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"Terrace chapter 3"

Michael says, "I never got to ask you earlier, how it went with Marcus before Belle arrived?".

Elle smiled big and said, "oh he treated me so good, made me cum alot, then he ejaculated in my bottom so I got Marcus cum and Teddy cum swimming around in me".

Michael says, "feels good doesn't it".

Elle says, "yes, I want it to be like this everyday, I know that, I know I'm addicted to black cock and dog cock now, Michael if you want to get a sex change, I'm fine with that, I going have plenty of real men pleasuring me, I really don't care if you ever make love to me again, actually now that I've seen how much of a feminine person you are, you should get your penis removed, only thing I want you to do is lick and suck my pussy when I tell you".

Michael meekly submissive says, "oh, I so much want that to, I want to do as you tell me".

Elle stands sits on the table and says, "I want you to pull the plug out of my pussy and start sucking and licking all of Teddy's sperm out of me".

Michael gets on his knees in front of Elle then gentle pulls the plug out of her pussy, then quickly gets his mouth down to her vagina and eagerly starts lapping up Teddy's sperm as it leaks out of her.

Elle looking down watching Michael so eagerly lap up Teddy's semen says, "oh your such sissy boy, no way can I be attracted to you sexually again when I know I've got real men like Louis and Marcus who really turn me on, and when they make love to me it so intense, they can make me climax so in a way I never imagined possible".

Michael suddenly grasps Elle's hips tightly, moans out, "Elle I going have a orgasm, he lays his face side ways on his tummy and begins gasping as his whole body quivers and jerks, "he mumbles I'm cumming".

Elle runs her fingers through his hair, and softly says, "that's a good sissy, I want you cumming, when I tell you how good real men can make me feel".

As soon as Michael finishes ejaculating, he goes back to licking Elle's pussy, once he gets her cleaned up good with his mouth, then stands and walks to the sink turns the water to warm and soaks a wash cloth good with warm water then returns to Elle, gets on his knees again and gently, carefully washes Elle's bald pussy, then returns to the sink and rinses it then walks down to the washroom and puts the wash cloth in the washer then returns.

Elle says, "thank you Michael, it's amazing that you can just climax, not even touch yourself by just the though of other guys having sex with me, I need you so much as my sissy femboy, I hope it's ok that I just need real men to please me, you just don't turn me on, what turns me on is you licking my pussy after real men have fucked me and the dogs have fucked me, I already know I going have Marcus get me pregnant within the next month, and I will be sleeping with him every night, I want to have his baby so much, and I want you with me being like a father for the baby".

Michael says, "oh, I love if Marcus could get you pregnant, I love being on the futon laying there at night thinking of you and Marcus upstairs laying in bed together, I be here for helping you take care of the baby like it is my own, I'm very excited you just want to be with the men, I know I should be a girl, you can have Marcus, Louis as your bed partners if you like, it whatever you like, I just want to be your submissive femboy forever, be with you forever please".

Elle smiling says, Marcus get me hot!, I want him making love to me constantly now"

Michael smiles, then says, "would you like a glass of wine, we need to celebrate, I'm so excited you want Marcus to get you pregnant, that is my ultimate dream as sissy cuckold, I would love to lick and suck your pussy clean after Marcus and all the other guys ejaculate in you if that is ok, I used to always do that with Mom and Aunt Becky".

Elle replies, "yes please, I very much need some wine, and yeah I want you licking me clean after the real men breed me, I'm so glad you'd much rather I have sex with other guy and not you, and know it turns you on so much, yet I'm going make it clear to the guys that are studding me that I want to watch you suck their the cocks and take their cocks up your butt as well, if a guy fucks me, he fucks you too!".

Michael replies, "yes, being a cuckold is my true role My primary ideal identity is Being a sissy caged cuckold for a dominate polyandrist female a cuckoldress , above all else I need a dominate cuckoldress to cage me, I'm best being your personal submissive sissy sexual servant, yes it turns me on so much more being cuckolded, and serving your lovers sexually then for me to penetrate you, I much rather you cuckold me and have me ingest your man's semen or take his semen up inside my sissy-boy pussy, it the best role for me, just knowing another guy is making you feel so good sexually then you sharing his semen with me is the most wonderfully thing for me, In essense my Mom began cuckolding me when I was 6 years old, when I started watching her have sex with my step-father". I came across a note of Aunt Becky's on my exhibitionistic behaviour that a theory is;

Exhibitionism- Psychoanalytical theories. These are based on the assumption that male gender identity requires the male child's separation from his mother psychologically so that he does not identify with her as a member of the same sex, the way a girl does. It is thought that exhibitionists regard their mothers as rejecting them on the basis of their different genitals. Therefore, they grow up with the desire to force women to accept them by making women look at their genitals.

I feel that Mom was my cuckoldress always, also mom told always that she wished I was a girl while she was pregnant with me, that carried on to adulthood, she would always tell me she wished I was a girl. I just know that I wanted to be like her, and now I feel similar toward you Elle, as I did toward Mom, in a vicarious way like being you, as men have sex with you, even when I exposed myself to you, in the back of my mind I hoped you'd take me as your sissy cuckold, or like one female I exposed myself to said she'd like to watch me sucking a guys cock, and no female would want a sissy wimp like me, that how I want treated by females I expose myself to".

Elle replies, "did you ever go back and give the girls apology notes like you did with me?'.

Michael says, " I have yes, I did with the female who said that she would like to watch me sucking cock, in my note I told her I'd been sucking cock since I was 6 years old, and I didn't know how or just can't be like a real man for a female, I'd always been a sissy, and had taken the female role with males". 

Elle says, "Michael, you are what you are, I love you just the way you are, so you have me as your cuckoldress now, no more exposing yourself, your my sissy cock sucking full time companion now, your going watch as guys get me pregnant, then you will be caring for my man baby like it's your own, so now I need to inform the group elder ladies I am ready to get pregnant and tell them who the 6 guys that I be having vaginal intercourse with, you have no need to find another cuckoldress, you've got me".

Michael pours them each some wine in two cups as he says, "yes, you can call Susan, Belle, and Caroline tomorrow and let them know, Elle I can't put into words how excited I am, I've always wanted to get pregnant myself, this way I can live vicariously through you, help you every step of the way, you and I need to get married though asp, for the insurance, plus when the baby is born, I want to get my will in order so if I should die, your both taken care of for the rest of your lives".

Elle replies, "you are not going nowhere, I need you by my side for the rest of my life, giggling then, just so I can cuckold you daily and watch you ejaculating while a guy is fucking me, I want to be your cuckoldress so much, Marcus has already told me he wants me and you in his bed every night if you wish, and wants to live here forever with you I, and be my real man if I want, he said he'd love to fuck you and I together always".

Michael says, "I'd like that a lot, my place is sleeping with Edward and the dogs, my primary sexuality is female-roled zoosexual, followed closely as being a sissy cuckold, if I were not a zoosexual, I'd prefer being sissy cuckold who serves his cuckoldress's male lovers sexually in the female-role as you, my cuckoldress watches me get treated like a girl by the men".

Elle stands, pulls Michael up off his chair and holds him tightly as she says, "I need you so much, I promise to be the best cuckoldress I can for you, I can't replace your Mom. I will and want to please you so much as your cuckoldress, and now I see that being a cuckold is the best thing for you, we are perfect for for each other, I would much rather you watch me having sex with others, then have me have sex with you, knowing that is how I can please you best, I love you so much, but I need real men, even the young boys turn me on so much more then you. I think I'd actually be more turned by you after you have your vulvoplasty, then you will look as should, "a fully emasculated male".

Michael replies, "oh I love when you tell me that, it is my dream come true, I wanted so much for Mom to see me with a vulva, she knew I so much wanted to be a female like her. I want to be with you as much as can watching as you make love to the guys, and at least for the 5-6 months of your pregnancy I will lick and suck the semen from your pussy after the guys ejaculate inside your vagina, I want to serve you so much like that, I know that, I'll even become celibate with humans, I'd have a hard time not letting the dogs and Edward breed me though".

Elle says, "no, I get to turned on watching you suck cock and seeing the guys butt fuck you, I need you doing that, I need the guys to see that you are my submissive sissy that helps me to serve the guys sexually, it will be good for you to get the vulvoplasty, that ends pleasing the group ladies with your penis, your way to much of a sissy, you shouldn't be trying to be like a man, that right there is a big source of your cognitive dissonance I would think, your trying to be a man and woman at the same time. I want you to ejaculate only while watching me getting fucked by the dogs or the guys or while the dogs, guys, Edward, Timbo and Henry are fucking your sissy boy pussy, you need to be getting treated like your a female always".

Michael replies, "I want that too, I'll make sure to wear my cock cage from now on until I get my vulvoplasty.".

Elle says, "I think that is best, your a completely feminized/emasculated sissy, and we need to keep you feminized/emasculated, no more trying to be like a male, your a feminine sissy cuckold that I love and you belong to me now".

Michael replies, "I can go ahead and get my sex change, I've been planning on it, my electrolysis has been full completely a year ago, my doctor in Colorado is just waiting for me to set a date, then he and a plastic surgeon will do my vulvoplasty surgery which give me a female looking vulva/vagina".

Elle replies, "as long as you really want to go through with it?".

Michael replies, "yes very much so, I've wanted to be a girl all my life, at least not having a penis will help me feel much more feminine and I'll truly be emasculated, I'll feel better when the guys see me, I so much want to look as feminine as possible for them. Maybe it sounds sad, but my identity is being completely female-roled, my life purpose is serving the group members in all ways, both sexually and non-sexually, I want to be and my duty is being a submissive servant for the group and now your personal servant". 

Elle replies, "how much time will the vulvoplasty surgery take?"

Michael replies, " it's a experimental procedure in that they are going to retain my testes, actually create the major lips of my vulva with my testes, that way I have no need to take hormones, I still will be able to ejaculate, and my libido will remain very high as it is now, my doctors have warned me that my sex drive might be even higher mentally due to me feeling so more female like, I hope so any way".

Elle giggles, "I can't imagine how you could be any hornier, oh my, here you are someone who can induce your own orgasm mentally".

Michael replies, "yes that started happening to me not long after I moved here with Aunt Becky, as I watched Mom having sex with the guys in the group, once it started I'd ejaculate like that watching Aunt Becky and Susan as well, if it was my first time of the day".

Elle says, "so after you ejaculate do you lose interest in sex for awhile?".

Michael replies, "maybe a few minutes, then I'm just as horny as before, I can't get a erection again for awhile, yet I can ejaculate limp, without a erection though out the day, for example the dogs, Edward and the guys make me ejaculate limp very often, I generally performed cunninglingus on Mom every day once she started living out at the farm with Aunt Becky, myself and the many Jensen boys were living here, which was always at least 8 Jensen boys".

Elles says, "would you lick and suck, clean up the semen from your Mom's and Aunt Becky's pussy after the boys ejaculated in them?".

Michael replies, "I would as long as I was with them, which was as often as possible".

Elle smiles big and says, "I love you doing that, it drives me crazy, just the idea that guys are going to be ejaculating in my pussy, then you, my submissive sissy-boy wants to lick it up and ingest it after they do".

Michael says, " I want to live for, serving you Elle, and be there to able to taste your lover's semen, whether by performing fellatio on him or licking it from your pussy, off your body, it's like by you sharing your lovers semen with me is a great gift your giving me, my job is to serve the group members sexually at least 6 hour a day or about 40 hours a week, if not here at Aunt Becky's farm, I be at Susan's, Caroline's, Belle's or one of the Jensen estates. Now that I am your submissive full time servant, I will be with you nearly constantly every day caring for you, bathing you, douching your bottom and pussy, making your meals anything you need in essense".

Elle says, " I want you so much as my personal servant, to be with me constantly, and my self your dominate cuckoldress. Its interesting, so when I cuckold you, it is though I'm in away giving you a gift, like by having one of the guy's baby is giving you a gift?".

Michael smiles big and says, "thats a good way of putting it, maybe along with, your sharing your body and mind with me, so I can vicariously be apart of you, living with you as closest as imaginable sort of thing, I just wish I could help breast feed your baby. You taking me as you personal submissive servant is a wonderful thing for me, it like you own me, adopted me, I can now be completely dedicated and loyal to you for the rest of my life, yet it also means you must live here".

Elle says, " I know I want to live here forever with you as your cuckoldress, I think you need to be a cuckold as much as you need male dogs and male equines fucking you, I'm thinking you need me watching you with your male studs just as much. I'm glad that is how it is with you, your identity, because I don't want to feel I'm betraying you by wanting to have sex with real men/boys, I got to admit I want to have a son, so when he turns 13 he can become my lover".

Michael smiles, "that is a big part of the Jensen Group structure, I need to tell you now, and what I'm going to tell you, you can never tell a Jensen Group male, only Jensen Group females and myself know this, once you inform Belle, Susan and Caroline that you wish to get pregnant, they will tell you to tell your selected 6 males that you want to get pregnant, yet you have Marcus ejaculate in your vagina until your pregnant, once miss your period and you've had a pregnancy test, you know your pregnant with certainty,  then all the males in the group start ejaculating in your vagina, this how all females in group select and know the father of their child"

Elle says, "so this is how you's avoid inbreeding?"

Michael replies, "yes, all the females know who the father of their child is, yet the fathers never know who their child is, one exception is with Caroline and Sam, they have two children together, yet that occurred 24 years ago, once Caroline got pregnant with Sam's child, Ed ask Sam to move to the farm and become Caroline's full-time bed partner, Sammy is the oldest, he is 22 now, Janice is 19 now, you'll soon meet them, they are lovers, Janice has always been anally receptive for all Jensen guys and male dogs, Jance and Sammy are on vacation up in Washington state, but they live next door with Caroline, Ed, Sam and Johnny. Sammy works full time with his dad as a aircraft mechanic, Janice is going to school at Fox Valley Technical College in Oskosh, Wi.    studying Aircraft Electronics,. Once Janice finishes her degree program there, she goes to work and study in Switzerland at FLARM Technology AG, her mission is to recruit some young Swiss males to return here and serve the Jensen group as breeding studs for a month, or stay if the wish".

Elle says, "so Ed is very much the ultimate cuckold like you, he desires his cuckoldress to have another guy's child living with him and helps raise that child?".

Michael replies. "yes, other then Ed has always been celibate since Sam moved in, were I can't be celibate, I need to be at least receptive for the dogs, Edward, Timbo and Henry, I am very much primarily a zoosexual".

Elles says, "does Sam have sex with Janice?".

Michael replies, "yes, once she turned 18, she has sex with Sam, Johnny, and all appropriate aged group members male and female, as well as the dogs".

Elle says, "and Sammy has been having sex with Caroline and Janice since age 13?".

Michael says, "I started performing cunninglingus and penetrating Janice because she requested that I do when she was 13, she wants Susan's son Tim to get her pregnant in the next few years, Tim is 32 years old now, and Susan's other son Ethan is 34".

Elle says, "where do Tim and Ethan live?". 

Michael replies, "Tim and Ethan live up at the Jensen estate in Madison and are going the the UNIVERSITY of WISCONSIN–MADISON".

Elle says, "are there any young guys in the group that you've fathered that could get me pregnant?".

Michael says, "my son Isaac will turn 13 in August, so you'll soon be having sex with him, I just started performing fellatio on him, I hoping he will start penetrating me soon, I have 2 daughters by 2 Jensen Group ladies, Sandy who is 13 and Jessie who is 12, I've been having full intercourse with Sandy since January, I soon will be serving Jessie sexually, she turns 13 in November, yet once I get the vulvoplasty I'll just continue to perform cunninglingus only".

Elle says, "after I have Marcus's baby, I'd love have have Isaac's baby first, but to be honest I want to do whatever I can to keep Marcus living here with us forever, I have told him that, so far he has agreed he wants me to belong to him and serve him as his submissive cuckoldress slut, he told me he is getting me a collar that I need to start wearing as well". I asked him if I could work, he really just wants me serving as a harem girl, I'm really, really hoping that maybe Belle, Caroline and Susan will allow me to tell Marcus that the baby is his, but no one else will know except Jensen ladies and you, our child will never know who their father is".

Michael replies, "I think they will allow that, and I agree we need to do whatever it takes to keep Marcus living here with us".

Elle smiles big and says, "thanks so much, I want Marcus in our bed so much".

Michael says, "don't worry, I want him our bed so much too!, that will be maybe the ultimate achievement a cuckold desires, next to you having Isaac's baby".

Elle says, "oh having Isaac's baby is the next best thing to having your baby Michael, which I would prefer ever before Marcus, at least for my first baby".

Michael says, "before I forget, I want you to meet the two ex-Mosuo ladies, Wenwen (文文) and Meng 梦  and three Kenya ladies,Cora, Charlotte, Rose who just joined the group, we are soon suppose to be having a 24 year old Kenya male is name is Yaro joining the group as well, the group is right now trying to recruit young black African continent males and females in order to help fight any type of inbreeding".

Elle's face lights up as she says, "oh my gosh, Michael please I want to meet all of them as soon as possible, especially Wenwen (文文) and Meng 梦, Michael there is just so much I want to do, I want so much to start serving all the females and males sexually, all the dogs, get pregnant, I partly want to get pregnant just so all the males can ejaculate in my pussy for awhile, I so horny it's driving me crazy. I interested in what Janice is going to do as far as recruiting young black studs to bred Jensen females, there are other young Jensen females traveling abroad and doing the same type thing?".

Michael replies, " yes, there has always been at least several college age females, we call them "seductresses" whom are in African countries recruiting, and other countries, for example, Janice will be working near University of Basel, and will try to hook up with start a sex relationship with a college age black male if he passes a complete STD screening, once she is having sex with him then she grooms him to see if he willing and receptive to the idea becoming a stud for one of the Jensen females who wishes to get pregnant, if he chooses to stud her, she can go live there with Janice, the Swiss male with stud the Jensen female until they know she is pregnant, or the Swiss male can travel here, live with Janice and Jensen female who desired to be bred in a house separate from the Jensen group. Once conception has occurred, the Swiss male returns or becomes a Jensen group member. We currently have 23 black males living in different counties who visit just to breed a Jensen female, so that is a option for you as well Elle".

Elle replies, "do the "seductresses" from the Jensen group ever recruit females to return here and become life long group members?.

Michael replies, "yes, if the seductress can get a black female, say for example from Switzerland to understand and accept our group profile, practices, like us being zoosexuals, incestuous and myself serving them as a female-roled male etc. then get a visa, greencard and citizenship, we have quite a few individuals, male and female who have become group members in this way. There is some deception in this practice which none of the females or myself like, as the black male has to be lead to believe that the Jensen female that he is studding is on birth-control pills".

Elle says, "so of the males who do come to the U.S and become Jensen group members, they always welcome you as their submissive sissy and start butt fucking you and have you suck their cocks?".

Michael replies, "yes, I've been serving the foreign males and females since I was 13 years old, and still do, I've found that once the males or females have me perform for them sexually, they very much like having me in that role for them".

Elle says, " I'm just going to work from 10 to 1 at the Burger King tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get bred by Teddy right away when I get back out here, Susan wants Teddy to breed me every day for a week straight, then every other day after that for awhile so he knows I'm his full time breeding bitch from now on".



Michael replies, "that will be good, Teddy can get to know you, and you be his regular bitch to breed from now on, we will soon get you own wolfhound puppy to raise and start sleeping with", four of the young black Jensen guys, Stan, Markus, Julius and Max will be here tomorrow working, I'm guessing Audrey, Helen, Bobby and Billy will all be over there in the morning, so hopefully you'll meet quite of few guys and girls tomorrow, I would not be surprised if some of the Jensen Mothers don't show up over there with Belle as well, plus who knows who Sally might get you lined up with tomorrow, but plan on seeing a least one group guy, likely a few guys who have had a vasectomy, especially cause she knows you want double penetrated".

Elle says, "I hope so, I've dreamed of this for a long time, Michael I'm so glad you accept me being a slut, and want me to cuckold you, I must be truthful though, Marcus and Louis do turn me on sexually a lot more then you, but I only want you as my bed partner and my life partner, sure I rather have a masculine man fucking me, it is for sex nothing more, I really do want to marry you, I just know that".

Michael replies, "we are both sluts, I love that you are a slut, next week you and I will be serving all group members and the dogs 6-8 hours a day, I think you are like me, we both love helping others and seeing them have a orgasms, it so intimate of a thing to be apart of, I'd rather see Louis, Marcus or other guys you really like having sex with you, I'm happy just sucking you and cleaning doggie and the guy's semen from you and having the group dogs, Og, Pablo, Rufus, Edward, Timbo and Henry studding me. There are many days that 10-12 dogs stud me, and I perform cunninglingus on their female owner, or I suck a group guys cock while I locked up with the dog in a copulatory tie".

Elle replies, "well said, I agree, you more so then me, I say though cause I really want a to have a orgasm to while with them, where your happy simply giving a guy a blow-job and not concerned about having a orgasm yourself correct?".

Michael replies, "usually the dogs make me ejaculate sometime during the copulatory tie, even if just a tiny amount of semen, yet I might not have ejaculated for week if I only have had sex with Edward, and many guys that week, then I'll suck my cock and ejaculate in my mouth, if I make love to you or Susan I'll have a orgasm, I did with Aunt Becky and Mom as well, but you four are the only females I've ever done that with".

Elle says, "Michael that is so Interesting, do you feel I am a more motherly type to you?".
Michael says, "I've been pondering that all day actually and comparing how I feel about you, verse Sally and I haven't come up with a answer yet, maybe you's being all cuckoldresses to me,  I feel I love you intensely, but I think I feel the love I have for Sally is more like as a brother/sister love might be, I like performing cunninglingus on Sally, yet I hope she doesn't tell me to penetrate her, but I want you to tell me to penetrate you if you wish, just as I liked it when Mom and Aunt Becky did, and always when Susan tells me to, so I like or liked being submissive to all of you's, yet being submissive with Sally is different some how".

Elle replies, "what about the cuckolding dynamic, does it turn you on more if you see me, your mom,Aunt becky or Susan having sex with other guys more then when seeing Sally having sex with other guys?".

Michael replies, "it is much more intense and emasculating in a different way with you, mom, Aunt becky or Susan, plus I wanted/want the four of you's to see me being feminized by guys much more, that isn't something I much care about with Sally, or not in the high degree I desire with you, or I have had with mom, Aunt Becky or Susan, plus it is very pleasing to me when you tell me your much more attracted to Louis and Marcus, when you told me you had no interest in having sexual intercourse with me that pleased me intensely, I so excited to be getting my penis removed so that I can have a female like vulva and shows all of you's I am so psychologically emasculated and want so much to be just female sexually roled, using my penis like a man causes me a lot of cognitive dissonance".

Elle says, "due to your watching your Mom having sex with your step-father right at a very traumatic time, experiencing your parents divorce, then you become attracted to males sexually and start performing fellatio on your older friend, does say that you likely identified with your Mom sexually, and thus you'll always identify sexually as female, I'm sure you didn't think about wanting to penetrate your Mom, or Aunt Becky as much as you wanted them to see you being penetrate by guys, just like now, do you desire I see you being penetrated by guys more then you desire to penetrate me, it is very much good if you do".

Michael replies, "yes, very much so, I so much want to be feminine for you, yet very much want to please you at the same time, show you I can be like a girl for you kinda thing".
Elle smiles big and then kisses his lips, then says, "it is a wonderful thing I think, number one if you were not the way you are, we would not be sitting here, and I am very happy to be in the role for you just as your Mom was, Aunt Becky was, and Susan still is, and I love seeing guys feminizing you intensely love it, I want to see you being feminized by Edward and the dogs so much as well, but when I tell you I want your femboy cock in me, I want you to do it, after the day is through, and I've had real men fucking me silly all day, it with nice to have your femboy cock in my pussy, I know that".
Michael replies, "I want that to, so much". 

Elle slides her hand down Michael's shorts and says, "oh your hard as a rock, let's go to the bathroom, you can douche both my bottom and pussy for me, then lets take a shower, then I want you to fuck me and cum in my pussy then suck and lick your semen from me".

Elle stands, grabs his hand and leads him to the bathroom, where Michael does as she told me, they shower, then go to the living room fold out the futon, lay down and make love.
After they've both climaxed, they lay in each others arms, Elle says, "I know you've always wanted a vagina instead of a penis, but I also know I love you with a penis, I love you that you prefer being like a female for males yet can also be like your sissy boy cock in me as well, that's a big deal being able to perform both roles in my eyes, something very special I know I'll never find again, I've found the perfect place for me to be, and that is right here with you, and everybody in the group, especially you though".
Michael replies, "I think your perfect for me as well, I need someone to love like I love you, you help me affirm my femininity, I like when you tell me I should be a girl, tell me that I'm your sissy slut for men, anything that affirms that I should be in the female-role for men sexually, I know I need that constant affirm by females that I good at being female like for men and I should be serving men sexually like I'm a girl, if that makes sense".

Elle says, "I think the phrase that best decribes you is, "your female-role receptive for males", because you like puberty age boys, male dogs, male equines, and straight men, your not likely attracted to gay men are you?".

Michael replies, "no, only straight men who will treat me like their femboy, I like guys to tell me I'm their sissy femboy slut, because it shows me they accept my role, and they are willing to use me for their sexual pleasure all the same, so I feel valued by them as their submissive slut for sexually pleasing them, just as I feel like you value me for sexually pleasing you".

Elle says, "oh Michael your such a submissive femboy slut, I love it I want show you to all the ladies in the group, so we can watch the guys fucking, see their manly cocks in your mouth, watching them cum in your mouth, I love having you as my sissy slut so much!".

Michael says devilishly, "Elle, do you want to suck Edwards penis, then have him ejaculate in your mouth so you can swallow his semen?".
Elle replies, "I so much want to do that, can I when he wakes us?".
Michael says, "yep, that what we will have you do, if you like it, which I think you will, we can have you do that for him daily, but we'd better sleep awhile, he'll wake us around 2am or 3am ".

They lay their heads down, Elle behind Michael, Michael facing Edward who laying on the rug in front of the futon, Elle with her chest pressed against his back.

2 am arrives,

 sure enough Edward nuzzles Michael cheek with his nose, Michael's eyes open, with his hand he rubs Edward's cheek, then he slowly sits up and gets his feet on the floor, then he rubs Elle's legs, she slowly sits up, and softly says good morning.

Michael says, "good morning, lets walk Edward down to the washroom, we can splash some water on our faces to wake up".
Michael stands, and Edward starts walking toward the kitchen.
Elle giggles and says, "he really is telling you he wants sex from you isn't he, his cocks even hanging down, wow, this is amazing".
Michael chuckles, and says, "he and I are pretty used to each other, and he really wants to ejaculate this mourning".

They follow Edward to the washroom, Edward goes and stands in his shower, while Michael and Elle wash their faces with cool water at the washtub sink.
Michael says, I'm going put this thin exercise pad on the floor, Edward will walk onto it as soon as I finish washing his penis, then I'll hook his bridle lead to the ring on the front of the water trough, you and I will then kneel down next to him, well get some K-Y on our hands and we will masturbate him, I'll show you as we go, let me wash his penis, and get him hooked to the ring, then I have you help me stroke his cock, and let you suck on his cock head".

Elle says, "ok, oh my I getting so wet just thinking about this".

Michael starts washing Edward's penis which hanging down nearly to the floor, in no time Michael has Edward washed, warms the wash cloth/baby diaper Michael stands, says good boy and takes Edward's lead and ties it to the ring on the water trough.
Michael softly says, "Elle step to me now and get on your knees here in front of me".

Elle does and kneels there staring at Edward's long black cock, Michael kneel next to her right side, then grabs Edward's shaft about 6 inches up from his testes with warm wash cloth and starts firmly stroking Edwards penis, then Michael holds the head of Edward's penis in front of Elle's lips, she gentle holds the shaft as she eagerly starts sucking on Edward's cock head, as Edward begins to thrust Michael firmly holds Edward in place.

Michael says, "as soon as you feel his cock head flaring put the flare against your lower lip as you look down and open your mouth".
As Michael  strokes and holds Edward's cock, he sees Edward's cock fully flare and pushing hard against Elle's lower lip, then a large stream of semen shoots directly down on to her tongue, then another and another, the Edward goes calm, and his penis soften up as it begins to go limp, Elle swallows all the semen down and starts rubbing her own clit wildly squealing and whining, then cries out, "I'm going cum Michael, uh, uh", she jerks about on her knees with Edward standing in from of her, Michael hugs her and holds as her as her orgasm finishes, once she turns to him, he lifts her with him as he stands, Michael kisses her cheek as she starts licking her lips. Michael then he unhooks Edward's lead from the trough, then his bridle, then he goes to the frig. next to the washer, grabs two carrots and hands them to Elle.
Michael says, "feed him the carrots, he earned them after that nice load of semen, now rubs his neck".
Elle gives Edward each carrot as she rubs his neck, then turns to Michael and he leads her back up into the kitchen, and gets her sit down and looks at her, as he starts making some coffee.
Michael says, "your a pro. I think you got nearly all of his cum in your mouth, just a little on the front of your shirt".

Elle excitedly says, "oh my does his feel good, tastes good, and his cum is so, so good, I never imagined".
Michael replies, "now you know why I love it so much, Edward's semen is the best, but stallion semen is close to as good".
Elle says, "I wish we could go over to Johnny now and suck Potter and Oscar so I can ingest their semen now".
Michael says, "if possible and your not busy when you get back from Burger King, I'll take you over there so you can".
Elle replies, "I like that so much".
Michael grins devilishly at her and says, "it will not be long and we will have 14 more stallions we can milk semen from, as long as the ladies don't object".

Elle says, " Susan was telling me that you were a submissive for all the Jensen ladies as well as being receptive for all the guys until just recently".

Michael replies, "yes, until about a week ago, then Sally started moving in, then Marcus and Louis, thing just been crazy, so I told every one from the Jensen group that I was talking a few weeks off, but I need to get back normal and start serving all of of them though, and you as partner is so exciting, the ladies and guys will love you. They all would come out here usually when they wanted me to pleasure them, like with Edward, he and I were having sex often at least 2 times a day, yet because he only breeds me or I suck him in the washroom it's been difficult, that is why he and I have only been having sex when he wakes up in the early morning. 
It just who I am, maybe like a priest has to serve their people, I belong to all the Jensen group and my duty is to serve them all sexually or any other way I can, as they wish, just as I have served Belle, Caroline, Susan, Mom, Aunt Becky since I was 13 years old, and how I want to serve you forever and do as you wish, I'm not a bdsm type person, I don't like being humiliated, just feminized, but I need to be submissive and be told by everybody what they want me to do, some might think that when someone, say like Belle calls me her sissy boy, she is humiliating me, but she isn't, I like being told I am like a girl or feminine, I don't like any thing about feeling masculine, I only want to feel feminine, I feel good being told by someone in the group to sexually pleasure them, it is my duty, I makes me feel important to them.
I'm not being altruistic, because I getting self-gratification from serving them as a submissive female role receptive, of the ladies I serve, once their husband sees I'm submissive and feminine will often start having me serve him sexually, where as before he was only seeing Belle, Caroline, Susan and other ladies from the group, so at this point there are only a few Jensen guys that I don't serve sexually, and all the sons who turn 13 are now allowed to take me as their submissive if the choose, at age 13, all the daughter can take me as their submissive if they choose".

Elle says, "Michael would you say that prior to Sally moving in and thus you taking a break from serving the Jensen group members, that the majority of each of a day was spent serving group members sexually?'.

Michael replies, "yes, I consider it my job in essence, I inherited the farm and enough money I don't need to work much and it is what I most want to do, I love serving others sexually, I'm happy serving group members sexually 8 hours a day and I belong to the the group and all it's members, my woodworking is important for me to do, but comes second to serving group members, so you don't need to work unless you want, you can be a full time harem girl".

Elle says, "I think you have a wonderful job, and I want to be your teammate in that job".

Michael replies, "like Caroline said at the meeting with Greg and Thomas, there are 21 wives, 5 Aunts, 10 daughters and 15 sisters currently serving the Jensen guys, so 51 females in the Jensen group that I was serving until a few weeks ago, all but the daughters have Irish wolf hounds as well and all are bi-sexual and zoosexuals".

Elle's mouth drops open, then she replies, "oh my, oh my Michael, you are a very busy submissive indeed, have all the dogs bred you?".

Michael replies, "yes, routinely, often I'll serve the female and then get bred, I usually will get bred about 20-25 times a week by their dogs".

Elle says, "how often are you able to penetrate the ladies and ejaculate in them?'.

Michael replies, "only about 10 times a week, I perform cunninglingus on them the majority of the time, usually I've ejaculated by Edward breeding me in the morning, so I'll be limp til noon, then a dog makes me ejaculate, they all understand that it is difficult for me to ejaculate any more then bout 10 times a week, so one week I will ejaculate in one group of 10 ladies, the next week a different group and so on".

Elle says, "all these ladies are over 18 years old correct?".

Michael replies, "no, I have sex with all female group members, no matter their age, only if they request that I do, I'm copulating with a 11 year old and a 10 year currently, both have had their first period, they first request to suck my penis, once they'd done that they asked me tp start penetrating them vaginally, the youngest female had her period at 9 years old, I started having intercourse with her soon after".
Elle says, "however your also serving all the girls who are 13 to 18 correct?".

Michael says, "yes, they as the boys, all of them can take me as their submissive if the choose at any age, I perform fellatio on many of the 9 and 10 year old boys if they tell me to and use me as they like, tell me what to do, plus I help run them places, do things with them if they wish or need help what ever I can do to help them, they even often have me help them with their home work, they often come and study here or at Susan's library, so it's alot more then about sex, I see myself as their guardian/helper and sexual surrogate, I can help teach them about sex, how to perform sex etc.".

I am Elle cuckold sissy-1.jpg

Elle says, "I've caught you at a very changing time I see much better now, I don't think Sally even realizes how complex your life is now and was prior to her moving here".

Michael replies, "not because of her, more because my fear of revealing the group to her, which I made a big mistake by not informing her prior, then me not knowing about the group she was in, the whole thing just suddenly is exploding out, and you are just here as it is, I sorry for the chaos, that is for sure, if society knew I was having sex with children as young as 12 years old, I'd be in prison in a heart beat, so only their mom's, Belle, Susan and Caroline, plus you know that I routinely have sex with 12 to 13 year old boys and girls".

Elle giggles and replies as she rubs his hand and says," no, no don't be sorry, in all reality what are the chances of two groups of people like this unknowingly suddenly coming together, I'd say one in a million chance at best".

Michael sits on the edge of the bed and puts his hands in his face, and while nearly sobing, says "I'm so sorry I haven't told you the whole truth about myself, I was just so afraid of comprimising the group if you were to decide what I was doing was terrible, especially concerning my having sex with the young boys and girls in the group, even though their parents do consent".

Elle sits up and rubs his back and says, "Michael, I told you I will not judge you, I want you to only share with me everything, I like what you do, so don't worry about me going and doing any stupid, or leaving this group now, I realize you belong to this group, it is who you are, you have a specific very important role in this group, forget about what the rest of the world thinks, we are zoosexuals, incestuous loving people, we take care that no inbreeding occurs, that is what matters".

Michael says, "all I know at the moment is, I'm so lucky to have you, yet even that scares me in regards to you leaving me now".

Elle gentle slaps him on the back and says, "I'm telling you Michael, your stuck with me, I'm not letting you get more then a hour away from me, if you have sex with anyone, I'm there having sex with them too!, if I go have sex with the dogs, your coming with me, that is my final word, any females or males, I'm their submissive too!, they get us together or not at all. So in the next few weeks I expect you and I to have had sex with the 21 wives, 5 Aunts, 10 daughters and 15 sisters, they will all let me perform cunninglingus on them correct?".
Michael says, "yes, I'm certain they will".

Elle says, "how many under 18 boys and girls are you serving currently?".

Michael replies, "I right now have and I routinely perform fellatio on,  5-12 year olds, 6-13 year olds, 2-14 year olds, and 6-17 year olds young guys, I have right now as far as girls under 18 years old that I only perform cunninglingus on, there are 3- 12 year olds, 9- 13 year old girls, 6- 14 year old girls, 3- 15 year old girls, 4- 16 year old girls, 2- 17 year old girls, which I serve, soon I be serving 2 more 7 year old boys and 2 more 7 year old girls and I'll serve them the rest of my life, Most all of the group boys and girls under 23 years old in the group now, I've been serving since they were between 7 and 9 years old".

Elle replies, "you always had their mother's approval and the childrens consent?".

Michael replies, "yes, once I got my vasectomy when I turned 18, since then I been having sex with all the very young boys and girls, I have sex with them at their home, the farm here or they would be over at Susan's and I go over there, most often the mothers and Susan had sex, or Susan and a daughter or son".

Elle replies, " Did any brothers and sister have sex?".
Michael replies, "they could perform oral sex on each other, but intercourse is not wanted, unless a sister is serile, that is the reason the group members paid for my vasectomy when I was 18 years old, so I could start serving all the females in the group once they had they first period and wanted sex". 

Elle says, "acording to Belle this group has been going on since the late 1950's, and there has been nearly 350 Jensen guys that have been part of this group, 250 are still in this area, are there more females then what you served?".

Michael replies, "I was afraid when we came to that, yes there are, yet the group allocated certain members to myself, Susan, Belle and Caroline about 10 years ago, so that the four of us serve different members on a routine schedule, yet say a mother from Belle's group wants me she can have me if everybody agrees, and we trade members for awhile  just so we get to know each other well, so there are actually 87 wives right now, right now 19-12 year olds, 23-13 year olds, 8-14 year olds, and 26-17 year olds young guys and right now, 3- 12 year olds, 26- 13 year old girls, 21- 14 year old girls, 11- 15 year old girls, 20- 16 year old girls, 8- 17 year old girls, and 15- 18 guys becoming and remaing active group members, 15- girls who are 18 now and remaining active group members".

Elle says, "no wonder you and Caroline need to get back to the group, what if someone wishes to marry outside of the group?".

Michael grins big and says, "you would have to ask that question, well, that member courts the outside member platonicly for at least 6 months, the member being fully aware of what occurs if they stay in the group, or if they leave the group, for example lets say you met one of the Jensen guys, you don't know me etc. you'd court him 6 months then you'd be informed that if you marry him, you and him can stay in the group, however all the men can now have sex with you, if you decide to have a child, you go off birth control, so when you give birth no one knows who the father is, and the child takes your last name, so all the kids in the Jensen group do not know who their father is, all the fathers treat all the children as if they are their own".

Elle's jar drops open, she says, "I've studied a few cultures where communal breeding is their way, awsome, I love it".

Michael says, "the females who wishes to get pregnant has some control over who the father might be, but still it has to be that at least 6 group males breed her, that is completely up to her".

Elle replies, "can I ask, Michael how many you of these females are you currently having sex with?". 

Michael replies, "yes, actually Johnny and I are the only two white males in the group and there are now some of mine, I only had 5 years, age 13 to 18 to father children but I'm certain that 10 of the children are mine and his children now turning 13 years old, you'll know them when you see them, their skin color, hair, body features clearly show that, you have realize the whole structure, family life etc based on Aunt Becky's thinking, and as you know, aspects of it reflex the Muso women, certain african tribes, all her journals are in the library, she has a lot of writings dedicated to her ideas on the Jensen group".

Elle says, "Michael you have sex with all you children correct?.

Michael replies, "yes, yes I have sex with all my children, they don't know that I am there father, and like zoosexuality, incest between parent and child is one of the core beliefs of our group, if you have a child Elle, you need to start having sex with them as soon as they are at their post-puberty stage, and it is my role to start serving your children sexually as well. I have only been a member of the group about 16 years, but my guess is that 99% of the mothers will continue to have sex with both their daughters and their sons for life, unless the child leaves the group, in 16 years I've never seen anyone leave the group".

Elle says, "I'd like to start reading her journals if that is ok, before forget though, I wanted to ask when the group allowed you and Johnny start impregnating the females who wished to become pregnate?".

Michael replies, "when we both were 13 years old and we are 28 years old now, how do the fathers feel about raising a child when there is very good chance it is not their, nothing is though about, it is the way of the group, and all the children are raised by group as whole, all the members contribute 30% of their income to the group and a good portion goes the heatlh insurance, school, a college fund, and you know Aunt Becky published 3 different books that are still widely used at the college and University level world wide so all the royalites from her books go to the group, there is actually a very large sum of money in a type of trust for the group and all the members, another one of her wishes was that I always be in the role that I am in for the group, a submissive femboy who serves all the members, so I truly belong to the group, I can never leave the group, and I never wish to, I have it very good, and I very lucky for what Aunt Becky did for myself and the group".

Elle says, "Michael if the 12 year old girls told me to perform cunninglingus on them, could I?".

Michael replies, "yes, I can tell them you'd like to if you wish".

Elle says, "yes, I'd like that a lot, I like to serve all the boys and girls over 12 years old sexually when they ask me".

Michael says, "the post puberty boys and girls do have sex amongest themselves, this why we must start to educate the girls especially about the importance of anal sex starting around age 8-9, and how to prep their bottoms for being penetrated anally, there are always quite a few situations where there are two siblings a brother age 13 who is fully active sexually in the group, yet he has a sister who is 8 or 9 and he becomes sexually active with her by performing cunninglingus on her, there is a 9 year girl Betsy in the group where that is the case, her brother Cort has been performing cunninglingus on her, and she has been performing fellatio on him and ingesting his semen, I constantly remind both of them not to have vaginal intercourse. Well just last week Betsy told me Cort, upon her request started penetrating her anally and ejaculating in her bottom, and she loves it, I suck Cort's cock and he penetrates my bottom quite often, and he as a big cock, yet Betsy loves getting it anally and thus handles his size".

Elle replies, "I hadn't really thought of brother/sister incest until you said this".

Michael says, "I have to really control myself with her, as she constantly is stripping nude in front of me and telling me to perform cunninglingus on her, since Cort started penetrating her, she also wants me to penetrate her, I programed to please others sexually and be submissive, so it is tough with her, Betsy knows I am serving all the girls over 13, penetrating them and performing cunninglingus on them.

Last week Betsy told me to take a shower with her, wash her hair, back so I did that, a few days ago she had me douche her bottom, I did that".

Elle says giggling, "you clearly earned and/or lived up your role as submissive and match maker, I also now see another reason apart from Aunt Becky's wisdom, beauty and personally why she is so highly regarded, I know she was worried about you being out in society know your highly feminine, a wanta be transsexual, worried about the STD's, guys harming you, she knew that being a submissive for the group would be a perfect role for you"

Michael replies, "yes, it is the only place I belong, being out in society is tough for me due to my identity, only wishing wear skirts and dresses primarily, then if I do get breast implants, people will really know that I'm a transsexual, I know what being severily publicly humiliated is like, and it's hard for me to handled".

Michael says, "well Belle and Aunt Becky founded it, and both believe in a Matriarchy society, with a matrilocality type structure and they both prefer a polyandry type marriage system, so the Jensen group tries to combine those aspects into a group, in the Jensen group the females hold the most power for all decision making".

Elle says as she shakes her head, smiling a huge smile, "That's the Aunt Becky I knew, and she actually made it work right here in the middle of America, oh my".

Michael says, "I'm going to get a cup of coffee and have a smoke, you want a cup?".

Elle replies, "sure, if you'll bend me over and fuck my pussy and cum in me after you finish smoking".

Michael smiles big and says, "get your pussy plug, I'll be right back".

Elle tip-toe to the bathroom and gets her plug and some K-y jelly and goes and sits outside on the front porch, it was hot outside even though it was only 4:45 am.

Michael returns to the living room see she is not on the futon so walks out on the front porch and hands Elle her coffee and sets next to her and quickly lights up a smoke, Elle moves close to him and starts rubbing his cock, Michael just smiles at her.

Michael says, "when we get done out here I can take you in the library and show you where Aunt Becky's journals are".

Elle replies, "I'd like that a lot, maybe you could fuck me in there", as she drops to her knees in front of him and takes his now erect cock in her mouth, then says pee in mouth please Michael, I need to get as much of your cock as I can before you have it removed", Michael puts out his smoke then slowly allows his pee to flow into her mouth, allowing her to swallow it all down at a slow steady pace, until he can pee no more, then he stands and pulls her up to her and passionately kisses her, sharing the saltiness of his own pee with her, then he leads her down the hall to the library. Elle, quickly hurries to a table bends over and says, "drink my pee Michael, Michael hurries and slides between her legs and sits on the floor then holds his mouth open, and mumbles, "I ready, please pee in my mouth". Elle does as he did, she controls her self so she slowly pees in his mouth, allowing him to swallow it all, after about 30 seconds she finishes, Michael licks her clean, stands up behind her lubes his cock with the K-y she sat on the table, then slowly slides his now rock hard cock all the way up inside her and holds it as he grinds his pelvis against her bottom.

Elle moans and murmurs, "oh Michael I love you so much, please always keep me as your number one harem girl please"
Michael replies, "don't worry you'll always be my number one, that's for sure, I can't live without you now, never, I need you cuckolding me constantly so can feminize and emasculate me, I wanted emasculated so much".

Michael steadily starts thrusting into her pussy, as Elle moans and whimper, murmuring softly, "yes, fuck me good", non-stop, Michael thrusts harder and faster, Elle calls out, "yes, that how I want it, hard, hard as you can, get this slut ready to be fucked all day every day", Elle starts wildly rubbing her clit, and in seconds while Michael's pelvis slaps against her butt, Elle squeals out, "I cumming, please cum in me Michael", Michael starts gasping and jerking about as he begins ejaculating up inside her.
After Elle get done squirming as she has her orgasm passes, Michael slowly pulls his cock out of her.
Elle mumbles,"plug my pussy Michael", as soon as he slips the plug up into her vagina she starts giggling and twitching, and then says, "good, good, oh so good".

Michael then helps her get seated on a chair and says," sit tight a second, I'll get a wash cloth and clean you up". Michael hurries into the kitchen, warms a wash cloth with warm water and heads back to her, Elle spreads her legs wide, and says, "thats a good femboy, clean me up good after you fucked me good, I especially want you doing this after my real man Marcus finishes fucking my pussy as he is trying to get me pregnant".
Michael submissively and softly says, "I want to be the best femboy I can for you, it well be so wonderful when Marcus can start fucking your pussy and ejaculating in you, I belong to you".
Elle softly says, "oh your so good for me, your going be a great femboy for Marcus as well".
Once Michael is done he washes himself, then takes her hand leads her to a lower cabinet below the book shelves and says, "this cabinet is all the Jenson group papers, I'll be right back". 
Michael walks through the kitchen down the ramp into the washroom, throws the wash cloth and some towels in the washer, then some soap and starts it, then walks back to the library to find Elle browsing through papers of Aunt Becky's from the cabinet.

Michael says, "find anything interesting?".
Elle replies, "just seeing these writing is very interesting, seeing how she wrote, I know I'm going to find a wealth of knowledge here".

Michael says, "my normal mourning routine is, take Edward for a walk to the mailbox out at the highway, come back, get him feed, I have a bowl of cereal, walk to Caroline's sit and have a cup of coffee with her, maybe she will make me eat something she has cooking or already baked, ride Oscar or Potter over to Susan's have coffee with her, maybe she makes me eat something, then come back, put whatever horse I rode in the pasture, let Edward out in the pasture, then do whatever chores might need done, then work in the woodshop, until I need to serve a group member, usually a wife, but in the summer it might be a 16 year old thru 18 guy or girl, could be a mom and son or daugther who ever I have scheduled, or calls, if I not in the woodshop, I serving a member sexually, unless so trip to town, year around I'm serving females mostly until after 5pm, except today I'll call and see if several of the ladies and their daughter can come out and meet you about 3pm if that is ok, then I thought I could have a few Jensen guys meet you and I at Caroline's about 6pm, what do you think?".

Elle smiles big and says, " I like all of it, give me time this morning to pack some clothes and things, talk to mom and dad, then head to Burger King and work, then be back here about 2pm".

Michael says, "when your ready, and I throw on some shorts, shoes and t-shirt, you want one of my t-shirts to wear?".

Elle says, "sure, I just wear the shorts Sally loaned me, then bring them back this afternoon".

Elle and Michael walk down the hall, he dresses from his closet quick, get her a t-shirt and takes it to her and watches as she removes her night shirt, admiring her breasts."
Michael says, "I must say, you are hot, so beautiful, your going to be a pleasant surprise for the girls and guys from the Jensen group".

Elle says, "I want to look good for them, tell me though if I look to slutty, ok, please".

Michael grins, "you dress how you like, sexy is good, turns them on, and you are a harem girl now and your role is to sexually please everyone in the group".

Elle smiles and says, " It does turn me on to play the part".

Michael says, " It's important to have a passion for what we do, I was thinking that, why don't I start calling all the ladies with 13 to 16 year old sons and daughters, have you meet all of them, and become intimate with all of them and their dogs, then maybe see a Jensen guy every night, get intimate with him, try that awhile, it will take awhile when we have 87 moms and 155 breeding age males right now, right now 19-12 year olds, 23-13 year olds, 8-14 year olds, and 26-17 year olds young guys and right now, 26- 13 year old girls, 21- 14 year old girls, 11- 15 year old girls, 20- 16 year old girls, 8- 17 year old girls plus all the dogs, they all have a male Irish wolfhound, there are actually 106 wolfhounds living at the main Jensen Estate now, 87 are mature and breeding us, so really seeing them is all you ever need to do, for you to meet and become intimate with each of them start routinely seeing, as they sons and daughters get their drivers liscense, they will then be able to drive out here and see you swim in the lake with you etc.".

Elle replies, "do you think most of the moms and daughters will want me as their submissive?".

Michael replies, "yes, and I know all the males will be using you for sex as often as possible, so you can easily see 6-8 guys a day I figure, I think you as harem girl, I like to think of myself as a surrogate harem girl, we have to be naturally submissive, how each of the girls and guys plays upon that is their opportunity, some of them are very dominant with me in a nice way, some do it in a very playful way, some are submissive to us naturally, so like Aunt Becky used to say a lot, "Carpe diem", or "seize the day or moment I'm fairly sure you'll be ". 

Elle replies, "I admired her ability to do just that, and in turn merge quickly with the tribal people we were working with, but if I can I very much want 6-8 guys fucking me daily, especially after I know I'm pregnant with Marcus's baby, and then I can get double-penetrated by two guys for a few months ".

Michael replies, "all the guys will gladly double team you, so just be yourself and you will soon flourish within the group, you will have so many close friends, your life will have such intense meaning for you and them, you have alot to offer, hopefully you can have at least 2 children, remember as a harem girl you are the fabric that holds this group together as it is, without the harem girls there would be no group, one thing Aunt Becky strongly believe in was, was that in order to hold a society/tribe together was there had to be a elements in it which securely binded it together, here we have harem girls and at least among the harem girls we have the stud male dogs for example".

Elle replies, "when do the young girls get introduced to being bred by the dogs?".

Michael says, " age age 13, and like myself, you, Susan, Sally, Peggy and Kathy, most of the girls will always have to have a stud dog breeding them, some more then others, some of the females almost exclusively are bred by dogs, some might just get bred a few times a week, Like yourself, once you get to know all the wives, you will also have the opportunity to be bred by 87 different Irish wolfhounds currently, we should take one day a week where you and I just get bred by dogs all day long".

Elle grins devilishly and replies, "talk about group Cohesion!, for a harem girls like us, why would we ever leave this group, I want to be sucking pussy or cock and have a dog locked in me all day every day, I know that".

Michael replies, "I figure by the time you you've met and become intimate with about 20 of the women, you'll be able to be getting bred by at least 2 dogs everyday by the Jensen group dogs, quite a few of the ladies have 2 or 3 dogs, then you'll have the 30 Sally group dogs, Teddy, Cunnington and I know you and Belle will soon be itimate, so her two dogs, I'm quite certain it will not be long before your typical day is sucking pussy or cock and have a dog locked in you, plus there are 60 single females and 85 single males in the group who are single by choice or just that they have not married yet, all of the females have Irish wolfhounds, we have Kelly, she is our veternarian in the group who cares for all of the group dogs, so I want you meet her so you can start serving her this week, she will dominate you, strap-on fuck you do a some bondage stuff with you I do know that".

Elle says, " thats what I want, I need a very dominate female to train me to be a good submissive".

Michael replies, "Kelly is very dominate and she will do that for you well I know that, she will be a good one to start with for having a dog locked in you while you perform cunninglingus on her and perform fellatio on guys, she will get you gang-banged, double penetrated all that type stuff you need to be experienced at to perform really well as a harem girl, she will teach you how to beg to be fucked, beg to suck cock and pussy in a loyal, gracious way, have you get used to showing all the group members your role as a submissive, once everybody knows your submissive they will tell you what to do, when I'm seeing members, I alway wear a t-shirt dress, shirt dresses so it's easy for me to get nude quick, or the guys can bend me over and quickly and easily penetrate me".

Elle replies, "yeah good idea, maybe you and I can go shopping so I can get so sexy t-shirt desses for now, oh please Michael, please take me to see Kelly as soon as possible, I want trained to be a submissive slut harem girl by a dominate lady so much, it's what I want to be more then anything right now, just a good submissive slut".

Michael says, "I'll hopefully be able to have her come to see you at Susan's or take you to her place today, Kelly prefers her male partners to be the dogs, so she mainly sees submissive females from the group, the great thing is that Kelly spends most of every day seeing the dogs, and getting bred by then, I thought maybe if you wanted to take a Sabbatical for a year, you'd be able to meet all, the women and all the dogs, and be getting bred primarily by dogs all day every day if you wished, just a option you have, you can then write or do the research on zoosexuality/incest, you're welcome to live here with me as my wife, I still be your submissive but, if you decide you want comunually bred for a child you can be, you'd be the first white female breed in the group by Jensen guys and have a black male members child".

Elle replies, "I do want you Michael, so yes I be your wife and I be glad to raise to give birth to one of the black guys children by being impregnated communally".

Michael says, "whenever you're ready to get pregnate, just start selecting at least 6 Jensen members, and then allow them to start impregnating you continuiously until your pregnate, the child takes you're last name, is raised by the group as a whole, in essense the child has lots of aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers etc., and you'll be incestuoius with your child whether it be a boy or girl".

Elle replies, "Michael, of the girls and boys that you think might be your children, do you have sex with them?".

Michael replies, "I have intercourse with any of the females or males in the group if the ask me to perform for them sexually, for example if Kelly called me right now and told me she wanted me for sex or anything for that matter, she might need a ride to the airport or just need someone to talk to, unless I have a good excuse that makes it impossible for me to go see her, I must go see her, that goes for all members in the group, it could be midnight, it doesn't matter, as a group submissive I serve them all sexually but with all aspects of their life".

Michael says, "Also, the over 18 year old males in the group will also start spending the nights with you as you get to know them, wives seldom sleep with their husband at night, so we have to set you up with your own bedroom so that can occur, don't worry that will be a while before you start doing that, the ladies will better help you understand stand how that works if and when you have a baby".

Elle says, "good, I'd like to have a baby, just not sure now is a good time, and I've got so many people and dogs to meet in the group and start serving sexually".

Michael replies, "you'll just have to let time and experience show you if the group is right for you, it is very much a polyandry,Communal breeding, zoosexully and incestuous type culture and females of the group are the leaders, so most decisions are made by the females, the children do not ever know who their fathers truly are, so if you have a child the entire group is your childs family, so once the child begins having sex at age 13, there is a good chance they are related to one or more of their sexual partners, whats nice is all the Jensen group members live in one place, except Caroline, Susan and myself, now you".

Elle replies, "what do you mean they live in one place?".

Michael replies, "about 30 years ago, all the Jensen group families sold their homes, and bought a old sanatorium on 30 acres in the country just north of Bettendorf, fixed it all up and turned it into a community owned gated community called Jensen Estates, it now has 150 large apartments in it, a indoor pool, gym, library, community kitchen and dining room, a stables where we currently have 5 stud ponies that bred us, we have a large area fenced for all the Irish wolfhounds, the group now has 32 small businesses it owns and operates, all the children are schooled there, so it has a lot to offer if one wishes to live our life style".

Elle says, "there is no way I want to live any other way, so you telling me I can go there in the morning and serve the men, boys, girls, ladies and just come home at night?".

Michael says, "yes, and go to the 32 different company locations, each has a sex lounge area where you can have sex with the individual group members that worker there, so for example you might you might go to Jensen Machining and have sex with all the men throughout the day, a different company the following Monday you might stay at Jensen Estes and serve all the 17-18 year old guys during school hours etc., the women will help you set a schedule that works for you, and I'll be with you as much as possible".

Elle replies, "when do you think they will take me out to Jensen Estates?".

Michael replies, "I'm not sure, but Belle likes you a lot, I'd say after Kelly meets you and a few other ladies at Susan's they will be taking you out to Jensen Estates, they just try to be cautious about who visits the Estates, also there really are no husbands in the group, the males are simply the female group member's lovers and they select who they wish to have sex with, you as a submissive harem girl will be told who you have sex with and when and how, if the females want you to get gang-banged, double-penetrated, just perform fellatio or cunninglingus, for example because I can suck my own penis, a group of they ladies might have me do that as they watch, what ever they might dream up they will set it up, how many males, how many females, how many dogs for example, right now, your duties will be serving exclusively in a sexual capacity.
If you decide to get pregnate, which might be the best time right now to do it, you give the ladies a list of males you would like to get bred by, then they will decide from that list at least 6 who will start breeding you in a attempt to get you pregnate, another thing is, all the group members keep themselves squeaky clean for sex, and all of us are expected to do the same, so we all spend a lot of time keeping ourselve's in good shape in all regards".

Elle rplies, "this is going to very interesting merging a very matriarchy group with a non-matriarchy, a nearly all black group with a nearly all white group".

Michael chuckles and replies, "yes interesting in deed, but it will work, everybody will try hard so it does, and the end, it should make a stronger more diverse group, all our members have a strong work ethic, and Sally and Peggy's group sounds the same way, and I think because Peggy and Sally are c0-founders there is a matriarchy component there as well as polyandry because the wives in their group are free to have sex with all the men in their group.
I've personally only served Marcus and Louis, but they are great guys, I think there it will open up a lot of opportunities for the younger people in the Jensen group as well".

Elle replies, "I with you, it will work out, if we just let it all evolve together, the right mix is in the batch, you and I know our roles, and I know whole heartedly this is all I want to do right now, so I am going to submit for a one year sabbatical, and what goes goes, but I know I want to be by your side as a harem girl for the group, in a way like I've never wanted anything before in my life".

Michael leans over kisses Elle on the lips and pulls her up, and says, "lets walk Edward to the mailbox and get this day going!".
Michael and Elle get Edward who is out in the paddock, they then go through the man gate on the back side of the stable, and walk out onto the lane towards the highway and mailbox.
Elle says as they walk,"if I do get pregnate I can still perform fellatio and cunninglingus on the members right?".

Michael says, "yep, I'll be able to perform cunninglingus on you, as well as any other member can and will until you give birth, the ladies can share their ideas with you as far as getting penetrated vaginally or anally during your pregnancy, we have to get you on the group's health insurance plan this week, by you and I getting married, so we need to get that scheduled with the judge.

Elle replies, "you's have a judge in your group?".

Michael replies, "yes, he and his wife have been part of the group since Belle and Aunt Becky formed it in the late 1950's, though they don't live at Jensen Estates, their daugther and son do, and their daugther as 2 sons and a daughter in the group that are all in their 20's now, Beatrice the daughter is 26 years old now and 6 months pregnate, matter of fact, I will run out to Jensen Estates and perform cunninglingus on Beatrice and perform for several of the other group females around lunch today.
Matter of fact, because once you give birth to your baby, there will be at least 4 group ladies who will begin wet-nursing your baby, and constantly caring for it 24/7, so you'll be able to go back to performing as harem girl as soon as you feel like".

Elle replies as they pause and watch Edward graze a bit in the clover next to the lane, "I like to take time off for a few months after the baby is born to spend time with him or her if that is ok?".

Michael replies, "you can take all the time you need, in the group the mother and child's well being is the very most important thing, the whole premise of this group is to nuture the mother and child, promote communal breeding, then education of the children".

Elle replies, "One thing Aunt Becky impressed upon me was that she did not care for public education system, so I assume the group agrees with her philosphy pretty much".

Michael replies, "if you would of talked to Aunt Becky during the last 5 years of her life, about the public school system, after you were done talking about it for several hours with her, I'd say that you'd agree that public schools needed to be greatly changed, yet due to bureaucracy it is likely to take so many years to change, are you will to to take the chance with the first eighteen years of your child's life in the public school systems experiment, or select a teaching method that is nutured in a tribal like setting with all the modern teaching methods available, along with great emphasis placed on socialization. Aunt Becky greatly believed sexual socialization was the most powerful method of socialization, she believed that in the proper context, being sexually intimate with all tribal members was the highest form of socialization in human beings. As you know I sure, Aunt Becky loved the culture of the bonobos, bonobo society is dominated by females, the females mate with many males. The strategy of bonobo females mating with many males may be a counterstrategy to infanticide because it confuses paternity. If male bonobos cannot distinguish their own offspring from others, the incentive for infanticide essentially disappears. This is a reproductive strategy that seems specific to bonobos. Aunt Becky also strongly encouraged incest, which is very ratical as we know, yet the Jensen group has shown that incest has much more positive effects, as long as they don't allow mother and son, or father and daughter pregnancy to occur, thus why the female members chooses all the males who will mate with you in order for you to get pregnate, the mothers know who there child are and the know all the men whom they mated with to get pregnate, that is why it is usually 6 males who will be ejaculating in your vagina when you decide to get pregnate".

Elle giggles, "that Aunt Becky really did have this idea of her's all worked out, I just hope I can some how write about it someday in the far future, because I sure can't as it is occuring, Michael how do you feel about how you and the other Jensen youth are socialized by being schooled by the group members, growing up in a incest relationship and communal social sexual culture?".

Michael replies, "I think myself, Johnny and all the Jensen youth are very well adapted socially, the only draw-back is likely that most of us are so deeply bound to the group, it is unlikely for us to leave the group, yet that can be seen as very positive, like myself being a female-roled receptive male or berdache type male I need to live and serve the group, it is my purpose in life, I can't fathom living any other way, I must serve all group members for the rest of my life, and I love to and all the members know that so they have that insurance I'll always be here for them, along with all the members, you now, and hopefully Sally, Peggy and all the members of their group". 

As they continue walking, Elles says, "so has Sally scheduled you to start meeting all the men from her group yet?".

Michael replies, "yes, I will start performing fellatio on guys starting today as Sally is able to get them to come out, which I know I'm going to see a guy at 11am, then several guys tonight at 6 pm and 7 pm, her thought is, she wants me performing fellatio on every guy in the group at least twice a month, which I think is realistic, then as I get to know them I can start offering my bottom to them so they can start penetrating me anally, if a guy can overcome the "gay thing", and just treat me sexually as though I'm a female, almost all the Jensen guys love having me as their berdache lover".

Elle replies, "does Kelly live at Jensen Estes as well?".

Michael replies, "yep, I'll call her and the judge when we get back, I think we should get married as soon as possible, then that way your on my health insurance plan, and if you do decide to get pregnate, that is taken care of in well advance of you getting pregnate".

Elle replies, " yes, I want to get pregnate right away, thus I can take a maternal Sabbatical, and hopefully be pregnate by the end of this month".

Michael says, "if your sure of that, we will discuss it with Belle, Kelly and they can pick the guys with which you will start having vagina sex with and set you up with them so they can start breeding you every other day, you'll have to take the dogs anally until your child is born, once your child is born, then I'd think taking the dogs vaginally is fine, yet the ladies with let you know, then they will want you to just be with the baby at Jensen Estes for at least 3 months to bond with you baby and breast feed them, plus they will have you breast feeding the other babies as well, and other ladies will be breast feeding your child, just from experience, the ladies would like if you offered to be a wet nurse for future babies, especially because you have nice size breasts already, so you'll likely have a good supply of milk".

Elle replies, "I'd love being a wet-nurse, that idea is very exciting to me as far as bonding with the babies, but as bonding to the group as well".

They reach the mailbox, Michael holds Edward's lead in case a vehicle passes by, he grabs the mail and they start walking back.

Elle says, "I'm getting so horny right now just imagining being a harem girl for your group, I utterly so excited it is overwhelming".

Michael smiles big at her and says, "I'm so excited that you wish to commit to the group with such eagerness, it is overwhelming to me, I keep thinking about the things that you and I can do together other then being harem girls for the group, like going shopping together, going on day and weekend trips together, just being together, like studing Aunt Becky's papers, so like that".

Elle says, "I've been thinking like that to, it is what I want so much, I've now know I've never been in love before, because I never felt like I do now, never wanted to be a part of something like I want to be apart of your entire life, it's like to good to be true, to the point of scary".

Michael says, "I know what you mean, and by you wanting to have a baby for the group, is very overwhelming even though I know the child will not be biologically mine, he or she still will be like my child, as well as deeply loved and cared for by everybody in the group, that is a for sure thing. When we get back to the house I'll clean your bottom for you just in case Johnny wants you to perform for him, or knowing Caroline there might be a few Jensen guys there, and Bobby and Billy might like you to perform if they are at Susan's, plus there might be some other 13 year olds there by the time we get over there, speaking of that I'll pick up a few dildos and some plugs for you so you'll have them when you get home after Burger King, also stop eating raw onions, you'll be having anally sex a lot and onions don't go well with our life style".

Elle replies, "Michael, you tell me what I need to eat, and anything else I need to know please, I want to be the best harem girl I can be".

Michael replies with a devilish grin and says, "like with Johnny, and all other members for that matter, come right out and tell them that you are a submissive type, and you need to be told  what to do, they will take it from there".

Elle says, "thats what I want so much, I want told what to do".

They get to the house, Michael tells Elle to go on into the Kitchen, he is going to get Edward some hay in the stables and he'll be right in, Elle does as told.

Elle walks into the Kitchen to find Sally sitting at the table alone with a cup of coffee.

Elle says, "good morning Sally".
Sally sleeply replies, "good morning Elle, out for a walk with Michael and Edward my guess".

Elle smiles and repies, "yes, so nice outside right now".

Sally says, "it is, I was thinking about heading down to the lake and taking a swim, you interested?".
Elle says, "I will any other time but Michael and I were going to walk over to Caroline's and then take Potter and Oscar for ride over to Susan's and talk to her awhile, I've got to go to work at 10:30 but if we get back about 9:30 I'll gladly go with you".

Sally says, "that is a plan, if I don't see you by 9:30 I'll go ahead and go, plus I need to schedule some meetings for today amongest group members, would you like to meet a guy or two for this evening?".

Elle replies with a big smile, "yes, maybe after 6 pm if that works".

Sally replies, "consider it done, one at 6 pm, one at 7 pm, how is that?"

Elle replies, "perfect, for today and awhile, until I get somewhat introduced to the Jensen group members as well, and I know Michael wants me to spend a lot of time with Belle and their group veterinarian Kelly, who will be helping me get introduced to all the Jensen group members".

Sally replies, "perfect, keep concentrating meeting Jensen group members, then I try to set you up with a man from the other group every evening, that way you will be getting to know members of both groups, and also be able to help me get introduced to the males and females of the Jensen group, we've got a lot of meeting to do ahead of us that is for sure".

Elle says, "yep, first thing I'm doing today is going to be getting a schedule book, and some small note pads just so I can start learning names, plus I want to get so skirt dresses to wear while I perform, Sally you have any good ideas wear to go to get so shirt dresses?".

Sally says, "yes, try the Dressbarn first, it's about a 1/2 mile south of Ben's country store, if you can't find any there, call me".

Elle replies, "thanks, it has been awhile since I've bought any kind of dress".

Sally says, "Elle, try to look a bit naughty when you dress, but out in public, try to be conservative, we don't want to draw to much attention to ourselves, , please get naked for me if you would, I want see your body".

Elle pulls her long t-shirt off, revealing her completely nude body to Sally.

Sally looks her up and down, then says, "oh yes you look so, so delicious, nice large firm breasts, beautiful bald pussy with nice lips, I can't wait to see those lips hot and swollen, wrapped around a big dog or man cock, Elle can you turn around and bend over the chair there and spread your legs for me please".

Elle softly, meekly says, "yes Sally", then turns then leans down, put both her hands on the seat of the chair, then spreads her feet apart as far as possible and remains still.
Sally says, "oh you look dam hot girl, I wish I could keep you all to myself, your going to be such a good sub harem girl for the group".

Elle softly, submissively says, "thank you Sally, I wish to serve you as often as I can, please tell me whenever you want me".

Sally says, "I want you right now, but I know you and Michael need to see others".
Sally then stands, walks to Elle's side, bends over and kisses her cheek, then says, "stand up and give me a hug please".
Elle lifts off the chair, turns and eagerly hugs Sally, while she softly says, "oh Sally, thanks so much for welcoming me into your life, I promise I'll be a good girl for you".
Sally replies softly, "you're being a wonderful girl for me, just be yourself and we will have great times ahead, promise".

Michael walks in the kitchen see Elle and Sally hugging, comes over to them, kisses both of them on their cheeks, then washes his hands at the sink, dries them on a towel, then pours himself a cup of coffee, as he asks if they'd like coffee.
Sally says, "sure I could use a warm up"
Michael pours some in her cup thats on the table, as Elle puts her t-shirt back on"
Elle says, "Michael, you and Sally chat, I'll run to the bathroom and douche my bottom while you's drink your coffee". Elle walks down the hall towards the bathroom.

Sally softly says to Michael, "I'm so glad you met Elle, she is truly a gem".
Michael replies, "thanks, I thinks she is truly a gem as well and hope she stays with us forever".
Sally says, "come on, lets go out on the porch and have a smoke, we've got to enjoy the summer while it lasts". they walk out and sit on the porch, Cunnington follows them out the front door".
Once they sit and get their smokes lit, Michael says, "I'm going to make some dildos and a few pussy/butt plugs and make Elle a nice double-ended dildo, is there anything you might like?".

Sally replies, "yes, want a strap-on dildo, I'd like to start wearing one and fucking you, Elle and Kathy".

Michael replies, "I know I'd like that a lot, and I think Elle would like you doing that to her very much so, she very much desires to be a trained submissive, I'll see about seeing if any of the ladies at the Jensen group might be able to make a harness, I can make a dildo to fit it".

Sally replies, "I was hoping Elle wanted to be a submissive, very, very good, I'll have fun with her, and train her well".

Michael says, "please train both of us well, I so much want to be your submissive and Elle's as well, everybody's for that matter".

Sally grins devilish at him and says," it will be my pleasure, so you two just do I say, and everything will be great, you's just got to trust me ok?".

Michael says, "I always trust you Sally, I just hope I can always please you".

Sally replies, "your doing very good so far, I will let you know if you are not, believe me, I do want to watch you and Elle together today as you suck each other, and while you fuck her as she sucks on me, I want see how you's perform".

Michael submissively says, "I'd like to have you watching us a lot, and I know Elle wants to serve you anyway she can, she so much wants you as her dominate female".

Sally replies, "thats is the way it will be then from now on, when you go over to Caroline's see if Johnny can give her a good hard fucking".
Michael replies, "yes, I'll tell her to ask Johnny for that".
Sally says, "tell Johnny, I want him fucking her as often as he can, I want to hear that he is the next time I talk to him, and tell him to get the Jensen guys fucking her as often as possible as well, and the end of the day, every day I want to hear that she has been fucked at least a half a dozen times".

Michael says, "I'll do my best to see that she does".

Elle pops her head out the screen door, and says," sorry for interupting".
Sally says, "don't be sorry, I was just telling Michael that I want him to make sure you get fucked at least a half a dozen times every day".
Elle replies submissively, "I will Sally, I will do my very best to make sure that I do".
Sally says, "then every evening I want you to tell me about it, ok".
Elle replies, "yes, I very much want to tell you about how I performed".
Sally says, "ok you two get over to Caroline's if your lucky maybe Johnny will be there, you tell him that I want him to give you a good fucking this morning if he is there".
Elle replies, "yes, I will tell him that".
Sally says, "see you's later, now get going, it's already 6:30".

Michael takes Elle's hand and the head through the front terrace, through the gate, in order to sneak away without Edward seeing them, and head down the path to Caroline's farm.

The sun is already warming things up and it's already 80 degrees old as they walk the 1/4 mile path to Caroline's farm.

Michael says, "Elle when we get back from Susan's I'd like to take you upstairs and have you go through Aunt Becky's dresses in her bedroom, she was similar in size and built to you, I'd like it alot if you could get use of her clothes, and she used to wear a lot of shirt dresses".

Elle puts her arm around Michael and hugs him as they walk.
Elle replies, " I love you, I'd be honored to wear Aunt Becky's clothes, thank you".
Michael says, "I also Like her bedroom to be your bedroom, you can start arranging it as you like, take your lovers there, you need your own space to take your lovers, and I know Aunt Becky would love knowing that you were here with me as a harem girl and my dominate lady/wife".

Elle says, "oh Michael, you really think she'd like me here in that role for you?".

Michael says, "yes, she'd often tell me that I needed to find a dominate bi-sexual lady to be with, some who would accept me as a berdache".
Elle replies, "well I most diffinately accept you as a berdache, I'm very much bi-sexual, I try to be a dominate female for you as best I can as well".
Michael replies, "I trust you, so it will be all good, now a for warning to you, Johnny proably has the largest penis I've ever seen, but he will be gentle with you and go slow and he knows to keep us well lubed when fucks us, hopefully he'll have time to fuck you you this morning, if not he will sometime today and every day I'm sure".

Elle replies, "I can't wait to feel him up inside me, you're getting me horny now".

They reach Caroline's walk up the back steps, Michael taps ond the screen door and says, "anybody home". 

Caroline says, "come on in, your just in time".

Michael and Elle walk in and sit down at the kitchen table with Johnny.

Johnny says, "what are you two up to so early?".

Michael says, "a few things, trying to beat, Sally told us to tell you Johnny that you have to start fucking Elle every day now, and Elle thought that was a good idea, then, we thought we ride Potter and Oscar over to Susan's and talk to her about getting Elle introduced to the Jensen clan".

Caroline says, "Johnny take Elle in the library and fuck her, and be gentle".

Johnny takes Elle's hand, they stand and Johnny leads Elle down the hallway to the Library and shuts the door behind them.

Elle says to him, "thanks for doing this Johnny as she drops to her knees in front of him, then unzips his shorts then slowly pulls them down to his ankles, then helps him get them completely off, by the time she helps steps out of his shorts, and leans back up Johnny's cock is fully erect, Elle says, "oh my gosh Johnny, no wonder Caroline said for you to be gentle, your cock is huge". Elle then starts licking his balls, then up along his shaft until she reaches his big mushroom head, then she wraps her lips around it and eagerly starts sucking and licking it. 

Johnny says, "oh yeah, I'll have you sucking me as often as I can get you, thanks for letting me have you, I been hoping you'd be availble to me, since I heard you were joining the group, as you may have been told, all of us Jensen group males are sterilized once we turn 26 years old, so I can penetrate you vaginally or anally, it is up to you".

Elle takes his cock from her mouth and replies, "my bottom is clean so go ahead and use my bottom if you wish, I love getting it both ways, you can pull-out and ejaculate in my mouth, I do prefer swallowing a man's semen, so anytime you just want a blow-job just tell me, I'd be happy to".

Johnny replies, "that is what I'm here for, so you just tell me when and hou you want it, I'm always usually around the farm all day every day, now if you want to bend over and lean on the table, and I'll lube my cock and your bottom up".

Elle leans over on the long table in the center of the library, and waits for Johnny to lube her and himself up.

Johnny says, "you look so good Elle, I know all the Jensen guys and ladies will be delighted to have you as their new partner".
Elle softly moans as Johnny rubs k-y jelly into her butt hole.
Johnny says, "your super tight, just relax, I'll just push my cock up in you nice and slow, tell me to stop if it hurts you".
Johnny rubs the huge mushroom cock head on her butt hole a second, then slowly pushes the big head in her until it pops in, Elle squeals out as she frantically wiggles her hips about.
Elle babbles out," oh Johnny, I need you all the way up in my butt so badly, oh please give it all to me".
Johnny slowly starts sliding, pushing his cock deeper and deeper up in side her butt, Elle whimpers and whines non-stop, until Johnny has all of his 10 inch cock up inside her, he then just holds her hips tightly as he holds his cock completely in her.
Elle gasps and softly yelps, then her whole body jerks and twitches as she cries out, "I cumming Johnny, oh god, oh god".

Johnny says, "good girl, thats what I want, I want to see you cumming non-stop, do you like having multiple guys doing you at once?".

Johnny pulls his cock completely out of her, then takes injects a good amount of mineral oil up inside her bottom, using a douche bulb".
Elle moans and babbles, "I need fucked so much, I'll want gang-bang constantly, please fuck me Johnny".
Johnny pushes all the way up inside her, Elle yelping and squealing non-stop, then he quickly pulls completely out, then pushes himself back in her and all the way back up inside her, Elle cries out, "I'm cumming again", as she jerks and shutters, Johnny holds her tightly, then as her orgasm subsides, he pulls her up and turns her to face him then holds her tightly as she shutters and shakes.
Elle finally starts giggling, then softly says, "can I really have you do that again for me today, I really, really like you in me".
Johnny replies, " what did Sally exactly say?".
Elle replies submissively in a soft coy tone, "says, please Johnny fuck me as often as he can".
Johnny says, "so I intend to do just that, so as soon as you have the time, call me and I come and fuck you again, and as often as I can, I'll bring as many Jensen guys as I can as well, I'll help you get gang-banged every day for sure ok".
Elle replies meekly, "ok, I want you, and all the Jensen guys fucking me constantly please". 
Johnny leads her to the leather couch, gets her lay back, then says, "Elle wait just one second, and I'll wash you up", he then hurries to the bathroom, then returns with a warmed up wash cloth, he kneels down next to her and says,"now spread your legs so I can wash your bottom so your ready to go see Susan". Elle spreads her legs and watchs and murmurs as Johnny gently wipes her clean with the soft wash cloth, once done, he helps her up and leads her back out to the kitchen where they find two of the young 16 year old Jensen boys sitting at the table eating breakfast.

Caroline says, "Stan, Markus, this is our new harem girl Elle".
Both Stan and Markus quickly wipe their mouths, then stand and walk around the table and shake Elle's hand.
Stan is the first to shake her hand, as he does, he cheerfully looks her in her eyes as he says, "welcome to our group Elle, I'm here to serve you any way I can, as all of us at the Jensen clan will be doing".
Markus then shakes her hand and says, "just as Stan said, we all welcome you to our family, so I'll be here for you any time I possibly can be, and Stan, myself and many more of the Jensen clan will be here at Caroline's a lot for the rest of the summer any way".
Elle says, "I look forward to serving all of you's as well, I'll be living next door with Michael and the clan there, so hopefully we will be with each other every day".

Both Stan and Markus reply,  "we'd like to see you every day if possible, that would be wonderful".

Markus says, "hopefully you like to swim, I love snorkeling in the lake very much".
Elle says, "I went snorkeling yesterday, I'm addicted now, so I'll go with you anytime you want, if I here anyway, or maybe as long as it hot like this we could just plan on going every morning about 9 am starting Saturday, I'm filling in at work for a lady who is on vacation until friday so saturday I'll start being free at 9 am every day, if that works?".
Markus replies with a big smile, "that will be our date then, I'll make sure I'm ready for you".

Michael pipes in and says, "I'll see you two over at my place at 11 am right, I got all the lumber delivered for the new beach house, so we will start building the walls under in the shed behind the hay barn, then when it cools off we'll go down, and get the footing dug with Johnny and the bobcat auger's help".

Johnny says, "I called Max's concrete pumping, Max said the pumper truck should be able to reach down the hill to all the footings with no problem, so he said call as soon as we are ready for him".

Michael replies, " great, hopefully we will get half the footing dug tonight half in the morning, there will be 24 of them, but it's just a simply rectangle 8 rows of 3, the beach house will be 48 by 20 feet".
Johnny says, "we'll just have to see how it goes, no need to hurry".
Michael replies, "your right, I just so excited to start building it and using it, plus 20 group members should be able to spend the night in it, or longer for that matter".

Elle grins devilishly as she looks at all the guys, "a good place for me to hang out soon"
They all chuckle, Johnny says, "only the best for our ladies, is our motto here".

Elle softly replies, "I know I'm in the perfect place for a girl like me".

Stan looks her in the eyes and says, "don't worry, you'll never be alone again, promise".
Michael says, "Elle, we best jump on the horses and ride to Susan's before we get side tracked", he grabs her hand and leads her out the back door.

7 am Wenesday


Michael is riding Oscar and Elle is riding Potter as the make their way through the fields to Susan's farm

Once they get the horses out of the paddock and headed down the path to Michael's farm, Elle says, "Michael you were not kidding, Johnny has the biggest cock I've ever seen, sucked or had up inside me".

Michael looks at her with a big smile and says, "how did you like it?".
Elle replies softly, "oh my, Johnny made me climax over and over until I thought I was going to pass out, and yes he treated me gently, but nice and firmly, like you said, he is very good with it, and he told me he was going to fuck me as often as possible, so I'm hoping maybe when I get off at 1:30 I can get back here and have him fuck me, maybe Stan, Markus can fuck me as well, then see Kelly if she is able to see us, I know Sally is having me get fucked tonight by a couple of men as well".

Michael replies, "hopefully Bobby and Billy can both fuck you when we get over there, plus there might be quite a few 13 years olds there, that you might as well have all of them fuck you".

Elle says, "how should I talk to the 13 year olds?".

Michael replies, "just as you did with Stan and Markus, all the males in the Jensen clan know that is their role, they are trained/educated as to how to pleasure a female by the time they are 13 years old, so all you have to do, is introduce yourself as the new harem girl, and they will offer to take you to the bedroom, and like Johnny did, I'm guessing any how, he didn't ejaculate knowing he be seeing you later, or he might want to fuck me, Sally and Kathy this morning yet, all the males wish the females to have their orgasms, the guys really don't care that much about having orgasms until the end of the day, that when you'll want to have quite few guys around you, then they will ejaculate in your mouth, or bottom however you choose, like Stan and Markus each will likely fuck Caroline 3 or 4 times today then ejaculate in her tonight, there are 8 other guys coming out to farm today, because they only will be with her about a half hour today, then not again until next Wenesday, they will likely all ejaculate in her mouth.
Johnny alone will likely fuck you 5 or 6 times a day if your both around here all day, yet ejaculate just once in the evening, plus there from now on will always be 6 to 8 Jensen guys here that will do the same with you, so you'll be getting fucked or sucking cock 30 times a day easily, so we gotta keep your bottom well clean and lubed constantly, I plan on being with you watching you most of the time whether your with dogs, guys or girls, my greatest desire is to be cuckolded by you and do as you tell me. As far as how to talk to the females, just tell them that your a harem girl, your submissive and you will gladly perform cunninglingus on them, the very young girls, tht is 9 to 10 years old, tell them the same, when with them maybe ask them if any girls younger are getting cunninglingus performed on them, I know there are a few 7 and 8 year old girls who are having Betsy performing cunninglingus on them, I actually started performing cunninglingus on Betsy when she was 7 years old".

Elle giggles, "I think I'll be soaking in the lake a lot to, oh my, getting fuck 30 times a day sounds so wonderful, but my bottom suddenly feels sore".

Michael says, "next week maybe you can go to one of the 30 business locations and serve all the workers throughout the entire work day, like one of the businesses has a female reception/bookeeper and 7 males working there, the guys will take solo 15 minute breaks about every 2 hours and fuck you, yet not ejaculate, thus you'll get fucked about 21 times by them, then they may all start ejaculating in your mouth toward the end of the day, then you'll likely perform cunninglingus on her 3 times. 
One of the Jensen business has 32 males and 5 females working there, so you will be there with to other harem girls serving all the workers throughout the 8 hour shift".

Elle says, "Michael is there always at least one harem girl at each business 5 days a week?".

Michael replies, "yep, and a different harem girl at each business each day, so for example you might go to all 30 of the businesses in a month and a half's time, and on averge get fucked 20-30 times each day, you said you wanted gang-banged, this is Jensen's style of getting gang-banged daily, and as a Jensen harem girl you can get gang-banged every day if you wish, but from my talking to the girls over the years, after about 3 or 4 days, they just have go be with the dogs or perform cunninglingus for a few days, you'll just have to see how it goes, then do what is right for you, I know that there has been many a days I've worked the businesses, got fucked 30 times and a lots of the guys are well hung, not quite as big as Johnny, but close, and then swallowed 30 loads of cum at the end of the day, and after a week, I had to do something else for awhile".

Elle says, "I'm sure I'll do the same as you and the other girls, but I look forward to doing it, what do they have like a apartment within the business for us girls to be seen in?".
Michael replies, "yep, nice and modern, nice bathroom with nice shower, kitchen/lounge were the workers can eat lunch, nice room for you and the workers to have sex, I'll go with you to each business, get you introduced to every one, I can then spend a few hours with you as you have sex, or all day whatever you wish me to do, same when we go to the Jensen Estates".

Elle says, "I difinitely want you to stay a few hours, just so you can watch me perform, I hope it will always turn you on while you watch other guys fuck me".

Michael says, "it will, I know that, I'm as much a submissive sissy cuckold as I am a sissy femboy".
Elle replies, "that is one reason I love you so much, so don't change in that regard, I love as you watch me getting fucked and sucking others guys cocks so much, I need that".
Michael says, "I hope you want that forever, because like you've said, "I'm in the long haul with you, you can have a different guy spend the night with you every night, go on dates, have all the babies you you want, whatever you wish, I just want to be under the same roof with you every night, promise me, ok".

Elle replies, "it's a deal, I like the idea of you letting guys spend the night with me, especially the guys 13 to 16, I love to have Stan or Markus start spending the night with me sometimes".

Michael says, "they will if you ask them, unless they have other plans, I know they will, it will be really nice when you decide to get pregnate, then you's can be like a normal married couple trying to get pregnate, it turns me on so much knowing that a real man is going get you pregnate, a real man that treats me like his sissy femboy".

Elle replies, "it truly is very important you be made to feel like girl isn't it?"
Michael says, "it is essential that I feel feminine, that I get constant affirmation of my female-receptive role, I think it turns me on so much about you getting pregnate, because want you to be happy, but also because I can viscariously live being pregnate through you, share it you, because I so much wanted to get pregnate myself, but you and I know that can't happen. Just like seeing men fuck you, I can viscariously live it through you".
Elle replies, "I'm just so happy I can do it for you, and get pleasured intensely at the same time by the others, I very much prefer sex with a straight man then you Michael but I still need you to fuck me, I think because it shows me that your loyal to me, you belong to me as my submissive, I'm not sure how to put it in words, I'm glad you can't get me pregnate, because I want a black man to get me pregnate, I don't even desire Johnny to get me pregnate, but I'd rather Johnny fucking me, then you, so I not sure how to explain it, because your the only male I want to love as a partner and spend the rest of my life with". 
Michael says, "what you've just said is wonderful to my ears, so no worry, I'm very much happy you prefer the men to me sexually, I want it that way, I like hearing you say that".
Elle says, " lets not even compare to a man, because your not even a man, your a berdache, you may have a man's body, but psychologially your a woman, and that's how I see you, yet when you and I make love, it is the most wonderful thing there is, yet when I get fucked by the dogs, that is the most wonderful sex I've ever known, followed by Johnny, Marcus and Louis, so I'd much rather have sex with the dogs or a man then you, but I only want to truly make love to you Michael, if that makes sense".

Michael smiles big and replies, "I think the affirmation you give me is strongest when you said, "because your not even man", that is what I like to hear, because I do feel much more like a female, and desire to be accepted as such".

They reach Susan's, ride Potter and Oscar into the paddock, they dismount, Michael takes their reins off, checks there is good water in the trough, then walks in the barn and gets them some hay and tosses it in the feeder trough for them.
As they walk toward the back of the house, Michael says, "that's Audrey's car, so there is a good chance that her, Bobby, Helen and Billy will be here".
As they open the back door Teddy greets them, Elle quickly starts giving him rubbing/petting as Michael pats his head and slips pass him and up the three steps to the kitchen, there sits, Susan, Helen, Audrey, Bobby, Eric and Billy chatting and eating breakfast.

Michael says, "good morning".

Elle steps up into the kitchen and says, "good morning everybody", as she rubs Teddy's shoulder.
Everybody at the table says, "good morning"
Elle then walks around and introduces herself to everybody as a new harem girl for the group.

Susan says, "I was just telling everybody that you and Teddy got introduced last night".
Elle blushs, turns to Teddy, as she holds his cheeks with both hands she looks at him as says, "yeah Teddy you were such a good boy last night", then she looks back at Susan and the others.

Susan says, "you two sit down, if you want so eggs toast, help yourself, we were just finishing up".
Michael says, "what are you's plans for the day?"

Audrey replies, "Helen and I are off to work, that's all I know".

Bobby says, "Billy and I were going walk over to see what you were up to".
Michael replies, "Elle has to leave for work at 10:30, after that I be working on building the beach house walls in the back shed, I was wondering if all of you's got to talk about the Jensen group merging with Sally and Peggy's group?"
Audrey replies, "yes, I think it will be good for everybody, matter of fact Greg called last night and wants to introduce us to one of their group members, her name is Adele, she is a 65 year old grandmother of twins, Todd and Gina, 4 years ago Adele's daughter, the mother of the twins and her son in law, father of the twins were killed in a car accident, well about 2 years ago Adele became sexual intimate with Todd, recently Todd and Gina also became sexually intimate, well Adele is also sexually intimate with 22 other young guys in their group, ages from 13 to 20 years old, Greg thinks the Jensen group might be a good place for them, especially now because we have all Eric's stallion owner ladys who are all incestuous like us, and we like 13 year old lovers".

Michael replies, "well we knew, because Greg and Thomas told us that there were quite a few incestuous mothers in their group, he just didn't elaborte on any certain individuals, and I very much know Sally and Peggy trust Greg and Thomas with their lives".

Audrey replies, "yeah, I think it's great, I just wanted to let you know, and so you'll know when Sally mentions it, cause Greg said he'd call her first thing this morning, Greg called here because the plan is to house all the kids 13 to 16 years old here at Susans, so he thought when you's meet Adele, it's best to meet over here".

Michael says, "oh good, I was worried for a second, you might be upset, I'm sorry, alls good then, it's just there is so much going on right now, it's getting a bit mind boogling". 

Susan says, "you don't need to worry about everything, I worry about the 13 to 16 year olds, nothings changed, they've always come here, that will not change, its just now there will be 13 and 16 year olds staying here from Greg, Sally, Peggy and Thomas's group".

Audrey says, "I know what I'd like to see, I want to see our new harem girl perform for us, Elle how would you like to suck Eric's cock, and have Bobby and Billy fuck you as you suck?".

Elle submissively says, "I'd like that a lot".
Audrey looks at Eric and says, "Eric are you up for it?"
Eric replies, "I'd like that a lot as well".
Audrey says, "Eric you sit on the edge of the table, Elle you get his pants of him and start giving him a blow-job, Bobby, you go grab some k-y and come back and lube her ass up and your cock and start fucking her".
Eric sits on the edge of the table, Elle starts to undo his belt, when Audrey says, "Elle first get yourself naked we want to see all of you", Elle pulls her t-shirt over her head, revealing her entire naked body, Audrey says, "I bet Johnny just got done fucking you didn't he". 
Elle submissively says, "yes". as she resumes getting Eric's pants off, as she slides Eric's pants and boxers down, Eric's stiff hard cock stands straight up in Elle's face, Elle takes the head of his cock in her mouth as she works at getting his pants completely off, Michael hurries over and helps her finish getting them completely off, Bobby hands Michael the k-y, Michael then lubes Bobbys now hard cock, the fingers and lubes Elle's butt hole, Bobby then gently and slowly pushes his thick 8 inch cock up inside Elle's butt.
As Elle feverishly sucks and licks Eric's huge cock, she also begins squealing as Bobby's cock goes deeper and deeper in her".

Audrey says, "Elle, you look so good, your going to love being part of this group I hope, I know I can't wait until your sucking me like that, Michael I think she loves cock as much as you, Elle do you love pussy as much as cock?".
Elle moans out,"yes, I love pussy just as much".

Audrey says, "Eric would you sit on the chair, I want to slide my pussy down on your cock facing Elle, so she can suck my pussy".

Eric slides over and sits down on the chair, Audrey removes her skirt and panties, then steps in front of Eric, kisses Elle's lips quick, then Audrey lowers her pussy down all the way on to Eric's stiff cock, moaning all the while."

Audrey says,"Elle suck me like you were sucking Eric, like a starved animal".
Elle is quickly bent down and eagerly sucking and licking her tongue hard on Audrey's clit, Audrey frantically runs her fingers through Elle's hair as she whines and moans as Elle feverishly perform cunninglingus on her.
Bobby pulls his cock out of Elle's bottom, lubes Billy's cock for him, then helps get Billy's cock into Elles butt, all Elle can do is squirm and shudder and moan as she as one orgasm , then seconds later another, soon Audrey is crying out, "I'm going cum, then she starts squealing and squriming on Eric's cock, Audrey finally leans forward, pulls Elle up, kisses her passionately on the lips for a bit, then pulls back and smiles big, and says welcome to the group, she then stands up off of Eric, turns kisses his lips quickly, welcome to the group as well Eric.
Elle leans on the table as Bobby and Billy take turns thrusting their cocks in her, making her climax for the next 5 minutes
Audrey says, "Bobby, and Billy, you's wash you cocks off, then tell Elle to suck you's so you can ejaculate in her mouth, Michael you wash Eric's cock then get on your knees next to Elle, the start sucking Eric's cock, I want watch Eric squirt his cum in Elle's mouth, Elle I want to watch Bobby and Billy squirt their cum in your mouth, then Michael, I want to watch you fuck Elle's pussy until your ready to climax, then squirt your cum in her mouth". 

Within 45 seconds Elle and Michael are on their knees next to each, Elle stroking Bobby cock, while she feverishly sucks and licks Billys cock, within a minute, Billy pulls his cock out of Elles mouth, says,"Elle I'm going ejaculate", Elle opens her mouth wide, cups her tongue outward, Billy then starts squirting his cum onto her tongue, once Billy is done, Elle quickly swallows all of Billy cum, the takes Bobby's cock in her mouth and strokes his long shaft and sucks on his big mushroom cock head vigoriously, Bobby moans, and jerks about, until he says, "Elle, I'm going cum, Elle leans back, opens her mouth cups her tongue just as Bobby ejaculates a huge glob of cum onto her tongue, then another, another, until he as ejaculated 4 big globs of cum onto her tongue, Eric then says, "Elle, I am about ready, Michael keeps stroking Eric's cock as he hold the head above Elle's lips, Elle, flicks her tongue all around the big cock head, murmuring softly, "I want to swallow your cum s much, please cum in my mouth, please, Eric moans out, "I'm going cum". as Eric jerks about, he squirts 4 big globs of cum onto Elle's tongue, then turns to Michael and passionately kisses him so they can share Eric cum, then Elle stand in front of Michael, turns and leans on the table and meekly says, "please fuck good Michael, I need your femboy cock hard and thrusting into me" ,
Michael stands, guides his cock in her pussy then starts thrusting hard into her, Elle cries out, "fuck me as hard as you can, my pussy is soaked, you wouldn't hurt me, Michael takes long hard thrusts, slapping his pelvis against her but for about a 30 seconds, the Michael cries out, "Elle, I going to come", Elle quickly turns, gets on her knees in front of him, and says,"Michael feed me your cum, oh I love your cum so much", as Elle opens her mouth wide, three big globs of cum squirt onto Elles tongue, once she sees he is done, she rises up, hugs him tightly, then kisses him passionately so she can share with him his own cum.

Everybody starts clapping, Audrey says, "wonderful, so beaytiful", Susan says, "that's got to be true love if I ever seen it".
Michael and Elle pull apart, Elle turns and the both playfully take a bow, and say "thank you so much", then Elle hurries to Audrey giggling, kisses her cheek, and stands straight up and stays, "if Michael and I can perform for you again, we be honored".
Audrey replies, "no I'm the one who is lucky here, and yes, I will have you performing for me very often, I promise".

Eric hugs Elle as he says, "it was a true pleasure meeting you and playing with you but I must be of to work"
Elle, replies, "thanks Eric, hope to see you soon, bye, bye".
Audrey hugs and Kisses Elle, and says, "so good to meet you, we'll see each other soon and play some more ok".
Elle replies, "I had a good time, thanks, and call me if you need me".
Helen kisses Elle on the cheek and hugs her quietly saying, "I really hope we can spend some time together soon, bye, bye".

Elle whispers in Helen's ear, "me too Helen, I'm a total sub, call me anytime, bye, bye".
Audrey, Eric and Helen together tell Elle, Susan, Michael, Bobby and Billy bye,bye then head out the back door.

Elle then sits back down, reaches across the table to Bobby and Billy and takes each of their hands and holds them and says to them, "thank you so much for making me feel so good, I'm part of the group now, so any time you's want to be with me just ask ok, know tell me what you's like to do other then sex?".

Billy replies, " I read a lot, I like to draw, I like taking Teddy for walks, riding Potter and Oscar, snorkeling in the lake".
Bobby says, "I like doing woodworking with Michael, sewing, Michael, myself and several of the females from the Jensen group make all the dildos and butt and vaginal plugs for the group members, I'm a femboy or berdache type like Michael, I prefer being female roled, but I do penetrate females and Michael but no other males, just to let you know, but I'll penetrate any of the females in the group like Michael does, I'd like to pass as female and dress as a female publicly".

Michael says, "Elle, I have a few dildos and plugs you can select from when we go back to the house".

Elle giggles and says, "well there is a lot we can do together it seems, I like all the things you's have mentioned, especially dildo making, I'm a cultural anthropologist, so I study how societies function, what people are like in different social settings, stuff like that".

Bobby replies, "that's what Aunt Becky did, she was a cultural anthropologist too".
Elle says, "yes, I knew Aunt Becky and worked with her awhile down in New Mexico quite a few years ago".

Bobby replies, "yes, I miss her a lot, I'm just so glad Susan, Caroline and Michael still are here, I love just being out here on the farms, or over at the Jensen Estates, mom and dad just finally got their divorce settled, so I'm hoping mom will sell the house and we can move here and live with Susan's, Eric and I are now partners, he will soon be building a large horse stable here at Susans, plus living here, training horses here, so I want to learn to train horses as well".
Elle says, "well, I'm Michael's partner now, so I will be living right next door from now on, so I'll always be here for you's, whether for sex or just doing other things".

The phone rings, Susan picks it up, says, "oh hi Sally".

Sally replies, "hi Susan, what you up to?".

Susan replies, "at the moment, sitting here at the table with Michael, Elle, Bobby and Billy, I'm just waiting for all the Jensen kids to show up, then go from there, what you up to Sally?".

Sally replies, "I was just wondering about setting up a time to have Adele, the grandmother with the twins come out to your place and meet us".
Susan replies, "well now would be a good time or anytime today as far as that goes, I not going anywhere and they will be able to meet 5 of the Jensen 13 year olds 3 boys and two girls, plus Billy who is 13 and two of the Jensen ladies, we'll likely be headed down to the lake to go swimming soon".

Sally replies, "I'll call Adele right now, then I call you back asp, talk soon, bye, bye".
Susan says, " bye", then hangs up the phone.

Susan says, "that was Sally, she is attempting to get Adele and her twins to come out and meet all of us".

Elle says, "I would think that would be great, as we know there is likely around 20 incestuous mothers in Sally's group, plus Adele".

Billy says, "yes, having sex with our moms is a very secretive thing, I know Mom and Audrey stress that to me quite often, so I very much know to never mention it to anyone outside of the Jensen group, I know the consequence, one being they'd take mom away, and I love having sex with mom more then anyone, so I'm sure I'll always have sex with her, so we have to live as part of the Jensen group if I'm to marry a female or have sex with other females".

Elle says to Billy, "do you think that most of the boys in Jensen group who have sex with their moms feel the way you do?".

Billy replies, "yes, I'd say so, because once we have sex with our moms, we are already life partners, now we become life sexual partners, we always will have sex with our moms, that is the big consequence of mother and son incest, thats why the Jensen group is so great, they never know who their father is, all the men treat the children as their own".

Elle looks at Susan seriously

Susan says, "Elle it's been working for over 40 years now with not one serious problem".

Elle replies, "I'm so glad it is, and it is wonderful, and for myself as a cultural anthropologist it defies all that has ever been known about incest in a societal group".

Susan replies, "in part, as Aunt Becky would explain, it can't occur in a patriarchy is a social system, it can only work in a matriarchy is a social system which is fully polyandrous and with communal breeding, that is Aunt Becky's theory and she made it work, once she seen how Belle and Caroline were with all the Jensen workers, she seized the moment, and you might say engineered the social structure of the Jensen group, if you read Aunt Becky's journals, notes etc. you'll see she planned this whole thing, even her ideas on the mothers selecting which male might give birth to her child by using a diaphragm for birth control".

Elle replies, "Michael and I were just talking about that because I want to have a baby and I want one of the Jensen males to get me pregnate, so I want the father to be a black male".

Susan replies, "has Michael has told you, I'm sure is, you select at least 6 males you would like to have a chance at being the father, you'll have sex with whomever the the ladies selected from your selection it will be all six, because you need to have unprotected at least the males think it is unprotected sex with at least 6 males however you can wear a diaphragm when having sex with all but one of them, don't mention I told this to you, Michael, Bobby and Billy, it's our secret, promise, because it is very important the males in the group never know who the fathers of the children are".

Elle replies, "so the females in the group, only are allowed to be receptive anally until they choose to give birth, to help with the biological problems of incest".

Susan says, "the group will be very glad to hear that you are wanting the Jenson males to father your child, just as they would love it if Sally and Kathy have Jensen males father their children, and any of the females from Sally's group for that matter, my thoughts are it would be nice if Sally's group could find some young black, asian, hispanic etc. females to join their group, so Jensen males could father their children, but Aunt Becky wanted the children to be biologically diverse to keep the incest biologically issues as limited as possible, she felt the mother and son incest was the most important dynamic of the group, but Aunt and nephew, grandmother and grandson incest very important".

Elle replies, "I know if I had a son now, I would begin a sexual relationship with him when he turned 13, a daughter as well for that matter".
Michael says, "I fairly certain that several of the Jensen 13 year olds both boys and girls are mine or Johnny's children, and they and I routinely have sex and it is very good for all of us, I'm the only male over 18 that can have sex with the 13 year old girls, and that is because I am a berdache, female-roled male though and sterile now".

Susan says, "yeah, it is not permitted for any female under 16 to have sex with anyone over 16, just so you know, and that is a topic that must be addressed with Adele, plus we have the 14 single ladies with stallions who are all new members of the group, all have sons who they a incestuous with, all are zoosexuals as well, they will be here all the time once the stables for the stallions are built, I know some have daugthers as well, so they will likely choose to join the group, mate within the group, that is the one element that Aunt Becky pondered a lot, when it came to having outsiders join the group, will both the sons and daughters choose to mate within the group and stay, thus Aunt Becky promoted sister and brother incest, daughther being anally receptive only of coarse".

Elle replies, "in the Jensen group now, that isn't a issue because a 13 year old girl and 13 year old boy have no idea if they are related or not correct?".

Susan says, "for example when you decide to get pregnate, and say your mother and father are from the Jensen group, your 34 years old now, the ladies will want 15-16 year olds impregnating you with their semen, as it is unlikely that they are your brother, father or uncle, because all the Jensen males get a vasectomy when they are 24 years old, so all the males over 25 can penetrate us vaginally Elle, so you only select males 13 to 24 to get you pregnate, so you could select Billy or Bobby for example".
Elle looks at Billy and Bobby, grins and says, "I want a black father for my first child, after that I'd like you two trying to get me pregnate, speaking of that Susan, I'd like to become a wet-nurse for the group".

Susan replies, "that would be great, you've got nice sized breast for that, you can try Induced lactation, I did it and was a wet-nurse for the group for about 3 years, it is a demanding thing, I'd recommend that you breast feed your own child, once they are weened, continue to breast feed other mother's children, you can still be a harem girl, just not as active as you will be within the next week, where your having sex all day, everyday pretty much, that said, now that you know all the 25 year old and older Jensen men are all sterile, you can give you bottom a break and have vaginal intercourse with them".

Elle says, "very good point, I'll have to ask Sally how many of the men are sterile in her group, going back to keeping the cohesion of the group in place, did Aunt Becky promote the sex with the large male dogs amongest the females?"

Susan looks at Michael and smirks, "you can thank Michael for bringing sex with large male dogs to the group, as no members were zoosexual until he and Pablo moved in with Aunt Becky when he was 13, then Pablo bred me and I was hooked, so I got my Irish wolfhound Dono soon after he was 3 months old, Pablo was a great dane, once Dono was 18 month old and breeding age, he was breeding myself and Michael, then a few of the Jensen moms, then they got their own Irish wolf hounds, Belle got one, it just is part of our culture now, however Aunt Becky clearly seen that zoosexuals clearly are capable of being a tightly knit culture within themselves, add that to the incest culture, the two make a powerful cohesion, I would say the cuckolding dynamic amongest the males is a powerful cohesion, because we are strictly a communal breeding society, all the males are cuckolds, and know for Michael it is essential in his intimate relationship with females, the more he emotionally cares for a female, the more erotic being cuckolded becomes, that is correct isn't it Michael, you are happiest when us females you deeply care for cuckold you right". 

Michael replies, "yes, that is very much correct, don't ask me why, but I know I need to be a cuckolded by my female partners and it is highly erotic to see Elle, Caroline, Belle, you Susan, it was with Mom and Aunt Becky as well, really all the Jensen females, as I've been intimate with all Jensen females since I was 13 years old, just it is more erotic with those I am very emotionally attached to, I say with Mom and Aunt Becky it was the most erotic, because they were both a incestuous relationships, yet with Elle it is similar to Mom and Aunt Becky's and we've only known each other a short while".

Elle says, "right there is a place a lot of research could be done, because many males like being cuckolded, I do know that, but no one knows why".

Susan replies, "Aunt Becky felt that in human evolution communal breeding was fairly common, and monogamy is relatively new, yet a hard thing to prove".

Elle replies, the Recent anthropological data suggest that the modern concept of life-long monogamy has been in place for only the last 1,000 years, because prior to a 1,000 years ago most societies were nomadic societies, thus, I myself strongly believe that, as well as there being much more polyandry and many more matriarchy societes, even the Natives American tribe societies strongly suggest that".

Susan chuckles and says, "I can see why you and Aunt Becky got along so well".

Elle says, "she never discussed her ideas on zoosexuality or incest with me, however both are such discreet topics, I understand why, and why she never published any work regarding it, as is my difficulty now, how does one study zoosexuality and incest and not get in trouble doing it?".

Michael replies, "I guess in some anonymous way?'.

Elle says, "I can do the communal breeding topic in a human evolution perspective, yet the moment I present it as a on going study, the cats out of the bag so to speak, then if I personally am part of the group, involved in all the group practices, image that out come, oh my, all of it is so iffy, polandry is taboo, yet is known to exist in some societies".
Susan says, "it's something all of us must ponder, because Aunt Becky requested that her unpublished papers be made availble for study, given to a University etc., it a mircale you came along Elle, in both knowing her, accepting our ways and joining our group as a harem girl".

Elle says, "I felt the moment I seen Michael, I was mean't to be with him, be apart of his life, plus I've always had a erotic mind and been open minded and not to judgmental of others, which has been cultivated by studing different cultures".

The phone rings, Susan picks it up and says, "hi Susan here".

Sally says, "hi Susan, I got a hold of Adele, she says she can be to your place in a hour if that is alright, she will have the twins and a 13 year old boy who is her lover, and two 14 year old boys who are her lovers". if that is alright?"

Susan says, "will you be over as well?".

Sally says, "yes, I can be over in about 15 minutes".

Susan replies, "sure, tell Adele to come on out".

Sally replies, "ok, see you in a bit, bye".
Susan says, "bye", and hangs up.

Susan looks at everybody and says, "Sally is coming over, and Adele will be here in about a hour with her twins, and 3 of her 13 and 14 year old lovers, sons of Sally's group mothers.

Elle looks at the clock and says, "it's 8 am now, Michael do you want stick around and talk to Adele and meet the children?".
Michael says, "I'd like to sure, I figure I better take any chance I can get to meet a new group member, there are so many, might not get a chance again for awhile".
Elle replies, "yes, me as well, especially the incestuous females of the group, I got a lot to learn from them, especially now that I truly desire to be a incestuous mother myself, and I've been attracted to post-puberty aged boys ever since I been considered a adult, and about 4 years ago I had a very short sexual relationship with a 13 year boy, so belonging to this group is where I below, because I now prefer only to be with females as their submissive and post-puberty age boys in the 13-14 age range actually as their submissive as well, so I'm unconventional I guess".

Susan replies, " I guess I am unconventional to, because I prefer 13 and 14 year old boys as well, and have ever since I started having sex with the Jensen group boys over 30 years ago, I very seldom have sex with a Jensen male that is over 18 years old, Aunt Becky and Belle are the same way, where Caroline likes being with all the Jensen males and always has, yet she isn't bi-sexual or a zoosexual".

Elle replies, "Susan would you say your on the submissive side?"

Susan says, "yes, maybe not to the degree that you are Elle, but I'm submissive to Audrey, I will be for Sally, I wouldn't say I'm submissive with the boys, just equal".

Elle looks at Bobby and Billy and says, "how about you two boys, do you like me being submissive to you's?"

Bobby replies, "I think so, I like the idea that I can just tell you to suck my penis, or really tell you what I want, and you'll likely do it, with in reason anyway".

Billy says, when mom first sucked my penis, I'd been fantasizing about her doing that, so I'd often walk out of the bathroom nude with a erection then walk to my room knowing she would see me, and hoping she would like my erection, well after doing that about 6 times, she following me in my room, and I asked her if she would suck my penis,this was about 8 months ago, we have been having sex ever since at least every other day".

Bobby says, "that is similar in the way mom and I started having sex, age 13, I was fantasizing about her sucking my penis, so I made ever effort to make sure she would see me erect, then one day she asked if I would fuck her, I have been ever since, like Billy said most every other day at least".

Michael says, "I didn't start having sex with mom until I was 18, then one day mom and I together with Audrey and two Jensen males who were fucking both mom and I, Audrey told me to start performing cunninglingus on mom, while she lay on her back on the bed, and one of the Jensen guys had just ejaculated up inside her pussy, so I did, the Audrey told me to crawl up and have mom suck my penis, mom sucked me until I ejaculated in her mouth, after that mom and I started having intercourse, and did until she passed away".

Elle says, "Michael after you and your mom started having intercourse, did you feel your connection with her was more wonderful, that you's were unseparable?".

Michael replies, "yes, very much so, and we both felt that way, it was a truly wonderful thing, for nearly 3 years we had sex like every time was was the first time, so intense and full of emotion, just wonderful every time, so I don't think we ever would have separated we'd still be deeply in love as sexual lovers, boyfrriend and girlfrind, e loved doing anything and everything together, yet even now if I have intercourse with Belle and Susan it is very intense like that, Caroline and Audrey to a lesser degree, but wonderful".

I do know incest is very much looked as it by today's society because the way christianity looks at it, and that doesn't make it wrong simple because a religion says it is wrong, I'm agnostic, so I have no belief in any religion, speaking of that, what does the group think about religion?"

Susan says, "the Jensen group as whole is completely agnostic, and no type of religion can be taught within the group, most, if not all of us have no use for religion in anyway, not even for historical reference, it's a myth, plain and simple, thats is how we all see it".

Elle says, "I glad I asked about the religion topic, and I'm so glad you's are agnostic, because I'm like Aunt Becky, I feel no child should ever be exposed to any religious belief, to me it is psychological abuse, in that once a child is indocrinated into believing, they are mentally held hostage by it for the rest of their lives, few can ever escape it, thus they can never truly think freely".

Susan replies, "I agree 100%, they no longer can think freely".

Elle says, "I very interested in being able to talk to the 13 year old girls who are now having sex with the dogs as well, and wondering if it will be a life long sexual orientation".

Susan replies, "I think you will find that in 98% of the females in the group, being with the dogs is a nesssary part of their sexually, and with many it is their preferred sexual orientation".

Michael says, though I'm not female, my preferred sexual orientation is being a female-receptive zoosexual,  and have been since I first start getting fucked by my great dane Pablo, followed by Edward, I consider Edward my life partner as he has been fucking me since I was 13 years old, and I've performed fellatio on both of them since I was 10 years old, so I will always be a female-receptive zoosexual ".

Susan says, " from my talking to some of ladies who own the stallions, at least the ones who are incestuous with their sons, sex with their male dogs is their preferred sexual orientation, and five of them have had a male dog lover since early teens and their sexual relationship with their sons will be life long, so the sons are very attached or dependent, which Aunt Becky was very concerned about, thus she felt it very important that the sons and mothers had other sexual partners".

Elle looks at Billy and Bobby and says, " would you to say you're more attracted to older females?"

Bobby replies, "yes, for the most part, I feel more comfortable, at eaze with older females, like I feel very comfortable with you Elle, yet in part  is that due the fact that I now know, I can simply tell you that I want you sexually, when I first layed eyes on you I was very attracted to you by your beauty, yet that is different then sexually attracted, that is a tough question".

Billy says, "I wanted to have sex with you instantly the moment I seen you, much like I feel about mom, Susan or many of the older Jensen ladies, and I'm seldom interested in the younger Jensen females, even though I have sex with them, I'd rather be with the older ladies, especially as someone I am with a lot, I'd say I'm very dependent on my mom being with me, and can't imagine be separated from her very long".

They hear Sally say, "knock, knock, anybody home"

Susan says, "come on in Sally"

Sally comes up into the Kitchen and says "Hi", everybody say hi to her, then Michael says, you want a cup of coffee?".
Sally says, "sure, you know how I like it".

Susan says, " sit down, we where just talking about how Aunt Becky engineered the Jensen group to be matriarchy as a social system which is fully polyandrous and with communal breeding, however there is no form of Eugenics involved in our communal breeding beliefs, the incestuous and zoosexuality which as become embedded in it by chance, I guess you say, yet mother and son incest is highly promoted, as is the females and berdache types like Michael and Bobby mating with the group male dogs".

Sally says, "great, I love talking about those topics, and Peggy and I strongly believe in a matriarchy type social system which is fully polyandrous as well".

Elle says, "I was just asking Bobby, Michael and Billy if they felt very dependent or unseparable from their mother since they all three are sons who have sex with their mothers, or Michael was from age 18 until her death".

Sally says, "I've wondered if it might hinder the son's ability to form a lasting relationship with another female, especially of a similar age".

Bobby replies, " I see where that could be the results in problematic way, if the son didn't easily have access to other female or male sexual partners as us three do, yet I personally don't feel that dependent, it more like say, Eric and I moved away, then visited mom when we could, mom and I would have sex most likely and Eric would also have sex with her, I could never say, "mom I have no desire to have sex with you, or could she say that to me, thus we all have to be in non-monogmy type relationships, yet I can't see mom or Helen ever leaving this group".

Michael says, "I agree, once mom and I had sex, it would always be, whether we seen each other every day or once a year, if we were together we'd be having sex".

Billy says, "yep, I think it will always be like that as well, it's like, it's what we do, it's part of our relationship whether we have another partners or not doesn't matter, so I'll never be able to be in a monogmous relationship, yet I think I can form a lasting loving relationship".

Elle replies, "Billy just stated the most important thing to me in regards to being socially adjusted in healthy way, and that is all of you three have healthy loving sexual relationships with someone other then your mothers, thus due the group being strictly polyandry, thus non-monogamy, everybody has multiple sexual partners, thus keeping the sons from becoming chronically dependent on their mothers, and the mothers not chronically dependent on the sons for that matter, as well as developing life long loving relationships, sexual and non-sexual".

Sally says, "I so much wish I'd have known Aunt Becky, her and I think alike, I love it".

Michael laughs and says,"Sally, yes I can see you and Aunt Becky conspiring and managing the group together, she'd of liked you, and you her, I know that".

Susan replies, "yep, I agree, and I can see why she liked Elle so much as well".

Elle looks at Susan in a curious manner and says,"so Aunt Becky had talked about me?".
Susan says, "yes after she returned from New Mexico she often talked about you, how she hoped you and her would work together again, all good".
Elle says, "thanks so much for telling me that, that means a lot to me, believe me".
Susan says, "your welcome, I know she'd be extremely happy you are here".

Tears begin running down Elle's face, Susan walks over, leans down, hugs her and wipes the tears from Elle's cheek.

Elle says, " I'm sorry, it's just that I truly loved that lady, and for so long after New Mexico I wanted to see her again, we only talked on the phone on occasionly, always saying we needed to get together and never did".

Sally says, "yeah it is tough, we get wrapped up in things, and don't take the time to smell the roses so to speak".

Susan says, "look at it this way, you found your way back to her in a spiritual way, and she'd love you here, who better to study her papers and be apart of the group she created".

Michael says, " Sally, the Jensen group has communal breeding and communal rearing the children type structure, and Elle is planning on getting pregnate by the Jensen males or she want her child to have a father from the Jensen males, so when she is ready to get pregnate, they choose at least 6 males who impregnate her vaginally with their semen until she becomes pregnate, it's never known who the true father is, so we were going over details about that earlier".

Sally replies, "I really like that idea, I've thought about having a baby, and Kathy as well, the communal rearing is the most wonderful idea".

Susan says, " that works because nearly all the Jensen group member live in one place, the Jensen Estates, on a large country acrege north of Bettendorf".

Michael says, "so Elle and I are going to have the judge from the Jensen group marry us in the coming week so she can be put on the Jensen health insurance plan, which Susan, Caroline, Johnny, Ed and all Jensen group members are on, so we'll want to start talking about getting any of your group members on the plan who desire to be, Jensen as their their own Insurance company there in Bettendorf, so we will get with all of them as what we should do concerning the two groups merging".

Elle says, "as of now my plan is to apply for a research, combined maternal Sabbatical for at least a year leave from teaching in order to put together and publish some of Aunt Becky's works, and be a harem girl as well".

Sally replies, "that would be wonderful, I know I want you living with us as much as possible, when the baby is born how does that work in the communal rearing setting?".

Susan replies, "I've been pondering that, along with the building of the horse stables, building the airstrip and hangar over at Carolines, I've thought about building a large home here on my property that could have 20 or so small apartments in it such as the Jensen Estate, thus have all the ladys with stallions here, or have some Jensen females and/or females from your group Sally, doesn't matter really, yet females who can help rear the children, Sally do you know how many incestous mothers there in your group?".
Sally replies, "this is a new addition to our group, but as of now we have 7 couples in the group were the mothers are having sex with their sons, I've met none of them yet, that is one thing I plan on doing after meeting with Adele because she has sex with all of the sons routinely, all 13 of the sons".
Susan replies, " and Adele is 65 years old correct?".
Sally replies, "yep, she sounds like a live wire too". chuckling

Everybody smiles big

Michael says, "not to change subject, but I will go in and get the details on zoning etc. about building a new house on your property and the multi-family aspect of, in essense, what are the details about having a place like the Jensen Estate, I have no problem doing such a thing on Aunt Becky's farm either".

Elle says, "one thing that intriges me is the keeping the activities, the culture of the groups or now soon to be one group, tight lipped or simple put private to group members only?".

Susan replies, "all we can do is make it very clear to all members the conseqences of their actions of talking to others outside the group, being very careful as to who is allowed to join the group, believe me, it is something I wish we didn't need to concern ourselves with, like you joining Elle, I have no worries, I completely trust you and your a great addition to the group, Eric knows the ladies with the stallions well, plus they are all zoosexuals, that one thing about being incestuous or being a zoosexual or your a adult female who prefers sex with 13 year old boys, it bring a great cohesion with it, if you are either, you're not likely to tell anyone that you are unless you trust them with your life, as Aunt Becky would often say, "the zoosexuality and incest are the frosting on the cake".

Sally says, "so Aunt Becky promoted for us ladies to have sex with the male dogs and to have sex with our post-puberty age sons?".

Susan replies, "yes, very much so, by telling everyone in the group just what we talked of, how it creates a great cohesion in the group, we've had Waspi creek wolfhounds since 1978, were we always have 3 male studs breeding different female wolf hounds, so, we try to have at least twelve litters a year, we sell half and as many of the  males for our group that are needed, which is usually 15 or 20 now, Elle wants a puppy, I want a puppy, you mention Kathy wants a puppy so I call out there and see what puppies will be availble soon".

Michael says, "you know what, I'm now thinking why don't we tear down the old house on that farm up there just south of McCausland, build the stables there, and a large estate type house which houses say 30 members, the 9 lady that have the stallions at England stables which is near Long Grove, the 5 other lady's have been boarding their stallions just west of Clinton, so it would be closer for them, it's only 15 minutes from here, it's private, there are a lot of old woods there all around the house, plus it's set a good 200 yards or more back off the road, and it's got that great view of the Wapi valley".

Susan replies, "yeah, I forgot all about that farm, but yeah lets do it, I get the ladies together and we will make a decision, you've got the bid and all the plans for the stables in order right, so get those to me, we need to get a bid on tearing down the house, then get a blue-print for the new house, right now, getting the stables built is the most important thing, the money for this home will be group money, it's a group owned property so you know how that works, just so Sally and Elle you know, we anouse a meeting then usually on a Saturday morning all group members 13 and older meet in the cafeteria at Jensen Estates, we explain what we are proposing, all members can ask questions, object etc. then we all vote by a raise of hand, for or against, if it is all a vote for, we do it, there should be no problem doing it, we will have to discuss with Eric his pay, because in essence he will be in part be either renting the stable space or simply be a employee of Jensen LLC. I personally think he'd be best off just being a employee, since the lady's all ingest stallion semen, and I know you love stallion semen Michael, you and anyone else who wishes to ingest stallion semen should be talking to all the ladies who own the stallions, Eric has told me that all the ladies are fine with you performing fellatio on, collecting and ingesting their stallion's semen Michael".
Michael replies, "yes, I plan on meeting all of them as soon as possible, and Elle has ingested Edward's semen now, and will as soon as possible be ingesting Potter and Oscars, and the 3 stallion ponies at Jensen Estates, so I'm sure her and I will be ingesting all of the stallions semen owned by the new ladies as well".
Sally says, "Michael how often can you ingest a stallion's semen?"

Michael replies, "I ingest Edward's, and Potter and Oscar's semen about every three days now, of the three, I try to ingest semen from one of them every day, with the 14 new stallions Eric's stallion Shadow included, and because the ladies ingest the stallions semen as well we will have to work out a schedule or routine with each of the ladies with the Jensen ponies, myself and three of the young girls are currently ingesting semen from them every three days, so my turn is about every two weeks I suck all three of them in one visit, we just have a chaulk board there, we mark what pony or ponies we collected from on what day and time, I've collecting from all of them everyday for a week before, same with Edward and Potter and Oscar, yet very seldom, however Edward most often breeds me every day once, yet at times I'll have Edward bred me 4 or 5 times a day, yet seldom, but he can do it, even the dogs at times can bred us occasionlly 2 or 3 times a day".

Susan says, "a issue we have is, your harem girls get paid directly by the men, in the Jensen group a harem girl is a employee of the group, so for example I suggest Elle become a employee of the Jensen group, thus she can have her own insurance, get paid a salary, thus get a check every two weeks, so you could offer the same to your harem girls, because they will be serving Jensen males now, you could also mention the comunal breeding to them maybe, you know them so it's whatever you feelat this time".

Sally says, "I'm all in as far as getting our two groups merged, and I want the best outcome possible, so tell me anything that you feel will help do that, please, and I fully intend to sit down with each of our harem girls and discuss in a discreet way, feel them out about the incest topic, because that is a new addition to our group, and it new to me, as it will be to them, I personally now will promote mother and son incest in the context we have here, I know now, I'd like to have a son who I could have a sexual relationship with like Helen and Billy or Audrey and Bobby do, I think it is wonderful to be honest, can I ask what a harem girl in the Jensen group makes every two weeks?".

Susan says, "they bring home about a thousand every two weeks".
Sally replies, "would our girls have free housing within the Jensen group as well?".
Susan replies, "yes, if they live at Jensen estate, here with me, at Michael's, Caroline's or Belle's, or the new estate house once it is built".
Sally replies, "I see if the girls can move in with our group member like Greg and Thomas for now, if they choose to be on Jensen employee's".

It might do them good to live at the estate house, a great way for them to meet alot of guys we will have to work out how you male members pay the Jensen group, in a member fee fashion or something, that is one we must figure out fairly urgently".

Susan says, "there is alot going on right now, so we just to take our time and think out what we do, for example another great addition to our group is Maureen who imgrated here from Kenya, she is a beautiful black female with a 13 year old son named Asher, a 16 year old son named Feye, who is now working at Jensen landscaping, and a 11 year old daughter Mumbi, they now live at Jensen Estates, Maureen is a harem girl now, both Bobby and Billy are intimate with her now, and I am itimate with Feye and Asher now, and Maureen is now itimate with Feye and Asher, as well as she has been getting bred by Teddy and other hounds in the group".

Elle says, "how did she come to start having sex with her two sons?"

Susan replies, "I explained to her our group culture, that she could be a harem girl, a wet nurse, or work at one of the 30 Jensen companys, live at the Jensen estate free,
Maureen quickly choose harem girl because she loved sex, after that I'd carefully questions her about her thoughts on sexuality , then explain the group has a matriarchy, polyandry structure, when her reaction was positive, I continued to explain that mentioning that there was often some incestuous relationship between relatives, followed by a positive reaction, then I went on to tell her that we do promote mother and son incest in the proper context and as a cohesion of the group, then when she had a positive reaction, I explained that most of the women had male dogs as lovers, she laughed. Maureen is well educated, very opened minded and very street smart, that's the type we want in a nut shell, she and the kids have been Living at Jensen estates now 3 months and they all are doing wonderful". 

Elle says bashfully, "do Feye, Mumbi and Asher have very black skin?".

Susan replies, "yes, beautiful black skin, so does Maureen, all are very slim and beautiful".

Elle says, "I love that dark black skin, are the boys circumcised?"
Susan replies, "nope, they haven't been circumcised".
Elle giggles and says, "I sorry I'm just really turned on by dark black uncircumcised guys, ever since I lived and studied in Kenya for a year in 1975, you might say I was very much liked by a lot of young black guys, and I couldn't resist their attention, use your imagination".

Susan says, " Maureen is trying to help her sister who has a daughter 15 years old and a son 12 years old, get moved to the U S, so we hope that happens as well".

Sally says, " so Michael will be helping build this new house?". 

Susan replies, " yes, he and many of the trades workers in the group, we have plumbers, electricans, concrete, roofers, carpenters in the group that will work on it".

Sally says, "we could ask Marcus and Louis to design it and get the blue prints in order, they will make a scale model of it as well, I've seen their work as well as Michael it's impressive".

Susan says, "good Idea, see if you's can drive out to the site asp, scope it out, knowing the stable need to be somewhere there, and have them do some sketchs of what the house might look like, a country manor of some sort, maybe Frank Lloyd wright in style, in-door pool, central terrace area are my thoughts on the design, I'm guessing in six hundred thousand dollar range".

Suddenly they hear Teddy barking, then hear a vehicle pulling up outside, Bobby stands and looks out the kitchen window, then says, "it's a big motorhomes".

Sally says, "that's Adele, she said she might drive the motorhome out".

Susan says, "well shall we all go greet them?". 
everybody stands and heads for the backdoor, once outside they watch as 4 young boys step out of then side door, follow by a young girl, then Adele who quickly hurries over to Sally who is walking to her.

Sally says, "Hi Adele, I am Sally"
Adele ways at the others, then says, "oh it's so good to meet you Sally, let me introduce my clan to you's, then you your's ok".

Sally says, "great idea".

Adele says, "Todd and Gina come up here and say hi", Todd and Gina come up and stand beside her and say hi to everybody.
Adele says, "your turn Cooper" Cooper walks up and says hi
Adele says, "Wyatt come on up". Wyatt walks up and says hi
Adele says, "Cole come on up". Cole walks up and says hi

Everybody says Hi to all the boys and Adele, then Susan walks up introduces herself by shaking hands will all of them, everybody followers her in the greeting ceremony.

Adele then says, "this is your home Susan?".
Susan says," yep, and your and your clan's as well now, so make yourself at home, I'll have Bobby and Billy show the boys around the farm, while the rest of us sit inside at the Kitchen table".
Susan says, "Michael and Elle would you show Adele into the kitchen, I'm going have Bobby and Billy take the boys and Teddy for a walk".

Michael takes Adeles hand, and leads her to the back door and in to the kitchen, Elle holds Gina's hand then opens the door and follows with Sally behind her.

They all except Michael get sat down at the kitchen table, Michael then says,"anyone want coffee, ice tea, whiskey, you name it we might have it."
Adele looks at Gina, Gina says, "I good for now, maybe in a bit, but thanks".
Adele says, "I'm fine too, but thank you Michael".

Sally says, "well Adele we've talked, maybe you can tell Michael and Elle what brings you here".

Adele says, "well Greg, who you's know and I have known each other since he was old enough to remember, and has helped me tremedously with Todd and Gina since their mom, my daughter Patsy and dad Charles were killed in a car crash a few years ago, anyway Greg has always known that I'm attracted to post-puberty aged boy, because Greg and I began having sexual relationship when he was 13 years old, and we still are intimate occasionally, now I am sexually intimate with Todd, and have been sexually intimate with the sons of seven couples who wives are intimate with their sons as well, I first started having sex with Ethan, Joseph and Anthony 7 years ago, the three of them are 20 years  old and still having sex with me and all the mothers, including their own, of the seven couples there is a 19 year old, Oliver, two 18 year olds, River and Matthew, a 16 year old, Christian, two 15 year olds, Mitch and Connor, two 14 year olds Vincent and Cole, who is with us today, then the two 13 year olds Wyatt and Cooper who are here today, I thought about bringing them all, but that is to much for you's and me both all at once, anyway all the boys have sex with all of the 7 mothers and myself routinely, the boys are all great, yet know with the 3 twenty year olds, there is a issue with them not wanting to leave the nest kinda a thing going on, I thought maybe we could slowly have them meet some girls more their age here at your group and get them going in the right direction".

Susan sits down after hearing Adele speak and says, "first I must tell you, joining our group is a big step for the boys, Gina here, all the parents and any daughters under 18 years old, because once you join it is pretty much a life time commitment, the group is matriarchy, polyandrous, we promote mother and son incest, most of us have sexual relationships with dogs like Teddy who the boys are taking for walk, the group practices strictly communal mating, so say when Gina is 18 years old or older and she wishes to have a baby she will mate with at least six different males in the group ages from 14 to 24 years old, the true father will never be known, the child is raised by her and the group and takes her last name, so the child will never know who their father is, have you heard enough?"

Adele says, "I love it personally, Gina what do you think?"

Gina giggles a bit then says, "so I might get bred by Teddy someday?"

Susan says, "the girls start being bred by our male dogs when they are 13 years old".

Gina replies, "I think I'd like that, does he penetrate my bottom like Todd, Wyatt, Cole and Cooper do with me, with Christian and Matthew I just started performing fellatio on ?"
Adele says, "Christian is 16, and Matthew is 18"

Susan says, "in the group Matthew wouldn't be able to have her do that, he have to wait until she is 16, but yes, Gina all the females get penetrated anally by the guys until they are really to have a baby, the dogs can penetrate you vaginally or anally"

Gina says, "I like to try vaginally with Teddy, see how that feels, then try having Teddy penetrate me anally, can I perform fellatio on Teddy as well?"

Susan replies, yes, are you currently performing fellatio on Todd, Wyatt, Cole and Cooper and ingesting their semen and Chritian's as well?".

Gina replies, "yes I always do, and I like to and they are good about putting it in my mouth so I can swallow it without gagging".

Susan says, "one reason I ask is because if you suck the dogs penis, they have a lot more semen then a human, so it is good to like swallowing semen, also when we get breed by the dogs, if we want penetrated in our vagina, we put a butt plug in our bottom, revrse is true if you'd like Teddy's penis in your bottom".

Gina says, "would I be able to watch one of you's get bred by Teddy?".

Adele says, "it's fine with me if one of you's want to get bred, I'd like to watch as well"

Susan says, "Teddy does mind a addience, Elle, Sally you want bred now?"

Sally says, "Elle if you have the time, why don't you have Teddy breed you".

Elle looks at the clock, it's 9:30, she then says, "if you can round him up quick, I'd love to have Teddy breed me, maybe I can suck all the boys while I'm locked up with Teddy".

Susan says,"Michael see if you can find them". 
Michael stands and hurries out the backdoor, just as he get out all of them are headed to the house with Teddy leading the way, they get to Michael he opens the door and they all file in and up to the kitchen, Teddy hurries to his water bowl and starts lapping the water up vigorously".
Bobby says, "it's hot already, we need a drink", he heads to the frig takes out a jug of ice tea and starts pouring all the boys a cup.

Susan says, "Elle, lets get you ready in the cafe". Elle and Susan head into the cafe, Susan gets the mat laid on the floor as Elle gets nude".

Elle says, "I'll take Teddy vaginally, can I borrow your plug for my bottom?"
Susan takes her hand and leads Elle to the bathroom, once in the bathroom, Susan says, "lean over the sink, I lube you up and get the plug in your butt", Elle leans over, Susan gets her lubed good, the plug in, and says, "you good for a ride".
Elle says, "I can't wait to get rode, thats fore sure".

Susan says, "you're a true performer, that fore sure ".

Elle giggles and says, "I love being watched, what can I say".

Susan grabs her hand, gets her on her hands and knees on the floor then says, "Elle, sit tight, I get everybody in and sat down then bring Teddy in ok"
Elle replies, "ok, I ready".

Susan goes into the kitchen, then says to all of them, "all of you's follow Michael into the cafe, get seated, the be quiet, all then bring Teddy in, when he is checking  Elle out just be quiet, and be quiet and still through the whole mating, until he pulls his penis out of her, ok"
Everybody whispers "ok", then follow Michael into the cafe, where Elle remains still with her face down.

Susan looks in see they are all seated, then she leads Teddy into the cafe and sits down besides Elle and rubs her bottom, Teddy goes around, licks her cheek, comes around licks her bottom, then hope up on her back, sniffs around between her legs then hops up and starts vigorously humping her, then suddenly Elle lets out a yelp, then starts wimpering, Susan leans over and quietly whispers in Gina's ear, "Teddy has his penis up inside her vagina now", Teddy vigorously humps Elle for about 45 seconds, then goes still on her back, as Elle moans and quivers.
Sally looks around the room, sees Gina has her hand down her shorts and is vigorously rubbing her clit, Todd has his shorts down and is stroking his erect cock, then in 30 seconds all the boys have their pants down and are stroking their erect cocks, then Michael gets on his knees in front of Cooper who is sitting next him and egerly starts sucking Coopers cock, while Bobby drops down in front of Wyatt and starts sucking his cock, Sally slowly stands, goes to Cole and drops to her knees and starts sucking his cock, Adele leans over and starts sucking Todd's cock.

Susan whispers in Gina's ear, "why don't you crawl out to Elle carefully, and have her suck on your clit".
Gina whispers back, "ok, I'd like that".
Gina pulls her shorts and panties off, and crawls out to Elle, gets in front of her and spreads her legs and positions herself so Elle can easily lick and suck her nice bald pussy, Elle moans and murmurs, "oh yeah", then Elle begins gently licking and kissing Gina's pussy"

Gina softly whimpers as Elle whimpers a bit, then gasps, then Elle starts to have orgasm, she begins jerking and shaking, all the while trying to be quiet,so she eagerly licks and sucks Gina, who in no time is moaning and jerking about as she has a orgasm, Elle rubs Gina's legs, holds them, rubs them as Elle herself constantly whimper no stop as Teddy ejaculates inside her, Gina recovers from her orgasm, leans forward and gets her face under Elle's face and rolls onto her back, Elle and Gina then begin passionately kissing.

Susan watches as Cooper ejaculates into Michael's mouth, then Wyatt ejaculates in Bobby's mouth, not long after Todd ejaculates into Adele's mouth and Cole ejaculates into Sally's mouth, then Sally, Michael and Bobby turn on the floor and continue watching Gina, Teddy and Elle out on the mat.

Gina looks up at Elle smiling, and whispers, "I really like you a lot, can I lick you when Teddy pulls his penis out, I'd like to taste his semen".
Elle whispers while smiling big and says, "I like you a lot, I'd like as my girlfriend if you want me, and yes you can lick me and taste Teddy's semen, he should be pulling out of me soon, he has a lot of semen in me now, it's leaking out" 
Gina slides under Elle until Elle's breast are above her mouth, Gina then starts gently sucking Elle's nipple.
Elle whispers, "Gina, Teddy is starting to pull out, go ahead and slide down to my pussy".
Gina gets her mouth direct under Elle's knotted pussy and waits as Elle eagerly licks and sucks Gina's pussy, until Teddy suddenly backs off her, pulling his knot and penis out with loud pop, the tip of his penis falls into Gina's open mouth, she licks it quickly as Teddy backs completely away and his semen begins draining down into Gina's mouth, Elle begins having a orgasm, then Gina starts having a orgasm as she swallows Teddy's semen as eagerly and quickly as she can.
After about 30 seconds, Elle rolls onto her side, turns and starts kissing and licking Gina's lips, then Gina locks her lips on Elle's lips and they passionately kiss as they share Teddy's semen.

Susan starts clapping her hands while saying "beautifully done, thank you".

Everybody else starts clapping, then Sally says, "Michael, take Bobby out on the mat, so we can watch you suck his cock until he cums in your mouth"

Michael smiles, says, "gladly if Bobby wants me to".
Bobby says, "yes, I want you to", Bobby quickly crawls next to Elle and Gina and lays on his back then holds his now erect penis straight up in the air, Gina looks at him as he does, and quickly crawls over and takes Bobby's penis in her mouth, as she holds her butt up in the air wiggling it as she sucks and licks Bobby cock.
Susan says, "Gina, Michael is the only adult male in the group who can penetrate the 13 year old girls, due to the fact he is sterile and he is a submissive femboy, would you like him to penetrate your pussy?"
Gina replies, "yes Michael, I want your penis in my pussy".
Michael gets behind Gina, rubs his now erect penis head around her pussy lips, seeing it is soaking wet, Michael slowly pushes his penis into her as Gina whimpers and wiggles her bottom about, then Gina pushes her bottom back onto his cock,until it's completely up inside herself then begins to yelp and squeal, then she quickly starts rocking back and forth on Michael's penis, as Elle joins her licking and kissing Bobbys huge hard cock".
Gina cries out, "can Bobby fuck me now" 
Susan says, "Bobby, take over for Michael, she needs a studs cock in her thats big, you like big cocks don't you Gina?"

Gina says, "yes, I used to big cocks, I can take them".
Susan says, "I bet you've been getting fucked by the Men in your family".
Gina says, "yeah, but I begged them to, so they did, it's ok, I wanted it"
Susan says, "it's fine, I was getting fucked by men when I was 13 as well, and I liked it a lot to"
Michael pulls out of her, Bobby gets a condom off a box on a cafe table quickly gets it on his penis the slides his penis up inside Gina's wet pussy and slowly starts fucking her, soon Gina is gasping and panting.
Elle gets on her hands and knees, then says, "Michael fuck my pussy hard", Michael does as he is told.
Adele walks over to Susan and whispers, "I'm sorry, I was afraid to tell you that a few of the dads have been fucking her".
Susan says, "it's ok, we will work it out so she can still see adult men, but we just keep to ourselves for now".
Adele replies, " thanks so much ".

Susan says, "Adele how many daughter do the seven couples have?".
Adele reples, "eight, between ages 13 to 19"
Susan says, "are all the daughters having sex with the sons and fathers as well?".
Adele replies, "yes, all of them, everybody in the whole group has sex with each other, including myself, I've been having sex with all the fathers since they were 13 years old".
Susan says, "so that is the connection, were all the sons having sex with you and their now wives when they were younger".

Adele replies, "it kinda complicated, yet here is best way I can explain, the wives now are daugthers of men that I was having sex with when I was 13 to 16 years old, so around 50 years ago, and I continued to have sex with them until a few years ago, the fathers of the daugthers are also the fathers of the sons, yet it isn't brother and sister incest if you get the picture, so the boys here today are all grandsons of those seven orginal fathers, or three generations, the wives knew, because they all were having sex amongest each other, just as the seven mother and father couples are doing now".
Bobby calls out, "Gina, I'm going cum", Gina quickly turns, pulls the condom off Bobby's penis just in time for him to start cumming in her mouth.

Susan and Adele watch, then Adele says, "your getting good at that girl".
Sally and Elle giggle,
Susan says to Adele, "I must say for 13, she is a pro".
Adele replies, "she is a super horny girl, so she gets alot of practice".

Susan says, "I'm curious, was there incest in the orignal group of mothers?"
Adele replies, "yes, all those mothers were having sex with these kid's fathers, fathers were having sex with these kid's mothers, same as the mothers and fathers of these kids are doing now".

Susan says, if you don't break the cycle, you feel all the daughter and sons will repeat this again?"
Adele says, "yes, The mother/fathers of this group very much want to separate themselves from the kids, by having them live with the Jensen group, that way at least they are not having sex with their own children, and then hopefully discourage the kids from having sex with amongest themselves and only have sex with the Jensen males and females no matter what age, in this group, these kids here are even having sex with some of their grandparents, who are older then me, but I could be their grandma as far as that goes".

Susan says, " Elle, Sally, Michael, come and sit in the kitchen with Adele a bit if you will please".

Elle, Sally, Michael follow Adele and Susan into the kitchen and sit down.

Susan says, "Adele just has been trying to explain the story of her dilemma here, I try to explain it to them Adele as I understand it correct me if I am wrong Adele,
             Adele was having sex with the grandparents of these kids we see here starting around 50 years ago, again 7 couples who are father and mothers of the 7 couples of these Kid's mother and father, all 14 couples were both mother and son incestuous, as well as father and daugther incestuous. ok so the father of of Gina for example is having sex with Gina, and all the other daughters, 8 in all, plus is having sex with all the wives, this goes for every father in this 2nd generation, and is the same with all mothers are having sex with all the sons in this 3rd generation, thus it has duplicated it's self in the 2nd generation nearly exactly, Adele's concern, and all these 2nd generation mothers and fathers fear it will duplicate again in the kids we have here today, the 3rd generation, is that pretty much correct Adele ?".

Adele replies, "yes, that explains it better then I did I feel".
Sally replies, "yes, I think it could duplicate again, all these boys marry the girls from this 3rd generation, there is enough for 8 couples anyhow out of this 3rd generation, there are 12 boys from the 2nd generation though is that right?".
Adele says, " yes, three 20 year old and a nineteen year old who we feel will find wives outside this group, or hope".

Elle says, "other than that same pattern, all the boys here seem well socialized and normal".

Adele replies, "yes they are but they all want to only have sex within their current setting, at least we thought, yet Nina showed us otherwise today".

Michael says, "Nina clearly showed she prefers older men, at least that is how I percieved it".

She does prefer adult men, and Bobby having a adult size penis, even above average then most adult men, it clearly satisfied her once he had his penis in her and out of her view".

Elle says, "the 2nd generation parents are clearly crying for help, which means they likely can't deal with situation on will power, thus we must help them, just off the cuff, I'll say my first thought is to get the 3rd generation complete not living with the 2nd generation parents, I'd say have Gina live here with you Susan, with Bobby and Billy, plus see can get to know the Jensen boys who come and see you Susan, the other girlswhich is 7 right?"
Adele says, "yes", maybe have 4 at Michael 3 at Caroline, the 8 boys under 19 get living at the Jensen estate, is that feasible?".
Elle looks at Susan, Sally and Michael.
Susan says, I think we could get the 8 boys in at the Jensen estate ok".
Michael says, "we'll make room for the 7 girls if Caroline can't take any, they can move around between the three places right?".
Elle says, "I think so, the kicker is more complex, these 3rd generation kids will never ever live with their parents again, and these 3rd generation kids become part of the Jensen culture, these 2nd generation parents can never be apart of this group ever".
Susan says, "wow!, but it's going to take drastic measures to break this cycle I think".
Sally says, "I agree, and it's gently changing them, can the 2nd generation parents come see them supervised?"
Elle says, "only supervised, Gina is a powerful force here, the other girls I would imagine are not as intense, would you agree Adele?"
Adele says, "very much so".
Elle says, "Gina and Todd have experienced maybe the most traumatic event a child that age must endure, thus they are going to be much more dependent on stability, and loving and nuturing, my gut feeling is just a stable few sexual partner for both of them, partners that just treat them kindly honestly would be fine, for Gina partners that she can be with along time, that are not going anywhere, she is going crazy for love and affection".

Elle says, "Michael can you drive me over to the house, so I can throw on so clothes and get my car, I better not be late getting to work, I suggest you set down now, maybe call Belle have her come out and met the kids, but start talking to them about moving as we just dicussed, I say this is a urgent thing, I ponder some ideas at work".

Susan says, "Michael take my car, keys are hanging there by the door"
Elle says, "talk you's about 2:30, bye"

Elle walks to the cafe, the kids are hanging out talking, Elle walks up runs her hands through Gina's hair, kisses her cheek and says, "I'll see you in a few hours". Gina stands hugs Elle tightly, kisses her lips and says, "I be waiting for you, bye bye".
Todd says, "can I ride with you Michael".
Michael says, "sure come on".

Michael, Todd and Elle head out the door.

Susan looks at Sally and Adele and says, "is a long island ice tea in order?"
Sally says, "yes and a smoke".
Susan says, "go on out and sit on the front porch and light a smoke, I bring the tea out".
Sally gets up and walks out to porch, sits and lights a smoke, then ponder the dilemma ahead of them, "thinking what if I was Gina".
Susan and Adele soon walks out hands Sally her tea then sits next to her and ponder as second as they both drink.

Sally says, "I think it might be a good thing Gina never had sex with her own father or Todd with his mom, at least I assume they didn't, is that right Adele?".

Adele says, yes, "nore did Todd have sex with his mom, I agree, I think that is a good thing".
Susan says, "Adele when did you start having sex with Todd?'
Adele says, "about 3 weeks ago, the imformation came at me real fast, Todd tod me he'd had sex with all the moms and all the daugthers, I asked about Gina, it was all the dads and all the sons, the good thing is all the dads have had vasectomys, and the sons were all penetrating her anally, I was very upset with all the parents, I'm sure Todd and Gina sense that, I agree it was wrong of me to have sex with Todd".
Susan says, " I don't think you were wrong, or anyone for that matter, what is done is done, I likely would have had sex with Todd especially if he flirted with me, I love 13 year olds, and Todd is a hot 13 year old and I'd love to have sex with him, but I'd ask you first".

Sally says, "I'd say exactly what Susan just said, if they were wrong, it's only that they did ask or let you know first, we all screw up, especially in the heat of the moment".
Adele says, "you're right, I had no more control then they did, I was having sex with Todd and very much loving it".

Susan says, "what do you think about Elle's idea?"

Adele says, "I think it is worth a try, and the parents agreed to go with whatever I decided, so there is no need for their opinion, I still like to get their ok on it though it is a huge life change".

Sally says, "do you think all the parents could go celibate with all the chilren?"
Adele says, "no, it's been going on over 7 years now, I've been having sex with all the sons after they are 13 anyway, I turned a blind eye thinking the father were not having sex with the girls".
Susan says, "though that can't happen in the Jensen group with a 13 year old daughter, a 13 year old son can have sex with any female, that doesn't mean we are doing it right either, no one really knows and each child is different, so all we can do here is try to prevent any of the 3rd generation kids from having sex with any 2nd generation parent, by offering a alternative, the 3rd generation kids will still be having sex often, only with members of this group now, and they always will be, because that is our culture, Todd will be having sex with myself, Sally, Elle any all the other female member, from what I seen Gina is bi-sexual, so she will be having sex with the dogs, all the females and the 13 to 16 year old males until she turns 18 years old, at which time she can have sex with all members".

Sally says, "my thought is, how about I take all the kids down to the lake and take them swimming, while Adele you try calling all the moms the rest of the morning at least and see if they can come out this after noon, we will run our plan past them, the go from there if not, we can shoot for another time and you's can go home until we can, but I think we better get their verbal approval, ok?"
Adele replies, "ok, I'll start calling, lead me to the phone, then I go out and get my address book".
Susan takes her hand and says, "follow me young lady".
Sally follows them then slips into the cafe once they are back by the kitchen, Sally walks in the cafe, and says" can you all swim good?"

They all reply, "yes".
Sally says follow me, we are going swimming in the big beautiful lake we have out back".
They all stand and follow as Bobby and Sally lead the way.
Once they get pass the paddock after petting Potter and Oscar through the fence, Sally says, "Bobby you lead the way, I'm going to walk with Gina awhile".
Bobby says, "everybody follow me, I'm taking you's to the Lost Sea of Wapsi land".
Sally takes Gina's hand and starts walking a distance back with her.
Sally says, "how do you like being out here with us?"
Gina replies, "I like it alot".
Sally says, "did you like seeing Teddy breed Elle?".
Gina replies, "yes, it turned me on seeing her nude, she so pretty and sexy".
Sally replies, "she will like you telling her that, your very pretty and sexy yourself, would you like seeing Teddy breeding me as well, I love when he does?"
Gina says, "yes, I want him to breed me to, if thats ok".
Sally says, "not today, but if you come to live with us he can often".
Gina replies, "can I have sex with Elle and you often as well".

Sally says, "yes, Elle and I are both bi-sexual, so we like girls as much as we like guys, Elle is what we call a bottom or a submissive bi-sexual type".
Gina replies, "I kinda like girls more, and I'm more a dominate type I guess, but I love perform cunninglingus as much as I like recieving it I'd say".
Sally says, "why do you think your dominate?"

Gina replies, "I guess because I'd just tell you or Elle what I want you to do, I liked how you told Michael what to do and seeing him so submissive, I'd like to tell him what to do playfully like that, or tell Bobby to fuck him, then tell all the boys to fuck while I tell Michael or Elle to lick my pussy, I want to tell Elle what to do, I like that so much, all just playfully of coarse".
Sally giggles and says, "I say your a dominate type for sure, we have some ladies in the group who like to be playful like that as well"

Gina says, "I'd like to watch as they play being dominate, maybe they could dominate me and thus teach me better?".
Sally says, "you and I can switch, sometimes you dominate me, sometimes I dominate you".
Gina says, "I'd like that so much". 
Sally says, "what if you moved here and lived with us, and you could never have sex with the other boys and girl's mom and dad or Adele, could you do that you think, I'm just telling you because that is what we are thinking of doing, and we feel it is best for all of you boys and girls, so be honest".
Gina replies, " I think it would be best for Todd and I, the others I just don't know, do you think Todd and I could continue to have sex?".
Sally replies, "would you be willing to try not to have sex with Todd and only have sex with Elle, Michael, myself, Bobby, Billy and few of the other young guy in our group?'.
Gina replies, "I'll try really hard, I'll tell you if I feel I can't, what happens then?"
Sally says, "we will have to shoot him off to the moon", Sally tickles her ribs and giggles and says, "kidding, well we would talk it out and come to a solution, we just have to take baby steps, if we do this, it means new school as well, all new friends, lots of black boys and girls, mothers and brothers and such, but they are wonderful and love you like their own".
Gina replies, "I have black boyfriends and girlfriends, so that is fine, I have never had sex with them, but I would if I could, and I'd like to, I love sex so much".
Sally says, "so do I and that is just who we are, you realize from now on, the sex we have here, we don't talk to it to anyone outside our group, not Adele or the parents of the other boys and girls that you and Adele know, like the boys that came out with you's today".
Gina replies, "I know what you mean, I pretty smart, so is Todd, we know whats going on, we know the consequences of us telling others and that is, we get a lot of people in trouble and Todd and I never want to do that, I promise, I know we need to get on of the way Todd and I have been living, it's been hard on the parents, Adele and us, so I think this is what is best for us, I will be happy living with the Jensen people, as long as you, and Elle help Todd and I adjust".
Sally says, "I'll be here for you for the rest of your life, Todd's life, so will Michael, Elle, everybody you met today, at least as long as we live, I sure hope you two out live me".

Sally then says, "there is the lake".

Gina says, "it is the Lost Sea of Wapsi land".

Sally giggles, "yep, it's our secret too, the water is as clear as glass".

Sally then yells, "nobody goes in until Gina and I get there, so we can strip naked for you's".

Gina says, "they will wait after that comment, I would, I can't wait until I see you naked, and those nice big tits bouncing around while all the boys are fucking you".
Sally says, "oh I want you to watch me doing that so much, I so much want to be your slutty sub, tell me what to do to please you when you want".
Gina says, " I will, every chance I get from now on promise!"
Gina and Sally reach the boys.

Sally says, "if you swim out to the pontoon, I want you to always take a life jacket with you or wear it period, if your ever tired, need help yell, I don't want have to dive down and get you, also there is a phone in the shed, it has a button for the house, Susan's House and Caroline who live on that side of Michael's house, this is Michael lake, so enjoy but no rough play ok". 
They  all say ok,
Sally looks at Gina and says, "lets get naked for them".

Sally and Gina get naked as fast as they can, then dance around holding each,
Gina says, "yeah make those beautiful tits bounce, yeah your so hot".
Sally says, "I'm so glad you like them, I want to please you so badly, my pussy is getting so wet just dreaming of being your new slutty submissive girl"
Gina says, "let me see you rubbing that nice bald pussy of yours"
Sally reaches down between her legs and wildly starts rubbing her clit and moaning"
Gina yells at the boys,"wait a minute, Sally is getting all hot and wet thinking about all of you's fucking her ass"
Gina whispers, "Sally tell the boys how bad you want their cocks in you, tell them to take you in the waist deep water, then you need all of them to take turns sliding their cock up in your ass until you climax, tell them now slut" 
Sally walks and stands in front of the five boys, but her head down as she rubs her clit and rotates her hips, then says softly and meeky, "will you boys please walk me out in the water til my ass is under water, then each of you take turns fucking me until I crying out and cumming , oh please I need your hard cocks in me so bad".

The boys quickly surround her pull her out in the water so her butt is just below the surface, two of the guys holds each of her shoulders as Sally mutters, "oh I need fuck so bad, Bobby rubs her lips with his cock head and says, "lick it slut, I know you want it bad", Cole pushes his cock up her butt with one quick thrust,causing Sally to yelp loudly, Bobby says, "thats what we want to hear, tell Cole to fuck you hard, beg him", Sally whimpers out, "Cole please fuck me hard, I love boy cock like yours so much, I need fucked constantly when I with you guys".
As sally rocks back forth from Cole fucking her, Gina moves Bobby as side and starts stroking his cock as she says,"Sally are you the kinda slut that loves your mouth pissed in?".
Sally whimpers as she replies, "yes piss in my, piss all over me, piss up inside my butt, please, I want to be the best slut I can be for all of you".
Gina says, "open your mouth, now tell me you want to drink and swallow my pee". 
Sally in a meek tone says, "please Gina, please, I need to drink your pee so much fill my mouth full please" Gina lifts her hips up so her pussy lips are against Sally's lower lip then Gina slowly ssteadly starts peeing into Sally's open mouth as she says, "thats a good girl yeah, just swallow it down, you like that don't you?', Sally mumbles yes",  Gina finishes, then says, "if any of you guys need to pee, Sally is real thrist aren't you Sally?', Sally moans and whimpers as she babbles, "yes, please I need all of you to fill my mouth with pee, please don't stop, oh Gina please tell them I love pee so much"
Bobby puts his cock head to her lips and says, "drink then", Sally opens her mouth as Cole come around and Wyatt pushes his cock up inside Sally butt and starts thrusting, Sally yelps, then vigorously licks the pee as Bobby pees into her mouth.
Gina says, "oh Sally you look so good as a slut right now, letting us all pee in your mouth, I'm so glad we know you love pee now, we'll make sure you get plenty"
Bobby finishes,and says, "how did you like my pee Sally?"
Sally starts panting and gasping,saying "I'm cumming, Bobby I love your pee, thank you", then Sallys squirms and bucks her hips as she squeals and franically rubs her own clit, the  starts mumbling "oh my, keep fuck me, I need it so bad, please stick a cock in my mouth, make me suck for you's"
Cooper sticks his cock in Sally's mouth, Sally quickly starts sucking it eagerly.
Gina says, "you feel better now, you look so sexy with a cock in your mouth".

Finally Sally can take no more, she reaches underwater, then quickly drenchs Gina with a big splash of water then runs up out of the water past her, saying,"you's wore this slut out, I got take a break".
Gina giggles and says, "you big sissy, we were just getting started".
Sally says, "call me sissy, I say uncle please let me rest, then fuck me some more, please". 
Gina says, "I suppose, this is our first time, well let it slide, take your break, but only because I'm so nice".
Sally says, "you are nice alright, so nice, I get so wet just looking at you, I do want to be your slut as long as I can please you"
Gina says, "oh your going to please me for along time, til I'm old and gray, all you must do is do as I tell you is all".
Sally says, "it's a deal, so stay with me forever please".
Gina says, "you come down here and give me a real nice kiss, and I will, promise"
Sally starts walking toward Gina, as she does she says, "you promise"
Gina says, "I really, really promise"
Sally hurries to her and hugs her tight then takes Gina's lower lip between her teeth gently holds it then slowly, Sally slides her tongue into Gina's mouth then locks her mouth over Gina's mouth and passionately kisses her with all the intensity she can show her, they franticaly begin rubbing each other's clits, their hips grinding away at each others fingers until Gina gasps, then yelps, then Gina begins squealing non-stop, Sally pulls her lips off Gina's and Sally softly says,"thats a girl, I love seeing cum, yeah I want to make you cum so much, yeah you look so good cumming, my pussy so hot knowing your cumming". Gina falls into Sally's arms, shaking and quivering, mumbling "I want you so bad Sally, I need you so much". 
Sally holds her tightly, whispering, "you got me, I'm your's to keep, promise".
After a good long minute, Gina kisses Sally's neck and shoulders whispering, "I do want you forever, promise"
Sally softly strokes Gina's hair saying "I promise too, I promise too, no need to worry" then Sally giggles, we got that drama done with, now go an swim a bit, I'll watch you, I like watching you".
Gina back out into the water saying, "what if I'm afraid?"
Sally says, "I'll help you not be, now go play with the boys so I can see your titties bounce"
Gina turns and swims toward the pontoon boat, when she is near Bobby guides her to the stern and the steps, Gina steps up out of the water, Bobby offers her his hand, Gina grasps it and steps up on the deck, once up walking around flirting, rubbing all the guys now nice hard erect cocks, Gina says, "Sally wants to see my titties bouncing up and down, what do you think, I was thinking how about one of you's sit in that chair facing Sally, someone lube my butt hole good then I'll bounce on each of you's cocks until you cum in my ass, want to do that for Sally?"
All the guys agree, Gina yells at Sally, "the guys want me to put on a show for you" Gina bends over, and Bobby lubes Gina's butt hole with K-y, Gina says, "Billy let me ride you first please sit in the chair".
Billy sits down in the chair, Gina lower her self down to the tip of Billy's cock, then just drops on it pushing Billy's cock complete up inside her butt, Gina cries out softly, "dam your cock feels so tight in me, you want to squirt all your cum up in my tight hole Billy?", Billy says, "yeah I do" Gina lifts up until the head of Billy's cock almost pops out the drop back on it fast then Gina holds onto the arms of the chair and start riding up and down on Billy cock faster and faster, Gina says, "you cum in my butt anytime you feel like, do my titties look good to all you guys, are bouncing and flopping around good?" 
Wyatt says, "yeah they bouncing real good".
Gina says, "I like you guys seeing me getting fucked, you want me to do this for you every day?", they says, "oh yeah"
Gina says, " you wanta watch me get gang-banged, I want gang-bang so much, everyday, are you guys going help me get gang-banged all the time?", they cheer her on, 
Billy starts moaning and jerking about, Gina says, "squirt all that cum in me Billy, you can fuck me again to when you ready, all of you fuck me as many times as you want, I love being fucked constantly"
Billy moans out,"my cums in you Gina", Gina lifts off him, Billy stands and steps behind the chair, Gina says, "who wants to fuck me now, Cooper sits in the chair, lubes his cock,
Gina says,"you ready Cooper?", he says, "yep" Gina says, "get it poked in that hole", she lowers herself on it until she feel the head pushing into her, Gina then says," is hole still nice and tight for you?", Cooper says, "yeah, really tight", Gina says, "good the just drops complete down it the grinds her hip around and around, Gina says," you like that?", he moans as he says, "yes, so good", Gina says, "do you think I a good fuck Cooper?", he says, "your the fuck a guy could want", Gina starts bounce up and down, riding up and down on his cock shaft fast, her titties bouncing around wildly as Sally watches and rubs her clit.
Cooper grunts and jerks about, "Gina says, yeah squirt all that cum up in me lube me up with cum the the rest of the guys can fuck me as hard as they".
Cooper cries out, "it squirting in you, oh my", Gina slows down until she is just sit on his cock.
Gina says, "thanks so much I know Cole and Bobby can really fuck me hard now with all that cum inside me"..Gina lifts up off him and leans down on her hands and knees on the deck of the pontoon, and wiggles her ass she says, "I'm waiting for a cock to get ram up my butt, and if anyone wants to pee in my mouth, I love drinking pee".
Bobby gets behind her then down on his knees, he lubes his cock with k-y, then starts the head of his big thick cock in her butt, once it pops in her he quickly pushes all 8 inches completely up in her, Gina gasps loudly the begins squealing as Bobby quickly pulls it nearly all the way out then slams it hard back into her.
Gina cries out, "oh please, fuck me hard, don't stop Bobby, I need  it bad fuck me good", Bobby starts slamming his cock in her as hard as he can his hips slapping loud against butt, Gina just squeals non-stop as Bobby thrusts non-stop, Bobby finally starts gasping and grunting, then babbling, "yeah I got a good big load in this tight ass"
Gina falls forward squealing frantically, jerking her hips wildly about as Bobby holds his cock deep up in her and the cum squirt out of it, Bobby slowly pulls his cock out of as he says, "yeah girl you sure are a nice bitch to fuck, I'll be fucking the shit out you every chance I get".
Cole get in behind Gina ass and pushes his entire cock up inside Gina butt, Gina gasps, then begins to squeal non-stop as Cole rapidly thrust in and out of her, 
Cooper says," yeah fuck that slut hard, it's what she wants, Bobby washes his cock, then sit on the deck in front of Gina then slides his himself to with his legs spread and his cock in front of her face.
Bobby says, "lick my balls for awhile while your butt gets fucked some", Gina whimpers as she slowly licks Bobby's big balls, Bobby says," tell me you want me to piss in you mouth".
Gina meekly says,"Bobby please piss in my mouth" Bobby says,"get your lips wrapped around the head of it, I piss slow so you don't choke". Gina gets her lips around the fat mushroom head, then Bobby very slowly starts draining his pee into her mouth so she can easily suckle it and swallow it down. Bobby says, "that's a girl just drink it all down". 
Gina finishes swallowing all Bobby's pee down, then looks up him with big grin and says, "you guys fucked me really, really good, thank you". then Gina pulls herself up dances around the says, "my butt is aching really good, I wish you's could keep fucking me but I need a breather, thanks so much", then Gina dive off the side of the pontoon and swims toward the beach and Sally.
Sally grabs a towel, walk to the edge of the water and waits for Gina, once Gina get to Sally, Sally wraps the towel around her, put her arm around her and walks her up to the shed, then get her sat down in a lawn chair then says, "seems you wore yourself out good on that performance".
Gina softly replies, "I think your right, they gave to me good, thats fore sure, I feel great, I love getting fucked like that, just takes a bit to recover, I had enough orgasms for a week it seems"
Sally says, "orgasms are great, but they can drain us"
Gina giggles, "I got drained alright"

Sally says, "Gina, I'd really like you to train you for about a month to be a exclusively a zoosexual, by breeding mate for all the hounds, so you'd start in the morning get bred by a dog about every hour or be able to get breed by 6-8 dogs a day, get you experience sucking dog cock, sucking stallion cocks daily, we soon will have nearly 20 stallions who need their cocks sucked and milked of semen about every other day, so that is about 10 stallions a day, we've got over 100 hounds like Teddy that need to be milked of semen and that need to be trained to be champion stud breeder, so they need a practice bitch that they are very familar with, so you can greet them each time you see them, because they know the instant they see you, it time for a breeding all you have to do is get down in the doggie position, they know duty is to breed you as their bitch in heat, would you like that?".

Gina replies, "I want to please you so much Sally, if you think that is best for me, then I be the best breeding bitch for the dogs as I can be, I crave cock constantly, so that would be best for me, and would keep me settled down, everybody here is going teach me the schooling I need right?'

Sally says, yep we have very good teachers here, you'll be meeting them soon, plus all the 13 year old girls in the group start to be trained how to be breed by Irish wolfhounds like Teddy, since you'd be a full time practice in-heat breeding bitch for all the dogs you be the best girl to train the new girl and women how to be receptive bitchs for the dogs.

Sally says, "do you know what communal breeding is Gina?"

Gina replies, "no sorry".

Sally says, "no need to be sorry, most people don't, and this group has a unique way in which you will get pregnate if you choose to have a baby some day, how it works is, when you are ready to get pregnate, you select all the guys that you would like to be your babies father, at least six guys ages 14 through 24 years old, then you start letting all of them fuck you in your pussy, then ejaculate up inside your pussy as often as you can get all of them to fuck you for a month, hopefully you'll be pregnate that first month, you then will mainly perform fellatio on the stallions and the dogs and perform cunninglingus on all the females 13 years and older, you love pussy so that will be good for you right?'.

Gina replies, "yes, I loving sucking cock and pussy both"

Sally says, "once you have the baby, the baby takes your last name, the father is unknown to anyone, the baby is reared communally by you and members of the group, so the whole group is yours and your babies family, whether you have a boy or a girl, the group promotes mother/son and mother/daughter incest, so when you're son or daughter is 13 years old you can become sexually intimate with them, what do you think about that?"

Gina replies, " I think I'd like that, but if I belong to this group, I want to do what is expected of me, I would have loved to have sexually pleasured my mom, I know that, I think I'd of liked it if my dad at least had me perform fellatio on him, I do like it when the 7 dads of the boys have me suck their cocks then cum in my mouth".

Sally says, "how often were the dads having you do that Gina?".

Gina replies, "I'd say last month I sucked each of them at least once every week".
Sally says, "were you performing cunninglingus on all 7 of the moms as well?".

Gina replies, "yes, maybe each of them twice a week, they'd perform cunninglingus on me to, the boys and dads would often fuck me while I performed cunninglingus on the moms and daughters".

Sally says, "do like taking cock in your butt ok?".

Gina replies, "yes, I like it a lot, just don't like the needing to douche my bottom all the time is all, but I can't get pregnate until I'm 18 so that's how it goes, I need to get fucked, I do know that, I'd go crazy if I couldn't"

Sally giggles and says, " I hear ya, I need fucked a lot to, I love sucking sexy girl's pussys like your's all the time to".

Gina smiles big and says, "well we are a good match, you can suck my pussy all you want".

Sally says, "can I do that now?".

Gina replies, "yes, please do that".

Sally stands up, gets in front of Gina then kneels down on her knees and begins kissing Gina's swollen pussy lips, then licks and sucks on her clit as Gina run her hands through Sally hair, Gina softly telling Sally how good it feels.

Bobby sits on the pontoon watching as Sally performs cunninglingus on Gina, he begins stroking his cock and is soon big and thick and hard again, then he says, "hey guys check out that ass wiggling around and inviting us, I think it's Sally's turn for a good hard butt fucking, let go".

They all jump off the pontoon and start swimming to the beach, Gina says, "I think your in for some attention, I think that beautiful ass of your as got all the guys hot and needing to fuck".

Sally says, "good, I need another good hard fucking, you grab a towel and your lawn chair, you can sit it in the water just so the seat of it is above water, that way I can suck you while they all fuck me in my pussy and impregnate me with their cum, I'm ready to have a baby now, I know that I want you there to help me care for him or her when they are born".
Bobby gets there first and says, as he rubs her butt"sorry Sally to interupt, but that ass of yours is so hot it's hard not to fuck it"
Sally says, "I'm glad you all want it, I here for you's to fuck anytime you want, would you help Gina move up into shallower water though, I want you to fuck my pussy and cum it this time please".
Bobby has Gina stand then he sits the chair back in shalllower water, has Gina sit back down, then Bobby says, "start sucking her again", as he steps behind Sally to look to see if her pussy is out of the water , "he says then, "looks good, your pussy is just above the water".

Sally says, "get the k-y off the table in the shed and let Gina hold it, I want a good hard fucking like all you's gave Nina on the pontoon please".

Bobby says, "thats what we are here for", then hurries up to the shed as the other guys rub her back, her tittes, her entire body.

Bobby returns with the k-y , Sally is already pre-occupied sucking Gina's pussy again and says, "Sally wants us to fuck her pussy this time and ejaculate up in it, who wants to go first?'.
Wyatt says, "I want to". Bobby squezzes some k-y on Wyatt's fingers, Wyatt lubes his stiff cock with it, then kneels down behind, guides his cock up inside her pussy with one hand and holds her hip with the other, once his cock is completely in her he says, "Sally your nice and hot around my cock, dam you feel good".
Sally moans and whimpers, as she vigorously licks Gina's pussy lips.

Wyatt starts thrusting in and out of her, Cole says, "look at thus fat tittes of hers flapping all over, dam what a hot bitch"
Cole aims his cock at her back and starts peeing all over it, as he says, "Sally you and Gina make a great team, you's are the best fucking girls I've ever been with".

Gina says, "thanks Cole, we want you so much, so we are trying to keep you's happy, if anyone needs to pee, I'm ready to drink it".

Bobby walks over to Gina and offer her his cock head, Gina holds the shaft, opens her mouth and Bobby starts peeing in her mouth, Gina swallows it as fast as it flows into her mouth, Bobby finishes and steps as, Cole steps holds his cock head in front of her mouth and pees until he is done, all the guys pee in her mouth as Sally licks and suck her pussy as Wyatt rocks her back and forth fucking her Bily slide under Sallys chest and let her flapping tits slap his face as he rubs her clit.

Sally just moans and whimpers as she squirms about.

Bobby goes in the shed and comes walking out with a thick 10 inch long black dildo, says, "looks like our girls here are training for their new black studs".
Bobby lubes the dildo good with k-y then walks to her hip the slowly slides the dildo completing in her ass.
Sally yelps, and franically squirms about, throws her head back and starts to climax, squealing loudly as Bobby holds the big dildo complete inside her butt.

Wyatt starts, grunting and jerking about, then calls out, "oh yea, I'm pumping sperm in her now, yeah, yeah"
After about a half the rest of the boys finish fucking Sally and ejaculating in her pussy, Sally plugs her pussy with a plug in the shed, then they all sit in the shade under the long porch roof of the shed then sit and chat by then its about 11:30.

Sally says, " I want you guys to go back over to Susan's, I think Gina and I are going go up to the house and shower, clean our bottoms, shave our pussys, all that girl stuff, then take a nap, you's might want to take a nap too, it might be a long day, and we want you's to fuck us as many more times as you can". 

The boys all head up the path towards Susan's, Gina and Sally start walking up the path toward Michael's house.

As they walk, Sally says, "I know need something to eat, especially when we drink pee, we need to eat, I try to always remember to not have a empty stomach when seeing guys, because I try to get them to pee in my mouth always, I love drinking pee".

Gina replies, "yeah I do to, helps me feel like a slut to".

Sally says,"just remeber we are good sluts though, our job is to sexually pleasure others and we do it good, I see we are lucky, how many ladies get fucked by five sexy guys by noon in a day?"

Gina giggles and says, "you sold me, we may even get fucked again 5 times".
Sally says. "most likely more then that, plus Cunnington is going breed you after we take a nap".
Gina hugs her and says, "oh I want him to so much to do that to me, is he as big as Teddy?"
Sally says, "if you mean cock size, Teddy is a bit smaller, body size, they are close to the same.

Gina says are there other breed types of dogs that will fucking me from the group?

Sally says, "in my group, yes, we have a lot of great danes, a few St bernards, a bloodhoud, a few bullmastiffs, a Akita, a boerboel, a anatolian shepard, then of course quite few Irish wolf hounds like Cunnington and Teddy".

Kathy who is my sub girl who sleeps with me it seeing the dogs today, I want you as my sub girl to sleep with Kathy and I if you would like to, when school starts, I'll drive you to school and pick you up each day".

Gina says, "yeah that's what I want to do, so I will tell Adele that".
Sally says, "tell Adele she can come see you and Todd everyday if she wants to".
Gina says, "what you think about Todd living here with us, I know it is going to be like Michael, he'd been fighting it but since he started sucking cock that is all he truly wants."
Sally says, "how long have you known that he has been sucking cock?"

Gina replies, " he has just started doing it in front of me, thats only because I walk in on him and one of the dads accidentally while he was sucking Cody, Cooper's dad, turns out Cody sucks all the other dad and all the boy's cocks to. Todd will not even let me suck his cock and never has, then the other day he told me has been sucking all the boys for a few years now, I haven't pressed him on the specifics, but he is acting a lot like Michael does and he has always been feminine".

Sally says, "I think the world needs more femboy guys like Michael, and if Todd is that way he is very much welcome, and yeah if you move and join the group, Todd with be living uder the same roof as you".

Gina says, I was surprised when I seen Todd letting Bobby suck his cock while we watched Elle getting bred by Teddy, I'm thinking that he was to afraid to say no to him, so just let him go ahead and suck him, yet he took off with Michael and Elle so fast I haven't had a chance to talk to him".

Sally says, "now that you mention it, it is odd that Todd suddenly asked to ride with Michael to take Elle back to get her car, who knows Todd might be up here at the house".

Gina says, "I know he is ready to start getting fucked by guys, he told me that the other day".

Sally says, "yep, once that occurs, it like getting bred by the dogs, once you get bred by the dogs, it is your sexual orientation for life if you liked it, at least that is the case in the Jensen group and my group, thats why we all have big male dogs".

Gina says, "I like what Elle does so much I think because it's like she is a detective, there is so much to uncover, so many hidden clues, interrelated schemes going on in the everyday lives of human beings and we all are uniquely different".

Sally opens the gate into the paddock as she does says, "no Cunnington or Edward", Gina walks through Sally closes it and latches it, then they walk toward the stables, once at the butler door into the stables, they walk through Sally leading, saying,"Edward you her", no Edward, they push through the butler door into the washroom, Sally says, "anyone home", they push through the butler door into the woodshop, there is Michael and Todd working on something on the big shop table, and Edward and Cunnington on their leads, Sally says "hi guys" as she goes to Cunnington and un hooks him from the lead then introduces him to Gina.
Michael says, "what you's up to?". 
Gina and I were just swimming with the boys down at the lake, they went back to Susan's I wanted Gina to meet Cunnington, we need to eat and take a nap".
Michael says, "two of the young Jensen guys, Stan and Markus both will be here any minute, they'd be great partners for you two so maybe hang out a minute with them, cause they are going be working awhile here building the new beach house, at least helping build it".
Sally says, "cool, I'm going take Cunnington in with us, have you eaten?".
Michael says, "we just finished".
Gina is standing next to Todd looking at what they are working on, she kisses him on the cheek then goes with Sally and Cunnington into the house.

As they walk into the washroom Sally says, "this our washroom, washer, dryer, small people shower, big dog and donkey shower", we have the ramp here, because Edward is potty trained and sleeps on the floor by Michael at night, or just stands or walks around the house".

Gina says, "dam, that is a first for me, I never heard of anyone who sleeps next to the donkey at night, or a donkey walking around in their house, dam".

Sally says giggling, "yes a first for me, but Edward is Michael's husband you might say, they've been lover since Michael was 10 years old, or Michael was performing fellatio on Edward then, and started being bred by Edward when he was 12 years old".

Gina says, "dam again, I can't say I ever had a friend before that gets fucked by a man donkey, isn't Edward's cock huge?"

Sally giggles and says, "yeah but Michael takes all 18 inches up inside himself".

Gina replies, "I gotta see that for sure".

Sally replies, "you will if you live here, yeah Michael is zoosexual through and through".

Sally opens the frig. then says, "what sounds good to eat?'

Gina replies. "something high fiber, all the butt fucking I am getting I gotta keep myself clean".

Sally says, "we eat a lot of special K ceral, summer sauge, carrots".

Gina says, "thats fine with me, I have to stick to pretty much the same diet, no mexican food, no onions, I'm still experimenting as to what the best diet for me since I started getting butt fucked".

Sally says, I'm the same way, I try to stick to the same diet for awhile anyway, see how it effects my poopy, anything to help make it easier and quicker to get our bottoms clean".
Gina says, "that will be one nice thing about trying to get pregnate, you can take all the guys vaginally now".

Sally smiles big, and replies, "oh how I loved the boys cumming in my pussy earlier, it is so wonderful just knowing their living sperm is in me right now swimming around, it at moments also makes me have a orgasm thinking about it".
Gina hugs her, says, "I'm so excited being with you, sharing this with you as you are getting breed by the guys, hopefully we can get Markus and Stan to breed you this afternoon".
Sally says, "I really hope they can, matter a fact I'm going to call Caroline and talk to her about the getting pregnate in the group issue".

Sally then says, "Lets run back out and see if Michael as any dildos and plugs for you, come on", Sally grabs Gina's hand and leads her back out to the shop.

Once they are in the shop, Sally says, "Michael you wouldn't happen to have any dildos or plugs for Gina would you?"

Michael replies, "yeah follow me, matter of fact, Todd and I just finished pouring up some new ones before you's showed up", Michael leads them back to the room behind the woodworking area, opens the door then leads them into a big room with a big counter top along one wall with a few wash tub sinks in it and assorted benches and shelf with boxes on them, as Sally, Todd and Gina walk in Michael says, "this is where we make all the dildos and plugs for our group members, Michael then starts opening a few boxes, taking out different sizes of dildos and laying them on a table, as he does he says, "take all of these, let me find a small box for you". he goes to a shelf and finds a box that a pair of boot came in and sets it on the table, then resumes getting some different dildos and plugs, he walks back with two double-ended dildos and sets them in the box then all ten of the other dildos and plugs, and says, "if you need any more, or you want a custom one made, just tell me".
Gina says, " wow, thanks Michael, this great", Gina quickly huges him and kisses his cheek.
Michael replies, "your very welcome, and just wash them with dish soap, we usually use Dawn dish soap, they last along time, they are 100% platium silicone so you can wear a plug for the good part of a day for example if you wish".

Gina says, "I don't need to worry about buying a dildo or plug for awhile I'd say, thank you so much"
Michael says, "I hope you come to live with us as well, I'd like Todd to help me build armoires for both of you's."
Gina says, " my wish is to live here the rest of my life here with you's".
Todd says, " that is my wish to, I don't want to ever leave here, no way".

Sally says, "girl grab your dildos and plugs and let's go eat", Gina grabs the box and they head back to the kitchen.
Sally stop at the door to the dildo room, turns and says, "How old are Markus and Stan?".
Michael replies, "they are both 16 years old".
Sally says, "Gina and I'd like to serve them both this afternoon if you'd tell them for us please".

Sally then grins at Gina, then they continue to the kitchen.

End of Elle 4

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