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My thoughts as to why I am a zoosexual

Exposure to homosexual sex at a very early age, and myself in a passive/submissive/and 100% receptive female role

I can only remember back to about the age of 6 years old and I remember mainly events surrounding or associated with my mother and father's divorce.

 The Divorce was unexpected at least to me, I don't recall any fighting between my mother and father, other then one day when my father came to pick myself and my two brothers up for a weekend visit soon after he'd moved out.


 I remember being on the front porch being pulled by one hand by my mother  crying not wishing me to go, while my father pulled my other in the effort to get me in his car with my brothers so we could leave, this was a very traumatic moment, that I to this day often recall, in part because I didn't want to leave with my father, yet I did, and I would continue to always feel I betrayed her by letting my father take me.

After that, and if I recall the time correctly it was nearly immediately after that, my mom have a man spending nights at our house, and because my bedroom was attached by a door directly into her bedroom and the most direct route to the bath from her room was through my room.

Often I'd be awaken late in the night by moaning, talk etc. coming from mom's room, and because the door connecting our room's was often left open a crack, well the first time I was awaken by the sounds from mom's room I quietly got up and peeked in, and what I seen was mom sucking this man's big penis (big to me) . Watched as stuff squirt from the tip of penis into mom's mouth, then it seem he was turning and headed for the door I was peeking through, I quickly climbed back in bed and pretended to be a sleep, just in time be the man enter my room completely naked, and as he left my room into the tiny hall, the bathroom was right outside my other door which was always left open, when he flipped on the bathroom light I could clearly see his big penis.

This was repeated night after night, and because they'd often leave the bedside table light on I could see clearly what they were doing, the man's big erect penis sliding in my mom's vagina or bottom etc.


Soon I wanted to suck this man's penis the way my mom was doing.

I was sexual used at age 7 by a 17 year male, he had me suck his

penis, as well as he penetrated me anally, even though he took advantage of me I liked it. 

I never seen this guy again, yet if he would of wanted to do that to me again I would of let him I believe

Soon I was asking a older neighborhood friend if I could suck his penis, (he was 13) and on a day he and I were out in woods naked running around, which is something he and I commonly did in summer.


I asked him if I could suck his penis, (age 8)

My friend let me suck his penis, and he ejaculated in my mouth, I very much liked having his penis in my mouth, this became very common, and he started asking me to suck him often when he would see me out playing or I go over

to his house and ask if I could suck his penis, there were many weeks that it seemed I sucked his penis nearly every day in the summer.

To this day I can still rememeber how much I loved the feeling of having a penis in my



                                                     Preferred to remain a zoosexual


                                                      Only be a female-roled partner

                            for a jack donkeys, large intact male dogs and stallion ponies

                                                         A lot of ideas on the topic


             I've spent nearly a lifetime trying to put into words how I feel about being

              a female-roled receptive partner for my male animal partners, as well as,

           " why I so much want to feel sexually like a female "


1972 age 10

Sucking Virgil the coonhound penis for the first time

             my uncle's coonhounds, Virgil, Blue, Ward and Jitter,

                                        all four were intact males

I was walking Virgil in the woods on day, I was nude, which was usually

the way I was if weather was warm Virgil and I had stopped for a drink

break, I got his bowl out of the knapsack, pour water in it from my canteen as he lapped the water up I watched him as I got a drink from the canteen.

I noticed his penis was sticking quite aways out of the sheath, it was the

first time I thought about it, yet suddenly I wanted to suck his penis,

I wetted a cloth with water from the canteen, then got down on my knees next him and carefully wash his penis, then rolled onto my back

under him and then gently began licking and sucking his penis.

                                       I only did it a few minutes,


       I also knew I was going to start sucking him every day if possible

The following day I took all four for a walk and was able to get them excited and erect, Virgil was first to knot up as I masturbated him, thus I was able to ingest his semen.

After allowing about a week for all of them getting used to me licking and sucking their cocks all them started allowing me to masturbate them to full copulatory stage so I could then get under them and ingest

their semen.

R (4).jpg



I think when I started sucking all four of their cocks it was just pure want, to experience having a dog's penis in my mouth.

Once I had sucked Virgil's penis, then the other 3 allowed me

it just became a routine thing I did with them when we went for walks.


Once I seen how big the hound's cocks would get, I was very attracted to their

maleness, I liked pleasuring them seeing them ejaculating, for me it was just intensely exciting, seeing them so excited.

First of August 1975,

A fellow student (Him) at my school tells me he wants me to suck his penis, I do and it is wonderful, I eagerly suck his penis after school nearly every day the following week.

Him tells me that over the weekend he'd told his friend Kurt that I love to suck cock and that I'd probably be willing to start sucking Kurt's cock as well, Rod then told me that I'd like Kurt and that he was experienced, and he was looking for a sissy femboy like me to start butt-fucking regularly.

Thats all Him had to say, I wanted a penis in my bottom so much, I told Rod that I would like to meet Kurt.




   ( I wanted to be taught how to take a penis in my bottom, I'd been dreaming that Edward would)

                           #Being female receptive for a male animals#

#  "For the bottom, male or female the very act of sex in and of its self is a deeply submissive act. 
You are opening your self up quite literally to letting another stick a part of their body inside yours.
The partner I am submitting to in this case is semi uncontrollable no safe words or instruction will dictate his intent,

I have submitted and in that moment he is going to use me for his own ends driven by a animalistic needs to procreate.
It doesn't get much more primal than that I think "

# "I tend to think that being a bottom to a stallion or a stud pony makes the stallion or stud pony the alpha horse with dominance over me...maybe even makes me his alpha mare. In a world of horses and men, I imagine the stallion or stud pony desires dominance over me.


                    "In the horse stall, the stallion or stud pony is the master"

                                                                1975 age 13


My Master was Edward my jack donkey, I never been so sexual attract to anyone like I was him, and after the first time he pushed his penis deep up in my bottom and ejaculated, I knew I belonged to him as his female partner.

Edward was my master.jpg

August 1975


The first time I was actually mounted, penetrated anally then impregnate with semen by one of my animal lovers, was Timbo my friend Ed's stallion

pony. Edward bred me several days later after 5 of my male dog partners had bred me.

About size of Timbo

Getting Outed at school

Yet sex with my boyfriends, T-bone and Timbo soon ended after someone outed me and my boyfriend at school, and me in the role of sucking cock and getting butt-fucked by different guys, besides my boyfriend from school. ( late August 1975) nothing ever was said about me having sex with Edward, Timbo or the dogs, so whoever started spreading the rumor through school only knew I was having sex with guys.  (I would become Timbo and T-bone's surrogate female again in 1978)

The public shaming was horrible, so horrible I wanted to quit school, I ended seeing my boyfriends (by that time I was having sex with 5 different guys).

After getting made fun of and shamed for sucking and getting butt-fucked by my boyfriend's by so many students, the reality of being a homosexual boy hit me hard, though I wanted to continue to have sex with my boyfriends, I chose to just be Edward my jack donkey's female surrogate partner, and no longer have sex with humans.

    I wanted to keep my homosexual/transsexual condition a secret


           My thought was, if I only had my jack donkey Edward

                                    and the dogs breeding me

           I had no need to deal with what society thought of me.

      I've spent most of my life trying to pretend I am masculine,

      when in reality I only want to be feminine and be treated

      sexually like I am a female.

                 "There is nothing masculine about me in truth"

    " With my Animal partners I didn't have to pretend  they knew

      I wanted treated like a female and they were always eager to

                            mount and breed me like a female "

I simply knew I wanted to be the female surrogate sexual partner for large male dogs, jack donkeys and stallion ponies for the rest of my life.

Once I had my jack donkey Edwards penis up inside my bottom, experiencing his flare

and just knowing he was impregnating me with his semen I knew I "belonged with him" and I knew I wanted him breeding me for the rest of my life. 

    I from that point had no interest in a human male partner

                                      and very much knew

        I only desired being a female-roled passive/receptive 

                   partner for Edward, my dogs, and equines

        Sex for me was about getting psychologically

                  was about getting feminized/emasculated

By being a surrogate female partner for my animal partners, just being with them, knowing they wanted me as their female receptive partner to breed routinely and with certainty was very important to me..." I knew they'd be there for me "


                              A writing I came across,

and I believe is true for me with all my male equine, and my dog partners

                                             Being female-roled for a male animals

 "For the bottom, male or female the very act of sex in and of its self is a deeply submissive act. 
You are opening your self up quite literally to letting another stick a part of their body inside yours.
The partner I am submitting to in this case is semi uncontrollable no safe words or instruction will dictate
his intent, I have submitted and in that moment he is going to use me for his own ends driven by a animalisitic needs to procreate.
It doesn't get much more primal than that I think"

"I tend to think that being a bottom to a stallion or a stud pony makes the stallion or stud pony the alpha horse
with dominance over me...maybe even makes me his alpha mare. In a world of horses and men,
I imagine the stallion or stud pony desires dominance over me.
In the horse stall, the stallion or stud pony is the master" - unknown author

                                       I'm a submissive

I have always felt my animal partners to have dominance over me, and I must be submissive to them sexually I very much wanted them to aggressively mate with me, feel their power/maleness as the thrust their penis into my bottom.

                  Getting bred by my Animal lovers

                                       was the most wonderful purpose I can have

When one of my male animal partners has his penis thrusting into me   ................. just knowing that soon he will be impregnating me with his sperm is the most wonderful feeling I ever felt.

           Consummated into a female-roled zoosexual



In a very short amount of time after my animal lovers started using my bottom to penetrate and ejaculate in, I was fully consummated into a female-roled zoosexual, psychologically I was dependent on them mounting me, penetrating me anally and taking their living sperm up inside my body.

I would never really have any interest in humans as a sexual partner after 1975, I was very content being a female-roled/receptive partner just for my male animal lovers.


I craved being locked in a copulatory tie

From the very first time that T-bone the german shepard had his penis stuck up inside me in a copulatory tie, and Timbo the pony bred me three times that same dream was to live every day like that day!

By 1981 I was living in a small farm house that I was buying on contract, living with Edward and Ted, a large 4 year old intact male Dobermann.

I had a big shed directly behind the house, between the house and shed I built a large room with a heated concrete floor, by being heated it became a wash area for Edward, as well as the breeding area for Edward and I to copulate.

By the summer of 1981 Ted was breeding me at least every other day, Edward was breeding me nearly every day.

By spring of 1983 I adopted Tanner a intact male bloodhound, Tanner was breeding me at least every other day by summer of 1983.

In the fall of 1983 I got a 3 month old intact male great dane puppy " Temper", he began breeding me in the spring of 1985.

In spring of 1983 I got a 1 year old miniature jack donkey " Jackabee", after hand collecting semen from Jackabee for several weeks, I was able to get him to mount and breed me.

July of 1984, Ed and I drove down and got the now 5 month old jack donkey foal, I              named him "Tigger"

So by 1985 I was being bred by Edward, Jackabee, Tigger, Ted, Tanner and Temper, all of them were breeding me at least 3 times a week.

I adopted a 3 year old male intact St.Bernard "Rufus" who started breeding me in fall of 1986.

Once all of my Animal partners had successful mounted, penetrated my bottom and bred me until they fully ejaculated up inside me, they then knew that I was their surrogate female partner to bred as often as they desired.

                                        Thus, if I offered them

                           they generally would mount and breed me

I should be a girl2.jpg

Offering my partners my bottom

Because I had 7 animal partners living with me and breeding me, I had schedule of offering,  if say Edward, Tanner, Rufus bred Monday, I'd first offer on Tuesday maybe  Tigger, Jackabee and Ted, I'd always get bred by three of them every night, yet many night all of them might breed me, it was common for me to get bred 35 times Monday thru Friday if they all were in the mood.

In 1985 my friend Sally's wolfhound started breeding me routinely as well, and many weekends my friend Ed's Timbo the stallion ponies and T-bone the german shepard would breed me.

          Edward, Tigger and Jackabee would often breed me one after the other throughout the day

Saturdays and Sundays were dedicated to just being with, grooming, bathing, playing with and copulating all of my guys, who ever wanted to mate with me could as often as they were interested.







                              The above chart is a study with two jack donkeys Trial 1/Trial2,

                          For example donkey 1 bred w/ejaculation 12 times on day 12, 15, 16. 

                                Both jacks are ejaculating at least 5-6 times a day on average.

It was very common for Edward, Tigger and Jackabee to breed me 8-12 times in a 10-12 hour period, thus it was common for all of the dogs and the donkeys to breed me

50 to 80 times in a 7 day week.

Over a month's time Edward, Tigger and Jackabee might breed me with "ejaculatory mount" the three combined 200-400 times in a month, as it was normal to get bred by each of them 30 times a week.

Being accept as viable female partner has always been so important to me, and by my animal partners taking me as their female to mate with, the copulating with me and impregnating me with their sperm, not only highly feminized and emasculated me, it greatly Affirmed my role as a wanted and desired female roled breeding partner.

donkey weather vane1.jpg

I knew the right direction for me was to be a female-roled passive/receptive zoosexual


By 1985 the HIV/Aids epidemic was sweeping the country,

I was lucky I was by then living with my "Guys", 3 male dog lovers Ted, Tanner, Temper and Edward and Jackabee my jack donkey partners who were breeding me routinely.

I was generally getting bred at least 2-3 times a day if the guys wanted me, if home with them I'd generally offer myself to each of them every few hours, so if they were in the mood, they could breed me every 2-3 hours.



        I've known I was Psychologically 

                  a homosexual transsexual type since 9 or 10 years old


Knowing I could never be like a real man

Web capture_11-11-2022_152636_.jpeg


                           I would never use my penis like a Man

The idea of wanting to be like a man was completely wrong for me,

even the idea of penetrating a female, male or animal was very, very wrong for me, just the idea of me trying to be like a man was incomprehensible.

                                     My Method of Gender Affirmation

                     Has always been to perform sexually for males

                     as their female-receptive partner by taking their

                                        semen orally and anally



                       the number one most important aspect of my

                      life has been to be treated sexually like a female

    And by having one of my animal partners always willing to breed me was very                                important to affirming my value as a wanted female partner

 "Sissy Boy Syndrome"

I prefer to have pigtails1.jpg

I'd prefer to wear my hair in pigtails like photo below because it helps me feel feminine, yet         it simply isn't safe to in today's society, due to the fact that it invites conflict publicly

The "Sissy Boy Syndrome" and the Development of Homosexuality was a 1987 book by sexologist Richard Green.

Following a 15-year study on the development of homosexuality, Green argued that the most effeminate boys who experience gender dysphoria in childhood (then termed "gender identity disorder in childhood" or, colloquially, "the sissy boy syndrome") identify as gay or bisexual in later life - wikipedia

At least from earliest memories I always felt like a Sissy boy, and why I always have attributed that leading to my intense sexual attraction to my animal partner's maleness, I so much wanted to be taken sexually by a Male, be treated like a girl sexually, my animal partner's were there for me !, they treated me like the female I so much desired to be by breeding me intensely.

      " And my secret of being a "Sissy", female-role male was Safe with them"

I prefer to have pigtails1.jpg

               I think very Few people realize how bad it was to be " Outed " as a Sissy,

                                   a female-roled male, homosexual bottom in 1975

          " It was very much Safer psychologically for me to be with my animal lovers"

         I love feeling like a Sissy for the right Male lover, and love being submissive for                                                and being used for sex as often as he wishes 

           "the more I get used sexually like a female, the better I feel "



I very much don't feel like a Man, or at least what I think a Man should be like, I think a Man should always want to be in the male sexual role, unlike myself who only wants to be in the female sexual role.

I feel this is in large part, the reason for my not being able to establish a monogamous relationship with a male who identified as " gay ".

                I need to belong to a male that I feel is not homosexual "

 -Being very Submissive and need to belong to Male partner-

With Edward and my dog lovers I truly felt married to them, that I was their's

I've always only desired to be in the female-role for a male partner sexually to the extent that I have never want a male partner to perform fellatio on me, I never used my penis to penetrate a male, that would be like performing like a Man in my eyes, and I never wanted to perform like a Man sexually.

          Like most Human/Animal relationships, the Animal belongs to the Human

          Yet in my Animal relationships, I belong to them as much or more as they

          belong to me.


             My Animal lovers had the great ability to make me feel extremely                                                               female like,

I think in large part by them and without hesitation treating me sexually just like they would a female of their own species.  

It simply didn't matter to my animal partners that I'm male

                    A somewhat in-direct reason for preferring only

                                                        to be a female-roled partner

                                                                            for a

                      jack donkey, stallion pony or a intact male dog

                                 Because of my of my Gender Identity Disorder 


I have to be in the female role, be female sexually receptive for Dominate male

Because I've had sexual relationships with both Human males and Non-Human males;

My need to present myself as Feminine to Non-Human is minimal,

My need to present myself as Feminine to Human males is very important,

                                                                     as well as

My need to present myself as and be very Submissive for Human males is essential,




"The very act of sex in and of its self is a deeply submissive act, once I have submitted and in that moment he is going to use me for his own ends driven by a animalistic needs to procreate".

                                                                                                                                  (from quotes below)

All my Animal partners represented Absolute Pure Maleness

                   and gave me the feeling of being intensely female

                                All my Animal partners,

                       had the ability to impregnate me,

                       often and with a large amout of sperm/semen

              My oldest and most enduring fantasy:

     Has always been in the theme of me being the female-roled partner of a Centaur

the-centaur-english-school (1).jpg

If I could live life over again I'd only be a female-roled partner for a  jack donkey like Edward or a male great dane like Max because when we were sexually intimate, the way they treated me made me feel;

     " Totally Female like, they were truly trying to Breed me "

With Edward especially, I often wondered if he wondered why I never got pregnant,

                            or had a baby since he'd bred me so many times, then again,

 "I was so glad he was so determined to try to get me pregnant"

pregnant femboy1.jpg

Likewise, where anthropomorphic attitudes are high and attachment bonds are formed with an animal, these could develop into a more sexually attractive relationship on the part of the human.




I agree with below article in;

 1. According to cultural anthropologist Ernest Becker, sex is such a problem because it reminds humans of their basic, core animal nature.

I don't agree with;

" So, why is sex so taboo? Our primal, animal sexuality ignites fears of our own mortality".


 - For myself being a female receptive partner for my Male dog and Equine lovers is -

                                                                   " Ideal "


A quote from Sarah Wheelers below essay that I very much identify with;

If one can indeed relate to another being across the species barrier so intimately, as reading accounts of zoophiles has convinced me, then that relationship does not fall so very short of the ideal after all

Analzying Bestiality by Sarah Wheeler -the possibility of moral bestiality

Morality is something one cannot take for granted.  We grow up in a culture with certain mass assumptions, certain given taboos, and we accept them.  But when one begins to question, when one learns that a certain taboo (such as homosexuality) is in fact a sound practice, it becomes necessary to examine more and more assumptions until you may evaluate a practice on it’s own grounds, and not the grounds that society has assigned to it.


    Bestiality is the practice of having sex with a non-human animal - most commonly, horses and dogs.  It is assumed that this practice is animal abuse, that it is an issue of power much like rape or pedophilia, and that the humans who engage in it are psychologically unsound.  This I have questioned.


    Of course, when considering the ethicality if any action, one must outline what would qualify or disqualify an act.  Bestiality would most certainly be immoral should the animal be raped, and it is entirely possible to rape an animal.  But just as it is possible to violate consent, it is also possible to obtain it.  Bestiality may be considered immoral on other grounds, such as setting back the best interests of the participants or by the mere act displaying a psychological deficiency in the human.  It would also be immoral should the human merely use the animal for his/her selfish interests, if you will, as a means to an end; however, many bestialists - or zoophiles, as some prefer to call themselves - maintain a deep and caring emotional bond with their non-human partners.


The Animal Side: Consent and Understanding

The foremost considered issue when considering bestiality is that of consent.  Can an animal consent?  Popular wisdom says no.  Before determining whether they may consent, however, one must consider what consent is and what it means.


    Consent, most essentially and basically, is agreeing to participate in an action, or to have an action done upon you, of your own free will.  But one must consider more than that; you must have proper knowledge of what the action is, and all information about the proposed situation that may affect your decision.  You may consent to have sex with a person, but your decision may have been different had you known that they were married; if s/he did not tell you that, your ability to consent was tampered with.  One must also make the decision autonomously, without threats or coercive rewards.


    So how much of this really applies to animals?  An animal can say yes or no, though they cannot speak human language; it is obvious to even the densest of humans that a dog’s snarl or a horse’s raised hoof means "Back off."  Similarly, animals will ask for sex, though the signals can be less blatant and thus one must pay attention to their behavior to interpret them, especially as we are taught in polite society to ignore them.  The issue, however, is simple; if an animal wants sex, it will ask for it or consent to sexual advances; if it does not, it will resist, fight back or at the very least make it clear with reluctant body language.  At that point the action becomes immoral should the human continue their actions, for they are obviously forcing sex upon a being who does not want it.


    But may animals give fully informed voluntary consent?  Do they know everything they need to know?  The question of ‘fully informed voluntary consent’ has always seemed strange to me when considering animals.
  What does one mean when talking about ‘fully informed?’  Would your marital status matter to a dog? 
That the consent is voluntary should be quite obvious - it is nearly impossible to manipulate or cajole an animal into doing something it truly doesn’t enjoy.
   (Just try to convince a 1500-pound Clydesdale to accept your advances when it’s not interested.) 
And animals do enjoy sex and sexual stimulation; the numerous cases of dogs humping various human’s legs should make that obvious.
  It is even possible to use sex as a reward, much like a food treat or favorite toy.  Most of the considerations humans must take under advisement are a non-issue for animals.
Animals know everything they need to know; so far as their sphere of knowledge and consciousness is concerned, as far as it is relevant they are autonomous beings giving voluntary consent.
  Saying that animals cannot consent because they simply cannot understand what humans would need to understand to consent is an inherently unfair exclusion; if an animal cannot understand something, 
how could it be relevant to them?  And why on Earth would we expect the same levels of understanding for a different species, which by definition has a different capacity and requirement for understanding the world?
  To expect the human of the non-human is to expect the unnecessary and the unobtainable.

There is also the concern that a particular animal’s loyalty to an owner would make it unwillingly consent to his/her advances.
  This is patently anthropomorphization; even if an animal is completely devoted to its owner and is utterly gentle and submissive, it will not hide its own reactions.
  If it does not want to have sex, at the very least it will pull away and act reluctant or uncomfortable, at which point the person (who should be fluent in the species’ body language,
just as you should speak a common language with your human partner) should stop.  If they do not, it has become rape.  Rape is rape regardless of species, and rape is immoral.


    As it has been stated and as it should be obvious, animals can and do enjoy sex; their libidos are close enough to ours so that many species are known to masturbate or even engage in recreational sex.
  Also, given the slightest bit of encouragement, animals will of their own free will seek out sexual attention from humans.
  They will even do so with discouragement - the stereotype of the incorrigible dog humping a human’s leg, for instance.


    On the flip side, can humans understand what sex means to the animal?  It can be very difficult to understand certain behaviors, given the language barrier, not to mention the species barrier. 
However, it is not impossible.  Animal trainers and handlers must understand body language; often their lives depend on it, as is the case with elephants, wild cats, or wolves.  As far as sex goes,
sex may not always be an expression of love or even of affection (as is true with humans); male-male mounting behavior in many species is an expression of dominance and aggression.
  However, these differences do not mean that we are unable to understand non-human sex.  We must simply observe and study.


    However, even with consent, even with understanding, is bestiality against the best interests of either participant?  Humans can want things that are essentially bad for us;
merely because we consent to or understand something does not mean that going ahead and doing it will be good for us. 
The same goes for animals; their liking for antifreeze is conclusive proof that they can want things that are bad for them.
  Indeed, it is possible to invite negative consequences - such as infection or injury - if one is not careful while engaging in bestiality.
  But mere injury or sickness would not make it *wrong* - that can happen during human sex as well.  Foolish or imprudent does not make immoral.

 However, if the act of bestiality were wrong simply because of the nature of the act, then it would be a function of the entire domestic animal - human relationship.
  Animals and humans collaborate on many areas of life; from working animals to lap pets, we live in close quarters, we share resources, we become deeply emotionally attached to each other.
  We consider them family; there are pet hospitals and pet cemeteries.  People mourn their pet’s death and take joy in shared activities.
  The relationship between humans and domestic animals is extremely close; with all that emotional intensity, sex can rightly be considered an extension of that relationship.
  Whether this relationship itself is wrong is a huge argument that will not be considered here;
suffice it to say that I do not consider every pet owner and farmer to be immoral simply because they have close relationships with animals.
  Nor are bestialists immoral simply for extending that relationship into the sexual realm.  An action cannot be wrong simply because it is sexual; there must be other basis.


The Human Side: Psychology and Religion


    The psychology of the human wishing to engage in bestiality is the next topic under scrutiny.  I do not consider perversion to be a relevant judgment; like unnaturalness,
it is often used to describe something which is merely aesthetically repulsive to the individual.  If something is indeed ‘perverted’ and morally wrong to boot, then it will be wrong on other basis, not simply because it is perverse.


    A common conception (that is not always a misconception) is that the humans who engage in bestiality could only be interested in the animal as a sex toy; in other words,
no one who really cared about animals would have sex with them.  Stated in those terms, it seems very odd.  Is not sex a tantamount means of expressing caring, love, and affection,
especially considering that sex is as enjoyable to animals as it is to us?  That aside, some humans obviously do practice bestiality not because they love the animals, 
but because the animal is a non-speaking yet living object that they can treat as a sex toy.  And of course there is always the lonely Shepard or curious farm boy, 
where the animals they accompany are the only outlet for sexual energy.  But these are not the only participants in bestiality.

  Bestialists - perhaps in this context more accurately labeled zoophiles - are often people who not only claim to deeply love and care about their animals, but whose behavior supports this claim.

  They are experts in animal behavior, knowing exactly what signs to look for  to be able to tell when the animal is annoyed or uncomfortable with their advances (and vice versa);
they take good care of their animal partners, and are conscientious pet owners; many are fierce animal-rights advocates and detest animal cruelty in all it’s forms.  With all this,
it would be ignoring the evidence to then say that they are objectifying the animals as toys or even rationalizing their practice in the face of contrary evidence, as practicing pedophiles do. 
As much as any chaste animal owner, they deeply care for the emotional and physical well being of their companions.

A common approach is that by having sex with an animal, the human is degrading him (or her) self.  This viewpoint is often derived from the notion that humans are eminently superior to animals;
often this has a religious basis.  Religiously, animals have been regarded as under Man’s rule, for us to use and even destroy as we please (though this has considerably softened in contemporary environmental-conscious times);
though sex could be considered just another use, it would be absolutely taboo for a human to actually relate to an animal on it’s own grounds.
  Especially as sex is regarded as existing solely for procreation, and perhaps for the expression of love, sex with an animal is absolutely forbidden.
  The concept that one might love or relate to an animal is highly threatening to the Church’s anthropocentric world-view.   This argument, like most arguments with religious basis,
is compounded with problems; the foremost being that homocentric is little more than a Western excuse for human dominance and rationalizing atrocities such as the meat industry and animal abuse and neglect.
  That being the case, I will address the non-religious issue: that bestiality is degrading relative to what humans should be and should do in their relationships and sexual activity.  
This argument is not without appeal; for surely, a partner with whom you can relate to on the same intellectual level, and with whom you can share activities of human nature is to be sought.  
Of course, this point has merit.  However, it is also not to be denied that deep emotional bonds with animals are possible, and they do share aspects of our lives in a different fashion. 
True, one cannot discuss philosophy with them, but even the chaste pet owner can relate to them on a deep emotional and physical level.  Zoophiles extend that to the sexual realm. 
It may, perhaps, be considered immoral for a zoophile to substitute human relationships for animal ones; however, not all zoophiles are animal-exclusive, and even if that situation would be considered immoral, it would not make the practice of bestiality itself immoral.


    Many argue that sex should only occur in relationships where you can relate to the person on a human level; but sex can be an expression of many things, not merely a completely egalitarian relationship.

  It is the embodiment of the flesh; it can express so many things, from pure physicality to romantic love to mutual friendship.  
Though a relationship where a meeting of minds does occur may be ideal that does not condemn anything less as being immoral. 
This would devalue the relationships of those humans who simply do not choose to (or who are even not interested in) intellectual issues, negating the tremendous value of their emotional, physical, and (if you will) spiritual connection.  It would indeed be asking too much to ask all persons to seek the ideal or nothing.

Moreover, people who engage in bestiality for more than pure physical pleasure profess that they truly feel a sexual and emotional attraction to animals parallel to or even beyond that which they feel for humans.

If one can indeed relate to another being across the species barrier so intimately, as reading accounts of zoophiles has convinced me, then that relationship does not fall so very short of the ideal after all.

It is a huge step for the typical anthropocentric mind to accept, that a human could relate on such grounds to an animal; however, after reading the writings of zoophiles with an open mind, one must accept that it is so. 

This is further supported by the fact that many zoophiles simply take pleasure in masturbating the animal to orgasm, and not merely using it as a tool towards their own gratification.

They derive pleasure from giving the animal pleasure; it would be hard to find a truer point towards the proof of love.  There is as much sincerity and feeling in their accounts as there is for accounts of human love, 
and if one is to believe in love at all and treat the evidence fairly, human-animal love is undeniable.


    What about animal-human love though?  Can animals reciprocate the feelings?  Love is a terribly difficult emotion to prove, especially in the absence of language.  
However, animals are affectionate and loyal; and as much as is possible through the species barrier, they display all evidence of being capable of love.  
There is always the problem of communications, and of course of what sex means to the animal; however, given intimacy and close observation,
no person who lives or works with animals can deny with a clean conscience that animals do not love.  The evidence, though much of it is anecdotal and personal, is there.

Is the human-animal attraction a sickness?  Pathology to be cured?  As of today bestiality is still on the psychologist’s list of paraphilias or mental disorders, much like homosexuality was a few decades ago. 

In the case of homosexuality, psychologists were simply unaware of the committed and happy relationships that were possible within homosexuality.  
Out of plain and simple ignorance, they condemned an entire sexual orientation as a mental sickness.

I would make a similar analogy to bestiality - psychologists are simply unaware of the relationships that are possible with animals.  
Of course not all of those practicing bestiality even consider connecting with an animal so deeply; remember the lonely Shepard.

However, there is a considerable community of individuals who find themselves much happier when loving and consummating animal relationships than when restricting themselves to humans; and, barring a concrete wrong (such as animal abuse), I for one will not condemn that happiness.  To all appearances, it is fulfilling and complete; it is not indicative of any psychological shortcoming. and when abstaining from internally accepting or practicing bestiality, many zoophiles experience the same symptoms that homosexuals do while still in the closet - most notably extreme loneliness, isolation, and depression.

Bestiality cannot be cured, and at least one psychologist has expressed the view that there is no need to change it.

"I've always dreamed that my dog lovers could really get me pregnant"

pregnant femboy1.jpg
wish I could get pregnate6.jpg
I love being bred by a big dog7.jpg

I do know, that if I had a chance to live another life and I turned out being a psychologically sexually inverted male (female roled/receptive), I would be 100% exclusively be a "only" female-roled zoosexual for large intact male dogs only.

Getting bred by the dogs is a lot easier on my bottom, then the ponies or Edward, 

when the dogs mounted and thrust into me prior to knotting up inside of me, it was

intense yet short lived, thus I wouldn't get sore like I would with Edward and the ponies. 

Being locked to my male dog lovers, having their swollen penis stuck up inside me

10-20 minutes is by far the most intimate experience I've very known.

My dog lovers nearly always impregnated me with a large amount of sperm

"Becoming a " Female-roled/receptive Zoosexual"

By the end of the week I'd been bred multiple times by my 5 dog partners and Edward

and Timbo a half a dozen times each.

The only way to put it, would be to say;

My animal partner emasculated me so completely, made me feel so female/feminine,

     "I simply was their female and I belonged to all of them as their female partner"

At about 21:00 of above video Hani Mileski explains that she found in her research that the majority of male zoosexuals where like me and were being a female-roled/receptive partner for male dogs.

I was able to "belong" to my animal partners, they treated me like their female to bred when they wanted, they had no pre-conceived notions of me being a feminine male/homosexual etc.

To belong to them as their breeding partner, submit to them by taking their penis up inside me, then their sperm.

It was the most intimate and purest form of pure mutual acceptance 

                                                           I've ever known.

            I loved how my animal partners aggressively bred me,

                   by vigorously breeding me, I felt very wanted and needed by them

Being a passive/submissive/feminine homosexual and wanta be transsexual in the 1970's,

          " was not at all socially acceptable, and was best kept secret ". 

   And being a female-receptive partner for male canines and equines,                                              " I could keep secret "

"Being on my knees getting bred by one of my animal partners is my role"

           "I very much was as loyal and dedicated to them as I could be"

I should be a girl 080qqq-m.jpg

Basically, I've always believed that due to the fact that I am sexual inverted, thus sexually attracted to males, once I reached puberty, then living closely with Edward the jack donkey and Virgil, Blue, Ward and Jitter the intact male coonhounds their maleness was intensely inviting and sexual for me.

At the time I knew I wanted a boyfriend to treat me like a girl, yet being publicly homosexual was not accepted were I lived, so I became Edward, Virgil, Blue, Ward and Jitter's girlfriend.

Once I was taking Edward, Virgil, Blue, Ward and Jitter's penis up inside my bottom and they were impregnating me with their sperm,

                              "I belonged to them as their female"


                        Once I was a zoosexual, I knew I'd always be! 

It was alot safer for me and my animal partners to have sex, even though I was my animal lovers submissive/receptive partner that they could mount and breed as often as they desired, I was in charge of their health, having the vet. checking them regularly for their heatlh, needed shots etc.

I had no control over human male partners in regards to STD testing, I knew I could not likely ever belong to a Man as his full-time sexual partner.

   I always felt so lucky that my Animal partners wanted me, and treated like a female

how I prefer to dress-o.jpg

I've always dreamed of living in a society were I could dress and be feminine as I feel I should be without being made fun of, ridiculed and threated by others.

zoosexual femboy-7.jpg

I'd say of all the male lovers I had, jack donkeys excite me the most, I know I very much  prefer ingesting jack donkey semen,  verse dogs or human

Ingesting Equine Semen is highly feminizing/emasculating for me

Once I started sucking my jack donkey Edward's penis and ingesting his semen at age 10, it just became a way of life, then by age 13 he was penetrating my bottom and ejaculating up inside me,..... once he'd bred me,

   "I very much "belonged" to him as his female surrogate to mate with"

                                (Edward would continue to breed me for 21 years)

Often Edward, Tigger and Jackabee would ejaculate in the 80-100ml range

" Ingesting large amounts of donkey and horse semen is extremely feminizing for me "

Like the stallion is breeding the jack donkey above, I think my dogs and equine lovers bred me because it feels good for them as well as a claiming me as "Theirs".

I turn it was very good for me each time they bred me, because I felt wanted and valued, I felt that I was being a good and viable female surrogate breeding partner.

Ever since 1975 I have been ingesting semen from stallions, ponies and full size horses.

By 1986 I was living with Edward, Tigger and Jackabee my jack donkey lovers, I tried to masturbate/suck them, then ingest their semen everyday at least once beside getting bred by them, the majority of time all three bred me at least once everyday.

In 1998 I was collecting/ingesting semen from 7 stallions at least twice a week usually at a friend's stallion farm, thus I was able to ingest large amounts of stallion semen weekly.

If I showed up at the farm, I had to serve all 7, cause all 7 would see me, and they'd expect it.

The difficult aspect of it was; I wanted all of them to mount and breed me, yet they simple were much to large in body and penis size for me to try taking them anally.

I would masturbate the stallions similar to the above, yet when they flared I'd get my mouth on their flared penis head and have them ejaculate directly into my mouth.

Once I'd been collecting semen from the 7 stallions for a few weeks and they became comfortable with me and knew our relationship, they knew the moment they seen me each visit that they'd be getting masturbated and would be eager, so it was easy for me to handle them.

      " Reason for being a female-roled receptive zoosexual ";

1. Due to my gender identity disorder, being a homosexual and having extreme               desire to be a "male to female transsexual" was not socially acceptable at that time       (1975) nore is it even today 2022, thus feeling like a female, I need males to treat           me like a female as a means of affirmation of my female sexual role.


2. I was socially accepted by my animal lovers as their " Female partner "


3. Once I had become a " Female partner " for my animal lovers they gave me great        affirmation of my female sexual role.


4. Once I became a female-roled receptive zoosexual, it firmly set my role and sexual      orientation and it was best for me due to my homosexuality and transsexuality            condition.
    I simply knew being a "Female partner" for and getting bred by large intact male          dogs, small jack donkeys and stallions ponies,  and masturbating, performing               fellatio on full size stallion equines
(ingesting semen orally) was the ideal role for me.

5. Once one of my animal lovers " took me" as theirs and started breeding me, my           social/sexual role was established, and I became available for them to breed as             often as they desired it became our everyday way of life...." I belonged to them "

6. My Need to be constantly psychologically emasculated-feminized, as my                      affirmation as a viable female sexually receptive partner.

    Sex for me has never been that about physical pleasure, sex for me is mostly about

    do a good job pleasuring my male partner as he is feminizing/emasculating me.
    All my animal partners gave me great Affirmation by their their constant                        interest/eagerness to copulate with me like I was their female, they very much              made me feel wanted and sense of security that I belonged to them. 

    Having a orgasm myself has never been important to me while serving one of my      partners sexually, the most pleasurable feeling for me is knowing that they are              ejaculating up inside my bottom which makes me feel so extremely feminine, if I        happen to have a orgasm myself that is wonderful, yet it doesn't matter.


7.  Being able to have multiple partners, by 1986 my male dog partners Temper, Ted,      Tanner and Rufus , my jack donkey partners Edward, Jackabee and Tigger were            living with me and breeding me.

    Between the 7 of them, one day all of them might breed me, the next day maybe        Edward might breed me 10 times throughout the day, generally when I was home      with them, I offered myself to all 7 of them for breeding every two hours.

    Actual sex with the dogs took longer because of the getting locked of in the                    copulatory tie with them, yet the donkeys could mount me and be finished                    ejaculating in me in several minutes, so often as soon as one of the donkeys                  finished, I lead him out to the stables, get one of the other donkeys lead him into        the wash area were the donkeys normally mounted and bred me, as I always                washed their penis prior to letting them penetrate me.

    I stroke their penis til it dropped out, if it wasn't already dropped out from their          anticipation of having sex, as they all knew if they were in the wash room we'd be        getting bathed or they'd be breeding me or I be performing fellatio on them so I          could ingest their semen.

    With Edward, Jackabee and Tigger, I masturbated/sucked then ingested their                semen 4 times a week always. I've craved ingesting equine semen ever since I                started performing fellatio on Edward in 1973.

    Yet every two hours I take one them in the wash room and bend over the watering      trough and offer my bottom to him, if he wanted me he'd mount and breed me, if      after a few minutes he showed no interest I'd take him back to stables were it could      then go outside through butler door.

    I'd usually go get one of the dogs and take him to wash room, get on my hands            and knees and offer him my bottom.

    Monday thru Friday we usually started our breeding routine about 6pm and                continue until 10pm, of the 4 dogs, two normally bred me every night, the                    donkeys I never knew, some nights all would breed me 3 times, thus I get bred 9          times that night by the donkeys, the next night the donkeys might breed me 2              times. Yet all 4 of the dogs might breed me, I never knew, yet generally I usually          get bred at least twice 5 days a week, then much more on weekends 10-30 times          both Saturday and Sunday.

My life has pretty much centered around getting my "Gender Affirmation" from being in the sexually receptive/female role for my animal partners and taking their semen into my body either orally or anally.

After I seen Edward my jack donkey mate with a jennie donkey for the first time,

         I simply knew " I wanted to be Edward's girl, so he could mate with me ".

Once Edward finally mounted and breed me in 1975, " I was his girl "

After that I knew I'd be a female-roled zoosexual for the rest of my life

I can't remember really recall when I felt like I should be a girl, other then the confusion and trauma of my parents divorce, followed shortly soon after by seeing my mom performing fellatio and being bred by the new man whom began spending nights at our house, and soon would become my step-father.

I very much knew I wanted to perform fellatio on a man like my mom was doing, and so by age 7, I was performing fellatio on a neighbor friend whom was about 13, he'd gone through puberty because he'd ejaculate in my mouth and have me swallow it.

I continued performing fellatio on my neighborhood friend until age 10, at which time I began performing fellatio on my uncle's 4 coonhounds, Edward the jack donkey at the stables.

My step-father brought home a 6 month old intact male German Wirehaired Pointer "Tack" to train to hunt with spring of 1973, by the fall of 1973 I was performing fellatio on him and ingesting his semen.

I'd say by this time.... 1973, I knew I'd always want to perform fellatio on intact male dogs and male equines.

Though, what happened in fall of 1975 completely consummated me as " female-roled/receptive zoosexual ", once my friend Ed's stallion pony Timbo had me bent over the watering trough, and was thrusting his penis into my bottom, followed by the moment I felt Timbo's penis flare up inside, then when he went calm and I knew that his sperm was flowing into me, " My Role was Set ", from that moment I knew I needed to be a female surrogate partner for intact male equines, and have them breed me as often as possible.

After Timbo bred me, within a half hour Ed's intact male german shepard T-bone and I were locked in copulatory-tie on the floor, for at least 10 minutes T-bone ejaculated his sperm into as he and I remained locked together.   


By the following week Edward had bred me, as well as all of the coonhounds, Edward was copulating with me 3 to 4 times a day for that following week        

                                              I have very much considered myself

                         a; " exclusive female-receptive zoosexual " since 1975

I love being like her

Nothing excites me more than getting bred like these " Ladies "

I wish I was this Mare

fucked by donkey.jpg

I'd love to have him catch me.

I know myself pretty well by now, especially in regard to what I am most attracted too, and by far a jack donkey lover is my preferred mate, like the large jack donkey below, I am extremely attracted too.

Even though I know he is much to large to actually breed me, I know if I was around him, I be masturbating him and sucking his penis so that I could ingest his semen. And by far I prefer the taste of equine semen, but especially jack donkey semen.

Just seeing those big balls, gets me so excited

I made the dildo that I am using on myself in the above video to mimic the size of Edward's penis, and I also know that it is the maximum size penis that I can take up inside of me safely.

I absolutely love ingesting donkey and horse semen


I found all my equine partners would generally ejaculate about a 2 oz. or 60 ml of semen, a shot glass, a mouthful of semen, just about all I could swallow at once.

2 oz shot.jpg
breeding timeline 1.jpg
breeding timeline 1b.jpg
I love being a femboy2.jpg

 I have a insatiable desire to ingest Equine semen/sperm

I have craved donkey, pony, all equine semen/sperm to ingest ever since 1972 when Edward my jack donkey started ejaculating in my mouth so I could swallow it.

The first time I seen Edward with his penis dropped down when I was 10 years old,(1972) I knew I'd be sucking it soon, and few days later I had his penis in mouth, he was soon jerking his hips/thrusting then suddenly my mouth was being flooded with his semen.

From that day on, I sucked his penis and ingested his semen nearly every day until his death in 1996.

first time sucking Edward1_edited.jpg
VideoToPhoto 638074115263112500.png

When they ejaculate directly into my mouth it is similar  to above, it was very exciting waiting for their semen to erupt from their big flared penis.

For the most part I've was ingesting semen from at least one of my animal partners at least once a day from 1972 until 2001

In 1998 I began ingesting the semen from all 7 of the riding stallions at my friend Jodie's stallion farm, I'd generally masturbate all 7 of them twice a week and ingest their semen.

That hot day in August 1975,

            "sealed my fate"

Once I'd taken Timbo the pony's penis up inside my bottom and he'd impregnated with his living sperm;

   As though Addicted, I've always needed bred by equines

getting bred1.jpg

Emotion in humans

Main articles: Animal loveZoophilia

Masters, in 1962, posed the question, "To what extent does the human individual participating in an act of bestiality regard the animal sex partner as a person?" He comments in reply that:

"[The human] anticipates that the animal will derive gratification from its intercourse with him, as another person would, and he is disappointed if this reaction does not occur", attributes emotional capabilities and some conceptual abilities, and "in short, regards it as a personality, a human-like consciousness which differs from him erotically more in form than in spirit. This is, in part why individuals are able to 'fall in love' with animals, especially with those animals with which they have had repeated sexual experiences...."

He also asked in the same work, "Is it possible for a human being to be in love, in the romantic sense of that expression, with an animal? Is it possible for an animal, within the limitations of its nature, to reciprocate such affection?"

"In this area the attitudes and emotions with which the (human) subjects approach their (animal) objects are considered decisive..." There is said to be "a genuine feeling for the animal on the part of the human", and may "approximate what is called 'erotic love' when humans only are involved... Though comparatively quite rare, there do occur cases... of human beings who genuinely 'fall in love' with animals, a love which includes sexual relations, but also such 'romantic' elements as tenderness, spiritual affection, and even jealousy."

Likewise Beetz states:

"That the emotional side indeed plays a role for some people engaging in sexual contact with animals, was acknowledged by several sources, e.g . Bornemann (1990), Cerrone (1991), Davis (1954), Donofrio (1996), Hentig (1962), Kinsey et al. (1948), and Miletski (1999). For example, Hentig (1962) referred to a patient described by Hirschfeld: The man was deeply in love with a horse, had built a special, luxurious barn for it, pampered it, was according to his own words faithful to the horse and would have killed himself in case the horse died before him. New -- at least in his time -- was the perspective of Ullerstam (1966) who suggested, that emotions as well as erotic feelings can even be reciprocal between man and animals. *Also Kinsey (1954) held the opinion, that the sexual contact can lead up to a close emotional attachment to the animal and that in some cases the animal gets used to this interspecies contact so much, that it neglects possible sex partners of its own kind." (Beetz section 5.2.11)

Finally, according to Kurrelgyre (1995, cited by Miletski)


"Many zoos find satisfaction purely in giving pleasure to the animal."

                                                  - Zoosexuality | Psychology Wiki | Fandom

* I do believe all of my animal partners seen me as a viable partner to breed, and that it was one of the roles I played for them in their life, they adapted to breeding me, and it simply became a routine aspect of our everyday lives.

                          Unless I was sick or unable for some other reason, 

      All my animal partners got offered everyday to breed me

    I was lucky because the majority of the time they'd want to breed me

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