"Sex Role/Gender Affirmation"


                  I consider myself a homosexual Transsexual type

  I have always wished to be female, I am 100% female receptive

                  I will only be in the female role for male partners

                  Androphilia describes sexual attraction to men or masculinity


As much as I wish to tell others of my sexual orientation and publicly be able to dress more feminine like, because I do prefer to dress like as below images show, I simply have felt my sexual identity be kept a secret; do to the enticing conflict dynamic of it. 

myself as Fem-male00071.jpg

  Only a hand full of people have known that " I am a homosexual 100% female-roled male              trans* type person ", other then the Men whom I had sex with and a few female friends.

     As far as Coming out as a Female-roled zoosexual, writing this web journal is the only                            possible way of being able to for me to reveal my zoosexual orientation.

           From 1972 to 1997  I was nearly exclusively a female receptive partner for large bred

     intact male dogs, a jack donkey and two stallion ponies.

  For me it has always been very important to express that I am 100% female-roled sexually


Though the societial view has improved since the 1970's concerning homosexuality, I don't see that it has improved very much, it's more of a " Forced Acceptance", at least in the older age range people.

excerpts from; "Americans Move Dramatically Toward Acceptance of Homosexuality Finds GSS Report "



   " The change toward acceptance of homosexuality began in the late 1980s after years of remaining relatively constant. In 1973, 70 percent of people felt same-sex relations are “always wrong,” and in 1987, 75 percent held that view. By 2000, however, that number dropped to 54 percent and by 2010 was down to 43.5 percent.

Supported by the National Science Foundation, the General Social Survey monitors societal change and the growing complexity of American society. With the exception of the U.S. Census, the GSS is the most widely used source of information about social trends and attitudes."

 " in addition to a plurality who now approve of same-sex marriage, Americans overwhelmingly support basic civil liberties and freedom of expression for gays and lesbians, in contrast to sharp division on such issues in the 1970s. Taken together, the results show a clear “trend toward greater tolerance regarding homosexuality,” said Tom W. Smith, director of the General Social Survey at NORC and author of the NORC report, “Public Attitudes toward Homosexuality.”

" The GSS, which has been conducted biennially for 40 years, showed a marked increase in support of many civil liberties for gays and lesbians. Support for a gay person's right to speak before a public audience increased from 62 percent in 1972 to 86 percent in 2010; support for allowing gays and lesbians to teach at colleges or universities rose from 48 percent in 1973 to 84 percent in 2010; and approval for having a library keep a book that favors homosexuality rose from 54 percent in 1973 to 78 percent in 2010.

                                                           Then the AIDS crisis hit

                                                  It wasn't a good thing to be homosexual,

                             let alone a 100% homosexual female-roled bottom like myself, 


Though I was very much content and happy to being a female-roled/receptive partner for my male intact dog lovers Ted, Tanner, Temper and my jack donkey Edward in 1985 when

the HIV epidemic had become a very real and known " Threat " to someone like me who is

a homosexual and 100% female-roled/receptive.

This very much reinforced my need to remain a female-receptive partner for Ted, Tanner, Temper and Edward at the time                                       

One thing I learned quickly in 1997 was being with men, I needed to make it very clear to all of my partners that I was a 100% feminine bottom and wanta be female

please fuck the man out of me7.jpg

                                               Summer of 1998


By summer of 1998 I was a submissive femboy slut for about a dozen young guys

All were Str8 guys who were primarily having me give them blow-jobs routinely.

I look best with a cock in my mouth.jpg
how I want to look for my Man.jpg

Since 1997, when I started having sex with human males, a very important Affirmation for me when having sexual intercourse with human males was wearing a chastity cage.

                                                       By wearing " The Cage "

It showed the men that I can't perform sexually like a Man and have no desire to be like a man, and by hiding my penis it helps me feel emasculated/feminized psychologically 

VideoToPhoto 637909637528204655.png

Whether it was Edward, Max or Men I always was limp when I was with them and ejaculated limp

I've always had a extreme need to feel emasculated/feminized psychologically 

It has always been very important for me to please my male partners sexually in the best possible way I can, show them I can be a viable female surrogate for

them sexually. ( canine/equine/human male partners)

  Affirmation as a " Female Surrogate breeding partner "

                              For my animal lovers

My first animal partner who actually bred me was my pony lover Timbo in 1975,

Timbo would routinely breed me until 1992, T-bone a intact male german shepherd 

would be my next lover to start breeding/actually locking his penis up inside me in a 

" Copulatory Tie "

Getting locked in a " Copulatory Tie " with my intact male dog lovers was the most profound and intense affirmations of my ability to be valued/needed/wanted as female surrogate partner for another living being and being locked together with my lover 10-20 minutes as he squirts his sperm into my body was by far the most intimate experience I ever known.



Once my animal lovers had bred me once, and realized I could be bred by them when

I posed myself in a copulatory position a Great Affirmation for me was then having my animal lovers always seem eager to mount and bred me if I got in the copulatory position for them there after, they would generally want to breed me if I offered them.


I especially like being pegged by a lady

                         (this was extremely emasculating for me)

I would tell all my guys if they wanted their girl friends to watch as I sucked their cock or if she wanted to strap-on fuck me as I sucked them I'd like that

I especially like being pegged by a lady while sucking her husband's or boyfriend's cock


performing cunnilingus on a lady as her boyfriend or husband penetrates me anally

R (8).jpg