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"Terrace 1"


"Terrace" chapter 1 (currently editing)

Michael's trollism/cuckolding behavior had been a aspect of his nature after his mother Nina and himself became intimate sexually in 1975 after Nina's husband, Michael's step-father left the family to be with another female. In 1987 after he tried being sexual intimate with Sally a female friend he meet and got to know well while doing carpentry work on Sally's house.

Nina died in December 1984

Michael was 24 and Sally was 27 years. Michael first met her in 1985, after doing a bunch of remodeling work on her house, during which time they became good friends, Sally being a stylist started cutting his hair at her house, at which time they were able to talk a lot.

Michael invited Sally out to his farm, after he'd asked her if she liked to go swimming in the quarry pond out at the farm, plus he wanted her to meet Edward his jack donkey and Pablo his Irish wolfhound as well.

Story begins

Michael and Sally had met in summer of 1985 when she, seeking a carpenter, builder to create a nice bedroom and bathroom in her basement. 

Sally, worked as a hair stylist to make a living, however she is a very talented artist, and sells many of her paintings of large breed dogs in different settings, at local businesses.

While with the owner of " Ben's Country Store ", hanging a painting of Sally's on the wall near the pets supplies, Sally asks, "Ben, I was wondering if you might know of anyone who might be able to create a new bedroom and bathroom in my basement".  Ben thought for a second, then replies, " I think I know the perfect guy for you, in away so do you, his name is Michael, he builds and sells the armoires you asked the other day about when you were in the store, I'll get one of his cards for you as soon as we get your painting hung up".

Ben and Sally finished hanging her painting which was titled "Hound dogs laying on the farm porch.",  Ben stands viewing the painting then says, "that painting will be sold in a few days, so get back to painting more, now let's go to my office, I have some of Michael's business cards." Ben says.

Sally follows Ben to his office, he sits down at his desk, she sits on the chair in front of desk, and watches a he writes her a display receipt for Hound dogs laying on the farm porch, hands it to her, then he opens a desk drawer reaches it and comes out with Michael's card sets it in front of him on the desk, " Sally if you have time I can call him right now, his farm and workshop are only lives 10 minutes from here, maybe you could go meet him at his place right now?"  " yeah I have time, sure that would great." Sally replies.

Ben picks the phone dials it, holds it to his ear, it rings a half dozen times, " hello this is Michael," Michaels says at the other end,  " hi Michael this is Ben, I have Sally sitting here with me, you know, Sally the great artist who displays her paintings in the store, ...well she has some work for you, would you have time to see her right now?",  Michael replies,  "sure send her out, I'm working on a armoire right now, so I'll be here, thanks Ben, bye".

After Ben hangs the phone up, he sketches a map showing how to get to Michael's farm and hands it to Sally, then says to her, " he said he'd be there working for awhile, I'd love to see you two meet, Michael is a very talented good guy, and single too!, Ben says as he winks at her.

Sally looks at the map, and says, "I'll go to his place right now, thanks so much, and I will talk to you soon.",  they exchange good-byes, then Sally goes out in the parking lot and hops in her 1976 Ford Bronco and heads to Michael's.

Turning left off the highway right after the windmill, onto a gravel lane with plum trees on both sides as Ben's map indicates, Sally was fairly certain she was at the right place, then following the lane down the grade about 50 yards then back up about the same, as she topped the hill, there was the farm house about 100 yards ahead.

Nearing the house and connecting barn with two over-head doors, one of the over-head doors was open with a guy running a long board through a table saw, Sally slowly pulled up to open door and hoping she didn't startle him, then turned the Bronco off.

As Sally, took off her seat belt, she watch the guy turn the saw off, then place the board he was cutting on a large table in the shop, she climbed out of the Bronco and proceeded to walk toward him, as he did toward her.

"You must be Michael." Sally said,  Michael smiled big and replied, "you must be Sally, did you find the place ok?", they shook hands, Sally replied, "yep, Ben sketched me a good map, it's so nice to meet you Michael I'm an admirer of your armoires". 

Michael says, "thanks, I'm very much am a admirers of your's, I've thought about buying one of your hound dog paintings that I see at Ben's, then I go to buy it, and it's been sold, that's happened twice now".

Sally reaches in her pocket and hands Michael one of her artist's cards, and says, " next time time you see a painting of mine you'd like to buy at Ben's call me, I'll have him take it down and save it for you", Michael looks at the card, then her address,  and says to her, "you're place isn't to far, are you headed home after you leave here?".

" Yes I need to meet a friend there in a hour, but no plans until then," she replies, 

" what if I follow you to your place, then we can see what you got, go through the details and stuff," Michael says,  " ok, you follow me," she replies, " let me hit the power and tell Edward my jack donkey and Pablo my dog that I'll be right back," Michael says.

Michael turns the power off to the shop, closes the overhead door, checks on Edward, then jumps in his Rx-7, Sally slowly pulls out when she hears the engine of the rx-7 start.


Ahead to 1989

Michael and Sally try having sex

Summer of 1989, Sally and Michael ended up trying to have sexual intercourse, he couldn't perform like a man for her, yet was able to perform cunnilingus on her nicely, she liked him doing that to her, so he liked doing it for her.


After about a week he asked her if there were any guys she was interested in having sex with, she chuckled and replied "Michael you know me, I'm always looking for hot young stud, I never go more then a day without getting laid".

He truly didn't know why, yet it turned him on so much when she said that, that is, " the idea of watching a hot young stud pleasuring her sexually ".

He told her, just that, right at that moment, "I truly don't know why, yet it turns me on so much, the idea of watching a hot young stud pleasuring you sexually puts me in frenzy".

Sally then said, " Michael, I just want to be with you", then she changed the subject. However, after I kept telling her that I liked to imagining her and a young stud having sex, over and over, for the following week, she told me, " there are some guys I know, who I regularly have sex with, that is until this last week when I told them all that I just wanted to start being with you, if you want, I'll just keep regularly having sex with them, and maybe they will let you watch ", I replied, that turns me on so much. ", Sally just smiled in a devilish way, and said " I'll be seeing a few of my boyfriends tonight then".

​​That evening about about 10pm, Sally called Michael and informed him that she'd just had sex with both of them in a threesome, he quickly asked if she enjoyed it, her reply was " of coarse I did, they are always wonderful to me, make me cum a lot too",  Michael then asked if they had bigger cocks then his, if she had sucked their cocks, she told him, " yes they both had big fat black, real big man cocks, much bigger then yours, and I always suck them both ".

Michael asked, " a lot bigger then mine, did they cum in your pussy? ", she replied, " much bigger then your's, and they know how to use their big cocks really good too, like real men". 

Michael was in a frenzy hearing that, Sally then said, "yes Michael both of them ejaculated in me, one in my pussy, one in my butt, is your little cock hard now?", he told her yes, she then said, " come to my house right now and see if you can maybe penetrate me ".

Michael hurried out and jumped in the rx-7, his penis was erect the whole 10 minute drive, once he got to her place, he hurried in the back door which lead right in the kitchen, Sally was sitting at the kitchen table completely nude, and lighting a cigarette.

With a big  devilish smile on her face she said, " They got me all hot and really lubed with their cum for you Michael", he had just gotten his pants off, revealing his erect penis to her, when Sally said " see you can get hard ", at that moment he started having a intense orgasm, squirming about as his semen squirt onto the floor, now standing in front of her all spent and unable to perform, he just said meekly, " I'm sorry I can't be a real man for you now".

Sally just giggled then said, " don't be sorry, they gave me a good fucking, you don't need to perform like a real man for me anymore, I have them for that right!".

Michael replied, " yes, I can be a good sissy cuckold for you though".

Then she said, "Michael, from now on you are my sissy cuckold, you can suck my wet pussy clean after they fuck me, your really good, the best at sucking my pussy",  she then spread her legs apart in front of him.

Michael was instantly down on his knees performing cunnilingus on her, as he did, Sally said, " Oh I think I'm going like this arrangement, first my real men fuck me then you, my sissy cuckold boyfriend can lick their cum up afterwards, while I tell you why I need real men to be with because a sissy like you can never please me sexual like real men can, can you taste those real men's cum now Michael? ", as he eagerly licks their cum from her pussy, he looks up at her and says, " yes, I want to be your sissy cuckold boyfriend and yes, I love licking real men's cum from your pussy ".

Sally then says, " Michael, I really want you to believe me when I say, I only truly am in love with you, and I really want to have you with me the rest of my life". Michael pauses from sucking and licking her pussy and replies, " I believe you, and I am only in love with you". 

Sally instantly asked, "you like their cum do you?", he said yes, then it kind of shocked him when she asked him, then she said," Michael, have you ever sucked cock before? ", Michael said, "yes, he had to say yes".

Sally then said, " I figured you had, would you like suck all of my boyfriend's cocks?"..he wasn't ready for this question yet, yet knew he'd soon have to tell her, that he was a transgender type, a zoosexual and 100% female-roled receptive for males.

Michael then replied, "I like sucking cock alot, I sucked cock tonight."

Sally replied, " did he fuck you to, do I know him?", Michael had to get up and pull a chair next to her and start explaining, Sally knew Edward, over the few years they'd known each other, she had been to the farm many times.

Sally sat there her head back staring at him waiting for his reply as he got the chair close next to her then sat down.


Then he said, " it was Edward ", Sally instantly hugged him, then leaned back in her chair and with a huge devilish grin then Sally said, " I let Cunnington fuck me all the time ",  

Michael just sat there in a some what state of shock for what seemed like 20 seconds, then said, "we are perfect for each other "

Sally shifted to a more serious tone, saying, "Michael you've been friend's with Edward since you were 10 years old right, when did you start having sex with him?"

Michael's reply was, "I started sucking his penis and ingesting his semen when I was 10, then he started fucking me when I was 13 "

All Sally did for a few seconds was smile while shaking her head, then she said, "I must say Michael, I never have known a guy who sucks donkey cock and gets fucked by a donkey, this is a first and I love it".

Michael replied, " I have one more secret, the first and only females I have ever had any type of intimate sexual relationship with was my mom, my Aunt Becky and some of their female friends when I was 13 years old".

Sally sat there a second then said, "can you tell me about it?".

Michael, got up and grabbed some paper towels and started cleaning his semen off the floor, as he did, he said, "after mom's husband left her for another lady when I was 13, I'd moved here to live with Aunt Becky after being publicly humiliated in school for being a sissy homosexual and sucking cock and letting guys fuck me, I think she was venerable, sadden by her inability to make marriage work in general, so she started coming out here to the farm and spending time with me, Well, Aunt Becky only liked young guys from about 13 years old, puberty age to 18 years old and she had quite few female friends with sons in that age range and all of those mother's were or became incestuous once they started spending time at the farm when I first moved to the farm at least".

Sally then said, "so Aunt Becky was having intercourse with all the sons?".

Michael replied, " yes, all the mothers, and myself, I would perform fellatio on all the young guys and they'd penetrate my bottom whether they were 13 or older as well".

Sally said, "hold on a second,  I'm was going to my bedroom and let Cunnington out of the bedroom so he could go outside to potty".

Michael got his pants back on after washing his penis, sat back down as Cunnington came jogging into the kitchen, he greeted him warmly as usually, then, Sally yelled from down the hall, " Michael please let him out", Michael got up and let Cunnington out. 

Sally soon appeared wearing a robe, she peeked out the back door to check on Cunnington quickly to make sure I'd shut the gate.

Sally then stood by the door, as she said " Michael I love you, and I know you love me, I just want you to know you can tell me anything, and I want you to tell me of all your thoughts and experinces".

All he could say was, " I've wanted to tell you for so long that I am a wanta be transsexual and my sexual role needs be like a female for males, I've just not known how to tell you, especially because I prefer being with Edward and large intact male dogs sexually". 

Sally stood there looking at the ceiling for a moment, as Michael anxiously waited for her thoughts, then she asked me, " does Cunnington turn you on?, he is intact "

Michael's reply was, " yes, very much, I've wanted him since I first met him", what Sally said next shocked me.

She matter a factly said, " I want to watch you suck Cunnington's cock right now! "

Sally opened the door, and called Cunnington into the house, once he was in he came to me looking to be petted as usual, at the same time she told me to go out into the living room and start getting him hard, and she'd get a old blanket to put down.

Cunnington followed Michael into the living room, Michael then got down on the floor with him and started playfully flirting with him then Michael carefully started massaging Cunnington's sheath and balls, Sally showed up with a blanket, by the time she got it spread out Cunnington's penis was poking out, once both Michael and Cunnington were on the blanket Michael started masturbating him, he quickly was jerking about,and his cock was soon complete out, then out came his bulb, it was swelling up quickly as he jerked while Michael held the bulb at the base of Cunnington's penis, Michael quickly lowered face and mouth to Cunnington's growing erect cock, wrapped his lips softly around the tip then into my mouth.

Cunnington was already squirting his semen into Michael's mouth, as he held Cunnington's big swollen knot firmly, then Cunnington went calm as Michael rolled under his belly and layed there swallowing as Cunnington's semen squirt and flowed into Michael's mouth.

Sally gasped a few times Michael could hear, yet never spoke the whole 10 minutes Cunnington stood above Michael ejaculating into his mouth.

Once Michael felt Cunnington was done ejaculating, he sat up hugged and stroked Cunnington's shoulders as he looked at Sally, trying to read her thoughts.

Cunnington wandered to her in a calm way, stood next to her as she petted him, then she said to him playfully, "My Cunnington likes getting a blow-jobs from Michael now!", then she looked at Michael smiling and said, "I think he really likes you now Michael, he'll want you to suck his cock all the time now".

Looking back to Cunnington, and pulling his face to her's, she then asked him

"would you like to fuck Michael tomorrow?"

Looking back at Michael, with a devilish grin, she says to him " he says yes"

Then she says to Michael, " the decision is made, your Cunnington's girly-boyfriend friend now ", and your my submissive sissy boyfriend, and my boyfriends too, they can fuck both of us. or I wouldn't let them fuck me, it will their choice ".

Michael then said to her, " that is perfect for me, if it is perfect for you too? ", Sally replies, "it is very perfect for me too! ", as she hugged Michael.


Sally then says, "you can watch me get fucked, I can watch you get fucked".

Michael says, " I have to tell you about Caroline and Johnny who live on the farm next door to the west".

Sally says, "Ok shoot".

Michael starts by saying, "put it this way, there is a lot of sex going on either at my farm, and/or at Caroline and Ed's, Johnny's mom and dad, Caroline and Johnny have been having sex, since I moved here in 1975, Caroline worked at "Jensen Landscaping" and had worked there before Johnny and I were born, he and I are the same age, any way Mr Jensen is black, so to help out young black guys he has always tried hired around 20 or so young blacks guys 16 to 18 year old, ...Well, Ed is a cuckold husband of sorts, so all or nearly all of the black guys would have sex with Caroline for all those years, she told me in all those years she had sex with over 300 black guys from Jensen's". 

Sally giggles and says, " I gotta meet Caroline, her and I are alot alike".

Michael then sheepishly says, "I was serving all of them since 1975 as well, until she quit working there after Ed's tractor accident 3 years ago".

Sally replies, "so for about 14 years you were always having sex with at least 20 black guys, until 3 years ago?".

Michael replies, "yes, yet even more because alot of them continued to use me as their femboy slut after they left Jensen's and found other jobs or went to college, I'm currently seeing 12 black guys routinely that I either give blow-jobs or they fuck me as well".

Sally replies, "I hope your making sure they get tested for STD's routinely".

Michael replies, "yes, all of us have a pact, all of us meaning, Caroline, Johnny, Myself, all the guys from Jensen's, Susan then Aunt Becky and mom when they were alive, plus all the moms and sons or Aunt Becky's tribe, the pact being that no one has sex outside of our group, if anyone left out little group and had sex with someone outside the group, if they wanted back in they had to get tested, wait 3 months, get tested again, if they tested negative for all STD's, they could have sex with all of us again".

Sally says, "very good, so all your boyfriends your currently serving only have sex with you, Susan and Caroline?"

Michael replies, " just Susan and I, Caroline has only been having sex with her son Johnny since Ed's accident, yet she is planning on going back to serving all the Jensen guys, she told me she has stayed in contact with about 250 of the guys from Jensen's and currently about 50 of them that are in their 30-40's and now divorced want to start seeing her again and some want me as well".



Tuesday Midnight


Sally says, "Michael we've got alot to talk about, but it is midnight and we'd better get to bed, your welcome to stay with me tonight."

Michael replies, " I want to, but we'd likely keep talking, besides Edward will be getting mad, he usually studs me every morning about 3 am."

Sally giggles and says, " how can you take a long cock like Edward's all the way up inside you? ", Michael explained my method of cleaning and preparing my bottom to be butt-fucked.

Sally told him that she'd been getting butt-fucked the last few years a lot, and now much preferred it that way, and wanted to stop taking birth control pills. 

Michael's reply was, "I know I love being butt-fucked, and the guys are currently fucking me like it a lot too ".

Sally slapped him on the knee as she said, "silly that is the only way you can get fucked you don't have a pussy". 

Sally then asked him, "can you explain to me how you clean and prep your bottom tomorrow? ", 

As he stood to leave Michael said to her, "I'll bring my dildo over and help you clean your bottom tommorrow, your going to have to clean your bottom too for Cunnington", she said smirking.


Micheal leaned over kissed her lips, as he headed for the door,

Sally said to him, today is Tuesday right, I'll get my two black boyfriends to come over together tomorrow night and double team me, you can be in basement , that way you can listen to them fucking me, your new slut girlfriend".

Michael's reply was, "All I can say is, I'll be there waiting and listening while stroking my penis ".

Sally then said, " your penis better be hard the whole time I am with them, and after they leave you can come up and lick my pussy clean, and taste their semen".

"I'll be here, love you, good night", Michael says then heads out the back door.

Sally hopped up and hurried to the door behind him and held it open, as he was going through the gate she playfully said, "I love you more". then blew him a kiss as he looked at her, Michael pretended to catch it and held his hands to his heart, then proceeded down the drive out of site.

Wenesday night


Louis and Marcus arrive,  

As Sally and Michael sit waiting on the back porch, Sally wearing only a old but pretty flowered night shirt, her hard nipples nearly poking through the thin cotton fabric, they suddenly hear a car pull into the drive, Cunnington who is outside

 instantly headed for the gate, Sally walked down to the gate and waved to Louis and Marcus come to the back, she remained by the gate waiting there for them until they reached her. 

Once they got to the gate she opened it, Cunnington greeted them like a  guardian should, yet politely. then Sally pointed to me as she said, " Louis, Marcus this is my friend Michael he is going to staying in my basement bedroom for a week. 

Michael said hi, as they told him hi, then Michael yelled to Cunnington to come get a treat, they slowly walked into the house, then guys sat down at the kitchen table with Sally.

Cunnington and Michael headed downstairs, there is shower down there, so he took a quick shower, put a robe on and went and got settled on the queen size bed, flipped the T.V on, then Cunnington jumped up on the bed, taking up half the bed, he was a big dog, tall and slim yet at least a 100 lb, and Michael looked at him, and began getting excited about the idea that soon he be getting Cunnington's big cock locked up inside his bottom if he was willing.

Sally was right, suddenly, Michael could hear very clearly, as he heard Sally say " oh I love your big cocks so much", then heard as one of the guys said "oh yeah, suck it" Michael could even hear the sound of Sally sucking, " Yeah, Yeah " one of the guys moaned out, then in a short while he heard as Sally said " I need you to fuck me silly on my knees", then the bed started squeaking as they must be climbing up on it, then Sally began moaning out " God you feel so good in me", then the bed really started squeaking as a guy was clearly was thrusting in and out of her, now both of them were moaning.

Then I heard Sally say as she moaned, " Marcus will you, climb in front of me so I can suck that big black cock, the bed squeaked louder.

Sally began crying out, "fuck me harder, I want every inch of that big fat black cock in me hard Louis, I wanta be your fuck slut so bad". 

Soon Their bodies were slapping together loudly, Michael wished so much he could be there with them seeing them make her orgasm as he stroked his own erect cock, about the moment he thought that, Sally began crying out, Louis, Marcus, "I'm going to cum, harder, harder, then Sally was whimpering loudly.

Michael  knew she must be cumming now, he could hear Louis say, "yeah baby your squirming good, let me lick that pussy a bit while I rest a second".

Sally must of been squirming, as she moaned with calm pleasure, Michael imagined Louis sucking her pussy. 

Then Michael heard Louis say to her, " hopefully your going let me started fucking this nice tight ass of yours soon", Sally began moaning loudly now, as Louis then said, "you like it don't you, me fingering that ass".

Sally cried out, "I want your cock in it now".

Louis said, " do you have some vasoline?", Sally moaned out "yes, yes hurry get it, there is some in bath medicine cabinet".

Michael could hear as Louis stepped onto the floor and headed to the bathroom, in seconds he was back in bed it sounded like, then Michael heard as one of the guys said, " I'll give it to you nice and slow, tell me to stop if it don't suit you, once I loosen you up though, it should feel really good".

Sally then whimpered,  Louis then said, "I just got my cock head popped in, your so tight baby ".

Michael was in frenzy now, just imagining how she felt, at same time wondering if she could take it, then she began yelling out " I'm cumming, don't stop, fuck me hard, tell me what a good slut I am".

Louis then said, "oh your the best slut in the world, I love watching you ass quiver and shake as you cum with my big cock shoved in it".

Sally was screaming out now, mumbling to him " don't stop, faster,", the bed started squeaking, Sally just screamed louder.  Both the guys started mumbling "I'm cumming". 

Sally called out " both of you's cum in my pussy please, please". then Michael could hear the guys move about on the bed.

Sally moaned out in a whimper " cum in my pussy, fill my pussy with cum".

All Michael could hear was huffing, puffing, moaning and the bed squeaking, he knew both Louis and Marcus were taking their turn ejaculating into her pussy. 

Quietness, then Michael heard Sally say in a meek submissive tone, "I know you's gotta go, but I want a repeat tomorrow but in my butt please".

It sounded like all of them climbing off the bed, then he heard, Sally say, "I'll get a wash cloth and clean your cocks ups",  then he heard water turn on in bathroom, then in few moments he heard the guys say, "see you tomorrow".  Sally replied, " thanks so much, I be ready". then foot steps, toward back door.

Michael waited until heard they guy's car start, then the sound of the engine fade away, then he hurried up the stairs with Cunnington.

As Michael walked into Sally's bedroom there was Sally laying down on the bed her legs spread wide apart looking at Michael.

Sally smiled devilishly and said, " the guys left a treat for you, it's in my pussy, you better get it licked up before Cunnington does". Michael climbed on to the bed, kissed her cheek, then slid down so his mouth was touching her vulva then her eagerly began sliding his tongue as deep in her pussy as he could, sucking and lapping up as much of both Louis and Marcus's semen until he felt he got all of it.

Michael then said, " thanks for remembering me". 

Sally giggled playfully, then softly said, "My pleasure Michael, truly my pleasure, I'll try to get all the sperm for you I can from them". 

Sally then said, " yeah I wanted to tell them it was for you, and I hope I can tell them that someday soon".

Michael replied, "you can tell them tomorrow."

Sally grinned and said, "I do love them fucking me with those big beautiful black cocks of theirs, I've never met Guys that are so good at fucking as those two ".


Michael replied, "I want you to move to the farm and live with me, they can come out there, tell them they can cum in mouth once they've fucked you until you've climaxed".

Sally replied, "I will tell them, now are you ready to have Cunnington fuck you?"

Michael says, " I've been wishing to be Cunnington's femboy to bred for along time, so yes I ready, I brought my dildo and bota bag filled with oil so I can douche my bottom for him".

Sally then sheepishly said, " I told the guys  I wanted to start getting butt-fucked every night and I jokingly said, the only thing that might be better would be having a cock in my butt and a cock in my pussy at the same time, and I told them I want gangbanged by a bunch of men".

Michael quickly asked her, "what was their reply".

Sally replied, " they told to plan on, and be ready to start getting butt-fucked every night ".

Michael then asked meekly, "what about the gang-bang idea".


Sally replied, "yeah their taking me to a friends of their's cabin on the river for the weekend and told me I would likely get gang-banged by 30-40 men, maybe more Saturday night".


Michael in sober voice asked, "are you sure you can handle that many men fucking you in one night?"

Sally grinned delishly then said, "Michael, will you love me if I'm the biggest slut in the world, because I love being a slut and pleasing men and big male intact dogs".

Michael meekly replied, "yes if you can love me if I am the biggest femboy slut in the world, because I love being a slut and pleasing men and big male intact dogs more".

Sally baby punches him in the shoulder and says, "we'll just see who gets more cock up their butts after this weekend".

Michael grins and says, "I better go get my cleaning supplies and get myself ready for Cunnington, I better be calling my all my boyfriends and get them to come out to the farm this weekend".


Saturday Am  Michael is seeing Sally off for her gang-bang

note, Michael has 10 boyfriends coming to the farm Saturday about noon


She smiled big then said, " I also was hoping you could take Covenington home with you cause I'm not sure when I will be home tomorrow, I'll call you as soon as I know better what is going on".

Michael replied,  "yes of course I'll take Cunnington home with me" Edward will like seeing him, it been awhile since they have seen each other "

She said, " thanks so much, you want to teach me how to prepare my bottom with your big dildo now ?" with a big grin.

He said, " yep, as soon as your finished with the biscuit, oh, I have to run back out to truck, and grab the new oil change pan to put on the floor ".

Sally giggled then said, " you are going oil me up good are you" as he walked out.

Walking back in with the pan, Michael headed straight for the bathroom, and said to her "let's get you well lubed up"

Once inside the bathroom he put the pan on the floor in front of the sink, then told Sally to take her robe off as he laid a towel across the front of the counter top then told her to lean on the towel, straddle the pan, Michael then lubed her bottom hole first with vasoline then the dildo, handed it to her to hold a second while he slipped the bota bag tip into her bottom and squeezed in a good amount of oil.

Sally said, " I like this a lot already, your hired full time, I might just start getting gang-banged every day". 

Michael then took the dildo from her, then said to her, " just relax and enjoy, tell me if it hurts so I can stop ok".

She said, " ok ".

I then slowly pushed the tip of the dildo into her butt hole ".

Sally moaned out, " dam I like this ", as I worked it slowly in so about 6 inches was in her, then I worked it in out as the oil drained into the pan.

Sally asked him, "have you ever been gang-banged?"

Michael says, "yes many times, we'd often have as many of the Jensen guys that wanted to come out to the farm on Saturday afternoons/evening during June through September and gang-bang Caroline, myself, Susan, Aunt becky and her mom friends, sometimes about 60 guys would show up."

Sally asks, "would all of them penetrate all of you's"

Michael replies, "yep, by the end of the evening all of them had their cocks up inside us each quite a few times before they started ejaculating, we called them "Last man standing parties".

Sally says, "when they ejaculated did they cum inside your butt?"

Michael who is still douching her bottom says,  "I'm going to inject some more oil in you then speed it up a bit and go a bit deeper, tell me when it or if it starts to hurt".

She moaned,mumbled, " ok "

Michael finished injecting more oil up inside her bottom, then started sliding the dildo in and out of her butt rapidly, as though it was a guy giving her a rapid fucking.

Sally reached between her legs with one hand, and started rubbing her clit rapidly as she squirmed and squealed out, in no time, she was crying out, "Michael your gonna make me cum, please tell me I'm a good slut for you, and you love me when I fuck all the men I can".

Michael says, "oh Sally, I love when you tell me you want to be a slut, I love knowing your a slut, know all those guys want you as their slut to fuck as often as they can".

Sally starts jerking about, mumbling, whimpering as her orgasm sets in, Michael holds the big 10 inch dildo all inside her butt firmly as she squirms about on it.

Sally leans on the the sink until her body stops trembling, then turn and falls into Michael's arms, then she holds him tightly for about 30 seconds, then she starts giggling, as she tickles Michaels ribs, they dance about playfully then Sally says, "oh Michael your the best thing that has ever happened to me, I love you".

Michael replies, "I know your the best thing that has ever happened to me as well, and I know I will love you forever, I truly know it".


9 am Saturday


Sally just said, " ok, then dam that felt good "

I then said, " and you gotta take the dildo, oil, pan and vasoline with you, why don't you hop in shower and wash off quick and I get this stuff packed up for you ".

Sally agreed, and climbed directly into shower, I ran back out to truck, after letting Cunnington in, I bought a new tote bag that the oil pan fit into, grabbed it and headed back to the bathroom.

Sally was just stepping out, I could only say, " dam you look good " as I watched her dry off.

She modestly said " thank you " as she walked pass out the door saying, " wait til you see what I wearing ", I was in a frenzy as I washed the oil pan, the dried it with paper towels I had in the tote then put it in the new larger tote, washed the dildo good, dried it, put it in the old tote along with the bota bag with still was nearly full of oil.

With all that packed a ready, I carried it out a put the old tote into the new tote so she have just one tote to carry.

When I walked into her bedroom she turned, grinned and said, " you like " as she pulled the skirt up showing me she had no panties on.

I just said, " I wish I was a real man now, dam you look good, so hot "

she then asked " are you going to start sucking yourself when I leave ? "

Michael just said, " I'll be sucking myself, Cunnington, and Edward all weekend likely, just knowing all those guys will be fucking you ".

Sally smirked as she said, " oh I'll be thinking about you, wishing you were watching while all they guys are fucking my tight little ass until they all drop if I have my way ".

he said, " promise me you will call me this afternoon ok "

she replied, " I will keep you informed ",

Michael could say only, " I can't wait until you get home, but I also want you to have a great time ".

The phone rings, just as I finished talking, Sally grabbed the phone by the night stand, heard Greg say hi, Sally then said " hi Greg " he spoke a bit, then Sally said " I am ready ", then hung the phone up, looked at me and said, " he will be here in 10 minutes ".

She got her over night bag thrown together quick and we headed out to the kitchen and  she sat down, I grabbed a beer stood outside the back door talking to her as I lit a smoke and swallowed down half the beer.

Sally said, " relax, everything will be good, I love you, I'm just their slut, I love you the very, very best, yet I need a real man cock now ". 

Michael replied, "call me as soon as you are able, I'll leave for the farm with Cunnington as soon as you leave with Greg ".

she replied, " I will as soon as I can ok ".

Michael didn't know if he was ok, but he said " ok "

By the time I finished my smoke, walked to the gate to look down the drive, Greg was pulling in, I yelled at Sally, " he is here " then went up the steps to help her carry the tote and her over night bag, as her and I got to the gate Greg just met us, he said "wow" the minute he seen her, she said " hello to you to", as she opened the gate and gave him a kiss on the lips, I handed Greg the bags, now feeling very inadequate and emasculated, yet knowing I needed cuckolded badly by Sally.

Michael could only come in and grab another beer, sit and pet Cunnington as he drank it down, then grabbed some dog food, another beer then got his leash on him, out the door then headed for the truck, suddenly he felt so alone without Sally.

He drank the beer on the way to his place, that alone feeling I couldn't shake as he drove, once at the farm, Cunnington and Michael headed straight to the stables to see Edward, Cunnington had been around Edward since Cunnington was about 3 months old so they knew each other well and luckly got along great.

Edward was out in paddock which surrounded by a 4 foot chain link fence, so he let them greet each other, as soon as I seen they were good, he went in the house and mixed a strong drink then went back out to watch them goof around and play, as I watched them I kept thinking what Sally was doing, it was like torture now though, then he started thinking about exposing myself to at lady at the drive-up and he started getting turned on and hard.

All Michael wanted now was for the time to pass, he was in a bad state, a state of mind that was consuming him, he called to Cunnington he came running followed by Edward, once to him, he guided them into the stables, then lead Cunnington through the door which lead to the wash area, from there a ramp lead up into the house, getting him into the house Michael gave him a treat as he said to him, " I'm just going run to town a minute" then he went back out to the stables, told Edward that he'd be right back as well.


Michael then walked out to his rx7 completely nude, It was hot out now even though only 10 am, he didn't dare even touch his cock, there was no need he was hard as a rock. , he just started driving, and toward town. Michael simply was on mission, a mission that could take his mind off Sally, as soon as he got to town he started looking for a drive-up window, he first thought go to the McDonalds were he had exposed himself many times in the past, but he just drove around to different fast food drive-ups looking for one where he had exposed himself before and knew that when he pulled up to pay and get his order the female could clearly see his erect penis as they looked down from the window at him. 

Michael knew of a Burger King that he'd exposed himself at routinely since he was 16 years old, it had a high window, so he knew who ever working the drive-up window would be able to clearly see his erect cock, it wasn't far so he headed there, once there he covered his cock as I pulled into parking lot, parked so he could see who was working the drive up.

There was a fairly mature appearing female that was working the drive-up window, it was about 10:30 am, so not real busy, after pondering in his mind a minute, if he should go through the drive-up and expose himself to her, just the thought had him extremely aroused, he decided to do it, as he ponder the idea to be seen by the female at the drive-up, the "idea of being seen by the female as a affirmation of my maleness or was he seeking humiliation? came into his mind". Completely naked, his penis hard as it ever had been, there was no turning back now, he pulled up to the order box, her voice came on, "came I help you?" she said, Michael said, "coffee black please", she replied, "please pull ahead to the window". Michael now mindlessly aroused, couldn't have stopped himself at this point, he pulled up to the window stopped and looked up to her as she looked down into the rx7 at him, he knew she was actually seeing his erect penis, by her shocked reaction that confirmed that she could see his fully erect penis, then by her suddenly having a very serious look on their face, yet she then took his money from his hand for the order, then handed him his change back, as she was looking down into the car handing Michael his change he started ejaculating involuntarily onto his chest then stomach as she watched, from the time he pulled up to her drive-up window until he drove off he never was touching his penis, he so much wanted her to see his full erection and see himself ejaculating. As he never masturbated any time during the time she was actually able to see his erect penis jerking with each squirt of my semen as he ejaculated, she watched the entire time as he ejaculated, then she said, "I'll go get your coffee". then turned and walked in to get it.

Michael then had to wait for her to return with his order, at did any way, he just sat there with his penis fully exposed, yet it had gone limp, his semen running down his chest, as she hands him his coffee, then she says, "good show, thanks, I bet your a femboy who doesn't know how to be a real man, that's ok I liked". Michael couldn't say a word, as he meekly looked away  and slowly drove off feeling so erotically humiliated, wimpish, sissified and very emasculated  as he drove home.

About 11 am the phone rang, Michael answered it, then heard Sally say, " hi ",

Michael said, " hi, how are you doing, I'm so glad you called".

Sally replied, " great, I thought I'd call it's the first chance I've had since getting here and all the guys are down on the dock, working on the pontoon boat ".

Michael quickly piped in saying, " how many guys? ".

Sally giggled, then said, " yeah Greg, Josh and Ben, Josh, Louis, Marcus and Ben were here when Greg and I arrived, Greg told me on the way here there would be a few young studs waiting here for me, they are all young studs, two of them together fucked me double penetration style after I was in the cabin 5 minutes ".

All Michael could say was, " did you like it? ".

Sally giggled as she said, " I loved it and so did they, they called few of their friends, who will some be arriving on another pontoon, then Greg has a few friends on their way on another pontoon, then we are all going to a island beach where they all are going to gang-bang me for the rest of the night ". 

Michael was in a frenzy as he asked her, " you had them wear condoms right ?"

She replied, " yes, I wish I didn't have too, but yes , Ben and Josh want to start fucking me together all the time now, Louis and Marcus want to double penetrate me on the pontoon ride out to the island. Greg says by the end of the night I'll likely have a date every night for a month, here comes Greg, I gotta go, I taped it, and will tape it at the beach as well, so you can listen later, I love you talk tomorrow bye".

Michael said, " love you ", as she hung up.

Michael was going crazy now, Edward wanted to go back out, so he lead him back out to the stables, him thought about offering him his bottom, so he could breed him but it was hot, and he was needing a strong drink so he walked back into the house and made a strong long island ice tea.

Michael sat on the couch, Cunnington hopped up and laid his long body down, then his head on my lap, Michael pet him as he flipped through the channels on T.V, nothing good on so he put in a v.h.s movie that he liked. "Lonesome dove", is always worth seeing over and over so he put it in to watch, still his goofy mind kept wandering back to Sally, how was she doing, he so much wished he was there looking over her, making sure she was alright, he could tell Cunnington was missing her a lot too.

Michael simple couldn't stop feeling bad about exposing himself to the young lady at the drive up window, he went out to the kitchen, found a pen and paper, and wrote a note for the young lady, it said, hi my name is Michael "I am so sorry that I exposed myself to you earlier today, I am really a normally a stable person, yet just lately I seem to be under going a sexual identity crisis, in the tune of, "am I heterosexual or homosexual, bi-sexual what?", I needed to say I am sorry, your welcome to call me; 342-6758, sincerely Michael.

Michael then went out and hopped in the rx-7 and headed to the Burger King to see if she might be working.

Once Michael got to the Burger King, he parked and watched the drive-up for her, sure enough she was still there, so he drove over to the ordering station, he recognized her voice, Michael ordered a small coffee, she said, "please pull up to the window", there were no cars in front of him or behind him, as he pulled up to the window, she was smiling, as he stopped, she leaned out and looked down at his body, then looked Michael in the eyes as she said, "darn, was hoping for another show".

Michael meekly said, "I'm sorry then handed her the note, she quickly opened it and read it, then said, as she looked back at him, "is ok if I call you when I get off in about a hour?".

Michael replied, "I'd like that alot".

She said, "my name is Elle, I'll call you in about a hour".

Michael drove off then back home.

Once home, Michael walked Edward and Cunnington down to the highway, checked the mailbox, no mail, so the walked back to the house, Michael figured it had been about 45 minutes since he pulled out of Burger King and now they were back up at the house, so he put Edward and Cunnington out in the paddock. then waited by the phone for Elle to call.

Michael had drank about 3 beers when the phone rang, he picked it up and somewhat meekly said, "hi this is Michael". 

Elle said, "hi Michael this is Elle, I hope this is a good time?"

Michael replied, "yes, I'm so glad you called me back, thanks so much, I've been pacing ever since I exposed myself to you, and I'm happy to see I didn't harm you emotionally, that was very selfish of me".

Elle replies, " let put it behind us, I'm fine, but I am very interested in talking  to you because you are a exhibitionist, and I'm thinking transgender type and I am working on my PhD in human sexual behavior, my parents own the Burger King, so I work there in the summer sometimes for extra money. My hope with you is to learn more about your life, everything you and I talk about, I assure you is 100% confidential, what you decide to tell me will never be told in away that could ever identify you, I promise as long as you be my study case, otherwise I'll call the cops, Ellie giggled and said just kidding".

Michael replies, " I do trust you now, by the way you've presented yourself, yet where to I begin?, and yes, I'm a wanta be transsexual"

Elle says, "go back to your earliest memories, and start telling me your whole life story, I'm in this for the long haul, if we talk every day for two years that is fine with me".

Michael says, " my earliest real memory is of kindergarden, soon after that my mom and dad were getting a divorce out of the blue, I was in first grade, that turned my world upside down, then maybe two months after dad moved out of the house, and strange man shows up one evening at our house to visit with mom".

Michael says, " tell me to stop or interupt me anytime".

Elle replies, "I'm listening, I have no time limit here".

Michael says, " this stranger ends up being mom's new boyfriend, he ended up spending the night, the reason I know this is, because I'd went to bed, and was asleep, then I was awoken by noises coming from mom's bedroom, to understand better, My bedroom was conected to mom's by a doorway, my room had two doors, one opened by the bathroom, our only bathroom, the other door opened directly into mom's room right in front of her bed, anyway after I listened awhile, I got out of bed and carefully opened the door a crack and peeked in, mom's nightlight was on so I could see clearly, and there mom was sucking on this man's penis, so I just watched, then after awhile he got her on her hands and knees on the bed, and started thrusting his penis into her".

Elle says, "is that the first time you can recall seeing your mom in sexual type situation?"

Michael replied, "yes, as far as I can recall, yet I can not recall dad ever even living with us at all".

Elle says, " was this the only time you watched your mom and her boyfriend having sex?".

Michael says, "oh no, I watched them every time they woke me, and that was often, maybe 3 or 4 times a week".

Elle replies, "did this go on for weeks, months, years?".

Michael says, "I was 6 years old and I watched Mom having sex until I moved to my Aunt Becky's when I was 13 years old time, I began preforming fellatio on my friend Kevin a year later he was 12 and I was to be 7 in June, I remember that well, because he and I went down to the beaver pond in the woods, it was very hot, so I stripped nude and started swimming about, I remember watching Kevin strip nude, and when I seen his penis it looked the size of mom's boyfriend, at that moment I wanted to suck Kevin's penis like mom sucked her boyfriend's. The urge to suck Kevin's penis overwhelmed me, I swam over to him, and asked him if I could suck his penis, I think I caught him so off guard that he just froze, then I just took it in my mouth and began sucking his penis, all I can remember is that it felt so wonderful having it in my mouth, the feel, taste everything was wonderful, I don't recall how long I sucked on until he began ejaculating into my mouth".

Elle replies, " did you swallow his semen?".

Michael says, "yes, that was one of the wonderful aspect of having his penis in my mouth".

Elle asks, "did you ever suck Kevin's penis after that?".

Michael replies, "yes, I would suck his penis everyday if he and I could find the time and place, sometimes more then once a day if Kevin was in the mood, until I was 10 years old, at which time his father got a job transfer, and Kevin and his mom and dad moved to another state.

Elle says, "where there any other very dramatic/memorible events that happened during this time you can recall?".

Michael says, " I remember getting paddled by my first grade teacher, yet not why, yet it was publicly humiliating, that was that teachers method of punishment. In second grade I recall just getting up in class and going home, I was like in a daze, everybody in the school was looking for me, I later learned, after getting home and our baby-sitter was frantic". I remember I started wearing mom's panty hose under my jeans, because one day at school during playground time, I ripped my pants wide open, in the crotch area, and everybody could see I was wearing panty hose. When I was 8 years old mom walked into my bedroom as I was sucking Kevin's penis".

Elle replies, "how did you like it when your mom seen you with Kevin's penis in your mouth?"

Michael replies, "I'd say that I was very aroused, though, I remember mostly being worried how Kevin and mom felt, because mom stood and watched us a few seconds, and without a word slowly closed the door, Kevin quickly had his pants pulled up and was out through the front door, leaving me sitting there completely nude with Kevin's semen all over my face and chest, because he normally ejaculately directly into my mouth and I'd swallow it, but because mom opened the door when he'd was just ready to ejaculate, he turned pulling his penis out of my mouth. Because the bathroom was right outside my other door, I went in there quickly forgetting my clothes, has I was washing Kevin's semen off myself, mom suddenly knocked on the bathroom door asking to talk to me, I opened the door standing there totally nude with a erection, mom then handed me a towel to cover myself, which I did, then she sat on the toliet seat, I sat on the edge of the tub, mom then told me she wasn't mad, but she needed time to think, and she wanted me to call Kevin and see if he'd come over tomorrow after school so the three of us could talk, so I got dressed and called Kevin, told him mom wasn't mad but she wanted to talk about it, just between the three of us, Kevin said he come over then".

Elle asks, "How did it go the following day when you, Kevin and your mom talked".

Michael replies, "it went, good, she told Kevin that she didn't want him to penetrate my bottom, she really liked Kevin, so she was glad I was doing it with him, but she only wanted me sucking Kevins cock".

Elle says, "I'd say your Mom was pretty open minded, and caring to you".

Michael replies, "yes she was a very wonderful person, my role model for sure, another thing I'd do regarding Mom, I had a small mirror, with I could look under her bedroom door and watch her dress, I'd look under the bath room door, we had a clear shower door so I could see her nude really well, then she caught me looking under door with the mirror, she pulled out the door and said, "goofy you, don't you know I can clearly see that mirror under the door". I continued looking under the door, she'd talk to me while she showered dried off, the whole time I watched, then one day there was a chair sitting in the bathroom, that night she came and got me told me to come in the bathroom and talk to her while she showered. We did that for awhile, then one night she told me to undress and hop in the shower with her and wash her back, I was 10 years old at the time, from then on until I moved to Aunt Becky's at age 13, I always showered with her".

Elle giggles, "your Mom was really cool, how did it feel in your mind/thoughts showering with her?".

Michael replies, " feeling so lucky, is how I felt, getting to wash her naked body, wash her hair was so wonderful to me, when I'd wash her front, she started letting me suck her breast while she fingered her clit until she climaxed, then after a few weeks longer, she had me finger her clit and make her climax".

Elle replies, " did she explain that she was having a orgasm, how it felt to her?".

Michael replies, "she told me once that her orgasm felt like, her pussy felt like it is squeezing tighter and tighter and tighter and warmth and then there’s a sudden burst and a rush through her entire body. it’s like a huge release, physical embodiment of euphoria, her body tingled all over and there’s a pulsing feeling at the high point of the orgasm.’

Elle says, "I bet it made you good by helping her feel that way didn't you".

Michael replies, "yes, I loved seeing her have a orgasm, it was so wonderful for me, I know society condemns all types of incest, but it was a wonderful thing with Mom and I, as well as Aunt Becky and I".

Elle says, " going back to when you were 8 and Kevin was 13, and your Mom caught you sucking Kevin's penis, did your Mom ask both of you about being homosexual ".

Michael replies," yes if we both thought we were, Kevin said he wasn't homosexual, it just felt good having me suck his penis, She then asked Kevin if he'd ever had a older lady suck his cock, or if he'd penetrated a lady with his cock, Kevin told her that he hadn't yet. I piped in and told her that I was the one who wanted to suck his penis and it helps me feel like a girl, because I wish I was a girl. Mom asked me how I even got the idea to suck Kevin's penis, my reply was by watching her suck her boyfriend's penis, (soon to be step-dad), through the door way between her room and mine, Mom asked me then how long I'd been doing that watching her have sex, I told her ever since he first started spending the night. I told her really liked watching her, seeing her naked and I wanted to suck a penis like she was, I told her I wanted a penis up inside me some day like she was and that I had watched many times ever since age 6 and my step-dad would come see her, until just watching her a few night ago, which embarrassed her, she quickly asked if Kevin had tried to penetrated my bottom yet, both Kevin and I told her no we hadn't done that yet, but I told her I wanted to some day, Kevin said he only wanted to do that with a female".

Elle replies, "did you continue watching your mom have sex at night through the cracked door opening?".

Michael replies, "yes, Mom would even know I was watching, because she'd often wave at me when my step-dad was not looking, or she'd ask me the next day if I liked watching her last night, if I had masturbated and ejaculated, once I turn 12  I was sucking my own penis and ejaculating in my mouth and I'd ejaculate while I watched her having sex. I watched up until I moved to my Aunt Becky's when I was 13 years old, Mom walked in on me while I was sucking my own penis quite often, I use to fantasize about Kevin and Mom having sex often after I started sucking Kevin's cock, I'd dream of being with them as they had sex".

Elle says, "so you feel you were quite sure you wanted to be penetrate by Kevin or other guys at that time?'.

Michael replies, "yes I was certain at that time that I only wanted to be female-roled like mom, that feeling is the only thing that I am very certain of, that feeling has never changed my entire life, I've never wanted to use my penis to penetrate, or do I desire anyone to suck my penis, sexually I just want to be 100% receptive for males, and I like making females orgasm by performing cunninglingus on them".

Elle replies, "so you feel your more transsexual like then just simply homosexual?"

Michael replies, "yes, I would like to have surgery were my penis is removed so I could have a vulva like a female mainly, I'd love to look like Caroline Cossey, the male to female transsexual who appeared as a female in the James Bond movie, for your eyes only".

Elle says, "I remember hearing about that a few years ago".

Michael says, " after Kevin moved away I started performing fellatio on Edward my jack donkey and Cosso my intact male great dane, for them I feel very female like, like they are really breeding me and trying to get me pregnant, I often fantasize  that I could get pregnant and have Cosso's puppies. Mom caught Cosso breeding me when I was 12 years old, he was locked up in me, luckly she quietly just closed the door".

Elle replies, "how did she react to that?".

Michael replies, "calmly, to the degree she told me she would much rather I get fucked by Cosso then by guys".

Elle says, "I hope you dont mind all my questions, I'm just working part-time at the Burger King, my parents own the Burger King so I'm kinda paying them back for all their help of getting me through school, right now I am waiting to start a teaching position at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
Michael ask her, "what are you going to teach?".

Elle's reply is, "I'll be teaching a course on abnormal human sexual behaviour for the first semister".
Michael replies, "so you know a bit about people like myself I take it?".

Elle replies, "well as much as I have found that has been written, and I have spent quite a bit of time talking to male exhibitionists, yet not exactly like you, since I've been working at the drive-up I've had, and all the girls have guys expose themself at the window very often, myself and a few of the girls don't mind, like you, all the guy seem timid and wimpish. Michael, your the first guy I've seen who has been completely nude and that has a bald cock, now your telling me that you are a feminine homosexual bottom, is that the way you are?, 100% bottom, submissive, you've never have taken the top role with males, because that is the way my brother is ".
Michael reply, "yes, I've never taken the top role with males, I'm a very submissive bottom, so I have no desire to top, I actually consider myself third-gender so I want guys treating me like a girl, and a wanta be transsexual type, at least the plan is I will be having the vulvoplasty confirmation surgery, so I can have a female looking vulva and get rid of my penis in a few weeks, after that I'd like to get breast implants".
Elle says, "so you wish you were female?".
Michael replies, "yes, very much so, for as long as I can remember I've felt like I should be a girl".
Elle replies, "you clearly got very sexually aroused exposing yourself to me, how did you feel after you climaxed".
Michael replies, "initially, I was very erotically humiliated, wimpy, it's like what I need is to be humiliated by a female, have her tell me something like; "no female would want a sissy boy like you who has been sucking cock and been getting fucked in the ass since he was 13 years old".
Elle giggles and says, "isn't that true though, how many women would want a completely femininized/emasculated sissy boy like you for a lover?".
Michael replies, "I wouldn't think any would, at least not want as their partner to have a family with, this time, after exposing myself to you I've felt as though I'm seeking a cuckoldress".

Elle replies, "what do you mean by, "your seeking a cuckoldress?".

Michael replies, " well for me, in essence Mom was always cuckolding me ever since I was 6 years old, then once I started watching Aunt Becking having sex with the Jensen guys when I moved to the farm she became my cuckoldress as well".

Elle replies, "you know Michael that does make a lot of sense, especially since both your Mom and Aunt Becky just passed away, you most likely need a new cuckoldress in a essential way".

Michael replies, "yes, I need a cuckoldress that I belong to and be with as her companion, not her lover, just as her submissive servant that's always with her, including when she is having sex".

Elle says, "how often do you expose yourself at drive-up windows?".

Michael replies, "I've been doing it since I was 16 years old, once I got my driver's license, I'll have episodes where I might expose myself every day for a week, then I wouldn't at all for a week or two, then do it again for a week, it has actually been about 4 months since I've exposed myself at a drive-up".

Elle says, "I bet it would turn you on intensely if I watched you as you sucked a guys cock or one of your dogs wouldn't it?".

Michael replies, "yeah, very much so, along with being a cuckold, performing fellatio on males is my life role, my identity, who I am, what I do, I can't imagine going a day without performing fellatio or cunninglingus for that matter, when I was 13 years old, then I got "outed" at school and then publicly humiliated, what are you a psychologist?".

Elle replies, "yep, I have a masters degree and I am licensed in here in this state to see clients for therapy/counseling, so don't worry this is all confidential, yeah kids can be cruel, but you got to be the way you are and accept that no female is going to want you, if you been getting fucked by guys since you were 13 years old, you'll never be able to please a female the way a real man can, sorry but my opinion. Michael, how would you like it if I got a few girls I know together at one of their homes, then you come a masturbate in front of all of us, and then suck a sexy young black guys cock as we all watch, would you like that?".

Michael replies, " yes very much, even more I like watching the guy fucking you, so your cuckolding me, I very much want females to treat me like a sissy-boy, because since after the public humiliation at school in 1975 I've been exclusively been or it's my life's role to be a female receptive submissive partner for my intact male dogs, my jack donkey Edward, Timbo and Henry my two mini ponies and many black guys, I moved to my Aunt Becky's farm, that is where I still live and I primarly serve others sexually 6-8 hours a day every day, females, males and male dogs and male equines, my role for the group is being a submissive transgender harem girl".

Elle replies, "I've never talked to male who lets dogs, a donkey and ponies butt fuck himself before, so this is a new experience, you must be so psychologically feminized, I'm surprised you can even get a erection, how often do they fuck you Michael?".

Michael replies, "generally each of them do every other day, or they each breed me about 3 times a week, I currently have 3 dogs Pablo, Og and Rufus, so I get bred about 18-20 times a week".

Elle giggles and says, "I'd say your the biggest slutboy I ever heard off, holy cow, I don't think my bottom could ever take it once, especially not a donkey and ponies".

Michael giggle, then says, "yeah it isn't something you just rush into doing, key is preparing my bottom, making sure I'm very clean and well lubed when they penetrate me".

Elle replies, "do you suck their cocks as well?".
I reply, "yes, I suck all their cocks routinely and ingest their semen".

Elle says, "so you do you have any interest in being with another human again?".

Michael replies, "I need to try to explain that part of my life by sitting face to face with you, it's more complex, is there any way we could sit and talk?".


Elle replies, "yes, I'd like to have you perform cunninglingus on me right now if your available, I'm very interested in having a submissive male like you serving me, and I'd like to try cuckolding you".

Michael says, " I would very much like to perform cunninglingus on you, and I'm a good loyal submissive cuckold type if you'd like to come out to the farm I'm available for you now".

Elle says, "you, want to meet me at the Burger King?".

Michael replies, "do you know where Ben's Country store is, I need to pick something up there, I'll drive the rx-7 so you'll recognize me".

Elle says, "I can be there in 15 minutes".

Michael says, "me to, see you there".

Michael puts on a shirt dress then hurries out and jumps in the rx-7 and heads to Ben's, once in Ben's parking lot and parked, Michael steps out of the rx-7 and leans against the side of his car and waits, sure enough Elle pulls in, and parks right next to Michael, and steps out of her mini van and says, "hey there, so you are publicly out as a transgender person, I like your shirt -dress and pig-tails".

Michael says, "thanks, just in the last few years I've been wearing shirt-dresses and put my hair in pigtails when I go out in public".

Elle says, "you really to look good, definitely feminine, especially with the pig-tail".

Michael says, "thank you, some times I put a flower in my hair, how about we leave your car here, and I'll drive us to the farm, when I bring you back I can get the stuff I need to get here at Ben's".

Elle says, "sure, I trust you will not kidnap me".

Michael says, "I'm beginning to want kidnap you though, I very much need a cuckoldress in my life, hop in, it's only ten minutes away".

Elle walks around to the passenger side, opens the door and climbs in the front seat, Michael starts the engine, backs out of the parking spot , Elle says, "wow, this car is low to the ground, no wonder I could see you so well when you exposed me".

Michael says, "yes, that is why it was my choice to drive it when I expose myself at drive-ups, I knew I'd be seen".

Michael pulls out of Ben's parking lot onto Grand rd. then up to the four way stop and turns right onto the black top road toward Aunt Becky's farm, Michael says, "I have to tell you Elle, I belong to large group, called the Jensen Group in a sort of way our group might be called something like the Amish, yet no religion is involved, and we only have about 500 members nation wide right now, our thing is we are a matriarchal society, matrilineal and we practice a form of polyandry, yet all females, all males have sexual relationships with each other, it was conceived by my Aunt Becky who was a cultural anthropologist, her idea is somewhat based on the The Mosuo women of  China's Yunnan and Sichuan provinces.

Elle jaw drops, then she says" is your Aunt Becky's last name Bergman?".

Michael replies, "yes, have you read some of her books?"

Elle says, "yes, I have all her books, and I knew her, her and I worked together quite a few years ago on the Zuni reservation in New Mexico, I'm am a cultural anthropologist as well, so your the nephew Michael she talked so much about, oh my!, what a coincidence that you exposed yourself to me, and now I headed to her farm, oh my!".

Michael says, "yeah this is freaky, I remember Aunt Becky talking so fondly talking about you when she returned from New Mexico, she wanted to kidnap you and bring you home with her I know that, I know she regretted not bringing you home until the day she died".

Elle says, "you might say I was torn between two lovers at the time, her and Kenyan guy, and I was headed back to be with him after our work in New Mexico was completed. Later I would regret going back to Kenya, and not coming back here to with your Aunt Becky".

Michael smiles, "well you made it here, did she talk any about our group here?".

Elle says, " yes in great detail, I know you's have a matriarchal/matrilineal system, communal type breeding, you's are incestuous and most the females have sex with male Irish Wolf hounds, and you have sex with Edward your jack donkey, he is the love of your life".

Michael says, "what do you think?".

Elle says, "I'm thinking that I want to be apart of your group if you'll have me".

Michael replies, "I think Aunt Becky would love me having you as my new cuckoldress to serve".

Elle says, " Aunt Becky told me that you and her became intimate sexually when you were 10 years old".

Michael replies, "I started performing cunninglingus on my Aunt Becky when I was 10 years old, I came to live on the farm with Aunt Becky when I was 13, when I was 13 years old and about 2 months after I started having sex with the guys at school, some one outed me from school, and the word spread through school like wild fire. I was so deeply traumatized and humiliated that I developed severe OCD and wanted to quit school. Aunt Becky suggested that myself, Edward and Cosso move out to her farm and live with her. By moving here, I could start going to a new school, Aunt Becky and I were very close she knew I been performing fellatio on both Cosso and Edward. I have to tell you, I was having penetrative sex with Aunt Becky just prior to moving out to farm to live with her then as well, I started having penetrative sex with Mom about a month after I'd moved to farm".

Elle replied, "your Aunt Becky said you were having full intercourse with her, your Mother and the group females 13 year old and older, and all the group male dogs were breeding you".

Michael replies, " I'm glad she told you all that, are you sure you don't want me to take you back to your car, I know all I'm telling you must be quite strange?".

Elle says, "no way, your stuck with me now, I'm a slut myself, and besides I know all your secrets, you have to be my submissive cuckold now, and do as I say".

Michael says, "I want to be your submissive cuckold, I'd like you to be my cuckoldress, Aunt Becky and Mom were always my cuckoldresses, now that they've both pasted away it's like a huge part of my identity and purpose are lost, I promise I'll serve you well, there are many black males in our group for you to serve if you wish to be a harem girl full time with me, I'm a full-time femboy harem girl for the whole group,  you belong here with me on Aunt Becky's farm, this was mean't to be".

They pull up in front of the old farm house,

Elle says, "this is my new home, I love it!"

They climb out of the rx-7 

Introduction to Og, Pablo, Rufus, Cunnington, Edward, Timbo and Henry, then tour of house (Sally's bedroom, living room were Michael sleeps with Og and Edward, Sally art studio, Marcus and Louis's studio etc.)

                                                 to be completed

As they are walking to the door and then on into the washroom, Michael says, I'll introduce you to Og, Pablo, Rufus and Cunnington first then Edward, Timbo and Henry".

When Elle and Michael get to Sally's art studio, Elle notices Michael has a erection.

Elle says, "Michael, I can see your turned on, I want you to strip naked for me, so I can get a good look at your hard cock".

Michael turns facing Elle, then un-buttons his shirt-dress and removes it, in seconds he begins having a orgasm, Elle just watches has he pants and his body clinches up and his penis starts squirting semen onto the floor.

Elle smiles, and says, "nice repeat show of you ejaculating, I love it, I want to see you doing that while you watch the guys fuck me!".

Michael says meekly as he looks at the floor, "I will".

Elle says, "don't be sorry, I think it's so great you get so aroused mentally, you just start ejaculating".

Michael says, "yes, that I do, it makes it difficult for me to use my penis, now I'll be limp for a few hours at least yet I'll be as horny as ever again in a few minutes".

Elle says, "good, I'll give you a few minutes, then I'll have you wash and douche my pussy for me, then you can perform cunninglingus on me for awhile, maybe let me watch while Edward, Timbo, Henry, Pablo, Og, Rufus and Cunnington all butt fuck you".

Michael says, "I'd like to do all of that for you, maybe not have all of them breed me today, but soon".




After the tour Michael leads Og and Elle back to Sally's studio, closes the door, lays a exercise mat on the floor and has Og mount him and start breeding him, once Og has thrusts his penis hard into Michael's butt for about 30 seconds, Og gets his penis locked up inside Michael's bottom and goes still, resting on Michaels back, at the same time Michael asks Elle to sit on the floor in front of himself, he then starts performed cunninglingus on Elle while Og is locked up inside his bottom ejaculating, Michael is able to make Elle climax before Og gets his penis  pulled out of Michael, or during the 15 minutes Og was locked up inside Michael".

After Og separates from Michael, Michael flirts playful with Og, petting him lovingly, then both Michael and Elle sit up on the futon there in the studio.

Elle smiles big, and says, "I loved seeing you get bred by Og, it was wonderful, I'm very much ready to start getting bred by the dogs, so ready!".

Michael smiles, and says, "I go get Rufus, he'd be more then eager to get his penis locked up in your pussy, it been a few days since he has bred, and your nice and wet for him now, sit tight I'll be right back, Michael tells Og to follow him, they both head out the door.

Elle sits and ponders about all that is happening, in turn, realizing her life is being changed drastically and quickly, and now a St. bernard is about to mount and stud her, she going to be a big male dog's bitch, and she loved the idea.

Michael returns with Rufus, who quickly goes to Elle who is sitting on the futon bottomless, Michael sits down next to her as she pets Rufus softly, affectionly.

Michael suggests to her that she start rubbing his tummy then work her way to his penis shaft and firmly stroke it through his sheath, Elle proceeds to do just that, in no time Elle hand is gripping Rufus's sheath and gently stroking it.

Elle says, "oh my, he feels so big!".

Michael replies, "yeah, Rufus is a big boy down there, he also gets a nice big knot, so I'm hoping he'll lock you a good 20 minute, you think your ready to be his new bitch to stud routinely?".

Elle replies, "yes, I really want him up inside me cumming so much!".

Michael replies, "Rufus will fill you with his semen, lots of it!, I'll say to you, once I got studded and bred by my great dane Cosso at age 13, I instantly knew it was to be my way of life ".

Michael gets down in front of Elle, first he puts socks on Rufus's front paws, then he gently spreads Elle's legs then injects some mineral oil up inside her pussy, then helps her stand, leads her onto the mat, where Elle gets on her hands and knees, Michael kisses her cheek, then says, "Rufus knows exactly, so just grip the mat tight, he'll likely thrust into you good and hard for 30 seconds then lock up in you".

Elle softly says, "I know I'm ready, I need it bad now!, I want it to be my way of life from now on as well".

Michael goes and sits back on the futon, and watchs as Rufus goes through his pre-mounting ritual of licking Elle's pussy, walking around licking her face, then back behind her he returns and quickly lifts up and over her back, grips her sidess with his legs and paws, and starts humping. Rufus pokes about with his now stiff penis until he finds her wet pussy then he plunges it in and starts wildly thrusting his penis into her, Elle begins yelping and squealing non-stop as Rufus rocks her about with his thrusts, by the time Rufus goes still and his knot is locked up inside Elle's pussy, Elle is quivering and shaking, she then drops her fore arms and face to the mat, and starts gasping and whining, the she begins mumbling "I'm going climax", she begins grunting and panting as her orgasm takes over.


Michael watches with pleasure, as he sits on the futon kneading his limp penis head with his left hand fingers, he then ejaculates into the palm of his right hand, once he has fully ejaculated he carries his semen to his lips and licks the semen out of his right hand, and swallows it as he looks at Rufus and Elle locked in a copulatory tie, and listens to both of them panting in a state of bliss and euphoria. 


Michael lays on the futon and watches, Elles now every 5 minutes whimpering as she has another orgasm, then after about 15 minutes, Rufus carefully and slowly starts backing off of Elle which triggers her to start whining loudly, as Rufus's knot is still swollen and relatively large in size. Rufus pulls enough that the  knot loudly pops out of Elle's pussy and sways about as he walks around to the front of her.

Michael says, "if you like, he'll let you gently lick his cock as the swelling goes down".

Elle takes the hint, rolls onto back and gently holds Rufus's legs so his penis is dangling in front of her face, Elle eagerly, yet gently kissing and licking Rufus's still massive cock.

Elle softly says," Michael, I can't believe I had this huge knot and cock were up inside me, but I know I must of had 8 different orgasms while he was in me, I didn't want it to end, can Pablo and Cunnington stud me now too!".

Michael replies, " yes, I'll go get Pablo, go ahead and get on your hands and knees, I'll be right back with him, Michael leads Rufus out of the studio as he goes to find Pablo.

When Michael returns with Pablo, Elle is on her hands and knees smiling at them as they both walk towards, Elle says, "hi Pablo, I need to take me as your new bitch and give me a good firm studding please". 

Again Pablo knows what to do, he to goes through his short pre-mounting ritual, as Michael says, "Elle, you wouldn't need lubed, your soaked with Rufus's cum".

Elle replies, "yes, I can feel it running down my thighs". 

Michael gets the socks on Pablo's front paws as while Pablo eagerly licks between Elle's legs, making her jerk about and whimper.

Michael says, "it will be similar, 30-40 seconds of real hard thrusting, he'll lock-up, then 15 minutes of being locked in the copulatory tie". Michael walks to the futon and sits and begins kneading his limp penis head as he watches Pablo mount Elle and begin thrusting into her, Elle begins squealing the moment Pablo's penis enters her pussy, and continues gasping and yelping, then cries out,"I'm cumming", before Pablo finishes thrusting, Elle now wildly shaking and panting, Pablo goes still as his penis locks up inside her pussy. After maybe 10 seconds Elle drops onto her forearms and just squeals non-stop,.

Elle mumbles softly, "I can't stop having orgasms", as she jerks about gasping and flinching.

After about 15 minutes, and Elle having orgasms the whole time, Pablo began backing off her and pulling firmly on his knot until it came out with a loud "pop", Elle gasped loudly, fell to the floor, rolled on to her back quickly, and gently guided Pablo over her so she could take his penis into her mouth and begin gently sucking and licking Pablo's cock clean.

Elle said, "Michael be a good cuckold and please get down and lick and suck all the doggie semen from my hot swollen pussy clean ".

Michael quietly crawls to Elle and begins sucking and licking her clean of Rufus and Pablo's semen.

Cunnington studs Elle next, Michael licks/sucks her clean of Cunnington's semen, then Og studs her, Michael plugs her pussy to retain Og's semen

3pm Saturday

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Edit following


Michael says, " the Jensen Group is a semi-closed group, a sort of intentional community Aunt Becky might call us, of the people here, we have mainly black male and female members and no one has sex with anyone outside of our group, it as safe as we can make it, anyone who wants to join has get tested for all STD's then remain celibate for 3 month then retested for STD's, all the dogs are screen thoroughly for illness's every year, then trust plays a big part in our group".

Elle replies, "that makes me feel much better, so if I wanted to join, I'd show you that I got tested, show you's the test results?"and promise to be celibate 3 months, then re-test show you the test?"

Michael says, "you'd have to be approved by at least one of the four founders of the group after your testing is done".

Elle replies, " then I could simply tell you to fuck me?"

Michael says, " yes, can tell me, I'm a submissive, anyone can tell me, you can ask any male group member age 13 and older to have sex with you, it doesn't mean they will or have to, likely they will though, I desire to please and pleasure you, even though I'm attracted to males, doesn't mean I don't take great pleasure in pleasing females, by performing cunninglingus on them though".









Elle says, "Michael are you getting the sex change surgery for sure?"

Michael replies, "yep, I found a doctor who will do the type of zero-depth vulvaplasty I desire and yet retain my testes, so I never have to take hormones".

Elle replies, "I really want to join your group and be your cuckoldress Michael".

Michael says, "you welcome to join our group and live with Sally and I".

Elle replies, "don't be surprised if I do, especially if I can get the opening I want at the University of Iowa, in Iowa City".

Michael says, "yep we are only 35 miles from there, the farm life here is great, we have a large deep clear quarry lake out back to swim in, scuba dive in, skinny dip in etc".

Elle replies, "your making it more tempting".

Michael says, "I'm a woodworker, I sell my armoires at Ben's Country Store, Sally is a very good artist painter, she sells her paintings at Ben's as well".

Elle says,"oh my goodness, Sally does the dog paintings?"

Michael replies, "yep".

Elle replies, "I go in Ben's store all the time, and have since he opened it if I am in town anyway, I know him pretty well by now, he is a great guy indeed."

Michael says, "Ben hooked Sally and I up two years ago, we are perfect for each other, and we both prefer intact male Irish wolfhounds as our dog partners".

Elle says, "to be honest, the idea of getting bred by a large male dog is something I've always wanted to experience".

Michael replies, "I'll for-warn you, once you've been locked up in a copulatory tie with a large dog like a Irish wolf hound, great dane and he squirts his semen up inside you for 10 minutes, there is a good chance that you will likely be hooked, and need one to live with you." 

Elle giggles and says, "I am ok with that, as long as I can live with you's with my Irish wolfhound, can I ask you if Sally is dominate bi-sexual with females?".

Michael replies, "yes, she is her bed partner is Kathy a beautiful 19 year old submissive bi-sexual, most of the ladies in the group are bi-sexual, even Mom was intimate with a lot of the group females".

Elle replies, " I'm a submissive bi-sexual, so Sally and I would likely get along good".

Michael says, "I know Sally would like you sexually and non-sexually a lot, I know".

Elle says, "I'd love to be Sally's submissive"

Michael replies, " I'd like you to be her sub, how about we walk down to the lake and swim out to the pontoon and enjoy the water a bit?".

Elle replies, "I'd like that, lets do it".



Elle and Michael walk out to stables, then out to paddock, Edward, Timbo and Henry follow as Michael leads them out the paddock gate into the pasture, then the three of them scatter out into the pasture and start grazing while Michael and Elle walk on down to the lake, once to the beach they both strip naked and swim out to the pontoon. Once they are up on the deck of the pontoon they begin to talk of where things will go from here,  as they lay next to each other on the deck of the pontoon.

Elle explains that she is fairly certain that she has the position at the University of iowa, and even by chance she doesn't get it there she has a position at the University of Wisconsin, Madison that equals the field of study on human behaviour and sexual behaviour.

Elle says, "actually Michael, I will be going to Madison at least a week every month to lecture to sudents on sexual behaviour, none of this starts until August though, so your stuck with me til then if that's ok".

Michael says, "well I don't know if that's good enough"
Elle looks at him sadly, then Michael tickles her rib and says." just Kidding I'll do what ever I can do to help you, and just know your always welcome here, this is your home, or at least one of your homes now".

Elle asks, "Michael how many of those books in your library have you read?".

Michael replies, "all of them at least once, why?"

Elle says, "well I only got a quick glance at the titles, though I worked with your Aunt Becky and was intimate with her it was a short while, I know she very much believed in a matiarcial type social structure, after hearing her talk about her studies of the Mosso women of Tibet".

Michael replies, "yes she talked to me often about the Mosso ladies, the walking marriage arrangement they had, how the children were raised by the mother's family, she also talked to often about the Zuni tribe of New Mexico, and the berdache men who took the female role, Aunt Becky used to said to me to never be ashamed of my feminity or the fact that I needed to be the female-roled partner for males, she'd say I was simply like the berdaches of the Zuni tribe, and many other North American Native tribes, Aunt Becky is the first female I every made love to even, so I know you know she is a wonderful lover".

Elle replies, "I regret not spending more time with her, especially after she invited me to come stay here with her, she talked about you often, you had been living with her a few years, and were staying with Susan I believe while she was with me".

Michael says, "this is a bit crazy stuff now, us meeting like this and all, yes I remember well when she went to stay in New Mexico, I missed her so much, yet so lucky I could live with Susan, plus having Caroline and Johnny, plus all Jensen group members to be with".

Elle replies, "is there any chance we could visit Susan soon?, Aunt Becky spoke of Susan quite often as well".

Michael replies, "yes, there is a phone in the beach shed, also a toilet to let you know, we can call Susan,and see if she is home, then walk over.

Elle says, "can we lay here for awhile longer, this is so nice just talking, floating about".

Michael says, "yep, this is very nice floating here with you, plus I was just thinking now I don't have to sell my rx-7".

Elle says, "what do you mean, why would you have to sell your rx-7?".

Michael replies, "because after I exposed myself to you, I figured I could never drive it again".

Elle giggles and says, "I see your point, yeah you were lucky it was me who you exposed, very lucky and never forget it or else". Elle then pokes and tickles his rib.

Michael says, "I am so,so glad I did expose you though, and luckly your the only person I've ever done that too, so that makes our meeting ever more spirtual like, and because it like love at first sight, even more intense, like wow!, kinda thing".

Elle replies, "when you pulled back up to the second time with your note, I was so excited you'd returned, then your humility of manner of explaining, I simply knew you were sincere, you were not simply trying to avoid trouble, but I must say I was hoping you expose yourself to me again as well".

Michael says, "all I know is you and I were mean't to meet, and it's been wonderful, and I will do my best to keep it wonderful, who knows maybe some where at some time in Aunt Becky's thoughts she had thought "Elle would be a good friend for Michael to have".

Michael looked at Elle, and seen the tears running down her face, then gently wiped then away and kissed her lips.

Elle babbled and cried and hugged him as she softly said, "I know Aunt Becky thought that because she said that exact thing to me, "Elle you'd be a good friend for Michael to have".

Michael giggled, "yep, the signal is coming through, one day I was sitting with her and we were watch a blue-jay scream, I said to her, "the blue-jay is nature alarm, and we see the blue-jay, we see the blue-jay scream, we can't see it's scream, yet we know it's sream exists, where did it's scream go?, Aunt Becky replied, "Michael it scream did exist, we just can't see it, yet it goes on forever".

Elle says, "will you make love to me again before I start balling and weeping with tears of joy, please!".

Michael kisses his way down to her smooth completely hairly pussy, and gently begins tickling her clitoris with his tongue, Elle softly mutters, "oh Michael you make me feel so good".
Once Michael knows Elle is wet and ready, and knows he is hard and ready he slides back up and begins kissing her lips, Elle with her hand guides Michael's penis into to herself.

Once they've made love for the second time, they lay there each one thinking to themselves.

Elle is the first to speak, saying, "Michael how can it be any better then what we just had?".

Michael giggles and says, "you know I was thinking those exact thoughts", then tickles her and the playfully roll around.

Elle says, "here I am, falling in love with a berdache, I think Aunt Becky would love seeing us now".

Michael replies, "I know she would, she knew I was able to make love to a female, yet at same time need to be a female-roled partner for males, yet she tell me it wasn't my problem, it was society's problem in not understanding how diverse human beings truly had to be in order to evolve and survive".

Elle giggles and says, "you know Michael you could lecture on her behalf I do imagine after living with her intimately for what, 14 years right?".

Michael says, "1975 until her death in fall of 1987, so about that, I'd always spend the summers with her since Uncle Horward death in 1970".

Elle says, "Michael did Aunt Becky know you liked males in 1970?".

Michael replies, "yes, because mom had caught me performing fellatio on my friend Kevin who was 12 at the time, and mom had talked to Aunt Becky about it, plus Kevin would often come with me to spend weekends here at the farm with Aunt Becky, the three of us would go skinny dripping alot, soon Aunt Becky and Kevin started making love, I would be with them always".

Elle replies, "there is the cuckold thing again, did you perform fellatio on Kevin in front of Aunt Becky?".

Michael replies, "yes, very often, simply because I did so often, it might be as we were all down here swimming or just hanging out at the house, none of us needed to hide our sexuality, ".

Elle says, "when did you and Aunt Becky start making love?".

Michael replies, "I was publicly humiliated at school after someone started spreading the word that I was performing fellatio and being penetrated by guys, the word spread through school like wild fire, kids were yelling in the hall ways things like "Michael likes guys, Michael lets guys fuck him etc., I wanted to quit school, I developed severe checking, obsessive thoughts type OCD, which was nearly unbearable, that is when Aunt Becky stepped in and simply told mom that I was coming to the farm and live, and in turn start going to a new school, I was post-puberty so I was ejaculating or call it sexually mature, we were always skinny dipping in the lake together, it was just happened, it seems so natural for Aunt Becky and I to just start having sexual intercourse routinely even though I'm attracted to males, having sex with Aunt Becky was very intimate, it was a way I could make her feel good, then after mom divorced my step father, which was about a year after I'd moved out to live with Aunt Becky, mom started coming out to go swimming, and well when you go swimming here your naked!, and mom liked laying out nude. Well by being here amongst us, that is all the Jensen guys, myself, Johnny, Susan, Caroline, and Jensen mom and daughters and us all having sex together, it wasn't long before mom was a member of the group and having sex with all the Jensen guys, Johnny, then her and I started having full intercourse , it turned out being the most wonderful experience, she felt the same way, we both very much enjoyed having intercourse with each other, thus we coninued to until she died suddenly of a heart defect in 1986".

Elle replies, "I'm so sorry Michael, I did want to ask you if you had any thought of sucide after the publicly humiliation?".

Michael replies, "once the OCd started and had persisted for about 6 months, and I feared I was losing my mind, going insane, yes then I began to feel that simply could no longer live in such away, so I very much owe my life to Aunt Becky for taking me with her".

Elle says, "I can't even imagine how deeply you must love her, can I ask, did you make love to Aunt Becky until she died?"
Michael replies, "yes, once her and I started making love, we always made love, usually at least 5 times a week, often more".

Elle says, "do you recall ever feeling jealous while seeing Aunt Becky and your mom having sex with other guys".

Michael replies, "no, why would I?, I loved seeing the guys make them feel good".

Elle replies, "good point, why would you seems a silly question when one realizes how much you loved each other, actually it seem a stupid question".

Michael replies, "yet it is what our society must think, our that question would not exist correct?, plus I'm a sissy cuckold type".

Elle giggles, then replies, "the scream of the blue-jay arises".

Michael chuckles, then says, "exactly, it was thought so exists".

Elle replies, "I want you to teach me, see through your eyes as how you view sex".

Michael replies kinda chuckling, "think of it maybe as the ultimate touch two living beings can share mutually together, their bodies can merge together as one for at least a short time in the most pleasurable way we can know".

Elle giggles, "I must say, I never heard it said better, especially in regards to the way you and I just made love".
Elle ponders a moment then asks, "do you experience feeling jealous or envious?"

Michael replies, "I never felt jealous, when mom,Aunt Becky or Sally are with other men, I wouldn't if you are, I remember at one point in life when like 6 years old feeling jealous, yet hated so decided never to feel like that again, today they call it CBT right?"​



Elle replies, "so you trained your mind to think something else the moment a hint of jealous should arise, until it simply no longer even arises?".

Michael replies, "yes, that is good way of saying it, I often think of it as "finding a alternative in the way I am thinking".

Elle says, "you know what, I have a grant to work with individuals like yourself who have basically self taught themself cogntive behavourial abilities, who knowingly can recognize their thoughts and in turn steer them in a new direction, I do believe that's how you were forced to do due to the trauma of the public humiliation, you were going to be attracted to males, whether it be men or male canines or equines, but to me it society's problem because I know you had to have loved your former dog lovers just as you love Edward, your mom, Aunt Becky and now me, and certainly Sally, if you have read much about third-gender types, you know that many are highly regarded as spiritual types, the berdache often was called a "match maker" between men and women, who better for it then the one that makes love with both of them right".

Michael replies, "all I can say is I'm glad I met you, he then chuckles and says, I'll gladly be a match maker for you and the guys from the Jensen group, promise, I want you to cuckold me daily please, it is so feminizing for me, and it may sound odd but it helps me feel so inadequate, feminized and emasculated".

Elle giggles, and say, "my first request is to have two big black cocks in me at the same time please!, it turns me on knowing your turned by seeing a true Str8 masculine men pleasure me, plus helping emasculate you, I want to treat you like a inadequate sissy, I just don't want you to ever feel bad, do you ever feel bad because you can't be like a normal masculine heterosexual man, maybe Sally will take me with her next time she gets gang-banged".

Michael replies, "I'll be seeing you get gang-banged right here, I rather be with you when you do that please, plus the guys will feminize in front of you, which really emasculates me good".

Elle replies, "it a deal, I stay here".

Michael grins then says, "ok it's a deal, as beautiful as you are are it isn't going to be difficult to pull that one off, especially having two sexy young black studs with nice big 8 inch cocks living with us, do you want to meet them first then go see Susan?".

Elle replies, "oh my, you decide for me, it to difficult of a decision for me".

Michael says, "there you go, making me confront my bias and my erotic nature, which wins out, because I want you to make love with Susan, be her good friend seemingly equal to as much as I do want to see you with Louis and Marcus as lovers and friends, we might have to leave it to fate, if I call Susan and she is home and able to see us we go there first deal?"

Elle says, "it is a deal, should we call from the beach shed or house?"

Michael says, "a trick question, cause if we go to the house and Louis and Marcus meet you first, Susan likely will not get called first right?"
Elle replies, "I really didn't plan my thoughts that way, but subconcisiously I well might of, because I never been with a black man but I very much want to be, especially two at the same time".

Michael replies with a smirk on his face, "once you have been with those two I know you'll belong to them as their slut, just like I do now".
Elle grins big, "oh my, your right maybe we should call Susan first".

Just as Elle finishs talking, Michael chuckles and says, "look who is coming".

Elle turns and looks in the direction Michael is looking

Elle says, "is that Louis and Marcus?"

Michael replies, "sure is, fate at work, we have plenty of K-Y on board in this cabinet here don't worry". Michael points to the cabinet with the K-Y in it and chuckles, then says, "I don't want them hurting you".

Elle says, "I like being a bit sore, afterwards, I've been worked good and hard before, I like a good masculine man man-handling me".

Michael says, "they will work you good and hard, you'll be begging them for it".

Louis and Marcus get to the beach, and quick start stripping nude.

Michael yells, "we were just talking about you two, and here you show up, what luck".

Louis yell saying, "you know Sally the match maker, she mixed some long island ice tea for you's and told us we had to delivery it personally, so here we are"

As soon as Elle sees them nude she just starts saying, "oh my, oh my there are the kinda cocks I want in me", as the guys begin swimming out to the pontoon.

Michael stands then helps Elle stand, then guides her to one of the cushions boat chairs, she gets seated completely nude, and whispers to Michael, "should I cover up with a towel?".

Michael says, "nope, might as well start getting used to be nude around everybody now".

As Louis gets to the boat ladder at the stern, he walks back and takes the cooler from Louis and carries it back to the counter, then get 4 cups and pours the tea into each, hands Elle one, he takes one and sit back down.

Michael then say, "did you's get everything moved in?"

The guys both reply, "yep".

Louis walks to Elle with a extended hand, Elle stands takes his hand as he says, "I'm Louis, your new room mate I hear, that is if your Elle?"

Elle blushs a bit and says, "nice to meet you Louis, yes I am Elle".
Marcus then extends his hand and says, "I Elle, I'm Marcus our room mate as well, nice to meet you".

Elle says, "nice to meet you Marcus, Michael was telling the truth, we were just talking about you's".

Marcus says, "I hope it was good".

Elle blushs, and smiles with a devilish smile as she looks between his legs in a half sly way and says, "we were talking about what to expect now that I am a group girl mainly, and Michael was telling me that you's were group guys".

Marcus says, "please take a seat, enjoy your tea a second, I'll grab a tea too".

Elle sets back down, as Michael stands and lights a smoke and walks up to the bow and sits facing them, Louis and Marcus both take a boat seat there by Elle.

Louis says, "please tell us bit about yourself, why you want to be a group girl etc".

Elle says, "well the job that I went school for is professor of cultural anthropology and human behavioral studies, which hope I will soon have a position as at the University of Iowa in the fall, my second job, which I not really trained for but want to learn to be good at is being a group girl for you's group, I'm bi-sexual, I'd say on the sub side, I'd say I love pussy and cock equally as well as the other, and I love being here on the farm with Michael, Sally and Kathy very much"

Louis replies, "great, sounds like you will enjoy it here, and I know all of us welcome you with open arms, both Marcus and I are grad students finishing up our masters of architecture, I'm a dom type, but if I talk dirty to you etc. it is me being playfully".
Elle says, "I like a man to treat me like is slut in a playful manner, just be yourself I'm looking for men that with man handle me and put me in my place as their slut".

Louis grins and says, "I bet those lips of yours would look great wrapped around my cock, why don't you show me how much you love cock with those beautiful lips of yours". as he spreads his legs offering her his semi-erect cock.

Elle says, "oh my, I was hoping you would tell me that". as she drops to knees in front of Louis and begins kissing and licking his cock.

As Elle licks the shaft working her way down along it to his big lose hanging balls, she softly says, "oh you taste so good" as she looks up into his eyes.

As Louis runs his fingers through her hair gentle he says, "I know all of us are going to love you as a roomate, can I ask, you like cock up inside your butt or pussy or both?".

Elle softly, meekly says, "I douched my bottom just in case before I came out, because I'm not on the pill, Pablo, Rufus, Og and Cunnington just finished studding me, so I had all of them use my pussy just a bit ago and my pussy is plugged so I can retain their semen awhile".

Marcus says, "I know Sally and Peggy are mainly being studded by the 24 male dogs in our group right now, so you'll being getting studded by them as well".

Michael says, "there are 165 breeding age stud male dogs in the Jensen group you'll be getting studded by as well Elle".

Elle says, "all I know is, I want to be getting studded by as many guys and dogs as I can be studded by 7 days a week".

Louis says, "would you like to have Marcus lube up you bottom and slide his cock up in your butt hole?.

Elle meekly replies, "yes I'd like that very much".

Louis stays, Elle have you ever had a cock in your pussy and bottom at the same time?.

Elle replies in a meek, submissive tone, "I never have, yet I would like to try it soon".

Louis looks at Michael then Marcus and says, Michael, do you know if there are any condoms on the pontoon, and would you show Elle how good a femboy slut you are by helping her with sucking and licking my cock?".

Michael gets some condoms from a drawer in one of the boat cabinets, then steps over to Elle's side, drops down next to her, kisses her cheek, she turns and passionately kisses Michael's lips for a moment then whispers, "can I watch you suck for a moment?",

Michael softly replies, "I'd like that", Elle holds Louis's shaft while she licks Louis's balls, Michael then takes Louis's cock in his mouth.

Louis says, "swallow all 8 inches of my cock, show us all just how much you love cock Michael, show Elle what a good sissy femboy you are".
Elle watches as all of Louis's cock disappears into Michael's mouth and down his throat until Louis's balls are under his chin.
Elle says, "oh Michael I love it, you've gotta teach me how to do that, yummy!

Michael moves his head back, allowing Louis's cock to completely slide out of his mouth.

Michael smiles at Elle, she kisses his lips quickly, then Michael says to her, "the most important thing thing is learning to swallow not breath as you take a cock all the way down, I been practicing since I was 7 years old, so be patient and practice with a long smooth dildo like I do is all I know, yet I do know guys like their entire cock swallowed.

Louis says, "your right there Michael, that why your such a good sissy, you love sucking cock and it shows, so don't worry both of you slut's will get to practice on Marcus and I all the time now!".

Elle says submissively, "just tell me when you want me to, I'll do as you say, I would love you's fucking me as often as possible".

Louis says, "that's what I like to hear from you sluts".

Louis then says, "Elle and Michael, repeat after me and say, "Louis we are group sluts now, our duty is to please all group members sexually at all times".

Both Elle and Michael look up at Louis and says " Louis we a group sluts now, our duty is to please all group members sexually at all times".

Louis says, "good, and for you Elle, make sure you have condoms with you at all times so all us guys can experience your pussy, when your on your peroid you'll just be sucking cock and plug your pussy and take cock up your butt, but as a group sluts, both of you's try to be available 24/7 to serve sexually".

Michael looks at Elle as she licks and kisses Louis's big hard cock, he says to her, "now that you will be taking cock up in your bottom every day, you'll want to stay on a rigid fairly high fiber diet, and have a go dildo to prep your bottom with, but all explain how I do it, and I prep your bottom for you, as your sissy cuckold, when your having sex, that's my duty".

Elle kisses Michael then says, "I like that a lot if you could".

Marcus at the same time steps behind Elle,caresses her back, then lead over and soft kisses her neck and says to her, I'm going to lift your bottom up a so I can get to your bottom better, then lube you up with K-y jelly" ok?".

Elle raises up so she is on her hands and knees, Marcus the rubs K-Y jelly on his own cock which is bone hard, then rubs around Elle's butt hole, then slowly slides his finger up inside her butt.
Elle squirms and moans now with Marcus's finger inside her butt.
Marcus asks, Elle does it feel ok?"
Elle whimpers, "oh so good, oh Marcus I want your big black cock in me so much, I've been dreaming of being fucked by black guys for so long, please take me as your slut and fuck me silly".
Marcus holds his cock shaft with one hand guiding it, then slowly pushes his cock head into her slick butt hole.

Elle gasps as Marcus's cock head pops inside her butt, then she sqiurms and squeals as Marcus slowly pushs in deeper, Michael rolls under her onto his back, gets in postion and eagerly starts licking and sucking Elle's clitoris, Elle then takes Louis's cock in her mouth to suck on as Marcus starts sliding his cock in and out of her butt.

In less then a minute Elle is crying out, "I going cum, fuck me harder Marcus, I want be your slut so much, oh your cock make me feel so good up inside me, I want your sperm in me so much, treat me like your bitch, like all the dogs will soon be doing to me please".

Louis says, "now that you belong to the dogs as their bitch to breed too!, you know that when you become a bitch for the dogs, your life is dramatical changed, you'll have to have dogs studding most likely daily now".

Elle moans and mutters, "I can't wait til I'm getting fucked all day every day by the dogs, I wanting be their bitch to breed so much, I want to start ingesting stallion cum as soon as I can as well".

Louis says, "Sally told me yesterday she is getting breed by 5 of the 24 group dogs every day now, so she is having a hard time seeing group guys, so I know she needs help serving the dogs, so it wouldn't be long you'll be a bitch for all 24 dogs to breed as well".

Michael replies, "I agree once she got locked in copulatory tie with the hounds, you's better worry, she might only want to be a bitch for the dogs".

Elle begins shaking and squeaking as she begins having a intense orgasm, Marcus pushs his cock as deep into her as he can and holds her hips tight as she climaxs, Elle drops her face onto Michael's tummy and yelping and drooling saliva.

As Elle lays on top of Michael, now licking Michacl's limp penis, Louis stands, tells Marcus to sit on the steps at the stern and wash his penis, then Louis steps around behind Elle, lubes his cock with K-y jelly, then her butt, then pushs his hard cock slowly up inside Elle's butt, Elle squirms wildly, wiggling her hips as Louis's cock pushs 8 inches up inside her butt, Elle vigoriously starts sucking Michael's limp penis, Louis holds his cock still deep inside her.

Louis say to Michael as he looks down between his legs and sees his balls laying on Michael's forehead, Michael lick and suck on my big balls for awhile, since you and Elle are going to start performing as a team for us group guys, we need to get you two trained to perform as a team".

Michael does as told, and eagerly licks and sucks Louis's balls, then after about 30 seconds Louis slowly pulls his cock back out of Elle's butt until only his cock head remains inside her, Elle squirms non-stop as she squeals frantically, Louis then slams his cock quickly completely up inside her.

Elle cries out with a loud yelp, with her mouth wide open her back arches up, her head jerks back, then she braces her hands on the deck of the pontoon, as Louis starts thrusting his cock rapidly in and out of her butt.

Elle rocks back and forth over the top of Michael, Michael tries his best to lick her clit and Louis's slapping balls as she moves with Louis's thrusts, while Elle gasps, pants, grunts and howls as Louis's body slaps against ass.

Elle now simply babbling with her eyes closed mutters, "fuck me, oh please fuck me hard I'm going cum, she buckss and yelps as she climaxs".

Louis pulls completely out of her after about a minute, hurries in front of Elle.

Louis then puts his cock head in front of her mouth then says," open your mouth wide so I can feed you my cum".
Elle opens her mouth wide, Louis vigoriously jacks himself off until he is grunting and groaning, then a big glob of semen squirts onto Elle's tongue,then another and another, until Louis finishes.

Louis then says to Elle, "swallow all of it you bitch slut".

Elle closes her mouth as she looks Louis in his eyes, then swallows all the semen down.

Elle then submissively soft says, "your cum tastes so wonderful, I would like to swallow your cum as often as I can please".

Louis says, "you will be, don't worry, your my slut bitch now, so you'll be spending most of your days sucking and getting fucked, now wash my cock clean".

Elle does as told, she gets takes the wash cloth that Louis hands her and drips in the lake, then she begins washing his entire cock clean, as she does, Louis says, from now on, when your done getting fucked by any of us bare, wash us off, then plug your butt with a butt plug, that way we know we need to tell you to go douche your butt before we can fuck you again, always have you butt plug in your butt and when your receptive to being fucked take it out, that way if one of us sees you walking around without your butt plugged, we know your ready to get fucked, if we are at a "last man standing gang-bang party wash each guys cock off after he fucks you even though he doesn't ejaculate inside you".

Elle submissively replies, "the guys will tell me if they ejaculate in me right?".

Louis says, "yes, we all will tell you, all of us group guys will always ask you if you need to douche, or if you ready to be fucked even if your not wearing a plug, you'll catch on well after you perform with the other ladies at a "last man standing party gang-bang, you will get fucked at least once by even guy there at least once most likely, the group guys will make sure your well lubed, their cocks are kept lubed, Michael will be there to help you keep clean, help lube the guys cocks etc.".

Elle says, "do most the guys end up ejaculating in us ladies mouths?"

Louis says, "All the guys except one ejaculates in one of you's lady's mouth, the guy who hasn't cum yet at the end of the night gets to ejaculate in your pussy or butt, which ever you tell him, in your case your butt unless he has a vasectomy".

Louis then says, "I know Sally puts a butt plug in her pussy before the dogs breed her, then once they finishing breeding her she inserts the plug in her butt so the semen doesn't leak out, but talk to her about that".

Elle says, "that makes sense, I'll be fine, Sally will fill me in on things as we go, I'm certain of that".
Elle turns as she hears Marcus says, "thats a good slut boy", Elle and Louis watches as Elle scoots froward on Michael's chest, both watch as Marcus ejaculates in Michael's wide open mouth.

Elle turns, crawls over Michael, as soon as Louis finishes ejaculating, she takes Marcus's cock in her mouth, gentle sucks any remain semen from it, then leans down and starts kissing Michael passionately, Michael shares Marcus's semen with Elle as the two of them tease each other with their tongues as they intimately kiss.

Louis says, "nice, share that cum, it good to see two sluts sharing cum".

After Elle and Michael finish kissing, they sit up, Elle submissively looks at Louis then Marcus and says, "thank you so much for taking me as your bitch slut and treating me so well doing it."

Michael submissively says as he looks at Louis and Marcus, "I also want to thank you so much for taking me as your femboy slut and treating me so well and training me to be a good femboy slut for you's, I want to serve you's best I can, thanks".

Louis replies, " Louis says, Elle open your mouth, I'm going piss in your mouth".

Elle opens her mouth as she sits there on Michael's chest, Louis holds the head of his cock about inch from her lips and starts slowly peeing directly in Elle's mouth, Elle swallows it down as quickly as the pee squirts in.

Louis says, "that's a good slut, drink that piss".

Once Louis finishes peeing in Elle's mouth, he tells her thanks.

Marcus then says, "yes thank to both of you's for serving us guys, we are very lucky to have two great submissive sluts like you two to live with".

Louis says, "I second that, and then some, love you both".

Michael says, "I got a Idea, why don't I call up to the house, there is a phone in the shed, and ask Sally if they want to order a pizza and then come join us".

Elle replies, "I know I'd like that, I love it here on the lake".

Marcus and Louis both agree as well.

Michael dives into the water, followed by Elle, they swim next to each other to the beach.

Elle softly says, "Michael, did you say you had a toilet in the shed, I need to potty quick."

Michael takes her hand and leads her to the shed, once in the shed, he points and says, "the bathroom is first door to the right", Elle briskly hurries to the bathroom.

Michael then goes to the phone and calls up to the house, Sally answers after a few rings.
Sally answers saying, "Hello, Sally here, how can I help you?"
Michael giggles. and says, "Sally Michael here, Elle, Louis and Marcus where wondering if you's might like to maybe order a pizza then come down to the quarry and hang-out?".

Sally says," how about I also call Thomas, Peggy and Greg and ask them to come out as well so they can meet Elle?"
Michael replies, "let me ask Elle if she will spend the night as well".
Sally says, "It would be wonderful if she can, ok I'll call invite Thomas, Greg and Peggy, then call you back, but plan on me ordering some pizza, matter of fact ask all of them what type pizza they'd like, then let me know when I call yo back".

Michael says," ok, talk to you soon, bye".
Elle comes and stands by Michael and holds his hand, Michael gives her a quick kiss on the lips, then says, "have you ever been snorkneling?".

Elle says, "yes I have, but it has been awhile, but I really liked to do it".

Michael replies, "take a seat, and I'll get you fitted with a mask,fins and snorkel".

Elle takes a seat on one of the chairs by the small kitchen table, as Michael picks one of the dive masks hanging on the wall, once he finds one he hands it to her and says try this one on, then Michael steps out side and yells to Marcus and Louis, "hey you two, Elle and I are going to snorkel around the lake, would you's like to go to?".

Louis stands and dives in, Marcus follows.

Michael returns to Elle who is setting there with the mask on, Michael smiles big and says, "how does it feel?".

Elle says, I think pretty good".
Michael says, "How right there a second, I'd get a snorkel".
Michael picks a snorkel off the shelf, walks to the sink and rinses it off, then comes over and carefully attaches it to the strap of her mask with it's velcro strap".
Michael steps back and says, "now try breathing through it, inhaling and exhaling only through your mouth".
Elle puts the mouth piece in her mouth and starts breathing through it as he told her, inhaling and exhaling only through her mouth.
Michael says, "your a pro, now go ahead and take it off, I get you some fins".
Michael looks at Elle's feet and says, your feet are about Sally's size, you can borrow hers, until we get you your own, he grabs Sally's fins, and gets on his knees and adjusts each fin to fit Elle's feet."
Elle giggles and says, "I think I could get used to you taking care of me Michael".
Michael replies, "I want to take care of you the best I can, I know that".
Elle says,"thank you, I want to take of you the best I can as well".
Michael says,"I'm so happy you are here with me, I feel very lucky indeed".

Louis pops his head in the door, then says, "is this where we get fitted for our snorkeling adventure?"

Michael replies, "yep, you two's take a seat, Elle is suited up and ready".

Marcus says, "I love your minimualist diving suit very much Elle".

Elle softly says, "thanks Marcus".

Michael hands both Louis and Marcus a mask, then says, "try these on, I find you's a snorkel".
Michael quickly returns with two snorkels, rinses them off in the sink, then hands them each their snorkels and attaches them to their masks, then explains to them to inhale and exhale only through their mouth, both of them easily begin breathing this way.

Michael says, "just remember, if you submerge and flood the snorkel, just raise your head above water as your viewing down, or with your face out of water, give a strong puff into the snorkel and blow the water out, then careful inhale back through the snorkel, if you didn't get quite all the water, carefully get yourself a good breath, the puff through the snorkel hard again, that usually clears it all good, any questions?"

Elle says, "Michael, how long have you been a dive instructor?"

Michael says, "since I was 18 years old, so been training divers about 11 years now".

Louis comments, "I trust you with my life, so let's do this thing!".

They all grab their gear, and walk down to the dock, once there, Michael says, put your mask/snorkel and fins on the dock next to were your standing, with one hand holding onto the handrail along the side of the dock, hold on, the pull your fins on".

Michael watches until they all have their fins on and are looking at him then says, "now take your mask and spit into onto the inside of the glass and rub it all over the glass, then pull it on, then put your snorkel mouth piece in and start breathing through your snorkel, now lower yourself down into the water looking at me until your mask is half under water, half above, and breath in and out of your snorkel nice and casually".

Michael watches them for about 30 seconds, then says, "give me a thumbs up if your feeling ok, beathing ok, just happy".

They all give a thumbs up, Michael then says, "watch as I do, then proceed to do as I do". Michael puts his mouth piece in, lowers himself in the water until only his chin is above water, then he leans forward, and looks down toward the bottom of the lake, as he breaths through the snorkel, then gently push off the bottom with his feet and fins, the makes a few paddles with his fins then turns and treads water as he watches them underwater through his mask.
They all do well and swim toward him, Michael gives them all a thumbs up then motions with his hand to follow him, he starts swimming ahead of them and off to their right side, so they are kept between him and the shore line.

They snorkel along the shore casually for about 10 minutes then they reach the far end of the lake where the can see a large flat  rock about two feet underwater with two steel pipes bolted to it extending up and out of the water, Michael leads them to it and signals for them to go up, Michael gets to the rock, then goes to his knees on the rock and leans up out of the water, then awaits for the three to do the same, they quickly do, Michael then gets seated on the old diving board that is bolted to the steel post, he removes his mask and snorkel, Elle gets seated on his left side, Louis and Marcus on his right, Elle is the first to get her mask and snorkel off, she instantly kisses and hugs Michael, then says to him, "Michael of all the experiences in my life, that is one of the greatest by far, it is is gorgeous under there, breath taking".

Marcus says, "I hear you Elle, I never imagined how peaceful and beautiful it could be underwater like we just experienced".

Louis just says, "Wow oh wow, thanks Michael for letting us experience this, Elle is right, such a dramatic experience, truly unforgettable".

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Mean while, back up at the house Sally is on the phone talking to Peggy, her friend, co-founder of the the group, Sally asks Peggy to come out to the farm.
Peggy says, "yes, I'll be out as soon as I can, I call Jeff and let him know, so hopefully he will come out, but I'll be out in about a hour for sure, see you then".

Sally says, "see you then", and hangs up.

Michael puts his mask and snorkel back on, looks at Elle, squezzes her knee then says, "everybody ready to see the other side?".

All of them get their masks and snorkels back on and say, "yes". 
Michael slips out into the water and paddles out into deep water, Elle, catches up falls in next to him, Marcus next to her then Louis closest to the shore, they all then casuall follow the shore line as before.

After another 15 minutes they reach the beach, Michael leads them to the dock where they all come along side it and stand, Michael removes his fins, mask and snorkel and lays them up on the dock and looks up at the windmill, the blades are turning steadily, everybody now do removing their gear, Michael says, I walk and turn the windmill pump on, just lay your gear on the dock and we will rinse everything off before we hang them up in the shed".

Elle says, "wait for me Michael, I want to see how you turn the pump on".

As they walk up toward the small water tower, past it then to the windmill,

Michael says, "sure", as she reaches him she says, "can you and I come down and snorkel around the lake together everyday until I have to go to school at least?"

Michael says, "it really refreshs and invigorates you doesn't it?".

Elle says, "oh I haven't felt so alive and refreshed in my life like I do right now, I feel so wonderful and alive!".

Michael says, "I'm so happy you are here with me, and you like snorkeling like I do, I've always been obsessed with seeing under the water and the life below".

Michael then says, "Peggy, my friend for many years, and the one who introduced me to scuba diving when I was 13, will be here soon, she is also a co-founder of the group, she is bi-sexual dom type, I think you'll like her and she will like you, plus between her and I will teach you scuba diving".

Elle says, "I hope she likes me, I'm a sub type with both men and women, maybe why sexually I like you so much, we seem more like equals".
Michael replies, "I can relate to that, ok here we are at the windmill, basically and obiviously the windmill has to turning in order to pump water, however there are three levers here this first one is the water pump, the second is electric generator, third is the air pump for the Subsurface aeration of the lake we will just turn on the water, so I pull this lever toward me until it clicks into the notch here, and the water will start pumping into the lines and into the water tower, to the shed plumping and dock hose directly into the lake by way of the water fall, we control that by these valves, since the lake never hurts by having fresh water pumped into it, I'll turn this valve on, then this valve to the dock hose, just so you know if you turned them all on it will not hurt, at least for a day or two other then waste a bit of ground water, but I at times leave the the waterfall water on just to help aerate the lake, plus it is nice to listen to, now look right down there", Michael points down at the lake about 50 feet from the shed along the shore, "now watch as I turn the water on the waterfall", Michael turns the water fall valve and in 30 seconds the water start running off the large flat rock projecting out of the cliff next to the lake, Elle's mouth opens wide as she says, "wow", then claps her hands and hugs Michael tightly, then says, "oh if I get this position at the University I going make sure, it doesn't demand my time as I have in the past, I want to be out here with you as much as I can".

Michael replies, "even if you never get another job other then being a group girl or just being with us at the house and not even being a group girl that is fine with me".

Michael then looks down at the shed and dock and yells, "Marcus, Louis you can rinse off the gear with the hose now".

Louis yells back up, "Sally just called, she wants to know what type pizza you want, and said to tell you and Elle to take your time, Peggy, Thomas and Greg will be out in a hour, we are heading back up."

Michael replies, "go ahead, I'll rinse the gear off".

Louis and Marcus get dresses and head toward the house.

As Elle and Michael walk back down the path to the shed Elle says, "I know this might be pre-mature and all, but if you wanted to marry me Michael I'd accept".

Michael hugs her as they walk and says, "really, I'd have to accept if you asked, like on your knee type asked".

Elle giggles and says, "you enjoy seeing me submissive don't you?"

Michael blushes a bit and replies, "I must say you are so sexy when you were submissive with Louis and Marcus".

Elle replies, "I loved you watching me as they turned me into their bitch slut and fucked me good, I had the most intense orgasms I've ever had in my life, so I do love having you as my sissy cuckold, I now know I could never be married to a straight guy, I need to be with a fem cuckold guy like you".

Michael asks, "what would you say the difference is between having sex with me verse a straight masculine guy like Louis for example?"

Elle says, "I first would say, sex with Louis is primal, animalistic like sex, them taking me as their slut, knowing I now belong to them as their sex toy kinda, they can fuck me anytime they wish as their in heat bitch, I know I need their real man penis inside me to be fulfilled" verse being with you, there is no need for you to have your penis inside me. I just want you to suck my pussy from now on, it is very emotional, sensuous, I feel so in love with you, were I don't with them, yet that might change".

Michael says, "I'd say I feel the same, when I have sex with males it is always animalistic, and although I may deeply care and love a male partner, there is that sensuous aspect there or emotional connection you and I have and I'd say I had a very similar connection with Aunt Becky and mom, it was rare for me to penetrate Mom or Aunt Becky. Performing cunninglingus on you is the best I have ever had, I think because all these dynamics combined as a greater experience, for example if I hadn't already of experience all that I have already experienced, I would be able to experience what I now can experience with you, if that makes sense". 

Elle says, "In a certain sense, I believe in Que Sera, Sera Whatever Will Be, Will Be, in that after studing humanity, human development etc. for so long, it is a dynamic that no one really has much control over, I think that is why I can accept people as they are better then most, I simply know that our fates are controled by so many things beyond our control, take for instance Aunt Becky's sexual attraction to young guys 12-18 years old, the mom sexually attracted to their sons, I accept that as what it is, I have to be a observer and not judge, I can't say myself that if there were some 12-13 year old here right now, that I wouldn't have sex with all of them".

Michael replies, "I'm glad you said that, because until Aunt Becky passed away, I was performing fellatio on her young lovers as well as having them penetrate me anally, I have always only desired to be in the female-receptive role so I have never had a male perform fellatio on me, or have I penetrated a male, it is something I could never do under any circumstance".

Elle says, "I wouldn't expected you to have said anything else".

Michael says, I was serving one you guy who is 16 years old now, yet I was serving him when he was 12 years old, he and his mom were partners of Aunt Becky's just before her death a year and a half ago, his name is Bobby, his mom's name is Audrey, you meet them soon I'm fairly certain".

Elle and Michael reach the shed, Elle grabs the hose and starts rinsing the masks, fins and snorkels off.

Elle asks as she holds the hose on the gear, "do you stay in touch with any of the mom and sons who were incestuous?"

Michael replies, "yes, I stay in touch with all of them, and have continued to have sex with the two who still regularly have sex with Susan, Peter and Tom, they are both my age and still live with their mom's in a husband type role with their mom's, the others my age are all married now, and or have moved away, but I see all of them occasionally, hopefully Susan, Tom and Peter and their mom's will join the group, I'm certain Susan will, if she does I don't see why Tom, his Mom Lauri and Peter and his mom Sophie even if they only have sex with certain group members, for example it would be nice if Tom, Lauri, Peter and Sophie could have sex with you, I know for sure none of them have sex with anyone outside the circle of Susan, myself, Johnny, Tom, Peter, Lauri and Sofie, Bobby and Audrey and Audrey's girlfriend Helen and her son Billy".

Elle takes Michaels hand and leads him into the shed so they can sit down, she says." sit please, how old is Billy?"

Michael replies, "he is 13 and is totally masculine, he just took me as his femboy a year ago, Helen and Billy are incestuous as well, so I want very much for all of them to join the group now, I'm hoping Billy will hook up with Kathy well and be happy with her sexually, so he has no need to look outside the group, a  Que Sera, Sera thing we'll have deal with as it arises, Billy, even at age 13 dom's me well, he's got a huge cock and knows how to use it like a pro."

Elle replies, "did all the young guys learn to be your dom partner, natural treat you as their female-roled partner?".

Michael replies, "yes, they all easily took me as their feminine female surrogate partner, treated me sexually like I'm a girl completely, they wouldn't make out with me like they would the ladies, and none showed any sign of even bi-sexual or homosexual".

Michael says, "Something that you and I need to really discuss is, I'm scheduled to have my vulvoplasty surgery next week in Denver".

Elle looks at Michael seriously, ponders a bit then replies, "I glad we got to make love, and I hope we can as often as possible until you do get the surgery, and I want to be with you at the hospital the whole time promise, I'll support you love you as I do now, yet to be frank and honest, I don't want you to have the surgery, at least not yet".

Michael replies, "you solved my problem, I'll call and cancel it".
Elle replies, "thank you so much, let us give us as partners a chance, in a year if you want to get the surgery, then we'll deal with then, fair enough?"

Michael replies, "yep, I want so much to be your partner, and please you sexual and emotionally".
Elle smiles big and says, "that is what your doing beautifully right now, and I bet the guys don't care if you have a penis, in order to take you as their feminine receptive sexual partner, Edward wouldn't or the dogs I'm fairly certain they don't care".

Elle says, "correct me if I am wrong, but my guess is, you want your penis removed, to rid yourself of masculinity so that male partners accept you better, but I also believe that you likely want accept by females even more, you want to be female like, thus they will accept you as such".

Michael replies, "your right in all you said, and yes I'd say the need to be accepted by females as their equal is the strongest of the dynamic of my transexual condition, I never wanted to dress-up, put make-up on, or pass as a female, my desire as always been, I want to be a male's female-roled sexual partner, be treat sexual like I am a female".

Elle replies, "I think we are perfect for each other and I feel that neither of us will ever find a more perfect match, I love that you like me to have sex with other men, I loved watching Louis and Marcus fuck you, have you suck their cocks, it turns me so much seeing you femininized and emasculated by a masculine man that is going fuck me like his slut while you watch him doing it, and I still only want you as my true lover and life partner by far".

Michael smiles big and says, "yeah, other then Sally, I've never met a Lady who wants to truly cuckold me, and in away cuckold you".

Elle says, "your right, we are in essence cuckolding each other, we are both submissive, but your submissive to me much more at least sexually then I to you, which is a good dynamic in our case I feel".

Michael says, "I agree, I have always been very submissive sexually, I not attracted to bdsm stuff, but I like guys to pee in my mouth and drink it, you can do that with me as well if you ever wish, I like it alot".
Elle giggles, "I do need to pee".
Michael smiles then takes her hand and leads her out on the shed deck and sits on the floor of the deck, then says, "please pee in my mouth". Michael opens his mouth as Elle steps over him and stands with her pussy over the top of his mouth, then begins peeing straight into his awaiting mouth, Elle giggles and says, "I'll try to go slow and not flood you", Elle pees a bit, lets him get it all swallowed, pees some more, lets him swallow it until she is finished, then she leans down and kisses him passiontely and helps him up with her hand".
Elle then says, "I want you to do the same to me", as she sets down on the deck as he was, then says, "Michael please pee in my mouth and slowly so I can drink every drop".
Michael step over her, gets the tip of his penis right on her lower lip and does as she did, pees a little, lets her swallow, repeats until he can't pee anymore, then he leans down and kisses her passionately.

Once they pull apart Elle says, "those who pee in each others mouth and drink it stay together forever".
Michael says, "I believe it, I know I never peed in anyone's mouth before".
Elle says, "I've never drank someone pee or watched them drink my pee before, so this is a first, and hopefully we can do this often, but now how about we go have a long island ice tea out on the pontoon to wash it down?.

Michael says, "good idea, though I like the salty taste of you in my mouth for the moment".
Elle says, "I like your's too!".

They run and glide out into the water and swim side by side to the pontoon.
Once on the pontoon, Michael leads Elle to a seat, then pours two long island ice teas then sits down next to her.

Elle says, "the only bdsm type thing that I would like to do is to get my hands and feet tied up, on a table with a pad on it, have my feet tied to ropes from the ceiling so my legs are spread and held up in the air, your with me the whole time, as I get gang-banged by lots of guys, they each fuck me in the ass, yet right before they are to ejaculate they pull out of me and ejaculate in your mouth, then you kiss me and we share swallowing their semen, I love to do that please".

Michael replies, "like I believe Louis or Marcus said, you and I should opperate as a team, I agree 100%, so I'll do my best to make a table as you discribed, and start getting you gang-banged as often as we can".

Elle smiles devishly and says, "I want gang-banged so much, I want to show you what a good slut I can be, I want to get good at deep throating the guys,I love how Louis made me feel like a slut so much".

Michael replies, "I'm sure with Sally's, Louis's and Marcus's help, we can get you gang-banged in the next few days, who knows maybe small 4-6 men gang-bangs every day".

Elle replies, "oh I'd like doing that rather then seeing guys individually, if possible".

Michael says, "I've got a small sailboat in the shed behind my shop, I show you when we go back up, but I can clean that area up nicely, then it wouldn't take me long to build a table to the height were the guys could stand and easily slide their cocks up inside your butt, we will have to find a pad that will fit the table, any ideas?'.
Elle says, "we ask Sally, she will know I'm fairly certain, do you think Sally, Peggy, Thomas and Greg will object if I only wish to serve the guys daily here in a gang-bang setting?".
Michael grins and says, "we will soon find out in about a half hour or so, after we ask them".
Elle says, "Michael will you douche and prep my bottom for me, the way you do yours when we go back up, so I'll be ready if the guys want to fuck me, or Cunnington and I get to mate?"
Michael says, "yes I want to serve you like that, bath you, give you massages daily etc. that gives me purpose, so is good for me to serve".
Elle says, "Michael do you know what a eunuch is, one of a eunuch's role was the guardians of women or harem servants".
Michael says, "that is good role for me, they were castrated right?".

Elle says, "yep, but some were not, they were loyal servants to the harem girls though, and I am a harem girl now in my sexual role anyways".
Michael says, "drink up, then we will hang up the dive gear, we will leave the windmill pumping, as hot as it is, we might want to come back down yet tonight, especially since Peggy is coming out".

Michael gathers the towels and puts them in a dry bag, seals it, grabs the thermos the long island ice tea was in, the says, "let go", and he jumps off the side of the pontoon, Elle follows then they swim together to the beach, Michael dries Elle off, helps her get her sandals on, he gets his tennis shoes on, and the head for the house nude.

As they walk up the path to the pasture Michael asks Elle, "have you studied servitude in human behavior ?".

Elle replies, "yes, though it a human dynamic that is difficult to find any studies on, yet I know there individuals like yourself who need to have a dominate partner that they serve, I can tell you will serve me the best you can, and obey me, but I need you to know I will always have your best interest in mind, yet I do want to be my submissive partner, I know though if I tell you to do something you will, so there is another reason we need to be together, yet for example, I not going to say someday Michael you need to sell the farm and move somewhere with me, or say Michael I don't want you to suck the 13 year old's cock anymore, or Michael I would like if you fuck me".

Michael replies, "I feel best if I don't use my penis, like I am a real man, I just so much want to feel like a female".

Elle says, " very good, as right now that is my only demand, other then just keep being just as your are and you and I will be fine".

They come to the pasture gate, Michael opens it, they both pass through the Michael closes it, in moments after they proceed toward the house they hear Edward braying.

Michael says, "Edward spotted us".

Elle chuckles and says, "he be lost without you I suspect".

Michael says, "I be lost without both you and him I suspect".

Elle says, "well you belong to me now, and you belong to Edward, so you got a husband and a wife now in away right?". 

Michael replies, "yes, I have always seen myself as all of my equine and canine partners as their girl or female surrogate partner".

Elle says, "I can't wait to see you performing fellatio on Edward, Timbo and Henry and them fucking you". 

Michael says, "if you spend the night, you'll get to see that, Edward sleeps next to me on the floor in the front room, he generally wakes up about 3 am, he and I go to the washroom and he fucks me every morning, when it was just Aunt Becky, myself and Edward living here he bred me much more often especially in the early summer, often he'd bred me 4-6 times a day for awhile, last few years he breeds me once a day primarily, I usually masturbate him and ingest his semen every other day".

Elle says, "I like that you do that, to me it is amazing that you have intimate sexual relationships with male dogs and Edward".

Michael says, "I can't wait to be with while your being bred by the dogs, I hope you will like it".

Elle replies, "I know I really want to be bred by the dogs, and the way you's describe it, once I start being bred, I going always need bred by dogs, I hope that is the case".

Michael says, "that is how it was with me, I started getting bred by my great dane Cosso when I was 13, shortly after Edward was breeding me, and since then hardly a day has gone by that I don't get bred by a dog or Edward, or for that matter a guy".

Elle replies, " honestly, after being bred by Og, Pablo, Cunnington and Rufus and in such short amount of time breeding me as they did today and there was no effort on my part, they knew how to treat me like it's was a instinct, I really honestly don't ever want to go a day without being bred by them, I'd say I honestly prefer having sex with male dogs now". 

Terrace chapter 2

Elle giggles and says, "so you douche your bottom daily many times don't you?"

Michael replies, "yes, usually, and soon I'll be douching your bottom daily many times for you if you wish me to".

Elle replies, "that is what I have in mind".

Edward is standing at the paddock gate as Michael opens it and Elle and himself pass through it and Michael closes it behind them, Michael then friskly rubs Edwards cheeks, then rubs his shoulders as they walk to the stables, then Edward pushs the butler door open with his head, then into the stables  Elle and Michael follow Edward through the stables until he reaches the washroom door, which Edward pushes open, Edward then proceeds up into the Kitchen".

Elle giggles and says as they walk up the ramp following Edward, "Edward certainly knows his way around doesn't he".

Michael says, "he is a bit spoiled I guess, he knows I belong to him that's for sure, he is my master".

Elle whispers in Michael's ear as they enter the kitchen, "just what you need though".

Michael softly replies, "yes he treats me as I need it".

Michael goes to the frig. gets some carrots out offers Edward one, he gobble it down, then Michael hands a few carrots to Elle.

Michael then says, "you feed these two to him". 

Elle offers him one, Edward politely takes it, then she offers him them the other he politely takes that one.

Michael then says, "just rub the side of his neck to show him affection, he likes that best" 

Elle starts rubbing his neck, as she softly says, "I looking forward to getting to know you much better".

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