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Foreword for my erotic fiction novel "Terrace"

"Terrace" is based on thoughts, experiences related to my life as a female-roled male.

Chapter 1 begins after Michael has turned 18 years old and is living on the farm with his Aunt Becky, yet he has been living with his Aunt Becky since he was 13 years old.

After being publicly shamed and public humiliated at his school for being a feminine homosexual with lead to developing severe "checking/obsessive thoughts" OCD.

Shortly after Michael turns 18, his mother Nina divorces her husband, Michael and Nina then begin having a intimate sexual relationship, Nina also starts being studded/bred by Michael's intact male Irish wolfhound Pablo, as well as the boy lovers of Aunt Becky's and Michael's friend Johnny who lives on the farm next door to the east.

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