-The Importance of Wearing the "Cage"-

zoo tattoo58.jpg

Because I am so deeply psychologically femininized and emasculated and since age 13,

I have always preferred to only to be a female receptive zoosexual, and was only 

Yet because my jack donkey lover/companion Edward passed away in 1996, I became a submissive female-receptive "slut" for many men.

I have only been able to perform for Men as a very submissive female-receptive "slut", and in that role, it soon evolved to my needing to conceal my penis from the men I was

performing sexually for at that time.

I wanted to express to the men that I was submissive, 100% female-receptive only that I wanted "Used" as often as possible for sex.

 " I never wanted a Man to ever see my penis when I was performing sexually for him "

The Need to wear a cage has evolved to; "even when doing my pose videos, I can only pose now if wearing a  cage "