-Chronologically timeline of my sexual history-

                                 1968 my parents got divorced

                                         (very traumatic)


#. After my father moved out of our house, a male stranger started coming to our house at

    night and having sex with my mom.

    Because my bedroom was connected to my mom's bedroom by a door, and from my          mom's bedroom through my bedroom was the quickest most direct path to the                    bedroom.

    Soon after this man started spending the night at our house, I would be awoken after            going to sleep by the noises of my mom and this man having sex, I knew learned early

    what sex was, because they'd often leave the door connecting our bedrooms ajar, thus I        was able to peek in and watch as they had sex without them knowing. 

    I'd watch as my mom performed fellatio on him often, as well as see him sliding his big

    penis erect up inside what looked like her bottom.

    Often the man would walk through my bedroom completely nude, so it was the first            time I recall seeing a big adult penis erect.






# My new step-father had two kids a girl,Peg that was a year older then me and a boy, Mike a year younger, they came to stay with us every other weekend this was very life changing being around a girl my age, and her and I quickly
  were playmates, after I seen her nude and her smooth vulva, I just simple knew I wanted to be like a girl.

# Age 7, I had my first true sexual experience with Mike a 15 year old male cousin of Peg's that was visiting at my step-father's home, Peg and I were alone with Mike in a old shed on property , he had me perform fellatio on him and penetrated me anally,as Peg watched and sucked Mike as well it was only a one-time encounter,
  one day event however many would say he sexually assaulted me, yet he didn't force me, when I seen Peg sucking him I very much wanted to suck him as well. 
maybe it was psychologically traumatizing by the events of that day I was also wanting what he did with me done to me again, I'd say from that moment on I was permanently psychologically femininized and emasculated. 
From that day my desire to perform fellatio on males and have a penis in my bottom has been my sexual role and how I wanted to be. (he didn't force me or hurt me, I just listened and did as he told me) 

#  As a child for some reason, I always loved being nude, at least I did after I'd had sex with Mike, well I was alone in the woods behind the house when out of nowhere a neighborhood guy Kevin appeared,
Kevin was 13 at the time and I was still 7, next thing I knew Kevin had his penis out and told me to suck it, I very much remember I was eager to suck his penis. 

 Like Mike had done, he ejaculated in my mouth and I swallowed it down.

     After that I go over to Kevin's house often after school, he was a only child and his parents were seldom home, he taught me to ride a bike after giving me his first bike which was to small for him to ride.

When he wanted me to suck his penis he would take me to his room and I'd follow his instructions as how he liked me to suck him until he ejaculated.

                                (he didn't force me or hurt me, I just listened and did as he told me)

# Kevin moved away in 1971

# Spring of 1972 ........I started performing fellatio on my uncle's four coonhoods (Virgil,Ward,Blue,Jitter)  (age 10)

fem_935 (1080p)_how I wish to dress1_edited.jpg
fem_935 (1080p)_how I wish to dress1.jpg

# I started performing fellatio on my jack donkey Edward spring of 1972 (age 10)

#   My step-father brought home a 6 month old intact male German Wirehaired Pointer            "Tack" to train to hunt with spring of 1973, by the fall of 1973 I was performing fellatio            on him and ingesting his semen everyday if possible.

      Because I knew from my experience with the coonhounds that it was very important to        be alone and non-interruptible because they needed time to get erect and knotted                before they began ejaculating. 

      We had to get into the woods and be alone in private, so if  the weather was nice                      enough to take him to the woods for a walk, get to our private spot, I'd then get him              erect/knotted and have him start ejaculating into my mouth, then wait until his penis            went flaccid and back up into his sheath before we headed home.

#  I started sucking my own penis and ingesting my semen. (age 12 and onset of puberty/started ejaculating)

    I could deep-throat my penis til about 18 years old, then after that it got more difficult to bend enough to get my entire penis in my mouth, until I could just suck the head, til I could no longer even do that by age 35.

# Once Puberty had occurred I knew I only wanted to have sex like I was a female, be female-roled sexually and I was very much ready to start being penetrated anally by males. 

#  I started performing fellatio on a fellow class-mate, Rodney fall of 1975, he soon                       introduce me to a older friend of his Kurt.

# I started getting penetrated anally and bred by Kurt whom I'd been sucking, because he        and a few other of his friends whom I was sucking by then as well wanted to start butt-          fucking me, so he educated me on how to clean and prepare my bottom for anal sex

    (fall of 1975).

    I had told Rodney and Kurt that I sucking Edward's penis and my uncle's coonhounds 

    and that I was going to try to get them all to start butt-fucking.

    Soon I was routinely getting butt-fucked by my class-mate Rodney and by Kurt who had trained me how to proper take a penis up inside my bottom, soon I was very popular    and found myself being introduced to quite a few older men who wanted to use me for

sex as well as some same age guys Rodney introduced me too.

    One day Kurt told me to go to specific spot in the nearby school yard and he would pick me up and take me to Ed's farm.   

I was completely un-aware that Kurt had told Ed that I was currently sucking dog and donkey cock wanted to experience being butt-fucked by my dog partners and Edward as well as stallion ponies.

All Kurt would tell me was;

 " They had a good surprise for me and to just make sure my bottom was clean and ready "

Kurt and I pulled up to the old farm house, I quickly seen Ed sitting there, then a big german shepard came running to the car to greet us.

Ed, yelled " T-bone, yes they came hear to pet you", I petted T-bone a second then looked back toward Ed to see he was standing

at the top of the 3 porch steps and nude below the waist and with a beautiful hard cock sticking up waiting for me.

I walked up to Ed, he asked me instantly to start sucking his cock, so I dropped to my knees in front of him and did as he asked, his cock was the biggest man cock I'd ever seen, it was hot out already so his massive balls were hanging down. 

I knew instantly I wanted Ed as my Man, and very much wanted to impress him by pleasing him as I sucked and licked every inch, took each of his big balls in my mouth.

I was quickly told by Ed that the mare was in heat and that's was why " Timbo" the pony was horny, but Timbo is going fuck you today, Ed said to me as he walked me over to Timbo and introduce he and I, then he told me to get my pants off , as he washed Timbo's dropped out penis, Ed then wiped a damp rag on my bottom he said that had urine on it from the mare, then told me to get down on my hands and knees. Then Ed lead Timbo behind me, and in seconds after getting a scent of the mare urine Timbo was up on my back, and Ed was helping get his penis started in me, then like in the video below Timbo thrust hard up into me for about 30 seconds, flared inside me and ejaculate in me, All I knew was I was in love, and my sex role was Set as female-roled partner for stallion ponies. 





 Ed told me he had another surprise, and told me keep my pants off and he be right back , he was going to  take Timbo back to his own small paddock.

Not 5 minutes passed when Ed appeared with a large German shepard who he introduced me to as " T-bone ", I petted T-bone a bit, the Ed told me to get on my hands and knees like

I had for Timbo, then Ed got T-bone interested in my bottom and soon had him up and mounting me and humping, because Timbo's semen had my bottom lubed T-bone was deep up inside me quickly and knotted with 30-40 seconds, Once T-bone was firmly locked up in me he turned, stood still as he began impregnating me with his sperm, Ed told me he most likely be locked up in me about 15 minutes until he'd be able to pull out of me, Ed got down on his knees in front of me and started having me perform fellatio on him as we waited for T-bone to finish impregnating me.

I was very happy, I just had a pony breed me, and now a German shepherd was up inside me with his sperm flowing into me as I sucked Ed's penis.


            Once I'd experienced having T-bone's penis locked up inside me and ejaculating

             up inside in of me my sexual role was set, I very much knew I'd forever want to be a               female-roled partner for large male dogs to breed.

                                              After being bred by Timbo and T-bone

# I started having all of my uncle's coonhounds penetrate me anally and breed me, fall of         1975, (the coonhounds continued to breed me very routinely until Edward and I moved in 1981)

      I started having Tack our german wirehair breed me every day if he wanted to and we          had the time, weather was good enough to so I could take him to our spot in the woods        were I had been sucking him since fall of 1973.

#  I was public outed by someone at school, and word spread through school that I was             performing fellatio on guys, as well as being butt-fucked by guys.

     I was Traumatized, horrified, I had to tell all the guys I was having sex with what                     happened, it was easy to stop seeing them, as they avoided me like the plague, and                 rightly so.

     Yet, it wasn't long before other guys from school would often come up and ask me to

      give them a blow-job, or would ask if it was true that I liked sucking cock etc.

     Ed did tell me that when I turned 16 and had my drivers lic. I could come out and see

     Timbo and T-bone.

#  I stopped having sex with human males

    (I never had sex with a human male again until 1997)            

      I very much knew being a female "surrogate" partner for the coonhounds, Tack and my         jack donkey Edward or suck stallion cock was the best role for me.

     If I was only  Edward's, Tack's, Virgil, Ward, Blue and Jitter's female "surrogate"                  partner to breed, "I didn't have to worry about guys spreading rumors about me being a femboy".

#   I started having Edward penetrate me anally and breed me, fall of 1975 soon after the            coonhounds were breeding me.

#   Was sexual molested by a Boy Scout leader winter of 1975, I quit Scouts.

#   I had a terrible bout with " checking OCD " after the Scout event which last about a year.

#   It was 1978 I got my driver's lic., one of the first things I did was call Ed and see if it was          ok to come see Timbo and T-bone, his reply was simply " they'd be glad to see you,                come on out ". So both Timbo and T-bone welcomed me like it was only yesterday                when they last breed me, so all I had to do was get on my hands and knees and they              were on me and breeding me again. 

#      Ed had gotten a beautiful painted appaloosa stallion spring of 1978, his name was                    Sycamore and Ed told me I was welcome to get to know him and see if he might let              me hand collect semen from him to ingest, as well as ride him. 

#      By the summer of 1978 I was masturbating and ingesting Sycamore's semen as often as          possible, when I went to Ed's to be bred by Timbo and T-bone whom would always                breed me.

        Found a small farm house with a few acres to buy on contract

      near a large metro-area abour a hour away from home in order to live much closer                to my work and have a place to live with Edward.

#   I would try to make it down on weekend to see family

#   Edward and I moved to small farm near a large metro-area due to my work as a                      carpenter 1981, I adopted a large 4 year old intact male Dobermann "Ted" soon after            moving, I was performing fellatio on him within a few weeks, he was breeding me a              short time after I'd started performing fellatio on him.

      Thankfully Edward and Ted hit it off and became friends.

      Ed got a male german shepard puppy he named him "Boner", 1982, T-bone was getting        old and knew his life's end was coming.

      Boner started breeding me in 1983.

      I adopted a year-old intact male bloodhound in spring of 1983 "Tanner", he was                      breeding me in about 2 months after bringing him home.

                                                                   Summer of 1983

#   I felt Edward needed a companion since he was the only equine living with the dogs and

     I , I love being bred by Timbo, yet was only able to be with him on Saturdays, because of       the long drive to Ed's farm.

     I was masturbating and ingesting Sycamore's semen, Ed's stallion appaloosa each time           as well, and I very much prefer equine semen for ingesting in large amounts.

    So I talked Ed into finding a young stallion pony for me that could live with me, he                told me if the pony and Edward didn't get along, he'd keep the pony at his farm and I            could get bred by him then.

#   Ed found a farm in Missouri that had a 1 year old miniature jack donkey, so he and        I drove down with the horse trailer and met him, his name was Jackabee, we drove                back with me and Jackabee in the horse trailer.

    Jackabee and Edward had a few minor problems at first adjusting to each other yet soon        were getting alot well, I took my time courting Jackabee but after about 2 month's he was

    allowing me to hand collect semen and take it orally to ingest, then few weeks later it was      rountinely mounting and breeding me.


       I got a male great dane puppy that was 3 months old and named him "Temper". fall 1983

                                                Temper started breeding me the spring of 1985

#    I called the down to the farm in spring of 1984 were I got Jackabee to let the farmer             know that I was interested in getting another jack donkey similar in size to Jackabee.

       The farmer told me Jackabee's mom was going to have a foal soon, and I was welcome

       and he'd call me as soon as she gave birth........He back the first of March and informed

       me Jackabee's mom had a jack foal.

#    July of 1984, Ed and I drove down and got the now 5 month old jack donkey foal, I              named him "Tigger"

#     By 1985 having Temper, Ted and Tanner sleeping in the house with me, I was able to             get locked up in a copulatory tie and be bred every morning and night by one of them,         if not by all 3 dogs. Edward, Jackabee and Tigger bred me nearly every day, in evening           during week days, on weekends they all breed me as often as they liked.

       The routine by then was get up let the dogs out on their long leads to poddy, have                 coffee, get my bottom douched/clean/oiled the take Edward to the washroom/breeding

       area, which was fully heated, shower etc. watering trough for me to lean on and pose             for breeding, I'd offer myself to him, he'd usually mount and breed me within a                     minute, if he didn't I take him back to stable area, get Jackabee offer myself to him and         repeat process with Tigger. Some mornings all three would breed me, next morning           maybe two, I never knew, yet hoped all three would.  

       I'd douche my bottom if even one of my jacks bred me, then get one of the dogs to get         me in a copulatory tie and breed me, one of the dogs would always breed me.

       In the evening, I offered myself to all 6 of them, if I was lucky all of them would breed

       me, often the jacks might breed me multiple times. 

                                                        Effort to be like a normal man

#   I started performing cunnilingus on my female friend Sally summer of 1985,

       attempted to make love to Sally like a normal man yet was unable to use my penis like that.

      Sally questioned me why I couldn't get erect, I confessed to her that I'd been                             female-roled sexually for dogs and for Edward my jack donkey since 1975, Ted my                 dobermann since 1981, but I liked performing cunnilingus on her, she was accepting

       of me being a female-roled femboy type zoosexual.

      Sally had a Irish wolfhound "Cunnington". After Sally and I had been seeing each other          about 3 months, Sally told me she'd like to see me perform fellatio on Cunnington and        get bred by him.

      I soon was performing fellatio on Cunnington and being bred by him. (1985)

      I continued performing cunnilingus on Sally and sucking and being bred by                            Cunnington very routinely until 1989 (he had to be put to sleep).

      Sally wanted to get a new dog soon after Cunningtons death, and asked me what

      breed of dog I like to be with, my reply was "a male great dane". 


      By spring of 1990 Sally had a male great dane puppy " Chip"

      By summer of 1991 I became Chip's female partner to breed.

#    My mom died suddenly in 1987, of a heart defect, she was only 45 (very traumatic)

#    I started to see a psychologist, developed a good talking relationship with her and was

      able to deal with her death better.

#   After I tried being a Man for Sally but was unable to, I had a short episode of                             troilism/exhibitionistic behavior, (exposing myself to females at drive-up windows) I asked            Sally if I could just start performing cunnilingus and using a dildo on her whenever she        wanted me too, when I was being bred by Cunnington, Sally started using strap-on dildo      prior to having Cunnington breed me. (I continued in the context of performing cunnilingus,             and using dildo on Sally and being bred by Cunnington til 1989 then Sally got Chip in 1990, Chip                 started to bred me in 1991 until Edward's death in 1996, I was completely celibate for about a year).

#   I adopted a 3 year old male intact St.Bernard "Rufus" who started breeding me in fall of        1986.

                                           (Ted passed away in 1992, Rufus passed away in 1995).

#    Ed's "Timbo" passed away in 1992.

#    Ed adopted a year old stallion pony in spring of 1993 " Benbo"

      Ted passed away 1992, Temper passed away in 1993 and Tanner passed away in 1994,               (old age).

       Rufus passed away in 1995.    

#    Edward passed away in spring of 1996 ( I had to have him put to sleep). I became                    completely celibate until spring of 1997.

#   I started performing cunnilingus on Sally routinely again in spring of 1997, I tried being       a Man for her again but was unable to, I brought up the troilism topic to her again, told         her I like her to meet a real Man who could make Love to her like a real man
     to her like a real man does. Sally ended up meeting a really good guy, thus her and I             ended our sexual relationship for awhile 
(stopped performing cunnilingus on her)

#   Yet at same time Sally was dating her boyfriend, I had another episode of exhibitionistic        behavior.


#   I'd exposed myself to to the "right Female" at a drive-up window, Rachel, two nights in          a row, the first night when I handed her my money, I also handed her a note with it                that said; "please forgive me, I guess I am trying to be like a real man, but I can't be                      because I'm a femboy who loves sucking cock and having a penis in my bottom".

        The following night I went to Rachel's drive-up again, as I pulled up to the window,

        Rachel looked down at me in my car, my penis erect, then said to me as she took my            money " I'd like to watch you suck my boyfriend's "big black cock", I instantly began                ejaculating as she watched, I mumbled to her;

        "I would really like to have you watch me as I suck your boyfriend's big black cock" .              I told her my phone number, she called about 30 minutes later once after getting                  getting home.

        Rachel told me to meet her and Albert at a park, and Albert would let me suck his                  cock, soon I was sucking Rachel's boyfriend Albert's cock as she watched as she sat in              the back seat of their car. After Albert ejaculated in my mouth and I finished                            swallowing it, first thing I said was "make me do that every day, and please start                                    fucking my tight femboy bottom too!"
        Albert was topping me and ejaculating in my bottom the following night. Albert would          continue to use me as his femboy until 2005 at least twice a week.
        Rachel and Albert both introduced me to quite a few straight black men who I started            routinely performing fellatio on or they topped me as well wearing condom (Albert              always bare-backed me)


#     1997, I met Jodie who owned a farm and stabled only stallions there, she wanted some            carpentry work done which lasted quite some time, we hit it off and soon became                  friends, she taught me about riding horses.

        Jodie had confessed to me that she was a " butch lesbian", I confessed to her that I was a          female-roled zoosexual, well one night after too many drinks, she asked me to

        perform cunnilingus on her, I told her I would if she strap-on pegged my bottom.

        I started performing cunnilingus on Jodie routinely after that, she in turn                                started strap-on pegging me as well.

        Jodie owned about a 60 acre stud farm where they collected stallion semen to sell, she          loved horses and she owned "Outlaw" a small intact stallion, the day we made the                    below video Jodie and her girl friend showed me how they collected from all the                    stallions semen using a fathom mare, she allowed me to step in and let Outlaw                        ejaculate in my mouth so I could ingest his semen.

        Jodie taught me how to collect their semen, and I soon began assisting with semen                collection on all 7 of the stallions on the farm.

        Being a butch lesbian Jodie had quite a few female lesbian friends who boarded

        stallions at her farm " Band of Stallions ", 7 stallions at that time.

       (A Swiss study challenges conventional notions about how stallions are best housed and managed) 

        Soon I was performing cunnilingus on and being strap-on pegged by all 6 of Jodie's

        lesbian friends who had stallions at the farm, as well as collecting semen on all their              stallions for selling, they had me ejaculate all the stallions twice a week to keep their

        semen fresh so when a mare owner came and selected one of the stallions for their                semen.

        So I soon was ingesting the semen from all 7 stallions twice a week and ingesting their          semen, I continued doing this until 2001.



#    I was still going and seeing my friend Ed as often as possible Sycamore was still letting          me collect semen from him to ingest, and Benbo the pony and Boner the german                  shepard would both breed me. 






#   I started posing nude for life drawing classes fall of 1997, between the life-drawing and         performing sexually for Albert, all desire of my exhibitionistic behavior disappeared.


#   Sally's great dane Chip passed away summer of 1997, by early fall of 1997 Sally had                 found a 3 month old male great dane she named "Spotter", Spotter started breeding

       me summer of 1998. 

       Spotter was soon breeding me nearly everyday.

#    I told Rachel and Albert that I was a female-roled zoosexual and I was interested in                their rottweiler " Clyde " they allowed Clyde to take me as his female-receptive                        surrogate in 1998, once Clyde took me as his female surrogate I was at Rachel and                  Albert's house most every day performing sexually for Albert and/or Clyde.



#   Jodie surprised me in July 1998 when she called me and told me she had just               bought a small 2 year old stallion pony named "Barley", she been at horse auction                   hoping to get a full sized breeding stallion, yet the bid went to high on the Stallion she           wanted.

     She said, I had the cash, Barley went on sale and only one other person bid on him, so           she got him at a great price.

     I'd mentioned to her several times in the previous 6 month's that if I could find the right       stallion pony, I love to have another small pony like Tigger, to live with and hopefully           get bred often and routinely by him.


     Barley hit it off well with Jackabee and Tigger, once he living together with             the 3 of us, and he was comfortable with me, I was able to start conveying to him that I         wanted him to take me as his surrogate mare, started trying collecting semen from him.       Luckily he quickly allowed me to masturbate and collect his semen directly into my             mouth, once I was routinely performing fellatio on him and ingesting his semen, I                 offered him my bottom in hopes he'd mount and breed me, with him I could get on my

     hands and knees due to his small size.

      By September Barley had taken me as his surrogate mare and was breeding me often.




                                                                    spring 1999





(very upsetting, he forcefully restrained me, so I had to fight to get away)

Benbo began breeding me by the summer

R (9).jpg
R (2).jpg
R (2).jpg

About the size of Barley

In 2001  Jackabee, Tigger, Barley and I moved to Wyoming because it was still legal to have them as my sexual partner.




#   I adopted George three month old lab/german wirehair mix in spring of 2005,

    he and I had strictly a platonic/non-sexual relationship

    until I had to have him put to sleep in May 2021.


In 2017 jackabee I found homes for Jackabee and Tiggger in Wyoming, I been celibate as a zoosexual since.

Web capture_31-8-2022_85011_www.change.org.jpeg

I never really thought about bestiality/zoosexuality as being any kind social issue, I just knew it was a private thing, it was my sexual orientation, just my being a transsexual type person.

Something one keeps to themselves, and one of the advantages of being a female-receptive zoosexual was no other humans needed to know my sexual orientation, it was between my animal partners and me.

" Zoosexuality (also referred to as “bestiality” and “zoophilia”) is the sexual orientation of a human to an animal. For most individuals, the concept of humans having sex with animals is abhorrent or taboo. As a result, the topic is seldom researched, studied, or openly discussed "  - researchgate.net