I really like Rod Fleming because he is one of the few people out there, that seem to sincerely have interest and empathy for the    " sexual inverted                transgender male to                female  Dilemma " 

I see myself most like " HSTS "

For example was dressing like a girl since early youth, then soon after puberty was a girly-boyfriend for boys my age, they would penetrate me anally, and I would perform ;  " fellatio " on them, because I very much liked being their "girly-boyfriend".

  Never stopped wanting to, yet pressures of society forced me to suppress my true sexual orientation.

A paragraph from Rod's site that should be understood in order to grasp the complexity of Transgender ;

 To be transsexual, two conditions must apply: you must be same-sex oriented from childhood — that is, homosexual with regard to birth sex; and cross-sex identified. These parameters must be exclusive. You can’t be a bisexual transsexual — but you can certainly be a pseudo-bisexual transvestite. That in itself is not a problem, but when the latter claim the identity of real transsexuals, the ones they harm are those transsexuals.

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For myself, to try to explain as simple as possible, my " form" of being transgender is ; " I always wanted to be a Man's " female-roled lover, mate, partner desiring him to treat me as best he possible can as a female. "

    However I've never had any desire to pass as female, and to the contray have wanted to be seen as simply a " Female-Roled male "

I like need vulva1.jpg

I am very content the above photo reflexes my femininity, other then,I have always wished to not have a penis, and instead have a female like vulva.

  I feel that I must be attracted sexually to men in a similar way in which a normal female is attracted to men

What I am trying to do in my poses, is to project the fact that I am very, very psychologically feminine ,yet male, yet that I also can't or desire to be in the male sexual role, the only sexual role which is proper for myself is the "female role "

For example the transgender beauty pageant above does not reflex my idea of  femininity, femininity is how I am in my mind psychologically, like I would never wear make-up, dresses like these individuals wear, just not my style it's their style,

I need to make it clear here that I am not trying to imply that one way of being transgender is better than another, one right one wrong only that there seems to be two distinct types ;

               Homosexual and Non-homosexual

 I myself am very much homosexual, as well as very psychologically feminine, very much female roled sexually, never have I been in male role with a male, nore would I be able to be, I don't allow other males to even touch my penis, let alone perform fellatio me, nore do I desire to be with a male whom would desire me in such away.
  Thus I have always made it clear with men, they must be straight or 100% sexual a top man, as I would explain that I am 100% female roled, very feminine, transgender type, with desire to get vulvoplasty surgery in order to convey that I am fully femininized sexually.

This is important to understand, as the Gender-Dysphoria for a Non-homosexual person is not likely to be the same for a person whom is homosexual.
   At least if you see Gender-Dysphoria in it most basic way, and way I do ;

  " psychological conflict within ones self of true identity "

For myself, there is no better way to decribe my sexual orientation then " 100% female roled ", I absolutely love sucking a boyfriends penis, having his penis up in my bottom ejaculating up in me is the greatest of Joys !