" Zoosexual topics ".




             My preferred Role

                        is a  

     female receptive partner

            for stallion equines


         large "intact" male dogs

female-roled zoosexual1_Moment.jpg
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From 1975-2001, I was the "female surrogate partner" for and being "bred" by my male dogs, jack donkey and stallion pony partners

At about 21:09 into the talk Hani Miletski points out the misconception that the majority of zoosexuals are " males penetrating animals ", when in fact many are like myself, in that I only took the female role and my partner Edward was always in the male role penetrating and impregnating me with his semen.

In my eyes, my sexual role with Edward,

was as moral and ethical as collecting semen from a stallion or jack donkey 

First and foremost, I started as a transgender homosexual (female-roled male),

then by circumstance met Edward my donkey partner, even before puberty, but after puberty I was extremely sexually attracted to him, and other male horses, as well as large male dogs.

If I hadn't met Edward, I'm fairly certain that I would have found a large male dog to start penetrating me anally. Two years after Edward passed away, by circumstance I started being bred by dog, a great dane (Max) owned my human sexual Top Man Steve.

I even confessed to Steve then, " I'd much rather have a male donkey first, a large breed dog like Max as my male sexual partners, before any human male".

   " Since 2001,

though I've had no sexual contact with any animal I still consider myself to be primarily a " female roled zoosexual "

                               " Heavy Petting "

by Peter Singer

[Reference to:]

Dearest Pet: On Bestiality
by Midas Dekkers, translated by Paul Vincent, Verso, © 2000.

Not so long ago, any form of sexuality not leading to the conception of children was seen as, at best, wanton lust, or worse, a perversion. One by one, the taboos have fallen. The idea that it could be wrong to use contraception in order to separate sex from reproduction is now merely quaint.

If some religions still teach that masturbation is "self-abuse," that just shows how out of touch they have become.
Sodomy? That's all part of the joy of sex, recommended for couples seeking erotic variety.

 In many of the world's great cities, gays and lesbians can be open about their sexual preferences to an extent unimaginable a century ago. You can even do it in the U.S. Armed Forces, as long as you don't talk about it.

Oral sex? Some objected to President Clinton' choice of place and partner, and others thought he should have been more honest about what he had done, but no one dared suggest that he was unfit to be President simply because he had taken part in a sexual activity that was, in many jurisdictions, a crime.

But not every taboo has crumbled. Heard anyone chatting at parties lately about how good it is having sex with their dog? Probably not. Sex with animals is still definitely taboo.

If Midas Dekkers, author of Dearest Pet, has got it right, this is not because of its rarity. Dekkers, a Dutch biologist and popular naturalist, has assembled a substantial body of evidence to show that humans have often thought of "love for animals" in ways that go beyond a pat and a hug, or a proper concern for the welfare of members of other species.

 His book has a wide range of illustrations, going back to a Swedish rock drawing from the Bronze Age of a man fucking a large quadruped of indeterminate species. There is a Greek vase from 520 BC showing a male figure having sex with a stag; a seventeenth-century Indian miniature of a deer mounting a woman; an eighteenth-century European engraving of an ecstatic nun coupling with a donkey, while other nuns look on, smiling; a nineteenth-century Persian painting of a soldier, also with a donkey; and, from the same period, a Japanese drawing of a woman enveloped by a giant octopus who appears to be sucking her cunt, as well as caressing her body with its many limbs.

How much of this is fantasy, the King Kong-ish archetypes of an earlier age?

In the 1940s, Kinsey asked twenty thousand Americans about their sexual behavior, and found that 8 percent of males and 3.5 percent of females stated that they had, at some time, had a sexual encounter with an animal. Among men living in rural areas, the figure shot up to 50 percent.

Dekkers suggests that for young male farm hands, animals provided an outlet for sexual desires that could not be satisfied when girls were less willing to have sex before marriage.

 Based on twentieth-century court records in Austria where bestiality was regularly prosecuted, rural men are most likely to have vaginal intercourse with cows and calves, less frequently with mares, foals and goats and only rarely with sheep or pigs. They may also take advantage of the sucking reflex of calves to get them to do a blowjob.

Women having sex with bulls or rams, on the other hand, seems to be more a matter of myth than reality. For three-quarters of the women who told Kinsey that they had had sexual contact with an animal, the animal involved was a dog, and actual sexual intercourse was rare. More commonly the woman limited themselves to touching and masturbating the animal, or having their genitals licked by it.

Much depends, of course, on how the notion of a sexual relationship is defined. Zoologist Desmond Morris has carried out research confirming the commonplace observation that girls are far more likely to be attracted to horses than boys, and he has suggested that "sitting with legs astride a rhythmically moving horse undoubtedly has a sexual undertone." Dekkers agrees, adding that "the horse is the ideal consolation for the great injustice done to girls by nature, of awakening sexually years before the boys in their class, who are still playing with their train sets . . . "

The existence of sexual contact between humans and animals, and the potency of the taboo against it, displays the ambivalence of our relationship with animals. On the one hand, especially in the Judeo-Christian tradition — less so in the East — we have always seen ourselves as distinct from animals, and imagined that a wide, unbridgeable gulf separates us from them. Humans alone are made in the image of God. Only human beings have an immortal soul. In Genesis, God gives humans dominion over the animals.

In the Renaissance idea of the Great Chain of Being, humans are halfway between the beasts and the angels. We are spiritual beings as well as physical beings. For Kant, humans have an inherent dignity that makes them ends in themselves, whereas animals are mere means to our ends.

Today the language of human rights — rights that we attribute to all human beings but deny to all nonhuman animals — maintains this separation. On the other hand there are many ways in which we cannot help behaving just as animals do — or mammals, anyway — and sex is one of the most obvious ones. We copulate, as they do. They have penises and vaginas, as we do, and the fact that the vagina of a calf can be sexually satisfying to a man shows how similar these organs are.

The taboo on sex with animals may, as I have already suggested, have originated as part of a broader rejection of non-reproductive sex. But the vehemence with which this prohibition continues to be held, its persistence while other non-reproductive sexual acts have become acceptable, suggests that there is another powerful force at work: our desire to differentiate ourselves, erotically and in every other way, from animals.

Almost a century ago, when Freud had just published his groundbreaking Three Essays on Sexuality, the Viennese writer Otto Soyka published a fiery little volume called Beyond the Boundary of Morals. Never widely known, and now entirely forgotten, it was a polemic directed against the prohibition of "unnatural" sex like bestiality, homosexuality, fetishism and other non-reproductive acts. Soyka saw these prohibitions as futile and misguided attempts to limit the inexhaustible variety of human sexual desire. Only bestiality, he argued, should be illegal, and even then, only in so far as it shows cruelty towards an animal.

 Soyka's suggestion indicates one good reason why some of the acts described in Dekkers book are clearly wrong, and should remain crimes. Some men use hens as a sexual object, inserting their penis into the cloaca, an all-purpose channel for wastes and for the passage of the egg. This is usually fatal to the hen, and in some cases she will be deliberately decapitated just before ejaculation in order to intensify the convulsions of its sphincter. This is cruelty, clear and simple. (But is it worse for the hen than living for a year or more crowded with four or five other hens in barren wire cage so small that they can never stretch their wings, and then being stuffed into crates to be taken to the slaughterhouse, strung upside down on a conveyor belt and killed? If not, then it is no worse than what egg producers do to their hens all the time.)

But sex with animals does not always involve cruelty. Who has not been at a social occasion disrupted by the household dog gripping the legs of a visitor and vigorously rubbing its penis against them? The host usually discourages such activities, but in private not everyone objects to being used by her or his dog in this way, and occasionally mutually satisfying activities may develop. Soyka would presumably have thought this within the range of human sexual variety.

At a conference on great apes a few years ago, I spoke to a woman who had visited Camp Leakey, a rehabilitation center for captured orangutans in Borneo run by Birute Galdikas, sometimes referred to as "the Jane Goodall of orangutans" and the world's foremost authority on these great apes. At Camp Leakey, the orangutans are gradually acclimatised to the jungle, and as they get closer to complete independence, they are able to come and go as they please. While walking through the camp with Galdikas, my informant was suddenly seized by a large male orangutan, his intentions made obvious by his erect penis. Fighting off so powerful an animal was not an option, but Galdikas called to her companion not to be concerned, because the orangutan would not harm her, and adding, as further reassurance, that "they have a very small penis." As it happened, the orangutan lost interest before penetration took place, but the aspect of the story that struck me most forcefully was that in the eyes of someone who has lived much of her life with orangutans, to be seen by one of them as an object of sexual interest is not a cause for shock or horror. The potential violence of the orangutan's come-on may have been disturbing, but the fact that it was an orangutan making the advances was not.

That may be because Galdikas understands very well that we are animals, indeed more specifically, we are great apes. This does not make sex across the species barrier normal, or natural, whatever those much-misused words may mean, but it does imply that it ceases to be an offence to our status and dignity as human beings.

©2001 Peter Singer and Nerve.com, Inc.

 I like the following statement I found in an article; 



 If you’re not familiar with the term, a zoophile is a person who is primarily sexually attracted to animals. The primarily part of that sentence is key.

These aren’t just lascivious farmhands shagging goats because they can’t find willing human partners. That’s just plain bestiality.

Rather, these are people who genuinely prefer animals over members of their own species. If you hook a male zoophile’s genitals up to a plethysmograph (an extremely sensitive measure of sexual arousal), these men display stronger erectile responses to, say, images of stallions or Golden Retrievers than they do to naked human models.

I’d written about scientific research into zoophilia, along with other unusual sexualities, in my book Perv, so it wasn’t shocking to learn zoophiles have a social media presence. What’s surprising is this maligned demographic is apparently becoming emboldened enough to pull its Z up to the acronym table.

                - I know I genuinely preferred Edward over members of my own species -

                                                        ( my male dogs and ponies as well)

      After being Edward's female-roled partner for 21 years living with him as my lover / companion in monogamous relationship and him breeding me thousands of times I have no desire to have a human sexual partner.

      Though I tried finding another male donkey lover after Edward's death in 1996 I soon realized that it wasn't likely to ever find a partner like him due the manner in which we met, bonded / courted for two years prior to us actually having sex.

      Then due to fact that I am a transsexual type, highly feminine and submissive I needed a dominant male partner to put me in my role as their submissive, receptive female roled sexual partner. Edward beautifully took me as his full-time breeding partner, which in turn highly feminized and emasculated me psychologically.

Thus, I can't be in a sexual relationship with a human or any being other than a male donkey, yet I am much to old now to go through the courting process of finding a jack donkey whom will take me as his breeding partner like Edward had.

It's hard to explain how tragic his death was to me, I spent much time in a great depression, often checking myself in hospital for depression, taking anti-depressants for nearly two years.

Finally in fall of 1997, after replying to ad " nude artist's models needed ", then starting to regularly pose, I soon realized I'd found a niche well suited for me, I got to be around artist, gave me a bit of a social life, and I found it a good way to feel feminine.

It really dawned on me at this time just how important a role Edward played in my life in regards to my need to be;

                           constantly Feminized and Emasculated psychologically

Not by my intent, modeling for museum and college art life-drawing classes, it also allowed some college males and other male artists to see me, and by spring of 1998 a sexy black art student seduced me and I was soon performing fellatio on him very often as his "submissive femboy".

                                                           I had not been with a human male sexually since 1975, and being a femboy for human male again in 1998 was very feminizing, it wasn't my proper role, my role was to be a female surrogate for jack donkey like Edward whom I could be in a strictly monogamous, live together situation where I could be breed intensely on a daily basis, where I didn't have to worry about him wearing a condom  to avoid  human STD's.

A  very important aspect of Edward's ability to highly feminize me was being impregnated with large amounts of his semen.

It was very important to me that I have a male partner so that I could be 100% dedicated and loyal to, to care for, as well as be his sexually submissive female receptive partner.

 Looking back,

     selecting to only be with Edward, the stallion ponies and my dog partners most likely saved me from contracting HIV, as I had no sexual contact with human males from 1975 - 1998 .

And when the HIV Epidemic in the U.S began in 1981, I was so glad I had chose Edward as my " Man ".

             " Jun 02, 2021 · HIV has cost America too much for too long and remains a significant public health issue: More than 700,000 American lives have been lost to HIV since 1981. More than 1.1 million Americans are currently living with HIV.

I like the following statement I found in a article and how I truly felt when with Edward;



Though MTFs and “effeminate homosexuals” were often linked in the research, post-op MTFs

were considered properly assimilated when they sought out heterosexual men as partners, with

whom they would play the “passive, receptive role,” seeking only to give

pleasure without demanding it themselves.[16]

In no case”, reported the researchers, “was there a regret at playing a receptor role only. On

the contrary, there was delight in it as a symbol of femininity.”[17].

                                                                          - Psychopathia Transsexualis: Early Psychological Theories of Transsexualism

 My delight was ; Edward could make me absolutely feminine / female like to the highest degree !

Like the video below shows, donkeys are able to engage in non-reproductive sex,or sex with a different species just as I was primarily attracted to Edward as a non-human being.

video also shows what I feel is the only reason I was able to be bred by my donkey Edward, that being ; the thin diameter and flexiblity of his thin penis.

Edward bred me just as this jack donkey is breeding this pig, except I stood still.

excerpt from above pdf;


” “Zoosexuals” have an emotional as well as a sexual attraction to, and relationship with, animals (Miletski 2002). As with other sexual orientations such as homosexuality or bisexuality, it is difficult to distinguish one sexual orientation from another, as sometimes fantasy life and desire are not translated accordingly into actual behavior. Several studies (e.g., Beetz 2002; Miletski 2002; Williams and Weinberg 2003) have documented that the majority of persons engaging in sex with animals also have sexual experiences with human partners, and that some prefer to have sex with both animals and humans. Only for people who have a predominant or exclusive attraction to animals and who do not practice sex with humans would the diagnosis of an exclusively zoosexual orientation apply.

I personally consider myself  asexclusively zoosexual - toward a male donkey only " , for 21 years , though celibate since 2000 , and have not been with male donkey (my male donkey lover/partner Edward ) since his death in 1996.

I was the female receptive partner for Max, my intact male great dane Man partner through-out 2000. 

Zoo Documentary

Filmmaker Robinson Devor examines the taboo subject of bestiality. He centers the film around the case of a Seattle aircraft engineer, who died in 2005 after performing a sexual act with a stallion. The filmmaker interviews a number of zoophiles and uses dramatic re-enactments to illustrate their anonymous comments.

Reactions ; to the actual video showing the aircraft engineer being bred by stallion

I've personally seen the video clip, and the stallion was very large, much as the stallion above.

                               I also knew instantly that this guy was going to be injured !

Semen Collection from Stallions

A few points of consent from ZooFAQ;

Can animals say 'no' or are they at the mercy of the human?

This is one of the most frequently-asked and obviously-answered questions on the list. Can animals say no to sex? Yes! The same way they can say no to other things, like being teased or threatened. Animals have many tools that they are well-trained in using, such as teeth, claws, and hooves. Animals are far better able to defend themselves than humans are, in fact. And if they don't want sex, they will say so in a number of ways, ranging from walking away to growling or other vocalizations to attacking someone who doesn't get the message the first time.

Do animals want to have sex with humans?
Some do, some don't. Just like with humans, each individual has her or his own preferences. Some animals aren't really interested in sex at all, even within their own species. Some, like many humans, will gladly engage in sex with anything they can catch.

Just as animals can say no, they can also say yes to sex, and will if they feel the urge. All animals exhibit some kind of mating behavior, and there's nothing to keep animals from displaying such behavior to humans as well.

Don't animals only have sex to procreate? Can't female animals only have sex when they're "in heat"?
This is a common misconception. While it is true that many female animals will only show interest in mating while they are fertile (in heat, estrus, season, choose your word), they are quite capable of enjoying sex for its own sake. Both male and female animals in most mammalian species masturbate, which has nothing at all to do with procreation. Human females don't have sex only when they are at the peak of fertility, why should animals be any different? And as we can see every day, males of any species are ready for sex just about anywhere they can find it.

What sexual orientations do zoos have with humans? Is it different with animals?

What is very interesting about the sexual orientations of zoos is that they often differ between humans and animals. For example, a zoo who is straight with humans is often gay with animals, or vice versa. A tiny minority of zoos have the same orientations for both humans and animals. No one seems to have a clear idea of why this is as yet.

Hetero-, homo- and bisexuality all exist within the zoo realm. There seems to be a higher than average occurence of male homosexuality among zoos, but there are no accurate statistics so this is purely anecdotal evidence. Some psychologists have theorized that zoos are actually repressed homosexuals, but this seems unlikely in all but the rarest cases. Just as with humans, zoos are often very strict in their adherence to whatever orientation works best for them--in other words, zoos don't screw any animal they see just because it's an animal. In fact, very few zoos are bisexual with either humans or animals.

There are those who prefer not to have sexual contact with humans at all. Such people are called 'zoo-exclusive', and they seem to represent the same variety of orientations as everyone else. There doesn't seem to be any preference among zoo-exclusives for any one orientation, although bisexuality is usually in the minority, as with non-exclusive zoos, and with humans in general.

        " I was zoo-exclusive from 1975-1997, if I could do life again I'd be 100% zoo-exclusive"

I see zoophilia and pedophilia mentioned together all the time. Are they really similar?
In a very few ways, they are. In most, they are not. There are several reasons that people place the two behaviors together, but they are based on misconceptions and inaccurate information. The only element that the two have completely in common is that they involve sex.

Let's look at some of the reasons people say zoosexuality and pedophilia are the same.

Consent - Most people believe that neither children nor animals can consent to sex because neither are aware of what sex is or what it entails or means. The simple fact is, once an animal reaches sexual maturity, he or she is aware of what sex is and how it works, and therefore capable of consenting to or denying sexual contact. Whether children have this ability before they are sexually mature, what constitutes sexual maturity in humans, and when children stop being "children" are questions that belong somewhere else.

Predation - Largely because animals and children are both seen as "helpless", both zoosexuality and pedophilia are thought to be predatory behaviors. As discussed elsewhere in this document, animals are quite capable of making their wishes known, and will do so. Therefore, zoosexuality/zoophilia is not a predatory behavior. Sexual predation, like rape, has very little to do with the sexual act itself. It is a far more complex behavior and often does not make distinctions based on attraction. In other words, a sexual predator might very well prey on animals as well as children, for the next reason we will discuss.

Reporting - One thing which sets animals apart from humans is that they cannot "tell on" someone who has abused them. We can see the results of abuse but there is often no way to know any specifics because of the communication gap between humans and animals. Children are able to tell others what happened, but often they don't know exactly what happened and/or they don't know that it is wrong, or why it is. So in both cases, abuse goes unreported.

Sexuality - In both zoosexuality and pedophilia, sex is involved. Sex with beings that most people do not view as being sexual, therefore such activity must be wrong. In the case of rape or any kind of abusive behavior, it is most definitely wrong, in both cases.

Perception - The most-often used reason is usually the one that's overlooked. A vast majority of pet owners perceive their animals in the same way they perceive their children. That animals are members of human families is a wonderful idea--since most pets see humans as members of their family, it's fair that humans feel the same toward animals. However, humans almost never see animals as beings with any real emotional or intellectual capabilities beyond bringing in the newspaper. People forget that animals reach sexual maturity far faster than humans do, and that mature animals probably have a somewhat different view on life, just as humans do as they get older. This view of animals as helpless, child-like beings doesn't do either animals or children justice.

So are zoosexuality and pedophilia the same? Not really. But people find both to be morally outrageous, and so they are lumped together, regardless of what the truth might be.

How do zoos feel about animal rights?

Most zoos support the animal rights movement, but with exceptions. Obviously, a zoosexual would not support anti-zoo legislation. It can be a very difficult issue, because there is a very strong desire among zoos to have the sexual abuse of animals stopped, but nobody outside the zoo community seems to understand the difference between consensual zoo sex and rape. Until that distinction is made, zoos' place in the animal rights movement is often tenuous.

Animal rights organizations all claim that bestiality is animal abuse. Is it?
Not at all. Zoo sex is consensual, and therefore not abusive. Rape is abuse, no matter who is involved. A zoosexual is the last person who would abuse an animal because of the deep feelings zoos have for their partners. The animal rights community's theories about how all sex with animals is abusive are based on inaccurate information.

Do 'animal sex clubs' really exist?
Yes. The animal sex industry is far larger than most people know. There are animal sex farms where people can go and pay to have sex with animals, many of whom have been trained to provide sex to humans. There are animal swinger groups--people who own animals and gather together for animal orgies. Wherever there is sex to be had for money, animal sex can also be had for money.

Isn't sex with animals immoral/blasphemous/abomination?

Morality is an individual issue. According to many religions, zoosexuality is immoral, evil, blasphemous, and an abomination before the deity(ies), punishable by a wide range of very unpleasant consequences. These beliefs are largely responsible for the general moral outrage against zoosexuality. What you believe is your own business. However, before you carve your own morality in stone, you might do well to learn more about how zoos feel toward their animal partners. It might also be a good idea to remember that homosexuality has been and still is considered to be all of the things associated with zoosexuality.


Perhaps the best question to ask is, if no one is being harmed, is it really wrong?

Berdache videos-combined-1_Moment7.jpg
female-roled malepp0a.jpg
ready for man1.jpg

For me being very submissive sexually, is a very important aspect of my female sexual identity, and because Edward was so sexually dominating, and demanded sex a lot from me, I do believe he seen me as constantly being in heat, which in essence I was.

My life revolved around caring for him and being ready for him to mount and breed me, thus when my work day was over, my focus was on getting home to be with him, ... first thing I did after greeting him, getting him fed ,was then to get my bottom clean, lubed up and prepared so he could start breeding me if he wanted, which was nearly always.

We had a specific spot in the stable area where I could wash his penis, once I did this, 90% of the time he'd pace back and forth with a full erection, which I knew it meant he wanted to mount me, thus as soon as possible I needed to get posed to show I was ready to be mounted.

It's difficult to explain yet our " breeding sessions ";

                                          were a mixture of erotic and clinical/structured.

After Edward had bred me the first time had his orgasm and fully ejaculated up inside me, it was clear to me he enjoyed it.  It also seemed he then knew I was available for him to breed, and at any time , thus in a short amount of time he knew he could breed me as often as he wished.

I think due to fact I had to prepare my bottom, wash his penis, position myself for him to mount and get his penis started in my bottom, then basically brace myself as he thrust in and out of me till he reached his orgasm (a wonderful 30-40 second event).


excerpt from above paper;

 Multimodal therapy was considered to be the most appropriate therapy with ego-dystonic zoophilia. Based on the current case study and review of the other studies, following factors are identified as good prognosis predictors for zoophilia for therapy.

1. When an individual is not in love with the animal, not having sex exclusively with one animal, and not considering the animal as a sex partner or spouse.


2. Ego-dystonic nature of the experience.

3. High motivation to change.

4. Use of SCA as a form of masturbation and not a preference over sexual contact with humans.

Lack of other avenues of sexual expression. (SCA= sexual contact with animals).

 Egodystonic (or ego alien[1]) is the opposite, referring to thoughts and behaviors (dreams, compulsions, desires, etc.) that are in conflict, or dissonant, with the needs and goals of the ego, or, further, in conflict with a person's ideal self-image.- Wikipedia


For myself , I was never been Egodystonic in regards to my having Edward as my sex partner / my Man, for me the bond we had was so important to me, and my identity, my role for him as care-giver, being his " Girl " , my joy of sexually pleasuring him.

Just as my role with my dog George whom I loved, raised from a puppy and just this spring died at age 16, (May-2021) I was his care-giver, yet he was to me " my child the always would be with me " and I can gladly say I never had any sexual attraction toward George.

While Edward was dependent on me, he still played the role as my lover, and to a certain degree worshipped him, as I was completely dedicated to him in the role of being his care-taker as well as his submissive female roled / receptive sex partner, and I can honestly say I've never wanted to be anything other than to be in that role for him, I've never been attracted to another "being", human or non-human even close in degree and intensity as Edward.

And the only  "beings " that I am sexual attracted to are male donkeys and certain other male equines, and large intact Male dogs.

  For example I came across the below  video yesterday, and I am extremely attracted to this stallion.

As much as I'd love to get bred by a stallion like this above,

yet from my experience with Edward however, I very much am aware his penis is much to large in diameter for me to accommodate him in my bottom.

Though if the stallion above lived me/belong to me

I'm sure I'd be his partner fine, only I'd have to simply only perform fellatio on him to ingest his semen.

             As I have with many stallion horses

At least since puberty, and I knew that being sexually like a female was my sexual role, yet by age 14 and fully committed to Edward as his female roled partner, and being bred by him anally nearly everyday, and at that time I knew nothing of actually have a surgery ( Transsexual Sex Reassignment Surgery (male to female).  - ncbi.nlm.nih.gov / Transgender vaginoplasty: techniques and outcomes

Mainly my desire for the surgery stems from my desire to only be like a female sexually, and by having a vagina fits my "sexual identity" and role.

Not until early 80's did I become aware that Transsexual Sex Reassignment Surgery (male to female)  was available , again no internet, so finding imformation about the surgery was very limited, and this new vagina would have to accommodate Edward's slim, yet 20 inch long penis, by that time I was living with Edward, and 100% committed to being his partner for rest of my life, I had no desire to have any other partner.

When I did finally talk to a surgeon/doctor about the surgery, when I told him my boy friend's  penis was over 10 inches long, then asked if this new vagina would be able to accommodate it, his reply was " not likely ", Thus I lost interest in the surgery . That is until early 2000's at which time I was having sex with men only because of  Edward's death and my inability to find a male donkey partner similar in size and mannerism to Edward.

I always told the men I was having sex with that I wanted my penis removed so I could look female like, so they wouldn't think it as being homosexual on their part when letting me perform fellatio or penetrating my bottom. 

If I really liked a guy, I always made it clear to him I wanted to be his "submissive femboy slut", and would gladly suck his cock 24/7 , thus by then I was sucking cock daily, often with 3-4 men a day.

This is when I found myself in the Egodystonic state of mind, it wasn't safe from a STD point of view, and though I loved being feminized by so many men, I wanted a stable, monogamous relationship like I had with Edward.



Then in 2001 the state I lived in passed a  Bestiality law (A person who performs a sex act ("sex act" means any sexual contact between a person and an animal by penetration of the penis into the vagina or anus, contact between the mouth and genitalia, or by contact between the genitalia of one and the genitalia or anus of the other) with an animal. )

                                         making it a Aggravated misdemeanor.

Yet even today, and over 16 years completely celibate, still I greatly desire to have the VULVOPLASTY surgery and consider myself exclusively a female-roled zoosexual;

The vulva is the outside part of the vagina. A vulvoplasty is a type of surgery that uses skin and tissue from a penis to create all of the outside parts of a vagina (except for the vaginal canal). 

The steps of a vulvoplasty are the same as a vaginoplasty. During a vulvoplasty, your surgeon will:

  • create a clitoris out of the glans (or head) of the penis,

  • create an inner and outer labia from skin on the penis and scrotum,

  • create the opening of the urethra so you can urinate, and

  • create the introitus (opening of the vagina).

The only thing that’s different between a full vaginoplasty and a vulvoplasty is the internal part of the vaginal canal.

  • Vaginoplasty creates a vaginal canal.

  • Vulvoplasty creates all the parts of a vagina except for the vaginal canal.

After vulvoplasty, this means you won’t be able to have intercourse or insert a penis into your vagina. 

tiny cock femboy7_Moment.jpg


Animal sex is prohibited

Animal sex is prohibited in Norway, Germany and the UK as of 1 July 2015 also in Denmark.

Web capture_12-11-2021_194737_videnskab.dk.jpeg

Text that goes with photo above;

Can be a positive experience for the animal

"At the same time, we know that people do something more diverse than just penetrating the animal," says Stine B. Christiansen.

"A man or woman may like to be penetrated by a dog or horse or have oral sex with a dog with both as an active party. In those cases, it's harder to imagine how the animal is harmed,' she said.

'Maybe it's a positive experience for the animal and it may not experience the act as sexual at all. Some activities in which the animal, for example, stimulates a human being orally, are perhaps more social to the animal; something that it itself is not elated by."

Stine B. Christiansen, who is both a PhD student at the Department of Production Animals and Horses at LIFE, University of Copenhagen, and works as a professional secretary for the Animal Ethics Council.

Once my male animal partners had experienced penetrating/breeding me once;

they would normally be eager to breed me whenever I offered myself to them by either 

getting on my hands and knees on the floor for the dogs or just bending over for Edward my jack donkey or the pony stallions. 

From 1975 to 2001 my intact male dog lovers;  Virgil, Ward, Blue, Jitter, Tack, T-bone, Ted, Tanner, Temper, Cunnington, Chip, Rufus, Boner, Clyde, Sargent, Sam, Hank, Max,  Popeye, Henry, Einstein, Smoker, Al, Rocky, Red, On, Woody, Archer.

Once all my Male dog partners had successfully mount me, then had gotten locked up in a copulatory-tie with me and then impregnated me with their sperm/semen.

They clearly knew I was viable as their partner to breed, thus when I got on my hands and knees and offered them my bottom they knew I was their's to breed if they felt like it.




                                           If they felt like it they would breed me

There was very few days from 1975 to 2001, except for 1996 to 1997 after Edward had to be put to sleep, that I didn't get breed by one of my dog partners.

Web capture_10-9-2022_215453_archive.org.jpeg

Two very different types of sexual relationships between human and non-human

1.   Ego-Dystonic Zoophilia: A case report with treatment plan and a critical look at the current state

Ego-Dystonic Zoophilia: A case report with treatment plan and a critical look at the current state....on site



" Sexual contact with animals (SCA), clinically referred to as zoophilia and legally as bestiality, has interested diverse scholars over six decades, yet its etiology and treatment still remain unclear. A taboo subject in our civilized society"

" Case presentation A zoophilia case of a 24-year-old Caucasian man, Paul (pseudonym) and his treatment program that led to a satisfactory treatment outcome is presented after obtaining his signed Post-Treatment Informed Consent for publishing this case report.

The consent form stated that Paul’s real name, residence, schools, and work places would be kept confidential to protect his identity; thus, all identifying data about Paul has been changed for this report to protect his identity. He was referred for psychotherapy by his priest, Fr. John (pseudonym) after his confession of sexual contact with cows at his father’s farm.

During the initial interview, he identified this to be his major issue since he was 15 years old and stated that he had “made a mess of his life.” He said he was afraid to see me, but Fr. John “insisted that I see you.”

" A 17 years old cousin visiting from another state introduced Paul to having sexual contact with cows. The cousin told him that he preferred this to masturbation. Paul continued this behavior on a weekly basis or more for about 9 years. In addition to farming, his father raised and sold beef cows regularly, thus, there were several cows that Paul “used” for this purpose. Paul said, “Since I moved to the city two months back, I have not physically done it, but had a few dreams about it.” He did not report feeling emotionally attached with any of the cows " 

" Therapeutic process,

I observed Paul to be an intelligent, likeable, and sensitive young man who had made some self-defeating choices facilitated by loneliness, boredom, feelings of rejection, and some situational factors "

" His loving relationship and emotional intimacy with his girlfriend and subsequent marriage helped him feel more like other men and not “a freak” as he once put it. He said;

   “I never imagined the joy of sex I experience with my wife who gives herself to me with her full consent, maturity, and loving conversation; this was never available to me when I used cows to masturbate myself.”

Because of his fear of zoonoses, a referral to an urologist was made in a different city for a complete check-up. The diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans are called zoonoses. Of over 200 identified zoonoses, information about 39 most prevalent zoonoses is available at the Washington State Department of Health website [18]. Three most dangerous ones are Leptospirosis (leading to meningitis), Echinococcosis (causing cysts to grow in the liver, brain, lungs, and other organs), and Rabies [19]. SCA is also a risk factor for penile cancer. In a study of 118 penile cancer patients, 44.9% patients had reported SCA [20]. I was not aware of all of these diseases and reading what Paul prompted me to read was an eye opener "

" Paul reported masturbating with various fantasies of being with his girlfriend after which he had to go for confessions with Fr. John. Both Fr. John and I agreed that at least these experiences were not with the fantasy of being with the cows. Nevertheless, abstinence remained a strong goal behaviorally and spiritually for Paul until he got married at the age of 27.  Not being a Catholic myself, empathizing with Paul was a challenge at times. "

2.     My relationship with Edward;

     " I was never Ego-Dystonic, in comparison to case (1.) most likely due to fact that I was very emotionly bonded to Edward, deeply cared for him, and respected  him, If I had been doing what Paul was, it would of seemed too much like rape.

Paul above was , though not clearly stated, "penetrating these cows with his penis" , why else did Paul have such a fear of zoonoses ? 


I am fortunate in this regard as I have never had desire to use my penis to penetrate a human or Edward due fact I am 100% female receptive.

Paul states he " He did not report feeling emotionally attached with any of the cows "

      Thus he likely seen the cows as objects to use, to me this would not be the making for a good partnership.

                                          For me it was very important both have our defined roles in our partnership, he clearly needed to be my Dominate male lover, and I be his submissive, receptive lover, and that was what worked.

Zoosexuality as a adaptation


 I remember thinking in a framework of ;

 " I needed a full time boyfriend and Edward was nearly always without a girl friend and I want to be a girl, maybe he will make me his girlfriend." (I being transsexual type at that time, I felt very alone, felt there was no one to turn to etc. Then after I had just been publicly shamed at school after I'd being seen performing fellatio/ and being anally penetrated by two male friends in the woods )

Puberty it's self was very stressful time, in that it was clear to me I wasn't normal in my sexuality , I pretty much knew then that I should of been born a girl.

Though I'd seen Edward breeding the jennies that the owners brought to the stables for him to breed since I was 10 years old, it had always been exciting watching him as he bred them, yet at 13 and puberty /sexually having orgasms seeing Edward breed the jennies came in a very different perspective, I was now both extremely turned on sexually by him and Jealous ! .

At the same time I knew I wanted him to breed me just like he was the jennies, and there was no question in my mind, I was going to win him over sexually.

The day that I that I finally got to perform fellatio on him was a day that a owner had just dropped off a jennie and put her out in pasture with Edward, I watched them interact for awhile, the went home grabbed my canteen filled it with water, then went back to observe Edward and the jennie.

Upon arriving Edward greeted me, let me pet him a short while, yet he clearly was focused on her, thus I quit petting him, looking at me in a way as to say ;

" sorry I have something I need to do ", he wandered out to her, so she posed in the receptive manner, Edward soon was mounted and thrusting and as usually 30-40 seconds later he goes calm , backs off her and what turns me on so much.. his long penis with head fully flared drops out still leaking out semen. I wanted so badly to run out and get his flare in my mouth, I stood up and started walking toward the woods, and hoping he'd follow me, and to my delight he did, as soon as we got concealed in the woods, I started rubbing his chest,belly, working my way back to his penis, soon his penis dropped out. I'd never touched it before or tried so I was careful as I gently started caressing it, he turned and nuzzled me, yet in a good way, All I knew was I needed him to ejaculate in my mouth so badly, I carefully took canteen the soaked a wash cloth, and began washing his penis, this he seem to really like because in moments he was completely erect, this was my chance, I quickly wrapped my lips around his cock head and began performing fellatio on him , at same time gripping the shaft and masturbating him, in a short time he was groaning and started thrusting, jerking his hips making me scoot forward and hang on firmly with my lips and hand, then suddenly as though something the size of a baseball inflated in my mouth, all I could do was react by pulling it out, at the moment his flare came out of my mouth,my mouth still open a huge blast of his semen shot in, opening mouth wide, and keeping the flare aimed into my mouth, at least 3 blasts of semen  filled my mouth before he went calm.

Once I'd actually taken Edward's semen orally and after the impact, shock of what just occurred, I knew that I was enslaved to him.

 * After studying bdsm terminology , how I felt is similar to ;

In BDSM, Master/slave, M/s or sexual slavery is a relationship in which one individual serves another in a consensual authority-exchange structured relationship.

 * In BDSM, service-oriented submission refers to a person performing personal tasks for their dominant partner, as part of their submissive role in a BDSM relationship.[1] The submissive is sometimes said to be in service to the dominant. Service-oriented submission is part of a spectrum of submissive behaviors, and not all submissives are service-oriented.

I knew I wanted him to dominate me sexually, and was determined to serve him as best I could, I was completely devoted to him.


When in third grade the teacher read Peter Pan to the class one day, would pause and show pictures from book as she read, for some reason the image of Tinkerbell in cage greatly impacted me, at nearly same time I had started wearing my mom's panty hose under my pants as well as dreaming of having a vagina, and often using magic markers to disfigure my penis in a irrational

way, I was very often pulling my penis up under me like image below to see how I'd look with a vagina, all of which greatly confused me.

  Now 4 years later in 7th grade and just had performed fellatio on Edward the images of Tinkerbell popped up in my mind, which to this day don't understand.

                " Other then my need to be feminine and be dominated "

                                             School gets out for summer break

I was either mowing yards or at stables with Edward , walking him on the surrounding farm lands.

At the time I didn't know that when Edward would get his routine erections that it was normal stallion and jack donkeys behavior ; 

(jack donkeys Spontaneous erection and masturbation occur at the same rate as in other equids, at
about one episode
every 90 min. For other equids, this behavior is independent of
environment, housing, sociosexual conditions, exposure to breeding, or age (McDonnell
et al., 1991).et al., 1991). 

Yet when he would I started dropping down on my knees, and waited for his response, at same time very much wanting him to walk to me and offer me his penis , so I could suck and masturbate him.

I always had the canteen with me, both for us to drink, as well as for washing his penis in case he wanted me to pleasure him.
After a few days he walked to me fully erect, passed me so his penis was right in front of my face, I quickly washed, then took his penis into my mouth, we then did just as before , he had his orgasm, then rest, rolled and groom, grazed about a bit 

After awhile of hanging out, I'd often nap as well, then we'd do it again, by the time a week had passed it became or routine, and through that summer I tried to spend no less then 4 or 5 hours with him , yet many nights I 'd camp near the edge of the woods to sleep, I had a little wind up alarm to wake me every few hours, he was usually standing right near me and awake, I grab the canteen, if he dropped his penis, I get it washed then start pleasuring him, so if I spent the night then a good part of next morning ,through out that time he might ejaculate in my mouth 10-15 times.

 By end of summer vacation , when he had his " spontaneous erections " nearly always he would walk to me and allow me to perform fellatio on him.

idea of eunuch surgery2.jpg

to be continued

- Those with same sex attraction not being accepted by society -

Hetero-, homo- and bisexuality all exist within the zoo realm. There seems to be a higher than average occurence of male homosexuality among zoos, but there are no accurate statistics so this is purely anecdotal evidence. Some psychologists have theorized that zoos are actually repressed homosexuals, but this seems unlikely in all but the rarest cases. Just as with humans, zoos are often very strict in their adherence to whatever orientation works best for them--in other words, zoos don't screw any animal they see just because it's an animal. In fact, very few zoos are bisexual with either humans or animals.

There are those who prefer not to have sexual contact with humans at all. Such people are called 'zoo-exclusive', and they seem to represent the same variety of orientations as everyone else. There doesn't seem to be any preference among zoo-exclusives for any one orientation, although bisexuality is usually in the minority, as with non-exclusive zoos, and with humans in general.

                                                                                     - A few points of consent from ZooFAQ

                                                                                     - A Case Study of Preferential Bestiality

I most definitely consider myself a person whom would have only wished to have a male(jack) donkey or stallion equine as my sexual partner.

It hard to say how my sexual preference was deeply established , yet I think that due to fact that Edward my donkey partner was my first true sexual partner after puberty and at that time I began performing fellatio on him/ingesting his semen routinely, in turn imprinting a deep  preference for him.

I think my sexual orientation is difficult to understand in part because it is so different the a heterosexual male or homosexual male.

  I that my orientation is directed by my being; a submissive, female-role male whom feels like I can perform in the female role for a dominate masculine male whom will use me for sex to deeply feminize and emasculate me.

     " In my case Edward my jack donkey was my "dominate masculine male lover"


Like in this video above, this jack donkey is pacing and wanting to breed, this is how Edward would very often greet me as soon as I arrived home from work each night.

It was my feeling always, that when Edward and I were having sex, he very much wanted to be doing it as much as I did, and he was very much pleasured by it .

I always felt he very much wanted me as his female-roled sexual partner due to his

willingness / eagerness to mount and breed me or allow me to perform fellatio on him.

Can Animals have orgasms ?

I personally think so, they ejaculate !

The guy above is clearly masturbating himself to orgasm / ejaculation

Some people are still wondering if animals do, while others think so;

" Copulation normally culminates with two physiologically distinct events known as emission and ejaculation. Emission is the release of sperm and accessory gland fluids into the pelvic urethra. Ejaculation is the forceful expulsion of the combined fluids (i.e., semen) from the urethra. The associated perceptual-cognitive event called orgasm in humans has not been characterized in nonhuman species. The neuro-physiologic correlates of orgasm no doubt occur in animal species, so it is reasonable to posit that animals perceive some form of analogous satisfying perceptual resolution of copulation. This article begins with a brief outline of the physiology of emission and ejaculation.

                                               - EJACULATION Physiology and Dysfunction / Sue M. McDonnell, PhD

Edward showed every sign that he liked mounting and breeding me

All I ever wanted to be was " Edward's girl "

I should be a girl2.jpg

My "role" for all my Male partners is always be ready to be mounted and "bred"

I am Edward s girl-1.jpg

The symbolism of wearing a chastity cage for me is to show; " I can't be like a man " and only perform like a female sexually.

Also helps me feel emasculated / feminized, when I was performing sexual for human

males as their "on-call" submissive female-receptive / roled femboy, wearing the cage showed my role as female receptive only, as well as concealed my penis in their presence. (I didn't want men to see my penis, touch me penis)

I've always been attracted to human males, yet I found it complicated due to the fact 

that I am completely and only female receptive, and have always desired a Dominate heterosexual male as my "Man", to be in a monogamous partnership with, yet that was 

unlikely to happen.

As well as the danger of "HIV" and other STD's with human males, especially in 1980's when HIV was "Fatal".

      "It was much less complex and much safer with Edward"


                 All my male equine and canine partners

Thus, once I knew Edward my jack donkey was able to and willing to mount and breed

me I knew I could have a stable/safe sexual relationship with him.

And like the video below, Edward and I were very compatible due to his body size and most importantly his penis size, it was thin enough so I could accommodate his entire 18-20 inch length.

Edward was a Dominate Man for me, yet he was always gentle with me when he bred

me, he had a very high libdo, so he seemed to like to breed me as often as I offered myself to him.

Edward was very mature when he took me as his female-receptive partner, the vet. thought him to be between 10 to 15 years old in 1975 when he first started breeding me.

Like this stallion breeds this male donkey, the stallion keeps his penis up inside the donkey until he fully ejaculates, Edward was always good to to take his time with me like this.

I was simply lucky to have been his girl partner