can have sex with them tomorrow night if we wish, we play it by ear".

Kathy says, " I'm pretty sure I want to have a baby, when I do I want the father to be a black guy, so hopefully one of the guys might be that special guy for me".

Sally replies, " If you meet one of the black guys, and you really know he is the one, I'm 100% in support of it, and there will be plenty of us to help raise the child, similar to the matrilineal Mosuo in southwest China".

Kathy gives Sally a big hug and kiss, then says "thanks so much, I want to learn more about the Mosuo".

Sally replies, "the Mosuo women can have sex with as many men as they desire, there is book of Aunt Becky's in the libary here that explains it, basically Mosuo families live in large matrilineal households of three generations of brothers and sisters and the matrilineal offspring. Sisters and adult daughters have their own rooms, where their husbands visit them at night for sex, they leave before morning, and never live with wife, never even eat at the matrilineal households, the wife or husband can have sex with others as well, or both may simple be single. The way I see our group is, we as the females cuckold our men, and the men cuckold us, there is no need for marriage, for example if you decide to get pregnant you need to decide if the father to be is ok with you cuckolding him, and is it ok if he cuckolds you, or do you's leave the group, the point and structure of the group is no one is monogamous or there would be no point of the group. I know that I have not given up the idea of having a baby, and I as well want the father to be a black man, yet I know I will never marry, the way I want to live is just as I am, part of this group, I believe if I had a son I'd like to be a incestuous mom as well".

Kathy says, " I'm pretty certain I'd be a incestuous mom as well".

Peggy says, "After seeing how all these incestuous moms are getting along with their sons so wonderfully, I think it is great, I'm up to seeing one of the 13 year olds every day for a while, until I get to know them, if they were to really get into diving, then I'll probably just have them see me at my house if they are willing, maybe even move in with me. I'd love to have a young black guy be interested enough in diving to take it to instructor status, I've never met a black dive instructor."

Sally puts out her smoke, and says, " we have a lot more to talk about regarding the having babies, mother/son incest, etc. but the to change the subject, Eric will be here to pick me up soon, then he and I are going to meet the 5 ladies from Sundberg stables, and I know you two want to get going so you can see the dogs, so we better get Edward, Cunnington and Tiecum walked."

The three of them stand, walk back up to Kitchen, then round up Edward, Cunnington and Tiecum, and head down the lane walking them.

As they walk, Kathy says, yeah I'll go tonight and meet the 5 black guys, and tell them that I do my best to have sex with all of them once a week, at least give them a blow-job whenever they want, but I also want to be available for you two, the ladies, Louis, Johnny, Eric and Marcus every day if you's all want me."

Peggy replies, " there are going to be a lot more 18 year old guys who are sons of the existing group men who we will be serving as well, we can't for get that, plus all of Adeles young guys."

Sally says, "yes and the ten sons of the 5 ladies from Sundberg stables, who hopefully will serve Carolyn's group of men."

Peggy says, "Sally has Greg said anything about starting a fund for the 18 year olds, where all of the current group members that can afford it pay like 50-100 dollars a month except for the group girls, and give each 18-21 vouchers to have sex with the girls who need to be tipped, like Jodie, Candy, Dawn and Tammy, and hopefully Marcus and Louis's three girl friends."

Sally says, "Greg and I have talked about something like that a bit, as well as these new group ladies whom own stallions for example, and don't need paid, hopefully they will serve the new 18 year olds at no cost like Carolyn has been doing, I know Augusta will gladly serve all Carolyn's black guys for sure full time, I know Melissa, Amy and Julie, Louis and Marcus's friends really favor black guys, so it would be nice to give the those black guys vouchers so they could have sex with Melissa, Amy and Julie say once a week, thus say Carolyn has 20 black guys, there would be 1000 dollar right there, we didn't think that would work, the other option is, the 18-21 year olds pay 25 dollars each time they see Melissa, Amy and Julie, then the group pays 25 to the girls, the group might be able to do that."

Kathy says, "hopefully we can get a lot of the 18-21 year olds studding Pete, Tommy, Jeff, Michael and Bobby."

Sally giggles, and replies, "don't temp Bobby, he will be over there performing with Carolyn all day every day for the black guys, he is already giving Marcus and Louis a blow-job nearly every day, now Eric, Johnny, Tommy and Billy every day, he is sucking stallion cock now, he wants to start getting studded by all the dogs, plus work with Michael building furniture."

Peggy giggles and says, "I wonder if Bobby and Eric even have the energy left to have sex with each other?"

Sally replies, "I don't think it really matters to Eric or Bobby, Eric told me he is getting his cock sucked by a lot by all of us girls, I know I will suck him every chance I can."

Peggy replies, "yeah, I'm waiting for my chance with Eric, that is for sure."

Kathy says, "what are we going to do with Adele and her tribe?"

Sally replies, I think we need to get her living over at Susan's for starts, I am open for suggestions concerning Adele and all the ladies with sons, do we simply keep them over at Susan's, do we not even allow the sons have sex here or at Susan's?" 

Kathy replies, "it is a very touchy and complex dilemma indeed, personally I like having sex with the 12-13 year olds, I like being able to give myself to them for learning about sex as much as anything I think, like a teacher/instructor type scenario."

Peggy replies, "I have no problem having sex with any of them, the young girls as well, like you as a instructor type role, I know you need to be able to tell the 5 ladies from the stables today, and soon all the mom's of Adele's tribe of young guys and Gina, Anna's daughter Lynn, plus the ladies from Sundberg's stables might have daughters as well."

Sally replies, "I very much need to get more advice from Adele and Eva, a touchy topic as well is that some of these sons are bisexual, at what point do they get to have sex with say Louis and Marcus, or if at all, I know Bobby will likely be a receptive partner for all the sons."

Peggy says, " two guys, Jim and Brian and a girl Taylor, who work at the dive shop, Taylor is having sex with Jim and Brian, who double team her often, the three of them want to join the group.

Also Jackie who does the electrolysis, just split up with her long time boyfriend wants to join the group, all of them just got tested for STD's, so they are all ready to be introduced into the group now."

Sally asks Peggy, "do any of them know about the dogs?"

Peggy replies, " Jackie knows I have sex with dogs, her and I have openly talked about my being a zoosexual for quite a few years, she has even come with me and watched as the dogs stud me, she would like to start getting studded by the dogs for sure, she wants to be a paid full-time slut as well I haven't mentioned anything like that to Jim and Brian and Taylor, it wouldn't surprise me if Taylor did want to get studded by the dogs, she wants to be a full time paid slut for the group for sure". 

Kathy says, "yes indeed, I've got to have a dog studding me every day I know that, I very much want to get a great dane or Irish wolfhound puppy soon if possible."

Sally replies, "Kathy we will get you a puppy soon, Jodie as well, I promise, Peggy where are Jim and Brian and Taylor currently living?"

Peggy replies, "Jim and Brian have been renting a house, Taylor just moved in with them because both Jim and Brian have both been studding her for the last year, they have told me that the three of them only have been having sex with each other for the last year, Brian is receptive for Jim and Taylor is a bi-submissive slut type like Kathy, she said that she'd eagerly perform cunninglingus on all the group ladies and she is only receptive anally for guys."

Sally says, "do you think Taylor and Jackie would like to come out to Susan's this weekend for the gang-bangs?"

Peggy replies, "I'll call and invite them, mostly likely they will, I'm also thinking we need to invite Tammy, Candy and Dawn."

Sally replies, "yes, I told Greg to invite them, as far as I know the three of them will be performing."

Kathy says, "who are all the ladies that will be performing at the gang-bangs?"

Sally replies, "so far, Carolyn, Augusta, Audrey, Helen, Janet, Susan, Ann, Brigitte, Maria, Monica, Oliva, Kelly, Juliana, if the five ladies from Sundberg stables maybe if they all have been tested, and I am meeting Louis and Marcus's friends Melissa, Amy and Julie, they will come I'm sure if they gotten their STD's test done by then, Pete, Janet's husband and you two if you wish to."

Peggy replies, "not me, I'm not a gang-bang type, yet I'll tell Jeff he is welcome to go perform for the men".

Kathy replies, "I'm ready to start getting gang-banged, but I'd rather just be available for Louis, Marcus, Eric, Tommy, all of the 12-18 year olds and all the new black guys from Carolyn's tribe."

Sally says, "After I meet the rest of Adele's mom's today, there maybe 7 more ladies coming to perform at the gang-bangs, which would be good, it is the best way for all of the group members to meet and set-up their own schedules for seeing each other, I think Eva is primarily a dog lover like us three, so she is going to want to start getting studded by all the dogs, and she is interested in ingesting stallion semen as well.'  I get the feeling those 7 moms might be getting great danes or Irish wolfhounds soon as well, Eva mentioned that several of them have just started getting studded by her great dane Tapher, and the rest want to try getting studded by Tapher.'  To be honest, my goal, yet more a dream is to have all 7 of Adele's moms and sons living here, all of the Sundberg ladies and sons living here and all nine of Eric's stallion owner ladies and sons living here, so that is 21 moms, 27 sons plus Billy, I think we should get a price for building a large Quonset hut type building maybe make into a big dorm."

Peggy says, "there is nothing wrong with dreaming, you'll need a big septic system for sure, I think for now, the ladies like Eva, and the other 6 moms of Adele's tribe could see guys at Susan's or Carolyn's by schedule, all of us could see all the black guys and other 18 year olds the same, I really think for now, it might be best that no more sons come out here until we get things figured out."


Sally replies, " your right, the five ladies from Sundbergs that I meet this morning, I will just explain that we will slowly introduce them to group members as we can, same with Adele's tribe." 

Kathy chuckles and says, "besides, I don't know about you's, but I gotta learn the names of the members we have currently first."


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Wednesday am, Bobby stays for and serves all the 18 year olds with Carolyn and Augusta, Augusta and Carolyn take all of the 18 year olds over to Carolyn farm to meet Ed after Carolyn tells them that she will have them all coming over there to see her from now on. Sally comes over and meet all the eight of the 18 year olds.

Sally and Eric leave at 7:30 am to go meet the 5 ladys from Sundberg's at Sundberg's (Sally sucks Eric's cock on the drive)

Eric looks at Sally and says, "I will be meeting all 5 of the ladies at 8am in the morning at the Sundberg's stables."

Sally replies, "is there any chance I could ride along with you, that way I could meet them as well.") All five of the ladies bring their sons out to the farm to go skinny dipping at 11am

Ed wants to build Carolyn a salon addition connected to the house for her to serve the men for her b-day present.

Wednesday at 5:30pm Sally and Eva meet go to cook out at Carolyn's

Peggy has two guys Jim and Brian and a girl Taylor, Taylor is having sex with Jim and Brian, who double team her often,  from dive shop that she wants to join the group, Jackie who does the electrolysis, just split up with her long time boyfriend wants to join the group.

Sally says, "silly you, you know it's ok with me, especially now, cause I'm going be having sex with alot of the new ladies and guys as well, so should you be able to as well, I figure you should start meeting the 8 new 18 year olds Carolyn is seeing, then all the new young black guys of Carolyn's."

Adele says, "Kathy, I will introduce you to Ethan, Joseph, Anthony my three 20 years lovers, Oliver the 19 year old, Wyatt and Matthew the 18 year olds, Cooper the 17 year old, they will all enjoy being with you I'm sure."

Kathy says, "I would like that a lot, tell them I love to suck cock."

Carolyn just informed me she worked for Jensen landscaping for 28 years, and over that period of time had routine sex with over a three hundred different young black guys, and until 3 years ago when Ed had his tractor accident she was serving at least 15-20 young black guys at any given time from age 22 until 3 years ago, now she is going to start seeing them again, at least there are 20 young black guys from 18 to 22 that want to join the group and start having sex with her again, as well as 5 black couples parents of the young guys that want to join the group."

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