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Michael Emery

             "my bio."

Born: 1962

My profession: carpenter since 1980

My sexual orientation:

1.My primary ideal identity is Being a sissy caged cuckold for a dominate polyandrist female cuckoldresswhere I sexually serve her heterosexual male partners and my cuckoldress orally (fellatio/cunninglingus) and I am penetrated anally by the males. Where I am in complete permanent chastity (I never preform like a man sexually) 

2. female-roled receptive zoosexual, third-gender type, I identify with the "berdache", I am nearly exclusively attracted to large intact male dogs and intact equines (my jack donkey Edward and stallion pony Timbo).

I was a female-roled receptive partner for my large intact male dogs and intact equine partners/companions from 1970 until 2001.

In 2001 I became celibate as a zoosexual.

Part-time nude artist model: 1997-2010

From 1998 until 2005 I was a female-roled receptive partner for heterosexual men.

I've been 100% celibate since 2010.

My identity has always been centered around being the best female-roled receptive companion for my male partners, serving them the best way I could both sexually and simply as a care-taker and companion.

Nude modeling and being a artist model as well became a important part of my identity, as well as being a good way for me to socialize with others who love art, and just socialize in general, because a good part of my personal life was spent caring for my animal companions and serving them sexually, after 1982 I was always living with my 3 male Irish wolf hounds (I had 11 different male Irish wolf hound partner from 1982 to 2001), my jack donkey Edward and my stallion pony Timbo until 2001.

Being both a sexually inverted male/female sexually roled male as well as a female surrogate sexual companion/passive/submissive partner for my male dogs, my jack donkey Edward and my stallion pony Timbo has been a very difficult way to live.

A difficult way, in that I've always had to keep my sexual identity a secret both as a female-roled male, my desiring to be a transsexual and being female roled zoosexual.

I would say that my condition of being sexually inverted (desiring to be like a female), has psychologically created a strong need for me to be feminized/emasculated by my male partners either by me performing fellatio on them or by them penetrating me anally and ejaculating up inside me.

Simply by treating me as their female partner and copulating with me, my canine and equine partners give me a great affirmation of my role and a sense of great worth of being a viable sexual partner for them, and in turn greatly feminizes and psychologically emasculate me each time they copulate with me in their dominate way or they allow me to orally pleasure them and ingest their semen.

I consider myself 100% psychologically emasculated/feminized, and my identity is to perform sexually for males only in a passive/submissive role.

           " For myself, feeling feminized and emasculated is the most wonderful thing "

I've always wished to dress similar to above publicly

modeling for life drawing class

I got my dog George in 2005 when he was  3 months old, he passed in 2021, our relationship was strictly platonic, and I became 100% celibate at that time and have been ever since.

I always wanted to be a professional artist

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