I need to belong to Man

 "I prefer my Man be a Large breed intact male dog"


    I need a Man who can make me feminine and submissive


         Affirm my role as a female-receptive sexual partner


for  example :

                 " With Human Men "

        I love it when my man and I are driving some where,

he is driving, then he tells me to suck he cock while we drive.

Wearing the "Cage" is a very important symbol for my Identity

VideoToPhoto 637909637528204655.png

                                            I was always available for sex


At least the way it was from 1998-1999, prior to becoming a Indigo house slut, it was important to me to convey to all my men that I was available for sex 24/7, and would always do my best to get to them as fast as possible.

For example, it was common to have my men call me late in the night, they couldn't sleep for what ever reason and wanted me to give them a blow-job and or fuck me.

                                               My men could share me

For example, One time one of my men called and told that he had a cousin visiting, and he was young, 18 years old and wanted to see what it was like to fuck a a femboy, so I met them and the cousin was able to fuck his first femboy.

If I got shared the main thing was; they had to be 18 years old and older, wear a condom, be clean and healthy. 

Otherwise I was available to shared whether with one individual or for a gang-bang.

                                  By 1999 I preferred being gang-banged

                                                                                   (party fucked)

I was nearly begging all my men to arrange a gang-bang for me or slut me out for as many guys they might be able to find for me so I could get hopefully be performing

sexually 6-8 hours a day, at least 5 days a week.

So soon I was getting gang-banged(party fucked), once a month on Saturday nights, then twice a month usually, in the context of, I go to a party where all the guys were aware they could take me to a private room and just butt fuck me, I wouldn't perform fellatio, I was only available to be fucked.


Thus through out the course of the party guys would take me to the room fuck me, yet if 3 guys or 10 guys, for example choose to all go to the room with me at the same time that was fine.

Once the guys were done with me, I simply go out and hang out we all of them until a guy again was ready to take me to the room this continued until midnight then I'd go home.

It was very common for me to get fucked 30-50 or more times during the 5 hour period I'd be at the party (7pm to midnight), in the context I discribe below


Edging, peaking, or surfing[1] is a sexual technique whereby an orgasm is controlled. It is practiced alone or with a partner and involves the maintenance of a high level of sexual arousal for an extended period without reaching climax.  - wikipedia

Alot of the guys would fuck me 2-3 times, alot of the guys would just thrust in me for maybe 30 seconds and before they ejaculated, pull-out then later fuck me again and ejaculate or it was common if weather was nice for some guys who wanted to go out and a smoke would take me with them, sit on a chair then have me put a condom on them then sit on their erect penis so I could slide it up in my bottom  and ride it while he and I both had a smoke, sipped our drinks.

General a guy like that and I would have a smoke every half hour-hour , so a guy like that might have his cock up in me 10 times during the party, thus if there were quite a few guys that smoked I'd be sitting on a guys cock outside, if not I was getting most often being fucked in the private room by 1-10 guys.

                                      Sex with human males was never intimate

                                      The Contrast between having sex with Men


                                                                 my animal partners

        " Having sex with my Animal partners was always very intimate "


The I truly loved the sexual attention, the affirmation of being a viable female receptive partner when I was with Men, it was never intimate, and I knew I would not likely be taken and belong to any of them as their fully time/live with type partner.

I was taking the sperm of my  men that I routinely served, in the gang-bang context I was unable to due to the need of safety, thus they had to wear condoms.


Where with my animal partners, I could always take their sperm orally or anally, and for myself, having sex with my animal partners it was always extremely intimate and, they were my full time live with partners and, I felt I belonged to them as well as, there was always that;

           " I was submitting to them so they can breed me as they naturally do  

                                                    dynamic to our relationship "        


My friend Jodie's  stallion "Outlaw" allowed me masturbate him and ingest his semen, he was to large to actually penetrate and breed me.

Affirmation of role2.jpg

My dog lovers from 1975 until 2001; Virgil, Ward,,Blue, Jitter, Tack, T-bone, Ted, Tanner, Temper, Cunnington, Chip, Rufus, Boner, Clyde, Sargent, Sam, Hank, Max, Popeye, Henry, Einstein, Smoker, Al, Rocky, Red, On, Woody, Archer.

My Equine lovers from 1975 until 2001; Edward, Timbo, Sycamore, Benbo, Outlaw, 

Rusty, Sunny, Chester, Oscar, Applejack, Sabre.

Edward, Timbo and Benbo actually were breeding me, the others I masturbated and

ingested their semen only due to their size.


jacking off1.gif

I'd masturbate the stallions in the fashion above, then when I knew they were ready

to ejaculate I'd drop down and aim their penis into my mouth to collect their semen, then ingest it.

I collected and ingested Sycamore's semen in this way from 1978 until 1996.

I ingested the semen from Outlaw, Rusty, Sunny, Chester, Oscar, Applejack, Sabre 1997 to 2001

"My greatest desire is to be bred like a female"

                  by large intact male dogs


Being bred by one of my dog partners, getting locked up with them in a "copulatory tie" is the greatest, most intimate breeding I've ever known.