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"Extreme desire to have a Vulva"

I have a strong need to look feminine for my male sexual partners and perform sexually for them in the best way I can in the female sexual role.

pose set fem 32.jpg
pose set fem 172-1crop.jpg

I am very much 100% female-roled/receptive sexual

for males, so being able to present myself to a male sexual "not having a penis" is something that I've greatly desired

1-1me with vulva-1.jpg

" In my eyes I look right having a vulva instead of a penis "

pose 01112024-3.jpg

In 2000 I was able to buy a "cock cage",

so I since have always wore a cage when having sex with my men,

"it kinda the next best thing to having a vulva for me"


Posing After Sex Change

Posing after my sex change-1.jpg

I look so much better with a "Vulva" then  a penis!

Third-gender artists model 5-3-2020_0844_Moment03.jpg

Even the guys say,

"Michael you should have a vulva"

VideoToPhoto 638430237141779364-2-1-1.jpg
Posing after my sex change-1.jpg
How I want to look for a Man4.jpg
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