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Third-gender identity

female-roled zoosexual identity


    100% sexually female-roled

I was a female-roled receptive partner for my jack donkey Edward, my stallion pony Timbo and my Large breed intact male dogs from 1975 to 2000.

I was a female-roled receptive partner for my canine, equine and human males from 1975 to 1978, in 1978 I became exclusively a female-roled receptive zoosexual.

After 2000 I was only performing sexually as a passive/submissive bottom femboy slut for straight men and/or Top gay men. (my men called me their "femboy slut" at my request)


Though I have not had a male dog or equine as my male sexual partner since 2000, it is due to the fact that it became a criminal offense in 2001 for a male dog or equine to breed me in the state which I live.

I very much prefer and I'm primarily attracted to large breed intact male dogs and intact male equines for my male sexual partner.

If there was no law forbidding me from having male canine and equine sexual partners, I would still be exclusively a female-roled receptive zoosexual I am fairly certain.

 Third gender

Third gender is a concept in which individuals are categorized, either by themselves or by society, as neither man nor woman. It is also a social category present in societies that recognize three or more genders. The term third is usually understood to mean "other", though some anthropologists and sociologists have described fourth[1] and fifth[2] genders.

Third gender and sexual orientation


Cover of Artemis Smith's 1959 lesbian pulp fiction novel The Third Sex

Before the sexual revolution of the 1960s, there was no common non-derogatory vocabulary for non-heterosexuality; terms such as "third gender" trace back to the 1860s.[29][30][31][32][33][34][page needed]

One such term, Uranian, was used in the 19th century for a person of a third sex—originally, someone with "a female psyche in a male body" who is sexually attracted to men. Its definition was later extended to cover homosexual gender variant females and a number of other sexual types. It is believed to be an English adaptation of the German word Urning, which was first published by activist Karl Heinrich Ulrichs (1825–95) in a series of five booklets (1864–65) that were collected under the title Forschungen über das Räthsel der mannmännlichen Liebe ("Research into the Riddle of Man-Male Love"). Ulrich developed his terminology before the first public use of the term "homosexual", which appeared in 1869 in a pamphlet published anonymously by Karl-Maria Kertbeny (1824–82). The word Uranian (Urning) was derived by Ulrichs from the Greek goddess Aphrodite Urania, who was created out of the god Uranus' testicles; it stood for homosexuality, while Aphrodite Dionea (Dioning) represented heterosexuality.[35][unreliable source?] German lesbian activist Anna Rüling used the term in a 1904 speech, "What Interest Does the Women's Movement Have in Solving the Homosexual Problem?"[36][pages needed]

According to some scholars, the West is trying to reinterpret and redefine ancient third-gender identities to fit the Western concept of sexual orientation. In Redefining Fa'afafine: Western Discourses and the Construction of Transgenderism in Samoa, Johanna Schmidt argues that the Western attempts to reinterpret fa'afafine, the third gender in Samoan culture, make it have more to do with sexual orientation than gender. She also argues that this is actually changing the nature of fa'afafine itself, and making it more "homosexual".[37][unreliable source?]

A Samoan fa'afafine said, "But I would like to pursue a master's degree with a paper on homosexuality from a Samoan perspective that would be written for educational purposes because I believe some of the stuff that has been written about us is quite wrong."[38][unreliable source?]

In How to become a Berdache: Toward a unified analysis of gender diversity, Will Roscoe, using an anthropological term Indigenous people have always found offensive,[15][39] writes that "this pattern can be traced from the earliest accounts of the Spaniards to present-day ethnographies. What has been written about berdaches reflects more the influence of existing Western discourses on gender, sexuality and the Other than what observers actually witnessed."[40] - Wikipedia


"To be as a woman" is how I feel


I very much can relate to the idea above: "the male gender identity requires a male child's separation from his mother" , I didn't thus I've always wanted to be female, have sex like I was female, thus I've always had to perform sexual for males, be penetrated by them so it would affirm my sexual role as "female like".

In 1975, at age 13 I started getting started getting bred my intact male great dane Cosso, he would get me in a copulatory-tie and impregnate me with his semen just as though I was a female dog.

Cosso routinely bred me 2 or 3 times a week once he started breeding me.

to be continued....

Not long after Cosso had been breeding me, my jack donkey Edward started breeding me as well. Once I was taking Edward and Cosso's semen up inside me, I was completely psychologically emasculated, and I knew the only sexual role I could ever be in was the female-receptive role.

I was Edward's female partner to breed from 1975 until 2000

Becoming a female-roled/receptive zoosexual

Though it is maybe strange etc., yet for myself, once Cosso and Edward had successfully bred me, I very much only wanted large breed intact male dogs and intact male equines as my male partners.

Large intact male dog pulling out penis after being locked up in a copulatory tie for about 10 minutes.

I would often catch Edward sucking his own penis, finally when I was about 11 years old, as I watched him, I couldn't resist, I got down on my knees next to him, he allowed me to take his penis in my mouth and suck it until he ejaculated in my mouth.

After that I would perform fellatio on him and ingest his semen everyday if he was in the mood.

After being a female-roled/receptive partner for large breed intact male dogs and stallion equines for most of my life. Then not having a male dog or equine as my partner after 2000 and trying only to have human men as my male partner from 1998 to 2005, I simply realized the only partners that are truly right for me are large breed intact male dogs and stallion equines, thus in 2005 I became 100% celibate.

Thus, even though I haven't had sex with a canine or equine partner since 2000, I still consider myself 100% exclusively a female-roled/receptive partner for large breed intact male dogs and stallion equines. They simply are the only type partner I desire.


Above video is me with Oscar my stallion

This video portrays how I would masturbate Oscar, yet instead of placing a plastic bag around his penis tip, when he was close to ejaculating I would take his penis in my mouth so that he could ejaculate directly into my mouth, thus I could ingest his semen.

Oscar's penis was much to large for me to get bred by him, thus I could only masturbate him and ingest his semen.

 Keeping my bottom clean and ready was one of my most important duties


Because my "role identity" at least from 1975 until 2000 was first and foremost to be the best female-receptive partner I could possible be for all of my dogs, Edward, Timbo and Oscar, thus for all of them with the exception of Oscar, because he didn't breed me.

The dildo I using above is 22 inches long

Web capture_29-7-2023_71713_editor.wix-1

I much understand society has chosen to make me having a male dog or male equine sexual partner for me a crime, and many seem to think it is abuse for me to allow them to penetrate me anally and breed me or for me to perform fellatio on them.

And I have obeyed the law. 

However I know that I was a good loving partner for all of them, cared for them in the very best possible way in regard to their well-being, living conditions.

So when I hear people writing about it as abuse it angers me because, it simply isn't true, all my canine and equine partners were always eager to have me masturbate them, perform fellatio on them or mount and breed me.

If this wasn't the case, they wouldn't have continued to engage in sex with me day after day, year after year for their entire lives.

And I am proud to be a Third-gender type (female-roled male), I and proud that I was a female-roled/receptive partner for my male canine and equine partners.

  Why I feel large male dogs and small equines

                                  are my most ideal sex partners

First off, I'd say because I need dependable partners to treat me like a female sexually, put me in my place as a passive/receptive sexual partner, make me feel wanted, valued as their permanent/life-long sexual receptive partner.


I learned early on whether it was one of my male dogs or Edward or Timbo once they decided to mount and breed me, they were going to copulate with me with the same determination and eagerness as they would with their own kind.

Cosso my great dane was breeding me with gusto or eagerness and vigorous like in the video above, in the 25 years I was a female-receptive partner for my intact male dogs, I had 4 different great danes, 3 Irish wolfhounds and 3 St. bernards between 1975 to 2000 all of them bred me with gusto, unhindered by the preconceptions of society concerning sexuality.

They didn't care that society condemned homosexual, I was having sex with human males for a short while in 1975 (guys were penetrating me anally) so I clearly could see the contrast of being bred by a male dog verse a male human, and all I can say is being bred by a male dog was far superior, and really only because society's belief that homosexuality was terrible!

Like in the above video, as my dogs bred me, it was truly a great event, and I truly believe they enjoyed it as much as I was, the intense intimacy/bond we shared especially while being locked together in a copulatory-tie is hard to describe.

All I know is, after they bred me it always seemed as though it was the purest form of sex possible for me, not only did I feel extremely psychologically emasculated, I felt so complete, so wanted and valued.

Humans, canines and equines are all very social animals, and need to belong with someone, be important to them and for them, so socially and could belong to and for my canine and equine partners, "take care of them", in turn they took care of me.

  I stopped having sex with canines and equines in December of 2000

When I did start having sex with men in 1998, it was soon quite clear that my role for men was always going to a Prostitutional type role, I was their "on call femboy slut" basically.

Because I'd got in with a group of young black men, the majority of the guys I was serving were 18-30 year old straight black guys who wanted me to give them blow-jobs routinely.

I would ask the guys who I was routinely serving, the guys who had at least committed to taking me as their "one and only femboy slut", I would tell them that they could tell any friends they had about me, thus by word of mouth I was meeting many different young men who enjoy me to give them a blow-job whenever they were in the mood.

It's hard to come up with a exact number of guys that I was seeing at any given date and time because I'm meet a new guy, I might give him a few blow-jobs one week and not talk to him again ever, or he might call me wanting a blow-job a month later, then I might give him a blow-job nearly every day for a week.

By 2000 I was getting what we all called "party fucked", which was usually on a Friday or Saturday evening, one of the guys would hold a party at his house, I be there for all of the guys who want to use me through out the night for sex, they'd simply take me to room where they could fuck me, give them a blow-job, if 2 or more guys wanted to take me to the room they might gang-bang me.

Usually once the party got under way, I simply stayed in the room as the guys came in, usually by the end of night all they guys at the party had ejaculated in my mouth, often it might be 15-20 guys.

I met a lot of new guys in the fashion, who then take me as his "femboy slut" and start coming to my house, have me come to his house, have me suck his cock in his car at lunch etc.

I almost always gave one of my guys a blow-job in his car every day or evening, I might give as many as 4-5 different guys a blow-job in their car in one evening, it was very common through out the course of a week I'd performed fellatio in cars 20 times that particular week, often the guys might bend me over the fender/hood/trunk of the car a fuck me.

There was one of my guys who would pick me up on a Wenesday evening, he take me to this night club in his box van, I stayed in the van, he would go inside after a short while a guy would climb in the van with me then tell me to suck his cock, or tell me to get on my knees, he wanted to fuck me.

Soon the guys that came out to the van, were the same guys week after week, and most took me as their " femboy slut" and would start calling me for routine blow-jobs, hand-jobs or they'd fuck me, as well as introduce me to a friend, a brother or another relative.

Often it was a young guy, as long as he could prove with a drivers license that he was 18 years old he could take me as his "femboy slut" and use me for sex as often as he wished.

I very much have a weakness for young guys, especially black guys and all the cum they can squirt.


By 2002, I'd had sex with well over a hundred guys, and about 80 of them were routinely using me for blow-jobs, hand-jobs or fucking me at least once weekly.

I wasn't working at my regular job much (I was a free-lance carpenter at the time).

So, I sleep late, and start serving my guys about 6pm and see guys to midnight every night often getting double teamed several times each night,








then on weekends see guys all day Saturday and Sunday, thus I could have sex with most if not all 80 or so of my regular guys at least once a week.

I was getting party fucked every Friday and Saturday night, and often during the day on Friday and Saturday I have a bunch of guys come to my house or a friends and I get party fucked.

                          The following comic represents me well

                                      from the time period of 2000 to present


misadventures of billy the femboy finish.jpg
misadventures of billy the femboy1.jpg

Down-low (sexual slang) -Wikipedia

Down-low is an African-American slang term[1] specifically used within the African-American community that typically refers to a sexual subculture of Black men who usually identify as heterosexual but actively seek sexual encounters and relations with other men, practice gay cruising, and frequently adopt a specific hip-hop attire during these activities.[2][3] They generally avoid disclosing their same-sex sexual activities, even if they have female sexual partner(s), they are married to a woman, or they are single.

10 Things You Should Know About the

Almost everything we've been told about the down low in recent years is wrong. That's why I've put together a quick list of ten things everyone should know about the down low.

1. The down low is just a black version of "the closet."
The down low is popularly used to refer to men who have sex with men but do not identify as gay or homosexual. Maybe you've heard that concept before. Long ago, we called it "the closet." The term "down low" is just a new way of describing a very old thing, but it's the hot new buzz word of the moment.

2. The down low is not new.
The phrase itself may be new, but the practice is as old as history. Men have been secretly sleeping with men since the beginning of time. And married men have been doing the same thing. The only thing new is what we call it.

3. The down low is not just a black thing.
When Jim McGreevey, the governor of New Jersey, announced last year that he had cheated on his wife with another man, no one bothered to make the obvious point -- Governor McGreevey had been on the down low. When white men do it, we call it what it is and move on. When black men do the same thing, we want to pathologize it. Therein lies a double standard.

4. The down low is not simply a gay thing.

The term "down low" entered the mainstream of black popular culture in the early 1990s. In 1993, Salt-n-Pepa recorded a song called "Whatta Man" that mentioned the down low. In 1994, TLC recorded a song called "Creep" about a woman on the down low. In 1995, Brian McKnight recorded his song, "On the Down Low," about a woman named Maxine on the DL. Then in 1996 and 1998, R. Kelly recorded not one, but two songs about the down low.

We laughed about it when it was a heterosexual thing, but suddenly we became alarmed when we "discovered" that gay and bisexual men were on the down low too. There's another double standard. In reality, the down low is simply about cheating, whether heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual.

5. The down low is not the cause of the black AIDS epidemic.

In 2003 (the last year in which we have full CDC data available) there were more than 7,000 black female AIDS cases reported in the United States. Out of that number, only 118 reported "sex with a bisexual male" as the method of exposure. That's just 1.6 percent of all black female AIDS cases. Believe it or not, there are other ways to get infected besides having sex with a man on the down low. Many women are also becoming infected through injection drug use, sex with an injection drug user, and sex with a heterosexual (not down low) man.

Focusing on the down low misleads women to think that the down low is a health threat instead of HIV. That's a serious mistake. A man on the down low who is HIV negative cannot pass the virus to you, but a straight man who is not on the down low could easily give you HIV if he is infected with the virus. The down low does not cause AIDS. HIV causes AIDS.

6. The down low discussion is a distraction from the real issues.
All the time we've spent sensationalizing the down low in the past few years is time we could have spent talking about solutions to the AIDS epidemic in our communities.

On an individual level, we need to encourage men and women to exercise personal responsibility. On an institutional level, we need to mobilize our churches, fraternities, sororities and civic organizations so they can provide reliable safe sex information, HIV testing, and nonjudgmental counseling. And on a public policy level, we need to talk about free testing facilities, needle exchange programs, condoms in prison, targeted AIDS prevention funding, resources for low-income people living with AIDS, and safe sex education in public schools. That's the dialogue we should be having.

7. There are no "signs" to tell if a man is on the down low.
There are going to be a lot of people out there trying to tell you how to find out if your man is on the DL. Don't waste your time. The whole point of the down low is that these are people who do not want to be detected. The moment you come up with a "guidebook" to give you some warning signs is the moment when men on the down low will devise new strategies to elude you.

8. Becoming a "down low detective" is not the answer.
Log onto various Internet web sites about the down low, and you'll find lots of information about how to spy on your partner. Sure, you could hire a private investigator to follow him around when he goes to work, but what does that say about your relationship? If you do suspect something is fishy, you may be in for a shocking surprise. Your man may be cheating on you -- with another woman!

A better solution is to confront the homophobia in our community that contributes to the down low. If we want to stop the down low, then we need to create a climate where men (and women) don't feel the need to be on the down low in the first place. Then we won't have as many men who feel forced into fake relationships to keep the parents, friends and nosey neighbors out of their lives.

9. Demonizing men on the down low will not make them straight.

One popular response to the down low is to demonize all down low men as villains. That may make us feel a little better for a moment, but it won't change the reality of who they are. In fact, demonizing men on the down low is more likely to push these men further into denial about their sexuality. People often ask, "Why don't these men simply come out and say they're gay?" That's a good question, but as long as we keep demonizing homosexuality, don't expect any mass confessions to happen anytime soon.

10. Stereotyping women as victims will not keep them safe.
Much of the discussion about the down low recently has portrayed women as "victims" of black men. Framing the issue this way disempowers women from the ability to protect themselves, reinforces negative stereotypes about black men and encourages an unhealthy battle of the sexes in the black community.

There were quite a few of my black guys who were married or had a girlfriend, some of the guys had me meet their wives/girlfriends, then their wives might watch as I sucked or got fucked by my guy, their husband, with several couples it evolved to me performing cunninglingus on the wife while he fucked me.

Once this occurred, two of the wives had me perform cunninglingus on them without their husband present, one of the wives was getting fucked by a lot of my guys soon after, and with her husbands permission, he liked being "cuckolded"

It wasn't long until the other wife was doing the same, before long the two wives were performing with me at the "party fucks" and getting gang-banged.

Then once that started, other wives/girlfriends started having sex with my group of guys, coming to the "party-fucks" and performing for all the guys there.

The guys who's wives or girlfriends who were having sex which the other guys, soon started performing fellatio on the other guys as their wives watched as well, thus they were at least bi-sexual.

Of the 8 guys who started being "cuckolded", and were sucking the totally straight guy's cocks, all of them were getting butt fucked within a month after they began performing fellatio.

After that those 8 guys never had sex with me, they'd been "closeted femboys" for years and once they started performing sexually for real men, they were like me, all they wanted was real man cock, and be treated like a "sissy slut".





























"Like me, they were begging to suck cock all the time"

me in 2002

I know I couldn't go a day without at least suck one of my guy's cock

me in 1998

"Me at my best, on my knees getting a good hard fucking"

From 2000 to present the number of men I was serving as their femboy slut at a given time as varied from about 50 to 5 which is how many guys I see routinely currently.

My role has always been when one of my guys calls and wants me for sex, I do my very best to to go serve him when he tells me to.

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