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My Symptoms- Gender Identity Disorder


One thing I do know is, I've always wanted to be a female, and if I thought the sex change surgery was feasible with today's surgical techniques, I have my penis removed so I could have a female like vulva.

In my eyes having breast and a vulva simply makes me look right, and I'm so psychologically feminized and emasculated I can only be in the female role, so having a penis doesn't fit me right.

"Always wanting something you can't be"

                        "Vicarious Life"

"I've always intensely wanted to get pregnant and have a baby"

"Iiving life vicariously, for myself is the worst aspect of being a transsexual type person, I see a mother breast feeding, I envy her, I see a lady pregnant I envy her, I see a beautiful lady, I envy her, when I see my mom nude, I'd envy her, when I was performing cunninglingus on mom, my aunt Becky, ever when I was only 13 years old, I knew I so much wanted a vulva like them.

Finding the right Human Partner

For the last few years I felt a Dominate/Top T-girl type person that would take me as their full time submissive femboy partner, where I could be in my 100% female-role for them would be ideal for me and they cuckold me as well.

Finding a full-time, live with partner has always been a dilemma due to the fact that I have no desire to use my penis as a man or do I have any desire for anyone to perform fellatio on me.

One reason being a female-roled receptive zoosexual is so Ideal for me, is the fact that I only ever have wanted to be treat sexually like I'm a female and my dogs, Edward, Timbo and Henry very much treated me like a female by breeding me.

Not until after 2001, when I became celibate as a zoosexual, did I have the problem of finding a partner, because then I had to find a human partner, which I never did, I only was only able to finds guys who would have me perform fellatio on them, when the felt the need, or they'd penetrate me on occasion.

If not for the 2001 law which went into effect in 2001 where I live, I'd still be exclusively a female-roled receptive partner for large breed intact male dogs.

I really am only sexually attracted to male canines and equines anyhow, or I should say I'm very much more attracted to male canines and equines, then humans and I already know they are my most ideal partners.

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