" Zoosexuality Studies "

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One of the aspects of the above study that is much needed in all studies, and a aspect that I seldom see is the: " Individuals personal testimonial "

                                  For example I can relate to following;

1.  Ray, a 29 year old part-time student, emphasizes the animal’s pleasure:  " Although I do get an erection when interacting sexually with a stallion, my first priority is always the animal’s pleasure, erection, and personal affection toward me."

2. Roy, 36 years old, unemployed because of a disability: 

said Humans use sex to manipulate and control. Humans have trouble accepting who you are ... [;] they want to change you. Animals do not judge you [;] they just love and enjoy the pleasures of sex without all the politics.

3. A more direct reference to the relationship between human and animal sex preferences was stated by one man who identified as homosexual.

     Regarding his attraction to male dogs, he said: “[It’s] their male presence. Some dogs just exude it. One look at them and the one thing I can think of is how nice it would be to be under him.”

For example number [3] above; 

                                                                Whether it was Edward or Max I was with;

" Their Male presence, myself knowing they wanted me and very much intended to breed me was a huge psychological affirmation of my role for them "