I dedicated a page to this writing ;"How to receive sex from male horses ", as it is so well written and accurate and realistic, I only wish it covered being with a male Donkey as well due to fact that a jack donkey is very different in mannerism from my experience. So I added some writings about jack donkeys

                                    " How to receive sex from male horses "


This guide is completely inadequate to prepare anyone for life with a horse.  It only gives tips and an overview of the possibilities.  If you haven't realized it yet, commitment to a horse is a life decision.  You won't be ready to start until you are through with school and able to acquire the land and facilities horses require, say mid twenties at the earliest.  Horses live upwards of forty years.  That means you will be retiring about the same time the horse does.  Your horses' offspring could easily outlive you.

Throughout that forty years your horse will expect to spend time with you every single day.  Being separated from the herd is frequently a fatal experience for horses so they don't like it for themselves or for any member of their family.  You will be obligated to greet them first thing every morning, immediately upon arriving from work or any other absence, and last thing every evening.


Please believe me when I say that horses are the most accurate and reliable timekeepers on the planet.  If you are late with dinner, you *will* hear about it.  

They have to tolerate the weather so you do too.

You will have to learn their language and ways, buy expensive tools like a forty six thousand dollar tractor, forgo opportunities that require travel, just generally shape your life (sometimes even your body) to suit their needs.  



Horses are even less like humans than dogs.  They are, as a species, born to be someone else's dinner and this shapes most of their instincts and reflexes.  You are a predator and therefore an enemy from their point of view.  To get from enemy to potential sex partner will usually take some time and may not ever happen for some horses.  Because of the harsh realities of life as a food source, sex among horses is quick and to the point.  Even if no one makes it to orgasm, they will back off and look around in under a minute.

On the plus side a stallion is born to breed a number of mares in a relatively short time.  Horses should breed in the spring after the end of freezing weather and before bugs get heavy.  With an eleven month gestation the foal will be born about a year after the current foal leaving all summer and fall for mare to eat for three.  This means that the stallion will have a very strong libido and little or no use for it most of the year so once you become a sex object for him you will spend more time talking him out of sex than into it.

A small horse is much safer and easier to keep than a drafter but remember that "small" is a very relative term around horses.  Technically most horses weighing under half a ton are either ponies or minis.  Only the smallest of minis will weigh less than you and even they will be faster and stronger than you.  So you absolutely must have a clear understanding of your horse's behavior and he must have a clear understanding of yours.  He may be extremely sorry after he accidentally kills you but you will just be dead.

It can take years to prepare both of you for sex.  The larger the horse, the longer it will take to prepare yourself and the more you must prepare him.  With a mini you can take some shortcuts like standing between him and a mare in heat but with a full size stallion that will get you ground to paste.  If you want to allow him to penetrate you, you must work your way up to far beyond the human norm.  Even if you choose one of the alternatives to penetration, you must have a good enough relationship with him to disregard every safety procedure in the manual and trust him to take care of you.

For the best possible results you should start with your horse as soon as practical after his birth.  The procedure is called "imprinting" and will enable him to fully relate to you as though you were one of his own species.  It is not necessary that you personally imprint the colt but if no one does you will have to assume the mannerisms of a horse for him to relate to you and much more time must be spent teaching him about human fragility.  At the very least he must be comfortable enough with humans in general and you in particular to relax in your presence, otherwise you will never see his penis.

The amount of time necessary to prepare the horse dictates that you must own the horse and a secure facility for him.  Facilities for stallions are NOT the same as for other horses.  By the time you are knowledgeable enough to handle a stallion, you know what is needed and why.  Don't even think about it until you have that knowledge and the resources to implement it.

The Horse:

Horses are masters of unspoken communication.  If you want to have a relationship as intimate as sex with a horse you must become very proficient in their way of communication.  Not only will you need to know how and when to ask for sex, you must know how to reply to his wishes and how to tell him "yes" or "no".  If you send an excited thirteen hundred lb stallion mixed signals, he may make some decisions for you.  He also needs to know your limitations.  Without a detailed understanding of the ways and fragility of humans he will treat you like a thousand lb. mare and be very surprised when you come apart suddenly.

Horses have very good detailed memories but they don't work just like yours.  Some things will have to be taught separately for left and right sides.  If he likes what you are doing, it will become a right in short order.  If he does not, you have no way at all to force him.  So take your time and be sure that he enjoys himself.  Social grooming is always a good idea.

Horses are herd animals first and foremost.  In order for a horse to eat, drink, or rest someone must keep watch or they may fall victim to a predator.  The herd is a social group of horses that take turns doing this for each other.  Without a herd the horse may not be able to relax properly and just like you will become irrational after long periods of no rest.  A band is a family group of horses consisting of a stallion with his mares and offspring.  The more you can share in the daily life of the herd, the easier it will be for him to accept you as one of his kind and eventually into his band.

One of the adaptations of the horse to this way of living is that they are able to walk and follow the herd within minutes of being born.  This is one of the main reasons for the eleven month gestation period.  The foal typically weighs one tenth of his mother's weight and is half of her height at birth.  This is why mares have a huge butt (pelvis) and vagina.  It is necessary for the mare's health that her vagina run at least somewhat downhill from her cervix to the outside world.  When a mare doesn't, she is called "tilted" and subject to repeated infection from retained urine and debris. 

The Stallion's Equipment:


The stallion has some matching adaptations.  First, his penis is long enough to be certain of reaching her cervix.  Depending on the overall size of the horse, that could be anything from just over a foot (30 cm) to more than a yard (meter).

 Because mini horses are something of a mutation don't be surprised to find one with a penis the same size as one of his larger ancestors.


In order to keep all this penis safe from thorns and avoid beating himself while running, he has a retractor muscle running the length of it and stores it inside his belly when he doesn't need it.  His skin is attached to the erectile tissue underneath for about the first third of it behind the glans.  The end of that section is clearly marked by his medial ridge (or fold).  Above that his skin turns inside out when his penis is retracted forming what is commonly called his "sheath".  All of this skin is common skin the same as everywhere else on his body save that it has no fur on it.

He has two separate masses of erectile tissue that both run the length of his penis.  The largest is the one you see the most.  It fills in the body of his penis when he drops or lowers his penis but isn't extremely rigid.  The second is only used in sexual situations and feels like a pointed iron bar running through his penis.  By flexing his retractor muscle against this second erectile tissue he can cause his penis to curve up or down as an aid to finding his target.

Second, his glans can expand very rapidly when he orgasms to prevent the sperm from running back out of the mare's vagina and being wasted.  This is called his "flare".  Again, depending on the horse, his flare can be any size from twice the diameter of his shaft to large as a melon.  Some flares are soft and others are rock hard.  His flare will have a roughly mushroom shape with a hollow pocket in the front of it containing his urethra and sometimes a hard kernel of debris called "the bean".  His glans is very sensitive to pressure, temperature, and texture enabling him to find and center himself within the mare's vagina.

Third, he is sensitive to temperature and pressure on the shaft of his penis particularly in the region of his medial ridge.  When the mare "winks" she is rubbing her clitoris back and forth against his shaft in this area signaling to him that his penis is deep enough in the mare to ejaculate without wasting sperm.

Another interesting but poorly understood trait of stallions is their ability to withdraw their testicles into their body.  When a stallion is fully excited and mounting his mate, his testicles will disappear into his body, possibly to protect them from a kick by a reluctant mare.  For our purposes it is an sure sign of full sexual excitement.

Your Equipment:

First, you will need some lube.  In fact, you will need buckets of lube.  J-lube is the most popular brand because it is available as a concentrate and can be mixed to suit.  Any water based lube will work and the best way to buy any of them is from a veterinary supply like eNasco.  

Then you will have to decide how you want to be serviced.  If you want to use an AV, you will have to buy one and once again eNasco is usually the best source.  For thigh service all you need is a little well placed flab.  But if you decide to go all the way (for natural service) there is a lot of work in front of you. 

Unless you are *extremely* experienced or standing for a very mini mini, you will need some graduated toys to stretch yourself to his size.  Whether you take him vaginally or anally, you must be sure that you can accommodate his fully flared size.  As he orgasms his flare will expand with enough force to easily rupture your tissue.  

A toy with a static size will NOT be suitable for deep penetration training and I highly recommend that anyone taking a horse anally train for deep penetration.  It is easy to stretch your rectum large enough for all but the biggest drafters and one of the advantages of large horses is that they start too large to make it through your pelvis.  Rectal only is what you see most men in vids doing but is not what the horse really wants. Like most males he wants *all* of his penis buried in his mare and will try to find a way to achieve exactly that.  You need a toy that can expand after it passes your pelvis because that is exactly what he is going to do some day. Not being prepared for this situation is what causes the majority of injuries and death.


Whatever he is going to fuck must be completely ready before you approach him.  He will be aroused, active, either disappointed or satisfied, and walk off in minutes.  You can use an AV, the fleshy part of your thighs, your anus, or your vagina to satisfy him but whichever it is, it must be clean, relaxed, and well lubed.  Mares are soft, loose, and *VERY* wet going in.  He will expect you to be the same.

If you are going the anal route, enema and enema again.  He is going to stretch you and pump you full of lube.  If there is any debris within you, it will come out.  If something goes wrong, being clean can be a lifesaver.

Horses have very sensitive noses so it is a good idea to not have any scent on you that might offend him.  Many "deodorants" and colognes will kill the mood.  I have noticed that horses like the smell of menthol (like Halls cough drops).

After you have dressed and prepared, call him to the gate or fence.  Let him sniff and lick you through the fence while you wave your butt at him.  Just watch how the mares do it.  You will know if you are doing it right when he gets a stiffy.  He will "talk" to you with a particular kind of nicker.  Kicking and screaming is permitted.

The Act:

It's all about timing.  A lot of things must happen in sequence and without interruption or you just have to start over again from the beginning.    Most stallions will enjoy you playing with their penis as long as you don't get too rough with it but getting one to complete is much trickier.  

You will have to engage in foreplay by posturing for him and letting him sniff and nibble you or you will have to provide him with someone else (like a mare) for inspiration.  He will need to mount his target but that does not necessarily mean taking his weight.  The key element seems to be centering himself over his target so that his penis is in a direct line with whatever is being used for a vulva in this session.  

He will probe with a soft headed penis until he feels soft slickness (no fur and no anus).  When he feels himself slipping into warm and wet, he will thrust / walk in as much penis as as will fit using that "iron rod".  

If you are going the anal route, when his penis is in a line above your spine it can pass easily through your pelvic opening and up your colon.  When he flares on the other side of a male pelvis, he isn't coming out until his flare goes down.  Be very sure you have a calm horse before you get in this situation.  If he spooks, you are going with him.


Once he has penetrated you, the AV, or what ever is being offered as his target he will continue to thrust until he feels something around his shaft at or behind his medial ridge.  If you are not deep enough to allow this, you will need to reach around and provide some manual stimulation.  Most stallions will eventually ejaculate anyway but he may do some damage if he expects a mare sized vagina and you fail to provide one.

The feeling of muscular contractions around his shaft as you orgasm is what he lives for.  When he feels the stimulation on his shaft (or sometimes earlier if he is excited enough) his glans will flare.  The feeling of something stretching around his glans is the primary trigger for his orgasm.  Pressure against the front of his flared glans is also helpful with some stallions. 

If his glans is inside of you there isn't much you can do but enjoy the ride.  If you took him between you legs or through an AV, you can grab his glans and hold it against your belly.  Or you can put a plastic bag or condom over it before it expands.   

You want to pleasure him as much as possible because the better it feels, the longer he will stay on / in you.  If you are doing it just right he may go limp briefly on your back.  Expect anywhere from three to nine pumps in his ejaculation.  Ideally he will go soft before he tries to pull out (this is why you want him to stay longer) but don't take that as a given.  Some equines like donkeys will always pull out flared but it works for them because they have a more slender penis and flare.


Horses have "PC blues" just like humans but don't expect them to last near as long.  Nor should you assume that just because he had a full ejaculation he is done.  Most stallions like to keep their mare around for a while and may mount and breed several times in secession before taking a break to eat or sleep.  Teasing him as he herds you about makes for high intensity orgasms for both parties.  

If you went the penetration route try to retain as much of his ejaculate as you can.  There is no better lubricant on the planet.  Do not be surprised if you feel a strong need to urinate.  He can put a lot of direct pressure on your bladder.  Squatting and pissing is a sign of a properly serviced mare so don't hesitate do it as soon as he steps back.  If he really loves you, he will cover your piss with his own.  Consider that an official declaration of marriage in horse language.  

Life with a Stallion:

Long term life with a stallion that is covering you regularly can be interesting.  On the upside, it is normal for the alpha mare to run the day to day activities of the band and he will happily fit right into your plan.  But for it work he must acknowledge you as his physical equal and that can be demanding.  If you ever let him take sex against your will, he can beat you, out you, and otherwise destroy you.  This is why sex with a full sized stallion is *NOT* for beginners or horse newbies.  Read around the forums a bit and you will find stories from people that have become submissive to a large dog.  Now imagine that "dog" being a twelve hundred lb Pit Bull.  Once he is in charge, it will be incredibly difficult to regain control and will probably result in at least one death.

On the other hand, as long as you have control and his full co-operation there is no better body guard.  A full sized stallion is completely capable of taking on any predator on the planet and will do so to protect his mares.

If you teach him that he can "bring you into heat" by being affectionate and courting you, he will use his talents to seduce you.  Tease him back for a while and you will find yourself excited enough for a major orgasm fifteen seconds into the act.


Horses are living beings and have their own wants and desires.  Adjust your expectations to something he can live with.  You have forty years to work him around to your way of thinking so take your time.

Wash his penis frequently with plain warm (105 to 110 F) water and soft cloth.  Give a little extra attention to his glans and let him thrust a little.  He will associate you with sexual stimulation and this is a good first step towards intercourse.

Expect for him to need an in heat mare for inspiration the first few times he covers you.  Once he knows how to recognize that you are available for sex, this won't be a problem but making the association against everything that he has been taught up to that point is tough.

Wear something thick and tough over your back and neck.  Stallions have a need to bite to hold on and you simply aren't tough enough to take it.

Steel toed shoes can save a lot of pain.  In the excitement of sex you will be stepped on.

Consider a helmet also.  Even after you teach him to mount without flailing hooves there is still a very large head with rock hard jaws waving around right by your ear.


If you hang out with excited critters that weigh many times more than you do, sooner or later there will be a misstep and you will get hurt.

DO NOT assume that what you see when he masturbates has any relationship at all to what will happen when he orgasms.  A stallion can pop a flare many times the diameter of his shaft.  Prepare for twice what you expect.

You have to be more than just careful around the str8s.  Not only will he out you, if he feels like someone is threatening you, he may kill them.  Stallions are not real big on forethought but they are born to protect their mares.

You will not spend a lot of time on human social events.  Not only will you be forced to live far from urban centers to find enough land for your lover but you won't have much money left over anyway.

Nor will you travel much.  Horse metabolism is based on continuous flow so you have to be there to feed at least twice a day every day.  Breaking the rhythm can cause colic (a frequently fatal condition).

                                This guide is copyright and may be reproduced only in its entirety including attributions.-Caikgoch

        -Jack donkey-


It was very common for Edward to greet me like this

When first met Edward, he'd been left, abandoned at the stables which was for only gelding horses, I was 10 years old, I think because he really didn't any much attention, now no real owner and I started giving him attention daily for the next 3 years he and I had become good friends, he trusted me.

  So at age 13, and going through puberty, and finding myself very sexually attracted to him and badly wanting to play with and suck his penis, he allowed me to, yet in away it was like letting a lion of his cage, as I now seen the real maleness emerge from him. Edward was a very, very horny donkey

  Though mutual on both he and I's part, from then on he made it clear that he wanted sucked every time I arrived to see him, thus for next four months, 2 months summer break from school I sucked him and swallowed his semen at least twice a day, yet as often as he allowed me to or he wanted me to.

Once school started and I was soon seduced by very sexy black fellow male classmate into being his "femboy", in which my role for him was to suck his penis everyday, which he soon introduced me to a older black male friend of his , whom wanted to not only suck him but he wanted to start breeding me anally, and I allowed him.

Once I knew I could have sex with a male, and now really get to feel like a girl, by the end of that week,that week end Edward was mounting and breeding me to.

                   I knew then I loved Edward and wanted him to be my partner for the rest of my life.

                                   And by chance and much luck he and I were lovers 21 years

A  Jack donkey is an intact breeding male donkeyWith over 35 years of being a donkey trainer handling all ages, sizes, and genders of donkeys I feel I have the knowledge and experience to state I do not consider any jack to be a pet suitable to be around children or an inexperienced handler. Unlike a jennet who only goes through a monthly cycle of hormones urging her to mate, a jack's actions are controlled by his libido and he is determined to breed any time his libido is stimulated by a sight, sound, or scent. The primary purpose of his life is reproduction which is why keeping a jack as a pet can be dangerous.  The docile nature of a donkey misleads people into thinking their jack can be a pet the same as a gelded jack or a jennet.

Most of the time a jack can be a gentle creature and that is why caution must be used every minute you are around a jack.  A jack's mating instinct can be very strong and his urge may be triggered by something the handler is not aware of.  A jack normally isn't vicious but he can become very aggressive because nature programmed him with a single-minded determination to not allow anything, including human interference to prevent him from reaching the source of the sight, sound, or scent that is issuing a mating call to him. 

Most accidents involving a jack occur because the handler is not expecting his usually docile jack to suddenly without warning become aggressive.  This leads to a handler being caught by surprise by the jack's suddenly frantic behavior and this makes a very dangerous situation.  The scent of a female in heat can be carried on the wind for a long distance so there is no way a handler can know for certain when his quiet, easy to handle jack will suddenly turn into a rutting male determined to go in search of the ovulating female his nose tells him is just out of his sight. 

A jack reaches sexual maturity at about 8 months old.  With training a jack can be taught to hold his urge in check until the handler gives him the go ahead to perform but this training takes time and patience is not something I would advise an inexperienced handler to attempt.  I highly recommend learning about donkeys by caring for a gelding or jennet before attempting to handle a jack - calkinsart.net


Anyone who has experience with jacks and stallions realizes that each has a different personality - some laid back, some more on the active side. However, they all have testosterone in common.  That hormone has a purpose and sometimes will override even the best training and good temper.

Always be aware that something may trigger urges that your jack might succumb to despite his and your desire for him not to. 
(...examples of attacks....)

Our cardinal rules in handling even the most docile jacks are:
*****  Do not turn your back on them.
*****  Treat them fairly, but reprimand dangerous behavior immediately and with force necessary to stop the behavior.
*****  Do not pick at them.  Punish the behavior and then forget it.
*****  Always breed at the same place at your farm and expect stud behavior to occur around the breeding farm.
*****  Always demand gentleman behavior at shows, trail rides, etc.
*****  Always provide other activities for jacks other than breeding - riding, driving, lessons, whatever.
*****  Always provide an safe enclosure with a view the farm and all its activities.  (many states have requirements for stud enclosures) Don't isolate a jack.
*****  Take as good care of the jack as you do the other animals.  Regular vet care and farrier attention.
*****  Love your jack for what he is.
  A male that has all the impulses to perpetuate the species and the intelligence and strength to over power rivals - including you.

       IF YOU ARE NOT MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY CAPABLE OF HANDLING ALL THESE RULES - Don't have a jack.  Geld your favorite companion so he can truly enjoy your companionship without restrictions and punishment for behaving naturally.


Edward very much was All Male and ;

 " A male that had all the impulses to perpetuate the species "

Excerpts from;

                                                                  "Spontaneous Erection and Masturbation in Equids"


This particular jack had never been stabled and had been maintained exclusively under field-breeding conditions. Again, in spite of a remarkably high level of heterosexual activity A. (107 observed breedings during 176 hours of observation over a l6 day period) (about 6-7 times a day), this jack exhibited 32 spontaneous erections and 24 episodes of masturbation, with durations and patterns of penile movements similar to those observed in horse stallions.
the B. 
other jack, observed for 216 h over an 18-day period, bred 133 times and masturbated 58 times. No ejaculation during masturbation was observed.

Most notable among these results is the high frequency and apparent regularity of spontaneous erection and masturbation. These results suggest higher frequency of spontaneous erection and masturbation than previously reported for stabled stallions. Tischner’s continuous direct observations of seven stabled stallions for 7 days revealed an average of four masturbation episodes per horse per 24-hour day.’ In that study, stallions exhibited erection without masturbation three to 17 times per day. Over the 7- day period of that study, ejaculation occurred three times in 363 masturbation episodes (0.8%), a rate similar to that in our study.

                                A.      16x24 = 384 hours in 16 days, 384-176=208 hours unobserved

It wasn't uncommon for Edward to breed me 30-40 times in a week

Once I got a place, and Edward and I could live together, I built a room for him to come inside, had shower area for him, then a area designed just for him to mount and breed me, thus if I went to breeding area, and he was inside with me, most likely he was going to be eager to have me get my pants off and offer him my bottom or I'd have to masturbate and suck him til he ejaculated.

                     I took alot more of his semen orally then anally, as my bottom would get sore.

Below is my "Reward ", whether I took it anally or orally didn't matter