I recently came across the following site which is dedicated to the history of

pederasty Man-boy sex. My interest in the topic is to get insights into the psychological make-up of the young boys who had sex at a young age with men.

Not because I am attracted to young boys, but because I was a young boy that older males were having sex with, I because I wanted to have sex with Men when I was 13, soon after puberty, as well as my being anally penetrated by a much older male, he then ejaculated in my mouth at age 6.

I for some reason don't see that interaction with the much older male as terrible thing, yet in 1974 age 12, I was sexually assaulted by a much older Scout leader and it was terrifying and very traumatic , why the two events impacted so differently ?


My sexual history after the 1968 sexual encounter when the older male, approx. age 16 penetrated me anally then ejaculated in my mouth, was soon followed by me wanting to

suck a neighborhood friends' penis, which he allowed me to do, and continued to allow

me to do until I was about 12 years old.

At age 12 I was sexual assaulted by a Scout leader approx. age 30. (fall of 1974)

April of 1975 I began masturbating/sucking my jack donkey Edward's penis and ingesting his semen as often as I could, daily if possible.

August of 1975 I was seduced by sexy black classmate, he told me he wanted me to suck

his cock, soon I was sucking his cock nearly daily.

Soon my boyfriend introduced me to a older black male friend of his (approx. age 16) who wanted to start butt-fucking me, I was instructed by him on how to clean and prepare my bottom so I could take his large penis up inside me using a 2 foot long dildo he gave me and using veg. oil.

I practiced this technique eagerly for several days and was soon eager and ready for my two friends to start butt-fucking me. 

Once my boyfriends did butt-fuck me, it was very dramatic, in that I knew in an innately way that my sexual role was set as a feminine submissive female-receptive male, they called me their "girly-boyfriend", which I very much liked.

They both were then fucking me as often as possible, as well as inviting other young men (15-16 age) to try me out sexually, which lead me to having sex with several much older(30-40 age) men.

Some how a rumor was spreading through school like a virus that was about me being homosexual, sucking men's cocks, being fucked by them etc.

That was very traumatic, nearly as traumatic or more so then the Scout leader assault, I soon developed severe OCD, wanted to quit school, isolated myself as much as possible and ended all sexual contact with all humans.

I spent as much time with Edward, soon he was able to penetrate me anally because of learning how to properly prepare my bottom. thus, he was soon mounting and breeding me routinely like I was his surrogate female lover.

I would then be Edward's surrogate female partner monogamously until 1986, I then attempt to have a intimate relationship, which was short lived and failed due the onset of troilism behavior, followed by exhibitionistic behavior.

  to be continued...........