Desire to have Ladies watch as I get Bred

( watch as Males treated me sexually like a Lady )

It makes me feel so feminized/emasculate when a Lady is with me as I am performing sexually for males (human, canine or equine)

               I've always wanted females to know that I want to be female

          "And see me with a Vulva/Vagina, not a Penis"


In the male, two mechanisms that can operate to bring about a predominant feminine identification and hence a negative or inverted Oedipus complex 


Psychoanalytical theories. These are based on the assumption that male gender identity requires the male child's separation from his mother psychologically so that he does not identify with her as a member of the same sex.

In developing his theory of male sexual preference, Freud asserted that heterosexual as well as homosexual preferences required explanation, that neither could be assumed to be innate. His theory of the oedipal complex, however, held that the heterosexual outcome was the "normal" resolution, while the homosexual outcome represented arrested sexual development.

                             Because I have a Exhibitionistic Nature

Causes of Exhibitionism
Several theories have been proposed regarding the origins of exhibitionism. As of 2002, however, none are considered conclusive They include:

Biological theories. These generally hold that testosterone, the hormone that influences the sexual drive in both men and women, increases the susceptibility of males to develop deviant sexual behaviors. Some medications used to treat exhibitionists are given to lower the patients' testosterone levels.

Learning theories. Several studies have shown that emotional abuse in childhood and family dysfunction are both significant risk factors in the development of exhibitionism.

Psychoanalytical theories. These are based on the assumption that male gender identity requires the male child's separation from his mother psychologically so that he does not identify with her as a member of the same sex, the way a girl does. It is thought that exhibitionists regard their mothers as rejecting them on the basis of their different genitals.
Therefore, they grow up with the desire to force women to accept them by making women look at their genitals.

In my case though I wished my genitals were not a penis, but instead a vulva/vagina, it has always been as though I want to express to Females;

                                   "see what I got instead of a vulva"


                       I would much rather have exposed myself to females

                             as photo above rather than going to the extreme of

                             briefly doing as I did in mid 1980's then again in 1997

                             as I did by going to a drive-up window and exposing

                             my erect penis as I ejaculated in front of her, similar

                                                                  to below video

Etiology of exhibitionism
People with these types of paraphilia tend to have personalities accompanied by social isolation, low self-esteem, and, usually, feelings of sexual inadequacy.
They are not generally comfortable with normal heterosexual relationships and they are not willing to risk the rejection of their attempts to create willing sexual relationships, so they resort to abnormal sexual activity.

                In my case a feminine homosexual and a female-roled                      zoosexual/ female surrogate partner for male dogs and equines

They suggest that sexual abuse as children or other traumatic childhood situations may be the cause. According to Freudian theory, during the phases of psychosexual development, 
fixations rooted at one level of sexual adjustment prevent normal progress to the next stage of development.


In my case because I identified with my mother as the same sex, I also great wanted accepted

by her and all females as a " Female sexually roled "

I think because my sexual identity development was fixed at homosexual due

to the fact of that my first sexual encounter was performing fellatio on a much older male as two females watched at age 7.

After that I was routinely performing fellatio on human males until age 13.

1972 age 10, I began performing fellatio on my uncles intact male coonhounds Virgil, Blue, Ward and Jitter, Jed the mule and my jack donkey Edward.

At age 13 I was being penetrated by human males, the first animal partners to penetrate and breed me were my boyfriend Ed's stallion pony Timbo and german shepard T-bone. 

At age 13, Virgil, Blue, Ward and Jitter and my jack donkey Edward were all

penetrating me anally (breeding me) routinely.

exposing at drive up.jpg

When I started posing nude for life drawing classes in 1997

        " I so much wished I had a vulva and not a penis "

idea of eunuch surgery2.jpg
Copy (2) of img181.jpg

In 1997 I started performing fellatio on my friend Jodie's stallion Outlaw as she and her 6 girl friends watched, all the other ladies had stallions on the farm there as well, soon I was performing fellatio on all the stallions and ingesting their semen.















There were also several young straight single guys who would come out and ride the stallions, on the farm there it was one place I could dress female like, the guys knew I was a transexual type, I liked them because they treated me nice.

Then one day one of the guys (Sammy) walked into the stables as Jodie and one of the other ladies were watching me suck on Outlaws penis, he stood there and watched as well. 

As soon as Outlaw finished ejaculating in my mouth, I heard Jodie say "Sammy needs s blow-job too", I looked at Sammy and said ; "If you'd like, I'd be glad too", Sammy replied;

"right here in front of the ladies? ", Jodie quickly responded; "Sammy you know we are all

lesbians, we don't care about seeing you cock, yet we want to see it in Michael's mouth !"

I was soon giving Sammy a blow-job as the ladies watched, after that Sammy had me perform fellatio on him or penetrated me anally 2-3 times a week at the farm as the ladies watched.


I could dress female like at Jodie's farm

It wasn't very long before Jodie and the other ladies had me performing fellatio on the

other two young single guys (they all were 18-20 year olds and heterosexual).

Then one day while I was at the farm sucking the stallions, one of the guys Clint showed up to ride the stallion I just had sucked, I still had horse semen still all over the front of me.

The minute he seen me, Clint had his erect cock out and then told me to suck him so he could cum in my mouth as well, I was soon on my knees jacking and sucking his cock wildly.

The stallion that had just ejaculated in my mouth was "Boy", and belonged to Jenny who was there the whole time holding Boy's reins as I masturbated and sucked him.

Now Jenny watched as I sucked Clint, then Jenny said;  " hi Jordan ", I glanced back to see one of the other guys " Jordan" watching me suck Clint, Then Jenny said; " I want to see Michael get double teamed".

I simply replied; "my bottom is clean and ready", in seconds Clint and Jordan had me situated on my hands and knees, I told Jordan there was some k-y jelly in my pack as I continued sucking Clint, soon I felt Jordan's lubed penis sliding up inside me.

                                   After both Clint and Jordan had ejaculated

                                Jenny was simply fascinated she said

Both Clint and Jordan replied, " Why ",  Jenny stuttered for words to explain, then said; "I never imagined I'd like seeing a guy fucking another guy, yet I think it is so sexy".

Clint replied; " well Michael is a femboy type, and loving sucking, so he can suck me any time", Jordan added, " I'll fucked his tight bottom everyday now!".

Soon Clint and Jordan had told Tyler the third young guy who rode the stallions at farm regularly (they all were friends).

So the next time I seen Tyler, he just pulled his cock out and told me he needed a blow-job, I went to my knees and started sucking, as I sucked, I told him my bottom was clean and if he wanted to fuck me and ejaculate in my bottom when he was ready to ejaculate he could, he did.

  I called Jodie and told her that night that Tyler fucked me

she told me that she'd heard, and she was talking to Jenny right now, and they wanted to to come back out to the farm so they both could strap-on fuck me with their dildos.

Then I heard Clint's voice in background, then heard him say; " tell him I'll fuck him too", my reply was; " let me douche my boy-pussy, then I'll be right out".

to be continued............................

Me sucking a female friend's boyfriend's penis until he ejaculates in my mouth