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I want to be like Her

I routinely watched Mom having sex with my step father at age 6, I simply knew that I wanted to be like her.

Soon after I was routinely performing fellatio on a older boyfriend who would ejaculate in my mouth.

By age 9 I was sucking my jack donkey Edward's penis and my great dane Cosso's penis so they could ejaculate in my mouth.

Mom caught me in the act of performing fellatio on all of them routinely,

for me it wonderful for her to see me performing sexually like I was a girl.

I wanted to be just like her


Mom, cousin and myself age one

I've always wanted to be the best receptive female like sexual partner for males that I possibly could be.

hot cougar25.jpeg

To me, Mom was the sexiest lady alive !


When I see a photo like this, I want to be female so much!,

how wonderful it would be to have two guys fucking me

at the same time like she is.

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