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Started Posing nude for life-drawing classes



For me, posing nude for artists and art students was very much a way for me to feel feminine, and psychologically liberating.

By summer of 1998 I knew I wanted the sex change surgery

and began looking into the possibility of getting a female like vulva. 


Started having a class at my house in 1999

figure drawing group flyer1.jpg
I should be a girl740p-1.jpg

I never had the intense need to present myself as Feminine for the 21 years I was my female-roled/receptive sexual partner for my male Equine and Canine partners, yet once I began having sex with Men in 1975, was soon was intensely desiring to look feminine and sexy for them.

As well as wanting the vulvoplasty surgery and breast implants so I could pose for artists as a True male to female transsexual

I'd wanted my penis removed and have a vagina as well as breasts prior to seeing Caroline Cossey " Tula" in early 80's, yet after seeing her, I knew it was " Possible ".    Yet also knew it wasn't a Easy process

Like the videos below show me, I look much better to myself not having a

penis, for the reasons of I consider myself 100% female receptive sexually,

and I wish to look the way I am sexually.

"I very much wish I had a vulva, and not a penis"

As much as I want the surgery it simply isn't realistic for me

            So, I adapted and Started wearing a Cage

                            when performing sexually for men


                  My preferred role is very much being a female-receptive partner


                                                 Male Equines and Canines


Wearing a Cage when with a man, helped me express to him that I was emasculated by hiding my penis and making it useless, help express my role as female receptive only, and that I am submissive, and desire to be used as a female surrogate for sex.

Me in my female-receptive role for a boyfriend

pose set fem-7ab.jpg
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