-The Importance of Wearing the "Cage"-

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Wearing the cage is very symbolic, in that I feel completely psychologically feminized and emasculated and by wearing the cage I can express publicly that I have no desire to perform like a real man sexually.

                       " I am non-functioning as a real man sexually "

Because I am so deeply psychologically femininized and emasculated 

I had already been performing fellatio on a older neighborhood friend who was 14 years old since age 7, why I have always wanted to perform fellatio on male's is a mystery for the most part, yet he allowed me to suck his penis ingest his semen when I asked him if I could, and I continued to until he was 19 and I was 12.

     I've been a female-roled/receptive zoosexual since age 10

I started masturbating/performing fellatio on my uncle's four coonhounds at age 10 so I could ingest their semen.

I started performing fellatio on my jack donkey Edward at age 12 and ingesting his semen.

I was performing fellatio on a classmate at age 13, followed by him introducing me to a 17 year old friend of his who I started performing fellatio on, then educated me on how to clean and prepare my bottom so he could start penetrating me anally.

By the fall of 1975, my two boyfriends were using my bottom and ejaculating in my bottom.

I soon was having my uncles four coonhounds mount me, get knotted and breed me, followed by having Edward breeding me.

I stopped having sex with my boyfriends and started having sex with Edward and the coonhounds only.

I have always preferred to only to be a female receptive zoosexual, and was only 

Yet because my jack donkey lover/companion Edward passed away in 1996, I became a submissive female-receptive "slut" for many men. (at that time I started wearing a "cage")

I have only been able to perform for Men as a very submissive female-receptive "slut", and in that role, it soon evolved to my needing to conceal my penis from the men I was

performing sexually for at that time.

I wanted to express to the men that I was submissive, 100% female-receptive only that I wanted "Used" as often as possible for sex.

 " I never wanted a Man to ever see my penis when I was performing sexually for him "

The Need to wear a cage has evolved to; "even when doing my pose videos, I can only pose now if wearing a  cage "