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"Extreme need to be feminized/emasculated by males"

Being a passive/submissive sexually receptive partner for intact male dogs and small intact male equines is my core identity and I consider being a passive/receptive zoosexual as my primary sexual orientation.

And when my animal partners are breeding me they are deeply feminizing me

Whenever my partners ejaculate in my mouth so I can ingest their semen or they ejaculate up inside my bottom, knowing I have their living sperm inside me greatly feminizes me.

I am very much "dedicated" to serving my male partners sexually.

My whole life has been centered around serving males sexually so they can psychologically feminize and emasculated me so that I can feel female like.



"harem sissy"


"Since 1975"




I've always only wanted to perform like a female sexually

thus being penetrated anally by males and take his sperm in me is

ultimate way in which I can be feminized/emasculated psychologically.

I've always needed constant attention from males who would have me performing fellatio on them or penetrating my bottom and ejaculating

up inside me

Having a male's penis up inside my bottom ejaculating is the ultimate feminizing/emasculating I can get,

followed by males

ejaculating in my mouth so I can ingest their semen.

From 1970 to 2000 I preferred being a female-roled receptive partner for my male dogs and equine lovers,

however I've always had quite a few human male partners at any given time that I performed fellatio on and they penetrated anally.

I only like penetrated without a condom, so the human males were a group of males that I knew were safe, STD free etc.

Unless a male partner can ejaculate up inside of me it greatly lacks the feminizing/emasculating effect on me.

For me, knowing a male is ejaculating up inside me is what I need so much

At least from 1975 to 2000, there was very few days that I didn't perform fellatio 4-6 times a day

and get penetrated anally 4-6 times a day by human males and/or my dogs and equine partners.

I don't have sex to get the satisfaction of a orgasm

My objective when having sex with a human, my male dogs or male equine partners is to sexually satisfy my partner and be feminized by them.

For example, I might ejaculate first thing in the morning when Edward my jack donkey would butt-fucks me, he and I usually had sex every other morning about 3am, yet I didn't always ejaculate.

Usually about 8am one of my male dogs would fuck me/get me locked up in copulatory-tie, at which time I would usually ejaculate.

I'm always limp with no erection when I ejaculate

Especially when I'm serving human males sexually I never want them to see me with a erection.

Until the early 1990's, alot of times I might ask guys to fuck me while I sucked my own penis so I could ejaculate and get it over with for the rest of the day.

By 8am every day either one of the dogs, ponies or Edward had made me ejaculate before I started serving guys during the day hours.

My Method

of being



 by sucking cock and swallowing cum


getting butt-fucked and impregnated with cum

cum in my mouth-4.gif
sissy slut-3.jpg

I want my male partners to want and use me for sex so much


I always try to sexual please them the very best I can!

and be a good



The consequences

of being a sexually inverted male/third-gender type


I constantly need to feel feminine and accepted as a sissyboy/femboy type male.

I always need a lot of sexual attention from males

who could/would treat me like a female sexually.

Wearing a "cock cage"

when performing sexually 


Males help me feel feminine

but most importantly,

it is to show that I am deeply psychologically

emasculated/feminized sexually.

I want my male partner knows that I have no desire

to perform like a male sexually,

and want to be feminized by him treating me

like a sissyboy/femboy sexually.


"I want men to call me their sissyboy or femboy"

I want to be sucking cock and getting butt-fucked as often as I possibly can be.

I love ingesting cum so much!

I absolutely love when the guys cum in my mouth so I can ingest it.

I love to pose nude for women so I can show what a sissy femboy I am

download (7)_edited.png

I love for ladies to see how much I love sucking cock


I love when the Jensen Group ladies pee in my mouth, strap-on fuck me, have me perform cunninglingus on them.

My true sexual orientation is;

100% female-roled receptive zoosexual

I was a female-roled/receptive sex partner for large breed intact stud dogs, small jack donkeys and stallion ponies from 1970 until 2000

(I began performing fellatio on intact male dogs and intact male donkeys, ponies and horses in 1970, in 1975 I became anally receptive for the dogs, jack donkeys and ponies)

Then in 2001, the following law was enacted;

717C.1. Bestiality

1. For purposes of this section:

a. "Animal" means any nonhuman vertebrate, either dead or alive.

b. "Sex act" means any sexual contact between a person and an animal by penetration of the penis into the vagina or anus,
contact between the mouth and genitalia, or by contact between the genitalia of one and the genitalia or anus of the other.

2. A person who performs a sex act with an animal is guilty of an aggravated misdemeanor.

3. Upon a conviction for a violation of this section, and in addition to any sentence authorized by law,
the court shall require the person to submit to a psychological evaluation and treatment at the person's expense.

Added by Acts 2001 (79 G.A.) ch. 131, § 3.

Even though I consider being a "surrogate female receptive sex partner" for large intact male dogs and stallions as my true role to be in, and the role I most wish and desire to be in, I felt it best to become platonic as a zoosexual.

Thus decided the best thing to do was abstain from my zoosexuality, thus I have not practiced zoosexuality since fall of 2000.

I consider myself a Class VIII zoosexual and 100% female-receptive only, if not for the fact that I belonged to the Jensen group as a harem sissy once I turned 13 and I could perform sexually for all the 12 to 15 year old males and females in the group, then once I turned 16 years old I could perform for all males and females 16 years old and older.

If I hadn't belonged to the Jensen group I'd been a Class X zoosexual,

as I prefer to be the female-roled partner for large male dogs, in terms of being bred, I prefer performing fellatio on jack donkeys and all stallions no matter their size, as I prefer the taste of stallion semen or jack donkey semen by far over human or dog semen.

I also believe there should be a classification as to whether a zoosexual is;

1. female-roled receptive for male animals only like I am.


2.If the zoosexual takes the male role and penetrates a female or male animal.

These two roles are entirely different and two entirely different types of people

I personally think it is unethical to be a male and penetrate a animal

A intact male dog or equine at least can show consent by the act of mounting and breeding me.

From my experience, once one of my male dogs or equine partners bred me for the first time,

all I had to do was get on my knees or bend over and offer my bottom to him 


they'd nearly always eagerly mount me and vigorously fuck me.

Once the dogs, ponies or donkeys bred once and

seen I was a viable sex partner I didn't need to do

anything but bend over and offer my bottom.

It wasn't uncommon for many of the dogs, the jack donkeys and stallion ponies to fuck me 2-3 times a day or more at times.

From example Cosso my great dane fucked me 5 times in one day and Edward my jack donkey fucked me 8 times in one day.


Oscar my stallion, he couldn't fuck me due to the flared head of his penis being to large, however I'd sucked his penis and ingested his semen usually at least 3 times a week.

I got started as a zoosexual after watching my jack donkey Edward many times suck himself until he ejaculated, then one day when I was 10 years old while watching him do this, I got  down on my knees and he let me start sucking him, I sucked him until he ejaculated in my mouth.

I was hooked, after that I'd perform fellatio on him and ingest his semen at least 3 times a week, often more, then in 1975 after the guys from school had started butt-fucking me, I so much wanted Edward to start butt-fucking me as well. 

If not for the fact that I was a "harem sissy" for the group and it was my role for the group, I would be a Class X zoosexual, as I feel best as a female-roled sex surrogate for the male dogs, jack donkeys and stallion ponies, as well as I crave ingesting the stallion's semen.

One of my boyfriends had given me a 18 inch long double ended dildo which I been using to prepare and clean my bottom prior to getting butt-fucked, so I practiced and practiced with it until I could easily take all 18 inches of it up inside my bottom, that was the length of Edward's erect penis.

Once I felt I was ready, I worked with Edward to show him that I wanted him to start breeding me, after only a few days he'd gotten his penis fully up inside me and was ejaculating in me.

I was hooked and Edward was hooked on fucking me, it seemed he wanted to fuck with me as much as I wanted to get fucked by him, and that was usually at least once a day he was fucking me.

Soon after that Cosso my great dane was fucking me routinely as well,

between Edward and Cosso alone I was getting what I needed, I wanted to be deeply feminized and completely psychologically emasculated, I wanted only to feel completely female like, and both of of them made me feel so, so Wonderfully Female

 The first of June, summer of 1975 I was 13 years old, went to live on my Aunt Becky's farm, she was a co-founder of the Jensen Group, and because I was getting made fun of harrassed at my school for being a sissyboy and had been outed for sucking fellow students cocks and getting butt-fucked by them.

Aunt Becky also knew that both Cosso and Edward were fucking me, it was her suggestion that I move to her farm because I could then join the Jensen group and start going to the Jensen group school which was state accedited, and finish all my schooling at the Jensen group school.

In 1975 when moving to Aunt Becky's, the Jensen group was comprised of 5 different farms, the main Jensen group estates and 15 different Jensen group owned businesses.

There were 175 over 16 year old males and 168 over 16 year old Jensen group females, 4 harem girls, I was then first harem sissyboy in the group, there were 22, 12 to 15 years olds

who I soon was perform fellatio on and getting butt-fucked by the end of the first week there, I had sex with all 22 of the guys at least twice. Because it was summer break from school, I was able to spend all day serving sexually.

Besides my dog Cosso, there were 123 large intact male Irish wolfhounds owned by the group members, 12 small stallion ponies, besides my jack donkey Edward there were 3 other small jack donkeys, and 11 full size stallions, all of whom I would become a female surrogate sex partner, the full size stallions I could only masturbate, then they'd ejaculate in my mouth so I could ingest their semen, by the end of June I'd been with all of them intimately at least once.

Once I turned 16 (1978), I could then serve all males 14 years old and older and all females 16 years old and older in any manner the females desired.


 Identity-Based Members/Semi-Closed Community

(100% STD free)

Primarily a Matriarchy- The females hold Authority

Polyamory-All the members of legal sexual consenting

age can have sex with all other members of consenting age.

All females are sexually receptive anally only unless they are ready to have

a child, they've had their tubes tied/sterilized.

Consenting age is 16 in the state I reside,

with a

 Romeo and Juliet Law

Similar to the close in age exemption, the Romeo and Juliet law applies to teens who may choose to partake in sexual activities with a fellow student or other person who is not much older than them. Where the laws differ are the rules regarding age difference.


Teens can have sex with a person up to four years older than them without and still qualify as giving legal consent. If a 14 and a 17-year-old have sex, they can avoid charges. However, a 14 and 19-year-old cannot.

Romeo and Juliet Law

Similar to the close in age exemption, the Romeo and Juliet law applies to teens who may choose to partake in sexual activities with a fellow student or other person who is not much older than them. Where the laws differ are the rules regarding age difference.


Teens can have sex with a person up to four years older than them without and still qualify as giving legal consent. If a 14 and a 17-year-old have sex, they can avoid charges. However, a 14 and 19-year-old cannot.

For example when I was 14 years old I was serving all the 17 year old males and females members sexually as a "harem sissy"

When I was 17, I was serving all the 14 year old and older males,  16 year old and older female members sexually.

Majority of females are bi-sexual and until 2000, most of the females

were practicing receptive zoosexuals with 18 months or older,

 intact male Irish wolf hounds.

Communal breeding- All children are fathered by different males within the

group, when a female ready to have a child she takes a month or longer Sabbatical at one of the 7 other Jensen groups located in 4 different states in U.S and 3 other Countries- Denmark, Kenya, Tanzania.

(the majority of the members of all the the Jensen groups are black, except for the Denmark group)

 She then selects at least 6 different males from that group

and has vaginal/unprotect sex with those males until she becomes pregnant,

she then returns to her home group pregnant, main reason for is

incest pregnancy avoidance

Matrilineal- All children take their mother's last name, the children never know who their real father is, nore do the fathers know who their children are.

Anally receptive sex is the primary type of sex practiced,

by age 14 all females are well versed/trained in preparing for anally intercourse

and all males know not to have anything other then anally intercourse with a

female who is able to become pregnant, unless she is at her selected time and Jensen group where she intends to become pregnant.

(majority of the white female members have their children with 16-17 year old black male members)

The 16 to 18 year old males who are by majority black/African of descent are by far the most sought out for sex by all the female members, including myself.

Currently there are twenty-threetwenty are black maless 16 to18 year old males in the group that I 

perform fellatio on once a week and/or get butt-fucked by them.

Currently I try to perform fellatio on or get butt-fucked by 6 males each day.

I normally perform cunninglingus on about 10 to 12, females once a week.

(often I'll be performing cunninglingus on a female as I'm being butt-fucked by a male or males)

Currently the Jensen group here has 23 business they own and operate in the area, each as a small apartment were I stay or another "harem sissy"


"Harem girl" stays through-out the working day.

For example, I be at business A tomorrow, business f the following day,

the "Harem girls" and "harem sissies" never at the same business two days in a row.

Each worker can take two, 45 minute sex breaks each day and have sex with the "Harem girls" or us sissies twice each day.

Currently there are 26 full time "harem girls" and 5 full time "harem sissies" performing in the group, serving sexually is our duty for the group 8 hours a day 5 days a week, 4 hours 1 day, we each serve about 40 to 50 of the current local five hundred-thirty-three sexually active group members a week.

I know that a good many of the two-hundred and twenty-five active males, about a hundred are ejaculating once a day with one of the "harem girls" or one of us "harem sissies" every day.

After talking amongst the males this week I was told that quite a few of the twenty-three 16 to 18 year old males are ejaculating twice a day many days, even a lot of the males in their 40's and 50's are ejaculating twice a day several days a week.

I personally haven't used my penis like a real man since 1997, when I started posing for art classes and stopped exposing myself to the ladies at the drive up windows.

  The other 4 "harem sissies" will still penetrate the ladies with their penis and penetrate me.

I've never penetrate a male with my penis, and only twice allowed a male to perform fellatio on me, for the females I will do anything they request, all know I don't like to be like a man, so all honor that and so I have not even had a erection in the presence of another since 1997, at which time I started wearing a cock cage always when in presence of males or females.

If not for the fact that I was a "harem sissy" for the group and it was my role for the group, I would be a Class X zoosexual, as I feel best as a female-roled sex surrogate for the male dogs, jack donkeys and stallion ponies, as well as I crave ingesting the stallion's semen.

Because I am psychologically in essense a Class X female-roled sexually receptive zoosexually, I cannot form a normal romantic relationship with a person of the opposite sex or same sex, and cannot engage in normal sexual intercourse.

I can only be used for sex by human group members if they request I do so, and serve them and enjoy making them feel good, however I am really only sexually attracted to intact male dogs and intact male equines and as I've said before, if I didn't belong long to the Jensen group, and being a zoosexual hadn't become a crime in 2000, I would very much prefer only being a female surrogate sex partner for male dogs and equines.

By 1987 I was masturbating/sucking then ingesting the semen from over 50 different group stallions,

I tried my best to be with 3 to 5 stallions every day

100ml is 3.38 ounces, so between 7 to 15 ounces of equine semen I tried to ingest daily.

By 1987 there were 165 large intact male dogs breeding me, I tried to get bred by at least 6 of the dogs every day.

I love donkey cock in me1 (2).jpg

Getting my bottom loosened up, cleaned and lubed so the donkeys and ponies can breed me

Because being a sexually receptive female-roled sex surrogate for large dogs, jack donkeys, stallion ponies and men has been the central focus of my life, I custom make all my own dildos.

I use the dildos to clean my bottom along with J-lube or veg. oil,

I only use veg. oil when I'm getting bred by the dogs or donkeys and stallions, when the guys are going to fuck me I use J-lube.

I've been making my own dildos since 1998 using platinum cure silicone only


I made most of my dildos 18 inches long or a bit longer because my jack donkey Edward's penis was 18 inches long when erect, and he is the longest of all the jack donkeys and ponies that bred me.

I've always dreamed of sucking a zebra's cock so I can ingest his semen

One thing men can do to me

that deeply feminizes and emasculated me is gang-bang me

wish me2.gif

I try to get gang-banged by 40-60 guys at least once a week,

it is a very wonderful thing for me if I can swallow 40-60 loads of man cum in a few hours.

Having a cock in my mouth and bottom at the same time is very, very good for me.

I love donkey cock in me1 (2).jpg

I started getting bred by large intact male dogs in 1975, when I joined the Jensen group as a harem sissy there were 87 stud dogs in the group that took me as their female-roled sex partner to mate with at that time I was getting bred by all 87 at least once a week.

By 1980 I graduated from school thus I could then perform full-time as harem sissy mainly serving the dogs during the day, then serve the Jensen group guys and gals starting at about 3pm. There were 105 dogs breeding me routinely, by 1990 there were 163 dogs breeding me, by 1999 there were 185 dogs breeding me, because the large breed dogs like Irish wolfhounds, great dane's life span is only about 7-8 years  so in that 25 year time frame I'd been bred by 423 different intact male dogs.

Through out the course of each of the dogs life each bred me approximately once every other week, for example in 1999, 93 dogs bred me every week, so I was getting bred by at least 12 dogs every day, which was the norm from 1975 to 2000, I tried to get bred by 6 of the dogs in morning/6 dogs in the after noon.

Thus I was getting bred by the dogs about 4380 times a year, or 109,500 times in 25 years.

In 2000 all zoosexuality ended in the Jensen group due to the new state law.

Once the dogs are about 18 months old I start having them breed me, I might have them breed me everyday for a week, then go to having them breed me every other day.

Depended on what I time for, if there were quite a few 18 month to 2 year olds in the group at a given time I might be getting bred by 12 older dogs already daily, plus serving the group men, sucking stallion cock, getting bred by the donkeys and ponies and performing cunninglingus on group women.

So I at times might be getting bred 20 times a day by dogs, after 1980, I was always having sex at least 8 hours a day, every day.

Because my Mom passed away in 1987 and Aunt Becky passed away in 1988, I inherited both farms, assets and life insurance so I was easily able to just be a Jensen group harem sissy full time.

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