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Keeping my bottom clean and ready to be bred


cleaning and caring for my bottom "my boy pussy" is very important daily aspect of my life

My first dildo

At age 13 because I took the female-role for my boyfriends, and they wanted to start penetrating my bottom " treating me like a girl ", My older friend gave me a 24 inch double ended dildo similar to the one in video below , and explained to me how to use veg. oil with the dildo to clean and prepare my bottom so they could started using my bottom to penetrate and ejaculate in.

My boyfriend explained to me that if I wanted him to treat me like a girl, and enter my bottom with his penis and impregnate me with his sperm (breed me), I had to clean my bottom first, then he'd start doing that to me.

He explained how I filled the " bota bag " with veg. oil, then squirted up into my bottom, then slid then dildo up into me, repeatedly until I was completely clean.

I spent a lot of time practicing with the dildo, and injecting veg. oil up into my bottom until I learned how to completely get myself clean so I could start taking my boyfriend's penis up inside me.

I spent about 2 months getting my bottom penetrated  very often by 6 different guys the fall of 1975.

  Once I knew what it was like having a penis up inside my bottom

         I very much knew my role was to a female-receptive partner

     I have never wanted to be like a Man and use my penis like a man

My Friend Ed's stallion pony Timbo was the my first animal partner to actually penetrate me anally and bred me(ejaculate up inside me), followed by his german shepard T-bone who knotted up in me and bred me that same day, Timbo bred me 3 times that day and T-bone twice. 

Then soon, I had my uncle's four coonhounds and Edward breeding me as often as possible, once the dogs and Edward started breeding me, I stopped seeing human males, and wouldn't have sex with a human male again until 1997.




       Once I had been bred by the dogs, Timbo and Edward

              I only wanted to be bred by intact male dogs


                 intact male equines once they had started 

                                           breeding me

                 (not until 1997 would I get bred by a Man again after 1975)

All of my animal lovers took no persuading once they had bred me several times, and generally expected me to be available to be bred daily.

                                   Which made me feel very much wanted and valued.

By 1985 I was living with and being bred by Edward, Jackabee, Tigger my jack donkeys, Ted, Tanner and Temper all large intact male dogs.

I adopted a 3 year old male intact St.Bernard "Rufus" who started breeding me in fall of 1986.




I simply knew that being a female-roled partner for male dogs and jack donkeys was how I wanted to live, I very much knew I could never be like a " Real Man ", I knew from that point on I was completely psychologically emasculated and could only be in the female role for males.


Only thing that has changed is, I started making my own dildos in 1998 after discovering 2 part silicone.

Started using J-lube lube, a veterinary obstetrical lubricant instead of veg. oil since 2001, after I stopped being bred by male dogs and stallion equines.

            From 2001-2004 I was only having sex with Men

              Since then I always used J-lube when cleaning my bottom

                                       or when being topped by men

R (8).jpg

First Time being Bred by my Animal Partners

 Being bred by my Animal partners was the central focus of my life

 from 1975 to 2001, and for Men only from 2001 to 2005

            during intercourse with my animal partners I only used veg.oil as lube

Thus keeping my bottom constantly clean and ready for penetration

                     was a routine daily task from 1975 to 2005

OIP (2).jpg

I was very eager to have my boyfriends treat me like I was a girl friend, thus I was soon using this method to clean and prepare my bottom  so they could breed me as often as possible.

I am very thankful my boyfriend Kurt introduced me to the method of cleaning and getting my bottom ready to receive a penis, I still use the same basic method today as 

I did in 1975.

                       I've continued to use this method since 1975

                                     thus about 45 years

Thus for 45 years, nearly every evening before showering, I clean my bottom using this method

For myself, my primary role is to take a partner's penis up inside my bottom, thus I have to take quite a bit of time keeping my bottom clean and ready for penetration

Having my dildos has always been a very important, necessary part of my life 

Being with my jack donkeys and stallion ponies required I be able to take at least 18" of penis up inside my bottom.

getting redy11.jpg
my femboy cock compared to Edward2.jpg

My erect penis 6"compared to my 21" dildos

The above dildo is approx. size of my donkey Edward's penis (20 inch long) thus I can mimic him breeding me as well as deep clean my bottom.

on my knees123.jpg

Once I started serving many men sexually in 1997,

              I found many of them wanted me to " Deep Throat " them,

            and I wanted them to " face fuck " me, while they tell me what a;

                                                  " Sissy Slut I am "

              Most my guys would pound their penis into my bottom hard

deep throat5.jpg

My men very much liked me to "deep throat" them and swallow their semen.

I very much wanted to please my men, and my identity as a submissive slut for them revolved around being used sexually by them as often as possible, thus I practiced often deep throating my dildos.

                      " From my experience guys wanted me too, told me too take it all"

                           "As a Slut for them, I tried very hard to please all my Men"

And by 1999 I was spending a tremendous amount of time just sucking cock,

I found most guys loved having me "deep-throat" them, some liked to thrust their cock in my mouth, all the men I was with knew I wanted dominated and used for sex, and there were plenty of guys who would be very aggressive with me, yet as long as they did get to rough, I liked that they treated me like their slut.

Alot of guys liked to watch themselves ejaculate in my mouth, tell me to swallow it all, then watch me swallow it all, a few of my men would often tell me to get on my knees in front, make me beg them to pee in my before they'd have sex with me, which I'd do for them because I wanted to be their slut. And I knew if I did as I was told they would give me a good hard fucking.

                          "All the guys asked my bottom clean"


Edward my jack Donkey started breeding me (penetrating my bottom) in fall of 1975

        Since Edward was my Male sexual partner from 1975 until 1996, 

21 years, and I nearly always had at least 3 dog partners breeding me since 1975 until 2001,  using a dildo for cleaning/preparing my bottom for him was one of the most important aspects of my life.

what I can take1.jpg
3823 - balls donkey horsecock side_view.jpg

Because Edward's penis was about 20 inches long, I had to accommodate his penis far up into my sigmond colon, as soon as he was up in my sigmond colon his penis flared then he'd begin ejaculating.

By 1985 I was being bred by and living with Edward, Jackabee and Tigger, my jack donkey lovers and by Ted, Tanner and Temper my intact male dog lovers.

I would generally get bred by at least 3 of them every day at least once.(it was common for the donkeys to bred me multiple times a day)

It took the donkeys about 30-40 seconds to breed me, yet he would often breed me many times in a day.

The only reason I was able to be bred by donkeys was due to the fact that their penis was long and slim, and their flare wasn't to big and firm like a full size stallion or even the ponies that have bred me.

R (9).jpg

Each and every time Edward bred me, I always injected about a cup of oil up inside my bottom prior to him mounting me.

This jack donkey similar in size to my jack donkey partners

I was very important that once Edward's penis entered me, I was able to take his full length in that first hard thrust up inside me. Thus the need to be full of oil.

If I can slide the above dildo in and out of me rapidly to full 18" depth, I'm clean and ready

I started performing fellatio on my uncle's 4 coonhoods (age 10), after I'd started getting penetrated by my boyfriends in fall of 1975, I was able to start

getting bred by all four of the coonhounds routinely.

For me, the most important aspect of my life in a sexual context, and at least until I became celibate, has been always having my bottom ready to be penetrated sexually by my partner, and Edward was my partner for 21 years and his penis was over 20 inches long.

Douching bottom with Water- H2O

I do know using water to douche your bottom is not the " right way ".

Yet I've spent a considerable amout of time searching on the internet about the

topic of; " properly preparing one's bottom for anally intercourse "  

                                 " never once have I seen " recommend using veg. oil "

                                 Example of what I found about preparing one's bottom;

  " Due to the common fear of excrement rubbing off on one’s partner, many people perform enemas (whereby they inject liquid into the rectum) before engaging in anal sex.

While enemas may seem like a logical way to avoid an embarrassing interaction, I strongly advise against them. Enemas increase your risk of acquiring infections, including gonorrhea, chlamydia, hepatitis and even HIV. In fact, rectal biopsies have found that individuals who performed enemas with tap water or soap suds show deterioration in their intestinal lining, resulting in increased susceptibility to pathogens.

Additionally, among subjects who performed 50 or more enemas in their lifetime, there is a trend for increased risk of anal dysplasia (which can lead to anal warts and anal cancer). If you don’t feel like you need to go to the bathroom (we’re talking number two here, people), the rectum is likely empty, and you will be ready for anal sex.

If you just read this paragraph, rolled your eyes, and still plan to use enemas, there are steps you can take to mitigate the risks. First, it’s important to lube up so that you don’t damage the anal wall. Second, keep in mind that after the enema is about 1.5 inches inside, you won’t feel sharp pain — that’s because your rectum doesn’t have this type of pain receptor.

Therefore, it’s important to choose an enema that has a smooth nozzle to prevent cuts and nicks. Make sure to use warm water so that your sphincters don’t tighten, but don’t make it so hot that you will burn yourself (I’ve seen several patients burn their rectum from hot enemas!). Ensure that there is no soap in the enema, as this can cause more irritation.

Most importantly, only use a small volume of water (you can try the little bulbs that are sold in drug stores to clean out your ears). The human colon is 5 feet long and you don’t have to clean the stool out of the entire colon! If you try to clean high up, the water will mix with the stool. This can fill the rectum with liquid stool, running the risk that you will have a messy experience." - A Doctor’s Guide to Bottoming/

       " I think the above excerpt clearly shows why Not to use Water, tap,distilled any water "

        " Knock on Wood in all the years(45) and thousands of times I been douching my bottom

          and being anally penetrated, I had an infection only once, and that was due to using to              large of a dildo while not properly lubed and had use tap water to douche with prior."

                                    My hand-made dildos

                 that I use clean and prep my bottom with nightly prior to showering

                                                                 and butt plug 

Max knot butt plug1.jpg
prepare for anal sex


For my Men, I was 100% their Slut, so I had to try to be ready 24/7 in case they called and wanted to fuck me, get a blow-job, or get party fucked or gang-banged.

         If I was going to have 10-15 guys slam their cocks in my bottom over the                     course of a hour getting party fucked or gang-banged, I needed to be sure I                                                            "was clean and ready"

I am a slut boy

A majority of my Men would give me a fast hard pounding when they fucked me, so I had to be very well prepped and clean. If I was getting party fucked or gang-banged, every guy knew to inject some J-lube in my bottom prior to penetrating me.

Albert barebacking me1.jpg

I always used " J "-lube to lube my bottom when being fucked by Men, yet never when 

my animal lovers bred me, because they might want to lick it up like Edward did with veg. oil, he loved veg. oil.


J-lube I mix with only distilled water, then put in sinus wash bottle to inject up into my bottom. I clean with it prior to actually getting fucked, and use it during the actual fuck session.

Then my Man will lube me as it fucks me, if he gives me a long slow fucking, he'll have to squirt small amounts into me every so often.


I spent alot of time going to Men's motel rooms (1997-2001)

Michael emery girly-slutboy

I only use Smooth-On Ecoflex 00-50 Platinum Silicone for making my dildos

ecoflex 50.jpg

I have to use my dildos on myself daily, especially since becoming celibate !

             (one of the toughest parts of being in alcohol rehab. was not having my dildos)

The longest dildo I use is 30 inches, yet I am only to get about 2 feet of it up inside me

Michael Emery Femboy slut

Other then my 2 years in rehab. I been using a dildo on myself nearly daily since 1975, thus nearly 47 years, I've spend alot of money buying dildos, since 1998 I been making my own, still expensive, yet I can make them to fit me, and know the product is safe.

I was very important I be able to handle about 30-40 seconds of the hard, deep

thrusting Edward would give me prior to flaring then ejaculating up inside me.

up inside me1.jpg
I love being bred by a big dog7.jpg

Being a large dog's female surrogate partner, prepping my bottom prior to being bred by one of my dog partners was just as important, like with all my male animal partners, I injected a little veg. oil up inside my bottom prior to " Offering him my bottom" so he could easily get slipped in me and get knotted-up quickly. (if the dogs knotted prior to getting in me fully, then they would be unable to get the knot into my bottom)

Generally if I offered one of my dog partners, he'd breed me everyday once.

Once he and I got locked in a copulatory-tie we would be held together 10-20 minutes, once he was locked up inside there was no possible way his "knot" could come out of me until he was finished ejaculating his semen up into my bottom and his swollen penis shrunk, so it was an extremely intimate and very committed time when one of my male dog lovers bred me.  

I should be a girl2.jpg

There are 3 stages of a dog’s ejaculate.  The first stage is a clear fluid that has practically no sperm in it.

The 2nd stage of fluid has the most sperm in it and it is released during vigorous thrusting.

The 3rd stage is mostly a clear, prostatic fluid that does contain some sperm. 

Note, however, that in breeding dogs, the tie is obtained directly after vigorous thrusting! 

Meaning, that the richest content of his sperm is released during the 2nd stage, which is during his thrusting, and immediately before he maintains a tie.



    After the First time the coonhounds bred me,

I knew I wanted dogs breeding as often as possible.

Just knowing,

the dogs were impregnating me with so much of his living sperm was so intimate for me.

And was extremely emasculating / femininizing for me psychologically.

I truly could feel like I was all of my animal partner's  female sexual surrogate.

I love being bred by a big dog7.jpg

I Dream !

me with Rex3-1.jpg
pregnant femboy1.jpg

I am very attracted to very large intact male dogs like above

" I simply love being " bred "


     large intact male dogs


              jack donkeys 


            stallion ponies

Taking my animals partners semen up inside my bottom was a very important aspect of my need for " Feminization and Emasculation " and fulfilling my female role as their female for breeding.

Once I knew my partners were ejaculating up inside me,

      I was completely psychologically fulfilled and euphoric, and emasculated.


Being penetrated anally, whether by my male dog lovers, jack donkey lovers, stallion pony lovers or men is the number one most important aspect of my affirmation of being a viable female-roled partner for a male partner.

Thus cleaning my bottom thoroughly has always been a everyday routine that I've needed to perform multiple times each day, so that I was always ready to be mounted and bred.

For example by 1986 I was being bred by my 3 jack donkeys Edward, Jackabee and Tigger, my 4 intact male dogs Ted, Tanner, Temper and Rufus all of them were breeding me at least 3 times a week, often much more frequently.

Some weekends I might get bred 20-30 times on both Saturday and Sunday, with the jack donkeys I was often bred in one after the other, one of them would ejaculate in me, pull-out and one of the others would quickly mount me.

Even though I have been celibate with animal partners since 2001, and 100% celibate since 2004, I still use my dildos to clean my bottom thoroughly every evening before showering.


preparing to be bred3.jpg

swallowing a 15 inch Slink ®

I've always used my dildos to practice "deep-throating" as well,

I wipe veg. oil on dildo prior to swallowing it!

Slink ® dildo very good for practicing deep-throating

By 2001 I was routinely having sex with 30-50 men a month,

many who seen me 3-4 times a week it was common for me to perform fellatio on 3-5 men every day, get gang-banged 3-5 times a week by (3-5 guy groups)

At one time I had 5 guys who wanted a blow-job every day, then they'd gang-bang as a group every Saturday.

So keeping my bottom clean effectly was a very important aspect of my life.

 "nearly central aspect next to pleasuring men"

                     the two went hand in hand

Since I became celibate in 2004, I still clean my bottom every night with my dildos, yet I always use J-lube instead of veg. oil as I did when getting bred by my animal partners......the link below is very informative about J-lube. 


Believe me, I've spent alot of money on dildos since 1980 many buying long double ended dildos, cause I needed a dildo at least 18 inches long to prep for the jack donkeys and ponies to breed me.

In 1998 I found  SquarePegToys® on-line, which are Platinum grade silicone, my first dildo front them was their Slink ® large which is 21", which was fine, yet it wasn't rigid enough to penetrate the bend then entry into my sigmond colon, so at about 12" it bent and just curved around back into my anal cavity. 

I tried their 15" Worm®   the same issue with it, so I started making my own once I found out about

                                        Smooth-On Ecoflex Platinum Silicone®


For me to push my 18 inch dildo like above straight up in fast and firmly like the jack donkeys and stallion ponies do, I had to make the dildos so they have a long spring core inside them. Once my boy-pussy is squeaky clean after 15-30 minutes of cleaning, then I can easily slide all 18 inches up inside me.

My jack donkeys, ponies could really give it to hard and forceful so having my boy-pussy full of oil prior to offering them to mount me was critical 

The donkeys were alot more laid back thrust into me slower and more stoic quiet like, were the ponies always hyper and whiners and could pound the day lights out of me.

A thing that I never have understood, have found a answer for is why the donkeys always pull out flared, where as the stallion ponies put out after their flare has shrunk.

OIP (4).jpeg

I love the above dildo because it mimics a horse cock, but it don't feel better then just a a plain simply smooth dildo.

do not like having a penis1.jpg
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