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My mom was my sexual role model, the first and only female I ever was sexually attracted to the first female that I had sexual intercourse with at age 12.

Incest-a new perspective-Mary Hamer30.jpeg

I think because my mom took the approach with me of as the excerpt above states at the very end;

"Only stepping outside this tradition, as the movie implies, going beyond the fear of punishment that become associated with intimacy, can the lives of children and their emotional integrity be preserved."

Not only in regards to the sexually relationship between her and I, but also my sexual relationship with guys/men as their passive-receptive partner and my relationship with male dogs and equines as their passive-receptive partner.

The sexually intimacy between her and I was wonderful in every regard, except for the constant demand for secrecy.

Mom and myself's communcations concerning my sexual relationships with guys

The first time mom caught me performing fellatio on my boyfriend Kevin I was 8 years old and Kevin was 13, I had been performing fellatio on him for about a year rountinely, 
usually 3 or 4 times a week on average, more if we had the opportunity.
Anyway I was riding my bike home from school, Kevin seen me riding home, as I passed his house so he jumped on his bike, and caught up with me and asked if I'd suck his penis,
I said of coarse I would.
Once to my house, he and I hurried to my bedroom, and I quickly set on the bed as he got his hard penis out and offered it to me, instantly I was vigoriously sucking and licking it, I'd maybe been sucking 5 minutes when my bedroom door opened, I turned to look, as did Kevin and at that moment Kevin started ejaculating as he tried to hide his penis, yet once he started ejaculating there was no stopping thus he squirt his semen all over my face and the front of me as mom was froze watching, Mom just watched without speaking, then slowly closed the door.

Kevin, hurried out the backdoor, I heard mom say bye to him as I went directly to the bathroom and cleaned up, mom knocked on the bathroom door, I opened it and she came in and
sat on the toilet and I sat on the edge of the tub, the first thing she asked me was, how I ever started doing that with Kevin.

I told her that Kevin and I were skinny dipping at the beaver pond a year ago, and I wanted to feel his penis in my mouth, so I asked him if I could lick and suck it, Kevin let
me, it liked me doing it, thus I have been sucking his penis as often as I can ever since.

Mom then asked, if Kevin always ejaculates in my mouth, I told her that he has always ever since I started sucking his penis, mom then asked if he'd stuck his penis up inside
my bottom, I told her no, but I wanted him to and had asked him if he would but so far he hadn't yet done that.
Mom asked, what ever gave you that idea, I told her that I wanted to be like a girlfriend for him, like you do with your boyfriend when I watch you and him have sex at night, mom was embarrassed now, and actually began apologizing, saying she didn't realize, that that the door was left cracked open.

I told her it was alright I liked watching, and I knew I wanted to be like her, I loved sucking Kevin penis, and soon I hoped he be sliding his penis up inside me like what was happening to her with her new boyfriend.

Mom just said that she needed to think about all this and tommorrow she'd like to talk to Kevin and myself together right after school, then she hope to be better equipped to talk about it we us, she explained that she had no experince with homosexuality, and she was mad, she did tell me to call Kevin right then and there to call Kevin and ask him to meet me at home right after school and tell him that she was mad about it.
So I called Kevin, and explained, he couldn't believe that she was mad, but he said that he be at my house right after school tommorow.

Tommorow came and about 3pm I got home, Kevin and mom were already there and sitting on my bed in my bedroom talking when I got to my bedroom to to change into play clothes as I usually did right after school, they both smiled at me, mom then said, as she showed me to new door knobs that lock, Kevin and you are going to put these new door knobs on your bedroom doors so you can lock your doors whenever your sucking Kevin's penis, as far as Kevin penetrating your Michael, I like you to wait until your older, but if you can't wait, I will get you's some condoms so Kevin can wear a condom while he penetrates you Michael.

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