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I Crave Equine Semen

to ingest

I began masturbating/sucking then ingesting my jack donkey Edward's penis the early summer of 1972, I would try to ingest Edward's semen 2-3 times a week.

Finally in 1981 when I got the old farm house and a few acres so he and I could live together, the first thing I did was build him a nice heated stable, a heated wash area and breeding area so he could breed me year around.

Once Edward and I lived together he bred me at least once every day, and I sucked him to just ingest his semen once every day.

Edward and I lived together until his death in 1996. (from old age related conditions) he was about 35 years old the vet. thought.

Web capture_3-1-2023_175422_.jpeg

By 1986, Edward, Jackabee, Tigger the jack donkeys, Rufus, Ted, Tanner and Temper were all living with me and I was available to all of them to breed when they desired.

So by 1986, the routine was masturbate/suck and ingest Edward, Jackabee, Tigger's semen daily, then offer myself to be bred by each of them about a hour later, generally all of them would bred at least once everyday. 

"I was strong and in good shape back then"

I always tried to read Edward, Jackabee and Tiggers mood each time we had sex, if they seemed really interested in having me milk their semen from them for ingesting or did they really seem like they wanted to bred me ?.


If they seemed not really interested, I'd leave them alone that day and see how they felt the following day, seldom was this the case however.

Web capture_3-1-2023_19357_.jpeg

With both my equine and canine partners I left it up to them, if they felt like breeding me when I offered myself to them, they'd breed me, if they didn't show interest I knew they were not in the mood, yet I nearly offered all my jack donkey partners a chance to breed me everyday and they generally would 80-90% of the time breed me at least once a day.


The dogs I offered myself to each of them every other day, and they'd generally breed me.

For example in the above study;

Trial 1 (jack A) had 107 ejaculatory mounts in 16 days - 6.6 times a day average

Trial 2 (jack B) had 133 ejaculatory mounts in 18 days - 7.3 times a day average

It was very common on very nice warm spring/summer weekend days for Edward, Jackabee and Tigger to each breed or have me ingest their semen 5-10 times that day.

Me out at 7 stallion farm to ingest semen from the stallions

Even though stallions of the size of Outlaw above were to large to penetrate my bottom, they would allow me to masturbate them to ejaculation and then ejaculate directly into my mouth so I could ingest their semen.

From 1998 to 2001 I was ingesting the semen from Jackabee and Tigger my two jack donkeys generally every day, the from all 7 of stallions at the " 7 stallion farm " 2-3 times each weekly, so most days I'd ingest 4-5 ejaculations.

"Most beautiful site in the world to me"


Other then getting bred by my jack donkeys, pony stallions or large breed dog's semen/sperm up inside my bottom,.... sucking/masturbating my jack donkeys and stallion partner's penis's then taking their semen orally to ingest is the most intense feminizing I can get from a partner.

Just swallowing his semen and knowing I am taking his living sperm into me and knowing I pleased him sexually emasculates me psychologically in the most wonderful way

The Only reasons I have sex are ; 1. to please my partner  2. to get psychologically feminized / emasculated,...80% of the time I got bred I would not have a orgasm, it wasn't important to me.

For me too ejaculate during sex I was usually locked in a copulatory-tie with one of my dogs, and I could ejaculate while his penis was stuck up inside my bottom.

locked up8_edited_edited.png
locked up8_edited.png

I very much knew, when after one of my equine partners would have a "flehmen response" after he ejaculated.....he was very happy!, thus made me very happy.

R (3).jpeg

I always felt so lucky that I was able to have animal partners that would take me as their female surrogate to mate with. Thus I was so pleased to be able to please them sexually as often as possible.

"Just seeing a Equine's big balls puts me in a frenzy and gets me wet"

2260 - balls draft_horse erection flare grass outdoors penis sheath solo stallion.jpg

For me there was never a doubt in my mind that my jack donkey and stallion partners loved being masturbated and sucked so I could ingest their semen.

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