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"The eroticization of inadequacy"

I clearly have always felt inadequate as a partner for females due to my sexual attraction to males being so intense, and especially because I prefer being with large intact male dogs and small intact male equines that can take me as their female surrogate partner to mate with.

(I am very sexually inadequate as a man for females, yet very adequate for males as their receptive partner)

Because I am psychologically in essense a Class VIII female-roled sexually receptive zoosexually, I cannot form a normal romantic relationship with a person of the opposite sex or same sex, and cannot engage in normal sexual intercourse.

I can only be used for sex by human group members if they request I do so, and serve them and enjoy making them feel good, however I am really only sexually attracted to intact male dogs and intact male equines and as I've said before, if I didn't belong long to the Jensen group, and being a zoosexual hadn't become a crime in 2000, I would very much prefer only being a female surrogate sex partner for male dogs and equines.

Being a cuckold

All the females I've ever loved, I've wanted them to cuckold me, and I've wanted to perform sexually as a sissy for their male lover.

A paper I recently read states: 

Cuckolding is,

simply the "eroticization" of deep-rooted feelings of sexual inadequacy of being a real man, initially formed in childhood.
That’s the cause.

At least for me it is impossible to be like a real man when I so much want to be treated like a female sexually by males

The below button is a on site PDF file

I was performing fellatio on human males, my great Cosso and my jack donkey Edward on a very regular frequent basis when I was nine years old.

By the time I went through puberty I was getting penetrated anally by Edward, Cosso and many human males frequently so I don't really know what is like to "not have sex with males in the female receptive role.

I've never once taken the male role with other males, and very few times with females, and only then it was because they requested me penetrate them, yet I don't like too other then making them feel good.

I've had males ask me to penetrate them, but for me it is a absolute no!

I actually like performing cunninglingus on females so I can pleasure them and I am eager to perform cunninglingus on all the Jensen group females if the ask me to.

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